i thought he was sweet

I can barely remember now
what this world was like before you.
I just want to feel you against my skin.
I just want to drink this moment in.
So baby let me fall.
I don’t care if we crash and burn.
You are what I’ve been waiting for.
As we grow we will learn.
We’ll stand together through every rise and fall.
—  K.N.B.

gaining approval in da2: careful consideration of each dialogue response, micromanaging you party because some characters literally can’t be taken out together without losing approval, the eternal struggle of Getting Carver To Love You Back

gaining approval in dai: i stood on a hill and watched a bear fighting darkspawn on the storm coast and blackwall slightly approved three times

He ran his fingers through her curls
As he looked into her eyes.
She felt her face grow warm and red.
He’s was nothing like those other guys.
It was in the way he looked at her
And held her when she cried.
She could stay like that forever
Lost in his blue eyes.

She had to break their gaze.
Afraid that she might drown,
Because she was falling steadily
And was scared to hit the ground.
As he pulled her closer
His heart was beating loud,
And just before he kissed her
He promised he’d always be around.

—  K.N.B.

Honestly? When I first watched Season 2 of Supergirl, I didn’t actually mind Kara and Mon-El. I thought he was sweet and I thought that they had potential, considering that her relationship with James was scrapped completely out of the blue for no real reason?

But after their first kiss, it just lost it. Mon-El turned into more of a douche, Kara lost her character development and has become someone who won’t be honest with herself or stand up for what she wants and keeps changing her mind about how she feels. Alex no longer has a story outside of Maggie (don’t get me wrong, I love them together but I want to see them still working as a team rather than every episode being focused on their relationship), J’onn has barely any screen time, and Lena was completely shunted after she did something completely heroic and hasn’t been acknowledged for it?

I don’t know. This season seems to be going nowhere. Every episode is random and is solely focused on a forced relationship and Supergirl just doesn’t seem to stand for what she used to.

I need these two to be a thing in the show now. Imagine how sweet he’d be with her. He’s already being sweet to her. I thought about these two as a thing last year and even came up with a ship name and thought I’d only have them as a crackship. But then THAT CUTE INTERACTION HAPPENED. PLEASE put them together, writers. Let Puppy Mechanic (This is my ship name for them ok, I’m sticking with it) be a thing! Raven deserves someone who appreciates her and makes sure she’s OK, and Jackson deserves some love too and she’d be perfect for him. It would be such a perfect unexpected ship that could work, if given the chance.

I just saw Beauty and the Beast and here are my thoughts

• I loved it
• including LeFou, he was actually sweet and his storyline well done imo
• I remembered the Emma Watson ‘Aslan is hot’ thing right during the kiss scene and it kept me from crying but curse the internet for ruining me this way
• Emma Thompson! Ian McKellen! Gugu Mbatha-Raw! Ewan McGregor! Kevin Kline! And more
• gorgeous cinnamon tography and costume
• gorgeous and talented leads
• Emma can actually sing
• tale as old as time

• go see it

Minho propose Key multi angle

i want all you minkey shippers to watch this. i want you listen to minho’s melodic voice. i want you to look at kibum’s face, that’s shaking his head in almost disbelief. i want you to look at how emotional he got.

i know it wasn’t real but i want you look at this level of friendship. 

Imagine you have a high l’o’m with Lysander but he’s not your main boy. When he lost his memories, he was set back to when he had feelings for Rosalya. But then he finds out she’s dating his brother. That probably re-opened some old wounds.

Now Lysander has his memories back. He decides to confess to Candy so he wont be too late like he was with Rosalya. But then he finds out you’re dating someone else.

History has repeated itself.

Bonus points if Candy is dating Castiel