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GUYS !! Obviously the first two gifs are from 2x13 because we already saw the promo!! 

The “I’ll drink to that” from the third gif is also from 2x13 I guess because look at Magnus’ outfit, it’s the same shirt he’s wearing above.

AND THEN, that is EXACTLY what I thought, the Malec kiss might also be from 2x13 because look at Magnus’ collar ? Isn’t it the same as the ones above ??? YEAH IT IS.


As you might also know, sometimes the characters don’t change their outfits from one episode to another (look at Magnus’ during 2x09 and 2x10). So this all thing is to be taken carefully!!


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Harry was very good at the art of manipulation. Sometimes, he was too good up to the point where you couldn’t differentiate whether or not he was being genuine or not. You supposed the fact that he was now sort of an actor contributed to how suspiciously talented he was at persuading people to get what he wanted - but out of everyone in the world, the person he liked to get flustered the most was none other than you. He wasn’t doing it because he was a bad person - he just loved you so much, he wanted all of you all the time! 

“Ooh, I’m going to be late to class.” Watching animal documentaries was never a good idea because you always got so wrapped up in them and ended up spending hours surfing the internet in an attempt to answer your question of ‘is a newborn Chinese water deer really small enough to hold in the palm of your hand?’ (Spoiler alert: the answer was yes.) 

“Wha- But you said you didn’t have to go anywhere today…” Harry frowned lightly, pawing at your bum when you leaned over the table to pick up your slew of loose paper and textbooks. 

“That’s what I thought, and then Y/F/N reminded me that we have a test coming up in two weeks and I need to study. I’m sorry, bug. Maybe next week!” You turned to give Harry a pitiful smile, hoping that your cute nickname for him would prevent Harry from pulling out the big guns. 

“But we were jus’ about to get to the good part of the documentary!” 

“Then I’ll watch it with you when I get back!” You patted yourself down to try and find your phone, letting out an ‘ah’ when you spotted it on top of a pile of books. “I’ll only be three, four hours. Five hours maximum.” You waved off, catching a glimpse of a pouting Harry in the corner of your eye. Oh, god. He was about to do something that was going to make you stay, and you couldn’t stay! Where the hell was all your stuff?! You needed to get out of here as quickly as possible! What else could you say to stall?? 

“Five hours is a basically a whole day, and-” 

“How about I bring you your favourite banana smoothie? Y’know, from that overpriced, organic place across from campus.” You smiled, grabbing your car keys off the table as your eyes flickered around to try and find your history textbook - you certainly couldn’t go into class without a damn textbook. 

“I don’ want one.” Harry murmured, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. “S’not fair, you said we were going to spend today together. I canceled brunch for you! Brunch!” 

“I’ll take you out for brunch next week to make up for it!” You went straight for the door as soon as you gathered all your things, and your fingers had just brushed over the door handle when suddenly you heard a dramatic sob leave Harry’s mouth. 

“Don’ you love me anymore??” Harry cried out, leaning down and covering his eyes with a hand. No. You couldn’t fall into this trap. You had been in this situation before and you knew exactly what to do. You just had to stay strong, confident, and not give in to Harry. 

“Harry, of course I love you!” You cooed, immediately dropping your bags and rushing over to your ‘grieving’ boyfriend. You wrapped your arms around him, rubbing him back comfortingly as he shoved his face into the crook of your neck. The little voice in your mind called you out for giving in so soon, but you couldn’t help it. You didn’t like seeing Harry upset because you were used to him being a ball of sunshine all the time, and knowing that you were the cause of him being sad?? No thank you. (See, he made you overthink and overanalyze which was a key part in how easy it was to manipulate you.) 

“But you always wanna leave me to go ‘n study with Y/F/N…” 

“But you know I obviously want to stay home and watch documentaries with you instead of study…” You pulled Harry away from your neck, cupping his face in between your hands. It was funny how he was supposedly crying thirty seconds ago yet his eyes were as dry as the desert. It was just the puppy eyes and that damn pout that got you every single time. 

“So you should stay home since that’s what you want… Isn’t it?” Harry asked innocently, pulling you closer to him as he sat against the arm of the couch. 

“I mean, I guess, but I do need to study…” It was too late to try and think about leaving the house considering Harry already had you leaning against his chest with an arm wrapped around you. 

“But you can do that at home, can’t you?” Now that you were looking at it, it did make sense to study at home. There were no distractions (besides Harry) around, you could snuggle in bed (with Harry) while reading… Looks like Harry had manipulated you and taken over your thoughts as well. 



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favorite characters: zuko ♡ Hello. Zuko here. But I guess you probably already know me. Sort of… Uh so, the thing is… I have a lot of Firebending experience, and I’m considered to be pretty good at it. Well, you’ve seen me, you, know, when I was attacking your. Uh, yeah, I guess I should apologize for that. Bu-But anyway, I’m good now. I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad. But anyway… I think it’s time I joined your group and taught the Avatar Firebending.

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I guess tumblr was glitching and your blog wouldn't come up in the search bar, and I definitely started panicking at the thought of losing you. Glad to see all this is still here.

Awww what a sweet thing to say! Yeah I’d be pretty sad if this blog disappeared, too. 

(If this blog is ever shut down w/o warning, I’ll set up a new blog (or ask a few specific ppl here) to post the info of whatever happened to me and tag it #iwantmyiwtv, but hopefully we won’t have to deal w/ that.) 

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according to the gif u posted, u seem to be a bit embaressed about all our ideas about your old design for luca. i personally think i like the design and also made a bunch of headcanons already. but i think u don't need to be embaressed by our ideas, i think it shows how creative your community is ^^ so i guess they only mean it well (because so do i)

i’m not embarrassed it was a joke lmao i thought the gif was hilarious. i wouldn’t have posted the video if i was embarrassed

Healing - Part 2

Summery: You think about the job that has been offered to you.

Warnings: I don’t think there are any.

Word Count: 2100+

A/N: tbh not much happens in this part but stick with it, I’ve already planned the whole thing. I’m away from home rn so if you have a request or idea put it in my ask and I’ll try my best to write it asap. Thank you to everyone for already supporting me *kiss*. @helllaellla who helped me write some and looked over and bae. @bovaria @marvelfanfichq

Key: italics is the readers thoughts

*gif not mine

“Healing” Masterlist

Well, this is awkward.’, Bucky finally broke the silence. ‘How did I not notice that?’

‘I guess you were distracted, also concussed so don’t be so hard on yourself’, you looked out the window in the door to catch the Captain’s eye. When you did, you called them in. ‘Mr Barnes is can leave, the receptionist will give you the bill’. Wanda walked over and lifted his sheet to look at his wounds.

‘Where are his injuries? He had loads!’ turned toward you and put the sheet back on his body.

‘I guess he heals fast, must be the whole supersoldier thing.’ You got up and picked up your notes from the desk beside him.

He got up from the bed and dressed himself in his uniform as the team left the room, murmuring “thank you”s for your help . Bucky stayed back for a moment to write something down.

‘I know you’re married but here’s my number just in case you changed your mind about the job offer’, he handed you the piece of paper. ‘By the way, you can call me Bucky.’ He smiled at you and left

When you got home your husband was already back from work. Benjamin Fox, the love of your life, was sitting on the sofa watching some sitcom and laughing to himself. You drop your keys into a bowl by the the door and alerted him to your presence so he turned to you. His slender body was still in his suit from work but it was no longer formal. His jacket was off, sleeves were rolled up and shirt untucked. His nose was strong and turned upward. His lips were even and always pink, as if you had just kissed him over and over. Light blue eyes looked at you through long eyelashes and large pupils. His face was framed by blond hair, perfectly placed. He had got a haircut recently even though you begged him not too but you had to admit he did look good.

‘Good evening, beautiful. How was work?’, he asked and looked back at the TV.

‘Usual’, you took off your coat off and sat down next to him. He turned to you and gave you a quick kiss before getting up.

‘I’ve made lasagna, I just have to put it in the oven’, he called from the kitchen.

The two of you had a normal evening. You ate dinner, talked and laughed, then watched a movie after while cuddling. He went to bed before you since you had taken an afternoon shift and didn’t have to wake up until late morning.

You leaned against the door frame, your husband’s sleeping form breathing heavily on the bed, and looked at the piece of paper that was handed to you earlier that day.

You noticed Bucky’s handwriting was evenly spaced out and neat. The curl of the ‘y’ in his name folded back on itself as if to join on to another letter that was not there. You looked at the number below and thought Should I call him? I mean it’s a great offer and all but I’ve got all I need here you looked over at your husband But then again I could just help in the aftermath of a bad mission, healing people. Ben would never have to know. You didn’t want your husband to know about your powers and leave you. You knew that one day he would want kids and they might have them too but you tried not to think about it much.

You stepped into the hallway outside the bedroom and went into the guest bedroom. You dialled the number that was in front of you and waited for someone to pick up.

‘Hello?’ Bucky’s voice was serious, it always was when he didn’t know someone very well.

‘Hi, James is it? It’s Dr Y/L/N.’

‘I told you, doc, call me Bucky. So what do I call you?’ His voice relaxed now, but not as flirty as it was in the hospital.

‘Y/N. I hope your feeling better.’ He hummed in reply. ‘That job you were offering, are you serious about it?’ The two of you talked for half an hour and agreed that you should talk to the entire team. So he organised a plane for you to go to Stark Tower the next morning and get back to your home, all expenses paid. You also agreed that if you were to join it would only be part time, after the fighting and your husband would not know.

You told your husband that you had to leave early the next day to go somewhere for work when he woke up briefly. Probably from your cold skin touching his when you got into bed. You rolled over onto your side and fell asleep.

His alarm always woke you up but you would get back to sleep after he left. Knowing your job was exhausting, he’d let you. But today his alarm was also yours. He reminded you that you had to wake up early (well early for you). So you had a shower and got ready what was practically a job interview. The both of you left the house and got into your cars. When you got to the airport you were escorted to a smallish jet which you then boarded. On it was the three faced from the day before and two others you had only seen on the television.

‘Hi I’m Natasha, and this is Clint. You must be Y/N’ the redhead put out her right hand to shake yours. You took it and moved your hand up and down.

‘It’s an honour to meet you all, you guys are amazing.’ Bucky gestured to a seat next to him. You gladly sat down. Despite the fact you had just met him, you liked him and trusted him more that you would any other person.

Steve got up as the plane began to move and walked toward the bar ‘Can I get you a drink?’

‘A water with ice would be good, thank you’ you replied. You noticed that he had a nasty gash on his right bicep. He handed you your drink and sat down.

‘All Buck has said about you is that you could really help us and you’ll show us why when we get home’ this was the first time you had heard Clint speak and his voice was lower that you expected.

The flight was 2 hours long because of amazing Stark technology. You told them information on yourself. You were 26 years old, you had studied medicine when you were 18 but graduated after 4 years.

‘So you’re, like, really cleaver then’ this was Clint’s only input into the convocation.

‘Come on, you live with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. They’re like the smartest people in the world’ you pointed out.

Then you began to talk about your husband. He was the same age as you, you went to the same college but different universities. He had helped you through uni because you had chosen him over your family. You got married right after you had graduated and you described the wedding (which pulled some ‘aww’s and ‘ooh’s from the team). It was small but beautiful. The both of you had been students at the time and not financially able to have a big wedding. But it didn’t matter to you, you knew it was cliche but as long as you were with him you were happy.

When you got to the tower, you were escorted up about one hundred floors by the five Avengers that had picked you up. The others were waiting for you because the Captain had alerted them to your arrival.

Tony shook your hand ‘no offence, you’re hotter than Barnes made out’. You turned to Bucky and gave him a shy smile.

‘I’ll take that as a compliment, but did he tell you i was married?’ Tony nodded at you.

‘Unfortunately. It would have been good for him, out little soldier, the poor man hasn’t had any action for 70 years’, you looked at Bucky, surprised at Tony’s confession. He was so flirtatious in the hospital and had a face that you wouldn’t mind sitt-

‘Okay! That’s enough. Y/N why don’t you take a seat. Should I tell them or do you want to demonstrate why I asked you here?’

You didn’t do as he had said, you walked over to Steve who was injured and sitting on a chair. ‘Do you mind?’ He gave you a puzzled look and shrugged. You put your right hand on his chest and felt the power you had move through your body and enter his. The light fixed the cut on his arm and you took your hand off him.

‘Holy shit! That’s amazing, how- how?’ Clint praised you once again.

‘It’s a family thing, but they kicked me out when I wanted to be with Ben’, the all nodded. Then Bucky spoke up.

‘So we were talking last night and Y/N said that she would want to help afterwards, if there were any injured civilians or if one of us were hurt really bad. But she doesn’t want her husband finding out so we would have to keep her out of the press’, he was looking at Steve when he said this. You had heard that they had been friends since childhood.

‘Well I think that we should give her some training when she starts, just the basics.’ You heard a voice from the shadows. A man walked out, he was dressed all in black and had an eye patch over his left eye. ‘Director Fury’, your hand met his and it gave you and firm shake.

‘Benny is going away with his friends next week, I could probably get time off and tell him that I was here to meet some old friends’ you told them suggesting a time for you to start.

‘I was thinking that someone could go with you to England and train you everyday’

‘I volunteer.’ This was the first thing Bucky had said in a while. ‘It not like I’m not qualified, and you guys have lives and stuff here. I wouldn’t mind moving for a bit’.

‘I’m fine with that, but I’m going to say that you’re a personal trainer so Ben doesn’t catch on’, he nodded. ‘Well I should get home, I promised I would be back by tonight’ Bucky walked toward the lift and you followed. ‘Thank you for the lift’ you shouted at the avengers from the elevator.

‘Our pleasure’ Steve shouted back. This was the most informal job interviews you had ever had.

In the car you told your husband that you would get home in 2 hours. ‘Just to let you know, doll, that I’m not going to hit on you or anything.’ Bucky made you lift your head from your phone ‘I respect marriage and all and I’m sorry about the whole flirting thing in the hospital’

‘Thank you. And it’s fine, I mean who could blame you?’ You pointed toward yourself and he laughed. The flight back was quieter than the flight there and by the end of it Bucky had got a flat to stay in that was not too far from yours but far enough so he could keep his distance from your normal life.

He got a ride in your car to his new home. ‘Me and Steve have been friends for years, can you believe I’m older than him’ he was looking at you, you were concentrating on the road ‘I would do anything for him, I mean he did become an outlaw in 117 countries for me’

‘I completely understand your loyalty’ you finally responded, showing that you were listening to him for the entire trip. ‘I have a friends - Ashley - we’ve known each other since we were six years old, but I consider her my family and her mum treats me like her daughter. She’s never become an outlaw, though. I think the worst thing she’s done is punch someone in the face for me.’ The car stopped and you looked over at him. He was still looking at you, his face was relaxed and beautiful in the moonlight. ‘Um, here you are. I don’t start work till late so you can pick me up at 8, I’ll have to be back for 11 though.’

‘That’s fine’ he got out and picked up his bag. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N’.

Part 3

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Lmao @ la's face during the Grandice hug then the fake smile, but girl u said GG sat down first & then got up when he saw CP. I was hoping to see some notebook-esq reunion shit lol

Sorry! I thought he was seated. I guess not but I’m glad there’s video evidence because the gifs are the cutest already! 

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BTS react to finding out you are being bullied at school

sorry this too so long, the exo reaction should be out by sunday. before i begin the reactions i just want to say that nobody deserves to be bullied and its not something to be taken lightly (wow way to make things all gloomy peanut)

Jin: jin would take this very seriously when you explain what has been happening at school, he would definitely listen and comfort you as much as possible then proceed to talk with who ever is in charge at your school
jin: just remember y/n, i really love you and if anyone tries to hurt you, just tell me and i’ll protect you.

RapMon: sometimes namjoon doesn’t have a filter, this would be one of those times he would speak his absolute mind and he wouldn’t be afraid to use strong words.
you: namjoon, can i tell you something
rapmon: *knows somethings up cause of your tone* whats up
you: so i may have gotten hit today
rapmon: *gif*
you: where are you going?
rapmon: apparently to beat some f***ers ass, come on kookie

suga: i’m not to sure on how yoongi would react, i feel like he would be very serious like jin, but also a lot like rapmon, he would first listen to your story, then find the ass at your school to teach him a lesson he won’t forget
suga: how long has this guy been treating you lie this
you: about 5 months, at first i thought it was nothing but its recently got very…physical
suga:…guess i have to go sort this so he can’t hurt you.

j-hope: hoseok would be the extremely emotional one. lets face it as soon as you mentioned bully tears would roll.
you: oh no hoeseok don’t cry please i’ve already talked about it to my teacher
j-hope: b-but why would someone want to hurt you!
you: *you are v in the gif*

Jimin: naww look at little jimin hes plotting someones death so cute (i’m sorry, i am a horrible human…am i even human) but he would start plotting your bullies death once you told the event from that very day
you: jimin?..
jimin: *is mumbling to himself*...maybe poison…
you: O.o

V:…hmmm you’re taehyungs little ball of fluff and sunshine so if anyone threatened to take that away two modes, one insults, two physical
you: tae don’t do anything stupid *you explain as you walk closer to the bully*

bully: what did you call me
you: “oh no, no, no”
Taehyung: i called you fugly now piss off and leave my girlfriend alone before you end up in emergency at the hospital 

Kookie: well as we all know kookie is strong af, so he wouldn’t be afraid if things got violent when he went to confront the bully 
kookie: you, leave y/n alone or you won’t be walking for about a month

aish, (why did taehyung turn into such a bad-ass) -_- seriously these boys are going to kill me. 

I’ve already apologized to @tshifty and I explained everything, she knows and I know what I did wrong. I just thought I was giving her credit due to already having her watermark on the gif but I guess it’s a rule of tumblr I didn’t know I haven’t been on tumblr long so I didn’t know any better. But she taught me and made me understand the gif rules. Don’t make this define our blog. We really didn’t mean any harm and sometimes the watermark is too small so we don’t notice. Once again I deeply apologize and this was on MY hand. This wasn’t on Elsa’ I truly didn’t know any better. I didn’t write this because I was called out. I wrote it because that’s when I was brought to attention about this. Once she ( @tshifty ) explained the rules we both FaceTimed and understood the Tumblr world and concept a bit better. Thank you for understanding. This really doesn’t define us :/ -R

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I don't know. Maby monstax, got7 or exo? It's so hard to choose because there are a lot and you are so amazing.

I already do Monsta X and actually thought about doing GOT7 and EXO too. I just want to collect some suggestions, I know I will do more than only one group besides BTS.
So I guess I will do it then and prepare some gifs. Sounds like a plan.

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#TeamLiked-two-people-in-a-TV-show-together-before-even-watching-the show-because-you-saw-gifs-on-Tumblr



Reaction (Apink): When they feel love at first sight when they see you.

Chorong: “Wow she is so beautiful it is making my heart feel funny!’

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Bomi: “I thought true love was only in fairy tales but I guess not.”

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Eunji: “I have never felt this way before. What do I do?!”

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Naeun: “Wow I feel so warm inside! Is this true love?”

Originally posted by fyapinkgifs

Namjoo: “Wow I just meet her and I already feel in love!”

Originally posted by pinkeupandas

Hayoung: “This feels like true love! I hope she feels it too.”

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Three years post rebellion - Effie's confession at a talk show

Liberation Day was fast approaching. All of Panem was alive and thrumming with excitement at the various activities organized across the country.  A few weeks leading up to Liberation Day, talk shows lined up interviews with numerous people involved in the Rebellion to learn what they have been up to for the past three years. Effie had been to three of such talk shows and the question always led back to the nature of her relationship with Haymitch. The hosts could only direct these questions to her since Haymitch had refused invitation on any shows.

They had been toeing the line for years and even with the rebels’ victory and the promise of peace, nothing had changed between them. They kept in touch, of course, through phone calls and dinners with Katniss and Peeta but that was the extent of it.

She grew tired waiting for him.  

One day, after an interview with Ellen, tired and frustrated at the same questions thrown her way, Effie took matters into her own hand. At the next show, Effie was prepared. She confessed.

In Twelve, Haymitch saw the broadcast and suffice to say, shock was an understatement.

She already did what she had to do. It was his move.

During his one and only interview with David Letterman, Effie waited.

Exo reaction when your teenage kid walks in on you two doing it

Sehun:*tries to fool his kid* If I was you I would be worried cause you started to see things son

Kai: Well sweety I think we need to talk after that…..

Tao:*minding his own business when he sees his son coming through the door* Omg babe pull the duvet over quickly  

Kyungsoo: Why are you shocked? did you thought that we made you from flour?

Chanyeol: What do you mean I don’t need to explain what you just saw? how much of that do you know?

Baekhyun:I wasn’t expecting this when I started……

Chen: I though you said she was already sleeping? I guess now she won’t sleep for sure

Lay: Sweety, sweety this is not what you think it is, come back…I mean don’t…wait on the hallway until I get dressed for daddy to explain it to you

Suho:*the gif is enough*

Kris: We did it again.I guess this is becoming a tradition for our kids now to find out about sex like this

Luhan: Oh god I’m not ready to talk with him about it

Xiumin: wife: It could have been worst.

Are you kidding me now?

Liveshow Moment

REQUEST: Could you do a fan fic where Dan and y/n think they’ve turned off younow after a live show together and have a really cute moment without realizing the webcam is still on and everyone’s watching. Sorry for the long ask, but thanks :)

 Part 2-  http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/post/110858889742/survey-winner-fluff

“We’re leaving now, is there anything you want to say before we go?” Dan says, hovering his mouse over the ‘log off’ button on younow. From your place beside him, your eyes scan over the chat. A flood of the phrase ‘KISS’ engulfs the screen and you laugh.

“Sorry guys, but not tonight. If you could smell his breath you’d understand,” you joke with a laugh. Its not true of course; his breath is fine. But the internet has only just found out about your relationship and the two of you aren’t quite ready for public displays of affection.

Dan laughs beside you, “Alright, alright, no kissing. Okay we’re leaving now! Bye guys! See you next Tuesday. Okay logging off…” he trails off as he absent-mindedly clicks the mouse and then turns his attention to you as you stand up to head to the kitchen. “You!” he shouts, grabbing your hand and pulling you back to him. He wraps his arms around your waist and looks up to you, “Saying my breath smells! What was that?! My breath doesn’t smell!”

You throw your head back, laughing, “I know it doesn’t but I had to say something. And come on, that was funny.”

“Funny my ass, come here,” he says, pulling you down to meet his lips. You chuckle into the kiss, pretending to fight against him as he laughs, standing up to pull you closer. You give up and wrap your arms around his waist.

You break away from his kiss and rest your head on his chest. As soon as your eyes hit the computer screen, they widen. “Oh my god, Dan,” you whisper.

“What?” he mumbles in response.

“You didn’t turn the liveshow off.”

He stiffens, “What?” You instantly break apart, both laughing nervously.

“Uhh, sorry about that. We, uh, thought I turned the chat off. Logging off now.” Dan stammers as he lunges toward the computer. After this time successfully hitting the log off button. He then turns back to you, red as a tomato. “Sorry about that.”

Your face feels hot, and you know your blush is surely as strong as his, “That’s okay. I mean… they already knew we were together. It was just a matter of time I guess. Right?”

Slowly, he begins to laugh. You soon join him, suddenly seeing the humor in the situation. “Tumblr now has gifs to last for like a thousand years.”

“No kidding,” you reply, returning to his arms. His enfold you and he kisses the top of your head.

“Now, let’s go get that food.”

Here’s the thing, I almost died[…]It got me thinking, that I was so stupid. I thought, and I guess I was kind of right, that you came out for me, and that scared me. But, life is too short, and we should be who we are, and we should kiss the girls we wanna kiss. And I really just…I want kiss you!

Maggie Sawyer, be still my heart!

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I Want To Stop Right There OR I Feel Like This Episode Was Lucy Setting Up The Football And Next Week We’re All Charlie Brown

But for now, to quote a holiday classic*, “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love!”

(gif source: pansexualbcky *holiday classic: Love, Actually)

My thoughts on Season 7 Episode 10 under the cut.

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The Amazing Leo Fitz Appreciation [5/?]

First field mission- Peru. There are two things worth mentioning about Fitz here.

First: he has known the device is German just after the first look. That’s saying everything about his knowledge and experience in engineering. 

Second: He was the one who carried out the 0-8-4. With bullets flying everywhere around him. It is true, that Ward forced him to do this. Still, tiny little detail worth mentioning: Fitz had known what that was. He was the only person in the team who was aware of what that was, and what exactly it can do. (Simmons would have said something about it if she had known. Since she didn’t I assume she hadn’t figured it out yet) Fitz was aware that he’s holding a thing worse than a nuclear bomb. He was more worried about it than about gunshots, which is perfectly understandable. And yet, the whole time he was holding it  without panicking. He was just trying to explain that they should be careful since the device can explode any second. No hysterical shouts or attempts to get rid of it. He might have been frightened, but he still kept his composure.

And just look at his resigned ‘I’ve already said this but nobody was listening’ face.