i thought he was a nice person

soo… I had picked team instinct cause the shilouette made it look like he’d have a nice design and I was right. 

Drew him in Owain’s pose from FE Awakening cause the whole fandom is convinced they’re the same person. 

To be honest, Kinda surprised that he came out alright (the hair wasn’t nearly as much of a challenge as I thought it would be.)

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Why does everyone (or at least a large minority of the people who send asks to you. Of course it could just be one person, sending the same things over and over again) think Severus would have a daughter? Why does no one think that he would have a son? Can I have your opinion on this? Thank you :)

I think it has to do with the fact that having a son would be difficult (at least at first), because it would dredge up some of his own memories from childhood. Not to say that a girl would not (as children are designed to try your patience, regardless of gender), but I think it might be easier for him to differentiate his own childhood from his experience as a parent.

Also, I think that a lot of my lovely anons identify as female and kinda like to imagine him as their father or a father figure to some extent.

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Eddie Vedder seems like a really nice person. During interviews of Pearl Jam in the early 90's he seems quite depressed and angry because of the fame PJ had. I'm glad he didn't follow the same path as Kurt

eddie was surprised he “was still around, as he thought he’d go first”  as he stated about kurt.

I like eddie.   i’m glad he and kurt patched it up before,……..you know.

Dogs are assholes. Little Buddy ran out the door and into the fuCKING STREET when I came home, and Big Buddy is pissed at me FOR SOME REASON so he’ll act all nice and sweet so when I go to do tricks with him he does everything except for laying down. I thought maybe he just didn’t remember or it was me, but nOPE HE DOES IT FOR HANNAH THE FIRST FUCKING TIME. 


An anonymous person asked me “could you please? maybe? draw Lucio walking in on D-VA streaming to her fans with his music playing & her gushing about him/his music & neither D-VA nor Lucio realise that he’s on the facecam but the fans sure as hell do??” so I thought it was a really funny idea and drew this comic!

I sadly don’t know who you are but if you see this, I hope you will like it!

I tied Lucio’s hair this time because I thought he looked nice this way! What do you think? :)

Thanks for reading! :D

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

are we gonna ignore how nice and genuine taylor seemed in that phone call (as always) like that is as candid as it gets and she was still exactly the person I’ve always thought she was…like she genuinely wanted to make amends with Kanye and was trying really hard to understand his perspective artistically. and honestly what was she supposed to do? if we’re realistic he was going to write the song regardless of her opinion of it.

ps don’t get me started on how cute that part about how many likes she got on the flower photo was. my heart breaks. it really does.

Thoughts Regarding Taylor

I really think she was just trying to keep the peace between them. After years of fighting, she and Kanye were on cool terms. When she thought it was a joke about her she could take it. She sounded hesitant on the phone to me, like, trying to justify it to herself. But when she heard the whole song and the whole context, she realized it was misogynistic to her and to lots of other women–and felt like she had to speak up and say something. I mean–she heard a lyric out of context. it could have meant anything at the time. She even said she thought it would be taken as tongue-in-cheek. 

Anyway, I call foul on Kanye. He should have written the song he wanted without consulting her. It seems like its nice to check with the other person, but he knows Taylor. He knows she’s gonna try to keep the peace. He sounded so friendly and nice on the phone. You could tell she just wanted them to remain friends and be chill. And then he recorded it to make her look terrible.

It’s a lot of pressure for anyone to get a phone call out of the blue and someone asking your permission for something you don’t fully understand. He placed the responsibility on her to make their friendship work–like, if you don’t agree, we won’t be cool. He knew exactly what he was doing.

And FYI: If she had said no, don’t do that, I don’t approve: he would have done it anyway AND kept the recording to make her look bad. Like, she can write whatever she wants, but doesn’t approve of other artists having free expression? Either way, she was screwed.

P.S. This reminds me on when Justin Timberlake called Britney and asked her if it was ok for her body double to be in his video for Cry Me A River and she gave her ok without realizing the implications of it. Because when someone you have beef with asks for a favor, you’re more likely to do it to ease the tension.

Ok, I’m done ranting for now.


On the left is a screen shot of a conversation someone sent me on a dating site. On the right is the picture he was talking about. At first I was upset. I once thought it was a nice picture, I had posted it on Facebook and tons of family and friends had like it and left nice comments. Now I was wondering if he was right. I was sad at the thought of taking down that picture.

Then I realized, fuck what that guy thinks. I love that picture. I love that dress. I love the day it was taken. I felt beautiful that day and I believe I look beautiful in that picture. So it stays and I picked a few things to sway to him.

Sometimes, boys on dating sites are the worst, but I think I handled it well.

Boredom takes over

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Garth Fitzgerald IV (mentioned)

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3743

Warnings: Sexual tension, inappropriate thoughts, dry humping, Sexual frustration, annoyed!Reader, frustrated!Dean, boner, drinking game, strip tease, teasing, revenge

Summary: Dean confesses to the Reader that he thinks she’s the most boring person he’s ever met, and she decides to show him just how wrong that statement is.

Find other fics here:

Theweirdymcweirderson’s Masterlist

Author’s notes: I wrote this for the AdultSPNJulyWritingChallenge hosted by @roxy-davenport on Tumblr and my prompt was: “Take it off, nice and slow”

Let me know what you think about it, and as usual, I hope you enjoy it! *kisses*

Tags: @vilemalapert @katnharper @roxy-davenport


You took the shot Dean was offering you, smiling at him before you downed the liquid, feeling it burn down your throat, “So, Dean, wanna play a game?” He kinked an eyebrow at you, refilling his glass.

“Depends on the game, sweetcheeks” You rolled your eyes at the smug smirk that spread across his plump lips, “You wish, buddy” He chuckled, handing you the bottle, “A guy can dream, right?”

You shook your head at him, “What did you have in mind?” You shrugged, your finger tracing the rim of the glass, “Just a simple truth or dare, you up for it?” He seemed to think about it for a second, before he was licking his lips and nodding.

“Sure, too bad Sammy’s not here, I have some pretty good dares for him” Dean wiggled his eyebrows at you and you smirked, already thinking about the dares you’d make him do, knowing that he’d never back down from them.

“Rules: if you choose truth and then decide you don’t wanna answer the question, you take a drink; same thing with the dares…okay?” He nodded, a wicked smile spreading on his lips.

“Prepare yourself to get drunk then, sweetheart” You brushed off his comment, you knew he always thought you were no fun, but you were sure he’d change his mind before the night was over.

“How about you start, Dean?” He grabbed the bottle, and poured more drinks for the both of you, “Truth or dare, (Y/n)?” You chose truth and he pretended to think about his question for a second.

“Number of orgasms you had in one night” You knew right from the start that he’d ask you that question sooner or later, and you weren’t wrong, “Two” He raised an eyebrow, giving you his ‘C'mon, seriously?’ look and you just shrugged.

“Wow, sweetheart, you gotta have really bad taste in men…” You couldn’t really argue with that and proceeded to ask him what he’d choose, and just like you were expecting, he chose dare.

“Send a text to Sammy telling him that you think you’re gay” He stared at you for a second and you just smirked, watching him as he grumpily took his phone out, “This is how you wanna play? Fine, just remember that you started it”

After sending the text, Dean focused back on you, eager to take his revenge, “Dare, huh? Okay, (Y/n), I dare you to take off a piece of clothing” He flashed you a wolfish grin, and you had to suppress your laughter.

You slowly got up from your chair, turning around and showing him your body, before you faced him once more and pushed your hand under your t-shirt, allowing him a glimpse of your skin.

He licked his lips, pulling the lower one between his teeth, and subconsciously inched forward towards you. You toyed with the hem of your t-shirt for a while, just teasing him and watching as his pupils dilated.

You had to stop yourself from laughing when you pulled off your t-shirt and he was met by the sight of your tank top, an annoyed huff leaving his lips, “Did you really think I was gonna get naked for you just like that?”

Dean rolled his eyes, grabbing his glass and downing its contents, hoping to keep his mind off of the boner that you’d caused him, “Just ask your question, I choose truth” You hummed as you thought about what you could ask him.

You kept playing for a while longer, the questions and dares becoming more and more awkward and sexual as the time progressed, and you strategically avoided the ones that, according to Dean, where the most entertaining.

“You know, (Y/n), I’m pretty sure you’re the most boring hunter I’ve ever known…” You scoffed, eyes narrowing at him, “What about Garth?” A light chuckle left his lips as he seemed to remember something.

“Oh, he can be funny when he’s drunk…but you? You’re the responsible kinda drunk, which is…yeah” He stared at you, waiting for you to reply, but instead you just got up and grabbed the bottle.

“Where you going?” You kept walking, not bothering to turn around to answer him, “Wouldn’t want to bore you to death, Winchester” That said you made your way to your room, hearing him calling after you.

Dean closed his eyes, shaking his head at himself as he felt like kicking his own ass; again. He hadn’t meant to get you mad, he was used to teasing you but this time it looked like he’d gone too far.

He stared at the door you’d left through for a few seconds, before he realized that you weren’t coming back and got up, grabbing a beer and making his way to his own room, waiting for you to cool down a little before he came to apologize.

You on the other hand, sat on your bed, taking a long sip of the liquor you’d taken with you, because for what you had in mind, you most definitely needed the encouragement or else you’d change your mind.

You took your time, trying to slow down your breathing as you changed your clothes and put on some mascara and lipstick, just to make yourself look a little more awake than you actually were; it was 10 p.m. after all.

Once you deemed yourself ready, or well, as ready as you could ever be, you rolled your shoulders to relax a little and then walked to Dean’s room; the heels of your red décolleté clicking on the bunker’s tiled floor.

You didn’t bother knocking, you knew he was awake and from the sound coming through his door, you could tell he was watching a movie or some TV series. Pushing the door open, you made your way in, and Dean shot up off his bed.

“Look, (Y/n), I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, I didn’t mean to, sweetheart” You didn’t answer him, you just pushed him back until he was sitting on the edge of his mattress once more; his eyes still glued to you.

He noticed you were wearing high heels and wondered why, but thought better of asking since he didn’t want to worsen his situation. You turned around and placed your phone on his desk, choosing the song you wanted and pressing play.

Turning back to face Dean, you found him staring at your ass; his eyes snapping up to yours immediately, with guilt written all over them. You kinked an eyebrow at him and he flashed you an apologetic smile.

The song started and Dean’s expression changed from confused to shocked in a matter of seconds when you started to sway your hips from side to side, following the beat.

You moved your curves as seductively as you could, biting down on your lower lip while keeping your eyes trained on his, and you could see just how much he was struggling to keep his own on your face and not let them wonder over your body.

His resolve soon crumbled however when you popped open the first button on the shirt you’d put on, “Oh, wow, is this-” You cut him off before he could finish his sentence, walking up to him and placing your finger on his lips.

“Unless you wanna ruin this, I suggest you shut your pretty mouth, Winchester” He nodded, his hands tightening their hold on his sheets as he forced himself not to reach out and touch you.

You smiled sweetly down at him and resumed your sensual dance, moving to the rhythm of the song and popping one button after the other, enjoying how Dean’s frustration increased with each one you undid.

When there were just two buttons left and the sexy bra you’d chosen was showing, you turned around and placed your hands on his desk, sticking your ass in his direction and wiggling it; a few curses from Dean reaching your ears.

You smiled to yourself when you heard him shifting, and you chanced a look over your shoulder to find him trying to adjust himself in his pants, something which he seemed to be failing at pretty badly.

Your teeth sank into the soft skin of your bottom lip, a gesture which, as sensual as it may have seemed to Dean, was meant to keep you from giggling at his flustered state.

Your hands pulled the sides of your shirt open, and you teasingly let the fabric slide over one of your shoulders, revealing the smooth skin to hungry, lust-blown, green eyes.

Dean shifted once more, placing his elbows on his thighs and leaning onto them to inch forward towards you; his jeans tightening with each look you directed his way.

You had him wrapped up around your finger, and you were enjoying every single moment of it as you played with him, flashing him your soft flesh for barely a second, before you covered it back up.

You turned to face him once more, your shirt now completely unbuttoned and Dean growled, his eyes taking in your bra-clad breasts, and he knew right then and there that he wouldn’t be able to hold still until you finished your ‘show’.

His hands were balled into fists, which he clenched and unclenched rhythmically to stop himself from getting up and taking you onto his desk, a thought that seemed very much appealing at the moment.

He drew in a deep breath, trying to keep himself in check, and watching you as you licked your lips again, and he wasn’t sure if you were doing that on purpose or not, but each time you licked them he had to bite on the insides of his cheeks to stop himself from moaning.

Just when he thought things couldn’t be getting any worse for him, you started walking towards him once more, stopping just a few inches away, and since you were wearing heels and he was sitting down; he found himself eye level with the waistband of your leggings.

He swallowed, his mouth completely dry as he fought to keep his eyes on yours and more importantly keep his hands off of your body. Your hand cupped his cheek and he leant into your touch, still keeping his eyes on yours.

You smiled to yourself, you’d most definitely never thought you’d ever have Dean Winchester, The Dean Winchester, so worked up from just a little dance and some teasing.

Your forefinger traced the outline of his strong jaw, your nail gently scraping his scruffy skin, before you pushed him back a little, and brought one knee on either side of him, straddling his lap.

He groaned as you sat onto him, hands almost ripping his sheets cause he knew, that if he touched you, you’d get up and leave and all of this, what he’d been wanting for, for months now, would end; and he didn’t want that, he certainly did not want that.

Your arms wrapped around his neck, and you pulled him closer, the tip of your nose brushing his own as your breath washed over his lips, and he subconsciously licked them; eyes glancing down at your red painted ones.

Your chests touched with each breath you took, and he realized he was panting, ‘Damn it, Dean, keep it together, she’s barely taken her shirt off, man, and…fuck! Why does she smell so damn good?!’

You arched your back and Dean had to look down, had to see your boobs trapped behind the thin barrier of your lacy bra. The tiniest of whimpers left his plump lips and made you smirk at him.

“Enjoying the view, Dean?” He hummed absentmindedly, before slowly lifting his gaze to lock it on yours and nod his head, “Yep, yeah…I wanna bury my face between them and just stay there, babe” He wanted to face-palm himself as soon as the words left his lips.

He opened his mouth to add something else, something that would make him sound less like a horny teenager, but closed it right after as his brain didn’t seem to be able to form any coherent thought with you sitting like that on his lap.

“Mmmhm, how about you help out of my shirt, Dean?” He raised his eyebrows in surprise at your suggestion, before he was licking his lips and nodding his head, “Take it off, nice and slow!” He groaned at your words, licking his lips as he brought his hands on your thighs.

Dean knew that you’d only told him to remove your shirt, but he was going to be damned if he didn’t take the time to appreciate every, single second of it. His hands rested on your thighs, as he took in a deep breath, pushing away the nagging voice in his head that told it was all just a dream.

Ever so slightly he moved his hands up your thighs, until he reached the waistband of your leggings resting comfortably on your waist, and he gave it a squeeze, making you arch your back on top of him.

You sighed when his hands came in contact with your skin; the warm, rugged texture of his touch feeling amazing on your soft body. Your eyes remained focused on his face, trying to read what he was thinking about, but all you could really think about was the fact that he was touching you.

He trailed his hands slowly up your sides, huffing out the breath he’d been holding back and sighing lightly; eyes memorising every inch of your body. One more time his tongue darted out to wet his lips, before he pulled the full lower one between his teeth.

You fought to contain yourself, willing to keep your mind on track with what you’d planned to do and trying to keep your need for him under control. You felt so compelled to kiss him, to attach your lips to his and press your body closer to him, but brushed off the thought and steadied yourself.

Dean stopped for a moment when he reached the proximity of your bra-clad breasts and just stared at you, eyes locked on the tops of them that weren’t covered by the piece of clothing and before he knew it, he was inching closer.

His breath fanned over your boobs, awakening goosebumps all over your skin, making you bite down on the insides of your cheeks to avoid releasing any embarrassing noises. His lips ever so lightly brushed against you and you threaded your fingers through his hair and tugged.

Dean groaned at the feeling, closing his eyes for barely a second and tightening his hands on your sides, before he looked back up at you. His green eyes darkened with lust as he stared at you, licking his lips wantonly as his gaze snapped down to lock on your own.

He shook himself off of his trance and his hands resumed their task. They caressed your shoulders, pushing themselves under the fabric of your shirt, and then continued their journey over your arms as the material slid down smoothly, leaving your upper half in nothing but your bra.

You’d untangled your hands from around his neck, helping him remove the piece of clothing, and by the time it had hit the floor next to Dean’s bed; you were both heavy breathing. Your (e/c) eyes stayed on Dean’s, silence enveloping you as you did nothing else but stare into each other’s eyes.

You drew in a deep, shuddering breath and chanced a little smile, trying to compose yourself a bit, “Thanks…” He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, knowing that opening his mouth to talk would end up with him saying something even more embarrassing than the first time.

You could see how much he wanted you, feel how hard he was beneath you and the only thing you could think about was ripping his clothes off and running your hands all over his body as he did the same to you. You closed your eyes and willed yourself to stop thinking about him.

It was almost painful to lift yourself from on top of him, a disapproving whimper escaping Dean’s luscious, kissable lips when you turned to face away from him. You chewed on your bottom lip, hoping for your heart to slow down its wild beating.

You noticed the song had changed, and high fived yourself for making a small playlist earlier with a few songs since you didn’t know how long your little teasing game would last. Breathing deeply from your nose, you resumed your sensual dance; Dean’s body leaning back forward to get closer to you.

Your hips rolled, following the beat of the song while your hands slowly caressed up your body, threading in your hair as you tried to look as seductive as possible and heard Dean groan at the show you were putting on for him.

You stuck your ass out as you continued dancing, undulating your body in an enticing way and letting your hands drift down to slip under the waistband of your leggings. Dean’s breath hitched in his throat as he observed you with rapt attention, never daring to take his green eyes off of you. 

Pushing the elastic fabric down your legs, your fingers grazed your heated skin and you forced yourself not to turn and look at Dean, when you heard him curse at the sight of your matching lace panties. A smile spread on your lips and you let your leggings pull at your feet before you stepped out of them.

Still dancing, you turned to face Dean, his green eyes immediately finding yours, and you felt a blush rising to your cheeks at the way he was practically devouring you with his intense gaze. You licked your lips, pushing your chest forward and dragging your hand over your thighs, watching as Dean brought his hand on his crotch and palmed himself.

You swallowed the lump that was forming in your throat, forcing yourself to keep eye contact until he broke it to let his eyes take another appreciative tour over your almost naked body, “This night took a turn I totally wasn’t expecting…”

His voice sounded strained, the tone huskier than usual and throaty, and his lips swollen from his continuous biting down on the soft flesh. You smirked at him, moving to stand in front of him and giving him the chance to look at you up close.

His hands twitched, grabbing tightly on his sheets when you stood between his parted legs, and the sexual tension in the room reached its peak. Ever so slowly, you lifted one leg and knelt on the mattress beside him, working again to straddle his hips.

Dean leant back on his hands, letting you do whatever you wanted until you sat on his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. He kept watching you closely as he brought his hands to rest on your now naked thighs, gauging your reaction before he was trailing them up to your waist.

Your covered core pressed to his aching erection and he grunted something which you didn’t understand since the only thing you could think about was the feeling of his still clothed, hard-muscled body pressing into yours.

You ducked your head down, brushing your lips along his chiseled jaw until your reached his ear, “Do you want me, Dean?” You whispered the words in a sultry tone that made him shiver, “Fuck yeah, baby girl!” Grinning at his answer, you pushed your body flush to his, “How bad?”

His arms wrapped around your waist, keeping you tight in his embrace as he rutted his hips up against you, “This bad!” He growled the answer in the crook of your neck, still bucking his hips up and rubbing onto your wet, dripping centre.

You hummed, your body lighting up with the sensation and your nails scraping the back of his head as he made you bounced onto his lap, “Good…” You stayed like that for a few minutes, your eyes locking back on each other as you ground down on his length; chests heaving with each breath you took.

He leant up towards you, his lips almost brushing yours and you stopped all of your movements, staring down into his green orbs. Right as he was about to close the distance between you, you pulled back and untangled yourself from his hold, standing back up and leaving him staring at you in confusion.

Without uttering a single word, you turned around and went to retrieve your leggings, before you grabbed your phone from his desk, “Wha-what are you doing?” His voice was breathless, gruff and so sexy you almost felt compelled to walk back to him and beg him to do unholy things with your body.

However, you managed to control yourself and smiled at him, “What does it look like I’m doing?” He opened his mouth to reply, but closed it right away and just kept staring with wide, lust-blown eyes. You smirked at his loss of words and walked up to him, placing one hand on the bed next to him.

You bent down and he licked his lips, leaning up to you, dying to finally kiss you, “I believe this is mine…” You picked up your shirt and innocently looked at him through your lashes, “Thank you for your help, Dean” You placed a sweet kiss on the corner of his mouth and straightened back up.

He didn’t know what had hit him as he watched you swaying your hips to his door, “That’s it? You-you’re just gonna…leave?” You looked at him over your shoulder and shrugged, “I wouldn’t want to bore you to death, now, would I, Winchester?”

His eyebrows shot up in surprise at the sentence you’d chosen to use again and before he even had a chance to reply, you winked and left the room. He kept staring at his door for a little, before he slumped back on his bed and huffed, “I deserved that. I totally, undeniably deserved that, but…ugh, fuck me!”

He groaned in frustration and closed his eyes, his brain conjuring fantasies about the many different ways the night could have ended as his hand moved to unbutton his jeans since he knew he’d have to take care of the hard, aching problem you’d caused him.

I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to draw me a scene out of my all time favorite CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY by @221b-hound, who I admire and like a lot and thought this make a nice gift for such a wonderful person.

“God. He said that bit out loud. Doesn’t seem to matter though, because perfect John is smiling perfectly and he is holding Sherlock’s chin with just a finger under his jaw.

‘You’ve got a crumb,’ says John.

‘Have I?’

“Is it okay if I…?’

Sherlock doesn’t remember if he nods, though he knows that he wanted to and meant to, and then John, finger under Sherlock’s jaw, is using his thumb to wipe a crumb away from Sherlock’s lower lip.

‘I’m terrible at this,’ Sherlock blurts. 'I like you but I am terrible at this.’

'Oh, I don’t know. You’re doing pretty well so far.’

Sherlock stares into blue eyes that are like a sky opening up to him, like an algorithm to the stars, like pi to infinity.

'I want to kiss you. I mean I…’

'Oh good. That’s not just me then. The wanting to kiss. Because I’d really like to kiss you too.’

And then he does. John Watson leans close and presses his lips to Sherlock’s.

For a second, Sherlock wonders what John has done with the sandwich. And then he does not have a fuck to give about the sandwich as he angles his head so he can get closer, and John does too, and one of John’s hands is on his jaw and another is at his waist and the kissing is utterly perfect.

For a start, it stops him from saying any more stupid things.”


It’s just very comforting and soft and sweet and explicit. With grand love for details and characters. A wonderful view on the city, astonishing food and hipster items and so much good inner monolog :)


pls unfollow me I am the most embarrassing person I know lmao

Yuki got way closer than I thought he would and I think I screamed a little but I’m not completely sure if I did >///< I definitely didn’t expect him to use both arms… I died a little inside xD

He was really nice and friendly!! (*coughs*andverycute*coughs*) Everyone at the Cybird booth was super nice and I hope they’ll come back to AX next year!!


i always thought that the issue between Golden Freddy & Springtrap is not really something personal, it’s just that Springtrap is an asshole and did
what he did for fun
Fredbear knew him, or at least from what he heard about him, but never got to see him personally, i mean Springtrap/24 wasn’t always bad, he was nice, long ago.

Golden Freddy didn’t hate him for nothing, you know, if this didn’t happen things would be alright, Purple guy wouldn’t come and burn down the whole pizzeria.

Overally There were three golden suits, Fredbear, Spring Bonnie and another one, the golden freddy suit
the Fredbear suit was in the reopened Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and the Golden Freddy one was in Freddy Fazbear’s pizza
They weren’t both deactivated, sorta, Fredbear’s suit was kinda, a hallucination, but it was real you know

Golden Freddy controlled both of the suits, even though they were in different locations, after Springtrap broke the golden freddy one, golden freddy wasn’t able to use it anymore but the Fredbear one, until inFazbear’s fright, things happened.

oh by the way if you still didn’t realize this, that’s springtrap not freddy :V

I initially thought Tyler Breeze came across as kind of aloof, but in watching all the Youtube videos he’s done he really comes across as the sweetest guy, just sort of quiet. When he gets talking he’s very personable and just nice.

Here, have a gif of him being saved from being pulled apart by school children by Sami

On the identity of Pharah’s dad, it’d be nice if he was just a random guy from like the Egyptian Army, or some civilian. Having it be one of the main members of Overwatch just seems like a cheap play for drama, or a telenovela, lol. And if he is identified, just mention it in passing. I’m here for Pharah/Ana interactions, no need to talk about a person who (as of now and what we know) never seemed to be in Fareeha’s life.

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Hi Josie, I'm happy that you're enjoying Voltron! I wanted to ask you about your opinion on the show so far and also what are your thoughts on the five Paladins?

i really like it! it’s been a while since a serious plot-driven show has caught and held my interest so it’s very nice to have something new to explore ; v ;

i love all the characters too! i’m less interested in the battle/mech stuff so i’m really glad the characters themselves are so enjoyable and endearing. i think shiro might actually be the most sensible fictional person i’ve ever seen; he’s so reasonable and thoughtful and genuinely nice to everyone like a proper dad figure

that’s another thing, i realise that “i haven’t seen voltron” character post i made a few days back was actually really accurate??? keith is better-adjusted than i thought and pidge is genuinely young (instead of just tiny), but otherwise i can’t find much wrong with it. shiro is definitely Big Daddy, keith is probably an alien, lance gets mauled pretty often (physically or verbally), hunk is indeed mr sunshine and i firmly maintain that pidge belongs on a child leash because have you seen what she gets up to when no one’s looking

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I used to joke about Reaper being a hot topic butterfly and how hes so angsty and silly. But I think you made me realize how much more there is to him. Also he's hot and I want him to rip my throat out.

same??? here’s how it basically went for me

  1. lmao who’s this jackass
  2. lmao i guess i’ll play him ironically
  3. lmao ok im actually pretty good wHOA POTG????
  4. lmao ok i’ll research this dude’s past
  5. lmao wow look at all this nice fanart
  6. lmao reaper’s pretty hot actually????
  7. lmao wow there was literally no reason gabriel reyes should not have been made strike commander i mean he lead an entire fucking army in a war and won and he was already leader by the time overwatch formed and he was also the same person who gave jesse mccree a second chance to do something good with his life and he was best friends with ana and jack morrison at some point and mercy thought he was worth saving and now he can barely keep his physical form because his cells are regenerating and decaying at a constant rate and that’s gotta be painful as hell and in the latest comic ana looked horrified at what she saw beneath the mask and now im upset because gabriel reyes deserved better than what overwatch did to him whatever tf it was 
  8. i am no longer lmao-ing gabriel reyes has consumed my life 

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((I mean, I did a similar one but s/o is oblivious so *shrugs*))
His crush doesn’t notice his long ‘stares’. No one really would, I mean Genji wears a mask so it’s not obvious where he looks, and anyways, whenever they look in his direction, he looks away and they don’t notice
When he asks them out, they don’t think much of it. To them he was just inviting them somewhere, not asking them out.
They don’t catch on to the little touches and things Genji does for them on their excursion; they just think he’s being a nice gentleman, opening doors, and they assume he was just a touchy person. They thought it was his way of staying in touch with his human side.
They knew Genji was nice, but this nice? He was really very sweet to say such nice things about them, and why not compliment him too? He was an extraordinary guy, and man, he got really flustered didn’t he? Did they say something wrong? They certainly hoped not, and would ask him. They’d be more confused when he was unable to answer and wouldn’t look in their direction, and would ask if they had done anything wrong.
When Genji told them nothing was wrong, they’d demand on why he was acting so strange, and he’d have to spell it out for them. Big surprise, but all of a sudden, everything started to make sense; his compliments and sweet gestures. They wouldn’t be able to tell, but he was blushing deep red under his mask.

160723 | STRIVING_Roni: “#张艺兴# 一直以来听到很多对他的称赞 分享一位好先生里和他演对手戏的演员老师口中的张艺兴 // 工作之余和他聊天 提到好先生 顺口说了张艺兴 他却脱口而出“张艺兴他人真的很好!” “一点都没架子 不耍大牌” “专业”// —-致每一位兴迷:相信他 也相信你自己的眼光”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#ZhangYixing# Praise has always been made of him, I will share a matured actor’s, who was his co-star in To Be a Better Man, point of view of Zhang Yixing // While taking a break in between working, To Be a Better Man was mentioned, bringing up Zhang Yixing, who he immediately said ‘Zhang Yixing is a really nice person!’ 'He doesn’t have any bad thoughts nor does he act like a big deal’ 'Professional,’ // —-To every XingMi: Believe in him and believe in your own judgements and thoughts (of him).”