i thought he was but it doesn't say

  • dante's parents: our son's gay and in love with you
  • ari: true dat
  • ari's parents: we think ur gay and in love with dante
  • ari: lmaooo? not true honestly why the FUCK would you say that?? i only just risked my life for him without so much as a single thought for mine!! i only kissed him back when he kissed me!!! that doesn't mean anything LMAO i only just beat the fuckin crap out of the guy who sent him to the hospital and i only was just so distraught i could hardly speak afterwards? i only said summer wouldn't be summer without him? i've only just missed him so much it hurt whenever he's been away? i've only been in love with him and tried to hide it? ohmyGOD y'all #playedyourself honestly i'm lmfao parents these days jesus

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Mahiru said that desires from love such as lust and sexual desires can corrupt a person to not care about the world right? That reminded me of ch. 55 when the first thing Yuu said about not caring about the world was that as long as he can save Mika he'd sell out the whole world. I'm sorry to bother you with my interpretation on this, I was just something I thought of when I first read what Mahiru said. I know it's kinda a stretch and probably doesn't mean anything but I liked the thought.

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Nonnie you’re awesome, did you know that?

You just made my day better in around 3 seconds

And people still say Yuu is straight

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People are upset because he kept saying the album was super honest so they thought they were getting 10 neutral gender songs and a whole ode to Louis. But 1. Honesty is not about songs being literal 2. He is his own person so if you thought it was all gonna be about Louis and their relationship you are reducing to only that 3. Songwriting has more to it than writing from personal experiences 4. Harry is a storyteller 5. There were like 5 people on the writing team, it doesn't all come from harry

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Do u know the ship name of Angelica and t Jeff !?!?! BC I HAD A HECKIN GUD IDEA: ok so Thomas hits on Angelica ( in a cocky snarky way, the same way he hits on every girl) BUT Angelica has an amazing sash come back and Thomas IS JUST SHOOK no girls ever done that before and he is blushing and he doesn't know what to say ALSO HE IN LOVE

I’m cracking up at the thought of Jefferson trying to woo her because, this a man that broke his right wrist trying to jump over a fence to impress a lady (then broke the other in his own house). What do you think he would do after trying and failing multiple times?

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Thomas apologized. He feels really bad, and people are trying to say he doesn't because he copy pasted his thought out, really great apology on a couple asks but what, was he going to do a unique apology for each of the billion asks he got on this? Please, consider this before spreading hate about him, he's human like anyone else. Him being internet famous doesn't change that!

You know why I’m reblogging negative posts about him? Because I used to like him. I used to enjoy his silly little vines and upbeat attitude. But then I followed him on tumblr and that changed.

Over time, I began noticing more and more unsettling things on his account. I told myself I was overreacting because each time, he’d apologize and delete everything. He was willing to change. That’s what I told myself. But he didn’t.

I think it was like…two years ago maybe that a friend of mine said he didn’t trust TS because he told someone to draw Dipper’s butt or something like that. I had asked for a link, but of course the post was already deleted. And do you see where we are right now, all this time later?

He’s built his image around making kid-friendly content and “being one of the Teens.” He looks young, he acts young, he always films in high school settings, for the longest time I thought he was like 19, 20. But no, he is almost 30 years old. He’s old enough to know when he’s crossed a line and he knows how to play his image to his advantage. Being the peppy, always willing to listen and change, ray of sunshine that can do no wrong gives him enough credibility to where he’s able to continually apologize, delete posts, and act like it never happened, only for him to mysteriously forget months later and repeat the cycle.

I’m posting because I know I’m not the only one who fell for it. I should’ve trusted my gut, no one can be that perfect. If they are, they’re hiding something.

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Hi! I was wondering something. In the TV show, is Hannibal ever wrong? Like, he's kind of wrong in thinking Will will run away with him at the end of season 2 but not entirely either, since Will doesn't really know himself. Is there another instance where he's really, really wrong about something? Can't seem to find anything. Penny for your thoughts!

Is Hannibal ever wrong? IS HANNIBAL EVER WRONG???? Well, there was that one time he thought Will had murdered Freddie Lounds until he smelled her shampoo on him. That was a doozy.

You’re right that Hannibal isn’t wrong often, and when he is, it’s often either debatable or utterly catastrophic. Or both. Like…I would say he was definitely wrong that eating Will’s brains was a good idea, but it would have accomplished what he wanted it to, which was to allow him to forgive Will in perpetuity. So…*shrug.*

Debatable or not, here’s a list of a few ways in which Hannibal has been wrong from at least one point of view:

  • That Abigail would behave herself and not go digging up Nick Boyle’s body.
  • That no one would know what Abigail did.
  • That Will would believe that he could have killed all those people in S1 (yes, he intended that: that’s the point of the therapy scene with the shadow figures in Hannibal’s office in “Savoureux”)
  • That Leda and the Swan is appropriate dining room art.
  • That Bedelia would just hang around her house waiting for him to kill her.
  • That Will changing his strategy mid-trial would work.
  • That his own testimony would be helpful.
  • That Bella wouldn’t smack the bejesus out of him if he leaned over her.
  • That he could kill Beverly without exacting retribution from Will.
  • That that dude swimming next to him was not a threat.
  • That a squab foot on a fig newton is a good hors d'oeuvre.
  • That Will would be happy with him for getting him out of jail.
  • That complaining about your boyfriend’s aftershave is either flirting or going to get him to change it.
  • That there wasn’t a dude in that horse.
  • That Freddie would just hang around her hotel room waiting for him to kill her.
  • That Will sliced the ginger.
  • That Will could get over his betrayal more easily and wasn’t deceiving him in S2.
  • That cutting Will open and slicing Abigail’s neck was a good idea.
  • That he could just get over Will if he shacked up with his own psychiatrist.
  • That he would not be recognized as Not Roman Fell.
  • That he could keep Jack from kicking his whole ass that one time.
  • That Will might have thought it would be good to see him. 
  • That Alana’s wife and child belong to him.
  • That he should stand that close to the edge of a cliff.

And his most egregious sin:

  • Serving fish jello.

Feel free to add more!

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au where nico speaks italian sometimes but he doesn't even notice it (i'm italian and it happens to me all the time, especially at the end of some sentences or when i have to say "well/first of all" i say "cioè/allora") and will is so confused ????

  • sometimes nico talks to himself but whenever he does that its always in italian, never english, so imagine anyone’s surprise when they walk up to nico and hes just muttering to himself and no one can understand any of it
    • the first time will heard it he honestly kinda thought that nico might be having a stroke but then nico’s like “oh hey will whats up” like nothings wrong and wills just ?????
  • nico has a problem with forgetting words all the time so he’ll be in the middle of a sentence and just,,, stop and glare and after a few seconds either he’ll say whatever words come to his head whether its the right word or not or he’ll just say the word in italian and hope for the best
    • again this totally freaks will out for like the first month bc why does nico look so angry all of a sudden??? and just saying random words???? its so difficult to follow the conversation bc will doesn’t understand whats happening????
  • ofc will and nico start to spend an awful lot more time together when they start dating and when chiara shows up at camp it gets a lot easier for will to follow a conversation bc sometimes when nico just throws an occasional italian word into a sentence chiara will do her best to translate for will
    • plus when nico and will start dating it gets a lot easier for will to anticipate what nico’s trying to say so when nico starts listing off words and hoping to find the right one will can usually say a single word and nicos like “yes!! thats the word!!!” and goes on with the conversation
  • sometimes when nicos especially tired he basically wont even try to remember to speak english so he and will could just be laying outside in the grass or inside the hades cabin and nico will be talking about anything and everything and will (usually also tired bc when isnt he) will just wraps his arms around nico and kisses him on the cheek and goes “i have no idea what youre saying but youre adorable when youre like this so its fine”

i hope this was at least somewhat accurate for bilingual people and also i hope you liked it!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

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Two Ghosts initial thoughts:  Harry compromised with Columbia and is releasing Two Ghosts during Dunkirk promo so that his album will get attention while he’s purposefully not talking about it during movie interviews. I think he’s intentionally releasing a more “low-key” song to that end.

I don’t think he’s looking for this one to be a “song of the summer,” it’s just keeping album momentum going and then the next single, in the fall probably, will be Carolina or Kiwi which are more current-format-radio friendly.

People who know what they’re talking about when it comes to music promo (which I do not) are more than welcome to disagree with me on this and change my mind :)

DannyMay: Emotions

Angela Foley, Maddie Fenton, and Pamela Manson stood in front of their children. The trio were leaning against each other; Danny was in the middle, while his friends sat on either side with a protective arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Maddie crossed her arms. “What do you three have to say for yourselves?”

Danny licked his lips. “Mom, I can explain-”

“You three have been helping Phantom!” Pamela cut in, “There is nothing to explain!”

The trio exchanged a look and moved closer to Danny.

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I had this great shower vision of how every time Yuri says “well I was messing around with a routine in Detroit and Phichit liked it but I thought it was pretty flashy”, Victor just pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts chugging instead of screaming “WHY DIDN’T YOU SKATE LIKE THIS AT THE OLYMPICS? I WAS SO BORED AT THE OLYMPICS.”

you: killuas love for gon is unrequited

me, an intellectual: that’s where you’re wrong. killua loves gon, that’s for sure. killua loves him so much he’d do anything to save him and when he realizes he can’t be with him all the time and save him every single time gon gets himself in trouble, he has a mental breakdown. but that’s only killua. gon loves killua too. in the zoldyck family arc, gon goes through a series of inconveniences, just to save killua from his own abusive family. would he go through that trouble for someone he didn’t care about? no. during the gi arc, gon even says MULTIPLE times how killua is his best friend, and he cherishes their time spent together. and at the end of the chimera ant arc when gon is bashing pitous goddamn face in, he speaks to killua after his arm gets cut off. he says “it doesn’t hurt,” as if reassuring that he was okay and not to worry about him. what I see in this scene is gon assuredly screwing up, but also taking into account killuas concern. would he even bother to tell killua that if he didn’t care at all about him? the answer is again, no. gon then proceeds to use jajanken one last time, looking over at killua with tears in his eyes, so say once again that killua has an unrequited love I could go all night

Love Inversion Theory II


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A/N: I hope you all like! Next one will be more eventful :) this chapter consists mostly of Peter realizing things on his own

“So, are you going to talk to me or am I going to be victim to your ‘method acting’ all day?” You suddenly asked.

“Of course not,” he said around a thoughtful chew of breakfast food. His voice wavered and he was just barely able to catch the American accent in time. “You can tell me what’s up, you know,” you say comfortingly. Your hand moved up his thigh in a loving way rather than a sexy way. “Just nervous,” Peter managed to say after swallowing his food. “I’d be more surprised if you weren’t,” you laughed, smoothing out a napkin on the table. “After all, this movie-it’s just still a giant ‘wow, what?’ in my brain. I guess for you it’s like that times a billion.”

Peter nodded slowly. “Yes, of course.” What the hell is she talking about? 

You stood up a few moments later. “I have a present for you,” you randomly declared. “But it might take around fifteen minutes to get a hold of. Will you be alright here while I step out for a bit?”

The clothes which you bore didn’t fall under typical [Y/n] standards. These were more revealing. The top dipped down your neckline and showed more cleavage than you usually did. You looked gorgeous-of course, because when do you not?-but different. 

“No, yeah, yeah, of course,” Peter assured you, raising his arms over his head. Every move he made was an attempted relaxed and natural looking one. You gave him a double glance before shrugging. “Okay,” you smiled. “I will be back as soon as possible so don’t freak out. Oh! And your mom texted me. One, she’s a bit too pleased to see any pictures of us out together and a bit not too pleased with the ‘Tomdaya’ rumors. She makes a lot of marriage comments about us…”

You looked at him for a lingering couple of seconds, almost as if you were waiting for him to say something.

“Oh. I’ll-I’ll tell her right away to stop that. You know my moooooum.” He inwardly cringed at the slip up.

You tilted your head back in surprise. “What?”

“My mum. Gotta love ‘er,” Peter chuckled, pointing his fingers at you like guns. You popped your lips. “Okay. Well like I said I’ll just be out for a little bit…be careful.”

“You too,” he called after your retreating figure. 

Click. The door shut and Peter stared at it for a minute to ensure you wouldn’t come back. When he deemed it safe, he stood up abruptly. “What the hell?! Where’s the suit, where is my suit?!” He clamored over open suitcases and random assortments of furniture and flung a closet door open. Empty. 

Well, empty except for a gray hoodie. Peter pulled that on without really thinking about it then began to pace. 

[Y/n]. Tom. British? Someone’s mom. Waffles. 

Those were the only words that flew around his brain. He had to calm down, and soon. There wasn’t time to panic!

You telling him his mother texted threw him off guard since his parents had been dead for over half his life. He hardly remembered what it was like to have a mom. There had only ever been May and up until a few years ago, Ben. 

There was a laptop positioned neatly on the nightstand. Peter sighed in deep relief before opening it. 

The prompt for a password appeared on the screen and on impulse, he typed in the first dessert he shared with you. It opened. How convenient, he thought bitterly. Okay, Apple, time to not fail me with your pitiful excuse for a default browser.

(Safari was for losers. He firmly believe that, being an avid Google user and all.)

“Okay…uhm. Peter Parker,” Peter said his search out loud. You said something about the name, but not in the way he would have liked. You said it almost as if Peter wasn’t an actual person. 


‘Peter Parker (Earth-616), Marvel Database-Fandom Powered. Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to Richard and Mary Par-’

He leaned away from the screen, half expecting it to blow up in his face. It wouldn’t surprise him. 

He scrolled down. 

There was a youtube link to some video titled ‘Peter Parker vs Flash basketball scene.’ Uhm. Yeah. Okay. 

Watching the video was a total waste of two minutes. Sort of. The school was, unnervingly, called Midtown. But its layout was definitely not his Midtown high. 

And that ‘Parker’ kid-not Peter. What the hell was up with that Flash person? Is this some elaborate joke? 

If so, Peter wasn’t understanding the punchline. If someone were to go to such lengths, why would they have someone who looked nothing like Flash Thompson be ‘Flash.’

The ‘up next’ logo was flashing to yet another video titled ‘Peter Parker vs. Flash.’ 

“These guys look nothing like me-!” Peter suddenly exclaimed mid way through the video. Some red headed girl was asking someone named Harry to help ‘Peter’ and Peter-the actual, real one-was not amused. 

“That guy looks nothing like Flash!” And Flash and I have never even fought like that. What is this, some cheesy high school movie? Maybe the names are a coincidence. He angrily paused the video, not wishing to hear it or watch it anymore. There was a few more movie clips-some media footage of Captain America and Tony Stark (that wasn’t new) but there was a thumbnail that caught Peter’s attention. 

It was a picture of him, sitting in his old room at the old complex and May used to live in. 

The video’s title read “Tony Stark Recruits Peter Parker | “Responsibility” Civil War Scene Full HD | Tom Holland.”

Okay, what the fuck. 

Tom-isn’t that what you were insisting Peter’s name was ever since he woke up? Tom Holland.

He warily watched the video. It all consisted of that one day Tony Stark decided to waltz in and recruit him. 

Only this video, it wasn’t from the point of view of Peter or Tony. It was a third person view, as if the camera person was filming it like a movie. Peter somehow thought he would remember another person recording from all different angles. 

With a knot in his stomach, he read through the comments:

Usernames like  “Parker Peter” or “Spider-Dork” just existed, and they all commented on this one video. 

“Tom Holland,” one comment read, “is the best Spider-Man!”

Another read: “Tom is the best” 

“Peter is such a daddy”

“Tom is so hot ugh”

“Tom Holland…the love of my life, more like”

“Tobey Maguire did better”

“Am I the only one who misses Andrew Garfield?” followed by a long string of replies:




“Wow what about Bucky no one ever gives him any love”


Peter stared at the comments with his mouth dropped open. The suggested videos to the side were all of “Captain America: Civil War” or “Spider-Man: Homecoming OFFICIAL trailer.”

It made him nauseous, so that with shaking hands, he opened up a new tab and typed in the name “Tom Holland.”

“Oh, no,” he groaned when new articles popped up. “What the fu-is that MICHELLE?! Am I dating Michelle?!” Indeed, there were articles headlined with things like ‘Tom Holland and Zendaya are dating!’  He scrolled away from that, not enjoying to feeling that one headline called Tom Holland a ‘cheater’ and accusing him of ‘dumping famed young adult author and girlfriend of three years, [Y/n] [L/n] for Spidey co-star, Zendaya.’ Another was labeled ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming opens for the first time tonight! We’re all excited-find out why!’

Peter finally found a wiki page and reluctantly clicked. The profile photo was of him, but not a photo he remembered taking.

He swallowed a thick lump in his throat and read aloud to himself “Thomas Stanley Holland, born the first of June in 1996, is an English actor and dancer. Holland is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-”

Oh fuck. 


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Vid One-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGHKrh8J8I

Vid Two-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCi9Bxu1pk

Vid Three-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DESwBLlniCg

Tom Holland Wiki-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Holland_(actor)

***any usernames/comments shown in the fic are not real-any similarities are pure coincidence. I own nothing and no one, except for this fic idea***

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Hi, quick question because I haven't read the books in a while. Did Ned encourage Arya's unladylike behaviour at all? I know he obviously let her keep Needle but apart from that I'm sure he wanted to make her a lady (the whole 'your sons will be knights... quote etc) but he and Cat just sort of gave up. I see people say because she remind him of Lyanna he encouraged it but I would've thought if she reminded him of Lyanna, he would discourage it, hoping she doesn't share the same fate

The short answer to your question, Nonnie, is NO. Ned did not “encourage” Arya in unladylike behavior. The Ned Stark who indulges his youngest daughter in every whim and thinks it’s charming if she’s rude to people is entirely a fandom creation. At least as far as the books go. Not having seen the show, I never pretend to speak to portrayals of the characters there. Honestly, this idea of Ned as the super progressive, indulgent father who would want all his children to live freely and marry for love and spend their lives doing whatever their little hearts desire if it weren’t for that horrible bitch he’s married to infuriates me as much on Ned’s behalf as it does on Catelyn’s!

As much as I love the guy, as much as he genuinely loves both his wife and children a great deal more than many other lords in ASOIAF seem to, as much as he absolutely values women as human beings capable of rational thought and worthy of respect in a way that far too few of the men in the series do, Lord Eddard Stark is a pretty traditional guy. He married for duty, became Lord of Winterfell for duty, lives his life with as much honor as he can–as he understands the concept. He expects no less of his children. He does not want them unhappy and would not willingly place them in harm’s way, but he expects Robb to fulfills his responsibilities as heir to Winterfell and one day its lord, to rule with honor and wed a woman who will make a good Lady of Winterfell. He expects Bran and Rickon to grow up and become bannermen of their elder brother, perhaps with their own holdfasts in the North, helping defend House Stark and the North and administer justice in their brother’s name. He expects Sansa AND Arya to make marriages which are advantageous to House Stark. Not because he thinks of his children as pawns, but because this is WHAT PEOPLE DO! This is how a good father secures his children’s future and how a good lord secures the future of his House.

So, OF COURSE, he doesn’t encourage Arya’s wild ways. Now, we don’t get to see any actual hands-on parenting by Ned of his daughters in Winterfell on the page. Catelyn is obviously in charge of them. Not because she’s controlling and he’s lenient–but because that is HER job. Arya sees her mother as the primary disciplinarian in her life simply because her mother, as the more hands-on parent in her daily life, is the one who’s telling her what to do and not to do on a far more regular basis. 

We DO see Ned interacting directly with Arya in King’s Landing, when Catelyn is far away and unavailable for the duty. He’s exhausted, he’s miserable away from his home and his wife, he’s frustrated with his seeming inability to make Robert act like a king or to make headway in the matter of Jon Arryn’s death or the attempt on Bran’s life, and he’s completely bamboozled on how to handle the open warfare between his daughters. And now Septa Mordane comes to him and tells him that after he left the Small Hall in frustration without finishing his dinner after yet another altercation between the two girls, Arya has made a scene and left the Hall without permission. He goes to her room, wondering how in hell to deal with her and finds her with a sword she informs him is his.

During their exchange, (which is from Arya’s POV), she notes more than once how tired her father looks. Upon realizing the sword was made by Mikken, he SIGHS. “My nine-year-old daughter is being armed from my own forge, and I know nothing of it. The Hand of the King is expected to rule the Seven Kingdoms, yet it seems I cannot even rule my own household.”

This is a dude at the end of his rope!

When Arya informs him that she hates Septa Mordane, his answer is given in a voice GRRM refers to as ‘curt and hard’. “That’s enough. The septa is doing no more than is her duty, though gods know you have made it a struggle for the poor woman. Your mother and I have charged her with the impossible task of making you a lady.”

YOUR MOTHER AND I, he says. Not just ‘your mother.’ Like Catelyn, Ned understands that Arya chafes against a lot of what is asked of her. Like Catelyn, he sees learning to do it anyway as necessary to her future.

Arya protests, of course, and gets the well-known speech from her father about having a wildness in her, or the wolf blood as his own father used to call it. And when he tells her she reminds him of his sister, even nine-year-old Arya hears the sadness in his voice. And when he tells her she looks like Lyanna, and she protests that Lyanna was beautiful he says, “She was. Beautiful, willful, and dead before her time.”

In this moment, Ned is remembering his sister with both great love and great fear for as much as he might love the echoes of her which he sees in Arya, he DOES NOT want her to follow Lyanna’s path or share her fate. Immediately after that is when he asks her what she thought to do with that sword. He’s trying desperately to figure out what to do with this daughter who is so unhappy, so determined to do what she wants, and eerily like the sister who followed her own will right into an early grave and triggered a terrible war. 

They go on to have quite a wonderful conversation in which he tries to understand her and make her understand him–talking of the pack and winter and honor, etc. Some things, she understands, and others not so much. He never mentions Lyanna again in the conversation. He tells her Septa Mordane is a good woman and emphasizes her sisterhood with Sansa, telling her that while they may be as different as the sun and the moon, the same blood flows through their hearts and they need each other. And he needs them both.

We’re in Arya’s head here–not Ned’s. But you can almost feel his desperation when he then tells her she has to STOP with the willfulness. “This is not Winterfell. We have enemies here who mean us ill. We cannot fight a war among ourselves. This willfulness of yours, the running off, the angry words, the disobedience … at home, these were only the summer games of a child. Here and now, with winter soon upon us, that is a different matter. It is time to begin growing up.”

Basically, he just told her to knock off all the things that so many in fandom feel he encouraged in her. While he may have been fairly lenient (NOT encouraging) of her shenanigans in Winterfell, they’re now in a dangerous place, and at the ripe old age of nine, he expects her to act more grown up!

Then, he lets her keep her sword and arranges lessons for her. Why does he do that? I think at least in part, it’s because he needs somebody to be happy about SOMETHING. He’s so guilty about Sansa’s wolf that he can barely speak with her, and he knows Arya hates King’s Landing, and he knows even better how much HE hates King’s Landing. Maybe if he gives her this one thing–he can keep his daughter from a full-on rebellion like that of his sister’s.

But even after that, some time later after word arrives that Bran has awakened, Arya asks Ned if he can still be a knight, and he tells her no, but that her brother may still someday be lord of a great holdfast and sit on the king’s castle or raise castles like Brandon the Builder or sail a ship across the Sunset Sea or enter their mother’s faith and become High Septon. Arya promptly asks if she can be king’s councillor and build castles and become High Septon, and Ned, of course, tells her no.

“You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.”

Arya wants none of that, of course, but my point here is that, sword lessons or not, this is the future Ned saw for Arya, the future he WANTED for Arya, not because he was a bad father, but because he loved his daughter. And to this traditional High Lord of Westeros, having his daughter become a Queen or a great Lady was the absolute most he could offer her.

So while he loved his daughter Arya dearly, and had loved his sister dearly as well, and probably did love that he could see a bit of Lyanna living on in Arya, he did not encourage her to be willful and wild any more than he had encouraged it in his sister.

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hey dude ٩( ᐛ )و i would like to request a scenario of bakugou in bed with his fem s/o late at night, he thinks she's a sleep so he's just musing thoughts about her that his pride prevents him from saying to his face, just really mushy stuff, but s/o is actually awake but doesn't reveal that because she wants to hear what he has to say, thank you!!

ty for requesting, sweetie! I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy it too! (*ノ▽ノ)

Bakugou let out a yawn as he walked into his bedroom, a towel resting on his head, his hair still damp from his shower. Pulling the towel off, he dropped it in the hamper by the door as he walks to his bed, where you were sleeping.

His eyes travel over your still form, noticing that you were dressed in one of his favorite t-shirts, stopping dangerously at the middle of your thighs, giving him a full view of your legs. Your hair is disheveled, lips slightly apart and you’re sleeping on your side, facing him.

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  • Emma: Hook proposed.
  • Regina: Oh...congratulations.
  • Emma: We both know you don't mean that.
  • Regina: I'm your friend...friends support each other...
  • Emma: But...
  • Regina: But he's not right for you Emma...you deserve better...someone who stands up with you, who helps you see the best in yourself...it doesn't matter. If that's him...
  • Emma: It isn't. Ask me what I said.
  • Regina *frowns confused*: What did you say?
  • Emma: No.
  • Regina: No? But I thought...you said he was your happy ending.
  • Emma: And people once believed the earth was flat. I don't think he's my happy ending...but I know you are.

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i just thought of kitsune Reigen and Mob running into kitsune Genos (+ Sai), and Reigen doesn't know he's like a god~ and so he just covers Mob's eyes and tells him "dude put on a shirt at least, there are kids around" and Mob is like Shishou omg and Saitama bursts out laughing

Saitama meanwhile is about to mcfreaking loose it, Reigen please,,,

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When the team finally meets Lotor, he gushes over Lance's pretty skin and eye color and talks about how amazing his sniping skills are and how he would treat him so well, which makes Lance feel so good inside because who doesn't like compliments right??? Anyway, Lotor says something like 'come join me' and Lance can't help but go with him because throughout the entire time he was in space, the team has never once complimented him or told him he was pretty. Idk man, random thoughts 😅

Lance wouldn’t join them, but he’d consider it. Honestly, Lotor who is a good boyfriend is the best Lotor. And Lance is probably like me, loves compliments, doesn’t get them often, but when he does is like, “Nope.” And I just, really, really, really love this? And you anon. Send me random thoughts more. 

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Your thoughts on Obi Wan? I love him but the more I dive into stuff, he didn't help Anakin like I wish he would've. But I understand this is all he's known. And Obi Wan is a good person but when it comes to feelings for things, he doesn't seem to understand like Anakin has because he was at least allowed that.

I love Obi-Wan. The only character I love more than I love Obi-Wan is Anakin and that is saying something lol I love him but I’m also one of this biggest critics. I believe we should hold the characters accountable for everything they did or didn’t do and that includes Obi-Wan.

Obi-wan was not this friendly, sweet, momma bear type that gave everyone hugs and lived to cuddle Anakin. He’s the poster boy for what happens when indoctrination is done “right”. He was a good person who genuinely wanted to help and do better. but the way he was raised left him incapable of properly dealing with certain situations and beings (Anakin).

For Obi-Wan to truly help Anakin he would have to first break away from his Jedi mindset. And that usually only happens after some serious trauma, so unless something that happened to Obi-Wan to force him to open his eyes to what was happening I doubt he would ever help Anakin the way Anakin needed to be helped. To be fair, I don’t think his inability to help Anakin was an inherent moral flaw, it was simply the result of being raised by the Jedi.

I love Obi-Wan, but I love him as he was: good but flawed, kind but capable of cruelty, brilliant but incapable of facing the errors of the Council, a man who loved deeply but was only able to confess that love while his brother laid dying utterly helpless, a man who preached compassion to ALL life forms and yet supported countless injustices.

Obi-wan was a good man. But like he said, he did fail Anakin (and the galaxy) and that’s what makes him so interesting to me. It fits well with the Prequel’s theme of “evil prevails when good men fail to act”, imo.