i thought he was gonna cry at this bit


McDonalds in Taiwan made an advert where a son comes out as gay to his father. The video shows the son having written “I like men” on his cup, and his dad walks off. His dad then comes back with a coffee of his own, and after a bit of time, he takes his son’s cup and pen, and writes, making the sentence “I accept that you like men”. The last line in the advert reads “let your words have warmth”.

Some touching YT comments:

^ “didn’t think that the last few seconds would make my cry”

^ “support gay marriage!!!!!”

Then we get on to the less touching but funnier comments:

^ “I thought the dad was gonna add ‘also’”

^ “who comes out of the closet at McDonalds”

^ “I thought the dad was going to 7-11 to get a hot dog and fulfill his son’s request!!!”

^ “I also thought the dad was gonna get chips…”

^ “the male lead is so handsome lolololol”

And my personal favourite:

Ponyboy "Ponybaby" Curtis

I know a lot of y'all here on tumblr (and a few of my other friends too) constantly shit on Ponyboy for being a “crybaby.” And I’m not gonna lie, I used to as well. I was just watching the Outsiders and I thought of this:

Ponyboy has been through a hell of a lot of stuff. And I know people argue (me as well) “oh so has Johnny, but look at him! He doesn’t cry and bitch as much as Pony!” But here’s the thing: Ponyboy had been through a lot in such a short timespan. Yet, so had Johnny. But Johnny had become numb to all of it because of the things he went through daily and also a daily reminder of his dark past. Ponyboy has had a pretty good past, Darry and Soda tried their best to make sure it was that way, and things started falling apart so fast.

Yes, Ponyboy is sensitive, but it’s solely due to the fact that he just isn’t used to so much change. And that’s an element in the book (and movie): change is hard, but it’s something that you just have to go through. Change happens, but it ultimately strengthens you.

Although I say this, it’s still fun to joke around saying that he’s a crybaby. But I have a newfound respect for him. I can tell that after the book ended, (assuming he’s real) he developed into a person who could cope with change and become stronger with change.

Doffy’s eyes...

For One Piece 791.

You expected to see Doffy’s eyes since OP790?
You wanna see Doffy’s eyes? Really?
I did some painting to see what he’s gonna be with showing eyes.

This is Doffy.

Well, glasses broken?
He’s maybe like this.

Or this with similar Corazon’s eyes.

Or with charming eyelashes?

Or sexy eyelid?

Or …. (after I done this …. I thought of chopper a bit. *crying*)

Or maybe actually his eyes got Haki.

Yes, his sunglasses are so strong till we think he may got Haki on his eyes.
Or his sunglasses ARE his eyes.
OR actually the sunglasses ate Devil Fruit and made Doffy from its power.
(Those are funny jokes from OP community I heard. haha.)

Well… I didn’t give him eyebrows because from his face structure, looks like he does not have them (based on Corazon’s face, too).

Maybe it’s good to leave Doffy with his beloved sunglasses.

PS1. omg…. I’m so sorry for Doffy’s fan out there but I really laughed off when did these set.
PS2. I even thought of Usopp’s eyes —- well… let’s leave it at that.

EDIT: Extra Doffy cat here.


here comes the pain:

  • cutest husband award goes to……SOONYOUNG!!!!!!!
  • no he’s seriously the cutest and the cheesiest and also the hype-est
  • remember that one episode on andromeda.. .. …
  • where he was like he’d make kids until he cant anymore… .. .
  • ;; im just gonna leave that here
  • moving on
  • but the thought of waking up next to soonyoung made me cry
  • “morning wife” OMG NO HUSBAND NOT TODAY
  • but imagine being serenaded by soonyoung :,) i cant do this i have exams tomorrow guys pls
  • “do u want me to sing you to sleep”
  • like u know his voice is like heaven i want to swim in it
  • many aegyo
  • and did i mention cheesiest husband
  • “why are you so pretty?”
  • “if i were a stop light i’d turn red everytime i pass you so just i can stare at u a bit longer”
  • “did u invent the airplane? cause u seem wright for me gET IT JAGI”
  • “i was feeling a bit off today, but u definitely turned me on AYYYYY”
  • “you look co - “
  • “ok that means we should cuddle come here”
  • when u told him ur pregnant he’s gonna be a little ball of hyperactive sunshine can u imagine
  • “OH YMIDOFHDHFJJDKB” he’ll make some inhuman noise like that
  • when theyre born he’s gonna be so careful like he’d hold them carefully and just do everything so carefully
  • “omg its our kid!!!! u and i made this i cant process this”
  • “ok hold on!!!! they’re holding my hand GET THE CAMERA ANY CAMERA”
  • would teach them how to dance as soon as ur kids can walk properly
  • back hugs;;;;
  • front hugs
  • side hugs
  • many hugs
  • i can also see him playing the mafia game with his kids NOOOOO SO CUTE
  • also remember that its not always gonna cosists of cute times…… . .. ..but also . .. ….u know… .. …hot timEs
  • “do u think we can make one more kid” i can see him saying this
  • and idk why but suddenly a vision of soonyoung wearing tux popped into my head WTFWHWGRJR
  • he’s so attractive i cant do this today pls i need to figure who’s my bias
  • random slow dance to a beat up song at 5 in the morning
  • all ur kids cringe at u both bc OMG PARENTS STOP BEING SO CHEESY but they secretly love it reminds them true love still exists :,)
  • random i love u
  • like when ur in a grocery store looking at some snacks and he’d just stare lovingly at u while holding ur hand like “i love u” and kiss ur knuckles YOU CANT HELP BUT BLUSH FURIOUSLY SOONYOUNG PEOPLE CAN SEE US
  • and he’s just like idc and still looking at u with that 10:10 eye smile LIKE NOOOOOOO ICANT FOCUS I SHOULD BE BUYING SNACKS and ppl around would be like omg this young couple
  • basically he’s so cute and loves u with all of his heart and he also likes to do random things that shows his love to u and say cheesy pick up lines that makes u flustered and DO ALL THE CUTESY THINGS WITH U and also all the things he’s been dreaming
  • contact me if any of these things above dont matched or if u need to add some things up
  • in case u happened to marry him i hope this post is a good head start u never know thank me later y’all

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Shall we date?: pirates

He is the captain of The ship, and despite looking older he is in his 20s. My favourite bit was when most crew members got sick and MC thought she was gonna die, Drake started crying and was like “No don’t die and leave me alone” ^^ so far he’s the only that’s cried. (I like guys that cry earnestly ^^). He sees MC as a younger sister when they get to know each other however as the story progresses they fall in love and Drake leaves his pirate days behind to be with her on land after they marry in happy ending.


Nick Jonas Accepts DREAM Award at DRLCs FDR Dinner

“It is a troubling thing to have to think about this 24/7. When you’re 6 years into it, It does become easier, and you do learn how to manage it. But it still makes you think, "Why me? Why was this given to me?”. I’m the only one of four brothers who has diabetes. I asked that question every night when I went to bed first couple months of being diagnosed, “Why was this given to me?” and I know now, six years later. So I could speak to young people and just share my story, it’s nothing more than that. So, receiving an award for it and being told it’s encouraged other people is blessing and amazing. But it’s really just me, telling a story about something I went through in my life.“

A Poison that Never Stung

Final Chapter

“Have I told you I loved you today?”

Loki scrunched his nose like he was giving the question serious thought as he came to a stop in front of Thor. “Only like, thirty times I think. Maybe thirty-five.”

Thor frowned in mock-disappointment. “Damn, I’ve been slacking.”

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