i thought her acting was good for this part

I love how fundamentally similar Minkowski’s words on Lovelace and Eiffel’s on Hilbert are. They both emphasize how good both of them were at their jobs, and how singular they were in that respect, how both of them acted with decisiveness and according to a clear—if only to them—moral compass (compare “even in total dark, she never lost her way” to “he sacrificed every part of himself for what he thought was best…the best for everyone”). 

The difference is how Minkowski and Eiffel place themselves in relation to the people they’re eulogizing—Minkowski is aspirational (she wants to be like Lovelace) while Eiffel doesn’t shy away from roundly condemning Hilbert (”Dr. Hilbert was a monster.”). And then how they turn to the future: Minkowski fully intends to live, dammit, carrying Lovelace’s memory with her (”I’ll always remember you.”). Eiffel, meanwhile, is looking ahead to his own death (”See you later, doc.”). 

And meanwhile, Jacobi just wants to thank Maxwell for being his friend. 

ultrareginarules Could you please point out a few things Bex has…

Really? I thought since she was in lost and had that part she had steady acting jobs (albeit small ones) I had no idea she was in financial difficulty. No wonder she was so thrilled to get hired by Ouat despite the problematic nature of her character. Good for Bex! She’s a lovely person and deserves all the good things :)

“I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in my life, in my career.  Just over three years ago I had no money and I was severely in debt and I was homeless.  Just over three years ago.  And I thought what am I going to do?  I think I thought I’d have to go back to England and move in with my mum and dad.  I had this audition … I thought this is it.  It’ll get me my own apartment.  I can come back from this.  And I got in my car and my tank was empty.  And I didn’t have any money and all my credit cards were overdrawn and what am I going to do?  So I called a friend who had two kids and she had to leave her kids with a neighbor and walk to to the Bank of America to get $100 out walk to Chase put it in my account.  I rolled down the hill on my brake pedal and found a gas station waiting for it to clear to put the money in my account and drove to my audition… and now I’m sitting in front of a thousand people crying.  You never know.  It can just take one phone call, one email, one moment for you to be the best person you can be.  I’ve said it before and I know it sounds cheesy but I just kept believing, I kept believing for that.  And Adam and Eddy called and asked if I wanted to be on Once Upon a Time and I said ‘YES PLEASE!’”
–Rebecca Mader, Creation New Jersey June 2016.

People don’t realize how hard it is to live even as a working actor on guest parts.

Omg I didn’t expect that lion king ask to get so many notes asldjjs. I’m glad you peeps find it cute! Some fun thoughts I had about this:
-fareeha liked to act out her current favorite movies, which gabe ALWAYS took part in
-jack and gabe would play with fareeha a lot when they were with Ana, just to give her some time for herself
-although it never works because she always ends up watching them because they crack her up (also taking video/pics)
-fareeha has broken several horses from throwing them on jack to mimic the stampede
-Fareehas favorite parts to play were “be prepared” and the last fight scenes at the end of the movie. Because Gabe is so dramatic and sings like he’s on broadway, and she loves it. The end because she gets to wrestle everybody, watch mccree and genji dance, and push Gabe off the couch and throw pillows at him to mimic the hyenas.
-They all do this for her because in their line of work they could never have a “regular” family, so with fareeha around it gives them a chance to be a kid and just have fun!!!!

That makes two of us

She didn’t find out, for a long while, how much her little comment hurt Chat during their fight with the Copycat akuma. Ladybug had always thought his affection towards her was part of his charm and usual manner, after all, he acted the same way with Marinette, so she assumed his flirtations were commonplace. 

Oh boy was she wrong. 

The day she found out was the day of her first ever design release on the Agreste fashion show. Chat had promised her that he would turn up in both civilian and alter ego form. On the day, Adrien Agreste came running up to her with red cheeks and slightly puffed out. He wheezed out a “Good luck princess” before he snapped his mouth shut, upon realising his mistake. 

He hadn’t suited up. He was still Adrien. Stupid Plagg was eating his Camembert in his dressing room. He accidentally called Marinnette princess in CIVILIAN form. 

Marinette noticed immediately and dropped the hanger she was clutching to her chest.

Adrien just called her princess. Chat Noir calls her princess. ADRIEN AGRESTE IS CHAT NOIR? I kissed ADRIEN???

By this point, Adrien’s cheeks were a flaming red colour. He mumbled out an apology and a sigh of defeat. Her shell shocked look was clearly not a good sign. Now he has to go thorough both his lady and princess’s rejection.

But Marinette had other plans. Pulling Adrien close to her by the shirt, she whispered “you finally found me, mon petit chaton” Marinette thought the smile on Adrien’s face was the most beautiful thing in the world and it was directed at her. At shy clumsy Marinette. 

When Nathalie went to look for the two, to inform them that the show was starting, she found them in a tight embrace, the two staring into each others eyes like the other was the whole world to them. 

And truth be told. They were.

it’s hard, you know. deciding whether or not to let myself be excited for this.

i should be excited about this. but i don’t want to let myself be. because that opens up the possibility of expectations and expectations want to be fulfilled and if they’re not that leads to disappointment and disappointment leads to hurt and hurt leads to other bad thoughts that i’m trying so hard to stop.

but at the same time i want to allow myself to be happy about something that is cutely fortunate for me. how fortunate it is that i get to kiss the person who i so admire, think is very attractive, and is a good friend. i rarely have the opportunity to be so giddy about something.

what’s stopping me is the part of me that’s scared.

what she’s scared of is what comes after.

she’s scared of how will things change, if you’ll reject her, if you’ll act as if it wasn’t a big deal, if you’ll want to be casual with her because goddamnit i don’t want to be casual with you, i want to be serious with you.

but the reality is, is that i have no idea how anything is going to go.

i can be so patient with others, so patient and quiet while waiting for other people, but yet i cannot be patient with myself or the future or my reactions to how things are going to go because my mind perpetually lives in a place that doesn’t exist purely because it could exist.

i’m still trying to exact the art of enjoying the things that are certain in life, rather than focusing on any and all consequences.

i feel like that’s the art of life.

—  do i tell you?

anonymous asked:

Hey, I also really like "You Me Her" but I've only watched like two episodes so far. There's just one tiny thing bothering me and I was wondering if you could tell me if they acknowledge it in later episodes. The thing is so many tv shows do this but I'm so fucking tired of it, it's either "good heavens don't say the word gay" or the only other sexual orientation for people who aren't straight is "homosexual" (part 1)

oh for sure. bi erasure is (unfortunately) alive and well today. that’s what bothered me the most about jack. he’s mostly a good dude, but when he was acting all shocked when emma said that izzy wasn’t her first or even her second woman and then she went on to say she fell for one and he was all irritated, i was like “boy sit yo ass down”. it could be interpreted in several ways, either he doesn’t like the thought of her being with other women or he was just offended that it was a part of her history that she never shared with him before. idk, but i’m glad they moved past that.

i can tell you right now that emma’s sexuality doesn’t become the focus of the show as it really is mostly about the jack/emma/izzy romance. they never explicitly state it, but i do agree with you that i think she’s either bi or pan.

maybe it’s something they’ll revisit in season 2. i’m glad i won’t have to wait too long to find out, as season 2 is already airing right now.

Just heard that Metallica and Lady Gaga are going to be collaborating more in the future, so I decided to give my thoughts on the matter. I love old school heavy metal, I love Slayer, I love Metallica, I love Sodom, I’m not the biggest fan of pop music in the least, and if it was any other artist, I might have thrown up in my mouth at the news of this. However, I honestly think Gaga has the chops for being part of a metal act like Metallica. She’s a pretty damn good singer, and obviously has the energy and enthusiasm for it. I hope the metal community gives her a chance, because being close minded about this isn’t going to help anything, Metallica plays what they want with who they want. If you’re against this, that’s totally fine, I’m not devaluing that perspective. However, just please don’t act like it’s the end of the world and chastise anyone who is okay with the idea because it just makes you look like a fucking asshole. You either enjoy the music or you don’t, just leave it at that and move on.

My Ideal Wicked Movie Cast (and explanations)

We all know, and hope dearly, that a Wicked movie is in the works.  I have seen many casting options for various roles, and I have a list of my own!

First of all, the wicked one herself, Elphaba:

Now I know people will give me grief about Lea Michele playing Elphaba (as she has already sung many of Elphaba’s songs while starring in Glee).  However, she has a fantastic voice, we know she can act, and she looks the part!  An alternate role for Lea Michele would be Nessarose.

Next up, the bubbly G(a)linda :

I have always thought that Megan Hilty would make the perfect Glinda.  And not only because she’s played her before (and she was darn good when she did).  I chose her because she has Glinda’s most important features - her bubbly, bouncy, witty side and her operatic and dramatic side - all while looking the part.

The leading hunk of the Ozdust Ballroom, Fiyero :

Corey Cott is one hot hot HOT dude.  I mean, just look at that face!  He has recently been on Broadway in the revival of Gigi, so we know he can sing, dance, and act.  Although the fans all want Aaron Tveit to reprise the role in the film, I think a fresh face would bring new character developments to our already beloved Fiyero.

Oh awkward and lovable one, Boq :

Boq has always been the awkward little gem of the show!  And who else was the awkward gem of his most recent Pitch Perfect movies??  That’s right : Ben Platt!  He’s got the awk, he’s got the charm, he’s got the voice.  What more could you want from a movie Boq?

The tragically beautiful Nessarose :

One feature that both Nessarose and Anna Kendrick share is a voice that sounds like a bell!  Nessarose needs to be a strong singer (check), a phenomenal actress (check), and lovable to the audience (check)!  An alternate role for Anna Kendrick would be Elphaba.

Now we have our sheepish teacher, Doctor Dillamond :

Okay now hear me out, yes I know Johnny Depp just played an animal character in Into the Woods.  However, I believe that the unique persona that he could bring to the character of Doctor Dillamond would be an interesting flare to the character.  Plus, we know he can act like an absolute pro!

The wistful woman herself, Madame Morrible :

There’s no character that Meryl Streep cannot play.  We all know this.  This is common knowledge.  We know she can sing as well.  And with the pounds of Madame Morrible makeup, she could also perfectly look the part.  Case closed.

The man, the myth, the legend, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz :

Would Alan Cumming not make the perfect Wizard of Oz?  A huge history of both Broadway and film, a lovable personality that he could easily fuse with the Wizard’s character, and he looks the part (although not as old as the original character is to be thought - which is okay by me).

Now, Wicked fans everywhere would be thoroughly disappointed if the original lead cast members were not involved with the project.  So I’ve found a way to bring our lovely original Broadway leading ladies and the handsome leading man into the film cast!  Here we go…

IDINA MENZEL - Melena (Elphaba’s mother)

Yes, yes I know, she’s already played Lea Michele’s mother before.  But who cares?!  She plays it damn well!  And it’s the perfect way to bring her into the movie!


In the beginning of the story, Melena gives birth to her green daughter.  And who is right there helping deliver the child?  The kooky Midwife!  And who’s kookier than Kristin?!

NORBERT LEO BUTZ - Frex (Governor of Munchkinland)

He spoils Nessarose, his favorite daughter, and keeps Elphaba in check.  He’s the reason for the famous jeweled slippers.  And he’s a role in the movie that must be filled!  Why not by a Wicked native?

Well that’s all!  I hope you enjoy this cast!  Feel free to share your thoughts with me via reblog or message (messaging or fan mail)!

Let’s hope for the best!

“I ADORED Fishstrid (Brotp) in The Night of the Hunters Part 2. I loved how they both thought Tuff was crazy about his plans. I want more Fishstrid. They’re actually a good team. I think Astrid does respect him. We haven’t seen her act mean to him. At least once or twice maximum. But I really think he’s the one she respects most after Hiccup. There haven’t been any serious problems between them. I’d LOVE to see more of them.”

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My URL maybe? You can ignore if you want

Send me your URL & I’ll do the following

[ not gonna ignore it ! <3 ]

Thoughts on the character: I love Enola, she is so so good omg <3

Have you interacted before: no but I really want to !!!!

Favorite part of portrayal: everything !! the way you portray her speaking and the way she acts is so perfect !

One piece of advice: nothing at all ! keep up the great work !

A verse (mine or theirs) I want a thread in: moriarty and enola meet somehow and moriarty wants to take her under his wing maybe? I know its not that good but lol we can totally plot if you want !!

Thoughts on the mun: although ive not talked to the mun (though I really want to, Theresa seems really cool and nice!!) they seem like a very sweet and col and kind person and I totally recommend checking them out !!

Part 2 to my Transition Stories post: 

I am sick of trans stories that act like transitioning is one giant leap. As though you looked out over a chasm, took two steps backward and launched yourself across never to return, leaving behind an empty husk of who you used to be. 

I can’t remember where I saw that line….something like “I can’t let go of the woman I was, so I carry her with me” (please someone give me the reference and I’ll update this). You have no idea. 

My dad, one of the most important people in my life, died long before my transition. He’s only ever called me by my birth name, and while I don’t ever want someone to call me that again….I still hear that name in his voice and I don’t want to let it go. 

My body didn’t always look like this and I want to be able to talk about that, to joke about that. A few days ago I got to crack jokes to someone about my surgery and my transition and these fundamental, elemental parts of me that so often make people uncomfortable. She laughed and joked back with me and I didn’t have to explain or answer weird questions and I don’t think I know how to tell her that that healed a small part of my soul. 

I know….I KNOW the raging, kicking, painful desire to rip away what and who people said you were before your transition. We call it “dead naming” to call a trans person by their birth name, we have laid that person to rest. 

But I haven’t. And I don’t want to. That person was the only me that has ever been hugged by my dad. That person was the me who loved and was loved by many people. That person lived. That person is a part of me. I can’t let her go. I don’t want to.

I don’t want to leave the me before I transitioned behind on the other side of the chasm. Transition, for me, wasn’t a leap, it was like scaling down the wall, and then back up the other side. Slow. Steady. Carrying her on my back. In between my ribs. Hidden away or tucked close against prying eyes. She’s part of me. I can’t leave her behind. So we climb. Together. 

“What if there were four maidens in the world that could wield such tremendous power...without dust.”

Yang is already a guardian. I know the team rwby are going to be the guardians theory is what everyone’s talking about so I’m almost definite I’m not the first to come to this conclusion, but I still want to share why I think so. (read more cause this gets LONG)

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Caleb x Aria are A theory.

He knows how to build an electric fence.
Is acting very shadily in relationships with both Spencer and Hanna, and is very good at appearing genuine with both.
Overly angry at Mona’s appearance - maybe she knows something?

Combine that with Aria having ordered fence parts to be built and her general shadyness/getting the least torture/wanting Charlotte to stay locked up.

And they have been appearing at promo events together - characters that otherwise have no connection.

Could they be working together? Or have previously been working together?

Or am I just looking for a reason for a complete retcon on Caleb’s character?

Let me know your thoughts!

I don’t understand where the idea of Allie causing Bea to act soft and cute for the first time is coming from. I mean this is Bea “too pure, too good for this world” Smith. This is a large part of who she is. Getting flustered and embarrassed when the others tease her about seeing Will with no top on and her lack of “experience”. Bea Smith, who’s first thought when Liz was clearing out her cell, was to take her tea cosy and give it to Maxine to wear as a hat.     One of the most important things that I find about this relationship, is that the true Bea is being brought back out, especially after all the horrific things that she’s been through, that her true character is still there. That part of her was gone. “You were dead”. “She kept your heart beating”. Allie has allowed her to feel like herself again. (Prays to the heavens that it doesn’t get permanently taken from her).

Warmup drawings which usually I dont do but art hates me this last week so I thought it a good idea to warm up before working properly.

I retconned cal into a female! Annnd it changes pretty much nothing but her physical appearance (a very tiny bit) lmao. She dresses and acts like a boy so everyone mistakes her for one. Part of the reason for this is that she simply gives 0 shits about gender roles and does what she wants, the other part is because she found that people took her more seriously as a man (thus the deliberate makeup to the eyes.) She gives a big middle finger to tradition, and pretty much everything else. She can never maintain a healthy weight because the void corruption makes her metabolism incredibly fast and steals a lot of energy. Also she’s in pain 100% of the time which might explain why she gives so few feks

ADC - Next Stop Hollywood

Alycia Debnam Carey in Next Stop Hollywood Part 1  

Alycia Debnam Carey in Next Stop Hollywood Part 2

mmk so basically I was just watching these again today and it made me really happy so i thought id make a post bc who doesn’t wanna watch adc being all cute nd excited at the beginning of her road to success. anywayss hope it makes you smile bc we could all use it tbh and its impossible for this dork to not put you in a good mood for the rest of your day

also this was some extra content stuff: