i thought he was a dingo

[ARTICLE] Zion.T Opens Up About Collaboration With G-Dragon And The Story Behind “Complex”

Zion.T’s new release “O O” is a buzzworthy album that took a whole lot of work!

On January 31, an exclusive interview with the singer was released on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel. In the clip, he discussed the effort put into the album, giving fans a track-by-track summary of each song.

“I really like [to play] ‘Overwatch,‘” Zion.T joked when asked what he had been up to since his last activities. “To be honest, the album was delayed for two months because of a sinus infection, but because of ‘Overwatch,’ it was delayed for another two months.”

He then began talking about the track “Complex,” which he recorded with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

“When I first heard him, I thought ‘You’re really going to be okay?’ ‘Can I really use this?’ ‘Can I be this blunt?’ I honestly had thoughts like that,” he began. Zion.T then explained that the song was vulnerable for him because it referred to his battle with insecurity. “I wanted the song to have a cool feel, and G-Dragon was able to give me that.”

When discussing the song “Sorry” (his collaboration track with Beenzino), he expressed that the main idea behind the song was “I hate saying sorry, but sorry.” He then added that he considers the song an apology to the public.

He ended the interview by speaking out to people who might not like his music. Whether they love it or they hate it, he insisted, “Give the album a listen. Try listening to each song one at a time.”

Currently, his comeback album “O O” has seen plenty of love from fans. Both “The Song” and “Complex” have landed number one spots on seven out of eight Korean digital music charts.

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Hello my sweet Dayana I have died and came alive this comeback ~ Did you see the way 2jae made eye contact at that dingo gif I'm melting and screaming Danielle said she wants to smoosh their faces together me too tbh and the incident at the making film???what is your thought about 2jae? I love them so much ~ love you, take care ~

Hi my beautiful anony <3

I was dead and was more dead this comeback ^^ i love reincarnations <3




PS. He turns away because he smiles and couldn’t hold in his love for Youngjae, but who would be able to when Youngjae smiles like that!

[video] [gifset]

Ahhhhh! ok and then the MV making of nEVer EVER (gonna let 2jae die)!

Literally Danielle’s gifset [here it is] is like this:

(reminder these are Danielle’s gifs not mine [X])

*Jb singing wet (whispering sweet nothings) into Youngjae’s ear* *youngjae turns slowly bc..*

*YJ: theres a camera you bum / *JB’s chin comes out a little but just purses his lips to calm down*

*YJ: im laughing at you hyung!’ / *JB smirks*

JB: i should kiss you to shut up.. *looks at lips* / YJ: ‘he can’t do anything to me, there’s a camera’

Yeah but like i’ve said before, 2jae used to be like this, so obvious all the time but since If you do era, it’s kinda like, they toned it down a lot (such as hiding more) and so i’m sure it’s funny to Youngjae that Jaebum got caught by the camera xD

and one other thingy to end with…

Sign (Ars)

Sin (Defsoul)

It’s going to be a beautiful era (filled with 2jae) <3

Have a lovely day anony <3! be safe!

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“With the face ? That’s not very specific.” Dingo laughed, in an attempt to mask his slight nervousness. Everytime he thought that nothing extraordinary could happen to him on deliveries, because he’d seen them all, he was quickly proved wrong.

He hated to admit it, but despite that guy’s obviously fishy look, Dingo’s curiosity was sparked. “The call of my heart, huh …” He mumbled, and went to lean against a nearby wall. There was no one else to be seen in the dark alley into which his instincts had led him.

“Could you make it so that people finally respect me for the things I’ve achieved ?” Dingo asked, after a few moments of silence. “I’m not committing to anything here, just asking !” He immediately added, waving his hands in front of him.

“I think I’ve already enough power to achieve great things, but people still treat me like an idiot … I’ve helped saving the world twice, and that’s how they thank me ! They laugh about me behind my back, they look down on me ! Maybe I’m just 13, but I’ve accomplished more stuff than most the adults I know, and they treat me like a child all the time ! I’m tired of it !”

“All you humans kind of look the same to me,” the demon replied nonchalantly.

He floated casually near Dingo, one leg crossed over the other as if he sat on some invisible chair, and watched the boy think it over with intense curiosity.

“Respect?” the demon asked, laughing. “That’s what you desire? Not much of a challenge, really.” He shrugged. “But if that’s what you desire, then I can easily provide that for you.” He snapped his fingers, and a book with a leather-bound cover and gold letter appeared, along with a pair of reading glasses, which the demon slid onto his face before opening the book, and flipping through the pages. Anything Dingo was able to see of the contents was written in some kind of cypher made of symbols that Dingo would not know, but gave him the shivers to look at.

“Let’s see…they don’t respect your accomplishments, right?” he looked over the rims of his glasses at Dingo. “That’s easy enough. If the power you already have isn’t enough, we’ll just give you more. That’ll make them take notice, right?”