i thought i give it a try as well

I am going to try and do this again. Last time I wrote this I was in a rather shaky state, my apologies:

To TGWeaver:
He drew a parody of my Character Maxton Midnight. Someone posted me a link and wrote “you gotta see this” I clicked and I saw and my little brain freaked out and thought “THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEFFFFF” right away. Without even giving it a chance to collect all facts. So like he said so well himself; I immediately raged out and handled it VERY unprofessionally. Sent my “army” on him. Ugh..NOT good and NOT nice. He is now under the impression that I am a bully - I am not. I can only hope you guys will believe that. But I do  understand why he would say it, and I respect his opinion in all of this. I WAS ACTING like a BULLY in this case though, and I AM NOT trying to shift any blame on him here, as far as I a concerned, the guy is innocent. It is I who made a stuuupid mistake!

I can only say that I do not know any better. I always think the worst case scenario first- it comes with being a hypochondriac i think - I did the only thing I knew in situations like this, and that is ask you guys for help. That was a mistake in this case, a bad one.

I just want to draw my comic and share it, and hope that people will like it. If they do not, then I must accept that too. It is really just a simple Wildehopps comic made by a zootopia freak who loved the movie (YES it is still wildehopps), like I have said before; there will be lots and lots more of that in the comic too. But time is not on my side, and thus, it takes WAY too long before those of you who want to see that can be “satisfied”  Inter Schminter is a comic based around Max, Marni, Nick, and Judy. I am drifting off, but point is, I understand that, since you guys do not know what I have planned for this, becomes inpatient, and stuff like that parody might happen.  

I know now that I overreacted - it has been proven time and time again that I clearly do not take criticism well (especially when it comes to my OCs) So I will think twice, maybe even Ten times, next time something like this happen.

So again (with what hopefully is a better apology) I am truly sorry - from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards


(I am so happy to say that we have talked and that there are no hard feelings on either sides <3 This person gave me lots of good advice, and for that I am grateful. Go check out his art - now that my head is calm, I can actually laugh at his creative parody)

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my secret: i get violent intrusive thoughts that give me panic attacks and my latest one was so terrifying i cant really breath right now hahaha

i get bad intrusive thoughts, im sorry to hear you struggle with yours. i cant really say just breathe bc well u cant??? try some calm down techniques?? 

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Hey, I accidentally called someone by the wrong pronoun the first time I met him, and when he politely corrected me, I obviously apologized profusely and now call him by his preferred pronouns, but I still feel really guilty about it and do you know anything I can do to feel not so guilty?

Hey there, friend! I’m happy to reply and give you my thoughts, but I also think you’d do well to also seek the advice of someone who is trans, just to get the opinion of someone who has likely experienced misgendering before and could give you advice or thoughts from their perspective.

But, if you ask me, I would just say to try not to beat yourself up about it. It sounds like it was just a genuine mistake, and it sounds like you made clear to your friend that you’re sorry for misgendering him, and that you care about him and his identity, and that you respect him. And I’m sure he probably understands. Heck, everyone makes mistakes. I’ve even seen some posts made by trans people who talk about accidentally misgendering themselves - sometimes out of lifelong habit from having a certain pronoun assigned to them. It’s a slip up, a mistake, they happen to us all and so long as you apologized (which you did) and have always tried to be respectful, I don’t think you have anything to really feel guilty over in the long run.

@boysblush @hellafreckledhorses @shiroganekeith do y'all have any opinions on this or advice for this nonnie?

just once I’d like a character in a zombie fiction setting to acknowledge the dumb names people give the zombies

“We’ll have to find a way around. Too many <walkers/biters/infected/shufflers/stiffs/risen/geeks/deads/lurkers/crawlers/zeds/turned/gone/bloodies/bloats/etc> out there.”


“Ya know. The monsters.”

“You mean the zombies?”

“Well yeah.”

“Then why the fuck didn’t you just call them zombies. Not everyone knows your goofy-ass nicknames. What if we were in a dangerous situation and I didn’t know what you were referring too? I could die because you’re trying to be cute about what the things are called.”

Team Fortress 2

So I noticed some really undeserved hate being directed at the TF2 community, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting smaller in size and that a lot of major contributors to this fandom are leaving or moving on to other things, so I thought I might as well try to give everyone a little reminder.

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I have a billion language apps on my tablet so I thought I’d try to actually use some of them.

I’m really liking Kanji Study because it has different ways of helping you memorize things and it gives you a chance to practice stroke order as well.

I started by drilling the cards and then trying to draw them. I kept hints on because I don’t exactly know every character. Oh, and you can set it to show either the on- and kun-yomi, or just random vocabulary words that use the kanji. It also let’s you change between sorting by jouyou level or JLPT. And it has kana and radical study.

It’s a nice break from just drilling cards in Anki or Memrise. I feel a bit more engaged trying to remember how to actually write things.

Updated theories about season 4 dates - To keep us sane.
  • Okay, so shall we do the math (again), count some days and weeks, in order to have something to hold on to, countdown to and basically keep us sane?
  • I’ve done this before (on other premises), but after Even’s birthday *painful flashbacks* everything has changed!… We desperately try to make up theories in order to stay out of a limbo and accept that we know nothing, and the lightning might as well strike on a very random day.


  • Let’s take a look at season 4. What do we know? nothing! … But we know that the school year at Nissen ends on the 22nd of June. That means the season must end on Friday the 23rd at the very latest. 
  • I actually hope that is the case, and part of the reason everything is so late. If the season ends when the summer holiday begins, then we get to witness Even’s graduation AND Isak’s birthday on the 21st. Even deserves that, and we deserve that!!
  • We don’t know how long the season will be, but my guess is 10 episodes, so let’s stick to that (keep it worst case scenario so we won’t get disappointed)
  • We also know that there will be a break in the middle of the season. season 1 & 3 had a one-week break, and season 2 had a two-week break. We don’t know if the length of the break has anything to do with the time of year, or the length of the season. But let’s stick to a 1 week break (again, we are working with the latest the season will start)
  • So, that means we have to count 11 weeks back from Friday the 23rd of June, which is Friday April 7. So, the first update will (most likely) be a day between Saturday April 1st and Monday April 3rd.
  • We can’t compare trailer calculation with the previous seasons anymore, because they came out about 3 month before the season started, so we are way overdue.
  • My take is, that we will get it about one month before the season begins. It doesn’t make much sense to release it later that that. A month before is VERY close to the premiere date.
  • My conclusion: The trailer will premiere in week 9
  • A reason everything is so late compared to the other seasons could be that season 4 wasn’t planed out for Julie as the other 3 seasons were. Maybe she didn’t make her final decisions about the main before season 3 was over or close to end, because she wanted the fans reactions - And from there she had to figure out the story line.
  • Does this sound plausible to you? please tell me… am I way off?

This is how I prepare fresh food for my boys. They have other combinations currently in the freezer (like sweet potato with red pepper, peas, carrots, etc) so that I can mix it up and give them something different each day. It’s a really good way of getting your birds to try veggies (I think we all know that struggle), so I thought I’d share!

Today I had half a butternut squash left over from yesterday’s dinner, so I decided to cook it up for the boys. I diced it small and boiled it until it was juuuust tender. Just before the squash was done, I threw in some frozen garden peas and a small handful of curly kale.

Drain them well!

Mash em all up!

Let it cool slightly and divide the mix into ice cube trays. Once it’s cooled down enough, you can pop them in the freezer. I normally take them out once frozen and bag them up, just to prevent them from getting freezer burn when stored in there.

Each day, I pop a meal out into a microwaveable bowl and heat it until it’s fully defrosted. You can also leave it out to thaw, but I’ve found that Pixel and Widget enjoy this better when it isn’t cold. If you do microwave it, make sure you check the temperature before giving it to your birds! Check the bowl isn’t too warm and mash the mix about with a clean finger to ensure there are no areas that are too warm! Microwaves don’t always heat evenly! I don’t serve the food until it has cooled down slightly - until it’s barely warmer than my hand.

Then serve it up and see what they think! 


“i was hoping you could write something where like, you have a bestfriend for a long time and you always insult eachother and joke around A LOT until you let him spend the night and you both start complimenting eachother and get all flustered and he ends up awkwardly trying to kiss you and etc. ( the more blushing and awkwardness, the better )”

This person messaged me to give extra details, which you can totally do because it’s easier for me to write! I combined it with this request cause I thought they fit well together:

“Could u make one when ur walking out of school to go home + u literally bump into him + he decides to walk u since ur houses r in the same direction + when u get to ur house u invite him in + watch a movie, cuddle, kiss and cute fluffy stuff happen😊”

Word count: 2.9k

You watch the clock on the wall, counting down the seconds until the bell rings. It’s the last period of the day on Friday, and right now the second hand is the only thing standing in between you and the sweet freedom of the weekend. 5…4…3…2…1… the bell goes off at last and you jump up and exit the classroom before the teacher can assign last minute homework.

Once you have all your things and you’ve waved goodbye to your friends, you push open the front doors of the school and step out, breathing in the crisp air with a smile. Ahhh, Fridays. Like the tasty dessert after an unpleasant meal. You adjust your backpack straps and start walking home, thinking about what you’ll do with your weekend.

The sidewalk makes a right angle and you cut the corner a bit, walking across the grass. As your feet hit concrete again, something slams into you and you fall over.

“What the-” you look up, trying to identify your attacker. An outstretched hand descends from the sky, and behind it, there is a concerned face saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” It’s your best friend and crush, (c/n).

You grab his hand and let him pull you up, brushing the dirt off your butt. “Thanks for that,” you say sarcastically.

“Sorry!” he says one more time, hands held up defensively. “But I must say, it’s your fault for walking right in front of me like that. I don’t have the best reflexes when I’m on a moving bike,” he adds, reaching down to pick up the fallen bike in question.

You laugh. “My bad, you’re probably right. Bike is okay?”

He pats the bike and nods. “Better question is, are you?”

“Yeah I think I’m good,” you reply, pretending to check for broken ribs. “Bones are all intact.” You flash him a smile and start walking forward again.

“Fantastic,” he says, walking his bike beside you. “Heading home?”

“Yes, I’m very excited to veg out in front of the TV for several hours.”

“Same,” he agrees. “Why don’t I walk you home, to make sure you don’t get yourself into any more accidents?”

“See, the problem with that logic is you’re the reason I fell over in the first place,” you point out. Plus your house is on the way to his anyway, but you decide not to mention that.

(C/n) thinks about this for a second. “I guess you could say you…fell for me?” He grins charmingly.

You clap a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing. “Wow, we really need to work on your pickup lines,” you tease. Of course, you secretly think it’s cute as hell, and you have no problem with being on the receiving end of said cheesy pickup lines. That won’t stop you from giving him a hard time, though.

“Are you suggesting you’re better at this than I am?” He arches an eyebrow in a silent challenge.

“Definitely,” you say confidently.

“Alright then, impress me with your flirting skills.”

“Okay, get ready for this cause you’re gonna be blown away.” You smile and flip your hair for extra effect. “Are you a fire alarm? Cause you’re loud and annoying,” you finish, smirking at his expression as he processes what you said.

“That was not a pickup line!” he protests.

“Well, it was true!” you tease.

He shakes his head disapprovingly. “This is why you’re still single.”

“Hey!” You punch him in the arm. “Like you’re any less single than I am.”

“Fair enough,” he concedes.

“And I think I should warn you that you can’t get girls by running them over,” you advise sagely. “Generally not considered very romantic.”

“Really, cause that’s what I’d call making the first move!” he jokes.

You sigh. “Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.”

You arrive in front of your house, but hesitate before walking up to the door. You don’t want to stop talking to (c/n). “Hey, (c/n), uhh…you wanna come in for a bit?” You bite your lip nervously.

(C/n) grins. “Okay, sure.”

He parks his bike against the side of your house and then follows you through the front door.

“Are you hungry?” you ask him as he looks around the house, taking everything in. He nods absentmindedly. You search through the kitchen for something worth feeding (c/n). After a minute or so you emerge from the pantry with a bag of microwaveable popcorn, and hold it up, shaking it up and down. “Popcorn?”

(C/n) looks up. “Perfect.”

You put the bag in the microwave, which emits a chorus of pops. (C/n) comes over, making popping noises with his mouth. You laugh at him. “You weirdo.”

“Dude, we should totally watch a movie,” he says suddenly as you pull the finished popcorn out of the microwave. “We’ve already got the popcorn, haven’t we?”

You shrug nonchalantly, hiding your eagerness to spend two plus hours with (c/n). “Why not, it is Friday after all.” You lead him down to the basement and plop down on the couch in front of the TV. He sits next to you, close enough that your thighs touch. As you open Netflix, he puts an arm around your shoulders. “Netflix and chill?” he asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

You laugh. “You’re still not cute. Getting warmer though!” You scroll through the available movies, conscious that (c/n)’s arm hasn’t left your shoulders.

“Let’s watch a horror movie,” (c/n) suggests, jiggling his leg excitedly. You can feel it against your leg. You groan. “God no, I’ll be screaming in your ear the whole time.”

He shrugs. “I can take it.” He grins. “I’ll protect you from the scary monsters,” he says teasingly.

“Okay, fine,” you relent, sighing. You have to admit that watching a horror movie with your crush protecting you doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. You come across the movie Sinister. “Is this a good one? Looks pretty scary,” you say.

“Hell yes. Hit play.” You start the movie and settle back against the couch. (C/n)’s arm is still around you.

The movie starts out tamely enough, with Ethan Hawke’s friendly puppy face and nothing particularly terrifying. You eat your popcorn contentedly, your hands occasionally bumping into (c/n)’s. After a little while you rest your head on his shoulder, and he doesn’t object. You smile, knowing that he usually hates physical contact and would push anyone else away.

It doesn’t take long for things to take a turn for the scarier, however. Some scenes, you just know something is coming, and tense up as the suspense builds. (C/n)’s arm tightens around you in response, pulling the two of you closer each time. Other times there are completely unexpected jump scares, and as predicted, you scream loudly every time.

At one particularly bad jump scare where the demon Bughuul suddenly appears in the garden, you screech in terror and hide your face in (c/n)’s shirt. He chuckles and you feel his arms go around you, shielding you from the outside world. “Wow, you weren’t kidding,” he says, as though impressed by how scared you are. You peek up at him to see him looking down at you in amusement. “How are you so unaffected?” you ask him, bewildered at his completely calm demeanor.

“Nothing can faze me,” he says proudly.

“Ooh, you’re so manly,” you say sarcastically. “What happens when I do this?” You tickle his sides, and he shrieks. You laugh hysterically at his reaction.

As he recovers he points to the screen. “Okay, let’s pay attention, we already missed an important plot point!”

You oblige, sitting up a little but still leaning partially into him, his arms still lazily encircling you.

A while later the movie draws to a very dramatic close. You breathe out as the camera pans out on the box of films, the excitement seemingly over. But right before the end of the movie, Bughuul’s face suddenly pops up. You scream again and dive into the safety of (c/n)’s shirt, wrapping your arms tightly around his chest. You feel him shaking with laughter under you. “You’re such a wimp,” he teases.

You flip him off without lifting your head. You’re very comfortable and not about to move. (C/n)’s heart is beating right by your ear. When he chuckles it rumbles in his chest. “I don’t mind, it makes me look tougher by comparison,” he adds jokingly.

You get an idea, and sit up a little bit. “Hey (c/n).”


“Wanna sleep over?”

“Really?” He starts to smile.


“Okay, let me run home and get my stuff.” He tries to get up but you’re still lying on his chest.

“Don’t leave,” you whine, “just call your mom.”

He laughs and moves a strand of hair behind your ear. “I live like practically next door, it’ll only take a second.” He tries to stand again. “Get up, you lazy ass.”

You roll away, grumbling. Already feeling sleepy, you don’t move as he goes upstairs and leaves your house. Your eyes close and you lie still, waiting for him to return.

You wake maybe fifteen minutes later to (c/n) shaking you. “(Y/n)! Did you seriously fall asleep?”

You rub your eyes. “Wha-” (C/n)’s concerned face comes into focus. “Maybe you should go to bed right away,” he suggests.

“No!” You jump up, fighting the sudden dizziness and trying to act awake. “No way, not before dinner.”

He grins. “And what is dinner, exactly?”

You ponder this. “Takeout? What do you want?”

“Chinese,” he decides. You nod in agreement. “Good call.”

Half an hour later you’re sitting criss cross on the basement floor across from (c/n), with rice, dumplings, chicken and noodles between you. As you feast, you tell stories.

“Okay, your turn. Most embarrassing moment,” you challenge him.

“Oh, god.” (C/n) groans and covers his face with his hands, laughing slightly. “Oh man.”

“This is gonna be good.” You rub your hands together excitedly.

He makes a pained face and sighs in resignation. “Okay. So picture this. I’m like 10 or 11, sitting in class, nervous as hell cause I’m about to give a presentation. Funny thing is, I have no idea what it was about. I think I was so traumatized I forgot.”

“Go on,” you encourage him, not without a hint of sadistic enjoyment.

“So the teacher calls me up to present and I walk up to the front of the room. I almost fall over cause my legs are shaking so much. But I make it up there anyway. And then…I totally freeze up and just stand there, staring out at the class.” He winces at the memory.

“Dude, that’s not that bad,” you say, a little disappointed.

“Oh no, it’s not over yet,” he replies grimly. “As I stand there paralyzed, I feel something warm on my leg…” (C/n) grabs a nearby pillow and hides his face in it. His muffled voice comes out: “I peed my pants in front of the entire class.”

You burst out laughing. He removes the pillow and glares at you. His face is red, which only makes you laugh harder. He throws the pillow at your head. “Stop laughing at me!”

“Okay, okay.” You stifle a last giggle. “Honestly that wasn’t even that bad,” you reassure him after a moment.

“Oh really, have you done it too?” (C/n) grins and raises an eyebrow at you. It’s your turn to throw the pillow at him. “No way!” you say, laughing. Then you notice the pillow landed in the noodles. “Whoops.”

“Okay, I think that’s our cue to clean up,” (c/n) decides.

You put all the leftovers in the fridge and clear away the plates. After you kill a couple of hours playing video games, you decide to set up your sleeping bags so you can lie in bed and talk for several more hours.

You lay them down side by side and climb into them, facing each other. You’ve put on your pajamas, which consist of shorts and a camisole, and quickly realize that the air conditioned basement and thin sleeping bag are a bad combination. After a couple minutes you start shivering.

(C/n) notices and frowns. “You’re cold,” he says.

“Oh, nah, I’m fine,” you deny weakly. “It’s like a sauna in here.”

“Yeah, right, I can practically hear your teeth chattering. Come here.” He beckons with his finger.

You scoot closer to him like a large worm wriggling sideways. He smiles. “Just get in here,” he says, pointing into his sleeping bag.

You giggle nervously. “In there? With you?” Your face is suddenly warm even though you still feel cold.

“Yeah, there’s plenty of room,” he says, opening up the sleeping bag to show you. “And it’s very thick and veerry comfortable.” He grins.

“Okay, if you say so,” you respond casually, though inside of course you’re totally freaking out. You unzip your bag and clamber over to his, sliding inside. Immediately (c/n) puts his arms around you and pulls you into him, pressing you close against him. You can feel his skin against your bare arms. Warmth radiates from his body.

“Wow, you’re really warm,” you whisper, already feeling the comfortable heaviness of sleep pressing in.

He smirks. “Told you.”

“Thanks for letting me invade your personal space,” you say jokingly.

He smiles. “My pleasure.” After a moment he adds, quite out of the blue, “You know, you have a really nice voice.”

“What?” You lift your head and look at him, furrowing your eyebrows.

You feel him shrug next to you. “Your voice. It’s just…really soft and soothing. When I hear it it’s like I’m being wrapped in a fluffy blanket. I could listen to you talk forever.” He shakes his head, smiling. “It’s like…listening to really good music. I don’t know.” He looks away, blushing.

“Oh, thanks…” you smile slightly. Your face feels warm and you wonder if you’re as red as he is. “I like your voice too.”

(C/n) starts stroking your hair lightly, which gives you chills (the good kind). After a moment he says quietly, “And your hair, too, it’s so soft, and like, perfect.”

You reach up and ruffle his adorably fluffy hair. “I like yours more.”

He chuckles, and even though you’ve turned the lights off you can tell his whole face is pink. “Honestly everything about you is perfect,” he whispers.

Your heart starts to race, and you’re close enough to feel his heart beating rapidly as well. “Really?” you whisper back, at a loss for words.

“Yeah.” He lifts a finger up to your mouth and softly traces your lips. You’re so nervous you couldn’t move if you wanted to, and you don’t.

(C/n) looks up at you and back at your mouth, and then leans in as if trying to kiss you. But you’re both still lying on your sides, and your noses bump awkwardly. You stifle a giggle. He laughs too and hides his face in your neck. Then he props himself up with one arm so he’s leaning over you, and for the second time, he brings his face to yours. This time, your lips connect.

You feel as though fireworks are going off around you. He strokes your face with one hand as he kisses you, and when you pull apart several seconds later, he’s staring intently into your eyes, as if he sees something inside them.

“(Y/n), I really like you,” he murmurs in a husky voice.

You reach up and play with a bit of his hair that’s sticking out, hardly able to believe this is happening. “I really like you too,” you whisper almost inaudibly.

(C/n) smiles. “Well, that works out nicely,” he says, and you laugh giddily. He kisses you on the forehead before settling back down next to you. He pulls you into him and you rest your head on his chest. You can feel his heart still beating fast, but after a few minutes it slows along with his breathing. Exhaustion settles heavily over you from the rough week at school, and wrapped comfortably in (c/n)’s arms, it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep.

Holiday season is upon us, so I thought it would be fun to do something nice. Besides, who said you can only play secret santa in real life?

H O W  T H I S  W O R K S 

  • you will be assigned a url by december 1st, and throughout the month of december you’ll be sending that person nice messages
  • you will be receiving messages as well from your secret santa
  • on christmas day (december 25th) if you want you can reveal yourself to the person you were assigned to. you can also make something for them (gifset / edit / moodboard / playlist / fanfiction etc) if you like.


  • the messages should be sent anonymously and you should put something like “your secret santa” at the end of each message
  • they can be jokes, trivia about you, questions, inspiring quotes, movie/book/tv recommendations, christmas puns. basically anything nice
  • you don’t have to send messages every day but do it at least 2-3 times a week

T O  E N T E R

  • reblog this post before november 24th (likes are for bookmarks only) 
  • send me an ‘i want a secret santa’ so that i could pair you up with another blog
  • enable your anon asks (if not already) and keep them on till christmas
  • this is totally optional but you can follow me for updates
  • if you change your url or decide you do not want to participate after reblogging the post, please send me a message.

you will receive a message with the url of your secret santa between 23rd-30th of november

please, do not cheat.  the point of the whole event is to spread positivity and love, so it won’t be fair if you only receive and not give something back. if you have any questions, you can always hit me up

Good luck and enjoy your secret santa month!

Letters for Castiel

@bkwrm523 had a thought, and I’m gonna try to make it happen, if I get help from all of you!!

We’ve all seen/done the sorta letter writing stuff we do, like write something nice about J2 or someone and someone gives it all to them in a binder at a con?  Well, what if we all wrote letters addressed to Cas?  Like, stuff we wish we could say to him?  What if someone put it together in a binder and gave it to Misha at a con?  Would anyone be interested in doing this?

Originally posted by applesareperfection

Now, I’m not all that artsy fartsy (I’ve made two kinda sad scrapbooks in my life, and each one took six months to make, but I have stuff to make a dozen more, stuff which will never get used, I know it), but I’m good at organizing and printing and stuffing things into a binder. I’m also going to ChiCon in July, so I will have a chance to present whatever we do to Misha there.

So, if you want to write a letter to Castiel, or make some fan art for Castiel, or do anything else that I can print and stuff into a binder, do your thing, and then send it to me!


If you are the artsy fartsy type and want to make a scrapbook page or something that can’t be printed and stuffed into a binder, send me a message and we can plot together. Like I said above, I have stuff (8 empty scrapbooks, a ton of paper, and all kinds of glue, etc), I’m just not great at doing it, so maybe we can work together to do something. Message me!!

Now, here’s the important part:

Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2017! No late entries will be considered! 

I need time to put this stuff together, and the last time I did a project like this, I didn’t give myself enough. If you have something that can’t just be printed and stuffed, I might ask you to get it to me earlier. This deadline gives everyone almost 7 months, so hopefully that’s enough time!

Let me know if you have any questions!


So this is just a list of things that get on my nerves and I’m thinking that other ENTPs can relate…

•When I’ve done something wrong and I’m well aware of the fact that it was wrong and someone has the audacity to try to correct me.

•When people question me without the intent of listening to my explanation.

•People that close themselves off from understanding.

•Not being allowed to give my opinion (yes, I always have one about everything)

•Being repeatedly interrupted when I’m trying to explain something

•Some days just people in general

•When I’m hard at work and someone distracts me and I lose my train of thought

•Being called insignificant (that’s more likely to get you proved wrong than anything else, if you say that)

•People watching me work and trying to nit-pick with the sole intention of distracting me

•Deadlines and rules

•Having to do something by a specific set of instructions

•Stupid questions with an obvious answer

anonymous asked:

I notice that in a lot of your art, you put a lot of detail into shading around the eyelids and nose. What would your art look like without that?

well i thought about it for a while on what that would look like if my recent art would look without those details. then i was looking through though some of my art and i realized that it would just look like my older art style from late 2015 to mid 2016. 

i noticed that the way i drew my noses didnt really give me enough “room” to put in a lot of details (but you can tell im trying tho heheh) and most of of the time my headshapes were very ,, “squished” and in a way to where i really didnt have enough room to do much of anything with the features. And at the time i didnt really know how to shade faces all that well so the way i would shade the nose would just make it look in-caved and awkward. 

now im gonna put my recent art here as a sort of comparison

(keep in mind i tried picking the art that clearly shows the details in the eyelids and the noses the most. i promise that not all of the people i draw look sleepy 24/7 …………. or at least i dont think they do…………. i tend to draw the sleepy look a lot…. idk)
because you mention the detail to the eyes and nose i started to realized that ive been adding more to those aspects because i now have room to do so. Cuz my faceshapes have become less squished and more realistic looking (and less baby like haha) 

thank you so much for the input! it really got my head gears turning!! 

Matt with Jeremy Abbott (Figure skating champion who skated to Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3) 

Jeremy Abbott

#FBF to meeting @mattbellamy in my hometown. I was really trying to keep my cool while talking to him. It’s extremely difficult to act chill when the person standing in front of you, along with his band, changed the course of your life. When I decided to skate to Exogenesis Symphony Part 3, in 2011, I was at a place where I thought figure skating had given up on me and I was close to giving up on it as well. I heard this piece of music and I had no other choice but to skate, to be defiant of the nay sayers (myself included), and to fight. This piece allowed me to start over again artistically, emotionally, and physically. It gave me the courage to do my own choreography for the first time and put myself out there in the competitive circuit, raw and exposed. I was terrified, but it became home for me. I found solace in this piece and it became a signature for me. I won two of my US titles skating to this man’s music (2012 & 2014) and It helped give me redemption at my second Olympics. (A little too on the nose huh?) Anyway, thank you Matt and @muse for the amazing gift you gave me. I truly can’t express enough gratitude. x

Well ive thought it over

n the reason behind leaving for that lil while was the death threats 

so why should I give up n leave bc of those idiots ya know? imma do better, im going to apologize and its ok if they dont forgive me because I know I did something wrong that I shouldnt of

So im going to stay

and Im going to atleast try and fix what I did as best I can


Since Cory is always the touchy one in interviews (and not just with Robin, with EVERYONE), I just love the thought that Ed is the touchy one in the relationship. Like, sorry-you’re-out-in-public-Mister-Mayor-but-I-have-to-be-PDA-af touchy. Standing together somewhere? Ed just has to caress Oswald’s fingers. Sitting together somewhere? Just has to wrap his legs around Oswald’s. Imagine Oswald trying to have a legit meeting with his staff/his underlings and Ed just feels the need to cuddle him unnecessarily and Os is just like “OH MY GOD ED STOP” but everyone already knew this was happening anyway, so now Os has to conduct meetings while Ed hangs on his shoulders like a backpack. The windows in the limo can never ever be rolled down because the minute they get in there, Ed is just cheek-to-cheek with Oswald, who blushes and goes “Ed, stop, what will the press think?!?!” but every tabloid loves it and calls Ed the First Man of Gotham and runs articles speculating about what hair gel he uses and Ed and Os’s relationship accidentally consumes everyone’s life and can you tell I put a ton of thought into this?

Scarlet (just break my) Heart: Ryeo Kdrama Review! (There will be spoilers, might as well just avert your eyes now if you don’t wanna know)

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Welp… I’m just gonna let you know now that this review is going to be a major verbal spillage.  Just one big blurb of words. Because I literally *just* finished the last episode and have so many feels I can’t even with the kdrama life right now. I’ll try to structure this like my previous reviews, but I’ll probably run off course and ramble on, so just try to keep up with me, okay? Okay. Here we go.

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Opps, wrong GIF. But appropriate.

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo is a drama that just finished airing. It ran from August 29th to November 1st and spans 20 utterly heartbreaking episodes. 

(photo from Google search)

Here is a complicated looking picture of our main cast. So let me get into some detail so I can help sort it out. 

Originally posted by beautyandthebigboss

This is our leading lady (Played by the cutest of the cute, IU), Hae Soo/ Go Ha Jin.  She was a modern day girl that’s a little down on her luck.  After trying to save a small child from drowning, something strange happens.  She surfaces in the private bathing lake of a bunch of half naked hot dudes. 

Which no fangirl in her right mind would ever complain about. 

She quickly realizes that somehow, she’d ended up way back in time in the Goryeo Dynasty, and she has to adjust to it since there’s no telling if or when she will get back to her own time. Ha Jin is now Hae Soo, the cousin of Lady Hae, and resides at her home.  Hae Soo spends her time doing what she does best- makeup and skincare. Everyone at Lady Hae’s home thinks she just hit her head and lost her memories.  

Originally posted by seoul-leaf

The first prince she meets is the 8th Prince, Wang Wook (played by the wonderful Kang Ha Neul). His mother is one of the kings wives, Queen Hwang Bo, and he has a sister, Princess Hwang Bo Yeon.  He is married to Lady Hae and she is his only wife and they have no children.  He is a good man who’s just trying to live a quiet life with his wife and keep out of the politics as much as he can, since he has no interest in being the king later on.  After the first few episodes, it becomes QUITE CLEAR that he is having some feels for Hae Soo.  This is slightly disruptive in his household because it becomes a bit obvious, and then we learn that while his wife loves him dearly, he isn’t quite in love with her like she is with him. Lady Hae knows this, and as we learn that she has an incurable illness early on, she begins to urge Wook to take another wife so he won’t be lonely when she dies.  His feelings for Hae Soo deepen even more, and once Lady Hae dies, things start to get even more crazy. The household is brokenhearted when their beloved Lady Hae passes away, but the politics start to get in their business in a very BAD WAY. Since she is of marrying age and supposedly from a well enough off family, she gets moved to the palace as a court lady. 

Originally posted by princewangeun

In the midst of all this, between Prince Wook’s home and the palace, she meets the other princes, and it doesn’t take too long for her to become friends with them.  

The eldest prince is Crown Prince Wang Moo (played by Kim San Ho), next in line to be king. He is pretty well loved by everyone as far as I can tell, even if he’s not the strongest. He’s been groomed by his father, King Taejo, to be the next ruler of Goryeo.  

Originally posted by joowons

Next we have the 3rd prince, Wang Yo (played by the deliciously evil but sexy Hong Jong Hyun). His mother is another wife of King Taejo. Queen Yoo is an absolute BITCH and I can see where her son gets it from.  He’s a greedy little bastard and it’s clear that he’s after the throne from the very beginning. 

Originally posted by scarletheart-ryeo

Then comes the 4th prince, Wang So (played by the lovely yet mouthwateringly devastating Lee Joon Ki).  He has had a very hard life. He is Queen Yoo’s second son, and when he was small, she scared up the left side of his face because King Taejo wouldn’t make one of her sons the Crown Prince (more or less, it was pretty complicated and shitty).  After that, he was sent away from the palace and forbidden to return.  He spent his time learning martial arts, killing wild wolves (which earned him some other pretty gnarly scars and the stories scared the shit out of the peasants), and basically being the kings loyal dog and doing whatever was asked of him.  

9th Prince Wang Won (played by Yoon Sun Woo) is not a *huge* player with tons of screen time, but this little seething snake is definitely important. While his mother is neither Queen Yoo or Queen Hwang Bo, he has attached himself to the brother he thinks will be the next king- 3rd Prince Yo.  He uses people to his advantage and is a sneaky rat bastard who pretends to be a good person. 

Originally posted by drama-addict

My favorite prince is Prince Wang Eun (played by my precious Bacon aka Byun Baekhyun of EXO). He is utterly adorable in every way and can do no wrong. The throne doesn’t interest him at all. He is a favorite of all of the brothers, and although he isn’t the youngest, he is doted upon by the other princes, even the bad ones. He is also not a son of Queen Yoo or Queen Hwang Bo, but he is definitely one of King Taejo’s favorites. 

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Our 13th prince is Wang Uk, otherwise known as Baek Ah (played by the cute as hell Nam Joo Hyuk).  He’s a free spirit type- a wonderful artist and musician, and he is very kind.  He is also not a son of either of the Queens, and he has no interest in the throne. Baek Ah just wants to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Originally posted by dancerkai94

The last prince is 14th Prince Wang Jung (played by the super sexy Ji Soo).  He likes to fight and practice with his sword. He is the youngest of Queen Yoo’s sons and has already accepted that he will never be king, and that’s just fine with him. Sometimes he seems hard headed and like he doesn’t think before he acts, but he’s really a sweetheart and it shows. Jung loves his brothers and his mother, but you find out later that while this is true, he’s not exactly down with all of the schemes of Yo and Queen Yoo.  

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Even after Hae Soo is moved to the palace, she still manages to charm (most of) the princes. 10th Prince Eun develops a really big crush on her early on.  But trouble is brewing in the palace and nothing seems to be able to stop it.  

First, Hae Soo ends up engaged to King Taejo.  8th Prince Wook, who is deeply in love with her by then (and she’s pretty into him as well, I’d say) tries everything to convince the king to let him marry her instead, but it doesn’t work.  When she eventually gets out of the marriage, yet another plot begins… one that’s been in the works for a while. 3rd Prince Yo plans to kill the king, and he does so by pinning the blame on Hae Soo. 

Originally posted by loveholic198

Hae Soo is imprisoned and tortured.  Prince Wook then becomes someone I learned to hate really quickly.  He could have helped her. He could have avoided the whole situation, but instead, he stood idly by and watched her get the shit beat out of her. Instead, it’s 4th Prince So that stands by her side and protects her as best he can. By this time, Hae Soo has realized some things about Wook that she really doesn’t like and So is slowly entering her heart.  

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The rest of the drama very quickly goes to hell in a handbasket. By this time, anyone watching the show just wants Prince So and Hae Soo to have a happy life together. But palace schemes completely get in the way of that. 

Prince So ends up having to kill Prince Yo.  Prince Moo becomes king. Prince Moo gets poisoned by mercury because of Prince Won’s scheming and Prince Yo ends up not being dead after all.  Yo takes the throne (to the great pleasure of his evil mother, Queen Yoo) and uses Hae Soo against Prince So… for almost 3 years. In that time, Yo wants the precious 10th Prince Eun and his wife killed for being “traitors” and So is unable to help them to safety. Lemme tell ya, it broke my heart all to pieces to see Eun die. 

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Thankfully, there is SOME happy during those bleak and dark almost 3 years… 

Originally posted by kdramafeed

Their love for each other keeps getting stronger and stronger, and Hae Soo patiently waits for Prince So. But it doesn’t stay happy for long.  Prince So pushes Hae Soo away so that he can focus on his own plans to save lives in the kingdom that Yo would strike down. Finally, when some bad things start happening to Yo, and So decides it’s finally time to strike. Along with his younger brother, 14th Prince Jung, and Prince Eun’s wife’s father (who was a decorated military general), Prince So becomes king after Yo dies of a heart attack.  

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Now on the throne, So makes sure that Hae Soo is always by his side, and again, viewers were given little glimmers of hope that everything would be okay in the end. But the glimmers fade out soon enough and we are left with crippling heartache.  Things in the palace were still way out of whack and Queen Hwang Bo, who I’d always thought was the better queen, did a total 180 and started some dastardly plans of her own. Originally, she’d been trying to force Wook into vying for the throne, but he resisted vehemently at first and then ultimately failed after he decided to pursue it with all his might, so instead she turned to her last hope- her daughter Princess Hwang Bo Yeon. 

Originally posted by vivere-militare-est-1991

… So ended up having to marry Princess Hwang Bo Yeon- his half sister. If he didn’t, her family would have dropped all support of the crown and ultimately would have taken other families of power with them.  But So wanted to remain true to Hae Soo, and he shunned Princess Hwang Bo Yeon every time she got near him.  However, that didn’t mean all was peachy keen with So and Hae Soo. She’d begun to realize that the throne was changing So in a bad way, and after 5 years of being trapped in the palace in the Goryeo Dynasty, she was ready to just be done with it all and leave.  

Originally posted by younqshin

Her salvation comes in the form of 14th Prince Jung. You learn that aside from being one of her few loyal friends, Prince Jung had fallen for Hae Soo. He’d petitioned Yo while he was king to get her hand in marriage. He knew that it would be the only way to truly keep her safe.  This made Yo happy because it meant that you could use it against Prince So. And now that So was king, he was bound to carrying out the last declaration that Yo had put on paper- which was giving Hae Soo to Prince Jung. It was a tense few moments, because So truly loved her and always told her that she was his, but once he learned that she’d been in love with Prince Wook at first, he got angry, and sent her away to Prince Jung, vowing to never speak to her again. 

Originally posted by banghae

Hae Soo is happy to leave the palace, but very sad that she cannot be with So. (Come on, who wouldn’t be?) But she didn’t want them to end up hating one another in the end, so she left. 

When she goes to live with Prince Jung as his wife, she learns that she is carrying So’s child- a daughter, and makes Jung promise that she will never go to the palace.  They keep the baby a secret, and then, because of an illness, Hae Soo dies. 

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

So had no idea what was going on, since he thought that Jung and Hae Soo were actually in love (he was spying on them for a while). She wrote him letters, trying to tell him she was dying, and they went unread because of his anger.  When word finally gets to him, he basically has a breakdown of all breakdowns. 

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Poor Prince Jung doesn’t take it very well either, since Hae Soo was his first and real true love, even though she didn’t reciprocate it.  So he raises Hae Soo and So’s daughter, keeping her away from the palace as much as possible, except to visit the grave of Prince Eun…

Originally posted by joowons

… where the little girl accidentally runs into her daddy.  So obviously realizes that it is, in fact, his child, but he also knows that taking her away from Jung would be a mistake, so he tells his brother to visit him every once in a while. 

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Suddenly, Go Ha Jin wakes up from yet another nightmare. She nearly died and was in a coma for almost a year, and now, she has nightmares so bad that she cries thinking of a man she can’t completely remember. It all starts coming back to her when she sees an art exhibit from the Goryeo Dynasty and sees all the paintings of So. 

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So stands there, facing his palace, and vows that if she really was from another time, he will find her. 

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So here are my thoughts-


Things I loved about this drama: all of it.

Things I hated about this drama: all of it. 


When I started Scarlet Heart Ryeo, things were dire, but doable. Hae Soo was adjusting and you could kind of see where things might have ended up.  She was still cheerful and bright and making everyone around her happy.  By the end, she was just sad, and it hurt to watch such a happy girl down so low. I spent the second half of this drama dreading every episode, but also anticipating, hoping that the mood would lift. Of course, it didn’t, but that didn’t make me like it any less. She was terribly in love with him, and he with her, and it hurt me to my core that they didn’t end up together. But then, my heart ached for Jung as well, because he lost the love of his life and even though he remarried years later, it was never the same. That little girl ended up being his whole life. And So, even though he and Princess Hwang Bo Yeon had a son, knew that her main goal was not to only be Queen, but Queen Mother, and that his own son would want his throne, just like what happened to his father. His heart always remained with Hae Soo. GOD THIS DRAMA HURT. 

I also spent the last half of the drama wishing bodily harm on Yo, Won, and more often than not- Wook. In the beginning, Prince Wook was a wonderful man. But greed and loss threw him into wanting things he couldn’t have, and it ended very badly for him. He didn’t die until a while after Hae Soo, but it was still sad that in the very very end, only 3 of the 8 brothers were still alive.  In parts of the last half of SHR, I just wished that Wook would fling his deceitful ass off a cliff to save me the heartache. 

Yo and Won are a different story.  I have never felt so murderous in my entire life. I was ready to jump through the fucking screen and torture them myself. I remember telling the other admins in the group chat that they should get fucked by a rusty spoon and get tetanus.  And also Yo should be covered in paper cuts, doused with lemon juice and salt, and eaten alive by piranhas after getting one of those little stringy fish up in his dick and suffering. I really hated Yo, can you tell? 

It was clear from the start that Prince Yo was a bad guy (probably his eyebrows), and Prince Won just looked fucking shady. I wholeheartedly expected that Yo would be a bastard of epic proportions, but some of the other things, like Wooks betrayal, threw me for a loop.  At the start, I had really been rooting for him over So. 

Originally posted by thatdecember

Once they started going through kings like having to change underwear, I began to think that maybe the throne itself was laced with poisoned cushions or something. It seemed to make everyone batshit crazy.  It hurt me most with So because at first, his intentions were honorable- he just wanted everyone to stop fucking dying and for people to be free. It’s what Hae Soo wanted too, and I think that was his major driving force. She kept him from being known as a “bloody monarch” because of the choices she made, but in the end, it just made them both sad. 

Now, normally, I stay the hell away from historical dramas and melodramas. It’s kind of my rule because I *know* I won’t like them and that they won’t end the way I hope they will. I was thoroughly convinced that this one could have had a happier ending. And if the writers had cut some filler from the last episode or even just tacked on an episode 21, it might have ended with So finding a way into the modern era to be with her. But it didn’t. It ended simply with him saying “I’ll find you” and then leaving it at that. 

Which makes me think… maybe a season 2? However, given that this is a remake of another drama and kdramas aren’t known for having multiple seasons like, EVER, I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I can imagine it in my head all I want, but that won’t make it a reality, unfortunately.

Originally posted by lavenderbyun

The kisses, though… man… those almost made this worth it. Lee Joon Ki sure knows what the hell he’s doing with his mouth. And I am thankful. 

It is very likely that I will never watch this again, but I won’t say that it’s a bad drama. While it is TOTALLY not my style at all, it was wonderful. I didn’t like crying my damn eyes out through 15 of the 20 episodes, but when it got happy those few times, I was on cloud nine. I really just wish I had more accurate words to describe my love/hate relationship with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I wanted so desperately for them to be happy. But once I realized it wouldn’t happen, it was too late, and I was sucked in and couldn’t stop watching. So I’m gonna sit here and PRAY LIKE FUCK for a second season. It would be HIGHLY ENTERTAINING to see Prince So in the 21st century… hahahahahaha ^-^

Now, after all the soul ripping that this drama has inflicted, let’s look at some of the happy moments of this drama! Here’s some behind the scenes GIFs and some of my favorite parts of the show that will end this review on a happy note!

Originally posted by jellybaeek

Here’s my Bacon, Prince Eun being a happy puppy!

Originally posted by jngn-km

And here is Eun and Wook dancing with swords :)

Originally posted by iuyonew

One of the most touching scenes was when So protected Hae Soo from the rain after her torture… and it turned into them playing behind the scenes ::happy squeal::

Originally posted by yuhwan

Clearly Prince Yo and his bow didn’t get along lol ^-^

Originally posted by starfishlove

Lee Joon Ki’s smile gives me life in this drama. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, oh boy. 

Originally posted by twerkingforkyungsoo

At least they kept it interesting hahahahahaha ^-^

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

Their chemistry was off the charts. Like, I’d be totally happy and in love with them if they got married for real and had cute little babies. 

Originally posted by joowons


Well, I really hope that y’all give this one a chance. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this review with less or no spoilers, but my feels are still WAYYYYY OFF THE DAMN CHARTS and I couldn’t contain myself. It definitely takes you through the gamut of emotions. Go watch this on DramaFever and tell me what you think! Maybe if we all wish hard enough, we will get a season 2!!! KEEP PRAYING!!!

-Admin Noona ( @hakyeonssassface )

What if James liked to buy things for people? 

Like, he buys Remus a brand new (and very expensive) quill set out of the blue for no reason, and Remus is all steely eyed and red saying ‘you didn’t have to do that ‘, trying to give it back because he things that James is trying to give him charity but James just looks at him blankly and says ‘well of course I didn’t HAVE to but I saw it and thought of you and I know you broke your  quill yesterday what is even the problem’. 

And he buys like 5 pounds worth of sweets from the shop for Peter and Peter gets all teary eyed, saying he’s never had a friend do something like that for him and James getting really surprised and flushing and saying ‘I WAS IN THE AREA AND YOU LIKE CANDY IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL’.

And he buys Sirius the most hideous broken Muggle thrift shop shit so he can put it in his room and piss off his parents. And when Sirius gets awkward in the first year he knows James and can’t think of what to say James just stares at him like ‘dude show mE WHERE YOU’RE GOING TO PUT IT’

AND THEN he buys something for Lily and she gets really mad, saying she can’t be bought like that, she doesn’t want his flirting and he’s just like  ‘no no no that’s not it see, you were asking questions about Quidditch and I knew this would help’. 

Just…James not giving a second thought to his wealth and just spreading it around his friends like it was nothing special.