i thought he was cute in this so i looked him up and was surprised to see it was stan!

SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 3

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A/N: Um don’t act like this gif doesn’t make you fucking weak cause I’m 100% shook. Also pls enjoy this part, still setting up everything before it gets really juicy 💖 (and it’s about to get really juicy)

← Part 2

You woke up alone. You were about to rub your eyes until you realized you still had makeup on from last night. Instead, you sat up and allowed your body to wake up a little more. Dangling your legs off the side, you slipped off the bed. The plush carpeting welcomed your feet and you sleepily made your way to the kitchen. Upon entering, you saw Sebastian seated at the island, with a plate in front of him and a full glass of orange juice. There was another empty plate and a glass of orange juice beside him, which you assumed was for you.

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Sparks Chapter 13

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go to a children’s birthday party! Bucky’s arm getting poked and prodded by little toddlers. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

What We Created (8)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 2,406

Warning: fluff, a whole bunch of fluff to make up for the angst :D

A/N: A better and longer part lol.. sorry the crap that part 7 is. The part where Sebastian and the reader kiss in bed is totally from a Stalia scene. I couldn’t resist! It was so cute! 2 parts left!

What We Created Masterlist 

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Seeing Their Ideal Type At A Concert

Requested by anonymous- Also, I’m sorry if it’s dumb and horrible and not what you were looking for. I’ve never done one of these before. I did some looking around and made this to the best of my abilities. I’m pretty sure I wrote these longer than most of the reactions I’ve seen, and less open ended and more story like, but that’s just how I roll. They kinda ended up almost more like mini drabbles lol. Scenarios? Whatever. Also, I felt incredibly cheesy writing these. So much cheese. 


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Your banner caught his eye first. A huge sign with his face saying “He’s our only hope!” (Kek) He walked over, prepared to give a bit of fan service, when he sees you. He thinks you are so pretty, and practically falls in love with your smile. He’s thrilled to see that you’re here for him when he notices your shirt with his face. He sends you finger hearts and his signature sun smile. He see’s that you and your friends are keeping up with even the more complicated dances, and notices by your movements that there is no way you are not a dancer. Suddenly this boy who was born extra, becomes extra X9000. Tongue is out, hips are thrusting, and he’s spending as much time on your side of the stage as possible. Unbeknownst to you, his whole performance has become about making you smile as much as possible. He catches the flower crown you throw onstage and wears it for the rest of the concert. As he leaves the stage at the end of the night, he makes a mental note to take a selca with the crown in the hopes that he’d see you comment. 


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(I would like to take a quick moment to say I’ve felt the power of his smirk while looking into my eyes. It’s no joke when I say it’s a life changer)

Yoongi’s stage presence is well known for being powerful and charismatic. So it was no surprise to you that your eyes kept being drawn to him again and again. What did surprise you was the feeling that he was actually looking right back. Several times he come over and did his lines while looking right into your eyes, and holy shit, was that a smirk? You tried not to get excited, knowing full well it was most likely fan service. What you didn’t know, however, was that he was just LOVING how into the music you were. You even kept up with his rap lines. He could see by your blush that you knew the grin was for you, so he decided to have fun teasing you for the rest of the night. Just when he thought you couldn’t get more perfect, instead of turning into a sobbing fangirl from the attention, you started teasing him back. You fan yourself when he’s thrusting his hips at you, roll your eyes whenever he says something cheesy, and pretend to puke when he does aegyo. His gummy grin came out in full force when you threw him a devil horn headband, and you raised your eyebrows at him in challenge. He prances around in the headband and the crowd is loving it. Too soon, the night is over. Two weeks later, you find a new comment on one of your youtube covers… MYG comments: ”The music’s not bad devil girl.”


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Namjoon was greeting the crowd when he saw you, and stumbled over his words for a moment. You were stunning. If tumblr was a person, it would be you (I crack myself up). He spent most of the night hanging around your side of the stage, doing all kinds of silly things to make you smile, talking to the crowd as much as he could get away with. He knew he was supposed to be professional and pay attention to everyone, but he just couldn’t help himself. He was pleased when he saw you get excited and sing along with his parts, and thought it was cute when you tried to rap. At the end of the night, he made sure to lock eyes with you as he was saying goodbye to the crowd and gave you one of his famous dimpled winks. Fast forward a few months later, and the boys are looking over profiles for a model to be the love interest in their new music video. Namjoon’s shocked expression has everyone looking at the profile in his hand. “This one.” he growls. It’s you. 


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He sees a huge poster of him in a puppy costume in the crowd. It makes him laugh so he looks down at the fans holding it and is shocked. You were perfect. Suddenly, he wants to do nothing but impress you. Goodbye puppy Jimin, hello Adonis. This boy is being completely disrespectful and there are way more body rolls, lip bites, and clothes being pulled off than there was supposed to be. He threw his shirt at you, and you caught it, shocked and blushing, while he grins. The night ends, and you leave a changed person, a Jimin stan for life. You are so worked up you film yourself dancing to Jimin’s solo Lie, and post it on youtube.  A few days later, it’s being retweeted by none other than BTS’s twitter. In your messages you find something from someone with a private profile. “Are you wearing my shirt right now? ;) (I’m sorry, he just seems like he would totally fuk boi text, ya know?)


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This boy would notice you right away and turn into a blushing mess. Until the music starts, that is. Suddenly he’s serenading you, and smirking, and just being charismatic AF. You were a little older than him and weren’t even a Jungkook stan, but you kept feeling yourself being pulled in his direction. He certainly moved his body in a way that suggested he knew what he was doing. Soon it was you that was a blushing mess and he loved it. You threw the plushie monkey on stage that you had actually meant for another member and he was quick to snatch it up and wrap it around his neck. He spent the rest of the night with it like that, and when the concert was over and they went to their rooms, he had it in bed with him. Some time passed, and you’re performing an acoustic cover of one of your favorite love songs at a cafe, like you do every Saturday. When the song is over, one of the waitresses brings over some tea and tells you it’s been paid for. You look around, and there in the dark corner of the cafe is a person in a black face mask. He pulls it down and winks at you before putting it back. Jungkook has found you. 


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(The gif kinda explains where I’m going with this one lol)

Ah, Tae. With this boy you never know what you’re going to get. He’s either the most adorable thing to ever exist, or so hot a single glance will melt you into a puddle. When he sees you in the crowd, sex god Taehyung is activated. He’s looking into your eyes while licking his lips. Thrusting his hips, and dancing so incredibly amazing. He’s been pulling his shirt up so much you begin to wonder why he even still has it on. Towards the end of the night, you throw up the two plushies you’d brought for him. He picks them up quickly, and kisses one before giving it back to you with a wink. You both sleep with them that night. The next day you are so inspired (infires!) that you spend all day drawing. You post what you consider your greatest work, Taehyung in all his seductive glory, on tumblr and it seems to be well received. You get a message a few days later. “Do you really think I look like that? WOW. I think you’re pretty too.”


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This man is a born show person. So as soon as he spots you, looking gorgeous and wearing his jersey numbers, he decides to put on the best show of his life. He’s talking to the crowd, dancing his little heart out and singing like an angel. You laughed at all his ridiculous jokes and cried when he did his solo. You were obviously filming and taking pictures, so he made sure to make as much contact with you as possible. At the end of the night, he looks straight into your camera and gives you his famous flying kiss. Several months later, Jin is taking an acting class, to prepare for a drama he was considering trying out for. The teacher reads off names and puts them into groups for a project. As he walks over to his assigned group, he’s stunned, because there you are.

Lovesick Blues Part 3

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A/N: I might upload Nanny Daycare tomorrow.

Sebastian sat on his expensive leather chair in his large office, his hands running through his hair in frustration. He was frustrated because he didn’t know what was happening with his head. After almost a year of being single, his mind was wandering back to the greatness and stress free environment of a relationship. And not just a relationship with anyone, a relationship with Y/N perhaps. He knew that it was not the best of ideas, to date his own assistant. What would others say? What would she think? Would she reject, maybe thinking it’s very unprofessional?

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I’m trying to study! Part 7

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Bucky x Reader College AU 

Catch up here!


Hey, darlings! GUESS WHO’S BACK? That’s right, it’s the awesome (late, forgetful, tired) me! I’m so sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy this part! Also, new fics coming out next week ^^

I present, part six!

Word count: 1736

Warnings: fluff!!!

The crisp, clean hospital air filled up your lungs as you stepped into the building. Looking around, you noticed the walls weren’t as bare as you imagined they would be; instead, the interior were filled with colourful paintings and children’s drawings. Vases of flowers were scattered on all of the coffee tables and the nurses bore cheerful, inviting smiles. For once in your life, you actually felt happy while being in a hospital.

Turning to face your boyfriend, you sent him a small, reassuring smile. His eyes flitted nervously to meet yours, small droplets of sweat visible on his forehead. Taking his shaking hand in yours, you squeezed tightly in an attempt to calm him.

Bucky released a breath, clearing his throat slightly. “Hey, uh… t-thanks for being here with me. It means a lot to me, I hope you understand.”

You chuckled, pressing your lips to his cheek. “You have nothing to thank me for. You know I adore your mom, so even if you didn’t want to take me with you, I’d either force you to or break in here.”

Bucky laughed, instantly seeming at easy. “You’re right. Thank you… you always have this unique way of helping me.” The brunet leaned forward slightly and a strand of chocolate hair escaped from his man bun and fell down the side of his face. Heart leaping, you reached up and tucked it behind his ear with a small grin. Bucky mirrored your expression. Holding your hand tightly, he walked down the corridor of the hospital, towards his waiting mother.

Winfred Barnes’ room was a splash of colour. A bouquet of vibrant tulips rested in a glass jar on the small bedside table, a bunch of red, green and blue balloons were tied to her bedpost and the curtain on the window was laced with pink and yellow ribbons. A few get-well-soon cards were taped above the bed and a Star Wars blanket was draped over the bed, Han Solo’s handsome face staring out of it.

Winifred herself looked much better than you expected. She wasn’t hooked up to any machine and she looked like she normally did, except for the slightly pale shade of her face. As soon as she saw you and Bucky entering her room, a large smile spread out across her face and she extended her arms out invitingly. Bucky let go of your hand and immediately rushed to his mom’s side, enveloping her in a tight hug.

“Gosh, James!” She chuckled. “I can’t breathe!”

Bucky laughed and let go of her carefully and glanced back at you, waving his hand to make you do the same as he did. Giggling, you walked over and hugged the woman gently making her coo at you.

As you pulled away, Winnie held your shoulder to look at you.

“My, my, (Y/n)!” She crooned. “Look at you! You’re all grown up now. And you look gorgeous, unlike that hobo in the corner.”

You burst out laughing and Bucky huffed in mock offense.

“Come on, Ma”, he complained. “At least I brushed my hair this time!”

Winnie shook her head. “He always says that”, she told you. “Truth is, he hardly ever brushes that dead animal on his head.”

You laughed, shaking your head. “I quite like it, ma’am.”

Winnie’s eyes widened at your words. “You’re the first!”

Bucky nodded sarcastically, but a huge smile was painted on his face. Pulling away from Winifred, you gestured for Bucky to give his mom the gift that he was carrying with him. Handing it over, Bucky urged his mother to open it.

As soon as she did, she began to laugh and quickly concealed the homemade cupcakes. “Children, you do realize it’s against the hospital’s policy to sneak food in for patients?”

A mischievous smile appeared on your face. “Eh, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em, right?”

Winnie shook her head sent you a look of mock disappointment. “And here I thought that the two of you finally wised up…”

Bucky smirked. “Did you really expect that, Ma?”

Winnie rolled her eyes. “Well, you two were always the troublemakers. I’m so glad you are friends, because you certainly make other peoples’ lives interesting.”

You blushed slightly and looked down as Bucky came forward and gripped your hand.

“Actually, Ma… (Y/n) and I have something to tell you.”

Winifred’s eyes widened. “Wait, are you two…”

You smiled warmly, meeting Winnie’s pleasantly surprised gaze. “Yes, Mrs. Barnes. Bucky and I are dating.”

“Have been for about a month now”, Bucky added, turning to look at you.

You met his eyes and felt like you were drowning in the vast ocean of azure that they contained. In his beautiful blue eyes, you could see happiness and trust.

But the love that they held made your heart explode with feeling and you could immediately feel a huge blush spread across your cheeks. You knew that your own expression mirrored his and, lost in the moment, you felt your hand reach up and brush loose strands behind his ear, just like earlier. Bucky moved his hands to your hips, his intense gaze falling from your eyes to your lips. But before he could do anything else, someone cleared their throat, making you jump away. Looking at Winnie, you could see the jovial amusement in her eyes as she folded her arms across her chest.  

You avoided her eyes and wrung your hands slightly, you face resembling a tomato. Bucky was almost exactly the same.

“Oh, don’t mind me, kids”, the old lady chuckled. “You can carry on.”

“Um…no.” You coughed lightly.

Winifred laughed loudly, shaking her head. “You two are… what do you call it these days? Relationship desires?”

“Relationship goals”, Bucky corrected.

“Right. That’s what you are.”

You glanced at your watch and groaned. You had agreed to come home at three to help Natasha make cookies for Clint, and it was already two forty-five.

Meeting Bucky’s gaze, you pointed to your watch sadly. Bucky nodded in understanding.

“Sorry, Ma”, the brunet apologized, “but we have to go now. We’ll visit again soon, I promise.”

“I can’t wait”, Winnie grinned. “And I expect to hear all about your relationship, you hear me?”

Laughing, you nodded. “Thank you, ma’am. It was lovely to meet you.” Leaning down, you kissed her cheek and then hugged her.

Seeing that Winifred wanted a private word with Bucky, you pointed to the door. “I’ll be outside”, you told them with a smile. Bucky nodded and Winifred blew you a kiss, making you happily walk out.

It was evening time and Bucky and you were sitting on the roof of his apartment, eating (un)healthy snacks and talking quietly. You enjoyed spending time with Bucky this way, as both of you could express your inner thoughts to each other without fear of anyone hearing. It was both simple and romantic, just the way you liked it.

“Wait, no! Are you telling me that Gilbert didn’t deserve Anne?” Bucky questioned.

“Well, he did deserve her… all I’m saying is that he shouldn’t have been that rude to her, because honestly, come on! He was part of the reason Anne cut her hair!”

Bucky shook his head, wrapping his arm around you. “Come on, (Y/n), he was just kidding around. It wasn’t his fault.”

You rolled your eyes. “Uh huh, whatever you say.”

Bucky laughed at you. “But hey, it’s a great book. I really love it.”

You nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder with a soft sigh. Right there, right then, you felt like nothing could get better. The moment was perfect and there was no place where you’d rather be.

Bucky chuckled, looking at your dreamy expression, and placed a soft, lingering kiss on your forehead. You looked up at him with a soft smile.

“Did I ever tell you you’re handsome as hell?” You murmured.

Bucky blushed. “Many times… did I ever tell you you’re stunningly beautiful?”

You giggled bashfully, hiding your face in his neck. “Stop that.”

Bucky laughed, pulling you closer. “Stop what? Telling the truth?”

You chuckled breathily, lifting your head and staring up into his eyes. Bucky leaned down slightly, brushing his lips against yours, before you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and pulled him down properly, connecting your lips together in a passionate kiss. Bucky groaned slightly, squeezing your waist tightly with his strong arms, his tongue snaking past the barrier of your lips. You moaned, pressing yourself as close to Bucky as possible, electricity storming through the both of you.

Pulling away with a gasp, you leaned your forehead against his. Bucky breathed against your lips heatedly, an unsure emotion flashing in his eyes. A slight frown etched himself into your features but before you could ask what was wrong, Bucky whispered your name.

“Yes?” You questioned quietly, searching his eyes. Bucky cleared his throat and held your hands nervously.

“In the hospital, my mom wanted to talk to me… she wanted to talk about us.”

You heart hammered in your throat, your brain already conjuring up the worst.

“You know what she told me? She told me that the way we look at each other… it isn’t just us feeling attracted or ‘liking’ each other. She said that the emotion is… love.”

You felt ready to explode and your hand found its way to your mouth in shock.

“I…I guess what I’m trying to say is that… I l-love you, (Y/n). So much. I have loved you for a long time now, a long time before we started dating. I love you.”

Your stomach was squeezing itself into knots and you felt breathless, all the blood rushing to your head. After a few beats of silence, Bucky looked away, a clearly hurt expression on his face. However, before he could pull away completely, you gripped his hand and pulled him to you, smashing your lips together. Bucky made a surprised sound in the back of his throat but reciprocated nonetheless, your lips molding together in a perfect kiss.

Pulling away, your heart exploded in fireworks and your whole body filled with a pleasant warmth. Pulling Bucky flush against you, you leaned your forehead against his.

“I love you too, Bucky”, you whispered breathlessly. “More than anything. I. Love. You.”

Can’t I say that I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops…

What do you darlings think? Make sure to leave feedback, love you all :)

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“...Eomma Is Sad, Cheer Her Up!”

Requested by an anon. This cutie. 

Originally posted by clubeskimo

A secret, most secrets weren’t that big. He knew you were secretive and didn’t like to share secrets. He just assumed you had a bad past that you didn’t want to talk about. Many things came to his mind. At one point, he even questioned if you real name was your name and you weren’t some spy. Or maybe even a former or current gang or mafia member/leader.

But you weren’t hiding anything like that. You were hiding a human life. Your own flesh and blood. Because you were scared. Scared of what he would think of you. 

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Bump: Sebastian Stan imagine

Finding out that you were pregnant wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t like you or Sebastian where doing anything to protect against it. No condoms nor birth control, yet neither of you brought up even the idea of having a child.

You knew you were pregnant when you woke up one morning and it seemed like everything in you was nauseous and dull. You knew you had to be pregnant. Sebastian finding out was even a better moment. 

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Meeting Roman Reigns.

I went to the World of Wheels auto show in Rosemont today and met “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. To be honest with you straight up, I was never a huge Reigns fan. I preferred Ambrose in The Shield and always felt Roman receieved too bulletproof a push to the proverbial moon when the crowd reaction just wasn’t there. Fans in my own personal demographic (male, mid-late 20s, smarky) hate his booking and how inorganic his rise to the top has been. A stubborn, insistent Mr. McMahon loves “The Guy,” so he’s pushed as Superman babyface while the crowd boos. Would it be easier to satisfy fans and just turn him heel already, so the boos match his actions in the ring? Nope. And I learned why tonight.

For starters, Reigns is over like a motherfucker. There were, I would estimate, in the neighborhood of 650 people gathered trying to get a piece of the Roman Empire. I arrived to the convention center two and a half hours early, around 1:30 p.m., for a scheduled 4 p.m. signing. I didn’t get to shake his hand (forgot to shaka or fist pound, damn it) until about 6:15. And when I got out of the line, finally, there were about 300 people still waiting in line for a chance at meeting him. It’s funny: there were more men in line to meet him than just about any other demographic. Weird, right? When I met him, I actually jokingly apologized on behalf of my fellow adult male fans, and he also noted that there were more grown men there than anybody else. There were definitely tons of ladies, though. And kids. Reigns draws them all out, but yeah, especially surprised by all of “my people.” Including two guys, a man in his 30s and his elderly father, who would serve as my line buddies for the afternoon. It’s always nice meeting fellow marks, and these two were cutely mark-y. Hating the heels like they’re supposed to and such. It was wonderful.

I wanted to document a bit of the scene of a WWE autograph signing for those who couldn’t be there, or were on their way and wanted to see what they were getting into, so I took some short clips and posted them to my Twitter. Before I knew it, I was being retweeted by 20, 30, 40, 50 people and fan sites. Little 10-second videos I considered inconsequential to anything or anybody, were “liked” dozens of times. Fans – almost all female and younger than 21 – replied to my tweets with affirmation. It really opened my eyes to the fact that Roman Reigns is the most polarizing WWE Superstar since John Cena, and those who love him absolutely cherish him, while those who don’t like him will pay $20 on top of $15 parking just to boo him. (That particular contingent was uproariously minuscule, and I can probably count them on my two hands, and I’m sure they were half-joking because seriously, “hating” Roman Reigns is “cool” now, and the “in” thing to do. I’ll admit, I boo him because it’s fun. And, accordingly, I will cheer for him when he turns heel. Because of course.)

A word about those under-21s: I teach middle school girls on occasion, so I understand them. Plus, I have a sister; I grew up with a teenage girl. But, man, what a contingent of folks. The bombardment of notifications on my iPhone throughout the afternoon, after using just one hashtag (#worldofwheels, take a spin, if you will) was incredible. These girls run in packs, and like most women, they are something us men do not comprehend: They are “there for one another.” When one Roman fan speaks out, so do others. And it’s all positive stuff. The meat and potatoes of Roman’s fan base, at least socially speaking, are, I guess, a bunch of “stans.” And I mean that in the best possible way. Having been a part of my own group of wrestling fans my own age and gender, it has always been difficult to see outside that bubble of fandom. Today changed that. Although I didn’t meet one of these stans, I have to say, I dig the positivity. I dig the good vibes they send this particular wrestler. These aren’t people to bitch about booking or backstage nonsense, or what rumors they heard. They’re just loyal fans who get excited over the giant Samoan guy similar to the way girls got excited by those fab four British lads way back when.

The highlight of the night for me, beyond shaking The Guy’s hand, was meeting a mother, father, and 13-year-old son, who happened to have special needs and was thus on the opposite side of the stage, where those with special needs wait for Roman to come down to meet them individually. Long sentence there, but we’re really cooking now. What astounded me about this happening was just how loving these parents were to their son. The mother said something to the effect of, “[Meeting Roman Reigns] is going to make his day. It’s going to make my whole world.” And the boy stood there, so patiently, so excited. But so patiently. Surrounded by fellow marks for five hours, some of whom counted the minutes with the tap of a finger on the face of their watch, some of whom panicked over what kind of photo they were going to get with The Big Dog. But this boy was quiet and so respectful. Talking to him, giving him a high-five, telling him that he’s about to meet one of the coolest wrestlers I’d ever met (and get a totally terrific one-on-one photo with him, as well)… great stuff. It felt wonderful, witnessing this family do its thing, taking such pride in their little boy, whose birthday is tomorrow, whose day was about to be made by meeting his favorite Superstar. To him, Roman was a hero. To experience the sheer joy of that boy, again, top stuff.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, meeting a wrestler I honestly was on the fence about, proved quite fruitful today. I got to meet a new group of fans that thought entirely different than me, and with more positivity than comes with being a fan my age, and that’s just one takeaway. I also walked away with a greater appreciation for the guy behind The Guy – how charitable he was with his time, how happy he looked to be there, I could go on. I’ve invested a lot of time over the years meeting my share of wrestlers, and Roman Reigns is up there with the coolest of them all. So respect to him, and his fans, for today, today was pretty all right.

Oh Honey, I Don’t Share: Sebastian Stan.


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Warnings: Orgasm denial, dom!reader, sub!seb, dirty talk, jealousy, possessiveness, masturbation, teasing, begging, oral sex (Sebastian receiving). Semi-public blowjob. He has to try to be quiet. And no touching!! Praise. Needy Sebastian (like wow so needy). Semi role reversal, but not really.

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Happy you’re here (3/?)

Summary: You didn’t actually know who you were, rescued from H.Y.D.R.A, you suffered Dissociative Amnesia. The Avangers helped you, now was time for you to help Bucky.  

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,385 (Yeah)

Warnings: Cursing, FLUFF. violence, blood mention, torture mention, angst(??????)

A/N: LOOK AT THAT, ALREADY???? Yep, i’m truly bored, people seemed to have liked the last chapter, dunno, but the truth is that I just really wanted to write this part and some angst YEs HAtE mE, well I also got so carried away that I had to cut this part in two - maybe three -, or otherwise would’ve been like +3300 words, and i’m still writing! So yeah, there’s that. Oh fuck it, i’ll post it all. 

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Bucky couldn’t believe that you were able to fall asleep with your head on his shoulder. He couldn’t believe that you felt comfortable enough around him to grab his hand and place it on your tight so it was better for you to take a nap. He just… could not believe.

“Don’t look so scared, soldier.” Natasha said, sitting on his other side, making him place his metal arm closer to his chest. Her trained eyes didn’t lose that movement, she smirked at him before whispering “Steve called you, but since you’re busy… He was just going to tell you to watch over Y/N while we are in there, she’ll be staying with you.”

He just nodded with his head, feeling uncomfortable being around Natasha, but – weirdly – relaxed with you touching him.

Nat got up, strolling a piece of your hair out of your face and smiling gently at you, even though you were sleeping

“She’s a precious thing, isn’t she?” That was the first time he saw that true side of Natasha, the one with emotions and not calculated to be perfect and to analyze everyone and everything.

“She is.” Natasha straighten her shoulders, putting her mask again and going to talk with Steve about the mission and where they were landing.

His hand tighten in your tight when you frowned your brows, gripping hard into his uniform and mumbled something he couldn’t understand in a different language

He wasn’t able to tell if it was in German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, he knew that at least it wasn’t Russian. However, even though he didn’t understand exactly what you were saying, he knew you were denying something.

“Y/N?” He whispered, afraid of waking you too suddenly, since he knew that it would be a pain in the ass to calm yourself down, especially when you were about to enter into a mission. You didn’t answer, just gasped and frowned your brows even more, leaving him with no choice but to use his metal hand to poke you lightly in your cheek “Hey, Doll…”

“Huh?” You groaned, stopping the nonsense words and soften your grip in his uniform, sliding your hand down to stroke his arm, as if he was the one that needed comfort. Obviously, you were still half-asleep, your eyes were still closed and your head still on his shoulder.

“I think we are almost there.” He said – for his own surprised – softly to you, even if you didn’t ask him to wake you up before they got there, to give you time to recover from your nap

“Thanks, Buck.” You mumbled, yawning right after slipping away from him. Bucky even tried to slip his hand off of you, but you thought it was quite pleasant his big hand in you thigh, heating it. So, you slid your hand on top of his – as if you didn’t –, while with the other you itched your eyes. Buck hell sure felt surprised by your boldness, by how you did it as if you didn’t actually done, neither cared about keeping his hand on your thigh.

“Look if it isn’t Sleep Beauty awake! What, the prince charming here kissed you, already?” Sam mocked, making you giggle and tease back

“Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince. Phillip is Sleep Beauty’s prince; go watch the movies before so you’re sure about the nickname, Tweet.”

“Are you inviting me to a cinema night, hottie?” You just laughed at the usual flirty Sam, you knew he was only messing around and you did indeed always – jokely – flirt back

“You tell me, handsome.” Bucky slowly slid his hand off of yours, while you and Sam glanced at each other, controlling your laughs.

Natasha, noticing Bucky’s weird gaze, interfered with a surprised smirk, her mind already planning a way to get you to tell her that you at least thought Buck was cute.

“Y/N, stop your games with Sam. Steve wants to talk with you, now that you’re awake.”

“All right, Nat. You don’t have to be jealous; you know my heart is only yours.” You mocked, passing by her and hugging her by her waist and almost singing the last part.

“I knew that you turned me down for some reason!” Pietro’s voice was heard somewhere on the jet, making you all – Buck included – laugh. He liked the atmosphere, how you made him interact with the others, even though he stayed away.

“Just go already, you little flirty thing. And you, Sam, stop teaching her these kind of stuff.” Natasha laughed slightly while you entered more the jet, searching for your “old man”.

“If you’re going to tell me to hide behind someone I’ll use you as a shield to the bullets.” Clint and Steve giggled at your groan, but Captain just denied with his head and pointed at the table, showing you the plant of the base

“Is not that. Well, since you didn’t accept staying in the jet, I went through the plan and decided that you and Bucky would be better together, you’re good at looking at others back and since Natasha and I will be the ones to search your files, I thought you two would make a good pair.” I kept looking to the plant, trying to memorize everything I could about there.

“Okay, where will my sister and Pietro be?” You ask, Wanda smiled at the back of the jet, hearing you talk about her with her powers.

“They’ll be the ones covering me and Nat’s back, you and Buck will cover theirs and ours while you clear this and the others floors.” Steve pointed at the floor you were supposed to be “So we’ll make our way up to you two and help to clear the rest of the facility. Tony, Vision and Sam will clear the upper floors, Clint will be flying here and helping occasionally.” You sighed in relief; you hated to see Clint of all people entering dangerous missions, because you had met his kids and wife.

“Ok. But what if we found prisoners?”

“We don’t think that they have any in there, Natasha tried to hack them, and she didn’t found anything about new victims before they shut her down.” You agreed, reviewing the entire plan again in your head “Y/N?”


“Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger again and please follow my orders.” Steve almost begged at you, probably remembering your last mission with him and Clint.

“Oh c’mon! It was just one time, and I didn’t even harm myself that much!”

“You broke your hand, lost more blood than possible, broke three ribs and almost fell from a 39’4 foot tall building!” You chuckled and shrugged your shoulders

“But at least Clint got in time, and with no bruises, to his’s son birthday party.”

“You mean the one you were invited to and that I had to explain to Cooper that “Auntie Y/N” didn’t show to his birthday party just so I could look good at the family’s photo?” You chuckled again, hearing Steve huff

“But you can’t say I didn’t give him a hell of a present.” Steve crossed his arms in front of his chest, glancing sharply at you “I gave him his father to his birthday.”

“Okay, show off, we get it. You’ll do anything to protect everyone; just don’t get yourself killed on the process, all right?” Clint said, and you nodded with your head, turning again to the base draw, a weird feeling filling your chest.

“I’ll talk to Buck; see if he’s really okay with entering an H.Y.D.R.A facility.” Steve murmured when seeing you weren’t going to leave there until you recorded every corner of the place, even though he knew it wouldn’t take you long to.

“Hey, guess who will be waiting for us when we get back?” Clint asked

“Sorry, Katniss. I forgot to bring my crystal ball.” He chuckled at the sassy you, knowing it was a way for you to hide how nervous you were and also because he interrupted your “recording process”.

“Your boyfriend.”

“Which one of them?” He laughed loudly while you were still with your eyes pierced at the map in front of you.

“Parker. He’ll spend a week with you guys; Tony thinks that Peter might be the one to beat you at a training.”

“Really? What makes he think that?”

“The fact that the boy has super strength, spider things and shit.”

“He also has a nice ass.” You murmured, smiling when finished your study

“You are a little pervert thing, you know that, right? Please, don’t harass Peter.”

“Can’t promise that, you know how I feel about cute, shy, awkward people.” He chuckled while you left with a smirk in your face, being surprised when Buck’s face appeared in your mind.

You smiled at yourself when remembered the face he did when you kept his hand where it comfortably was, you thought that he looked cute looking shocked.

When you all arrived at the facility, you took a deep breath, trying to control yourself and be there. Your family’s life was also in your hands, focus and attention.

“Buck, Y/N, you two enter first, than Wanda and Pietro, than me and Natasha.” You heard from the speaker in your ear, nodding and making your way to the place with The Winter Soldier by your side.

You didn’t want to cause too much attention when at first there was just you and Bucky in there, so you just silently brought down each person there with the help of your teammate.

“Nat is bringing down the security system alarm. Y/N, Wanda and Pietro are coming in as soon as you two are able to tell how safe it is.” You heard as your hand grabbed a men’s face, tapping his mouth to stop him from screaming and shit, while you kicked behind his knee and made him pass out with a single strike.

Your eyes met an amazed blue ones, but you just pointed at the two last men on the floor before a door that leaned to where the others were going to enter. Buck nodded with his head and was head to fight one while you took other, quietly, but the loud screams and gunshots at the upper rooms made you sighed.

“Thanks fucking a lot, Tony.” You Sam giggle while the both men turned screaming something when they saw that theirs partners were all down. They started shooting when Bucky and you protected yourselves, you moved fast, shooting at both men and running with light steps at the door. “soră mai mică, your turn.”

“Coming.” Buck stayed at the other side of the door, still amazed by how you were fast on the trigger and with your body. He knew you had powers, since he asked Steve about you, but you didn’t like using them.

A few seconds later, the door was ripped from it’s place and Bucky and you entered the place, cleaning what you could for the siblings. They began fight too, Pietro knocking down whom he could with his speed and Wanda throwing men to all sides.

A bullet passed right in front of Pietro’s face to a man that was going to shoot him in the head, he glanced at your angry face.

I’ll pay more attention, sorry, Y/N” He said while continuing to clean the floor.

What happened?” Steve voice was a little tense, but you just ignored and sticked to the plan, making your way to where you were supposed to.

Nothing new, just my beloved future wife saving my ass.” Natasha giggled at Pietro’s voice, she knew that you wouldn’t give him a chance, since you could only see him as a little brother, as someone that needs to be taken care of.

“You wish, shithead.” You used your elbow to hit one of them in the face, lowering your arm to lock his, grabbing his gun and kicking him to the floor. “Steve, Nat.” You warned, continuing to make your way with Bucky.

Captain was right; you two did make a good pair. You protected his back, he protected yours, and you both moved synchronized, as if you two had been partners before.

Maybe was the training that H.Y.D.R.A provided, but Steve was still surprised that you both made to where he said in less time that he expected.

“We are coming in. Y/N, Bucky, change of plan. Y/N, remember the entry you saw that give to the labs?”

You even ask?” A giggle came out between heavy breaths, well you were fighting at that very moment. You broke the men’s wrist to make him drop the knife and made him kneel while he screamed “What about it?”

I need you two to go there and destroy what you can while you search for files about others victims, see if there is anyone that need saving.”

“Can you two go without our help?” You asked, dodging kicks and punches just so you can come closer to Bucky.

Yes, mom.” You laughed at his ironic voice and finished with another one, pointing with your head to where Bucky should go. You didn’t touch him, knowing that if you did, he would punch you because of his “fight” state.

“Buttercup, let’s go!” You called, finally getting his attention. He walked to you, but he didn’t see one of the men lift a gun and shoot.

You were fast in kicking, with all your strength, Buck’s chest. Making him get out of your way and lose his balance a little confused, you felt a sharp, blazing pain in your shoulder when you lowered your gun after shooting the men.

A groan left your mouth when you pressed the injure to stop the blood from coming out

“Fuck!” The second Bucky understood what happened, he got close to you again, checking you with a worried gaze in his eyes.

What happened?” Bruce voice was heard, when The Winter Soldier opened his mouth to say ‘Y/N got shot’, you were quicker.

“Nothing, I hit my ass on a balcony.” You continued your walk with Buck at your side, looking for more threats while glancing constantly at you.

You felt the shoulder of your black suit soak with blood, but ignored when entered the labs, paralyzing with the vision of a familiarity. The scars on your back started to burn as you looked at one point of the lab, the cells.

Luckily, they were empty. So you just shaked your head and started to search what you needed, Buck stood behind you, trying to pull the fabric of your suit so he could see the wound, but by reflex, you grabbed his hand and turned pointing the gun at his face.

He didn’t hesitate in ignore the gun to pull the fabric while you apologized and turned again to continue your chase, allowing him to take a look.

“Is it too bad?” You asked, ignoring the pain to do your work

“No, the bullet passed right through.”

“Yay.” He chuckled at your cheered impression, deciding to help you “Steve, the labs are empty and there is nothing here. What do you want us to do?”

“Remember when I said we could do without you guys? Well…” You two laughed at his tone

“We are coming to rescue you, Steve.” Bucky liked the way you said ‘we’, but obviously he ignored the warm feeling in his chest, thinking that it was caused by the adrenaline

Oh, we are good. Wanda is taking care of everything, but Sam, Tony and Vision might use a little help.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” And Steve was out, you didn’t know that he and Natasha were painfully watching a video of you in there, when you were still just a kid. 

The Captain locked his jaw with the vision of you being whiped with something that had metal, sharp points 

“What do we do with it? Do we destroy?” Nat asked to Steve, making sure nobody else listened to it

“No” he sighed, knowing that you would punch him if he didn’t give you the choice to watch it or not “save it on the flash drive and then, destroy it.” She nodded and saved everything they were there for, Bucky and you already helping your teammates.

We are done here, we got everything we need. Everyone to the jet now! Tony, you know what to do.” You smiled at Bucky and made your way to the closest way out, that in that case was a window.

You jumped, seeing that it wasn’t a big height from the floor you were to the ground. But obviously, you forgot about your injured shoulder, so when you rolled to cushion the fall, you let out a painfully groan and stood on your knees, waiting for Buck to jump. He did the same as you, the exact movements but without the groan part.

“Are you too hurt?” He asked, helping you to get up while you denied with your head, smiling gently at him.

“No, but Steve will make me be.” He let a relieved laugh come out and you were the one breathless, that time. His expression was relaxed and even a little tired, but wasn’t grumpy.

You two went to the jet waiting, but dodging Pietro’s quick hand. He tried to use his fast speed to carry you in the arms when he saw you were bleeding

“What happened?” Wanda asked worried, helping you sit down while Bruce were already starting to work on your injury.

“I got shot, but don’t worry. The bullet came out and it doesn’t hurt that much.” She sighed and kissed your forehead, siting on your other side, since Pietro was already stroking your hand from the sit next to you.

“I was the one supposed to take the bullet.” Bucky said shortly, giving space so Bruce could take care of the wound.

“Yep. But it was going to hit your spine, and even if you’re a super soldier, I think it would make a big mess.” He still didn’t understand why you took the shot for him, he never experienced that before. Beside Steve, he wasn’t used to that kind of affection and with somebody taking care of him. “That reminds me, sorry for kicking you. But I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to push you.” He smirked with your flirty tone; even he was able to tell.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N. Calm your hormones down, Woman!” Sam said, making you giggle and wink at Bucky before he went back to his previous sit.

“You’re luck it didn’t hit anything important, Y/N.” Bruce said serious, giving you a harsh – but worried – glance. “Did something happened there? You seem more off than usual.”

“No, not at all.” You forced a smile, not wanting to give Steve the word. You would never admit that the labs made you remember something, and hell sure you weren’t going to sleep that night.

“Do you want something for pain?” He asked, not wanting to pressure you, knowing that when you were ready you would tell him.

“No, thank you, Bruce.” He stroked your head before you got up and kiss both Pietro and Wanda cheeks, seeing that they were worried. “I’m ok, don’t worry.”

You smiled before going to sit next to Bucky, giving him time to get used to your sudden approach.

“Thank you.” He finally said, for your surprise.

“I told you, any time, love.” He grinned and you grabbed his arm gently “Is it ok if I use you as a pillow again?” Bucky studied you for a while before nodding with his head and looking straight to the jet’s sit in front of him.

You weren’t going to sleep, just pretend so no one would bother you. He didn’t know that, so he got surprised when in the middle of the travel back you stroked slightly his arm again. You couldn’t help, you were a clingy person. You liked human contact and hugs, kisses, touches, the warm and soft feeling of someone’s body… Maybe it was because your whole life you hadn’t be able to feel those things.

You crossed your legs and tried to find a more comfortable position, Bucky sighed and with all his courage, he moved his hand so it stayed on your thigh again. A smirked formed in your lips as you slid your hand to his, kind of hugging his arm, and hell, if that wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever, you didn’t know what was.

Monsta X reaction to their girlfriend being a fan of a rookie group

requested by anon~

a/n: hope you guys like this! its kinda meh ;^; credits to the owners for these gifs!


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Shownu; Shownu wouldn’t mind at all…. at first. He would find it cute for you to admire and show interest to his hoobaes and all. But when you started fangirl every single second when you’re with him, he’d go silent and would actually pout. Tons of questions would come out from his mouth and being the Shownu that he is, he’d still be able to keep a straight face. We can say that he’s pretty jelly by now….

Why do you even like them?”

“They’re really talented and they’re so cute!!”

“We are also talented and cute babe.”

“But the two groups are different!”

“Baby, can you please stop fangirling over them when you’re with me?”

“But babe it’s their comeback stage will be on in a few minutes!”

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Wonho; The two of you were in the midst of watching Music Bank when this rookie group, that you’ve found yourself taking interest in them, came out with their new song. You bolt up and literally brought yourself near the screen, holding back the squeals. Wonho, on the other hand, did not like the whole idea of you enthusiastically squealing for a bunch of guys. 

Oh, you like them?”

“Oh glob, you don’t know how much I love them!!!”

“You… love them? *getting jelly*”

“I do! I pre-ordered their album before it got released and right now I’m not even regretting one thing.” “Oh… really? Okay..”

“Babe, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” “I’m not. Why would I be jealous? *pouts*”

“Oh, really? Then I should continue–” “Don’t!!”

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Kihyun; Kihyun was busy monitoring their performance with you when his hoobaes, the group that you’ve been stanning since pre-debut, came in and greeted the two of you. Kihyun greeted them back and noticed how your cheeks literally turned pink. Once the boys left, Kihyun turned to you and raised a brow. 

You like them?”

“W-what… pfft… no…” 

“Don’t lie to me. Anyways, if you were to choose between me and them, who would you choose?”

“Uh…. iwouldchoosethembutsinceyouremyboyfriendthenidchooseyou.”

“I can’t believe. Fine, go to them then hmph! *alert alert a jealous kihyun appeared*”

“Didn’t I just say that I’d choose you?!” 

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Minhyuk; Being close with this new rookie group, Minhyuk was invited to their concert and he was allowed to bring one person since the other were already invited. When you and Minhyuk were hanging out, he brought out the ticket and asked if you would like to come with him to which you’d enthusiastically accept. Minhyuk would be confused at first but then would chuckle at how cute you looked. actuallyhewouldntmindbuthedbeteeweenyjellyaboutit

Oh, are you a fan of theirs?”

“I’ve been a fan since the day they debuted! Oh glob, I can’t contain my feels huhu.”

“Really? Well, I hope you’ll really enjoy their concert! Hehe, I’m so excited to cheer them on with you beside me!”

“Thank you so so much babe!”

“No problem babe.”

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Hyungwon; It was one lazy friday when your package arrived. Hyungwon, being the person nearest to the door, got the package and nonchalantly brought the package to you. Sitting right beside you, he watched you unbox the whole thing. He actually knew that you liked this new rookie group but he never knew that you were that type of fan that would literally buy every single merchandise they have. He’d be a little bit hurt and be quiet for a couple of minutes.

Finally, my babies arrived! Omo omo….. look at these babies of mine. Uhuhu they look so damn fine.”


“Oh glob, mah bae looks so damn hoooooot!! whyareyoudoingthistome?!”

“Wait… I thought I was your bae?”

“Oh… sorry babe… I got caught up with my feels–”

“How come you have all of their merch and you barely have ours?”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was busy making some lyrics in his room when he heard you scream your lungs out. Startled by your sudden outburst, he ran out of the room in full speed and saw that you were only fangirling about the rookie group that he’s close with. From a surprised look, his expression immediately changed into a disappointed look. He would literally be jealous and would start to whine before you knew it.

Babe!! I thought something happened but then I came out to only see you fangirling over my dongsaengs?!”

“I-I’m so sorry–”

“No, you’re not! Do you love them more than you love me?!”

“No babe, I love you more!”

“Lies! All lies! *starts to whine*”

“Babe. I love you more than I love them, okay? Oh glob, stop whining babe! C’mere and let me give you a hug.”

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I.M; Changkyun enjoyed watching different variety shows with you but that one night when you decided to watch the variety of the boy group that you stan made Changkyun think twice. You immediately immersed yourself with the variety show, forgetting about Changkyun’s presence. When your bias scored a point, you threw your arms up, only to hit Changkyun on the head, which got got your attention. He may be cool on the outside but he’s not cool with it on the inside.

Ouch, what was that for?”

“Omo, I’m so so sorry babe!”

“Nah.. it’s okay. Gosh, you really like them don’t you? And let me guess, he’s your bias?”

“Uh… hehehehe.”

“Whatever, I’m sexier than them and you’re mine anyways.”

“Aigoo, are you jealous?”

“No. I’m not. They should be the ones to be jelly since you’re mine. Only mine!”

Coffee Shop Kisses - Wonwoo

First kiss during a coffee shop date drabble with Wonwoo as requested by @spicadeservesbetter ! Hope you enioy and this is what you wanted ♥ (I would alsonlike to dedicate this to my fave Wonwoo stan @lil-nochu ily XD)

“You’ve been so busy lately, I thought we wouldn’t have a second date,” you confessed to your boyfriend of a month Jeon Wonwoo, holding onto his arm and huddling closer to his body as a brisk chill ran through the air. You suddenly regretted not wearing a thicker coat; it was still winter after all. He smiled softly down at you and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you as close as he possibly could to his warm figure and sighing, watching his breath form white wisps in the winter wind.

“I know,” he murmured, regret tingeing his deep voice as he kept his gaze fixed ahead on the pavement you walked down together. “I’m sorry.”

“No don’t apologize!” you became somewhat frantic, feeling guilty for making him feel bad. “I understand. I’m just glad I can be with you now.” He smiled, eyes crinkling behind his wire glasses in the cutest way as he led you to a quaint little coffee shop situated in the corner of a pretty empty street. “Wow…” a gasp of mingled surprise and awe left your lips as you stepped into the building, the rich aroma of coffee immediately hitting your nostrils and warming all your senses. The interior was all chocolate and a creamy off white, with booths separated by glass dividers occupying most of the main area and smaller wooden tables for two people dotting around the edges by the large windows through which the morning sun shone. There weren’t many people inside and it felt warm and homely, and just being inside made you feel fuzzy and joyful. “It’s so pretty in here,” you hummed, choosing to sit opposite Wonwoo in one of the booths seeing as the sunlight was incredibly bright and would probably blind you. You already had Wonwoo for that. “I can’t believe I’ve never been before.” Wonwoo leant forward, propping his elbows on the varnished oak of the table and resting his chin on his hands, smiling gently at you as you continued to take in the aesthetic of the decor.

”I’m so glad you like it,” he replied in his husky voice, letting out a small huff of laughter as he looked around the establishment somewhat nostalgically. “I used to come here all the time in college. I remember I liked you a lot then too, I used to think to myself that if I ever worked up the courage to ask you on a date I’d bring you here.” His eyes gleamed with the reminiscence and your heart suddenly fluttered - the way he looked so adoringly at you made your cheeks flush hot. You didn’t know he liked you until he finally asked you out sometime last month, when his idol group were awarded a break after promotions. Your friends had called you oblivious, not even trying hiding their frustration but you could never understand why. Until now, as he gazed at you like you hung the stars, like you were all he ever wanted to look at; it seemed this was more than just a crush. A waitress sauntered over, lazy smile spreading over her plump lips as she saw you and Wonwoo exchanging fond looks and shy smiles.

“You guys are so cute!” she lilted, now beaming at you both as she took a small notepad and a pen from the small black apron encircling her thin waist. “Would you like anything to eat or drink?” You glanced at Wonwoo and he nodded, knowing you weren’t the best with other people, especially in situations like this.

“Just a regular coffee for me and…” he narrowed his eyes slightly at you; you’d frequented coffee shops together in the past as to study but it had been a while. “A caramel macchiato for the lady.” Attempting to hide the triumphant grin already tugging up the corners of your mouth turned out to be incredibly difficult - he remembered your favourite.

“Is that everything?” At Wonwoo’s nod she scurried back behind the polished bar and set about making your drinks.

“So how’s idol life treating you?” you questioned in a soft tone, playing with the tasselled ends of your thick scarf. He pouted slightly, trying not to blush too obviously as he cautiously moved one of the hands from his lap to lace his fingers with yours which sat atop the table.

“It’s nice, living out your dreams and all, but I barely get any time to see you which I hate.” he cocked his head to the side a little, eyes scanning every detail of your now rather pink face as if inspecting you. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to take you out.”

“I had somewhat of a clue,” you smirked, looking down at the table awkwardly before forcing yourself to look him in the eye. The deep brown orbs then looked so enamored yet amused by your timid manner, causing you to scratch the back of your neck bashfully. Breaking the awkward silence the waitress then came back with two steaming drinks and you both thanked her before turning your attention to them, hot and incredibly well made to say yours had a large heart drawn into the foam on top. You took a glimpse of the waitress who smiled proudly at herself before going back to cleaning the already shiny espresso machine. Wonwoo looked up at you, one hand supporting his jaw and the other reaching for the steel pitcher of milk which he slowly poured into the bitter beverage sat before him.

“So,” he coughed lightly, finally breaking the tension between you both as he moved onto shaking the contents of the small sugar packets into his drink. Usually he’d have it black but today he felt like the added sweetness. “Did you end up pursuing writing?” You grimaced a little, watching the thin silvery wisps of steam evaporate from the macchiato.

“Not… quite,” you mumbled thoughtfully. “I’m still trying to make it but at the moment I’m still focusing on studies,”

“I see…” his tone was distracted but his gaze was attentive which was mildly confusing, but you shrugged it off and took a small sip of your coffee, laughing at the foam that decorated your upper lip afterwards. He chuckled before reaching for his own coffee, looping two of his long fingers through the small and delicate china handle of the cup and bringing it to his lips. He blew ever so lightly on the hazelnut coloured surface as to try and cool it before taking a tentative sip, still watching you and listening to you talk. He recoiled immediately after the beverage touched his mouth, setting the cup back down on its saucer with an abruptness that startled you into silence. You frowned at him, concern etched onto your features as you raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Are you okay?” you asked, voice mellifluous and calm as your head tilted to the right. He gasped whilst nodding, furrowing his brows at you with a hopeless smile.

“Yeah sorry I just… wasn’t paying enough attention and burnt my tongue.” he exhaled slowly as you reached over the table and placed a finger on his chin, raising his eyes to yours. Suddenly bold you tried to fend off your smirk, him blinking with wide eyes as he waited for you to speak.

”Do you want me to kiss it better?” you whispered, watching him turn beet red with a somewhat gleeful smile despite still being shy yourself. Nevertheless he took the incentive and leaned in, careful not to upset either of the drinks as he placed one palm flat on the table and the other on your cheek and pulled you closer as to press your lips to his in a sweet and sincere first kiss. It was short yet the butterflies in your stomach lasted even when he pulled away, lips tingling and tasting slightly of coffee still as his lip curled into a bewildered grin.

”You know what? It still hurts.” he grinned with an overexaggerated shrug and laughed lightly, grazing your cheekbone with the pad of his thumb as he leaned in to kiss you again.

Hope you like! ♥

-Admin Belle

Sebastian Stan Imagine

[One Simple Mistake~ Sebastian Stan]

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Translate : Beautiful- Formosa 

You’ve been with Sebastian over a year now, he made you the happiest woman alive. It was like yesterday that you two met. Robert was the one that introduced you to Sebastian, he thought you needed a man in your life. Who better than the guy playing your favorite Marvel character ? Things escalated ,he took you out on dates and surprised you here and there. By the fourth date, Sebastian asked you to be his. 

You told him that you would love to be with him. He spoke Romanian, and the way he talked in Romanian brought you weak in the knees. Lately Sebastian has been spending a lot of time with the rest of the cast of Civil War, but he made time for you whenever he could. 

Unlocking the door to your shared apartment to find Sebastian standing in the living room running his fingers through his hair like he had something on his mind. 

“ I’m home Sebastian” He stopped running his fingers through his hair as he attempted to throw a smile your face. You knew something was wrong, right of the bat. He couldn’t fool you. Putting your bag down, taking off your shoes and hanging your coat on the hanger before you made over to him. 

“ What’s wrong? Did something happened?” you asked. 

“ Something did happen” he averted his gaze from you to the floor. He didn’t know how to tell you, he didn’t want to see you cry and to see the look on your face when he told you. 

“ What?” 

“ Last night, you know I went out with Chris and Anthony?” you nodded your head, listening. “ Well, this girl came up to me. We talked for awhile and had a few drinks together. I didn’t see it coming, I promise. She leaned in and kiss me..” 

Your heart felt like it was going to break into two. Sebastian watched as your face turned from sadness to hurt. It was like he could hear your own heart breaking. 

“ Say something Y/N..” he pleaded. 

“ I can’t be here” you shook your head as tears began falling down your cheeks. 

“ No, please. Y/N, you can’t leave me. I love you” he begged you, shaking his own head feeling his own tears running down his cheeks. 

“  I can’t be here with you, not now..” 

“ Where will you go?” 

“ Maybe to Elizabeth’s” 

“ Did you kiss her back?” He looked away not bothering to answer the question. By the look on his face, you knew he did and it couldn’t hurt worse to know his lips, his arms were around another woman that wasn’t you. 

“ Y/N..fermosa..”

“ Don’t use your Romania tongue on me! You kissed another woman who wasn’t me!” 

You couldn’t stand to look at him anymore as you rushed out of the apartment not bothering to grab anything as you ran down the sidewalk, not caring who you pushed past. You had to get away, it hurts too much. 

Running all the way to Elizabeth’s, she didn’t live far from you. Banging on her door, feeling the tears on your cheeks flowing like a river. She opened the door, as soon as she saw your tear stained cheeks, she let you in. Asking you what happened, she made you hot cocoa seeing your freezing figure sitting on her stool. She wrapped a blanket over you while you told her what happened. 

But the thing was Sebastian became your best friend and the first man you ever loved. He showed you how it feels like to be loved and what love really feels like. You couldn’t just walk away from him. He meant everything to you. You had to forgive him. 

You said goodbye to Elizabeth after she let you stay over night letting you think things over. She told you that Sebastian was drunk and had no idea what he was doing, that he loved you with all his heart and wouldn’t do it on purpose to hurt you. 

Thanking her for everything, you rushed back to the apartment that you shared with Sebastian. As you caught your breath, walking inside seeing the apartment with candles and a few balloons around holding something inside of each one. 

You popped the first one, a note dropped onto the floor. Kneeling down, you picked it up opening with your hands reading it. 

“ I love you because you put others first” smiling as you read it going to the next one. The next one says, “ I love you because your smile is brighter than a star that makes my heart melt every time I see you.” 

He was being too cute. 

Sebastian walked around the corner seeing you standing reading the note. He sees the smile on your face that he always loves to see. 

“ You’re home” he says. You look up at him, he walks closer to you inches away from you. 

“ I’m so sorry for-” 

Shaking your head, putting a finger to his lips. 

“ I forgave you from the moment I walked into this apartment knowing I come home to you. You come home to me and it’s my safe place” 

He smiled, stepping closer leaning in kissing you softly on the lips. 

We're a secret 10

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF YOUR TEETH MAY ROT !!!! Seriously it’s disgustingly fluffy , some curse words

A/n: this is veeery long… … And its part 10 yay !

You walked down the hallway.

 It was such a huge hotel you swore you would’ve got lost if there weren’t any numbers on the doors. 

You still smiled like an idiot as you made your way to door 027. You couldn’t believe what happened only minutes ago. It made you the happiest, you’ve been for a while and you couldn’t think how this day could get any better.

 It made you immediately forget everything that was holding you back, everything that made him look bad was gone and you had only his smile lingering in your head together with the three words. 

You counted the numbers as you walked, 





There it was and this time you didn’t have to think about going in. This time you were sure and you were confident. 

You showed the security people your VIP card as you tried to calm your grin down so you wouldn’t look like a mad person. 

You finally got it under contro no sign of excitement, no sign of madness stayed behind. Only a soft smile playing on your lips, showing your happiness, but not to much of it. 

The door got opened for you and you thanked the two man next to it as you stepped into the room. You saw a huge crowd of people and instantly began to feel dizzy. You let yourself fall down onto a small couch in the back of the room as you listened to Sebastian’s manager giving a speech to the people.

 He talked to them about how happy he is that everything went out so well and that he can’t wait for the premier. 

You put your one leg over the other and quickly typed a text to your best friend saying that everything went well. You were about to open one of your social media pages but decided against it. You slid your phone into your bag and stood up from the couch . Considering to get a drink from the bar but deciding against that as well.

 You let your eyes drift over the room and the people, your face showing pure concentration. You weren’t sure if you were looking for something in particular but kept it up anyway. You already spotted Sebastian earlier, he was talking to some of his friends and you weren’t sure if you wanted to disturb him. 

You couldn’t help yourself from walking up to him anyways.

You slowly strode towards him with quiet steps, coming to a halt only a few steps behind one of his friends.

  His eyes twitched to you , and a huge smile formed on his lips. You kept your controls though and managed to keep your own small and soft. 

He excused himself and walked over to you. You smiled a bit wider as he came closer. His friends walked away and he gave you a short , slight hug. 

You felt his smile on your neck as he held you tight, making the butterflies go wild. He pulled back and you already wondered if he’d get rid of that smiling face anytime soon or if it would just freeze like this. The thought made you chuckle but he didn’t pay any attention as he began to talk. 

“I’m glad you came" 

“I didn’t want to at first” and there his smile was gone “you can thank my friend for that”.

 He frowned for a moment, thinking about what you said before asking you if he could call her. You dealed her number and gave him your phone. He held it to his ear and waited patiently.

She took the call and the first thing Sebastian heard was “bitch what are you doing ? Shouldn’t you be making out right now?” In a rushed yet concerned voice. 

He held back a laugh as he replied, his gaze never leaving your eyes “well the night is still young” and the other end went death silent. 

Sebastian laughed before continuing. “I wanted to thank you for getting her here.“ 

A laugh could be heard on the other side “ha , yeah that was a shit ton of work, that girl made me drive like a criminal.“ 

“She said she didn’t want to come” he frowned.

“yeah she didn’t , I got her to go like an hour before your thing started… Man that was pressure.“ 

He laughed and you wondered what she talked to him about. You couldn’t hear anything which got you a bit nervous. What if she told him that you were in love with him? You just didn’t want to give that away yet, you weren’t even sure what the thing between Sebastian and you was and clearly didn’t need him to know what you felt… At least not yet. Of course he said he loved you but those words didn’t get through your insecurities.

"Well thanks for getting her here, you made me the happiest person alive” he smiled at you.

 "You are very welcome for kicking her ass.“ He laughed once again and the voice on the other end continued "just… Just don’t hurt her again” his smile faded and he looked to the ground as if he was ashamed

“I won’t” he said serious. 

“Good cause otherwise I’ll kick your ass the next time.” He laughed again, your friend joining in and he said his goodbye and handed you your phone back. 

“What did she say?" 

He looked at you for a second before replying "she wants us to make out” you rolled your eyes and he laughed as he put his hand on your back and lead you to the crowd gently. He lead you to two of the men from the crowd. He introduced them as Chris and Anthony and you introduced yourself as well recognizing them from the meet and greet. 

The four of you made your way over to the couch were you were sitting on earlier. You sat between Sebastian and Chris. You all talked to each other comfortably, as if you had known each other for years. 

You told them about your year in Greece and they talked to you about their career, their relationships and sport. It surprised you that Sebastian told them about the two of you. He didn’t say you were his girlfriend which you were grateful for but he gave a clear hint that something like that could develop. 

Chris and Anthony answered him with huge smiles in which you couldn’t see any hint of disapproval which made you happy. They left both of you alone shortly after and then you just sat there, enjoying Sebastian’s company and watching the people dance to the music. You didn’t have to talk to him, he just needed to be there with you. 

“They like you… Very much” he said, making you snap out of your daze. You smiled at him and looked back at the people. You didn’t answer partly because you didn’t need to ,partly because you didn’t know what to say. But the smile was answer enough for him. 

“Do you want to talk to some other people?” He asked making you look to him the smile still playing on your lips. 

“actually I’d like to be alone with you for a while.” You confessed shyly but he just smiled taking your hand in his and leading you out of the room. 

Both of you walked to the big door his hands never once leaving yours. It was such a sweet and intimate moment but you couldn’t resist. You waved at the women behind the counter, she was just looking at you in shock her mouth hanging open as you winked at her from over your shoulder. 

“What was that ?” He asked startling you a bit “she was being a bitch to me earlier”  you shrugged

“well then…” He smirked turning around still holding your hand and mouthing something to her, you couldn’t tell what it was but then he winked at her as well and turned again opening the door for you.

 The car already stood outside the building and he opened the door once again letting you in first. You sat down and he shortly followed after. “Where does the beautiful woman next to me want to go ?” He asked making you role your eyes with a smile. 

“Well I thought we could get some food?” He told the driver the address of what you thought must be a restaurant and leaned back in his seat.

 You were sitting so close to him that you just let your head fall onto his shoulder. 

He noticed you didn’t put your seatbelt on which is why he did it for you. You smiled, looking straight ahead as you rested your hand on his knee. His hand grabbed yours , he held the top of your fingers from on top of your hand, not wanting to move your hand away.

 The whole ride was filled with comfortable silence, you looked out of the window, your hand on Sebastian’s knee and his on top of it. You felt his eyes on you but it didn’t bother you. You enjoyed the warmth, the touch, the moment.

You arrived at the restaurant after a while and had to leave each others touch, it got you a little desperate but Sebastian’s hand quickly found yours again. 

He was glad there was no one around or in the restaurant giving him the opportunity to be as close to you as he wanted. He turned your hands and entangled your fingers so that your arm was now on his side and his on yours, which had the effect that you had to walk even closer to him. But it didn’t bother you in any way. 

It was a Chinese restaurant, one of your favourite places as well. You ordered your usual food and sat down at a table, Sebastian next to you which you were secretly thankful for. It wasn’t such a tense situation this way although you were sure he just wanted to keep holding your hand. 

Your food arrived and you ate in silence. 

You made your way out of the place after you were done eating and Sebastian paid. 

You went back to the car and he took your hand once again. It was like an addiction already. 

“What do you want to do now ?” It was late already, probably midnight. 

“How about we go back to the hotel?” His smile faded a bit and he frowned “yeah sure” he answered and gave the driver the address. 

Once there you headed in, deeply hoping the woman wasn’t there, and gladly she wasn’t. 

You made your way to the elevator and pushed the button to go up. Your hands lost each other, no warm touch connecting you which made you almost sad.

Once the elevator arrived both of you stepped in “my room is on the fifteenth floor” he stated but you pushed the button to the twentieth, the highest possible. 

He looked at you confused but didn’t say anything as he waited for the elevator to arrive. The end of the music signaled the end of the ride and the doors slid open and both of you stepped out into the cold of the night. 

You were on the rooftop and you walked out to the fence barricade, a small security measure. You touched it with your fingers and finally held onto it, the wind and the cold of the metal sending shivers through you. 

You didn’t say anything as Sebastian draped his leather jacked over your shoulders. He stood next to you and looked at you. You however didn’t look at him, you looked at the stars on the sky and after another second of admiring you he did as you did, taking your hand into his once again. 

A shooting star made its way over the sky and you whispered to him “you have to wish for something” your gaze never once leaving the sky.

He was silent for a second as he stared at the side of your face. 

“I wish… For a kiss” he stammered insecurely. 

You looked at him slowly. You shook your head and he looked down embarrassed. 

“You are not allowed to say it out loud” you whispered. 

He looked back up at you and started to smile. “I got one more shot” he said as he closed his eyes tightly and opened them once again.

 "Do you think it worked ?“ He whispered. 

"I don’t know” you look back ahead and to the skyline of new York. “Maybe you should try again" 

he did as told and when his eyes relaxed themselves from being squished together, just a second before he opened them you slowly pressed your lips on his. 

He kissed you back softly holding you close to him and pulling your face to his, his hands lingering on your cheeks. His lips were warm as the soft kiss depended and he dropped his hands picking you up and carrying you, never once breaking the contact between your lips. 

Your legs were wrapped around his torso and so were your arms around his neck as you kissed him.

He sat you down onto the fence but quickly pulled you back down, breaking the kiss and looking at you sheepishly. 

"I think we should take this to a less dangerous place” he said while scratching his neck.

 You laughed and took his hand in yours, kissing his knuckles before leading him to the elevator and into his room.

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Payed to Date (5)

(Based on 10 Things I Hate About You film)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, College AU

Summary: As soon as Steve starts going to his new college, he’s infatuated with Natasha Romanoff, the prettiest and one of the most loved girls in the school. However she isn’t allowed to date until her ‘shrew’ older sister does and Steve is determined to find someone for her. Eventually, he does, but will his plan work? Or will it go down the plughole?

Warnings: cuss words

Word Count: 1.893

Author’s Note: Hey everyone, sorry this part is a little late! Just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be doing a tag list if anyone would like to be added (?not sure?) And I have a drabble coming out for a valentine’s day writing challenge! (obviously on the 14th). AND I’M 1 FOLLOWER AWAY FROM MY FIRST HUNDRED HYPEEE!!! ((((I’ll never get over how cute and soft and pure and sweet he looks in this gif.))))

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

Masterlist  //  Masterpage  //  Part 4

Steve’s POV   

“C'mon, man, I talked last time. Now you go.” Steve resisted, trying to stop Sam from pushing him into Bucky who was fiddling with some tools of technological design class.

“If you can even call that a talk.” Sam laughed, remembering the terrifying memory. Now, they had made up their mind to talk to him but Sam still resisted on talking to Bucky by himself.

“But-” Steve stopped both talking and moving when he realized that Sam had pushed him way too close to Bucky.

They both backed up as Sam poked Steve on his side and glancing at Bucky. Steve cleared his throat awkwardly and spoke as confident he could, “Hey, we know what you’re doing with Y/N Romanoff.” he blurted out, making Sam to shake his head.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write a drabble where Jimin and his s/o do a vlive and it's like a lazy day and they're all being cute and joking around?

OF COURSE BB!!! (i high key live for these and play these kinds of scenarios over in my head while i fall asleep #noshame)

(also, the fact that this said s/o made me wanna do a jimin x male scenario but bc of the fact this is most likely asking for jimin x female imma do it that way BUT IF ANYONE WANTS JIMINXMALE HIT ME THE FUCK UP BC I’D STAN THAT)

(im aware this isn’t one of my best pieces, i’ve been vvvvv stressed lately and i used this more as stress relief that anything else. enjoy though :))))

Jimin pulled open the laptop and pushed it away from the two of you before clicking the teal coloured box named “go live”. 

“Let’s see hoe long it -OH!” He started to talk but was quickly interrupted by the sudden flood of comments and viewers from the second we went live. “They’re so quick!” He erupted in giggles and fell into your lap.

“At least greet them!” You laughed along with him, playfully landing a slap on his bicep.

Lifting himself back up to sit, he scanned his eyes over a few comments before smiling and saying, “Hi everyone! Sorry to interrupt your Sunday evening with a random vlive, but we were bored and wanted to say hi! Hi!” After his greeting, he waved like a child and burst into laughter again. 

“’It’s okay Jimminie.’, ‘pleasant surprise’, ‘he’s so cute’, ‘i’m slow, so who’s the girl’” You read out a few of the comments before remembering not everyone knew exactly who you were, “Oh right! Sorry, I’m Y/n, Jimin’s girlfriend. Nice to meet you all!” You nodded your head politely and flashed the sweetest smile you could manage to try to receive the approval of all of Jimin’s fans.

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All-Access (M)

Originally posted by ksjknj

Summary: You’re at Kcon standing a few rows back from the stage enjoying the show.  You were most excited for BTS, but Monsta X had stolen your attention too.  Especially the blonde muscular one.  But the one you were really here for was Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, God of Destruction and you were gonna let him destroy you if given the chance.

Word Count: 2000+

Tags:  SMUT!  Nothing else to be said, SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!!!

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To Gravity Falls, From Piedmont: Chapter 27

Summary: It’s a long way until next summer. Until then, Dipper and Mabel share their daily antics and life problems with their lifelong friends and attentive great-uncles through an endless string of e-mails. Distance makes the heart grow fonder after all, and there’s no place Dipper and Mabel love more than Gravity Falls. 

                                                      Chapter List

To: Wendy Corduroy (Lumberchick); Grenda Gosling (Hugsx0x0); Candy Chiu (SweetasSugar88); Pacifica Northwest (GravityFallsPrincess)

From: Mabel Pines (ShootingStarRainbowUnicorn)

Subject: School assignment


Remember a couple of days ago, when I asked you guys what you thought of me for a school report? Well, I’m asking again, only this time I want to know what your opinion is of Dipper! He’s asked all the guys but refuses to ask you girls, which is totally biased. Since he’s being a dork about it, I decided to ask on his behalf! So fire away!

Much love,


Stretching her arms over her head as she watched her e-mail disappear into cyberspace, Mabel stood up from the computer chair. She ventured out of her bedroom and went into the living room, where Dipper had taken over the coffee table. He was currently reading through a notebook, brow furrowed in a mixture of amusement and frustration.

“What’s up, bro?”

“I can’t use these!” Dipper exclaimed, holding out the notebook for his sister to read.

Written in his handwriting was a collection of quotes from their friends. Mabel bit down on her bottom lip to keep her laughter from escaping, as they were mostly various synonyms for the word ‘nerd’. “I guess they weren’t taking it seriously?” she managed to say.

“Robbie and Gideon? Apparently not,” he grumbled, grabbing his phone and typing a text to the aforementioned males. “Soos and McGucket were really nice, but these two are just messing with me. How am I supposed to compile enough material for this assignment if they won’t cooperate?”

“You know they love you.”

“I’m tempted to argue that point,” returned Dipper, though he smiled. “What did they say about you?”

“Robbie said I was a suffocating ray of glittery sunshine and Gideon said I was an angel who did not deserve to walk amongst regular people.”

Dipper stared at her for a moment. “Well, at least Robbie said more than two words to you,” he said at last. “And we obviously know I’m not Gideon’s favourite.”

“Any input from Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford?”

Dipper shook his head. “No. Which is kind of surprising. I thought Grunkle Stan would be the first with some sort of smart comeback for this.”

“Darn. I didn’t hear back either.” Mabel lowered onto the end of the couch and rested her chin in her hands. “You think they’ll respond in time? I really wanted to include them in my report.”

“I’m sure they will,” assured Dipper. “They always respond whenever we text, they just might be tied up right now. Fighting some three-eyed monster or whatever. So what did Soos and McGucket say about you?”

“Soos said I was the nicest person he’s ever met,” Mabel smiled happily. “And McGucket said I was so sweet I give him cavities. How about you?”

“Soos said I was the best pterodactyl bro he could ask for and I’m super smart. McGucket said I was clever, kind and should have more confidence in my abilities.”

“We have great friends,” said Mabel contently.

“Well, the jury is still out on Gideon and Robbie,” joked Dipper. As the words left his mouth his phone trilled, indicating a new text in his inbox. He checked the message, lips quirking in amusement. “They decided to make an effort this time. Gideon says I’m annoyingly persistent and determined, but it’s admirable. Robbie’s surprised by how tough I can be, and respects how I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. He still thinks I’m a dork, but a cool dork.”

“What do the girls say about you?” asked Mabel innocently.

Dipper shot her a look. “You know I haven’t asked them, and I’m not going to ask them.”

“Why not? I asked all of our friends! What’s the big deal?”

“I don’t know, I just feel awkward about it! I’ve never asked a girl what they thought of me before, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to hear the answer.”

“You’re taking this too seriously,” said Mabel, unable to keep the amusement out of her voice.

“Story of my life. But I’m still not going to do it.” Dipper reached over to jab at her leg. “Stop pressing.”

Mabel let out a dramatic sigh. “Fine. I’m going to start on my report, then. Good thing it only has to be two pages, or you probably wouldn’t have enough material since you only asked half of your friends.”

“Goodbye, Mabel.”

Smirking, the girl skipped back to her bedroom, jumping into her computer chair and going for a quick spin before checking her e-mail notifications.

Mabel Pines: Remember a couple of days ago, when I asked you guys what you thought of me for a school report? Well, I’m asking again, only this time I want to know what your opinion is of Dipper! He’s asked all the guys but refuses to ask you girls, which is totally biased. Since he’s being a dork about it, I decided to ask on his behalf! So fire away!

Wendy Corduroy: I was wondering why I didn’t get a message from him. I know he can’t be worried about what I’m going to say because he asked Robbie for his opinion.

Grenda Gosling: Yeah, we’ll be nice!

Wendy Corduroy: With a healthy degree of sarcasm.

Candy Chiu: Dipper can be very silly.

Mabel Pines: Tell me about it. He’s never really had any girl friends before, so I guess he’s not really comfortable with hearing what girls might think of him, even if they are his close friends. I thought I’d help him out!

Pacifica Northwest: What exactly is the point of this assignment?

Mabel Pines: Well, first we have to write a page on how we view ourselves and how we think others view us. Then we have to talk to our friends and family and get their opinions to see how they view us. We write up another page and then we have to write a conclusion, comparing the two viewpoints and seeing how similar or different they are.

Wendy Corduroy: Dang. Wish my schoolwork was that easy.

Grenda Gosling: I think Dipper’s a great guy! He’s nice and he doesn’t act like a jerk to be cool and he’s still cool anyway.

Candy Chiu: He isn’t afraid to apologize when he is wrong and he means it. I know if I ever need his help he will give it to me. He’ll hang out with us and do girly things with us, even if he gets embarrassed over it sometimes he does it anyway. He’s not afraid to embrace his feminine side.

Wendy Corduroy: He’s thirteen and yet he’s already way more mature than ninety percent of the guys—and girls, for that matter—at my school. He can hold a meaningful conversation and he can just joke about the most ridiculous things. He’s not afraid to stand up for his friends and family and you can always count on him. He’s also a huge dork, but I love him for it. He’s my bro.

Mabel Pines: Thanks, guys! Dipper will be really happy when I tell him this. Pacifica, I know you have something to add!

Pacifica Northwest: No, not really.

Wendy Corduroy: What’d we say about the Ice Princess routine?

Pacifica Northwest: Ugh. Fine. Dipper’s okay. He helped me out with the whole ghost invasion incident even though he didn’t have to and I probably didn’t deserve it. He’s kinda funny. Doesn’t have much fashion sense, but that can be fixed. He’s got the backbone to tell people off. He’s nice, not fake nice but sincerely nice. But he can be a jerk sometimes which is good because it’s exhausting being around people who don’t know how to be snarky or mean. He can be way too uptight and serious. But all around, yeah, he’s a decent, cute guy.

Wendy Corduroy:

Grenda Gosling:

Candy Chiu:

Mabel Pines: SQUEE

Pacifica Northwest: What?

Pacifica Northwest: NO COOL I MEANT TO SAY COOL

Wendy Corduroy: BUSTED

Candy Chiu: That is what we call a Freudian slip!

Grenda Gosling: I knew it! You like Dipper!


Pacifica Northwest: GO AWAY. It was autocorrected, you dorks! It was supposed to say 'cool’ not 'cute’!“

Wendy Corduroy: I wish I lived closer so I could see how much you’re blushing on a scale of one to ten.

Grenda Gosling: There’s no autocorrect in the e-mail server’s instant messaging!

Pacifica Northwest: Look you got your stupid opinions. Can I go now?

Mabel Pines: Aw, come on, you totally have a crush on Dipper! Admit it!

Dipper Pines: …you think I’m cute?

Wendy Corduroy: Oh snap.

Grenda Gosling: How’d you get in this chat?!

Dipper Pines: Candy tagged me into here a little bit ago. I should have spoken up sooner but…

Pacifica Northwest: I’m leaving.

Pacifica Northwest: And I meant cool, not cute!

Candy Chiu: I think I am going to go find a hiding place. I suspect she is going to come hurt me. I may or may not talk to you later.

Grenda Gosling: Wait until I tell Marius this one!

Wendy Corduroy: This went down a path I was not expecting and I am not displeased by. See you dudes later. Oi, and Dipper, next time you have an assignment like this one you know you can ask me anything, right?

Dipper Pines: I know. I was being, as everyone is correct in saying, a dork. Thank you. You’re my bro, too.

Mabel Pines: …are you mad?

Mabel Pines: Dipper?

When her brother did not reply further, Mabel hesitantly rose from the computer chair and started back for the living room. She peeked around the entryway and found Dipper sitting where she had left him. He was staring blankly into space, a smile on his features and a blush on his cheeks. He seemed to be taking in the fact that Pacifica Northwest thought he was cute, and was currently no longer working.

Mabel ventured further into the room and cautiously poked his shoulder. When she didn’t get a reaction, she grinned and said, "I’ll come check on you in an hour.”

She returned to her bedroom and grabbed her notebook, deciding she better start on her own report. She was just finishing up the intro when her phone trilled in her pocket. “Hello?” she answered.

Hey, pumpkin,” greeted Stan. “Sorry for not getting back to you right away. Hope you still got some space left in your assignment, because Ford and I have quite a bit to say. Is your brother around?”

“Um, yeah, but you might have to talk to him later, or I could relay everything you say.”

Is everything okay?” spoke up Ford.

“Oh yeah, totally. It’s actually amazing. Matchmaker Mabel is back in business!”

To: Pacifica Northwest (GravityFallsPrincess); Wendy Corduroy (Lumberchick); Grenda Gosling (Hugsx0x0); Candy Chiu (SweetasSugar88); Stanford Pines (Highsixer)

From: Stanley Pines (StantheMan)

Subject: Autocorrect my butt

You’re not kidding anyone, Princess. Ask him out already. Just be sure to treat him right or we’ll have to have a talk.

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Pacifica Northwest: Oh. My. Gosh.

Wendy Corduroy: Ha! You’re never living this one down, Pacifica.

Grenda Gosling: He ships it!

Candy Chiu: I think they would be cute together!

Stanford Pines: Leave her alone, Stanley.

Mabel Pines: Grunkle Stan I told you not to tell her I told you!

Pacifica Northwest: I hate you all. I’m disowning you. I never want to speak to you again.

Grenda Gosling: …are we still on for the sleepover this weekend?

Pacifica Northwest: Yes.