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Hi, I'm new in LS's universe (I read everything related last year) and I've found your blog really interesting, you're doing a great job. So, here's my question: What do you think the typewriter means in the triptych? For a long time I thought it was a metaphor about Lemony, that it implied that he was kind of responsible of her death. But now I've realized that if the painter was Lemony's friend, he wouldn't have ever done that, because it would cause Lemony a lot of pain. What do you think?

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If you have walked into a museum recently- whether you did so to attend an art exhibition in to escape from the police-you may have noticed a type of painting known as a triptych. A triptych has three panels, with something different painted on each of the panels. For instance, my friend Professor Reed made a trip-tych for me, and he painted fire on one panel, a typewriter on another, and the face of a beautiful, intelligent woman on the third. The triptych is entitled What Happened to Beatrice and I cannot look upon it without weeping.
I am a writer, and not a painter, but if I were to try and paint a triptych entitled The Baudelaire Orphans’ Miserable Experiences at Prufrock Prep, I would paint Mr. Remora on one panel, Mrs. Bass on another, and a box of staples on the third, and the results would make me so sad that between the Beatrice triptych and the Baudelaire triptych I would scarcely stop weeping all day.

[The Austere Academy, Chapter Four]

The arrangement of this triptych seems deliberately arcane so we can only presume of its symbolism. Several questions to consider:

  • Is this the fire which consumed the Baudelaire mansion? Or another place?
  • Is the typewriter meant to allude to Beatrice’s 200-pages break-up letter to Lemony, as mentioned in Chapter Two of “The Miserable Mill”? Or is this Lemony’s typewriter, with which he wrote the infamous review of Olaf’s play that caused so much trouble to their relationship and later his magnum opus about her children?
  • Is the woman Beatrice, her daughter Violet, or even Beatrice Jr (Lemony’s niece)?

Traditionally, triptychs were originally supposed to be read from left to right and from right to middle (with a bigger painting in the middle), and Brett Helquist seems to have followed this convention. According to the text, the box of staples is the third and final painting:

So the most straightforward answer I could come up with is that the triptych answers the question “What happened to Beatrice?” in reverse chronological order: we start from the Baudelaire fire, then move on to Beatrice’s break-up letters and Lemony’s scathing review of Olaf’s play, and finally to the beauty which drove Lemony and Bertrand to their feet.

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I’m bad at praying and asking for favours when shit gets turbulent, a by product of my first religion, but it happens

first time, fiance might not be able to go into surgery and I’m literally pacing a hospital hallway in tears. everything went fine, and I found myself on many Apollo based blogs that day

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When I first heard that Legolas is in the Movie I was so angry at PJ, tbh. I was like: WTF he isn't even in the book for gods sake WHY?! But when I saw the movie I was pleased with how surprisingly good Legolas fit in the storyline. PJ did such great work with the Movies & I kinda love that you have two diffenrent Hobbit-worlds bc the movie is so defferent to the book. Btw I adore your blog! I found you today and thought: well, can't hurt to take a look :p and now I can't stop scrolling trough

Uh oh, you’ve fallen into my Blog Trap!

No, but in all seriousness, it would have been weird if PJ & Co had originally filmed The Hobbit before the LOTR Trilogy and added Legolas, but since they had already released the LOTR Trilogy, it would have been a little strange to introduce Legolas’ father and we don’t hear/see any of him. In my opinion, it connected the Trilogies together.

Honestly, I think people were more upset over Legolas being in the film because of the dreaded Leggy/Tauriel/Kili love triangle than him being there. He really didn’t take away from The Hobbit trilogy at all and I felt like I understood Legolas more after seeing him in The Hobbit. 

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3x13 The Foundry"Showdown"

GIF credit goes to peetahales 

Firstly, let me say that I believe wholeheartedly in jbuffyangel​’s positive attitude mantra, so, while tonight’s episode wasn’t my favorite I’m not going to focus on what I didn’t like and instead focus on what I liked and/or found interesting about it. So let’s begin.

Obviously, we all knew that the team dynamic shifted drastically while Oliver was gone. It was abundantly clear during the three episode arc preceding this episode that, in order to survive, the team needed to change. However, these changes occurred sans Oliver, which means that coming back is going to be hard for him. They’ve changed the puzzle and he no longer knows where to fit his piece. 


Oliver asked Roy for one thing, one singular request before he left. To protect Thea. All Oliver ever wanted was for Thea to be safe, it was his sole reason for leaving. So, what he was asking of Roy was no small favor. It was big. It meant something. 

And you know what? Roy stepped up. He stepped up and he stood up to Malcom for Thea. He wanted to tell Thea the truth about Oliver. He watched out for Thea. And by stepping up for Thea Roy also learned how to step up and fill the shoes Oliver left behind. He wasn’t perfect, but he tried. He did his best to save the Glades and, by extension, the city. 

Here’s the funny thing about doing something you never thought you could do: it’s that you can’t ever go back. Once you’ve accomplished something you were so certain you weren’t able to accomplish you find an incredible certainty in that. It grounds you. You can’t ever go back to being the person who isn’t strong enough, smart enough, or good enough ever again.

Roy can’t go back either. He was strong enough to save the Glades. He was strong enough to fight for Thea. He was so much stronger than he’d ever needed to be before Oliver left, and now? Roy is still strong. Roy will always have the certainty that he was able to stand on his own two feet even after Oliver died. So, it doesn’t matter that Oliver is back now because Roy can’t go back to who he was before.

So he stands up to Oliver. He stands up to Oliver because now he’s strong enough to do it. And Oliver is very very far from pleased.

He turns and focuses a hard, icy glare at Roy. He waits until the door shuts behind Thea before he asks Roy what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Felicity (& Oliver)

There are a lot of people who seem to be really upset with either Felicity or Oliver (or both) because of this episode. For my part, I’m not really sure why. I felt that they were both perfectly and painfully themselves in this scene. However, there are other people who were upset because they feel that the Olicity ship has been irrecoverably damaged. To which I will say RELAX or go watch something else like Once Upon a Time or Bones, they’re on Netflix and your shipper heart may have a much easier time with them. Arrow is NOT A HAPPY GO LUCKY SHOW. It’s dark and painful and frustrating, but it can be absolutely wonderful. But for some people those things are simply not for them AND THAT IS FINE. I want to be clear that it’s absolutely okay not to enjoy that type of show, but spewing negativity after every episode can’t be fun to do and it’s certainly not very fun to read. I genuinely don’t mean to be upsetting anyone, it’s just much easier when people actively enjoy the shows they blog and/or talk about. So if this isn’t your type of show maybe spend your time and energy investing in a show that you really do enjoy? Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now and get back to the train of thought I meant to go down.

Felicity cuts Oliver off and tells him plainly what is going on. Oliver died. He was dead and for a while the team needed to find their center again. They needed to bend and change or else they would have broken. So, they changed. They found a new way to operate and they created a new dynamic. 

How does Oliver respond?

He doesn’t want to keep the changes. He wants things to go back to how they were before. But, just like Roy, the team can’t go back. The survived the impossible together. They survived Oliver dying. Once you survive something you thought would end you there’s no going back from that. 

Oliver knows this. He’s not an idiot. But change has never been easy for him. He forged this team within his own comfort zone, in the way that he wanted and now everything has changed. They’re all different now. Everything is different now, which means that he has two options: leave the team or leave his comfort zone. He can either change and grow with the new team dynamic or he can leave. 

But one thing he can’t do? He can’t judge them based on who he was (and they were) before he left. The team he came home to was not the one he left in Starling. Felicity makes that very clear when she says that he has no right to question everyone’s choices. 

They’re operating in a world where, at least for a time, Oliver Queen died. He was dead. And they learned to make new choices, because that was the only way to move forward. They learned to be stronger than they’d ever needed to be. You can’t just take that back and you can’t turn around and become the person you were before. It just doesn’t work that way.

So, this scene, this moment in particular, was so heartbreaking because you can see the anger, pain and frustration in Felicity’s face as she speaks. She’s still hurting, clearly still raw from their exchange at the end of 3x12. That won’t go away, that can’t go away, not without some serious damage control. So her anger and pain slips through when she challenges Oliver. Then, as Oliver opens his mouth to reply she takes in a breath, waiting for him to fight back.

But he doesn’t.

He looks to Diggle once, to gauge his reaction, and when Diggle clearly sides with the team, Oliver…gives up. His shoulders drop and he looks down before speaking softly and walking away.

The only two people who can ever talk him off a cliff do it again, only this time it’s a challenge Oliver wasn’t ready for. They’re not challenging his choices as a leader, they’re challenging him. They’re challenging his very position as the leader. It’s a subtle difference, but for Oliver, it’s everything.

Everything he’d built came crashing down in front of him. The team he’d built was no longer his team. Now they were a foreign entity that he couldn’t navigate. Everything changed. 

Seeing Felicity challenge him so fundamentally has a profound effect on Oliver. He doesn’t fight back. He doesn’t argue. He just…stops. He walks away. It’s only after she tells him that he’s no longer the leader (and Diggle confirms with a head nod) that Oliver really truly understands the changes that have occurred in his absence.

This scene was painful, heartbreaking, intense and absolutely needed.The show can’t move on forever with this only being Oliver’s crusade. Sooner or later the entire team needs to take ownership as well. I’m glad it happened tonight. I’m glad the team is addressing this issue. Would I like to see them discuss it in a more constructive and healthy way? Of course. But that’s not good TV. More importantly, that’s not Arrow, that’s not these characters. These characters need to make these mistakes in their own ways.

Tonight mistakes made sense. And they were needed.

Okay, so I didn’t mean for this to get this long at all. Thank you for reading it all if you did!


I just saw that there is someone following my wife that is a NSFW blog. It’s not a bot, it’s just a creepy guy that posts tasteful nudes of women but less tasteful unfiltered pics of his little wiener along with various sexual memes. (To avoid people derailing the point of this post: if he had tasteful nudes of men I would have said so. I’m no prude and don’t want that sentence to be construed as such)

I found this unsettling. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a rush of empathy for my wife and for all women. Now, I’m not an idiot…I have known since I was a teenager that men can make women’s lives uncomfortable when it comes to sexuality but this was something new and on the surface it seems innocuous. Then I thought about it: you have a blog. It’s about life and random thoughts and pics of your kids and family. It’s not sexy or provocative. It’s just a small place to talk and have friends. Now here comes a follower. There’s no inappropriate behavior, no comments or advances. But there he is. Hearting your posts. Hearting your pics. A daily reminder of someone lingering in the background objectifying you.
How horrible to be a woman and feel that. How awful that simple and uneventful daily life can be interrupted by such a silly thing as a hearting of your post.

This is what it feels like for women. Like there are always eyes on you. There’s always a creepy blog following you. It’s not a major event, more like a nagging itch on the bottom of your foot.

Most men cannot empathize and often refuse to sympathize because we just don’t get it. Physically, men are the alpha, the top of the food chain. We have never had to walk with keys between our fingers as a weapon. We have never had to ask for an escort to our car. No man has had to be afraid to tell a woman ‘no’. We don’t look for an exit plan as soon as we walk in a room. I have never had to analyze the male/female ratio at a party. I can happily live my life not feeling like I have to edit my speech or alter my wardrobe to keep from being judged or worse. I have never been told that I should be careful when accepting drinks from strangers. In my daily life I have no immediate threats when just walking the streets or doing my job.

Most men would never give second thoughts to a NSFW blog following them and some may even celebrate it as a hearty ego boost but every woman out there has forgotten what it feels like to be this blissfully unaware. So daily life will go on and this guy will heart my wife’s pics and she will continue to blog and I will continue to not let it bother me and this will all go on without incident but he’s there, metaphorically, in her conscience and that makes me sad and angry for all women.