i thought giffing the actual movie was hard


best + worst assignments for stormtroopers

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Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

10) Favorite villain
So this was a hard choice to make because I really like a lot of villains but then, I thought about if any villain had actually scared me and there was only one that really freaked me out. Also, let’s be real: psycho Ritesh was the best part of this movie.


make me choose - @elisebauuman said: marvel movies or marvel netflix?
I had… have a friend like you and Luke. Bleeding and unconscious? Yeah, actually, more often than not. He makes life hard for bad guys. How’s he so sure he’s the good guy? He isn’t. He questions every move he makes… every thought he has. Just like I’m guessing you do. I could reach out to him. He might help. I can’t risk another person getting controlled.