i thought his laugh was super cute

My (Personal) GOT7 Analysis and why i love them so much

BamBam: cute af; a baby who is shedding his innocent image faster than the speed of light; super proud of his bff yugyeom’s dancing; knows everyone loves him and loves it; was so tiny(literally) when he first met jackson and mark; only problematic when he wants attention from his hyungs; hyungs are so proud of how he’s grown; quick to tell fans if he genuinely thinks they’re beautiful; KING OF FASHION; when he argues with yugyeom they probably make up 2 mins later; OWNED the karaoke episode of GOT7ing and made is bandmates so happy

Choi Youngjae:  the voice, the sun, the laugh; takes particular enjoyment in picking on Jackson and receiving love and/or spanking from JB; unproblematic af; so awkward and pure; makes every situation better by laughing out of the blue; so cute; called sunshine for a reason; loves learning and speaking english;  (i want to play video games with him so bad); loves his puppy CoCo more than life itself

Jackson Wang: proud AmeriThaiKong member; stans his bandmates; one of the most openly physically affectionate (kissed a guy on the lips on SNL too); probably mad he can’t date his bandmates (was super happy when he could date jinyoung); variety show king; loves picking on youngjae; loves being extra; small friendship things break his heart i.e. telling mark he misses rooming with him and bringing him shampoo; wears his heart on his sleeve; would marry mark and follow him to pluto; would remember the first time he met you and what you wore and said like he remembers mark had dark hair and an umbrella; respects his parents SO MUCH; a meme

Jinyoung:  hot af and knows it; looks like a wealthy prince who escapes to hang with his adorable band; could win an oscar probably; uses his amazing bum for attention; gets jealous easily and it’s rlly hot and scary; savage; happily involved in a GOT7 love triangle w Mark/Jackson; is JB’s wife; loves kissing his bandmates and is one of the most easily annoyed but also physically affectionate; has an angsty love/hate relationship with yugyeom that’s hot af, probably has dreams about him where they do things other than argue if you know what i mean

JB: King; most baddass leader in town; can probably calm his bandmates down with the sound of his voice; intimidating but super sweet with fans; could probably be president; glows when he smiles and laughs; has some of the most interesting fashion choices; is super cute with the macknae line; would marry youngjae; is super attracted to youngjae; already married to jinyoung;  probably can read jinyoung’s thoughts at this point; charismatic af; skydived with zero fear and glowed afterward; secretly a superhero

Kim Yugyeom:  danced on hit the stage and shook his fans and bandmates to the core; effortlessly talented; bandmates think he’s too nice, i.e. jinyoung wanting to toughen him up; enjoys picking on jinyoung and is always shook when he compliments him; if he aint your bias he will wreck your bias list if you watch hit the stage; WATCH HIM ON HIT THE STAGE; has a crush on jinyoung and chris brown;  loves his 97′ friends like BamBam and Jungkook more than words can say; claimed to be innocent but then he grinded on Hit the Stage and impregnated e v e r y o n e

Mark Tuan: loved and respected by everyone; the eldest; tries to internalize everything but breaks down in front of his bandmates if he needs love/hugs; clingy af; pranks fuel him; super good at reading everyone’s feelings; lives for extreme sports; would marry jackson in 2 seconds; would marry jinyoung too; one of the members besides jackson and jinyoung who is the most physically affectionate; gorgeous; bandmates love staring at his face; shy but wild, seemingly fearless, parasailed and skydived on Hard Carry and broke me; fucks w gravity 25/7; kissing level 10000 i.e. dipping BamBam on kiss the radio simultaneously wrecking BamBam and everyone


Nct 127's reaction to their s/o being upset because they don't kiss her

Request: NCT dream or 127 reaction to their girlfriend getting pouty and whiny when they don’t kiss her

A/N: my heart is weak for this, it’s so cute aw- and i decided to do 127 unit, i hope you don’t mind!



Would apologise right away and feel bad but at the same time, find it cute that you wanted his kisses so badly. You’d catch him smiling slightly to him when you pout, but he does it so lowkey you hardly ever notice. But he finds it super cute that you get clingy like these at times and becomes 10× more affectionate to you, often showering you with hugs after you start whining or pouting.

“aw someone’s whiny today”

“i havent seen you in a week, i miss you and your kisses :-(”

“come here, i’d give you all the kisses you want”

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Adores it A LOT, and likes to tease you about it. Ends up giggling and smiling to himself because he finds it cute how you get upset over these small little things, and he feels loved and appreciated because he knows you love his kisses. His teasing could go on forever but he eventually always gives in because he’s soft for your pouting.

“ooo someone’s upset she can’t kiss me”

“shut up johnny”

“well if you want kissed you must be able to reach me first”

“you’re so mean-”

“/leans down quickly to peck your lips/”

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Becomes a shy ball and would be a little flustered at first, but internally he’d also find it funny as he’s the pouty and whiney one most of the time. Softens right away and like Taeil, would become even more affectionate than before. Although he doesn’t show it, he loves it when you act like that because it shows how much you love him.

“aw babe don’t pout”

“but you ignored my kiss just now”

“come here, let me make it up to you”

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Teasing you 24/7 about it. He isn’t afraid to show that he loves it and he’d purposely avoid kisses so as to see that side of you. And would attack you with kisses at the most random times because he loves seeing your expressions. This guy seriously Smiles non stop and would get all fuzzy and happy because he feels loved by you, which at the same time, makes him more cuddly than he already is.

“you want a kiss? no hehe”

“yuta you suck”

“oh… then all the more you don’t deserve a kiss /sticks tongue out/”

“so mean”

five minutes later and he attacks you with a big hug and pecks your face all over with that bright smile of his

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Would act like he’s annoyed with you and probably whines back too but in fact he enjoys it and finds it cute and adorable. Would purposely frown and act like his mad, making you feel bad but then he flashes you his gummy smile and hugs you. Tries to act cool™ by always avoiding your kisses when in reality he’s weak for them and his heart is beating like crazy whenever you do it.

“you’re so annoying, why are you so whiney today omg”

“you know why doyoung”

“what? i don’t know”

and when you glare at him, he softens and leans in to give you a kiss

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Brightest sunshine!! Giggles to himself a lot and won’t stop smiling at your actions, calling you cute and adorable. At times he likes teasing you and making you pout more but other times he gives in and ends up showering you with kisses, hugs and pecks on your face. Loves it most when you act like that because he knows you truly love him and his kisses, and he’d be more than willing to give you more.

“babe you’re so cute”

“yeah if i was maybe you shouldn’t have ignored my kiss”

“aw someone’s upset”

“come im sorry, let me give you all the kisses i can right now”

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Another shy ball and wouldn’t know what to do, other than just giggle and pinching your cheek as he finds it super cute. Only teases you occasionally but still manages to be the sweet person he is. Eventually kisses you and you’d notice how he’d blush and smile brightly to himself, as his eyes stare at you lovingly.

“it’s been two days since i saw you :-(”

“do you miss me that much?”

“of course, especially your kisses”

“hehe come here”

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This clueless bun actually thought you were genuinely upset with him, he’d apologise sincerely and it’s so adorable you end up laughing and giggling because how is he so pure??? But after time goes by he notices it a lot and finds it really cute, and as he’s shy, he doesn’t show it so he’d giggle to himself softly whenever he sees you pouting.

“goodness, im so sorry, i’ll kiss you now!!”

“really? aw”

“anything for my princess don’t be upset!!”

“im not upset omg you’re so cute-”

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Another one who would tease you for it and would also act like he’s mad but on the inside he’s all fuzzy and screaming because he loves it a lot. Would play hard to get like Yuta, but always end up failing because he gives in to your pouts- it’s one of his weaknesses. From time to time, he’d avoid your kisses so he can see you act like these, but most of the time he’s the clingy and affectionate one.

“someone’s being so clingy today”

“you’re like that too shut up”

“ooo there goes your kiss bye”

“i hate you”

“/giggles and pecks you on the cheek/ i lovd you too”

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“Hey princess” part II - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request(s): -  I neeeeed more flirty Jeff imagines!!!! Maybe with a kiss at the end? The rest is completely up to you😘

-  Can you please please please do a part two to hey princess. 

-  do a fluffy Jeff but please don’t let him die

-  for the jeff atkins imagines can i get one for his and the readers first date. like they go to rosie’s or the movies. anything really as long as it’s super fluffy. thank youuuu

You saw Jeff waiting by your locker at the end of the day. 

“Finally” he said with a smile.

“Aw, poor Atkins. He thought I wasn’t coming” you mocked. Jeff laughed. Oh, God, that laugh…

“Actually, yes. I was afraid you could change your mind about this” you smiled, he was so cute. 

“Of course no. I’m ready, are we walking to Monet’s or…?” 

“My car. Follow me to the parking lot, princess” he said with a funny voice, making you laugh.

The journey to Monet’s was really nice. You discovered that he was a huge fan of Oasis, just like you and you learned that his favourite song was ‘Don’t look back in anger’. Then you two had a playful argument because he said Liam was better than Noel.

“C’mon, Jeff. Noel is the one who wrote most of the songs. He is a lyrical  genius” you said while exiting the car.

“Princess, I really like you but Liam Gallagher is God to me, so you have to stop or you are gonna break my heart” he said, opening the door for you.

“Oh, who knew that Jeff Atkins could be a gentleman? But if you think it’ll help, stop trying. Noel is the best one” Jeff let out a loud laugh.

“You are gonna be the death of me, Y/N”

You two found a place to sit in the corner. Monet’s was full of people from the school and you really didn’t want rumours about you and Jeff dating to spread. The corner was perfect.

“I’m gonna order. What do you want, princess?” he asked.

“Coffee and cake for me please” You said with a sweet smile. He smiled back at you and went to order. You were feeling relaxed in the car but now you were starting to feel nervous. Really fucking nervous.

You’re in a date with Jeff Atkins. Jeff, your crush since you were around ten years old. You never thought you’d ever have a chance with him but here you were. C’mon Y/N, do not screw this up. 

“What are you daydreaming about? Don’t tell me you’re already fantasising about me naked, Y/L/N?” you were so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t sae him come back from the till.

“Stop dreaming, Atkins”

“You always say that. What do have against dreams, huh?” he joked.

“Actually, I’m always dreaming. My mum says I should be more realistic” you explained. You were always daydreaming, most of the time about Jeff.

“Reality is overvalued” he said. You agreed.

“What’s your dream? he took a long breathe.

“I want to be a professional baseball player. But I don’t know if I’m good enough”

“Dude, you’re awesome at baseball” you said “I’ve seen you play. You should apply to Vanderbilt. They have the best baseball program in the country”

“How do you know so much about Vanderbilt?” he looked impressed. 

“My dad loves baseball. We watch it together so I know a lot about it” you winked at him.

“Can we get married already?”  you laughed. 

The afternoon had passed quickly between jokes and laughs. You learned a lot about Jeff, he was really nice and he cared so much about his family and friends. 

As the clock struck 7, you both knew that it was time to go home. Jeff parked outside your house but you didn’t move from your seat.

“So… I had a good time” “I lied” you both spoke at the same time. You looked at him confused 

“When I told you that I only have one dream. I lied, I have two”

“Oh, okay. Well,  what’s your other dream?”

“ To kiss you” 

“Dreams should come true, don’t you think?” you smiled, getting closer to him. Jeff didn’t hesitate to lean it.

Kissing Jeff made you feel a mix of emotions. You felt something explode inside you, and its better than anything you could have ever imagine. 

“God” he says as you two broke away “you are amazing”

“I know” you tried to play it cool but your hands were shaking and as soon as he noticed it, he took your hands into his and smiled.

“So.. what do you think about a second date, princess?” 

“I say yes to that. And yes to the third and the fourth and…” he interrumped you with another kiss.

Oh, man. That boy was going to be the end of you.

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I would rly appreciate a johnny neighbor!au when you have time! He has such a big personality and I think you would rly make it fun and interesting...ALSO re selling ur soul to winwin....me too he's so cute somebody put him in the 97 line gc

you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me to write for johnny!!! 
tw: this has a mention of hook-ups 
find mark + jaehyun (here) / taeyong + ten + haechan (here) / winwin + yuta + taeil (here

  • seems like the type to spend good money on some good bedsheets. has like 14 pillows on his bed. loves being comfy
  • full length body mirror too,,,,,one of those racks to put together tomorrow’s outfit,,,,,,he’s very particular
  • organizes his clothes by season, color, and ‘johnny’s handsome scale’
  • how did this become a thing? well you can ask doyoung who was roped into sitting there next to ten for 6 hours as johnny tried on every outfit and made them rate it. ten had fun. doyoung DID NOT
  • probably has a pet cat,,,,,,definitely like a cat person,,,,,,,,,you know what fuck it he has 2 cats named peanut and jelly or Something he thinks is super clever 
  • bumps his head on things a lot especially when he’s leaning down to get his mail and comes up real fast and hits something because he’s all long limbs and all the neighbors think it’s hilarious 
  • all the teenagers on the block want to know how his hair is so nice. johnny whats your secret,,,,,drop your barbers name,,,,, [lil fact: i like to think taeyong gives johnny his haircuts, that’s why they’re so nice and precise]
  • but anyway you meet johnny at a mandated building meeting for all tenants about how apparently the elevator needs to be fixed so people need to vote on it being shut down on a tuesday or a friday
  • and people are already getting into fights over which day is more convenient but both you and johnny don’t mind either way and you keep rolling your eyes and when you catch each other you giggle
  • and you keep like locking eyes until johnny kidna tilts his head signaling that you two should leave and you grin and nod
  • and when you’re out of the lobby where everyone met up you’re like “what a bunch of kids, yelling at each other like this is middle school or something” and johnny chuckles and is like “it’s wild, for a second i thought i was in a zoo!”
  • and you’re both laughing and you notice, now that you’re closer, that johnny is incredibly handsome to look at it. his eyes are such a pretty shape, and the way his mouth curls at the edges is so unique and charming
  • and it’s hard NOT to stare,,,,,and well im not trying to be blunt but johnny is also staring back you because hey,,,,,you’re also super cute up close
  • and the elevator arrives and you and johnny both step in but the second the door closes wE LL
  • let’s just say you guys go from neighbors to something more real fast,,,and you don’t know what it is that pulls you toward him,,,but it’s something and you and johnny are making out until you get up to your floor
  • and even after that he goes “your place or mine?” and you can’t resist, he’s sooooooo cute (+ a fantastIC kisser)
  • and so you can kind of call it, instead of friends-with-benefits,,,,neighbors-with-benefits 
  • and it’s all cool because you and him share a sense of humor and you both like to be affectionate and touchy
  • and johnny always gives you space when you need it and you can go weeks without seeing each other but if you want him then he’s there
  • and it’s convenient and johnny makes you laugh it’s nothing sErious
  • until it’s,,,,not because johnny comes over and he’s holding you close and as he’s kissing against your neck something finally snaps in you because you blurt out a,,,,,,,, “i like you”
  • and johnny stops, lips hovering over your skin and you’re like shit oh no i ruined this it’s over it’s done for
  • but johnny just resumes kissing up your neck and towards your lips and then your cheeks
  • and, as usual, he puts on a bit of a teasing voice but he goes “really? you should have told me earlier,,,,”
  • and you sit up and johnny pulls you into his lap and you’re like “johnny - im serious i don’t think i can just be something on the side. i like you seriously-”
  • and he’s like “i know! that’s what i mean by you should have told me earlier because then i could have taken you out,,,,,,and we just missed the premier of that movie that would have been suCh a good date, it’s ok ill plan a better one anyway”
  • and you’re sitting with his arms wrapped around you and you’re like wait. so do you like me back
  • and he’s like “yep. i like you,,,,,,,” and he pauses pressing his forehead to yours and adding “only you. i like only you.” 
BTS Reaction To You Pouting

Anon asked: Hi is it okay if you could do bts reaction to their girlfriend glaring at them but she looks like a sad puppy because they made her mad. Sorry to bother you have a nice day/night.

here ya go anon, I hope this is what you wanted! -Spice

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would just sigh, not being able to argue with his girlfriend when she made that face. “Ah, you know just how to shut me up…” He would mutter as he hugged you in apology for making you mad.

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He would give in to whatever your demands were immediately when you pouted. Seokjin couldn’t resist anything that was cute, and you weren’t the exception. He might even purposely try and irritate you just so he could see the adorable face you made.

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Let’s face it, he would be absolutely weak against you, and that feeling only amplified when you pouted. Yoongi would try to act tough and pretend he didn’t notice you, but his facade would crumble pretty quickly. He would complain that it wasn’t fair that you got to use your cuteness as a weapon against him, but deep down he wouldn’t mind all that much.

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He tried to remain serious with you, he really did, but Hoseok couldn’t hold in his laughter for very long. You were just too damn cute for your own good, and he couldn’t keep a straight face against you. After he was done laughing he would promptly apologize and make up for whatever it was that made you mad.

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Taehyung wouldn’t even try to hold in his laughter as you pouted. He’d shake his head, saying, “I can’t believe how cute you are Jagiya, I’m speechless…” Even if you were still mad at him, you wouldn’t be able to run away from all of the affection he’d give you afterward.

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Seeing you be so unintentionally cute would make his heart flutter. Jimin would probably blush a little but tease you on your super cute angry face. “I thought I was suppose to be the cute one in the relationship…you can’t go stealing my role!” He would laugh as he pulled you closer to shower you in affection.

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Like Taehyung, he wouldn’t bother hiding his amusement at your cute pouty face. Jungkook would have to resist the urge to take a picture as he tried to stay focused on the argument, but he wouldn’t do a very good job of doing so. He would apologize later, but for now he just wanted to admire how adorable his girlfriend was.

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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o being a huge fan of the Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Ok ngl i’m weak as hell for Doyoung and the vroom vroom talk show has given me many precious moments of him so i will forever be grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼 


Originally posted by nakamotens

(I love this gif so much lmao)

Taeil would just be super happy and soft when he sees you laughing and genuinely having a good time. He’d put his hand on your leg or around your shoulder and rub it gently bc he’s so whipped for you and when he sees you smiling his whole world lights up and he’s just in a very happy place. He’d try to join in on the fun by yelling random things (like he usually does), and when he sees you laughing at those he’s just be a shy happy bean.


Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Y’all know how in NCT life Taeyong tried to take over the Vroom Vroom talk show and Doyoung gave him the eye-roll of the century™, and then Johnny completely ignored him and started talking to Ten?? Yes well I see Taeyong as being kinda whiny like “Babe I’m so much better”, and he would be lowkey jealous that you laughed so much at Doyoung’s jokes. I see him being super clingy and I see him trying to one up Doyoung and trying to get you to laugh at him. If you do laugh at his jokes, you can be sure to see him go and do that thing where he dances and makes weird noises to tease Doyoung like “did ya see that they laughed at my jokes I’m better than you suck on that”.


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Johnny would just be happy that you’re happy and he’s just gonna enjoy watching you laugh and enjoy yourself. Bc he’s an actual meme he’ll be like “we all know my fashion evaluation is much better right Y/N?” for jokes, but he’s just glad to see you smile this softie. He’d also lowkey have a full on conversation w/ Ten and would just ignore Doyoung (which makes DY hella salty).


Originally posted by dovounq

Yuta this lil shit is the person who hates on the show the most. He loves getting a reaction out of Doyoung so he keeps interrupting him and teasing him and when he sees Doyoung getting irritated it’s like his life’s goal has been achieved. 

When he sees that you’re really enjoying Doyoung’s show, this teasing only intensifies bc he’s highkey jealous that Doyoung is making you laugh like “nah fam my s/o can only laugh at my jokes”. He tries to make you laugh by teasing Doyoung basically, and when you laugh he does that thing where he smiles like an angel (basically just him smiling normally but it still does things to my smol heart) and he’s just happy that you’re happy and you’re having a good time. 


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DOYOUNG this boy makes me weak I can feel my bias list crashing down as I look at this gif 

Doyoung is highkey salty bc everyone is ganging up on him and not letting him do what he wants and his show is failing bc no one is cooperating and he’s just salty af.

When he sees that you’re really enjoying it though, this lil bunny’s confidence gets boosted x100000 and he just gets really smiley and bashful bc you’re so cute !!!! and you’re laughing at his jokes !!!!! and he’s just super happy that he can make you laugh so much and he just wants you to keep laughing so he tries a little harder and it’s just rlly cute and my heart cannot take kim doyoung someone save me pls


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I think Ten would just be happy to see you having a good time and seeing you laughing would make him giggle too bc you’re so cute and he loves you. He’d lowkey be talking to Johnny the whole time though and the two of them would be in their own little world (just like in the NCT life episode lmao).


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(This boy will be the death of me)

Jaehyun seemed like he wasn’t the biggest fan of the vroom vroom talk show - not that he had anything against it, he just kinda went along with it to entertain Doyoung. I feel like Jaehyun would just kinda be sat there with you, occasionally laughing at somethings, but not really laughing super hard or anything. You, on the other hand, were laughing super hard, and you kept folding yourself into a ball into Jaehyun’s side as your eyes crinkled as you gasped for air between your giggles, and I think jaehyun would just love to see you like that. He would look at you with the most adoring look and he would just want to squish your cheeks and hug you because he thought you were super cute. 


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(Look at this lil squish what a cutie)

Ok so with WinWin, his Korean is still a little lacking so I don’t think he’d be very engaged in what was going on in the talk show. BUT, seeing you laugh and genuinely enjoy yourself would make his lil heart flip in his chest and he’d just wrap his arms around you and smile at you and just be really cute because he’s just happy that you’re happy and can you tell that this boy makes me fckn soft


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THIS BOI ok I don’t think Mark would really care whether you liked the talk show or not tbh he’d be too busy losing his marbles from laughing too much. Mark has the cutest giggle (don’t fight me on this we all know it’s true) and he would just be dying at the whole situation of how everyone is ganging up on Doyoung and how Doyoung is highkey salty. I think he’d be super happy though, because the two of you could sit together and be in a fit of giggles and just be happy and cute and aw


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(omg i love this gif so much look at my baby how cute i love this outfit he looks so soft and squishy i just want to hug him)

Ok so we all know Donghyuck is the king of sass and he’s a funny lil squish. I think he’d find it cute that you found Doyoung’s show so funny, but he’d be lowkey jealous and would constantly spout sassy comments about everything. Ofc his comments are hilarious so you burst out laughing at them, and when he sees that you’re laughing more at his jokes than Doyoung’s, this lil bean will just swell with pride and confidence like “hell yeah my s/o thinks i’m funny what a great thing” and he’d just be a happy lil bby.

Tree Bros; One Shot

(Based off “what do you mean this is your apartment” prompt)

Connor was a mess, he had just gotten off work at 3 am and he had an exam in less then 5 hours.. which he hadn’t studied for at all. He fumbled with his keys as he opened the creaky door to his apartment, maybe he could get a few hours of sleep before he had to wake up for studying. College was fun.

He stumbled over to his bed and collapsed, almost imeeadiatly passing out of exhaustion. But his flopping was met with an odd squeak and a gasp of breath.

What the Fu-” he said standing up, looking down at the bed.

There was another person in it… a person he didn’t know..

Connor yelled, “what the hell! Who are you? What are you doing in my apartment!?” He said throwing a pillow at the drowsy boy as he fell back. “What’d you mean this is you’re apartment?” The boy said, rubbing his eyes and looking down at Connor with fear in his eyes. “I live here!”

“No! I live here, and I don’t appreciate you sleeping in my bed!” He stood up and tried to grab the boy, but he lept up and went around to the other side of the bed.

“I think what’s happened is a little misunderstanding, you’re obviously drunk so I’m just gonna lead you outside..-”

“What? No! I just got off work! And I’m not drunk! Just.. F***ing tired!” Connor said moving towards him again, only to have him back away again.

“If this is your apartment then why did my key work?” He said, his back pressing against the wall to stay away from Connor. “Explain that!”

“I don’t know! Maybe you broke in and just fell asleep in my bed or something?” Connor had him cornered now, but stopped himself from grabbing him immeadiatly. He boy was younger then him, probably at least, he was at most a junior in college. He was also kinda cute.. but that wasn’t the point!

“I didn’t break in! My key worked! See?” He took his shaky hand out from behind him and pushed it into his pocket, pulling out a identical key to Connors. “T-test it y-y-yourself..” the boy was a mess now, trembling as he tossed the key to Connor.

Connor took the key and walked over to his door, keeping an eye on the other boy to make sure he didn’t move. He slowly stuck the key into the door handle, surprised to see that it worked.. just as he had said. “Weird.. um, okay.. well this is definitely my apartment,” he looked around at all the familiar objects and items.

The other boy looked as well, turning red as he relaxed it was true. “I’m s-sorry.. I w-wasn’t p-paying at-ttention.. ” he stuttered, his lip beginning to tremble. Connor walked over, hoping to calm the blubbering guy down..

“Umm.. what’s your name?” He said sitting on the bed and handing him his key back.“

"E-evan-n” he whimpered, wiping his face with the back of his hand, “I-I- I’m really s-sorr-”

“Not your fault, all these apartments look the same.” Connor smiled weakly, wanting sleep but this was probably more important as Evan was almost having a panic attack in his bedroom. “Which apartment number is yours?”

“I’m i-I-in room 6B…” he mumbled, shifting between his feet. Not daring to look at Connors concerned face.

“Well, you missed it by one door…” he chuckled, “6B is right next door..” he stood up. “Want me to walk you there?”

“Y-yeah s-sure..” Evan began to collect himself, “s-so.. are you studying I-in the college n-nearby? C-Columbia?”

“Yup! Are you?” Connor said, with almost impossible enthusiasm. Who knows why, but he was in a good mood. I mean.. it’s not every day a cute…. erm.. a guy falls asleep in your bed and also happens to live next door.

“Yeah.. I’m a senior there, you are too? I’m guessing?”

“Oh.. yeah, weird.. I’ve never seen you before..”

“Me neither, I-I mean.. I’ve never seen you be-before.. I-I’ve seen m-me, I own a m-m-mirror..” he flushed and looked away, realizing he was in front of his apartment door. “Oh looks like we’re here..”


“Well.. goodnight, um..” Evan realized he didn’t know his name.

“Connor, I’m Connor. Goodnight Evan.” He gave a half salute and turned around to strut back to his door.

“G-good night C-Connor!” He said, a little loud. Flushing again as he looked back at Connor one more time before closing the door. He slid down and sat at the base of it, his face red and sweating. “Well at least I know the neighbors now..” he mumbled as he let his muscles relax, not having the energy to walk to his room. He soon drifted off, Connor on the other hand…

“Jesus well that was new..” Connor laughed and flopped on his bed, taking off his shirt as he was sweating quite a bit, damn. That Evan kid must’ve changed the tempature in his room too. Evan was a fitting name for him.. it was a cute name for a cute.. never mind. Connor pushed the thought of the cute boy next door aside and focused on sleep, yeah.. that’s what he needed. Just.. sleep.

(It’s literally 1am as I’m finishing so rip my sleep schedual Hahaah.. send me prompts so I can continue writing like this, this was actually super fun to write, I would’ve written more if I wasn’t so sleep deprived)

Got7′s Reaction to their s/o being in a super cuddly mood

This got posted way after school started so I’m very sorry about that but I hope you’ve had a good school year so far… even though it’s kind of ending xD. But I hope you enjoy the reaction. I tried my best to make it with extra fluff on the side so yeah… lol @the-riseofbangtan

BTW, I’m sorry I didn’t post last Sunday I had a busy weekend along with a busy week of school work that a kind of procrastinated on…I hope you guys aren’t mad :(


*When you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d start to joke around and ignore the fact that you just really wanted to cuddle.*

BamBam: *gif* “You want to cuddle with ME????” *smirks*

Y/n: “Yes! I just really want to cuddle.”

BamBam: “So you really want to cuddle with ME???”

*When he noticed that you were starting to get a little annoyed, he grabbed you and then layed down with you. While he was cuddling you, and some point you felt him hugging you tighter, which made you feel safe. He then kisses your forehead and the both of you fall asleep holding each other.*


*When you see him sitting down on the couch, you quickly walk up to him and tell him you want to cuddly with him. He ignores you and continues doing whatever he was doing.*

Y/n: “Oppaaaaaaaa, please cuddle with meeeeee!!” *acts cute*

Yugyeom: “If you continue to call me Oppa, I’ll cuddle with you.” 

Y/n: *cute voice* “Oppaaa. Oppa. Oppa. Oppaaaaaaaa” 

Yugyeom: *gif* “Ahh so cute!”

*He pulls you down to the couch and starts cuddling you. While he cuddled you, he started to play with your hair and then softly tracing your facial features. When he noticed you were falling asleep, he whispered that he loved you.”


(You’re Jinyoung)

Y/N: *gif* “Youngjae! Let’s cuddle.”

Youngjae: “Right now?”

Y/N: “Yes right now! So go, take me to where we are cuddling.” 

*He’d then, while holding you, walk to the couch and the both of you lay down. He’d start to cuddle you while rubbing your back. He would also kiss your forehead and admire all your facial features while telling you everything he loved about you.”


*You thought he needed a break from work so you took advantage of your super cuddly mood to get him to take a break.*

Y/N: “JB. You should take a break from all this work and like… cuddle with me.” *cute smile*

JB: *gif* “I have to finish, Jagiya.”

Y/N: *grabs his arm and pulls him to the bed* “It’s okay you can finish it later. A little break won’t hurt.”

*He’d laugh and then would lay with you and cuddle you. He’d look at you and give you a little kiss on your nose and would tell you that he loved cuddling with you because he gets to hold the most precious thing that made him happy. Then the two of you would end up falling asleep.*


*As you see him already laying down, you take advantage of it and just lay really close to him.*

Y/N: “Jinyoung.” *hugs up* “Cuddle with me.” *holds him tight*

Jinyoung: *gif* “You still want to cuddle with me?” *smirks*

Y/N: “Yes.” *holds him tighter so he couldn’t get up.*

*He would then laugh and shower you with small kisses until he got tired of it. Then he’d hold you while his hands intertwined with yours.*


*After you ask him to cuddle with you with a cute sad face, he couldn’t help but smile.*

Mark: “What if I don’t want to?” 

Y/N: “You don’t have a choice.” 

Mark: *laughs* *gives you a tight* “AHH Fine… I’ll cuddle with you.”

*He’d then lay down with you and hold you tight. While cuddling with you, he would just look at you and admire every single thing about you and would smile at himself, thinking of how lucky he was to have you.*


*Right when you ask him to cuddle without hesitation he would open his arms wide for you.*

Jackson: *gif* “I’d cuddle with you anytime. I get to hold the most precious thing I have with me. And I also get to tell her that I love her.” 

*He would stay cuddling with you even after you didn’t feel like cuddling anymore because he just wanted to be close to you and show you how much he loved you.”

Requests will be open next Monday!!! I’ll try to post all the reactions in my inbox before Monday :)

First Impressions -- Act Four

I suppose these aren’t really first impressions anymore since I’ve had an hour to think about them, but here we go anyway.

That was completely phenomenal. I feel so proud and happy, especially of Theo. Samuel was tearing up at curtain call and he just looked so overwhelmed with joy.

I love the interplay between Thomas and James a lot. They have some hilarious little moments that just work so well. I also love how Thomas is with Rakie. They just glow as a couple. It’s beautiful.

Scorbus is real. I don’t really know what else to tell you. There were some truly unnecessary hugs in Godric’s Hollow, and in the penultimate scene, when Albus said ‘Better ask Rose if it’s the right thing to do’, he walked his fingers up Scorpius’s outstretched arm. Also, when Rose showed up, Scorpius started patting Albus on the shoulders like 'we’re just bros being bros, this is what bros do, we’re totally chill and not at all being awkward and talking about how you pity me’, but it just wasn’t the sort of thing you start doing when the girl you fancy appears. Not at all. Oh, and in the slow mo transition into one of the church scenes, Scorpius started waving at Albus like it had been ages since they saw each other and he’d missed him.

Theo is going to be really funny. He was tonight. He had some brilliant little moments. When they couldn’t understand the station master he stepped back and gestured to Scorpius like 'you deal with this because I cannot’. And when they were hiding from Bathilda he sort of leant against the wall and attempted to look super casual. Also he started laughing when Scorpius said he thought he might make the Quidditch team eventually. Apparently he has zero confidence in Scorpius’s Quidditch abilities. And most importantly, he nailed the pigeon racing line.

James Howard was great in all his scenes. Some super cute moments between him and Samuel. Also I like him with Jamie. Great farmer’s market line. Also, I think he handed Scorpius Delphi’s wand? He definitely did something, but Scorpius was looking at his hands like he’d just received something amazing and terrifying in equal measure.

Jamie. Jamie Jamie Jamie. I just enjoyed him. He got more shouty and angsty as it went along. The scene in Harry’s office will be great, and I loved how he listened to Dumbledore. He was fantastic during the Transfiguration part. The opening Incendio of the duel was bang on. And the last scene was sweet as hell. Just lovely.

Ginny gave Albus an extra hug after the initial one when they arrived in Godric’s Hollow.

I adore Rakie. I think she’s great.

April and Rupert were absolutely wonderful as Lily and James, and I loved the interaction between Lily and Albus. Albus started off hiding, but then walked out when he saw the blanket, like he couldn’t resist, and Lily waved back at him in confusion when he waved to her.

Annabel was on fire. Even John Tiffany thought so. She was simply incredible. Absolutely came alive as evil Delphi at the height of her powers.

Honestly, I just love everyone. This show is in safe hands. I feel so confident in every one of these cast members. I had so much fun tonight. And everyone is so sweet at stage door.

I was talking to Sonia at stage door, and she was saying that she’s in the business of creating families. A cast is a family. And this is a really wonderful family who have so much time ahead to bond and grow. They’re going to be, already are, amazing.

Watch this space for a full recap once I gather my thoughts and stop flailing!


Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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Thường - Hoseok


warnings : has a slight mention of text, just a little one. The rest of it is pure fluff
words : 3k

thường : (v.) to love tenderly – a deep and sincere notion of fondness and care between family members, friends, or lovers.

Hoseok and you had been dating for years. You loved each other so much, and for so long that sometimes you couldn’t even remember the time when he wasn’t in your life. Hoseok was a part of your life, he was a part of you, he had a special place in your heart that no one could ever replace. You were sure that the both of you were made for each other, that you were soul mates ; so did everyone who looked at you being together. It was an evidence, it had always been, ever since the time you started dating ; if not since you met.

It was even more obvious when you took the time to analyse your way of living. You managed to channelize your boyfriend’s energy (which was surprisingly always full and at its maximum, except after an intense session of sex or when he was sick), and he always made you shine brightly in any situation. You cooked and he cleaned the kitchen, he did the laundry and you hung it out etc. It was a routine that was settled between the both of you, and it made you live happily ; in the little flat you could afford with the short incomes you received.

Indeed, you both achieved to pay the costs of it mainly thanks to your wage ; you being a history teacher, working overtime and doing some private lessons to students who needed it. You worked hard to be able to own this little flat, on the top of a building, with a small “garden” outside and the studio. The studio that Hoseok with “the right amount of light coming trough the window”, the studio that he had felt in love with, the studio that inspired him to paint. Basically, the perfect studio. And when you witnessed your boyfriend’s happy wide smile, covered with some paint stains, you could only think that it was worth it.

It was worth it even more recently, when Hoseok managed to enter the difficult market of modern art, creating some amazing pieces of art. His work wasn’t sold at thousands, of course, he still had to make his place, but his last two paintings had been sold for 2 hundreds each –which leaded him to surprise you with an mervellous ring “that you didn’t need”, but still made you more than happy, and proud of him.

He worked hard, and sometimes too hard, but “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, and this quote from Pablo Picasso apparently seemed to stand his explanation to why, sometimes, it seemed hard, but worth it -not that you completly understand his explanation.

One day, when you were sitting silently on the couch –correcting some essays-, he came sitting next to you, his usual smile on. He appeared to be more than satisfied, even blithesome. You looked at him when he called you out, moving his body nearer to yours, his nose almost touching yours when you turned your head to look at him. You laughed genuinely at the sudden sight, letting your head fall backwards as you heard Hoseok’s chuckle. When you lifted your head to regard him again, he was a bit further than his previous position, but you could still feel the warmth coming from his body on your legs.

“What is it handsome ?”, you asked, noticing a slight blush over the skin of his cheeks, even after all of these years of you calling him like this. He turned eyes to the right, looking at the rain falling down the glass of the window. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.

“Where did you get that from ?”, you questioned him, suspiciously, lifting an eyebrow. He whined at your interrogation, looking back at you with a defeated look on, “I could have found it myself Y/N”. You just smiled at his antics, tilting your head to the side, eyeing him lovingly, “Of course”.

He groaned playfully, circling his arms around your thighs so he could lay his head on your stomach –silently asking you to give him attention. So you did, you dropped your papers on the coffee table and repositioned yourself comfortably. You gently stroked his hair, waiting for him to keep on his tracks.

“Anyway”, he started again, nuzzling his nose into your stomach, “I found this quote from Edgar Degas and I thought about it for a long time”, he said, caressing the side of your right butt cheek with one of his hand. “I’ve thought about it, and I really want to make others see something really special to me”.

You nodded quietly, carrying on stocking his tangled brown hair, “What is this very something ?”, you asked. He turned his head to look at you right into your eyes, “It’s you”, he smiled uniquely. You blushed at his statement, and smirked shyly back at him, “Why ?”.

“You’re the most precious person to me, you complete me, you make me happy, I want others to see how beautiful you are, inside and out. And the better way to honor you is to paint you.”, he admitted as he seemed lost in his own thoughts, his gaze loosing itself on the ceiling. But after a few seconds of being quiet, he detached himself from you to crouch before you, taking your small hands into his large ones.

“I want to make others jealous”, he said smirking seductively at you. You laughed at his sudden words, hitting his shoulder for wasting this romantic moment. “Do you accept my request love of my life ?”.

“Hoseok ! You can’t go from cheesy to stupid then to super cheesy like this !” you exclaimed.

After a cheesy cute fight, the both of you ended up in a tickle battle, you running away from his snaky fingers. Of course he caught you, right when you entered the bedroom (what a mistake). He tackled you to the mattress, his hands crawling all over you ribs and stomach, making you laugh out loud in hysteria, begging him to stop with some vivid taps on his shoulder.

“Who’s the best ?”, he ask, halting his movement. Of course, he was waiting “you” as an answer, but it wouldn’t be funny if you already gave in.

“Me, why would you ev-“ you were cut off by a massive attack of tickles on your sides, your boyfriend chuckling devilishly above you as his hands sprinkled all over your sensitive skin. But it soon died down as he approached his head to yours, immersing his sparkly eyes into yours.

“Who’s your lover ?” he asked, leaving your love handle to settle between your legs, parting your members in the process. “You’re so cheesy”, you giggled, rounding his neck with your arms. He whined at your behavior, gently rubbing his nose on yours, never looking away from your pupils. “You are my lover”, you smiled, pecking his lips softly.

He smiled back and extended the kiss, diving in and moving his lips against your own. You immediately responded to the kiss, bringing him closer and opening your mouth to let his tongue gently stroke your own. You felt him grind slightly his crotch on your thigh, and he moaned when you moved your leg to meet his slow pace, brushing his member.

It always ended up this way, you would always make love in every situation you were in ; not that you complained though. He’d go down on you, always, making sure you were wet enough for him, he’d stretched you out too, with his magical long fingers ; he knew what he was doing, and he enjoyed pleasuring you very much. And then, no matter what the position you were into, he’d make you cum, hard. He payed an extreme attention to that, he’d always wait for you to come before him (plus, he adored feeling you tightening around his member, it made him cum hard too).

And this is what exactly happened in this late afternoon, leaving the both of you pleasured and a bit tired, but surely in love and entangled in the sheets of your shared bed.

You only realized you felt asleep when you woke up from your “nap”, at 9:13 pm. You were embraced in the darkness of the room, the streets lights outside shyly shining from below and reflecting on your window. You turned your head to look at your right, hoping to see your boyfriend laying next to you, but of course he wasn’t. You smiled at his absence, already knowing where he was.

You took your time to wake up properly, before stepping out of the bed, shivering at the cold contact between your feet and the floor. You put one of Hoseok’s t-shirt and some panties on before directing yourself to the kitchen. You were surprise to see ordered Thai food placed on the counter, a cute note attached to it.

_I’m in the studio. I ordered us food, you can come to the studio and eat it with me if you want. Love you

BTS Reaction To You Dancing To Their Songs

Namjoon: When he saw you dancing to War of Hormones he stayed back a while trying not to burst out laughing. “Jagiya what are you doing?”he asked you as you turned to him blushing. “I think I’m late to a meeting with my study group,”you said as you quickly ran out the house.

Taehyung: He came home to a familiar song. “Is (Y/N) fooling around again?”he thought to himself. “Ok I got this,”you said loudly as you started to do Tae’s choreo in Boy In Luv. He leaned against the wall as he stared watching you struggle to keep up. He smiled as he laughed making you tense up as you turned to see him. “Tae! Why didn’t you say anything? How long have you been standing there? Creeper,”you whispered the last part as your face turned red from embarrassment.

Hoseok: “I want to show you that I can do the I Need You choreo I tried doing Dope but I gave up on it after hundredth time,”you said as you nervously plugging in your phone and played the music. After you were done dancing you walked to him,”Was I good? Better than you thought? Be honest Hobi,”you said. “I could give you some pointers but you’re really good jagiya! Super proud of you,”he said hugging you.

Jin: “You won’t,”he said smiling at you shaking his head. “Look,”you said as you began to dance a bit of Jin’s part in Dope. He laughed clapping his hands,”Amazing. A+!” You rolled your eyes,”Let’s do it together now.” He nodded as he acted as he was about to dance but stayed back staring at you smiling widely,”Why are you so cute!”

Jungkook: “Show me how to do that hate thing you do in We Are Bulletproof,”you said pouting. “I can’t believe you haven’t gotten it down already (Y/N),”he said as he grabbed a grey hat. As he gave you instruction on how to do it you listen to him concentrating. You did as you were told but on the final part you got stuck and just stared at your feet and that’s when he automatically started laughing. “What was that (Y/N)? It seemed as you thought you shut off,”he said still laughing. “Jungkook…,”you said raising your eyebrow.

Yoongi: You were humming along to Run as you were packing up your bags for the week long road trip you and Yoongi were going on. “How did that one part go?”you thought to yourself as you pushed your cardigan half way down your back rolling your shoulders laughing to yourself. “What are you doing?”Yoongi asked you having you a weird look. “Packing,”you said instantly turning around trying to hold in your laughter. “Sure you were,”he smirked.

Jimin: “Look. Look!”you said excitingly as you did No More Dreams choreo but not doing the lifting your shirt up part that your boyfriend does. “I think you forgot something (Y/N),”he said smiling as he lifted up his shirt a bit. You rolled your eyes,”I’ll leave that to the professionals.” He laughed as he hugged you from behind,”You were really gets especially because it’s one of my songs and I’ve only seen you dancing to other boy groups but it suits you better when you dance my groups song just saying.” 

Imagine late nights and birthday cake with Chris.

A/N: Part 4 is here! Taking things back to Y/N and Chris’ sweet love for each other. You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; Memory Lane - Masterlist) Links will be added soon. X

The birthday party came to a close around 6:30PM, with family members and close friends remaining behind to help out with the clean up as well as watch Jack open his presents. It was insane how many presents he got, especially from said family members and close friends- majority of them got him a minimum of two. It was also ridiculous what they got him, items that no normal person would get a two year old: a custom-made drivable toy car modeled after Chris’ white Lexus, a home theater system for his bedroom, an annual pass for Disney World which you and Chris had to admit you were excited about as it was a family package, and plane tickets to New Orleans from Anthony which was more addressed to you and Chris than your son; he’d been bugging the two of you to visit for a while now. Those were just a few examples of the above and beyond gifts your friends and families had given Jack, there were still more to come.

Both you and Chris knew he’d be a little spoilt as he was the first child the two of you had; all your family and friends had been waiting for a little one from the Evans/Y/L/N duo for a while now, but never had you imagined that Jack would be this spoiled. Now both of you knew you were good parents and he was a good kid, but there was legitimate concern that all that attention would get to his pretty little head.

“Look, Mama! Daddy, look!” Jack held up his next gift for you and Chris to see; you both scoffed when you realized it was your father’s very precious Tag Heuer watch. “It’s so shiny!” He slipped the obviously too big for his small wrist watch on. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Is your dad insane?” Chris hissed into your ear. “That watch is crazy expensive, Jack’s going to ruin it.” You shot him a ‘duh’ look; your son was a two year old with a $5,000 watch. “Get him to take it back, they already got him a home theater system.”

“Dad’s not going to take it back,” you shook your head; you knew your father very well. “I’ll just take it from Jack later when he’s asleep and keep it somewhere safe until he’s old enough.” You both watched your son with a wary eye, tensing when the watch slid up and down his small arm. “Is it just me, or are the presents getting more ridiculous?”

“The presents are getting more ridiculous,” Chris nodded in agreement. “What did we get him again?” He quizzed rhetorically. “Oh right. Toys, clothes, and books, otherwise known as normal things for a two year old. I can’t believe your dad gave Jack his watch,” he shook his head in disbelief. “He got me a toaster for my birthday,” he muttered bitterly under his breath.

“Aw, sweetheart.” You chuckled softly, running your hand up and down his back. “To be fair, I did tell him our toaster was broken a few days before your birthday.” He turned to you with a deadpan expression; he broke, chuckling when you snickered. “That may or may not have influenced his decision.”

“You couldn’t wait till your birthday to tell him our toaster was broken?”

“Well-” you pursed your lips, “I could, but I wanted toast.” He laughed and hugged you, kissing the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around him. The two of you kept one arm around each other as you broke the hug, returning your attention to your son who was opening his next gift. You believed this one was from Hayley because she was grinning pretty excitedly.

“Wow!” Jack gasped as he pulled out two little figurines; it was a 3D print-out of Chris as Captain America and Jack as Captain America. “It’s me and Daddy!” He held it up for you and Chris to see; you shook your head at Hayley, smiling, whereas your husband was trying hard not to lose it at such an awesome gift.

“That is pretty freaking awesome,” Chris pulled away from you to join Jack on the floor. Jack passed him the figurines and he studied them, his smile growing wider with every second. “Oh my God, look babe.” He carried them over to you and you chuckled at how he was more excited than Jack who had moved onto his next gift.

“You’re such a nerd,” you chuckled, pressing a kiss on Chris’ arm. 

• • • • • • • •

After the clean up was done and everyone left, you and Chris put Jack to bed. It was a lot easier tonight, he practically fell asleep before his head hit the pillow; all that excitement and running around in the day exhausted him. You and Chris, on the other hand, decided to make use of the rare time that you had alone to just spend some time together. You grabbed pillows and a blanket while Chris got some leftover birthday cake, so the two of you could sit under the stars in the backyard and enjoy a moment to yourselves; a moment with nothing but your love for each other.

“I feel like we haven’t done this in so long,” Chris said as he plopped his paper plate down on the blanket. He straightened his legs and laid down, resting a pillow under his arm as he propped himself up to look at you. “Who knew having a kid meant losing ourselves in him?”

“Me, I knew.” You smiled smugly and Chris chuckled. “Why else do you think I postponed having a child for so long?” You cut another chunk out of your slice of cake and spoon it into your mouth. “I wanted more time with just us, dinner dates and spontaneous trips and red carpet events. Even something as simple as grocery shopping without a little kid sounds pretty good,” you admitted. “Does that make me a bad mom?”

“God, no,” he shook his head, laughing. “I was actually thinking that the other day when Jack couldn’t decide on a cereal.” You laughed then ate more cake. “Remember when it was just us, it was always either Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, or if you’re feeling healthy- Special K. Ah, the good old days,” he sighed then chuckled.

“I hope you’re not regretting becoming a father,” you put both your plates aside so there wasn’t anything between the two of you. “'Cause let’s not forget you’re the reason we have a child in the first place.” He chuckled, adjusting so he was on his back and you could rest your head on his chest. “We could’ve still been childless right now.”

“Yeah, but that’s not really what we both want.” Chris sighed into your hair and you smiled, nodding in agreement. “Sure, we miss the things we could’ve done without Jack but- there are a million things that are more fun with Jack. All the holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. He makes our everyday life interesting with his constant random thoughts and acts. He’s so cute and supportive about our jobs, remember the Oscars? He literally screamed when he saw us come on TV.” You both chuckled, thinking about the video Shana took of Jack while she babysat for the two of you. “What else is more fun?”

“Disney World?” You quizzed, turning so you could rest your chin on his chest and meet his gaze.

“Well…” He hesitated with a high pitched whine and you laughed, making him laugh. “It’d be more fun when he’s older. Just like the Super Bowl, 'cause I don’t think he really appreciates any of it now. He just copies how I react, not knowing why. But- it’s still pretty cute,” he smiled.

“You’re pretty cute,” you smiled and reached to meet his lips. He smiled against your lips, his arm snaking around your back. “You’re more than just pretty cute,” you whispered, running your hand through his hair. “You’re breathtakingly beautiful. God, it’s so hard to concentrate around you sometimes,” you teased.

“That’s rich coming from angel that the heavens blessed me with,” he reached for your hand that was playing with his hand and entwined his fingers with yours; you smiled. “I love you,” he whispered then tenderly pecked you on the lips.

“I love you too,” you smiled, giving his hand a light squeeze. He smiled and tucked your hair behind your ear with his other hand before letting it rest on your lower back again. “And about what you said earlier, about having another-”

“Ignore me,” he chuckled, cutting you off. “I think our hands are pretty full with Jack at the moment, so we shouldn’t really try for another just yet. We should have some time for just us, we can barely manage that with Jack around- can you imagine having another baby? I’m okay,” he assured you with a nod. “I have the only girl I need and she is beyond perfect.”

“Still as smooth as ever, Evans.” You smiled and kissed him.

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Part 5A is coming. X

Truth (Laurens x Reader)


Request- “#60 where they dare y/n to go into 7 minutes in heaven with Laurens or Phillip. Thanks!”

#60- “I dare you!”

A/N- (lol i kinda forgot about the prompt and just kept running with this one…i hope you like it! Also I made this a high school au :))))) )

Words- 1,633

You sat down in a circle at the biggest party of the year. Everyone was there. It was Angelica Schuyler’s birthday and she’d invited everyone, including Alexander Hamilton and all his friends. You’d probably only secured an invite because you had been Eliza’s friend since kindergarten. Other than that, these weren’t usually people who talked to you. 

You stood next to the table with drinks on it. Eliza came over to you and smiled. 

“I think you have an admirer.” she whispered. Her eyes motioned to left, and you looked over to see someone staring at you. He quickly glanced away and started talking to Alexander. You recognized him as John Laurens. If only John Laurens actually liked you. He was beyond adorable, and his smile always gave you butterflies. 

“He’s probably just wondering what a nobody’s doing here.” you mumbled. Eliza hit your hand. 

“Stop that! Besides, I don’t think he’s like that; Alex said he’s a really good guy.” 

“Oh Alex said that, did he?” You raised an eyebrow at Eliza. “It’s Alex now is it?” 

“Shut up!” she whined. You laughed. She’d had a crush on Alexander since they met in middle school. Angelica entered the crowded room with a large basket. 

“Boys!” she yelled. “Put one item of yours in the basket,  and then everyone get in a circle!”

“Oh god…” Eliza mumbled. 

“What? What are we doing?” You were thoroughly confused.

“Getting out of here.” Eliza grabbed your arm and started pulling you up the stairs. 

“Elizabeth! Y/N!” a stern voice yelled. Half-way up the stairs you both turned around and saw most of the company of the party staring at you. Angelica stood there with her arms crossed. “You are not getting out of this.”  Eliza sighed and started walking back down the stairs. You followed her wordlessly and joined the circle. 

“The game,” Angelica said in a low voice. “is seven minutes in heaven.” 

“The goal,” Alex interrupted.” is to spend seven minutes in the closet with a major cutie.” He high-fived Hercules Mulligan and winked at Eliza. You rolled your eyes at her giggle. 

“Ladies, pick an item out of the basket.” Angelica said. “And don’t let anybody else see what you got.” she added. The basket was passed around. When it got to you, you pulled out a key chain with a small turtle at the end of it. You hid it in your hand and passed the basket on. You looked at sitting in the palm of your hand. You glanced around at the boys in the room, trying to guess who it might be. 

“What did you get?” you whispered to Eliza. 

“I’m not telling you!” She stuck her tongue out at you. You sighed and watched the rest of the girl’s one by one reveal what they had and walk into the closet with the boys. It wasn’t terribly exciting, except for when Aaron and Theodosia when in together, and when she came out her hair was all messed up. Her boyfriend wasn’t happy about that. Your nerves kept growing and growing. You felt like you were about to explode when the line got to Eliza, meaning you were next. She held up a small pen. 

“Oh! That’s mine!” Alexander shouted. 


“What the fuck?”

“You can’t put in two items!”

“You just went in with Angelica!”

Several people started shouting at the same time. Eliza blushed deeply and walked into the closet with Alexander following her. You didn’t know what to do. During all the other 7 minutes you had just talked to Eliza. Now you just sat there awkwardly staring down at your hands. 

“Did you and Alex even do anything in there?” someone asked Angelica. 

“Nah, Eliza has the biggest crush on his, so I made sure we only talked.” She looked over at you, and you smiled at her. 

“Wait, Eliza likes Alex?” the foreign exchange student said. What was his name? Gilbert? 

You realized people were looking at you. They knew you were Eliza’s best friend. You looked at Angelica who just shrugged. You faced the people again and nodded slowly. 

“Holy shit, Alex totally thinks she hot!” John Laurens said. 

“Dude gross! That’s my sister!” Peggy yelled. 

“Oooh things must be getting interesting in there.” someone said eyeing the closet. Angelica stuck her fingers in her ears and started singing “la la la”. The remaining amount of time passed quicker than you would’ve like. You spent most of it staring the turtle in your hand. Anxiety was blooming in your chest, and it was making it really hard to breathe. All too soon, someone banged on the door of the closet, and a few moments later Eliza emerged, and she was blushing. Hard. Alex walked with a satisfied smile on his face. You gave Eliza a look. You were definitely hearing about that later. 

Everyone was laughing and teasing, and you thought for a moment that maybe they’d forget about the game, and you wouldn’t have to go into the closet, but then someone you didn’t know turned to you. 

“What do you have?” he asked. Everyone went silent and looked at you. You turned to Eliza and she smiled encouragingly. You sighed and held up the small turtle. Several people gasped and looked over to John. You met his eyes. He stood up silently and walked over to you. He held his hand out to help you up. You took it and both of you walked into the closest. Someone slammed the door shut, and you jumped. John turned the light on. You couldn’t look at his face. You stared down at your hands. 

“Here.” you said, handing him his key chain back without looking back. 

“Thanks.” His hand brushed yours as he took it back and your heart did little back flips. “You can relax.” he said softly. “I’m not going to try anything.” You glanced up at his face. His eyes were calm and serious. 

“Okay.” you breathed. Of course he wouldn’t want to do anything with you. He was friend with the most popular guy in school. “I’m Y/N by the way.” 

John let out a small laugh. “I know. We have like three classes together.” he said smiling.

“Oh yeah, right.” You laughed a little. “Sorry, I’m kinda used to being invisible.” You clamped a hand over your mouth. Great. Now this super cute boy probably thought you sounded like a crazy person. 

“Please, everyone knows who you are.” he said. 

“Wha- really?” you were shocked. 

“Of course! Everybody’s just afraid to talk to you because your so stoic.” he said. 

“Great. They’re scared of me.” you mumbled. 

“Not really. A lot of guys actually have major crushes on you, actually. Including me-” His eyes widened in horror. 

“You..” You stared at John in disbelief. 

“I mean I umm, people I know have a thing for you.” He wasn’t looking at you anymore. 

“That’s not what you said…” you trailed off, realizing what was happening. “It’s fine, John. It’s prank.” 

“Five more minutes!” someone yelled. 

“What? A prank?” 

“Yeah. Hercules or someone probably dared you to say that you liked me to see my reaction or something.” 

John stared at you. 

“Is that who you really think I am?” He looked hurt. You avoided his gaze and stared at the closet door. 

“Truth or dare?” John spoke up. 

You raised your eyebrow and looked back at John. “Truth.”

“Do you actually believe that someone couldn’t have a crush on you?” You thought for a moment and nodded. He sighed, “You have to ask me now.” 

“Truth or dare?” you said, questioning yourself more than him. 

“Truth.” he said. 

“Okay…tell me the truth about what you said. Were you dared?” you stared him down, having a burst of confidence that was new for you. 

“No. I wasn’t dared. I actually have feelings for you. I have for almost a year…” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“How do I know you aren’t lying?” you asked. 

“Truth or dare?” 

You rolled your eyes. “Dare.” you said almost angrily. 

“I dare you to kiss me and find out if I’m lying.” 

You stared at him. He stepped towards you carefully. He put his hand your face and furrowed his brow, probably searching your eyes to make sure you weren’t uncomfortable. Surprisingly, you weren’t. Something was brewing in your stomach, but it wasn’t anxiety. It was…excitement?

You closed your eyes and leaned in. John’s lips met yours. He reached up and turned the lights off, before put his hand on the back of your head. He pressed his lips against yours more firmly, and you rested your hands on his shoulders. It was your first kiss. Did they all feel this amazing? John’s hand went to the small of your back, and he pulled you closer into his chest, deepening the kiss as he did so. You were just parting your mouth when light flooded the small room. You yelped and hid behind John. 

“Holy shit!” 

“Were they making out!”

“I did not expect that.” you recognized Eliza’s voice. 

“Get it Johnny boy!” Alex yelled. 

“Ayyyee!” several people shouted. You wanted to die of embarrassment. John was laughing and looked over his shoulder to smile at you. You glared at him. He grabbed your hand and the two of you walked out together. Several people sat there with their mouths opened. John gave you smile and the two of you separated. He went to sit by Alexander, and you returned to Eliza. She gaped at you. 

“Oh my god.” she whispered. 

“I know.” you whispered. 

“I told you he liked you!” she whispered yelled. You rolled your eyes and looked at John. You gave him a small smile and he winked at you. 

Vacation- Dylan Larkin

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Ok so I was trying to figure out where to send Dylan and fam on bye week vacation and I figured out the PERFECT spot! So I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Warning: None

Anon request: Hi could I request a Dylan Larkin imagine where you both take your kids on vacation during the bye week and it’s super cute?! Thanks so much!!!!


              When Dylan suggested going on vacation, you were sure this was not what he had planned.

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A Happy Life » Barry Allen

Request:  Can you do a Barry Allen imagine that might sound a bit weird can you do one where Barry wants to have a baby but he’s single so he asks the reader to be a surrogate because she’s wanted kids for awhile and during the pregnancy they grow closer and closer and end up getting together and it’s just little moments until the baby comes.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: DC Comics + The Flash

Words: 2766

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Requested by two Anons (or the same?) 

Requests: Imagine having a child with captain boomerang and he tells digger that the flash is his favorite superhero thank you!😁 AND  Imagine having a son with captain boomerang and your child tells digger that the flash is his favorite super hero

A/N: This is sooo cute. Seriously, I never thought about Digger’s kid loving The Flash but yeeeeeeeeeees! I love it! Sorry it’s short tho.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Your son bounced up and down, pointing to the TV in his cute PJ’s. “Look, The Flash is on TV! He’s sooo awesome and so fast!” You laughed as he started to run around the couch and making ‘whooosh’ sounds.  

You grinned and looked over to Digger, his jaw clenched tight in anger and embarassement. “Yes, Digger. The Flash is super awesome… Don’t you agree, hon?” 

“Oh shut up, [Y/N].” He murmured too quiety to let your son hear it.

“I want to be like him when I’m big! I’d be so fast and would beat all the bad guys up!” 

Digger shook his head and sighed. “You don’t want to be so fast, [Y/S/N]. I bet that guy comes fas-”

You slammed your hand onto Digger’s mouth. “Digger! He’s a kid!” 

“Just look at him! He’s wearing The Flash PJ’s! He can’t be my boy!” Your husband complained. 

“Don’t be such a baby and let the kid be whatever he wants to be.” 


(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open!)

Don’t Look - Sehun (Angst)

1834 Words

You were in a happy relationship, but when you and your best friend Sehun take a trip to the mall, that all changes.

“So…?” Your best friend’s voice rang out over the phone. You had just gone on a blind date set up by one of your mutual friends and it ended up being the boy that you had been pining over for a few months now that was sitting at the table when you arrived. “You are not going to believe this.” Sehun giggled in return, “Try me.” You felt the excitement rise in your chest, “It was him! You know that guy that I have a few classes with. He was so great!” “Wow! That is surprising. So, it went well?” You couldn’t help but smile when you thought about the events that just occurred in the last hour and a half. “It was amazing! I mean I have had quite a few conversations with him already so the awkward meeting each other phase was totally skipped. It just felt so casual and natural. He is super sweet, not to mention he looks like he could be in your profession.” Sehun let out an exaggerated sigh, “No one could possibly look better than me.” You copied his usual sarcastic tone, “Better looking than Oh Sehun, never! That would be absurd.” You heard his cute laugh over the phone before it was cut off by someone calling for him. “I have to go Y/N, the boys are getting a bit annoyed that I called you during practice. But I just had to know how everything went. Text me later, okay?” “Definitely, bye Sehun.” He ended the call just as you reached the front steps of your house. As you went inside and took off your shoes you felt so stupidly happy. It was him! You have had such a huge crush on this guy and would constantly talk about it with Sehun since you didn’t have any female friends that you were so close to. Sehun and you were like two peas in a pod. From the moment you guys met, your personalities just clicked. You just enjoyed spending time with him. If you were having a bad day you just had to talk to him and everything would be better. You also developed friendships with all the boys since they were practically family. You looked down when you felt your phone vibrate. The guy had texted you. And so began your relationship with Sung Ki.
Almost a year had passed. You and Sung Ki became super close. The relationship was going so well. Sehun and Sung Ki seemed to get along well which also made you happy. Sehun had to like the person you were with. You two were even talking about getting an apartment together since you both lived alone anyways. The skin ship in your relationship was great. You didn’t have anyone to talk about that with though since Sehun always got weirded out when you would talk about kissing or cuddling. After you and Sung Ki had spent some time finding an apartment online and finally closed on one, you decided to go look for some housewarming gifts for your new home. You called Sehun to see if he was up for a trip to the mall. Sung Ki had left for work for the day since he had graduated, and you didn’t want to go alone. “Of course, it is better than hanging out with the guys at the dorm, no offense,” he said with a softer tone, which made you assume the members were giving him some looks. Twenty minutes later Sehun was knocking on your front door and you were off.
When you arrived, you had no idea where to start. “What do you get for a new apartment?” Sehun gave you a confused look, “how would I know, I have been living in a dorm since before debut.” You laughed and put your arm through his. “Thanks for joining me, I missed our ‘us’ time.” He gave you a smile, “Me too, especially since I have to compete with lover boy.” You giggled as you both started walking. Sehun and you ended up going into most of the stores you saw, seeing if anything would spur your interest. He even roped you into trying on some clothes since he thought it would be fun to have a sort of fashion show. After trying on plenty of dresses that he had picked out for you and you making him try on some questionable outfits you both decided it was time to get food. As you were walking to the food court you just happened to glance over at the jewelry store. Inside, in front of a counter, you saw Sung Ki. You stopped dead in your tracks which caused Sehun to pause as well. “What is it, did you forget something.” You shook your head and turned to him, “That is Sung Ki, right?” You pointed to the man you saw in the jewelry store. “It looks like him, I thought he had to work.” You gave a little shriek, “Sehun, he is in a jewelry store! Do you know what this could mean? We found an apartment, what if he wants to propose.” Sehun gave a shocked look, “You really think so? What if he just wants to get you something like earrings or a watch.” You rolled your eyes, “A watch, really.” “Hey now, it is possible, it has only been a few months, that is really fast for an engagement. Besides is that what you want?” You were silent for a moment. Did you want to be engaged? Sehun had a point. “I don’t know, I really care about him. I don’t think I am ready to be engaged yet.” Before Sehun had a chance to respond he grabbed your wrist quickly. “We should go,” he started pulling you away. You were confused, “What? Why?” At that moment, you turned back to look at your boyfriend, only he wasn’t alone. There was a woman standing next to him, not a woman, but a girl about the same age as you. They were looking quite comfortable together. Then he pulled the woman closer and gave her a passionate kiss.
You felt sick. Sehun took hold of your shoulders to steady you, which was a good thing since your legs were beginning to go numb. “Is this happening?” your voice came out quietly, almost silent. But he heard you. “Yes,” the response was deep and full of sorrow. “Sehun?” He turned you around to face him. “Don’t look.” He wrapped his arms around you, and you returned the ‘hug’ when the feeling of emptiness overcame you. That didn’t last for long however, because you heard your name being called, not by Sehun, but by Sung Ki. Sehun loosened his hold on you but still stayed close as you pulled away. You turned to face Sung Ki who was accompanied by this mystery woman, they were holding hands. “I was going to tell you.” Anger began taking over the emptiness, “How long?” The coldness in your voice shocked even you. Sung Ki looked down, then up at you, “About four months.” You let out a laugh, “four months! You have been cheating on me for four months!” You felt Sehun come closer to you and grab your arm. You let him hold it, you needed some support right now. “He doesn’t want you anymore,” this time it was the woman who was clinging onto Sung Ki, “he wants me.” It took everything in your power not to strike at her. Instead you focused on speaking again, “What about the apartment?” He looked into your eyes, “you were so excited, I couldn’t just leave you like that. I was going to wait a few more weeks, try to make it seem like living together was causing issues.” At this point, Sehun stepped in and guided you behind him, “I think you should go, you have done enough damage.” Your best friend placed his arm around you and led you away. You didn’t turn back.
Sehun had driven you back to your own apartment. He had guided you to your couch where you now laid with a box of tissues at your side. Sehun had prepared something for you to eat since lunch was interrupted. He placed a bowl of ramen on your coffee table and kneeled in front of you. “I know you probably don’t want to, but you need to eat.” You looked down at him, “Sehun?” he took your hands in his, “how could I not know?” “Hey! It isn’t your fault. Do not blame yourself. You couldn’t have known.” Your eyes started to well up with tears and he moved forward to hold you. He softly stroked your head as you sobbed into his shoulder. “I’m here. I’ll always be here.” You pulled away and looked at him. He wiped the tears off your cheeks as you suddenly realized something. You cared about Sung Ki, you even told him you fell for him, but did you really? There was always someone who was going to be first in your heart no matter what, and he was holding you right now. “I know. You always have been.” You gave him a small smile, “there is the smile I love.” Love. He said it, not towards you but about you. “Sehun, when we first saw Sung Ki at the mall, why were you so against the idea of him getting an engagement ring?” He seemed to be taken aback by your question. He seemed to have been thinking about it and then he answered. “Because I hoped it wasn’t true.” You looked into his eyes which were looking straight into yours. He continued, “I didn’t want it to be true.” You needed to know the answer, “Why?” His expression became very serious and his voice was as well, “Because the only person I want you to be with is me. Because I love you, Y/N.” There it was. Your best friend who was always there for you, was always the one to make everything better, was also in love with you. And you loved him too. That is why you closed your eyes and let his parted lips meet yours. Just like he always did, Sehun made you feel better. He pulled away shocked, “Y/N?” He seemed unsure about it all, you had just been crying and now he was kissing you. “I love you too. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it. I’m crying over a guy who I liked, but I never loved him. I couldn’t make myself completely fall for him. I never understood why, but I know now. It was because no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t take my heart away from you. Oh Sehun, God do I love you.” And with that he kissed you again, without pulling away this time. You were in your best friend’s arms, and everything was right in the world again.

EXO Reaction to: Seeing A Cute Foreign Girl They Like With A Really Unique Accent

aha I feel this accent thing. every american exchange student struggles w understanding the irish accent. also, just a word of warning, asking us if it’s really english we speak or telling us we’re so cute with our weird lil accents won’t make us v happy :) just saying :) :) :)

Xiumin: finds that it makes you unique and just that bit sexier

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Luhan: kind of panics tbh bc not only is there a language barrier but now you’ve got an accent too, which is extra confusing. but he sees it as a challenge and as a manly man, how can he decline a challenge? esp when it involves such a pretty girl ;)

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Kris: makes sure to take advantage of your accent as a flirting technique; “wow, sorry. I didn’t know you could get any cuter until I heard your accent”

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Suho: after chatting you up, he goes back to the dorm and brags to all the guys about the “super hot girl” who was totally into him. “I think it’s my natural charm,” he’ll say. “It can break through any language or accent barrier”

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Lay: he finds your accent so adorable but doesn’t want to come across as rude by commenting on it, so he tries to contain the feels

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Baekhyun: approaches you all confident then hears your unique accent and falters, growing suddenly shy and awkward

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Chen: *brings out the smolder*

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Chanyeol: thinking ‘oh shit she’s cute AND she’s got a cute accent. what do I do? crap, crap - baek, where are you? help!’

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D.O: had mentally prepared what he was going to say until you went ahead and messed up his trail of thought with your unique accent

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Tao: 'crap I can’t figure out what she’s saying’ he thinks, but doesn’t want to give it away so tries to play along, laughing & smiling when he thinks he should

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Kai: found your accent super interesting & asks you q’s about your home country, all the while trying to seduce you with his eyes

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Sehun: knows that no girl can resist the sebooty so he doesn’t even worry about you being foreign or about any difficulty understanding your accent. he’s 100% confident that he can get your number regardless

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Same Birthday

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

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“Happy birthday baby!” You jumped into his arms in a fit of laughter as you chirped out of happiness.

He chuckled lowly, somewhat tired from his schedule today but coming home to you was his favourite part of the day. Vernon hugged you gently while you held onto him tightly even though he was bit a sweaty from dancing most of the day.

“Happy birthday to you too babe.” Vernon gave you a kiss, smile in the middle of it.

The two of you shared the same birthday which was one of the first things that you both talked about and kind of bonded over when the two of you first met.

It’s been two years since and you both have had a great relationship together. Whenever it came to occasions, you totally freaked out over what to get Vernon, how to celebrate the occasion with him and make the day feel special and so on. Vernon could always tell how much you over thank everything. He found it adorable how much effort and though you put into making him feel special. Vernon would always tell you that you would need to calm down and he’d comfort you.

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