i thought he looked familiar ok

11.19 spoilers...

jesse and cesar were amazing characters who worked to influence overarching themes and others’ character development AND they are a canon queer couple who DID NOT DIE and thats AMAZING.

i found myself a lil bit disappointed (at first) about their physicality, or rather the lack thereof. they never rly SHOWED any indication of their relationship that was undeniably romantic other than words, and i was worried that the writers were doing that thing where theyre like ‘ok this bro is gay but we dont want him to LOOK gay or BE gay with ANOTHER gay well just SAY he is and be on our way and not have to put any thought into this representation or risk making homophobes uncomfortable.’

thats what i thought AT FIRST.

then I looked at what kind of physicality they DID show:

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shoulder touches. brief, comforting, lil squeeze for love. look familiar?

well if jesse and cesar are an example of how they characterize romantic male/male relationships then sign me the fuck up

It’s My Turn

Here’s a feelsy little ficlet based on the scene in the 2nd trailer with Molly on the phone looking emotional. I have no basis for, well, anything…but I just thought I’d have fun. :)

Molly cursed under her breath as she heard her mobile ringing on the table. She hurried to dry her hands from the dishwater and run over to answer, her pulse already racing.

“Yes, hello?”


Her heart soared but also ached at the familiar sound of his voice. “Sherlock, where are you? What’s going on so far?”

“Are Mrs. Hudson and Rosie ok?”

“Y-yes, they are, but what’s going on with you?” Her fear was mounting, given the way he was evading her question.

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