i thought his laugh was super cute

I Know What Love Is

Sam x Reader

Words: 700

Warnings: Fluff af, spoilers for Forrest Gump I mean if you haven’t seen it but WHO HASN’T IT’S THE BEST MOVIE EVER.

A/N: Happy Halloween! This is super late but I wrote it today as I studied. Holy Crap. This is super cute so I hope you like it!!

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When people asked you what the deal between you and Sam was, you’d say that you were only best friends.

But that was a lie. You liked him.

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Requested by two Anons (or the same?) 

Requests: Imagine having a child with captain boomerang and he tells digger that the flash is his favorite superhero thank you!😁 AND  Imagine having a son with captain boomerang and your child tells digger that the flash is his favorite super hero

A/N: This is sooo cute. Seriously, I never thought about Digger’s kid loving The Flash but yeeeeeeeeeees! I love it! Sorry it’s short tho.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Your son bounced up and down, pointing to the TV in his cute PJ’s. “Look, The Flash is on TV! He’s sooo awesome and so fast!” You laughed as he started to run around the couch and making ‘whooosh’ sounds.  

You grinned and looked over to Digger, his jaw clenched tight in anger and embarassement. “Yes, Digger. The Flash is super awesome… Don’t you agree, hon?” 

“Oh shut up, [Y/N].” He murmured too quiety to let your son hear it.

“I want to be like him when I’m big! I’d be so fast and would beat all the bad guys up!” 

Digger shook his head and sighed. “You don’t want to be so fast, [Y/S/N]. I bet that guy comes fas-”

You slammed your hand onto Digger’s mouth. “Digger! He’s a kid!” 

“Just look at him! He’s wearing The Flash PJ’s! He can’t be my boy!” Your husband complained. 

“Don’t be such a baby and let the kid be whatever he wants to be.” 


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There’s a time when they were in college, just moved out into their own apartment, when Tooru tried to act sexy and seduce Iwaizumi.

It didn’t work, mostly because Iwaizumi was confused at what Oikawa was trying to do for a good five minutes until he had to laugh at the realization. He took Oikawa’s hand and tugged him close, looking up at him as he brushed his thumb against the back of that hand. Oikawa’s face was scrunched into a pout, decidedly looking to the side, as Iwaizumi asked, “Was that supposed to be sexy?”

A flush seeped through the pale skin along Oikawa’s neck, and Iwaizumi warmed to the idea that he was too embarrassed to retort.

Iwaizumi stood from the couch, wounding an arm to the small of Oikawa’s back, and leaned in until his breath brushed against his neck. He whispered, “Let me teach you ‘sexy’.”

He nipped right under Oikawa’s jaw and jerked him close, pressing their bodies together and sliding another hand down the outline of Oikawa’s body. He felt him still against him and smiled, a hint of a smirk in those curled lips. Iwaizumi spun them around to dump Oikawa into his seat and leafed his fingers through that soft, soft hair. “Watch me,” he said, a challenge in his voice and a quick flick of his chin, and stripped off his shirt from the bottom up.

[Then Tooru was seduced and frustrated and angry and so turned on.]

After that, Iwaizumi picked up a habit of whispering, “You’re sexy,” into Oikawa’s ear at times. It wasn’t that Oikawa wasn’t sexy at that time; it just wasn’t Iwaizumi’s “Tooru-sexy”. Because “Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s sleepily cooking breakfast in just his boxers and a loose T-shirt, and Iwaizumi can go up and hug him from behind to whisper into his ear just how disastrous his hair looks.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s just gotten out of the shower when Iwaizumi comes home, sitting at the couch with some trivial TV show flickering across the screen as he unconsciously nursed at his lips, the warm scent of soap floating in the room.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s tired from a day of work, said, “I’m home,” softly and didn’t even hear Iwaizumi welcome him back, because all he wanted was to hop in the shower and feel clean again.

Tooru doesn’t believe him when he tells him, and Iwaizumi isn’t about to argue with him on it any time soon, because it’s also sexy when he scrunches his face, eyes in slits because he’s pouting but wants it to be a glare, and just asking for Iwaizumi to tease him more.

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My 9 month old said his first word last night! I was changing his super when I called for his older brother Aiden (who is seven) to bring me a new diaper and my baby just giggled and clearly said "AIDEN!" I started laughing and his big brother was so excited (and a little smug) that his baby brothers first word was his name, even after months of me trying to teach him to say "momma". It was such a sweet and loving moment for the three of us! Thought I'd just share.


I’m really happy for your family <3 It honestly sounds amazing! <3

All the love and hugs in the world! <3

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I don't want this to sound aggressive because I love them but why do you like Jason and Piper so much? Because it's clear to just about everyone why Percabeth is The Best and Greatest, but not Jason and Piper.

Well I have to give @son-of-rome a lot of credit for making me love them. I mean, I liked them in the series. I thought they were super cute. But his writing made me appreciate them. I think they have a deep running respect for one another, and are complementary in a really cool way. And it’s in a way that is low key but it works! idk man they’re just super cute and I think they make each other laugh a lot and understand what it means to feel alone and they’re just great in my humble opinion. 

BIGBANG Reaction: Accidentally Touching Their Junk While Trying To Give Them A Back Hug

T.O.P/Seunghyun: *sexual beast awakens 0-100 real quick*

“Oh, Y/N, if you wanna do this right now.. we can, I have no problem with that.”

G-Dragon/Jiyong: *brags how his package is expensive and worth more than a lot of things *

“Easy with the valuable assets! But for you, I’ll let you get handsy with me later”

Taeyang/Youngbae: *is really shy and laughs it off*

“Hehe, Jagi, wow this is so sudden. Maybe later, but there’s people staring”

Daesung: *gets super cute and flirty*

“Ohhh Jagiya, you’re getting bold with me now are you? I like it!”

Seungri/Seunghyun: *turns around to hug you and slaps your butt in return*

“Why are you embarrassed? I thought you wanted me to return the favor”

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Inspiration (Jaebum x Reader)

343 words

A/N: I got a request for some soft JB which I thought would be super cute (and a good break from bad boy JB), so this is a short drabble I came up with someone give husband!JB to me now

You had to giggle at how cute your boyfriend looked. Sprawled out on the couch, dressed in basketball shorts and a black tank top with glasses, his head in your lap, reading a book of poetry out loud, he looked nothing like the Im Jaebum that fans called “daddy” or “sexy”.

It was hard to believe it was the same person.

“What are you laughing at?” Jaebum looked up at you in confusion.

“You.” You smiled as you ruffled your fingers through his hair, feeling the silky soft strands. Jaebum relaxed under your touch, exhaling happily and letting the book fall open on to his lap.

“You haven’t read that one yet.” You grabbed the book and started reading the poem out loud. “You might not have been my first love / but you were the love that made / all the other loves / irrelevant.”

Jaebum hummed. “That inspires a lot of lyrics.”

“Is DefSoul having an epiphany?” you asked.

Jaebum smiled and sat up, scooting closer to you on the couch and wrapping you into a tight hug. “You inspire me.”

“That’s cheesy,” you half-complained, standing up and making your way to the kitchen to make some coffee.

“Where’re you going?” Jaebum called from the couch.
“For a walk,” you called back, preparing the coffee pot to brew. There was silence, then you felt the weight of Jaebum pressing against your back, pulling you into another tight hug.

“Mind if I join you?” His voice came from right beside your ear, making you melt a little - okay, a lot - inside.

You twisted to face him, giving him the opportunity to peck your cheek. “I’d love it.”

“Can I help you with anything?” Jaebum stepped away from you and checked the coffee pot, making sure it wasn’t boiling over. “Want me to make us a snack?”

“Since when are you such husband material?” You had to smile at your boyfriend.

In return, he gave you a smile that you swore warmed you more than a hot drink ever could. “Like I said, you inspire me.”

imagine having pocket sized seungri wear a panda onesie.

“awwww~ y/n, that’s so old!”

“but you’re known as a panda! besides you look so adorable.” you squealed in delight.


“a tiny grown man.” you said quietly and the corners of your lips were shaking as you tried not to laugh.

“what was that?”

“nothing! nothing~”

sensing how happy you were though, he looked at himself in the mirror and nodded.

“okay, I accept the truth. i am super cute aren’t i?”

“i never said you were ‘super’ cute.”

“but you thought it.”

“no i didn’t.”

“yeah you did.”

“okay fine.”

after a while, he had gotten comfortable with wearing the onesie and even seemed to enjoy it by how many selcas he took with his tiny phone.

“1 + 1 = gwiyomi!



“that’s all you need me for!?”

“oh wait, i can have jiyong hyung do that.”

“oh my gosh……you……..are suddenly not cute anymore.”


Last night I had a dream that I was super drunk and hanging out with not only my parents but with Mick and Paul and my parents took it upon themselves to humiliate me because I got hammered but I guess Mick still thought I was cute and Paul was just in the background laughing his ass off the whole time

  • Adrien: It's winter time! Better wear my father's scarf
  • Adrien: Um, there's a name engraved on it...
  • Adrien: [[ reads 'Marinette' ]]
  • Adrien: ....
  • Adrien: My father...must of commissioned it from Marinette! That's awesome!
Playing chubby bunny with their girlfriend

Jin: *after spitting all the stuff out* Jagi, you *laughs* have something there. *leans in and licks it off, what ends in a sweet kiss*

Rap Monster: *manages to put 50 marshmallows in his mouth at one try* I’MF ONNA FWIN!! 

Suga: *is in deep thoughts* ‘ why the fuck I am doing this? I should just go to sleep’

J-Hope: HooWWw tHE hell– *starts to have his own perverted thoughts about you and your mouth because *cough* well*

Jimin: One more for my sweet bunny~ *feeds only you first* Now another one~ *acts super cute as he’s feeding a baby*

Taehyung: YOU - SHAALL- NOT– PAAASSSS *passionate about putting the whole bag into his mouth just to make you smile*

Jungkook: You can’t do it anymore? Awwwwwww then I won right? *devil awakens inside of him*

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Wait, but like this was so frickin’ cute ?? GOT7 did an episode where they call someone they are thankful for and Mark calls Jackson ?? And it’s super adorable how hard Mark laughs when Jackson pulls out his phone and declines the call ?? IT’S FIVE IN THE MORNING AND I’M IN BED CRYING OVER HOW PRECIOUS THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS ?? WHO AM I ?? (Also, I love how Junior looks slightly offended in the second frame after he sees who Mark calls. Like, “Hyung…why didn’t you call me? I thought Markjin was a thing ??” Poor baby LOL)


In Sync (Dean x Reader)

Dean x Reader

Request: Hi! can i request a deanxreader where he realizes your the one for him like you make him laugh and get his jokes and never forgets the pie and cute fluff please? thanks!!!

Thanks anon for the request! This was super fun to write I love matchmaker Sam it’s so precious! Enjoy! (If there are any mistakes please let me know!)

Dean never really thought he’d have something like a soulmate. Maybe he’d meet a hunter and settle down as much as a hunter could. He figured that he’d never catch a break long enough to find someone.

That’s what he thought, until you fell into their lives. Bobby never told them he had a daughter so when they met you coming home from traveling the world they were conflicted with ‘why didn’t Bobby tell us?’ And ‘she’s just like him can she stay?’

It shocked you that your father was gone but these two boys swooped you up and saved you. Anyway, so many years later full of death, love, machetes and hunting you found yourself living with them in the bunker.

Sam is probably the only one close enough to you both to see how much you’ve fallen for each other.

Sam is something like your best friend so he can read you pretty well. You like dean. Like really like him You like taking care of him. Making sure he’s happy is second nature. Sam saw the subconscious way you made sure to remember the pie on supply runs without dean, whether you got reduced fat and peeled the sticker off in the car was your own business.

You’d make him sleep when you knew he hadn’t, you’d make him food when you knew he hadn’t eaten. Sam didn’t know how you knew but dean could just walk in the room and you’d be out of your chair in a heartbeat telling him to go back to bed or to get some water.

A small almost microscopic part of Sam was jealous he couldn’t see what you saw but he brushed that off as just plain stupid and let someone who knew what was going on take care of dean.

Dean on the other hand is crazy about you. He likes just about everything about you. No- scratch that- he likes everything. The way you talk and walk and smile and make grilled cheese and know almost everything about anything under the sun.

But dean ever the self-deprecating moron thinks your affection towards him is purely platonic and you only laugh at his jokes and make him grilled cheese because he looks like a hurt puppy.

It’s partially true you’re a friends before lovers kind of person but mostly you just like how happy he looks when he tastes mozzarella and cheddar on his grilled cheese and how sometimes he grumbles when you make him drink a glass of water instead of beer but he notices doesn’t really get as sad when he drinks water so he doesn’t argue too much.

Anyway after watching you two pine for each other for what feels like to Sam as an eternity he decides it’s time so take matters into his own hands.

He decided to start small, mention the things you do for each other like,

“Man I would’ve forgot the pie of it hadn’t been for Y/n.”

Or “You’re the only one who gets his jokes sometimes Y/n.”

And his new favorite “You guys are so in sync sometimes.”

He’d noticed on a recent case how well you two hunt together. Of course it’s nothing compared to him and dean. But he always notices when dean throws you catch and when you jump dean ducks.  

It all just kind of falls together in this dance.

Anyway these comments were getting you guys pretty flustered, blushes and stutters everywhere. Sam thought it was working pretty subtlely- you both looked at and touched each other more freely. A shoulder pat from you, a thigh pat from dean or an arm touch when you made each other laugh.- until Dean pulled him into a room of the bunker pretty far from where you were in the library.

“Dude what the hell!?” Dean whisper  yelled.


“C'mon don’t play dumb, what’s with all the stuff you’ve been saying about me and Y/n?”

Sam sighed sometimes his brother was just too dense.

“I say a lot of stuff dean.”

“I mean the stuff about the laughing and being ‘in sync’?”

“Nothing I’m just… Pointing out the obvious. I mean it pretty great not to have to worry about either of you as much. She’s like your soulmate, She’s always got your back. ”

Dean stared at him for a second though it didn’t seem like he was looking at more like he was thinking and Sam was just in his vision.

“Yeah I guess your ri- See that! That manipulate soul mate thing! Cut it out!”

“Oh my god Dean! You were thinking about it just now weren’t you?!”

Dean scoffed “About what?”

“How much you’re actually in love with Y/N.” Sam said crossing his arms smugly.

“How much he…what?”

They both spun around defensively until they saw you and stiffened awkwardly.

“Y-you…what?” You stuttered.

Deans ears burned and he looked down at the ground.

Sam smiled and walked over to you and patted you on the shoulder.

“Deans got something he’s been meaning to say for a while now.” With one last glance between both your shocked forms he walked off to get a beer hoping his plan would work.  

“So… You… Real-”

“Yeah. Uhm…For a while now.” He huffed a chuckle for quoting Sam.

You laughed too though yours came off a bier more nervous.

“If you don’t feel-” he started the hope dwindling in his eyes.

“Yes! I mean yeah… For a while now.” You reassured him he laughed with you.

“Jesus we’ve never been this awkward before.” He sighed.

“I guess we’ve never been like this before.” You walked up to him slowly.

You hand went to his slowly in a soft tentative grasp.

He closed his eyes and squeezed your hand. You both stayed like that just standing close enough to feel each other body heat. When he opened his eyes he looked in yours, his green eyes exploding with thoughts and emotions.

“Can I kiss you?” When he finally spoke it was a whisper like that question will always only be meant for your ears.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

He smiled and brought the hand not holding yours up to your cheek. His fingers whispered over your skin. His lips were as soft as you’d imagined if not softer. His hand moved to cup your jaw and he pulled his other hand from yours and moved it to your waist. He pulled you closer and deepened the kiss. Your mouths moving languidly against each other’s mapping and exploring.

When you pulled away lips making a pop in the ruins silence the only thing either of you could think of was to stare at the other memorizing each other’s eyes.

“So you wanna get like dinner or something? I don’t really know how to ask people out for potentially long term relationships.” He sighed.

You laughed and lightly smacked his scruffy cheek.

“Burgers or pizza?” You asked before pressing your lips back together and wrapping your arms around his neck.

“That’s my girl.” He mumbled into your neck.

You both owed Sam a thanks and apology not that they were gonna come easily.

Dumb billipper thing

This is out of nowhere but I found this lil thing from a few months ago and I never finished it but I think it’s cute so I’m gonna share this weird Drabble thing

It’s basically just billipper admiring himself in front of the mirror and gettin super excited
Billipper grasped the edge of the sink, giggling with glee. His hands were over his face, eagerly touching everywhere. “I can’t believe it worked! Look at me!” His eyes widened, “LOOK AT US!”

He stumbled back, laughing at the sudden outburst. Wow. Wow! He had never thought it would work for him. Let alone, with… each other. He grabbed at his arms, walking back to the bathroom sink. 

“Oh man, IT’S LIKE I’M A TEENAGER!” His hand slapped over his mouth. Later he would need to work on those sudden volume changes, but right now he couldn’t help it, everything felt so thrilling in the moment. 

His mind was swimming. Minds? Mind, he was himself… Billipper. His hand reached once again, to his head. Fingers thread through the soft locks.

“My hair is so soft… It’s like the OCEAN,” Billipper thought aloud. His eyebrows furrowed. “The ocean is wet, not soft.” Suddenly a smile spread across, “WHO CARES! I LOVE IT!" 

He giggled and twirled, admiring the way his skirt fluttered. He came to a stop, grabbing on the cloth. He looked up to the mirror again.

He was cute. Really cute. The way his eye widened when he got excited, his voice changing pitch. He felt his cheeks get warm and he smiled. Even cuter!

I was checking out my new beauty products that I just bought when my Twitter just started blowing up. My notifications were filled with links to Cameron Dallas’ new YouTube video. Curious to see why I was tagged in this so much I decided to watch it. The title was “My YouTube Crush”, I clicked play and it ended up being a #AskCam video. I watched a good 2 minutes until the questing, “Who is your YouTube crush?” came up. Cameron paused before answering.

“Oh god guys, I don’t wanna answer this.” He says smiling but I could tell he was nervous. “What if she watching this?” He laughs and spins on his chair. “Okay fine. My YouTube crush is Y/N, she’s super pretty.” He says, “Have you ever seen on of her videos? She pretty with and without make up, it’s insane.” I smile.

I’ve always thought Cameron was cute but I’ve never talked to him at any of the events. I didn’t even know he knew who I was. I ended up tweeting “I saw that video @camerondallas you’re pretty cute too”. Our fans started freaking out, some said we’d be really cute, others thought other wise. It was kind of amusing watching everyone freak out. Then I got a notification that Cameron tweeted me again, “@Y/T/N will I see you at Vidcon in LA?” I answer “@camerondallas I’ll be there :)”.


“Hi beautiful! What’s your name?” I say to a fan.

“I’m Jessica, I love your videos!” She smiles at me.
“Have you talked to Cameron yet?” She asks.

I laugh, “No I haven’t seen him yet. I’m not sure if I will.” I pout.

“You have to! You’d be so cute together!” She beams.

“I’ll try to find him later.” I promise. “Are you ready to take a picture now?” I ask.

“Yeah of course.” We pose and she moves on. I love meeting fans, Vidcon is always my favorite, I get to meet so many fans. Then next fan comes up and when I look over at them I see a brown haired boy, my eyes widen.

“Cameron!” I give him a hug. “Hi, how are you?” I ask him, still completely surprised.

“I’m good.” He smiles, “How are you Y/N? I’m so glad you’re here.” He says.

“I’m glad I’m here too.” I laugh, “Shouldn’t you be at your station?” I look around and see fans taking videos and pictures of us.

“I’m on a break and thought it would be a good idea to come ask you something.” He says.

“And what would that be?” I ask, looking up at him.

“Um I was wondering,” he rubs the back of his neck, “Would you like to go out after this?” He asks.

“Of course I would. Meet me back here when your done.” I say. “Are you ready for the picture now?” I ask and laugh.

“Oh yeah, of course.” He puts his arm around my shoulders and we smile at the camera. “See you soon, beautiful.” He says while walking away.

My heart is beating so fast and I’m smiling so big. I can’t help it, he’s just so cute. I can’t wait for the end of the day.


“Hey, are you ready to go?” Cam asks walking up to me.

“Yeah, what do you wanna do?” I ask.

“I thought we could get some food and then go shopping or something like that.” He says, “Only if you want too, of course.” He says second guessing.

“Of course I want too.” I smile, “It sounds like a lot of fun.” I reassure him. We start walking out.

“So how was Vidcon for you today?” Cam asks.

“It was really fun, I love meeting fans so much. They’re all so cute!” I gush about my fans.

“Yeah I love them too.” He says, “I also got to talk to this really cute girl today, she even agreed to go out with me tonight.” He jokes.

“Oh really? Well she’s one lucky girl.” I say back.

“Nah, I think I’m the lucky one.” He says looking down at me and I blush.


“On a scale from 1-10, how hot do you think I would appear to Y/N wearin’ this jumper?” Harry pursed his lips, holding the ugly Christmas sweater up to his chest as he smoothed it over his chest. “Jesus, this thing is bright.” 

“I’m gonna haf’ to say a 10, mate.” Niall laughed, shaking his head. “I’m sure she’ll wanna jump yer bones once you walk into t’e house wearin’ t’at.” 

Harry wasn’t very good with Christmas shopping. You had told him numerous times that you were perfectly fine with any type of present, because you were raised to believe that it was always the thought that counted.

“How about matchin’ Christmas sweaters?” Niall offered, Harry’s eyes lighting up in glee. 

“Oh, that’d be nice, I think! I bet she’d look super cute in a reindeer sweater.” 


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send in requests for Christmas imagines!! 

“So how’s the saving the world thing going?”

“I’m helping build a school, Jensen. It’s not really saving the world.”

“I don’t know … you’re missing out on turkey and stuffing to help people.”

“That doesn’t make me some kind of super hero. Besides, I don’t have the build to pull off tights.” Misha smiles into the phone, trying not to move at the risk of aggravating his already aching muscles. It’s times like these that he really feels his age.

“I disagree.” Jensen laughs and it makes Misha’s smile grow.

“I don’t even want to know what perverted fantasy just popped into your head.”

“Oh, you’d like it” Jensen purrs, and Misha can all but see the man leaning back confidently in his seat.

I’m sure.” He bites his lip and gives that image a thought, shaking it out of his head just as quickly and deciding that he should probably change subjects now, or risk this phone call taking a very weird turn. “How are you doing? How are Dani and JJ? Are you guys all stuffed?”

“Fat and happy, for sure. Dani made this glaze shit for the turkey … I swear to god, if I wasn’t already married, I’d marry that glaze. It was fucking fantastic.”

Misha hums and nods, just imagining the meal Jensen probably had—and the thought instantly gives him a little stabbing pain between his ribs. He misses Vicki. He misses the kids. He loves what he’s doing here in Nicaragua but … that doesn’t make it any less difficult to be away from his family during the holidays. It’s a selfish feeling, he knows; but it’s one he feels he’s earned this last week.

The silence he’s leaving obviously isn’t sitting well with Jensen, judging by the sudden change in his tone. “You okay?”

“Yeah … just a little homesick.” Misha looks down at his watch, focusing on the date and checks off one more day in his head. Just a few more and then he can finally sleep in his own bed. He can get kicked by Maison and harassed by West. He’s sure he’ll miss this place during those crazy moments, but it’ll be a hollow want. All he ever truly desires is to be in that crowded bed with his little, insane family.

“I’m sorry, man. I was thinking about sending you a picture … but then I thought that it might not be the same since you can’t send one back.”

Misha comes round to their conversation fully now, remembering a moment later what hasn’t popped into his mind at all today—their tradition. Every year on Thanksgiving, basically since they met, Jensen has sent him a picture of one of the dishes Danneel made. Then Misha will respond with a dish being prepared at his house. Soon, they’re both sending dozens of photos, trying to one-up the other with various types of delicious food. It’s frivolous and pointless, but it’s happened every year, and every year he can’t help but laugh himself to tears with how competitive Jensen becomes. It’s truly one of his favorite things about this day.

He supposes it makes sense he wouldn’t think about it now—he had no big meal to remind him, and Jensen is usually the first to send a picture anyway; so he had no reason to recall their yearly battle. But now that he does remember, he’s homesick all the more. “Yeah, I don’t think that that would have helped. I honestly forgot all about it until you said something just now.”

“Mish! I’m hurt!” Jensen is all jokes and love, but Misha’s following grin is hollow. He misses him.

“Sorry. It’s been a crazy week.” He really can’t blame himself though, he knows that. He’s been worried about construction plans and gas lines and funding—not the childish games he plays with his best friend. “We’re doing a make-up Thanksgiving when I get home, maybe we can try it then?”

Jensen sighs and Misha feels a little guilty, even though he knows he shouldn’t. But acting like a stupid kid with Jensen always makes the guy so happy, and Misha always wants him to have a smile on his face. “Well, you’ll win because I won’t have anything to battle with. My dinner is already over.”

Misha huffs in response, knowing that the fun is not going to be there after the fact anyway. “Yeah …”

Jensen chuckles and Misha can hear him shuffle against the phone. “Hey, it’s cool … I’ll just have to whoop your ass twice as bad next year. I’ll see if we can do like three different types of turkeys or something.”

Misha laughs and rolls his eyes. “Isn’t that a bit excessive?”

Maybe … I dunno, we’ll donate the extra to a homeless shelter, but still—they’ll be delicious and they’ll beat the crap out of any meal you all have.”

The warmth that fills his chest makes his heart swell and beat faster with the heat. “You’re on, Ackles.”


The house smells like stuffing and turkey and that delicious pecan gravy Vicki always makes—coming home has never felt better. Misha’s arms are already full of messy headed children the moment he walks through the door, and his wife’s soft smile carries him quickly towards the kitchen.

“It smells amazing in here” Misha says, bending down to give Vicki a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you—and you’re just in time. The potatoes need peeling.” Her devilish grin brings him back to their high school English class. She’s still that wicked little girl that stole his heart all those years ago.

“I don’t even have my coat off and you’re already putting me to work?”

Vicki grins again and returns to stirring that addicting gravy that’s making Misha practically drool down the side of his face.

He sets down the kids and whacks their butts—sending them off running back to the living room so they can continue destroying whatever they were destroying before he got here. It looks like today’s havoc means they’re finger painting in his dictionary—awesome.

With a sigh, he turns back to head across the kitchen and grabs the bag of potatoes off the table. In another moment, he’s got the peeler in hand is on route to the backyard. It’ll be easier just to grab a stool and peel the skins directly into the compost heap—no need making a second trip with a garbage bag. Just as he situates himself on the stool from his work bench, potato already in hand, and peeler in the other—his phone sings out a short little tune, implying that he got a text. With a grunt, Misha sets everything down again to fish the phone from his pocket. It’s probably his agent, or someone from Random Acts with another question about the school project … or it’s something completely unrelated with very bad timing and dead set to bring him out of his momentary bliss. All his woeful scenarios fly over the fence however when he opens the text to find a picture of brussle sprouts, steaming with speckles of seasoning, resting in a fancy dish.

“What the –“

Another texts beeps in and this time, there’s an image of a pot of what he thinks is mashed potatoes, getting stirred by someone’s hand.

Misha creases his brow and stares at the pictures a little longer, wondering why Jensen is sending these now … did he take them on Thursday in preparation for their yearly war?

“What are you doing?” he texts back, too exhausted from his long flight to be more specific with the question.

Winning” is all Jensen replies with and Misha has to laugh. Of course he’s getting only one word answers in response.

“I mean, why are you sending me your pictures from Thanksgiving? I thought you wanted to wait until next year.” Misha pauses a moment, forgetting about the potatoes as he anticipates Jensen’s next short reply.

“They’re not from Thanksgiving.”

That message is shortly followed by an image of a fairly brown and juicy looking turkey.

“I don’t understand.” Misha really hates that Jensen isn’t a more descriptive texter. He tried explaining to the man before that he probably ends up texting more because he keeps on having to send more messages to explain his one word answers to people’s questions. Jensen didn’t agree.

“Making another dinner.”

“Another Thanksgiving dinner?”


Misha sets down the phone a moment, staring at a rotting lemon at the top of the compost heap. Why the hell would they make a second dinner? “Why?” seems like the only logical question after that.

“How else am I supposed to win this year?”

Another, disbelieving laugh bursts through Misha’s lips as he rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. Surely, Jensen isn’t putting Danneel through another giant meal just for their stupid yearly competition, is he? “Seriously?” Misha shoots back, almost mad on Danneel’s behalf. Jensen has to be joking; maybe he just googled pictures of Thanksgiving dishes and he’s sending them to him now to fuck with him. He did know that today was Misha’s make-up dinner, after all.

Jensen’s reply comes in the form of another photo—this one, of him and Danneel smiling at the camera while Danneel holds a Martha Stewart-quality turkey.

Misha is dialing Jensen within seconds of seeing the image, still not sure if he should really trust his own eyes.

“Heya, Mish” Jensen chirps happily after only one ring.

“Don’t heya me, you are not cooking a whole other Thanksgiving dinner!” Misha isn’t sure why this is getting under his skin so much, but it is—he can’t fathom that their game would make Jensen go to such great lengths.

“I am … well, Dani is. But I peeled the potatoes.” Jensen’s voice is full of light and laughter and Misha has a hard time staying frustrated once he hears it.

“But … but, why?”

A small sound carries through the phone and the background noise gets quieter—Misha thinks that Jensen might be walking into a more private place to talk. “Cuz, you were homesick, man. You missed Thanksgiving.”

Misha closes his eyes and wonders out loud, groaning to the orange sky above him. “Yeah, but I’m getting a do-over, you knew that.”

Jensen chuckles, tickling Misha’s ear. “Yeah, and that do-over wouldn’t be complete without all the traditions.”

Another sigh allows Misha’s head to fall against his hand, rocking it back and forth across his own fisted knuckles. It’s true, Jensen is doing a whole other meal just for him—he’s not sure if he should feel special or if he should scold the man for being so extreme. Sure, Misha was homesick, but even Jensen has to see that this is a little much. “I can’t believe you” he whispers, shutting his eyes to the chilled air outside.

“Well, believe it.”

“Really?” Misha asks again, still hoping for the got’cha to come around. “You are seriously doing a whole ‘nother dinner just because I missed our silly competition?”

His friend sighs, curving the sound with a laugh and it eases Misha’s shoulders a little. “No man … it’s not all for that, but—it did give me the idea.”

Misha finally lifts his head again, staring back at that rotten lemon on top of the heap, noticing how it somehow smells sweeter now, even though its insides are all brown and crusted. “What idea?”

Jensen clears his throat and more shuffling can be heard through the silence. Misha imagines the man is starting to feel too vulnerable, fidgeting with his other hand in his pocket. “Well, you missed Thanksgiving because you were doing something good—something for other people; and here I was, just wanting to send you pictures of all my kick ass food. I felt sorta selfish, ya know? So, after I was joking around with you, and said that I’d donate the extra food next year, it got me thinking—why not this year? So, I spoke with Danneel and we decided that we should cook again but give this food away. People aren’t only hungry on Thanksgiving, after all.”

Misha only notices his own beaming grin when it begins to hurt his cheeks. Jensen isn’t really doing this for him or for some silly need to compete … he’s doing this for others, and that makes him miss the guy all the more. “That’s … that’s amazing, Jen.”

The dismissive grunt that Jensen gives makes Misha practically feel his shrug, and he has to laugh because he knows, Jensen must be blushing right now. “Whatever—I mean, the real important thing is though, I’m currently kicking your ass because this meal is fucking awesome!”

Misha rolls his eyes again, cheeks still bunched up in a grin. The potatoes remain on the ground next to the stool as he rushes back inside. Vicki gives him a knowing look as he crowds in beside her, reaching over the multiple simmering pots to snap a picture of them with his phone. She rolls her eyes at him too, but scoots over to let her husband have his fun. “You’re so going down, Ackles!” Misha hollers, loud enough for Jensen to hear even though the phone is away from his mouth.

“Game on, Collins!” Jensen yelps back.

“You’re both idiots” Vicki giggles, and Misha can only nod and give his wife another kiss on the cheek.

Sam Winchester in the Star Wars universe best friend with the droids like R2-D2 and BB-8. 

Sam stops whenever a droid comes his way and just talks to them and the droids zooming around the bases looking for Sam because they have some important news to share with him and Sam just smiling as as they beep excitedly at him and knowing just what they are talking about. 

Picture the droids being super over protective of Sam and zapping anyone who says one wrong word towards Sam. 

Dean laughing his head off at the little droid army that follows his brother around but secretly happy that he has them to help keep Sam safe. 

okay but the 95z already squish their cheeks together when they hug, do you know how much it hurt when tae squished jimin’s cheeks because he accidentally whacked him in the face ?? the way he looked at him, turned to him fast af, all concerned and then laughing like ‘’ooOPS I’M REALLY SORRY *SQUISHY SQUISHY* UR SO CUTE THO’’ and jimin probably let him get away with it bc he 1) secrelty liked his cheeks getting squished by tae and 2) tae’s also super cute 

also tae has big hands, way bigger than jiminnie’s. him cupping jimin’s face, imagine the sudden warmth against his cheeks…we know that tae’s hands completely ENGULF jimin’s hands but his face ??