i thought he was a dingo

I had a dream that I worked for Brendon Urie lmao god I wish that were true

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ayoo! I really liked the pregnancy preference you just wrote! maybe you can do something like that again but instead your secretly dating one of the boys (maybe dal or steve) and they get mad and make a big scene cause you didn't tell them first? thaaanks :) (btw really loooove your writing!)

thank you! this made me smile omg :) (since you suggested dally and steve, i decided to make this two separate imagines! hope you like!



It had been two months since you started dating Tulsa’s bad boy. It wasn’t all that bad and he could be really sweet, but there was a problem.

None of the gang knew about it. And you all didn’t want them to.

Dally had found something for once that made him truly happy. He found someone who loved him for who he was, even though he was always up to no good. He believed his friends would tease him and ruin things for the both of you, and he didn’t want that.

But all secrets would be revealed in time.

You and Dally were out and about one night and it just so happened that the gang was heading to a rumble. They saw you two walking and you had just slipped your hand into Dally’s. They saw it and, boy, were they confused.

They ran up to you two and started to scream, “So, what’s going on here?”

Two-But was really the first to acknowledge that you two were holding hands when he said, “I didn’t know you were into hand-holdin’, Dal.”

“I’m not, man. What are y'all doing here?”

“Well it just so happens that we were on our way to a rumble,” said Steve.

“Oh,” you quietly remarked.

“Is there something you all wanna tell us?” asked Two-Bit.

“No, not really,” you said.

“Look, it’s obvious now. You all are a thing.”

“Why would it matter if we are a ‘thing’? We are both happy, I hope, and we just wanted to try it and see how it would work,” Dally snapped.

“Why didn’t you tell us? We would’ve been fine with it!” Darry raised his voice, angry at the fact that a secret had been kept from them.

“How long has this been going on?” Ponyboy asked.

“Two months,” you said in a low voice.

“Why didn’t you all say something?! It wasn’t like we were going to do anything! We weren’t going to steal her from you!!” Darry yelled again.

“Guys, please don’t fight,” Johnny said, getting in between Dally and the rest of the gang.

“There will be no fight because we are leaving,” Dally grabbed your arm and pulled you away from them.

You looked back at them and one of them yelled, “We’ll talk about this later!”

You turned around and heard them leave. The closer you two got to Buck’s, the worse you felt.

“Maybe we should have told them. I didn’t think they would react like that.”

“I know, but this is what we want, and I am fine with them being upset with us for a while if that is what it takes.”

Dally usually never got defensive over you if someone didn’t like the relationship. He would just tell them to get over it, but the gang was different. They were like his family. He wanted them to at least not be angry over his decisions, but it was different this time. He meant what he said. He really did want this relationship, because he was happy even though he wouldn’t say it.



You loved Steve with all of your heart and he loved you the same way. You all had been a couple for almost 6 months now and you hoped it would stay that way forever.

The only bad part to this relationship was that the gang had no idea that you two were dating. Both you and Steve were worried about how they would react, especially Sodapop. You both were worried that Soda would feel as if you were taking Steve away from him and you didn’t want him to feel that way. So from the first date to now, you two promised to keep it a secret.

Until one day when Ponyboy saw you two at the Dingo together.

He ran home and told Darry about it.


“Pony? I thought you were going to the Dingo. Why are you back here?”

“You won’t believe what I saw. I saw Y/N and Steve there together. They looked like they were on a date.”

“Why would that matter? He may have invited her there for a little while and they were just having a good time.”

“I know that, but could we ask ‘em about it? I mean, that isn’t really normal, you know?”

“You can ask when they get here.”

Pony really didn’t like Steve, and he figured that this would be a time to get back at him for everything he has ever done.

You two walked in the door laughing and the whole gang was in the Curtis living room.

“I have a question for you two,” Pony said.

“What’s up?”

“Are you two a thing?”

Both of your faces got red.

“Why would you think that?”

“I saw you two at the Dingo tonight. You all kinda looked like a couple so I thought that I’d ask.”

Sodapop looked at you two and asked you all if you were a couple. Steve couldn’t lie to his best friend.

“Yea. We have been for about 6 months now.” He hung his head low.

“Why didn’t you tell me, buddy? I would’ve been fine with it,” Soda smiled.

“We didn’t want you to feel like I was taking Steve away from you,” you said.

“I don’t feel like that. I’m happy for you all.”

“But I’m not!” Pony yelled. “Why aren’t you all mad at them?! They have kept this huge secret from you guys for 6 months!”

“Pony, it doesn’t matter,” Two-Bit remarked.

“Yes it does! They didn’t tell us!”

“Cut it out, Pony,” Johnny stepped in.

Pony stomped off to his room and slammed the door.

“Maybe next time you should tell him first,” Darry laughed.

They were all happy, except Ponyboy, but that was only because he wasn’t very fond of Steve.


A/N: i hope you enjoyed this and i am so sorry you had to wait a long time for your request to be written. i wasn’t around a computer and my phone was acting up. but really, thank you for requesting!

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Hello my sweet Dayana I have died and came alive this comeback ~ Did you see the way 2jae made eye contact at that dingo gif I'm melting and screaming Danielle said she wants to smoosh their faces together me too tbh and the incident at the making film???what is your thought about 2jae? I love them so much ~ love you, take care ~

Hi my beautiful anony <3

I was dead and was more dead this comeback ^^ i love reincarnations <3




PS. He turns away because he smiles and couldn’t hold in his love for Youngjae, but who would be able to when Youngjae smiles like that!

[video] [gifset]

Ahhhhh! ok and then the MV making of nEVer EVER (gonna let 2jae die)!

Literally Danielle’s gifset [here it is] is like this:

(reminder these are Danielle’s gifs not mine [X])

*Jb singing wet (whispering sweet nothings) into Youngjae’s ear* *youngjae turns slowly bc..*

*YJ: theres a camera you bum / *JB’s chin comes out a little but just purses his lips to calm down*

*YJ: im laughing at you hyung!’ / *JB smirks*

JB: i should kiss you to shut up.. *looks at lips* / YJ: ‘he can’t do anything to me, there’s a camera’

Yeah but like i’ve said before, 2jae used to be like this, so obvious all the time but since If you do era, it’s kinda like, they toned it down a lot (such as hiding more) and so i’m sure it’s funny to Youngjae that Jaebum got caught by the camera xD

and one other thingy to end with…

Sign (Ars)

Sin (Defsoul)

It’s going to be a beautiful era (filled with 2jae) <3

Have a lovely day anony <3! be safe!

[ARTICLE] Zion.T Opens Up About Collaboration With G-Dragon And The Story Behind “Complex”

Zion.T’s new release “O O” is a buzzworthy album that took a whole lot of work!

On January 31, an exclusive interview with the singer was released on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel. In the clip, he discussed the effort put into the album, giving fans a track-by-track summary of each song.

“I really like [to play] ‘Overwatch,‘” Zion.T joked when asked what he had been up to since his last activities. “To be honest, the album was delayed for two months because of a sinus infection, but because of ‘Overwatch,’ it was delayed for another two months.”

He then began talking about the track “Complex,” which he recorded with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

“When I first heard him, I thought ‘You’re really going to be okay?’ ‘Can I really use this?’ ‘Can I be this blunt?’ I honestly had thoughts like that,” he began. Zion.T then explained that the song was vulnerable for him because it referred to his battle with insecurity. “I wanted the song to have a cool feel, and G-Dragon was able to give me that.”

When discussing the song “Sorry” (his collaboration track with Beenzino), he expressed that the main idea behind the song was “I hate saying sorry, but sorry.” He then added that he considers the song an apology to the public.

He ended the interview by speaking out to people who might not like his music. Whether they love it or they hate it, he insisted, “Give the album a listen. Try listening to each song one at a time.”

Currently, his comeback album “O O” has seen plenty of love from fans. Both “The Song” and “Complex” have landed number one spots on seven out of eight Korean digital music charts.

The Harsh Light of Day (BTVS 4.03)

This is part of my ongoing Buffyverse Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the shows. You can find the BTVS list here and the ATS list here. Gifs are not mine.

The Harsh Light of Day is titled both for the Gem of Amarra Spike seeks (that allows him to walk in sunlight) and a nod to Buffy waking up from her night with Parker and seeing who he really is.

Willow: You know what else I love about college? How when the professor comes in, the class gets all quiet.

Buffy: Oh I hate that. I’m always like, what? Did something scary come in?
Do I have to kill it?

For some reason I really loved the above exchange. It show’s Willow’s mindset of loving the seriousness of college and Buffy’s constantly wondering when she’s going to have to jump into slayer mode. There’s a little moment of continuity when Willow runs into Harmony and they chat as they said they should in Graduation Day. The twist is that Harmony is a vampire now. She actually manages to nick Willow before Oz comes to the rescue. 

I’m happy to finally talk about Parker and Buffy. Buffy’s first post-Angel experience had to be difficult for the writers. Buffy was still too in love with Angel to have a serious relationship but too traumatized from her first sexual experience to be casual about the second. I think where they went wrong was making Parker a manipulative asshole. It’s clear while watching their interactions that Buffy is throwing herself into this with a little too much enthusiasm. She’s making Parker her rebound (she admits this at the end of the episode…that all she was thinking was, “Look how over Angel I am!”). It would have been better if Parker was genuinely nice but just not looking for anything serious and Buffy willfully ignored those signs in her eagerness to move on. That puts the focus on Buffy’s difficultly moving on from Angel rather than punishing her for having sex. And I don’t think we needed another example of a guy changing. Angelus had us set for life.

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Ah yea, that's what I thought :0 better to not change the backstory tho :')

[[Yeah changing the backstory at this stage would be complicated, so maybe I could rather go with Dingo wanting to face his fears, and thus become stronger \o/ 

He’s in Alola for now so Chimchar or Tyrunt are out of his reach, but I also wanted Toma to get a Noibat (extra cute+flying type <3), so I guess I’ll gave to make them travel around the world a bit ^^]]

How You Get Together


“Pony?” You ask quietly. You were lying in the lot, staring at the stars. Everyone else was at home.

            “Hmm?” He asks. He preferred the silence, and whenever you were together, you did the majority of the talking.

“Do ya still think I’m pretty?” You ask him quietly, half joking, half genuinely curious. That is how you met, after all. By Two-Bit announcing to you that Ponyboy though you were cute. You glance over to Ponyboy, and his ears are pink. He doesn’t reply.

“I guess that’s a no then.” You say sheepishly, suddenly embarrassed. It was no secret that you were head over heels in love with Ponyboy Curtis. Well, it was supposed to be, but once Two-Bit figured it out, the whole gang knew. Except for Pony, that is.

“That ain’t it, Y/N.” He mumbles. You roll on to your side and prop yourself up on your elbow so that you’re hovering next to him. You lean forward and his eyes dart to your face.

“Then what is it? Tell me.” You say quietly. He sighs.

“I thought it was pretty obvious.” He replies. You groan.

“What was?” You ask. He holds your gaze.

“That I think you’re a major looker.” You find yourself blushing, even though that’s what you had asked him.

“I-I like you a lot, Pony.” You stutter suddenly. He smiles.

“Then let me take you to the movies tomorrow. Alone.” He wouldn’t admit it anytime soon, but he was gushing with pride. He was turning out an awful lot like Soda.

“Alright.” You smile.

“Alright.” He replies.


“Y/N.” Soda says. You ignore him, desperately trying to focus on your studies. “Y/N.” He repeats. “Y/N. Y/N.” He says. You don’t reply. “Y/N.” He whines, growing painfully bored. You sigh, and turn to face your current best friend.

“What, Soda?” You say. He grins, glad to finally have your attention. For you to be around him and not be paying any notice to him made him restless, and somewhat angry; or as angry as Sodapop Curtis could get – especially at you.

“I’m bored. Pay attention to me.” You roll your eyes and turn back to your paper. He leans forward and begins to poke your cheek. I’d rather you be doing that with your lips. You think to yourself. You were crazy about Soda, and you didn’t know it at the time, but he was just as crazy about you.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.” He says. “I gotta tell you something.” You sigh again and turn your head toward him.  His hand cups your face and he leans forward so that your noses are touching. Your cheeks turn red. “Pay attention to me.” And then you do something that even you didn’t expect. You turned your head over to the side, and you pecked him on the lips.

“After this, Soda.” You say, pulling away. His face shows his emotion as clear as day. He was awestruck.

“You can’t just leave me hanging like that.” He says, grabbing you and pulling you onto him lap.

“Soda,” You groan. He grins.

“I’ll let ya get back t’work if you promise me one thing,” He says. You cock an eyebrow. “I get to take you to get a Coke at The Dingo tomorrow. Oh, and that you’re mine.” You grin.

“I thought that that last part has been pretty obvious for a while now.” You say. He keeps up his cheeky smile.



Darry’s face had been stony all day long, and you couldn’t put your finger on why. It was your last few days here, and you would much rather be spending it with a happy Darry than a moody one.

            “Alright,” You finally sigh. “What’s up with you?” You ask. His icy eyes flick up to meet yours.

            “Nothin’s up with me.” He says, tapping his fingers against the arm of his chair. The boys were in the kitchen, doing god knows what. You knew that they weren’t listening in.

            “You’ve been moody.” You say. He shrugs.

            “No, I haven’t.” He says blatantly. You sigh again.

            “Is it because I’m leaving?” You finally ask, your voice quiet. You didn’t really need an answer. You knew that was why. He glances at you before nodding.

            “You shouldn’t leave.” He says. Everyone had grown accustom to having you around after you being present for at least 2 months now.

            “I can’t keep staying with Steve, Dare. His dad kicks him out every other day, and I can’t afford my own place yet.” You play with your hands. There was no denying that you’d rather stay here. You loved being with Steve and the boys. You also couldn’t help but love Darry’s company far more than you should.

            “Then move in here. Just until you get on your feet.” Darry says quickly. Your eyes flick up to him, and a smile plays on your lips.

            “Golly, Darry. Already tryin’ to get me to sleep in your house when you haven’t even taken me out to dinner yet? I thought you were more of a gentleman than that.” You tease. A small smile breaks across his face.

            “Then let me.” He says.

            “Let you what?”

            “Let me take you out to dinner, then move in with us.” You feel yourself smiling.

            “Alright, Darry. But it’d better be a real nice dinner.”


You knew that you liked the gang from the first time you hung out with them. You didn’t think that you’d grow as close to Dallas Winston as you did, though.

            He didn’t officially live at Buck’s, but he stayed there whenever he wasn’t staying the night at the Curtis’, so he might as well.

            Sitting on his bed felt weird, and you couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed. You knew that this is where he brought his girls, and you felt like you shouldn’t feel as jealous as you do. Dallas was downstairs, grabbing you and him some beers. You didn’t actually like beer, but you wouldn’t tell him that. You wouldn’t tell anyone that. They would think that you were some pansy. Everyone drank.

            “And for you,” He says, stepping into the room and handing you a beer. You roll your eyes.

            “Took you long enough,” You say. He nods.

            “I ran into that dumb broad Sylvia. Apparently her an’ Buck have been hookin’ up. Stupid whore.” You couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed at his choice of language. You liked her just about as much as he did, if not less, but you wouldn’t like it if someone called you that. And people did.

            “I’m sorry, Dal.” You say. You wave him over and instead of sitting next to you on the edge of the bed, he lies down across it. You lie next to him, and he doesn’t respond. He simply stares up at the ceiling.

            “I ain’t nothin’ like Sylvia, right?” You ask quietly. He looks at you, cocking an eyebrow.

            “What makes you ask that?” He says. You shrug.

            “The other day some Socs started callin’ me a whore. Sayin’ that I had to be one, being a Grease who only hangs around the Curtis outfit and no other girls. And because I-“ You pause, fiddling with your fingers.

            “Because you what?” He says, his eyes narrowed. Hearing about people treating you that way made his blood boil and his stomach turn to ropes.

            “Because I’m doin’ Dallas Winston.” You avoid his gaze, but he props himself up on his elbow so that he’s above you and roughly grabs your chin, turning your head so that you were looking at him.

            “Who were they?” He says. You shrug.

            “I dunno, Dal. Just some Socs.” You pause. To be timid like this was unlike you.

            “Well, what did you do?” He growls. You face turns pink.

            “I told them that I wasn’t doin’ you. Is that what you’re mad about, Dallas? That they thought you’re havin’ sex with me?” You chew on your bottom lip, feeling humiliated. Of course he would be angry because of that. Dallas Winston would never have sex with you.

            His face softens. “Doll…” He says. “I would never be ashamed of you, ya hear? In fact, if I could, I would be parading you around right now.” You stare up at him, your eyes wide. His face suddenly becomes stony again. Neither of you could believe that those words left his mouth. His face turns mischievous.

            “And anyways, I would let the world know that I was fuckin’ a little broad like you, whether that meant hanging around you or making you scream my name so loud all of Tulsa would hear.” He says cheekily. You slap him across the face, but not hard.

            That’s what he liked about you. You were just as fiery as he was. And in his eyes, you were also better – he would never tell you that, though.

            “Then what’re you waitin’ for?” You tease right back, and he smirks.

            “I don’t know, you tell me.” He continues. You make a bold decision. Sure, you two teased each other like this often, but never as far as you were about to go. You knot your fingers into his unruly blond locks and pull him closer to you.

            “I’m waitin’ for you to take me out first.”


You lie across the Curtis’ couch, trying to get some sleep. You had been kicked out again, and you went the first place that came to mind.

            It was around 1:30 when the door creaked. Your eyes flew open and there stood Johnny. He was the one who had actually introduced you to the gang, and who you were closer to than any of the others.

            “Y/N, what’re you doin’ here?” He asks, walking over to the arm chair and sitting.

            “My folks kicked me out again. You?” He rolls his eyes.

            “Mine were fightin’ again. Got caught in the middle on the way out.” Only then did you realize the fresh bruise forming under his left eye. You sigh. You hated that Johnny had to live there with them.

            “C’mere.” You say simply. He stands up, and you move over, patting the spot next to you on the couch. It was small, but so were you, and so was Johnny. He lies down next to you, and you think you see a pink flush cover his cheeks.

            You were far more squished than you thought you would be, and you roll so that you’re lying across his chest instead. He doesn’t say anything.

            “You don’t mind this, do you Johnny?” You ask.

            “No,” He replies, his voice causing his chest to rumble and you to shiver. He tentatively wraps his arms around you, and you nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. And that was enough to convince Johnny to take the leap.

            “I like you a whole lot, Y/N.” He says. You smile. You liked him too. You liked him a lot.

            “I like you too, Johnny.” You say.

            “No, I don’t think you understand. I think I love you.” He says, struggling with his words.

            You nod. “I understood, Johnny. I understood real well. And like I said, I like you a whole lot too.”


“You’re takin’ too long.” Two-Bit groans from the other side of the curtain. You roll your eyes. For lack of something better to do, Two-Bit had somehow been talked into coming with you to look at clothes. It’s not as though you had the money to buy any of it, but you liked to look.

            “I wanna see.” He says. “And if you don’t come out soon, I’m comin’ in.” He says, earning a few glares from Soc-y mothers.

            “Alright, alright.” You say, pushing back the curtain. You come out in a blouse and a little skirt. An outfit that any Soc girl would wear. Two-Bit cocks an eyebrow. You looked fantastic.

            “Damn, you would be a Soc that I would give a second glance.” He says, eying you up and down. You roll your eyes.

            “Thanks, Two.” You say sarcastically. You go back into the room to change, and emerge with nothing.

            “Come on, let’s go.” You say, tugging on his arm. You exit the store.

            “You ain’t gonna buy nothin’?” He asks. He thought that you had looked killer in everything that you had tried on, and he was pretty disappointed that you hadn’t bought any of it.

            “Please.” You say. “Like I could afford a speck of dust in that shop.” Two-Bit already knew that was why, but he would have liked if for you to be able to buy something like that – something that made you happy.

            “But really, Y/N.” He says. “Aside from it all, you did look mighty fine in that.” He says. You wiggle your eyebrows.

            “Is Two-Bit Mathews gettin’ smitten with me?” You tease, and he blushes.

            “Nah… Unless you want me to.” He says. You stop and turn to him.

            “Take me out on a date.” You demand. He cocks an eyebrow.

            “What was that?” He says.

            “You heard me, Keith.” You say.

            “Alright,” He says, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “On one condition.” He continues.


            “You’re all mine. None of that flirtin’ with any other no good hoods.” You roll your eyes.

            “I never flirted with anyone but you, Two. And you know that. You’re my only no good hood.” He grins cheekily.

            “I know, I just wanted to hear you say it.”


Steve thought that it was funny to throw little wads of paper at you. Ever since you moved seats, that is. You had to admit, it was pretty fun sitting next to him. You had only moved because you two were ‘becoming a distraction to the class.’ A particularly large ball of paper hits your desk, and you grab it before the teacher can see. The larger one’s usually contained notes. Just silly things like how ‘you looked mighty fine today, Cutie.’and nonsense like that. Those notes were dumb, but they always made your day.

            Bringing your hands under the table, you unrumpled the paper. In Steve’s unruly handwriting, a message is scrawled:

Meet me in front of the school at the end of the day. See you there, cute stuff.


The day seemed to drag by, and by the end of it you were itching to see Steve. You all but ran to the front steps.

            “Woah there, Sugar. Mighty excited to see me, eh?” He asks. You blush and stare at your feet.

            “What’d you want, Steve?” You say. He grins.

            “I’m takin’ you to the drive in tonight, Savvy?” He asks.

            “Like a date?” You ask, smiling. He rolls his eyes.

            “No, like a field trip. Yes, like a date, stupid.” He says, and you lean forward and kiss his cheek.

            “No need to be a jerk.” You whisper. “Just checkin’.”


A crash. The flash of light across his window as the lantern out by the barn was moved. Mako grumbled as a hand reached out to turn his clock to where he could see it.

3:39 am.

He was going to kill Hayseed. He knew better than to make a lot of noise that early in the morning. They’d discussed it after a week or so of knowing each other and agreed on no noise until the rooster woke up. Maybe it was an accident. The tools in the barn weren’t stacked amazingly well and it was probable that something had just gotten knock-

Nope. There was more sound coming from outside. He couldn’t quite make it out, but that didn’t matter. Forcing himself to sit up, he groaned at the ache in his back. It had taken hours to finally fall asleep without the help of pain medication. Who knew how long it would take him now? Oh yes. That scarecrow was definitely in for it. 

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Babygirl. (Gang/Dally Imagine)

This is for dallysgreasergirl she requested it plus shes just amazing and stuff ((: Hope you like it!!

The boys and I were going to the drive in tonight, I was going to see my boyfriend, I didnt know about the rest of the guys. Dally was the one that was always lookin out for me, well more than the others did. I was like Dallys guardian even though I was about as old as him, I took care of him when he was sick and made sure he wasnt gettin into trouble that could cause jail time. He always caught me and he decked every boy that he caught lookin at me sideways. Dallas loved me and everyone knew it. I loved him too, man when I found out Sylvia was cheating on him when he was in the cooler I damn near killer her. I went over to her house cause I had driven Dal there once or twice and it was the only place im sure id find her. I pulled a blade on her, I told her if she ever thought about gettin within an 100 foot radius of Dallas every again she better be askin for a death wish, I cut down her leather jacket and spit on her, she didnt do anyhting cause she knew if she touched me Dal would make her wish she went with my offer. 

We were just gettin to the drive in when I saw Kristy Cendell in the car in front of us. Man i hated that broad, she was with Mac before we were going together and she was a real looker so that added 10 to her intimidating factor.
“Okay guys I just want you all to know..” Two bit trailed off, he was already plastered. He started in again about two minutes of confused silence later. “that Im going to be causing trouble and anyone is welcome to join me.” He hiccuped and the started laughing hysterically, everyone laughed with him because Two just had one of those laughs that you couldnt help but laugh too cause he was so full of life and it just made everyone around him happy. Soda had one of them laughs too but he was so adorable it wouldnt matter if he was a bland as a brick you’d still smile just looking at him.
We picked our seats and I watch Darry go sit with old football buddies and Two, Steve, and Soda ran off to cause trouble. It was pretty cold outside but nothing i couldnt handle. I decided to go look for Mac.
“here take this (y/n), it’s gonna start gettin colder” he handed me his leather jacket and I went off.   

I sighed out of relief because I eventually I saw Mac sittin on his car hood with two cokes in between him. I smiled and walked closer to his car, my smile fell about two cars away from his when Kristy walked around the car and hopped on the hood. She snuggled into Mac and he wrapped his arm around her. My jaw clenched and i went to go buy a quick coke. I made my way back to Macs car after the extremely long line at the concession stand. I put a really cute smile on my face and walked around the front of the car to Mac. I sipped on my coke, “Hey babe, Hey broad.” I looked at the both of them. Macs mouth dropped open and he tried to explain. “Shut it Mac, I know you’re used to girls falling for your shit lies but unlike all your other broads im not birdbrained and I know when Im getting cheated on.” I smiled and leaned forward a bit, I threw my coke in his face. “wow Im real sorry for Mac.” I grabbed the coke off the snack tray hanging on the next car. I pretended to sip on it. I started to walk away but stopped by Kristy. I ‘tripped and slipped my coke in her face and down her shirt. “tripped man, ahh what a waste.” I made a mildly upset half smirk and walked off.  I wasnt going back to Dally and the dorks so i walked off to the fence surrounding the drive in. On the walk there I passed kids I knew and kids I didnt want to know it hit me that Mac and I were done for, after 8 months…who knows how long he was cheatin on me. I got to a part of the fence that was private enough for my liking. I slid down the chain link and my butt hit the ground. I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms tight around them. I didnt dare open my moth cause I knew all that would come out was whimpers. I didnt cry anymore, I wasnt just sayin that to sound tough either, i just didnt well more like I couldnt. Guess I just cried my self dry when I was young. 

Roughly thirty minutes later Pony came runnin up to me, I didnt notice until i saw the dust from him skidding to stop in front of me.
“(y/n) whatcha doin over here?” he knelt down and put his hands on my knees. “I dont wanna talk about it right now Ponyboy.” I said real quite, my voice cracking. He looked at me understandingly and sad like at the same time. He didnt say anything else he just sat beside me. I started to shiver from the decreasing temperature. Pony wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. I love Pony, he’s a real jem ya know. Like he just gets people and I admire him for always helpin someone when they need it. He really needs people to appreciate him more.
“thanks Pony”
“well no problem (y/n) you know I care aboutcha.” Pony looked at me smiled
”thats not what I mean Pone, i mean thanks for everything, thanks for helping people, thanks for taking the time to understand people, thanks pony. You’re genuine Ponyboy.” he kissed my cheek, we both knew it was just a friendly gesture. 
We didnt say anything else. 
After the first move was over Dallas found Pony and I. 
“Hey Ponyboy, go watch over Johnny all the others split again. Ponyboy jumped up without question and Dallas took his place. When Dal wrapped his arm around me it sent shivers down my spine. 
“(y/n) why ya out here all by your lonesome.” he looked down at me. 
“I had Pony..” I said quietly. I knew what he meant.
”You know what I mean.” Dal was the only person i could open up to without hesitation. I told him everything that happened with Mac. I started to making the noises that came with cryin but no tears came. After I had calmed down Dallas asked what kind of car he drove.
”Mustang, black, convertible. Real nice lookin” 
“You datin a soc?!” Dally was heated.
”no, I dont know how he got it. His family looks and sounds as poor as dirt,”
I sighed and looked away from Dally. he turned my head to look at him “You’re a real tough girl (y/n) real tough.” He kissed me, got up and walked away. He kissed me. Dallas Winston kissed me. I touched my lips with tips of my fingers and smiled ridiculously. 

Twenty minutes ago Dallas came back with his fists scuffed up and blood stained. We didnt say much until I asked him why he did that.
”Nobodies gonna get away with hurtin my gal” Dally smiled and picked me up. We met the gang at the Curtis boys car and everyone asked why I was gone the whole time and Dally was bloody. Neither one of us said anything I just squeezed his had.
After everyone decided to head to bed Dallas suggested I go to bucks with him tonight. He knew I couldnt take my sister yelling and cussing at me tonight. I said yes and we started walking. Dallas wrapped his arm around me. “Listen I really am sorry about tonight. Mac doesnt deserve someone like you” He smiled at me. 
“thanks Dal.” He pulled me closer as we walked into Bucks. He glared at everyone who set eyes on me, we both sat at the bar for a bit and drank a couple shots. We both needed about one or two or twenty. A dirty lookin guy sat next to me at the bar, Dally glared at him for ten minutes before the guy said anything. 
“Hey doll” he looked at me grinning. I just laughed at him and leaned back. Dallas threw his arm across me and into the guys nose, swear i heard a crack. “Look man I was jus-” the guys was holding his nose and blood was pouring everywhere. 
Dallas didnt let him finish. “dont even look at her pal, shes mine.” Dallas pulled me up and lead me to his room. There was no hesitation after the door was shut, Dallas grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I blushed and kissed him back, Dally and I were both fairly intoxicated so i didnt think about this. He used his hips to press me against the door, I sighed out of pleasure. I wasnt one to admit things but I was in love with Dallas Winston and i knew it from the start. Dallas picked me up bridal style and carried me to bed when we agreed through slurred word and droopy eyes that we were getting tired and dizzy.

Dallas and I never officially dated, we just cared about each other endlessly and made out at Buck and at the drive in and at the Dingo and on the streets…I hung on Dallas and he hung on me but there were never labels, we both thought they just made things complicated and serious.
We both knew we were in love with eachother and we didnt want to ruin it. Sure the gang asked if we were dating a couple times but we never really clarified anything. 

When Dallas died I ran away to Arkansas and stayed with my aunt. I never knew Johnny died until I came back and Soda was gone too, drafted for the war. I stayed with the Curtis boys once I came back, I helped them with bills and slept with Ponyboy and comforted Darry when most people couldnt. We got the knock two weeks before Soda was supposed to return home, it was devastating and the only time the Curtis boys cried about it was when we were all alone together. I spent endless nights holding Pony and stroking his hair. We never really believed Soda wasnt coming back. Two had even forgot he was gone fore a hot minute and brought up the fact that Soda shoulda been home in two days. Pony and i left the room, Darry was at work, thank god. Two bit didnt mean it though. Steve and Pony got closer after Soda died and Pony took over half of Soda shifts at the DX. Ponyboy became a real ladies man. Soda was right, he just had to grow into it.   

  Wow okay I hope you guys liiiked it D:    


2008 vs 2017 Redraw!
I found some old art so thought I’d try a quick redraw. I….hope it’s ok…

Even as a 13 year old I was a loser for Ty x Shazza :-0

melodiousflowers  asked:

A flower crown is delivered to Tomahawkman, along with a note, which reads: "Rose made a lot of flower crowns, so I thought you would like one! -Meira"


“I’d better not let Dingo see me with this … But I still like it !” He has a fond smile on his lips, as he sends Meira a quick message.

Thanks for the flowers !! 🌸🌸”

30 Day Psychonauts Challenge!

Day 26: Cutest Moment
I thought it was frickin’ adorable when Raz overheard Lili thinking to herself about how cute he is, and Lili’s subsequent embarrassment.  I know I at least can relate to her sentiments, and I would probably react similarly if my crush could hear my highly inappropriate thoughts, LOL!
A close second is when Lili is nerding out about True Psychic Tales comics and Raz gives her that, “Oh really?” look and she tells him to shut up before speeding on out of there on her canoe like a boss, LOL!  Basically, Lili is super cute.
Honorable mention to Raz giving Edgar a high-five after Dingo and Lampita go down the pit, LOL!

madahenriques  asked:

Could u update the yoga tag? I have recently read all in ur blog and am just wishing for more xD And the jealous derek tag too pretty pleaseee?? That one is just a classic in my opinion <3

of course babe 


All Twisted up Thinking of You by Gonardo (18/? | 30,690 | NC17)

My first time writing in the teen wolf fandom, so be gentle, please. I will try to make it a slow build, and so far I’m edging towards fluff. Derek is a yoga instructor and Stiles is one of his ‘students’
Tags will be added going forward.

like the totally mellow downward dog by robpatFF (1/1 | 3,236 | G)

It seems stupid now, to head back to the loft with Peter, to wait for Braeden to send word of something, anything. It seems stupid for Derek to be worried about shit that he can’t fucking control.

The woman smiles at his apparent indecision.

“We sell yoga pants,” she says, smiling. “Probably in your size.”

Derek goes inside.

Momentum by TatsuKitty (1/1 | 14,934 | R)

“That’s how he knew where Erica and Boyd were.” He growled and stood to pace the length of the apartment. Melissa observed quietly while he processed and silently picked him apart. He was obviously possessive and protective but his facial expressions and motions were harsh, a bit wild, just a touch of the wolf showing in the man. Finding out that Derek was a werewolf had almost made a kind of poetic sense.

“I’d guess. I don’t know what happened with them. I know they died.” She reached out and placed a hand on Derek’s forearm. He went totally still like a rabbit caught in the eyes of a fox and stared at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Wh–¬what ?” he just blinked at her, still totally frozen.

Gumby by BeniMaiko (1/1 | 1,466 | NC17)

Stiles gets bendy.


A Start by Inell (1/1 | 1,458 | PG13)

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

Stiles. Derek. Beach. Capiche? by Fox_Pause (1/1 | 3,838 | G)

A day at the beach sounds pretty innocent, right?

If you said yes, you would be wrong.

Because before Derek can blink, what he thought would be a harmless outing has turned into a one cluster-fuck of a situation. He’s not completely sure Allison can breathe, she and Scott’ve been lip-locked so long, Lydia’s being a spoilt brat who’s acting like she knows something he doesn’t and Stiles is.. well… Stiles is very, very drunk.

What could possibly go wrong?

Excuse me sir, but I think a dingo ate my cameraman by ElisAttack (2/2 | 10,829 | PG13)

Stiles is living the high life. He has a great job, an amazing roommate, and a new best friend. But when said best friend goes missing after a night of drunken shenanigans, everything goes to shit. And for some reason, Stiles seems be the only one who cares that his grumpy boss is also missing.

Or the one where Stiles finds the best dog ever and adopts him, much to said dog’s reluctance.

Erasing Him by scarlettletterr (1/1 | 2,058 | R)

When Derek was 15, he thought he met his soulmate. But then, she burned his family.
When Stiles was 8, he met his soulmate. But he wanted nothing to do with him.


Soulmate AU where even if you get your soulmark removed, it shows up under UV light.

A couple weeks ago, an ER intern asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I said no, he asked if I was too busy or if I was saving it for the call room. I’m sorry, what?

So the next couple of weeks with the disgusting dingo was intolerable. I could not bring myself to talk to him, and every time he opened his mouth, all I could think was “shut the fuck up I don’t care”. (And seriously, he thought my Korean rap was French and just no. Stahp). Fortunately, between Thanksgiving and interviews, I didn’t have to deal with him much. 

On Monday, a new ER intern started, and as I learned that day, he was one of the chief interns. The guy was super chill and nice, so today, I ended up telling him what his colleague said. I was surprised how hard it was to tell him and how anxious I was as to how he would react. 

Well, he was pissed. Super pissed and shocked. It was actually a relief because I was worried I would be brushed off or told off or something. He asked me what I wanted to do about it, and frankly, all I wanted was someone to know, in case it’s not a one-off with the asshat. Anyway, he’s gonna talk to disgusting intern (and possibly tear him a new one) and to the DME. So yea. I feel better. 

@iiguess​  [x]

“ oh. ” Well this was a surprise. Random, too, and not to mention he sounded just a bit… nervous? No, no; it’s probably just her mishearing things. Best not to get her hopes up over something like this…

She shrugged. “ i don’t know. I’ve learned to be kinda content with staying indoors, so i haven’t put much thought into it. ” Brown eyes studied him, curious, thinking. “ … is there anything you want to do? ”

“Well, I wanted to know what you wanted to do, but if you don’t have any ideas …” He had barely started this conversation, and it was already straying away from his plans.Dingo’s anxiety went up a notch.

“I don’t know, really … We could go on a walk somewhere, like in the forest, or near the sea … Or we could, I dunno, go shopping for anything you need … Or go to the movies. That counts as staying indoors, right ?”


Getting the Right Message Across: How to convey effective political messages without coming across as a pedantic twerp

Today was a very instructional day for the folks of RVA. While City Council reps, surprised by the highly effective, highly sophisticated and highly on-point political actions taken by a group of savvy students from area high schools, went into backrooms and did an about face with regard to how they would fund area schools’ desperate needs for renovations, Mayor Dwight Jones embarrassingly tried to tell students that poverty and failing schools were not initiated under his administration. He failed to remind them that 1) he is in his second term and has made no clear deliverable with regard to ending poverty other than creating an office to continue a dialogue about it at the expense of actually ameliorating it and 2) he is asking the Council to fork out funds in excess of 70 million dollars to build a stadium which offers no clear paths to doing away with it.

He did get testy when students actually tried to question him, pressing him on what his defensive posture had to do with their question of why he had not ensured that schools attended by under-served students met basic health and safety requirements. Suffice it to say that students were not impressed and a highly professional young student organizer, Isabella Arias, pressed for a space on the Citizen Comment period for last night’s Council Meeting. She spoke eloquently, she spoke directly and, unlike the Mayor and City Council, did not mince words, “If Richmond is going to be a tier-one city, then we need to stop building training camps and baseball stadiums and start fixing our schools,” like, duh! God, can this kid and all of the other kids that were speaking truth to power grow old faster so we can put them on the ballot?

And, of course, once City Council saw the superior wisdom of these young warriors for truth, they kneeled and honored them saying, in utter humility, “we are not worthy,” - right? Wrong. His High Twerpiness, Charles Samuels, got all in a tizzy: his little bow tie spun around (at least I strangely imagine him with a bow tie), his face flushed red, and his smarty glasses fogged up as he got fiercely pedantic on this crowd of rebel rousing hooligans, telling them that maybe in between studying about world history and trying to get into college and build a career, they might busy themselves to know that City Council has no real role in the schools other than deciding on how to allocate money and maybe they missed the memo (as did the Mayor and everyone else in the city) that came out, well, it hadn’t been issued yet, but they had already decided to find funds for the schools and - gosh darn it - they were lucky he had granted them approval to speak since last Council Meeting he had denied every citizen the right to speak about a major privatization issue surrounding Monroe Park, and, well, they were just about to make him cry and, he was worried the event might just have caused him to soil his Spider Man Underoos.

I really felt bad for poor ole’ Charles. Not just because he sort of looks silly - like he wants to be a part of some historical preservation club and, maybe, he wasn’t accepted into his local barber shop quartet and, he really secretly wishes he could apply Dapper Dan hair creme and stand imperious on an old town gazebo, swaying backwards and forwards with his thumbs in his suspenders while brass bands punctuate pompous populist soliloquies -  but because he looked like he lost. I always have a soft place in my heart for the loser in any battle. So I decided, this is a learning opportunity. I thought, what an opportunity to look at what might have been a more noble way to concede a political defeat without being resoundingly twerpy - or dingo-like.  So here’s how he might have addressed those amazing young political leaders of RVA’s tomorrow:

“First off, I want to commend you young people for what you have done. Its one thing to learn what our great Democracy is about in a classroom - to read it in a textbook. Its another thing to look around you and, seeing a case of injustice or a problem, speak out in a very sophisticated and thoughtful way. Secondly, I want to let you know that, thanks to the pressure you applied through your courageous civic actions, City Council has reconsidered our budget priorities. We were so moved by you that we decided to find the funds to make our schools respectable and to give the School Board what it needs to do its job with dignity. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for showing your fellow Richmonders what it means to get involved in your city. Without local residents like you asking important questions and offering their diverse perspectives, this city would not be the fantastic place that it is. 

We will make sure that the poorest children among us have a roof to protect them from the elements and can study free of anxieties about disease carrying pests. We will honor your request - you can count on it. We are sorry for not greeting you when you came down to City Hall today and you can be assured - if you EVER have a concern again - our doors are wide open to you - as wide as they are to Altria or Bon Secours or Venture Richmond or Lou Solomonsky. Because this city is our city and it relies on truth and transparency. 

Thank you and we apologize that it had to come to this for us to finally do the right thing. Even seasoned politicians like yours truly, Charles Samuels, make mistakes. We aren’t defined by our mistakes, but how we respond to them. You showed us the way.”

Its sad, fellow Richmonders, that our local politicians don’t have that level of dignity. Maybe its time we started looking for ones who do. What yesterday HAS taught us is that we have a great pool of young leaders to pick from!

#RPSwalkout students: you rock!