i thought he was really charming

Not How I Planned It (Chenle)

anon:  hello! can i req a fluff chenle? you’ve been crushing on him for a long time and confessed to him! high school au pls 😍😍 thankyou! love your blog!

author: admin momo 

word count: 883 (why do i feel like mine are so long lol)

genre: fluff (i hope)

a/n: idk why this took me awhile to write but i think it came out cute so i hope all of you like it! Lots of love!!! 

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Honestly, I want to thank the creators of Yuri On Ice for actually making representatives of different nations diverse and refreshingly non-stereotypical


graceful, charming, tender russians?

god, you cannot even imagine how grateful I am for this

not to mention that the figure skater from USA is a Mexican-American who is shown to be a pretty quiet, nice guy. he’s just a cute little bean, really

(+ character from Kazakhstan? In my anime? I must be dreaming)

…and then there is the your-daughter-calls-me-daddy-too-canadian

i mean

I’m not an expert in national stereotypes, so maybe these are not the only examples. feel free to share any other thoughts of yours

I don’t understand why people hate/dislike Kim Namjoon???? Like…I really don’t the man is adorable,charming,intelligent,a nerd,dresses well,writes/composes music that is beautiful af,takes aesthetically pleasing photos and shares his thoughts and views on things,is a big fanboy of Ryan,is a hardworking/down to earth man,loves his members very much,doesn’t take shit from anyone,supports the LGBTQ+ community,is just an amazing human being overall..and yet people just hate on him for the negativity and stuff he has done in the past and honestly the past doesn’t define how he is now and y'all shouldn’t focus on the past and the stuff he has said/done,instead focus on the present instead.Also he is still growing as a person and is learning from his mistakes.
Cuz he does not deserve all this negativity and hate,let alone death threats etc.
He is just an overall amazing human being and anyone who says he isn’t can fight me.
Kim Namjoon is a precious human being and deserves more attention just as much as the others do.
Also any hate or hate asks if you decide to be stupid and do that it will be deleted and you will be blocked.Also vote for BTS for MAMA and thank you that’s the least you can do and shine some positivity in your bitter soul


So, let me explain this garbage. I watched Leap Year the other day and thought “I should write a fanfic based on this!” but then I remembered I can’t write so I decided to draw out my favourite scenes like comics starring my Ereri babies.

If you’ve never seen the movie, basically Levi wants to get engaged but Erwin isn’t getting the hint so Levi follows him to Ireland to propose on leap day, which is like some old tradition, but he gets stuck in bumfuck-nowhere and hires Eren to get him to Dublin and, of course, shenanigans ensues.

I just really wanted a sassy high-maintenance Levi and a charming kind-of-jerk Eren. This’ll probabably have several parts because there’s so many scenes I want to do…

Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

Lorelai’s inappropriate eulogy for her father struck me as strange and totally out of character, especially because the most fruitful conflicts between Emily and Lorelai — dramatically fruitful but also significant in their relationship — come when they see the same thing in different ways. For example, imagine Lorelai giving a little speech that she thought was charming and fine, maybe something about how seeing Richard dote on Rory made her glad he finally got the daughter he really wanted. Emily would see this as offensive, and Lorelai would see it as true, and then their fight would have higher stakes.

hi guys! I got something today!

i thought about this a lot
Leon is my best character but i don’t know his bday and he is 40 now.

So I decided to celebrate his birthday every month. well i have wanted this for a long time. why not

i prepared with my heart all of this. hope you do not use for any purposes.

and here you go :)

Happy Birthday in January♥

Congrats on your 40th birthday Leon!

you are my best character ever. i’m really happy to know about you.

remember always safe driving and more careful with your beautiful hair.

i’ll always be here for support you. hope a great year.♥ :)

(pls eat your cake sir)

Thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

No spoilers I don’t think! :)

  • The Warner Bros sign and Hedwig’s Theme at the beginning almost made me cry ;( the nostalgia was real
  • Newt Scamander is the most adorable lil cinnamon roll ever and must be protected
  • Like really I was expecting an awkward, cheeky, charming, amazing guy and that’s what we got but he was really lonely deep down and the whole thing with the Lestrange girl and that he still has her picture and he cried at the end when you know and when he was making the medicine for Jacob like he’s so amazing and I just LOVE HIM
  • The Niffler is really cute and I want one
  • The Bowtruckle is also really cute and I want one
  • Also the Thunderbird and Wampus and the Demiguise and the Erumpent and all the other cool stuff like that Swooping Death thing it was pretty much a living yo-yo that ate brains
  • I wasn’t sure how they were going to make a Muggle–sorry, No-Maj (honestly Muggle is much better)–one of the main characters but I actually liked Jacob a lot, he was a good addition
  • I want to live in Newt’s case because it’s huge and all the animals there are awesome and also Newt
  • I didn’t really like Credence in the beginning but now he’s one of my favorites and needs to be wrapped in a warm blanket and hugged and given hot chocolate
  • The Goldstein sisters (Queenie and Tina) were pretty bad-ass
  • MACUSA was cool and different from the Ministry which was nice but also not because you know they kinda messed stuff up
  • And when he said “people generally find me annoying” or whatever that was sad but relatable and so matter-of-fact
  • His Hufflepuff scarf!!! Finally an important Hufflepuff character!
  • Pickett the Bowtruckle being grumpy after Newt almost gave him away
  • There were a few really good jaw-dropping plot twists that I was NOT expecting
  • But I don’t really like Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, please bring back Colin Farrell
나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • 나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
  • NIEL (니엘)

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



“It’s Alec’s birthday today. He’s eighteen. And I’d like to get him a present, because the celebration of one’s birth is a traditional time for the giving of gifts, and it indicates your affection for them. But—and at this point I’d like to say that I wish you had returned my call sooner—I don’t really have any idea what to get him, and I would appreciate some advice. The thing is, he doesn’t really seem to care about material goods, including clothes, which I don’t understand, though I find it strangely charming. He is impossible to buy for. The only new things I ever see him with are weapons, and nunchakus are not a romantic gift. Also, I wondered if you thought that getting a present at all might make me seem too keen and chase him off. I’ve been seeing him for only a little while, and his parents don’t even know he likes boys, let alone likes degenerate warlocks, and so I want to be subtle. Maybe getting a gift at all would be a mistake. It’s possible that he will think I am being too intense. And as you know, Catarina, I am not intense. I am laissez-faire. I am a jaded sophisticate. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea about me or think the present means more than it should. Maybe just a token gift. What do you think?”

Magnus took a deep breath. That had come out a little less cool, calm, well-reasoned, and sophisticated than he had been hoping for.

“Magnus,” said Catarina, “I have lives to save.”

Then she hung up on him.

—  What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything, Cassandra Clare.
Thoughts on Seungbae, Bum, and empathy

The last chapter keeps haunting me and I want to explore how it could tie in to Seungbae’s narrative and bring some light to this dark situation. Spoilers for Chapter 15 under the cut

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Yuri’s Silence

Some thoughts about Yuri!!! On Ice, episode 10

It’s likely that no one will see this because I am not really ~involved in fandom~ on Tumblr, but a couple friends told me I should post this, so HERE YOU GO, WORLD.

Non-spoilery summary: It really stood out to me that Yuri never directly referenced/mentioned A Specific Thing in this episode, and I’m pretty sure there is a REASON he doesn’t mention this thing directly and I AM FILLED WITH EMOTIONS ABOUT THIS, SEND HELP

So! Without further ado…

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Halloween Horror Nights; C.H.

First of all, I’m sorry it took me so long. Secondly, even though Halloween has already passed, who cares?! It should be a week festive instead of one night, so now you can enjoy Halloween one more time! And last but not least.. I’m really not happy with this piece.. 

I never thought that anyone could persuade me to do this. From when I was young, I have maintained that I never, never, and I repeat, never would go to a haunted house. Of course at that moment in time you don’t think you’ll have a complete sappy crush on one of your so-called bosses. And you don’t stop to think then that he might be so charming that when he asks you to please, please tag along it’ll be great, you simply mutter a dreamily ‘yes’ without thinking twice.

And that’s happening right now. For years, my friend had tried to persuade me. For years I have slipped between the meshes of the net. And what happens? Some handsome man with a smile that’ll make your knees weak makes you throw your principles right out of the door. I’m royally screwed.

“What scares you the most?” Calum grins as we line up to enter the Halloween Horror Nights.
“Jump scares? Which is why I didn’t want to come with you, fucking prick.” I roll my eyes as I rub my hands along my upper arms. I hadn’t been this nervous is months, maybe even years.

“Oh, yeah. You’re in the wrong place then. I thought you hated clowns?” He raises an eyebrow and as he finishes his sentence, I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up in complete and utter fright.
“Are you trying to inform me that there might be a clown jump scaring me?”

“Well, there’s always a distinct possibility, Y/n. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Calum slings his arm over my shoulder and I scoff loudly, almost wanting to push him away but feeling more at ease with him in such a close vicinity. And maybe, just maybe I’m enjoying this a bit too much.
“Oh please. As soon as Pennywise shows up you’re a goner.” I chuckle at his mock hurt face, but soon my smile is wiped off of my own as I see we’re next in line.

“I’m going to murder you if I survive this.” I hear Michael snigger behind me and I turn around with the harshest glare I can muster. “I hope Freddy Krueger is here to get you.”
“Low blow, Y/N. It’s zombie apocalypse based anyway.” Michael mutters and I smirk triumphantly, winking at Ashton before I turn back around. “You guys, it isn’t real. We’ll forget about it like an hour after we’ve come out of this shit.” Luke tries to comfort me as he smiles down at me, but I’m not buying it.

“Have you ever seen Andy and Amy’s Haunted House? Where Ellen Degeneres decided to fuck some co-workers? That Andy guy, that’s me. And I’m not even scared of the Walking Dead.”
My eyes cast upwards when I hear a shrill shriek resonate through the human scattered area, my eyes glancing over the bold lettering of Universal Studios.

“That was hilarious.” Calum mutters with an amused grin, but as closer as I walk to the entrance my amusement dies down. I feel Luke’s hands rest on my shoulders as he gives me soft squeeze when I stop mid walk. “It sucks when someone makes you stop thinking and you agree to stupid shit, huh?” Luke whispers before he pushes me forward and I groan, regretting ever confiding in Luke.

I trail behind the boys, in hopes of not having to deal with any jump scares. My tactic included letting them squeal like little girls while I laugh, because I would’ve already seen it coming. I could feel my heart rate increasing as the boys walked a bit further, my eyes darting in every direction in search for a crack someone might leap through. Because of this fascination, I didn’t pay attention to the more obvious zombies – and I considered them props anyway – which seemed to be a very, very bad thing for me to do.

It’s not even in my face, but when I see the movement in the corner of my eye I already shriek so loud the boys stop in their tracks and whip around as if I were being murdered. I’m pressed against the wall, my heart visibly beating in my chest as I stare the character down.

There is a zombie, eyes wide and a wicked grin on his face, groaning in my face. I swear that the people that take on these jobs just love seeing people pee their pants – although if it weren’t me I’d probably pee myself laughing as well. But when I’m on the receiving end I’m anything but thankful for his exquisite performance.

I feel warm fingers slip in between mine and I jump in my spot again, eyes wide but heartrate slowing just the slightest bit when I feel the tug and see Calum sympathetically smile in my direction. “Come on.”

“I hate you for this.” I whisper, my eyes darting in every direction as I hide behind Calum’s rather tall frame. Calum humourlessly chuckles, I’m sure he’s thriving on my anxiousness right now. “This is a house?” I mumble when I stick my head from behind Calum, seeing we had passed the hallway and were now entering a bath room.

“Zombies are in homes too, Y/n.” Calum shrugs as he steps beside me, his gaze, just as mine, scanning the perimeter for any jump scares. “Where are the boys?” Before Calum can answer me though, two zombies suddenly jump out of the bath tub, sheet roughly pulled to the side as they make a bee line for me. A loud shriek leaves my lips and I use Calum as a shield. He realises what he has to do and walks to the other side of the room with me behind him, through the door and away from the two characters.

“Fucking hell.” I feel my nails digging into Calum’s waist and he is tense as well, though doesn’t make any sound. We’re in the living room now, a few zombies loitering around. They turn their heads as we make an appearance and start towards us. I’m not scared of those though, as I can see them advancing towards me. Calum circles us around the sofa and I had seen him before Calum has, and I completely throw him off guard when the loudest yell to be produced by me leaves my lips.

There’s one on the ground, his legs seemingly cut off but that doesn’t mean he isn’t damn fast. He crawls towards Calum is record speed and before I realise it, Calum is pressed against the fake fire place behind me, his eyes wide and trained on the zombie. I burst into hysterics, almost bend over double as I try to contain my giggles to a minimum. “Why the fuck are you laughing?” Calum growls as the zombie backs away and Calum almost makes a beeline for the exit door, towards the kitchen.
“That’s called desperate laughter.” I stumble behind him, my hand curling around Calum’s tensed biceps when I press my cheek against his black shirt.

“Remind me to not ask you to join my squad when the apocalypse is near.” Calum grumbles, sticking his head into the kitchen and sighing when he sees the coast is clear – you’d think we’d know better by now.
I see the creak of what I think is a storage room and I know one is going to pop out when we walk past that, and I’m pretty proud of myself for noticing before it has happened. This is the last room of this personal hell and I can’t wait when I see the darkness of the night again.

And of course, being so focused on that exit, I forgot to think about the table. As soon as the hand curls around my ankle, along with the gorgling sound when his face comes into view, I leap into the air so high my arms are tightly around Calum’s neck and my legs are slung over his hips. “No, fucking – no!”
“You don’t do that!” I yell down at the now grinning zombie man and Calum laughs along with him.

Calum carries me out the door and I let out a sigh of relief when I see it’s over. I jump off of his back and dust myself off, keeping my eyes glued to the floor because to be honest, I’m completely and utterly ashamed with myself. Calum starts walking towards the general direction of people – actual people, not props, zombies or characters – and I jump to keep up with him. I curl my hand around his arm again, because somehow I feel like this isn’t over yet.

“I’m sorry I dragged you into this. I’ll treat you on a date.” Calum says in such a nonchalant manner; I don’t even register the words when they’re first spoken. “What?”
“Do you want to go on a date?” Calum seems a lot less confident now that he has to repeat his words. He trails a crack in the concrete beneath our feet with the tip of his rattled old sneaker.

“Well, that depends. Are you dragging me to another one of these haunted houses? Then I’ll thankfully recline.” I grin as I punch his shoulder, walking away from him, but slowly enough to give him time to catch up to me. “I’ll make sure I won’t.” Calum laughs as he throws his arm around my shoulder, both of us walking up to the others who we sort of had lost as soon as the first zombie jumped in my face. “Then, yes, I would like that.” I grin up as we stop right in front of Luke and Ashton, who are laughing at my expense. I didn’t mind the slightest bit.

Today I saw a guy who couldn’t have been more than eleven years old approach a girl on the bus. He cracked his knuckles and released a string of words in one incessant breath.

‘Hi I think you’re really pretty I was wondering if you’d go out with me it’s okay if you say no I don’t mind but I’d like to so I thought I would ask I hope that’s okay.’

She let out a wind chime laugh that twinkled in the breeze while all her friends surrounded her, laughing too but with much less charm, desperately trying to keep their sides from splitting.

'Um… How about, no fucking way?’

People like this live among us like leeches.

The leeches are the reason you meet the greatest person in the world and spend six months trying to decipher whether them chucking a pen at you was an expression of their irrevocable love and you can’t just fucking askbecause, oh god, oh god, what would you do if they were cruel?
They are the reason you meet the greatest person in the world and attempt to confess your infatuation by brushing someone’s arm in a crowded corridor and you can’t just fucking tell thembecause oh god, oh god. What would you do if they stood there and laughed?

Look at what they have done. Look at where we are. The fear of rejection is insidious in us as a people. We forgive the worst members of our society because they claim they can’t tell the difference between the word 'no’ and 'playing hard to get’. We know they know the difference because we all know the fucking difference but we are trapped in our own logical fallacy. Feelings aren’t evidence when you can’t explain them and we can’t deny the phenomena of pretending not to want the people we love.
How did we ever get to be this way?

—  #156-excerpts from the book I’ll never write
Book of Mormon Sweden

I saw the Swedish Book of Mormon production yesterday and it was great. It was well-polished, the ensemble was amazing, the theatre was pretty small so it had a great intimate feeling and the crowd was awesome (lots of cheering and applause; and Swedes are usually pretty hard to get going like that tbh :P) They’d make some slight changes/tweaks, but I honestly thought they were for the better.

Linus Wahlgren’s Elder Price is very similar to Rannells (and he’s got such a good voice), and Per Andersson’s Elder Cunningham was surprisingly restrained, awkward and sweet. Anton Lundqvist’s Elder McKinley was a total scene-stealer. Samantha Gurah was a bit anonymous but charming as Naba, but her Hasa Diga reprise was amazing. Overall, the entire ensemble was amazing and it seemed like they really had fun on stage.

Also, a few details:

  •  There were a couple of new sentences thrown in in the airport scene to introduce the “not allowed to drink coffee or tea” thing.
  •  Elder Poptarts became Elder “Cheerios” in the Swedish production. :-P Probably because that’s a known American brand here; Poptarts are not. 
  •  Joseph Smith slapped Price’s ass during the All-American Prophet – Wahlgren made a thing of wincing and rubbing his ass. I don’t remember seeing it happen in the West End production, at least?
  •  Man Up was staged differently. There were no monsters on stage, probably to avoid the awkward thing with hitting the sword in the right spot? Instead there were monsters on the screen behind them that Cunningham destroyed by “blowing them up” with his hand. Also, there were huge penises flashing on the screen occasionally, and the “tough Elders” that danced in the background had leather wests and leather police hats; bondage vibes.  
  •  Spooky Mormon Hell Dream had very similar choreography, but different costumes. Satan had a red formal suit and a more distinguished vibe. Elder McKinley had a much more prominent role, where there was a bit of a “big reveal” before he took center stage and danced for a longer period than in the West End production. It was great.  
  •  McKinley leaned in for a kiss, but it was after waking Kevin up at the bus stop and not at the covered-in-blood scene. It was very popular with the audience.  
  •  Wahlgren messed up a line/his brain froze during the coffee shop scene and he simply said “eat shit!” to keep up the flow, I suppose. :P It was followed by a surprised silence and then the audience cracked up (most of them probably not knowing it was a mistake). Then there was a pause before Andersson kind of snapped “no, YOU eat shit”, while made Wahlgren break character and laugh for a while. The audience loved it (and I loved it). 
  •  "In the I am here for you"-scene right at the end, Wahlgren and Andersson leaned in so close to each other while Wahlgren was singing that they ended up doing Eskimo kisses to mess around a bit; then Andersson took it further and almost dipped Wahlgren while doing more Eskimo kisses. 
Tokioto’s relationship evolution

Because of the fact how many around Otoya is happening I thought it will be good moments to see how Tokiya and Otoya relationship changed by all this years. It is really amazing to see how these two got so close ahhhhhh. ahjkahakhaka

Look it started like that:

season 1

-They weren’t really close and Tokiya saw Otoya more like annoying or bother…And Otoya’s cutie charm… didn’t even work at him…!!!!!! (how possible?!) 

- Look how cold he was towards baby puppy…

Even Otoya himself sees this.. 

- But even then in the end of season it is Otoya who try to reach for Tokiya and understand him and also Tokiya tries to contact with his roommate and explain everything…

season 2

- We don’t see them that often but can notice they are muvch closer

I mean Otoya’s reacts like that for Tokiya:

- And when Otoya invited him for his little festival in his orphanage Tokiya tsun says he will not come… but…

of course he arrived. :D With all his talk how Otoya should say him when he has some worries

plus maaaaaan he gave him such look //////////// melt :D (it is man in love ////)

season 3 

-O.k the most significant the fact that for Otoya tokiya is.. personification of… word cool. :D So he tries copy him. Plus also it is very visible that Tokiya is less annoyed by dorky behavior of Otoya :D and for him it become kind of natural. :D and he got kind of patient. :D Awwwwww. :D 

And season 4…

which season 4 is now like really Tokioto fest :D happy :D (and it is still not the end) 

It started with:

-Otoya was all worried about his duet song with Eichi and… Tokiya was the one who support him as first. He was not annoyed or cold…

He was genuinely supporting him. So warm. :D 

- Look also how amazingly Tokiya talks about OToya…

And most importantly what reaction of Otoya it gives (oh Otoya you are so obvious, plus ahjahjak Otoya blushed already few time for Toki /////, just saying) 

- and then there is all Otoya’s arc… which gives us totally new face of Tokiya, so truly caring and worried an dhjahajhak such precious protective boyfriend… 

- He is sooooo sensitive and observant towards every word or behavior of Otoya… 

- And he is really scared when he thinks something could happened to his precious sunshine…

- He wnet even to Eichi to get to know what really happened… And for me it is really soooooo meaningful that in this ep it is Tokiya who tries to make Otoya back and save him… He is his the most close person. Even it their relationship started kind of cold they grown so close from that moment it become something natural. Ahhh. 

- really Tokiya’s eyes in ep 10 were so ajahakjhakjhaj so full of feels, fear, worries… so real. Like totally different person than cold Tokiya we saw at beginning. 

- He even made his little investigation to get to know about Otoya and understand him. 

-And really he is so so so concerned and do soooooooooooo many for his little sunshine, it is really beautiful… 

- He really wants to reach Otoya’s hand how it was shown in symbolic way in Starish song for Otoya….

And I really believe he will. Go, go Tokiya you are Otoya’s knight in shinning armor he is waiting for you cutie. Look how far you went? You can overcome everything. :D 

Stood Up

Prompt:  Peter Hale request! Prompt: Just got stood up on a date by a long term boyfriend,angry and about to leave, you run into Peter Hale. *I’ve never requested an imagine before,so i don’t know if i did it right sorry! And thank you if you get to it! xo”

Word Count: 636

A/N: I loved this request so much! And I’m thinking about making it into a fanfiction, so thoughts please?

Warnings: Fluff, Peter being super freaking charming and smooth omg. etc.

Requested by;  lydiawonderlost

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[ Request: Jax smut where he admits his love after a break up with a boyfriend (feelings reciprocated) ] 

You threw your keys at the wall, slinging your boots off and throwing your purse to the ground all in one swift motion. You had just had the day from hell, and your dumbass boyfriend has just made it worse. Or maybe I should say ex-boyfriend, you thought to yourself. The dick had dumped you via text less than an hour ago. Not that you really cared all that much. You weren’t exactly dating Prince Charming by any means. He was just somebody to pass the time with. But the fact that he had dumped you with a text message after a little over a year together coupled with your shitty day at work just pissed you off. You needed a drink, and you needed it fast.

You stomped your way to the kitchen, hoping to God you had something stronger than beer to drown your sorrows. You ripped open your cabinets, quickly searching through them for any sign of hard liquor. Then your eyes landed on a black-label bottle of whiskey. 

You snatched the bottle out of the cabinet, a wicked smile stamped across your face. You were determined to forget this entire day had ever happened.


“Jesus Christ,” Jax muttered to himself as he took in the scene formerly known as your living room. There were bottles scattered everywhere, and the place was a wreck. He could hardly make out the sofa underneath the massive pile of neglected laundry. He took in a deep breath and shook his head. He knew his work was cut out for him this time. 

Jax had known you for as long as he could remember. You were like family to him. Hell, Gemma jokingly called you her daughter on more than one occasion. Jax had been with you through practically everything. All the ups and downs. All the heartbreaks. All the high school drama, followed by all the real adult drama. Jax had been with you through all the changes that life had brought about. But through all the years of friendship, one thing had remained the same. Jax was irrevocably, incredibly, heartbreakingly in love with you. And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. 

He knew you loved him. But the way you loved Jax and the way Jax loved you were two totally different kinds of love. You loved Jax, as a friend. Jax was in love with you. And he knew he could never tell you that. You had brought home boyfriend after boyfriend, and Jax had met them all. Jax had also hated every single one of them. He knew they weren’t right for you. None of them were good enough for you. Especially not the last one. Jax had hated the guy ever since you had introduced them. He knew the two of you would break up eventually, and judging by the current state of your living room and your liver, Jax assumed that time had come.

“Y/N?” he called, cautiously stepping further into the house, dodging piles of clothes and old liquor bottles as he went. He peered down the hallway, towards your bedroom. “Hey, Y/N!” 

You opened your eyes and groggily stared at your celling. Your head pounded, and your body ached. Why you had decided attempting to drink an entire fifth of whiskey in one night was a good idea, you couldn’t remember now. 

“In here,” you moaned, clutching your head in your hands and willing it to stop aching. 

Jax followed the sound of your voice. “You alright?” he asked as he stepped into your room. He let out a light laugh as he took in the sight of you. “You look pretty rough,” he told you with a smirk. Truthfully, he still thought you looked beautiful, even hungover and with messy hair. 

You sighed and cracked a weak smile as you looked at your best friend. “I’m good.” 

Jax grinned. “Wanna get some coffee?”

You nodded your head slowly. “Please and thank you.” 


“So what’s the deal with you and what’s-his-name?” Jax asked, taking a drag of his cigarette.

The two of you were sitting outside TM. Jax had been crashing at your house every night for the last few days, basically ever since he found you in your drunken stupor. He told you it was to keep you company, but you had your suspicions that he had other reasons.

“What do you mean?” you asked, taking the cigarette from his hands and taking a long drag.

Jax watched you for a moment. “Come on, Y/N,” he leaned forward, placing his arms on the table that separated you two, “Don’t lie to me.” 

You sighed loudly. You had known this conversation was coming. Jax wasn’t one to just let things go. But you didn’t want to deal with it. Not now. Not ever, really. 

“He dumped me,” you answered matter-of-factly. “About a week ago.” You took another long drag of the cigarette between your fingers and stared into Jax’s blue eyes. “Haven’t talked to him since.” 

Jax nodded his head, taking his cigarette back from you. “Sorry to hear that.”

A small, satisfied smirk spread across your lips. You narrowed your eyes and shook your head as you looked at Jax. “I’m not.” 

Jax raised his eyebrows, a smirk now forming on his own lips. He shook his head and let out a deep sigh. “Well,” he said, taking one last drag off his cigarette before putting it out. “That makes two of us then.”


“Jax,” you moaned. You couldn’t get enough of the feel of Jax’s lips pressed to your skin. He gave your thighs a squeeze. His lips curled up into a smirk. He loved hearing the sound of his name coming from your lips. 

He kissed his way up from your thighs back to your lips. He wanted to kiss every part of your body, run his hands over every curve, every inch of your skin. He had waited so long for this moment, and now that it was finally here, he wanted to savor every moment. He longed to feel more of you. 

“Jax,” you breathed, pulling him closer to you. 

Everything had happened so fast. You and Jax were talking, then suddenly you were clawing at each other’s clothes. Before you knew what happened, you found yourself in his bed, your bodies pressed together, your limbs tangled up. You fit together so perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. Like you belonged together all along. 

“Say my name,” he whispered into your ear. You felt a shiver run down your spine. You needed to feel more of him. 

“Jax.” You pulled at his hips. You wanted him more than you had ever wanted anything before. You needed him like a drug. You wanted to feel every part of him. 

Jax’s strong hands gripped your hips. He worked his way between your thighs and spread your legs apart with his knees. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” he breathed, pressing a kiss to your neck. You let out a satisfied moan as he entered you for the first time.


You stood in front of Jax’s bed, pulling on last night’s clothes that had just been scattered on his bedroom floor mere moments before. Jax was at the front of the clubhouse. You had sent him to get coffee while you showered and got dressed. You had woken up this morning, lying naked in the arms of your best friend. You needed a few moments alone to gather your thoughts. 

You ran through all the events of last night in your mind. It had been the best and quite possibly the most confusing night of your life. You weren’t sure how you felt about what happened or what you thought just yet. Hell, you weren’t sure how it all even happened. You hadn’t had much time to think about it all. All you knew was that you were the happiest you had been in years. And that’s all you cared about at the moment. You would figure everything else out later.

“I think I’m in love with you,” Jax blurted, snapping you back to reality. 

You looked up to see Jax standing in the doorway of his room. He had been watching you for several minutes, but you were so lost in your own thoughts that you hadn’t even noticed. Your eyes grew wide as your mind processed what Jax had just said. “What?”

His lips formed a smirk, but his hands shook with nerves. “You heard me.”

You watched him for a moment, feeling as if all the air had just been knocked out of you. You couldn’t believe the words that had just escaped Jax’s lips. You had secretly wanted to hear him say those words for years, but you never expected that he ever would. And now that he finally had, you couldn’t even form a response. You were left speechless.  

Jax swallowed hard and smiled nervously. “Now would be a really good time for you to say something, babe.” 

Your face broke out into a smile. “I think I love you too,” you said breathlessly. 

Jax’s face erupted into a grin. “Thank God.” He crossed the room and wrapped his muscular arms around your waist. “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that for longer than you know, babe.” He placed a kiss on top of your head. Everything was finally falling into place, and Jax couldn’t be happier.

AU where the media really follow Piper, and obviously latch onto her relationship with Jason. So during an interview, she gets asked about him, and as a joke answers, “He’s my gal pal.”
Using charm speak, ofc, so in the tabloids, he’s always “Piper McLean’s Gal Pal”
And he gets asked about it, and like it was a joke, but he didn’t know, so Jason tells the press something like,
“Well, I think Piper called me that to make an important point about heteronormativity. You see, because we’re a male/female couple you assumed that we had a romantic relationship, when if we were the same sex, given the same evidence, you would have assumed we had a platonic relationship.” (And he just keeps going)
And Piper’s watching Jason’s interview, cracking up, but also like nodding along, because it makes a nicer story than her primary motivation of “fuck with the media”, and that all of her rants about women’s rights really taught him something

Also in this AU, they get married and Jason takes Piper’s last name, and there’s just a boatload magazines with pictures of Jason grinning with “Mr. McLean” or “The New McLean” printed on the cover, and a quote reading like, “I’m just so happy she actually married me, I’m just amazed.”
And again he’d get asked about changing his name instead of her’s, and he tells them something about the system and how it reflected a time when women were property, etc.
Piper, again nods along, when her real main reason was Piper Grace sounded dumb but Jason McLean didn’t.

When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair.
—  Taylor Swift