i thought about it last night before going to bed and i couldn't stop laughing

“Just let me take the picture Harry!” You whined as Harry made a grumpy face towards you. All you wanted was to snap a quick picture of the beautiful sunset that was in front of you and he was causing a mild scene.

“Love I want ta go home,” he was standing there giving you his best grumpy face. “Been on my feet all day.” His tone was borderline begging and you just rolled your eyes.

“We could’ve been on the road by now if you’d just let me take the picture.” You mumbled as you just snapped one last photo of the sunset before sliding your phone into your back pocket. Harry quickly grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together with his as he helped you down the path towards the car.

“Love are you upset?” You just lightly shrugged as you buckled your seatbelt once you were seated in the passenger seat of the car. He was looking at you with his big emerald green eyes and when you refused to make eye contact he let out a sigh. “What will make ya smile my love?” He reached over and grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze before bringing it to his lips.

“Come on Harry lets go home. You’ve been on your feet all day.” Your tone was slightly playful but it was more sarcastic than anything. This made Harry pout as you took your hand from his grip and placed it back into your lap. You reached for your phone that was in the cup holder and began scrolling through the multiple photos you had taken throughout the day.

You were at an event with Harry and it had started earlier that morning and went well into the evening. You knew he had every reason to be tired but you were still annoyed that he couldn’t wait a few more minutes so you could get a decent picture. You stopped scrolling as you came to a picture you didn’t even realize Harry had managed to make his was into. He was standing off to the left in front of the very sunset that you were so desperately trying to capture, he wasn’t necessarily smiling but he wasn’t straight faced either.

“Please jus tell me what ta do love,” you hadn’t even realized Harry had put the car in park. You turned to look at him and the look on his face was enough to make your heart sink. His eyes were a darker shade of green and the corners of his mouth were dropped down into a sad frown. “I’m sorry I made ya leave before you could get a decent picture. We can go back tomorrow evening and we can sit there all night until you get the perfect picture if that’s what ya want love.”

“That won’t be necessary Harry,” You told him as you gave him a small smile causing him to let out a sigh of relief. “I got the perfect picture already.” You added as you quickly got out of the car leaving Harry sitting there with a confused look on his face. He was quick to follow you and as he locked the car you unlocked the front door of the house and left it open for him.

“Why do I feel like this perfect picture involves me in some way?” You just laughed as he followed you down the hall and into the master bedroom. You plopped down onto the bed and held out your phone for him to grab. “What’s this?” You just rolled your eyes as you slipped off your shoes before lying back and letting your head hit the comforter.

“Is it not perfect?” You asked and when you saw him give you a playful smirk as he raised his eyebrow you just laughed. “I think it’s even Instagram worthy, don’t you lovey?” Harry just placed your phone on the nightstand and before you knew it he was hovering over you with his arms on both sides of your head.

“Will that make you happy my love?” He asked as he wedged his knee between your knees and you just smiled and nodded. “Than yes I’d say it’s Instagram worthy.” You flinched as you felt his lips just below your ear, and when you felt his lips press a sweet kiss to your cheek you just wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I love you,” you whispered but you knew he heard you when you felt him smile against your neck. You giggled when you all of a sudden were being rolled over so that you were now straddling Harry. “I thought you were tired? Been on your feet all day remember.” You teased as you leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to his lips.

“Not really using my feet now am I love?” He mumbled between kisses and you couldn’t help but roll you eyes playfully as you felt his arms slide up around your waist pulling you closer to him. You soon forgot all about why you were even slightly upset in the first place. Your thoughts were flooded with only one thing and that was how much you loved and wanted Harry in this moment, not some silly picture.

A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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simple and sweet

summary: little sequel to this rockstar au mixed with best friends get pregnant fic (alternatively, “so much beautiful sweet fluff” - @swans-and-pirates)

word count: ~1800

a/n: I wrote more because it’s Friday and I needed to flex my writing muscles weeee (thanks to Meagan for reading and flailing! <3)

They’re all giggles when they fall into their bed on the evening of their wedding.

They’d decided unanimously that of course they’d get married without making a big deal out of it. 

They didn’t tell anyone, and while they might come to regret the decision later, as Emma feels the cool metal of her husband’s wedding band against her skin, her heart leaps and she can’t help from grinning wide.

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sherlokid7  asked:

Omg I can't decide so pick the one that calls to you. # 9,13 or 37. With sherlolly ship please

9. meeting online au

“It’s not working, Tom,” Molly said from her position on what was formerly their shared bed, hugging her knees to her chest, “we both know that. We’re just delaying the inevitable.”

Tom ignored her, continuing to throw his things into his bag, not that he had much – some spare clothes, a toothbrush, maybe a comb? He had grown to love his girlfriend’s home more than his own, even if her cat didn’t share his enthusiasm. He packed slowly, determined to drag this out for as long as he could, until she changed her mind. This wasn’t her mind, he was sure of it. Her friends had gotten into her head, talked her out of it.


He smiled triumphantly; he nearly always turned out to be correct.

“Can I have the key back?”

Tom dug the key from his pocket and, in a moment of outrage, threw it against the wall which caused Toby to flee in panic. He zipped up his bag and stormed out, vowing to never waste another moment thinking about her. Molly waited for the front door to slam behind her ex before breathing a sigh of relief and throwing away her covers, reaching for the laptop beside her. She flipped the lid, her fingers speedily opening her messenger icon. A new message awaited her and Molly settled comfortably against her pillows.


How did it go?

Molly breathed deeply, pondering her words carefully; oh, her internet chum knew all about her relationship troubles and had been reluctantly dishing out advice ever since they’d accidentally met in a chatroom some four months ago. He’d been looking for someone to help with work, she to vent; between them, they’d come to an odd sort of friendship. Not many people would be very accepting of others who wanted to share crime scene photos and autopsy reports. Molly later learned to her amusement he’d asked at least five other people before finding her, resulting in his suspension from other sites.

Molly flexed her fingers, choosing to be honest with him.


About as well as you can expect. He left, which is something.

Molly watched the screen, noticing the ‘offline’ display beside his handle; she debated closing her laptop and returning to the conversation later. Only seconds later, offline switched to online and a new message followed.


I suppose I’m wasting my time telling you you’re better off without him.

Molly smiled sadly, already typing her reply.


It doesn’t really matter. I always do this. I ruin every relationship I ever have. Just you wait.

Molly stared at the last three words, chewing her lip as she argued whether or not to send the message. She didn’t want him to take it the wrong way, scare him off.

Incoming Skype call…

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Sheith 3 pls!! :)

Reincarnation AU I wrote with @crowlines :)

3. “It’s always been you.”

It surprises them both, when on their first date Keith remembers Shiro doesn’t like pickles. But how can he remember something Shiro’s never told him before?

They brush it off; maybe they’re just compatible, but it keeps happening. How did Shiro know that Keith loves soft kisses on his cheek and behind his ear? How did Keith know Shiro’s favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite foods?

When they hold each other for the first time Shiro says, “Maybe it’s just because I’ve thought about this moment a lot, but it feels like we’ve done this before.” And Keith presses his face against the crook of Shiro’s neck and mumbles, “Me too.”

Shiro brushes a strand of hair away from Keith’s face and says, voice low and gentle, "You might think I’m crazy, but I really think you’re my soulmate.”

Keith pulls him closer to brush their lips together and says, "I don’t think that’s crazy at all.”

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imagine stydia laying in bed together after they got stiles back.imagine them laying facing each other, and stiles gently caressing her cheeks as he tells her that they should sleep.she nods and moves closer to him and he wraps his arms around her pulling her closer to his body and after 2 minutes of just them hearing each other breathing and heartbeats lydia speaks “i still haven’t said it ba-” he interrupts her and tells her that she don’t have to but she sits on the bed and looks down at him and tells him “no, you deserve to know everything,i don’t want to hide anything from you anymore” she looks so small and fragile, so her reaches for the hand that is on her lap to encourage her, she intertwine their fingers and looks down at their joined hands, with small smile on her face she starts to talk “you have always been there for me even when i ignored you,you knew things about me that nobody else knew, you believed me when i didn’t even believe in myself” she looks at him, she sees that he has tears in his eyes,she drops her gaze to their joined hands and plays with his fingers while she continues “i liked you the way i liked scott, maybe a little bit more, but when i kissed you” she takes a shaky breath “but when i kissed you everything has changed, i didn’t know what i am feeling, i never felt like that and i was scared and i hated it because for the first time i didn’t feel like i am in control of what’s going on, so i tried to forget about it, i tried to spend more time with aiden and it worked for a while but i didn’t want to be with the bad guys anymore” she stops and wipes the tear that escaped her eye “and then you were not you, i thought i lost you” “i lost allison and aiden and i needed you but you weren’t there, i was mad not at you but at me because i had my chance and i was too scared to do something” she breaks down and cries.he sits and wraps her in his arms,so she is sitting in his lap now, she buries her face in the crook of his neck,  he whispers comforting words to her, she finds her voice and tells him “ sometimes i thought that maybe you still have feelings for me but then i see you with malia and i feel so stupid to think that you’re still waiting for me, you deserve to be happy and you were happy with her and i didn’t want to ruin the thing that made you happy, you deserve happiness after all of what happened with the Nogitsune , you waited years for me so i deserved to wait for you ” “ and then you saved me as you always do, and from that moment i knew that what i am feeling is not just temporary” .she speaks softly “ then you told me to remember that you love me but i forgot it” she pulls from their hug so she can see his face ,they are both crying now. she looks at him softly “i remembered that i love, i love you stiles” he crashes his lips against hers.he tries to tell her through the kiss that he loves her, that he missed her, that he is sorry for not being there for her. he kisses every inch of her face as he whispers that he loves her, he tells her that he is sorry, he tells her that it has always been her, no one but her.

“no one else but you lydia” 

and for the first time both of them sleep knowing that they’re right were they belong.safe in the love of their life arms. 

my thoughts on what happened after they got stiles back

  • they would spend each second holding hands 
  • she goes with him to his house 
  • she wears his clothes to sleep 
  • lydia tells him everything 
  • and he tells her everything 
  • they don’t have sex, they make out a lot but they both know that it’s not leading to sex.
  • they spend the night cuddling,talking and sharing kisses. 
  • stiles keeps making jokes to make her laugh. imagine before she starts talking she tells him that she is bad at feelings and after she finishes her mixtape he kisses her and after he drops his long ass mixtape he kisses her again and jokes that she is really good at feelings . and she chuckles and buries her face in his shirt. and tells him softly that he is stupid and he tells her gently “that’s why you love me” and she softly replies with “yeah, i dolove you” fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. 
  • the last thing they hear before they fall a sleep is “i love you”
  • stiles wakes up first, and he spend 5 minutes just staring at lydia sleeping.
  • he wakes her up with kisses. 
  • they have sex for the first time in the morning, they would have breakfast with the sheriff then after he leaves to work, they cuddle on the couch, stiles keeps complaining about that he missed so many episodes from ( a tv show that he and lydia watch together), and lydia tells him that she hasn’t watched the episodes yet and he tells her “why? i thought it was you favorite show and i remember once you told me that it’s a life changing show?” she turns around to face him and she tells him “you weren’t there to complain about how stupid the show is. so i got bored and i didn’t continue watching it” 

“oh god, i love you” he says and then he kisses her.they make out until lydia pulls back and looks at him,stiles know what she wants “you sure?” he tells her ,she nodes and then she is kissing him again ,he pulls back and gets up from the couch, she stares at him confused then he offers his hand to her saying ”i don’t want our first time to be on a couch” she grins and takes his hand and they fuck. 

an AU where Len was actually Nora’s soulmate

but by the time he is old enough to seek her out, she’s already married, and Len, looking in through the window of the beautiful suburban house, sees her smiling at a tiny baby in her arms and can’t bring himself to knock and spoil her fairy-tale life. After all, who would want someone like him, with a criminal record and perpetual bruises from all the brawls he kept getting into, near their newborn child?

So he leaves, tries not to think about it, about what kind of soulmates they could have been, romantic or familial, supporting each other or teaching each other indispensable life lessons. Len has been taught enough in his short life, how to ignore the emptiness and ache, how to rely on himself and himself only, so he drags his hand away whenever he finds himself absently rubbing at the tiny silver dots spanning across his collarbone in the same constellation as that woman’s, and makes himself forget.

He can never truly leave Central, not when she’s still there, and it lands him in prison once or twice, but Iron Heights isn’t too far from the city and the ache is bearable as long as he doesn’t go any further. 

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Rescued pt. 10

Summary:  After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, Alcoholism, 
Word Count: 2565

Author’s Note: Guys. This took for fucking ever to write. I’m not sure what happened to me but I hope I’m back and that I’ll be pumping the chapters out faster now. Also, I sincerely apologize if I missed any errors, my keyboard has been adding phantom letters and spaces while I’m typing and I only proof-read this once.


Your mom and dad had tried to console you, Karen had flat out told you that you were being dumb if you thought that any of this was your fault, and Jordan mumbled something about needing to do background checks. The one person who you could always count of to bring light to a situation and make you laugh was being uncharacteristically quiet.

Before you could ask Mikey how he was doing, your name was being called. Looking toward the door you spotted Bucky, leaning heavily on the doorjamb but looking a lot more alive than the last time you saw him.

“Bucky,” you breathed, heart leaping into your throat at the sight of him on his feet, “How are you fee- MIKEY, NO!”

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

It had been five days since the fight between Michael and Bucky. Five days since Bucky has been avoiding you, feeling like he was the cause of everything that had gone wrong in your life lately. His guilt, along with his healing injuries, saw him hiding in the medical ward and refusing any visitors.

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Saint Is A Sinner Too

Chapter 68: The Afterlife Of The Party

Pairing: Isabella Moretti (OFC) x Mob Boss Negan

Warnings: Tons of feels. Mentions of infertility. Crying, like a lot. 

A/N: I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings…I threw in some fluff and stuff to make up for it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Previous chapter // Masterlist

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Hyde Park Meetings

Sirius’ POV:

The worst part of my whole year had always been the summer holidays. I was forced to spend six weeks in my very own Hell on earth. However I had my own way to escape the confines of this wretched place, whilst Regulus was distracted and secluding himself in his room and Walburga and Orion were doing whatever they did downstairs I would open up my bedroom window and scale down the gutter before quickly making a break for it over the fence. No body ever came up to my room whilst I was at home, to be honest I think they just pretend I don’t exist (not that that bothers me in the slightest). Now that I was out of that miserable place I could finally clear my head and enjoy my surroundings, I would walk around London and waltz into random muggle shops spending some muggle money I had hidden from those dictators. Most of the time I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, I heard cars driving around, their horns beeping every so often. The iconic red phone boxes dotted around lining the streets. I soon approached the large green space lined with trees, Hyde Park. Walking along the paths my eyes drifted to the tall trees, watching carefully as the birds flew from tree to tree and the squirrels leapt across. Not watching where I was going at all, I felt someone collide with me, shocked I grabbed forward to prevent the person from falling. When I looked at the person in front of me I saw the pink, blushing face of a girl around my age who had clearly also been in a world of their own. Flustered, she glanced up and apologised profusely. I was starting to feel my cheeks warm, wait what?! I don’t get nervous or flustered, I’m Sirius Black that’s how I make others feel!! “Oh, uh don’t worry about it, it was most likely my fault anyway,” I told her with a small chuckle, my hand went up behind my neck rubbing it nervously. “Oh, no really it was most likely mine, I was off in my own world as per usual thinking about all kinds of things,” she giggled sweetly. “What sort of things?” I asked curiously, subconsciously wanting to maintain conversation with this girl. “ Pretty much the usual stuff for me: mythical lands, supernatural creatures and big, old wizards. I read a lot,” she laughed again, a gorgeous smile spreading across her face. “Haha, one of my best friends is just like that. You wouldn’t happen to be day dreaming about the delightful worlds of J.R.R Tolkien would you?” I asked, knowing Remus Lupin definitely had its uses. “Why yes!” And after that we both just completely forgot about what we were previously doing and just sat at the bench to the side of the path and talked for ages. I learned that she had similar taste in music to me and loved escaping to fantasy realms through books, I found myself thinking how she would react to find out how real a lot of it all was true. Her melodic voice floated through the air as she talked about the different things she loved and she had a warm smile as I spoke, an adorable laugh when I made a joke and even a look of understanding when I mentioned irritating things.

We spent so much time talking I didn’t notice the sky had darkened and night was closing in. I glanced down at my watch and saw it was eight o'clock. "Oh Merlin!“ I mumbled, “um, it’s getting late and I don’t want to keep you out here to get cold so uh… let me walk you home?” I asked timidly, “yeah sure! I’d love that!” She smiled sweetly as she stood up, we walked through the park and out into the open streets of London. A comfortable silence surrounded us for a while as we walked, I was about to ask her about meeting up again when she said, “well this is me,” with a shy smile. I smiled back down at her but the disappointment behind the smile was evident. She bit down on her bottom lip slightly before asking, “um, would you like to meet up tomorrow maybe?” without a moment of hesitation I enthusiastically replied "yes, definitely!“ she laughed sweetly before waving goodbye and walking into her house. 

I was in a state of complete ecstasy wandering through the streets back to Grimmauld Place. My mind refused to focus on anything but the girl I had just met. Y/N, even her name dripped with beauty. Carelessly I climbed back up the gutter and flopped onto my bed, staring at the ceiling above me, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

I continued to meet with Y/N over the holidays, she made staying at home a lot more bearable. We met in various places like muggle cafes and record shops. I couldn’t possibly explain the way I felt about Y/N. I returned one night climbing through my window as I usually did but this was different. My normally empty room now had two other people inside, those people were my parents. "What do you think you are doing Sirius?” Walburga asked with a hiss. “ I fail to see how anything I do is of your concern.” I replied shortly, "don’t be so rude boy, your actions reflect the Black family so spit it out before I have to make you,“ Orion sneered. "Oh please,” I spat, “ I couldn't give a damn about your perfect reputation, all I was doing was walking around London. Happy?” Their faces remained harsh and looked like they definitely didn’t take this as the truth. “ Hardly, we know for a fact you’ve been seen walking around everyday with a girl, and our sources tell us she’s a muggle of all things! I mean really Sirius how could you do something like this?!” I felt as though I was going to explode, I felt intense anger as I learned that my cover had been blown but even more so by her condescending tone. She always talked about muggles as if they were inferior to wizards and witches and I thought I had grown used to it but as soon as I heard that tone talk about Y/N all the things I had heard over the years about muggles from my family and the things they could do to them came flooding into my mind. Anger was meshed with worry which was ultimately swallowed by fear, I couldn’t let anything happen to her. “ Her being a muggle has nothing to do with anything,” I whispered harshly through gritted teeth. “ I will have you know it’s a very important factor here boy,” Orion spat venomously, “ I am not going to have you fraternising with their sort, as much as we both try to deny it you’re a Black, you have Black blood coursing through your veins!” he continued to rant, his voice steadily increasing. “Just because my body holds Black blood does not mean I’ll be maintaining your twisted views!” I spoke, remaining as calm as possible. “We are simply aiming for what is best for our kind, they’re not the same as us and that goes for your useless little pet,” as soon as the words left his mouth I lost control of my actions and before I could think I shouted, “Hey! Say what you will about me but don’t you EVER say anything about her! You know nothing about her,” hatred dripped from my tone along with the instantly recognisable protectiveness in my tone and stance. “ I will say what I want boy! Now if you want your precious muggle to stay safe I suggest you stay away from it!” Without time for a response Orion and Walburga left the room slamming the door behind them. I collapsed back onto my bed and let out a deep sigh. Different thoughts spiralled through my head like what would they do to her? One thing was for certain though: I needed to get out of here. Quickly, I sped around my room filling a bag with an extension charm on it with all my belongings, including my school supplies, once my room was pretty bare I climbed out the window for the last time.

I wandered down the streets one more time before I ultimately went to seek refuge at the Potters’. I didn’t really know where I was going but I found my way to her street, I was stood outside Y/N's house. It felt wrong leaving her behind like this, she didn’t know what was happening or anything about the world I came from and that was how I wanted it to stay. This was best for her, right? I glanced up to an illuminated window and saw her, she was drawing her curtains. My heart ached, how could this much pain be felt for one girl. With a heavy heart I turned and walked away, I stopped at the corner of her street and waited. Soon enough the big, purple bus sped around the corner and came to an abrupt stop. I climbed on the knight bus and in a flash London was behind me, my parents were gone, she was gone.

5 years later…     

London, the place I hated most in this world but happens to be the heart of the magical community for the United Kingdom. I had just been in Diagon Alley for a new wand because Harry had gotten a little handsy with my old one when for some reason I felt the urge to go for a walk around London, like I used to. Before I noticed what was happening I was walking through Hyde park and memories I had tried to forget came flooding back. I looked up at the trees and sun peeking through the leaves as I reminisced about those times which now seemed so long ago. Abruptly, I felt my body come into contact with something. Looking down I saw it was a woman and started apologising profusely, as did she. Her voice was suddenly so recognisable, as if I had heard it before. It clicked in my mind all of a sudden but it couldn't be… could it? As she rambled on about her being clumsy I stood there in silence until I gently tilted her head up with my fingers under her chin. As our eyes met I knew it was her, “Y/N?” “Sirius?” We both whispered in disbelief. We stood in silence for a few moments before I felt her hand come harshly in contact with my chest. “ Where the heck did you go Sirius?” She asked angrily, her anger was understandable but the pained look on her face made me feel even more guilty. “Y/N, I have a very good reason for leaving out of the blue like I did, all I ask is for you patience, time and for you to be completely open minded about this.” I pleaded. She was quiet for a while as she seemed to contemplate my request but eventually she agreed and I lead he over to a bench and we sat down. I started from the very beginning, how I grew up with my family, Hogwarts and the magical community, my friends and ultimately the night I left and what my parents had said. She looked shocked to say the least but as promised she listened and didn’t interrupt or get up to leave at any point. Once I was finished I sat there and waited for a response from her. Soon the space around us was filled with her melodic laughter, I was very confused by this reaction. “So you’re a wizard?” She asked in a whisper, to which I simply nodded. She cupped her hands over her face and giggled in amazement. “So you believe me?” I asked in disbelief, she simply sighed and put a hand on my shoulder and said, “I don’t think you have the imagination to think all that up Sirius," we both laughed and I swatted her hand away saying ‘oh shush’. This girl was completely amazing, she completely understood where I was coming from and didn’t focus on any of that and simply questioned me about the exciting parts of where I came from. We talked for hours just like we did five years ago only this time about the magic in the world and about what we’d done over the last five years of our lives. Nervously I asked, "so do you have a special person in your life right now?” she looked over at me and smirked, “there can be if he’ll just ask,” I looked down to the floor laughing, I looked back up into her eyes and asked, “Miss L/N would you like to join me on a date?” to which she replied, “Of course Mr Black.”

anonymous asked:

gallavich prompt: can you do something where one of them has an accident and forgets who the other is? :)

// ok I’ve given this my best shot…it’s a total standalone, full on oneshot, completely unrelated to my gallavich queer club universe (but trust me there is lots more of that coming!) enjoy //

‘Im sorry Mr Gallagher but he has amnesia.’

Ian sighed. 'But he’s going to remember? It’ll come back?’

'We can’t know anything for certain. I don’t want to promise something that may not happen. You’re free to visit him now, though. He’s awake.’

So Ian walked slowly down the corridor, breathing in the harsh chemical smell of the hospital. He just wanted to get to the room and see Mickey, yet he walked slower than ever. He knew that every step he took was a step closer to discovering something terrible.

'Can I come in?’, he called, knocking on the door. The man in the bed frowned at him, confused.

'I think you have the wrong room, man,’ he said, shrugging blankly.

Ian’s heart almost stopped. 'Mickey. It’s me. It’s Ian’, he whispered, shocked.

Mickey’s eyes widened. 'How the fuck do you know my name?’, he said, his tone suspicious and body inching away from Ian in caution, who had now entered the room.

Ian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I have loved you for just shy of eight years.’

'I’m not a fucking fag,’ Mickey spat aggressively, but his eyes were fearful.

'You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ian muttered incredulously. Mickey had reverted back to how he was before coming out. Before even knowing Ian. He walked up close to Mickey and got up close, the words falling slowly but piercingly out of his mouth. 'I don’t know what year you think you’re in, but back in 2014, you came out. You practically screamed it. Your dad beat the shit out of us, but we won. We went home and showered together and we didn’t fuck that night. We kissed with our broken faces and just lay side by side all night. Toe to toe, head to head. I held you. I kissed away your tears. And then, Mickey, then you rested your ear over my chest and you fell asleep listening to my heartbeat.’ Mickey was staring at him, paralysed. Ian wondered if he’d gone too far, but he didn’t stop. 'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because I can’t count the number of times I’ve fucking screamed out your name each time you coaxed my body into an orgasm…which you reciprocated nicely, might I add. Usually I top. But liking what you like don’t make you a bitch, isn’t that right?’

'I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but you need to shut your fucking mouth,’ Mickey practically whimpered. Then Ian calmed down a little. He realised that this wasn’t Mickey’s fault. So he spoke softly and less aggressively.

'I know your name, Mickey Milkovich, because six months ago, we got married. In the park here in Chicago. Our sisters were bridesmaids. Your brothers didn’t show up. But mine became yours. Lip was my best man. Kev was yours. And Yev was ring bearer. Your son - our son.’ Mickey was speechless. 'He’s almost five. And these are the rings he carried down the aisle to us,’ Ian said, holding up his hand to show the thick, plain silver band snug on his fourth finger. Then he tentatively reached out to run his thumb over Mickey’s identical ring. Mickey instinctively snatched his hand away like Ian’s touch burned him. 'In your vows, you told me that you loved me beyond any and all things. And you told me again later, when it was just us, because I still couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. Because I love you too, Mickey. So, so much,’ Ian told him, tears in his eyes, desperate. He clasped Mickey’s hand now and held on, his husband’s hand, the hand he knew better than his own, as he cried silently.

Mickey stared at their hands, fingering the ring on his finger, frowning. 'I don’t know where to even begin…they told me I had some amnesia but…how could I forget so much? There’s just, years and years missing. Years with you, apparently. You don’t seem like the sort of guy I could forget’, he whispered.

Ian raised his eyebrows. 'Was that - are you flirting?’ he almost laughed.

Mickey looked away awkwardly. 'Look, I know I’m gay. I’ve always known. I never kiss guys. Don’t want them to get attached…well. I don’t want to get attached to them, honestly.’

'You kiss me plenty. All of that playing-it-straight crap went to shit after a couple years with me.’

'Am I really married? To you?’ Ian reached for his wallet.

'I’ll bring more pictures from home, tomorrow - but I always have this one with me. This is us. Last May.’ Ian showed him the little rectangular picture.

'We look good,’ Mickey remarked, but the two men in tuxes with matching grins looked like strangers to him. There was a pause. 'Do I really have a kid?’

'Yes. He’s here,’ Ian said, flipping the pockets of the wallet over and revealing a photo from a year or so ago, of Yev sat on the couch at Ian and Mickey’s place. 'Yevgeny. We all call him Yev.’

'What kind of a -’


'Why?’ Ian considered how to answer. 'Who’s his mother?’

Ian sighed. 'It’s a long story. I’ll tell you another day.’ Mickey didn’t persist.

'How did we meet?’

Ian smiled. 'It was 2011. We were still living out our teenage years, though yours were nearly over. You thought I’d - hurt your sister and you just burst into the shop where I used to work, screaming out my name. Wouldn’t be the last time you did that…anyway. We didn’t really meet until I came to your place one morning. We started out fighting, pretty hard, but then you pinned me down and - I just remember our eyes locked and we just stared at each other, and we just knew. And then we were just doing it. Fucking in your twin bed. I was fifteen. Shit.’ He sighed. 'We kept hooking up in secret. Always rushing through the sex. Terrified of getting discovered. That was more you than me, but still. We didn’t even kiss for, like, two years. Not that I didn’t try. But we used to flirt shamelessly. That was more me than you. You were nothing like anyone I’d ever known. I didn’t think you could exist. But you did. Eventually you seemed to just accept that you wanted me and you weren’t going to deny yourself pleasure anymore. It was literally destroying you, Mick.’


Ian had gone to get them both coffee. On the walk back, he reflected. It was still unbelievable. And unfair. But when hadn’t things been with them? He didn’t know how he could tell Mickey everything. Svetlana. Terry. His bipolar. The accident. How could everything about them have been wiped clean out of his head?

As he returned, he was broken out of these thoughts by Mickey’s voice ringing down the corridor. He was…singing? Ian listened.

'And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand’, Mickey sang, scratchy but pure.

Ian stood in the doorway, frozen. Mickey noticed. 'Are you ok?’, he asked.

'Mick…why were you singing that song?’, he asked in a choked whisper.

Mickey shrugged. 'I don’t actually know. I seem to remember it from somewhere. And it’s - it’s nice. I guess,’ he said, puzzled. 'Why?’

Ian stepped inside the room slowly. 'That was the song we danced to at our wedding. It’s our song, it’s our fucking song’, he said, then sang the next line, voice shaking, 'when everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.’

They didn’t say anything. They just stared at each other, both searching for things that the other didn’t know how to give.

Mickey slowly slipped off the ring and held it. 'So I can remember our wedding song but not the wedding’, he murmured bitterly.

Ian noticed Mickey’s eyes fill with tears. He knew him well enough to know that any second he would begin crying. He walked over and held Mickey, not caring if the gesture was too sudden - if his husband was crying, he was going to comfort him. Sure enough, Mickey gave a loud sob, then tears fell down his face as he began to cry. Ian absentmindedly stroked his neck, planted little kisses in his hair; it was second nature. 'Sorry,’ he said after a moment, worrying Mickey would react adversely to the affection.

Mickey shook his head. 'It’s fine. It’s - nice. That’s not it.’

'Then what?’

'It’s just…I want to remember it, all of it. Not only for my sake but for yours too, this isn’t fair to either of us’, Mickey sobbed.

Ian nodded. 'I know. I know’, he said, feeling tears sting his own eyes. After everything they’d been out through, this just felt like the sickest, most fucked up twist of fate.

Mickey slowly turned and looked at Ian. He had somehow ended up curled against Ian’s chest, a familiar position. They were so close; Ian could feel his breath on his neck and it took all the strength he had not to kiss Mickey. It was too soon, it was too soon, he kept telling himself.

But then Mickey reached up, slowly, tracing the outline of Ian’s face. Tentative at first, then coming to cradle Ian’s face in his palm. Mickey’s eyes fell to his lips.

'Oh fuck,’ Ian murmured, and gave in. He kissed him hard, and then Mickey returned the kiss, deepened it. Ian’s hands ran through Mickey’s hair and they really tasted each other. Ian couldn’t get enough of him, no matter how familiar he was. That was the beauty of it.

'Your kiss. I’ve had it before’, Mickey said breathlessly.

Ian smiled. 'My lips are clearly a pretty unforgettable experience’, he smiled through his tears. Mickey laughed.


Mickey had fallen asleep in his arms and Ian had stayed, holding him. It reminded him of old times, before the accident. They lay together on the bed, Ian breathing in the same old smell. The blood and the hospital couldn’t erase it; it was, unmistakably, home.

'Ian? Are you awake?’, he whispered.

Ian looked down at his husband. 'Yeah. I’m here.’

'I just want to say. I’m - I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. I can’t imagine how hard it must be’, he said.

'It’s not your fault’, Ian began, but Mickey cut across -

'regardless. I’m sorry. And when the doctor sees me tomorrow, I’m going to find out how I can beat this thing - if I can. If I can’t, well…’, he trailed off, unsure what would happen.

'Then we’ll work through it. I vowed to take you in sickness and in health’, Ian reminded him. 'God knows you’ve done that for me. Look, I love you, Mickey. I will always love you. And I know you’ve forgotten how to love me, but I’ll remind you. I want you to remember, to feel it all again’, he whispered, kissing his neck.

Mickey smiled. 'Thank you, firecrotch,’ he muttered as his eyes closed, drifting back into sleep.

Ian’s heart jolted and he closed his eyes, grinning, as more tears came. 'You’re on your way back, aren’t you,’ he whispered, kissing Mickey’s forehead gently. He didn’t think his old nickname had ever made him cry before.

But that was their relationship. Expect the unexpected. Always.

// the end! PLEASE keep sending me prompts, I gotta write every day this month! //

Grizzly Bears : 6 [Zooplankton]


Summary: So exactly how does one go about pursuing a relationship with a gorgeous, temperamental, half demon who could also rip the world asunder just by thinking about it? Beast Boy sure as heck wasn’t going to find a copy of that particular self help book, but by always being in such close proximity to her, he figures he’ll just have to learn by doing. Future!BBRae.

Now, there was a perfectly good explanation for this.

There had to be.

Beast Boy was almost, almost certain that nothing of a lewd nature had occurred between them.

It couldn’t have.

Yet, for the life of him, he couldn’t remember the previous night.

How did they end up in his room?

How did they end up in his bed?

More importantly, where were his clothes?

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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garfieldbookworm  asked:

Can I request a TomStar fanfic? That ship needs more love.

That’s the second request I’ve gotten for TomStar so of course! I completely agree that TomStar needs more love.

Synopsis: Star is home alone and keeps thinking back on her previous relationship with Tom.

One More Dance

The moon hung in the sky facing down towards the two as though waiting for their next move. He held out his hand to her, she’d smile and take his hand in hers. Then they’d be off away dancing and laughing, going far from castles, royalty and responsibilities. But that was a long time ago, now Star wasn’t in her castle and they weren’t going to dance all night ever again.

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prince-hanamakin  asked:

;;; I just skimmed through a Zen angst while having my presentation slides done and now it's heavily affecting me n wow i feel down;; could u make RFA and MC's angsty fluff where both of them try to make up for a heavy fight they just had?

I decided to do scenarios for this one cause I was in a serious writing mood and I love angst with potentially happy endings! Also I’m so sorry that this took so long, it got out of hand and my school life has been hell on earth lately. Under cut cause this is so damn long.

- Aisia <3

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Prompt if you would like it: S3 Hannibal/Dimmond affair where Hannibal is trying to forget Will.

“How do you like to have it?” Dimmond asks, from between Hannibal’s legs, looking up and grinning that same easy, self-confident grin, the thing that makes his features, for all their soft, scruffy beauty, nothing whatsoever like Will’s had been.

Like Will’s are, because Will won’t be dead, Hannibal was careful about that.

(How careful? He was feeling under some emotional duress when he made that cut. Is his memory correct?)

Hannibal remembers everything precisely, and Will is not dead, and when Will’s knees buckled he gazed at Hannibal in fear and pain and remorse, because he was sorry, and Hannibal let him live to make him feel that forever and for no other reason, and that is over now.

“I like whatever you wish to give me,” Hannibal says, rolling the words out, and moves his leg, bringing in his ankle to press against Dimmond’s back and bring him in.

Dimmond raises his eyebrow, looking delighted, eyes flashing, and swallows his erection down so fast that Hannibal’s vision blurs.

Hannibal arches back his neck and pushes his hands against the edges of the wooden chest where he’s sitting, perched on the edge, Dimmond kneeling on the floor before him, his shirt off and his pale, lean chest bare, ringed with bite-marks from when they coupled the night before, here in Dimmond’s stylish and beautifully appointed Paris apartment.

Dimmond doesn’t keep any pets - laughed at the idea: Parasitical so-called ‘companion animals’ with whom we seek to staunch the pitiful wounds in our emotional lives? Oh Boris, don’t tell me you have a weakness for them!

(Of all the things that could be reflected upon about Will’s current status - not that Will’s status is worthy of reflection - the question of who is feeding his dogs now is so utterly not germane to anything)

Dimmond has many lovers - this he is at pains to make clear. No great romances, Boris, I’m not the staying type. He is not insular, not isolated and yet he remains apart, aloof.

Hannibal gasps a little as the head of his cock hits the back of Dimmond’s fluttering throat, and thinks of Tobias Budge, and suitable friends, and similarity.

He could probably have had sex with Tobias if they’d had more time, if he’d been interested in it, if he hadn’t had a creeping suspicion that - for all his denials - Franklyn might have been there first.

Tobias tried to kill Will, and Hannibal killed him for it, back when he believed Will worthy of preservation.

(Not that Will is dead. Will is almost certainly not dead)

“Fah,” Dimmond says, pulling away and breathing deeply, braced with his hands on his thighs. “You have quite the stamina there, Boris.”

Hannibal blinks, and realises with a twinge of dismay that he’s actually softening a little.

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The first Time: Stiles Stilinski Imagine for Anon

Can u do a cute stiles smut like a first time

Ok guys, i have never done a smut before and i don’t really know if ill like writing them, but i thought i could make this one really cute and stuff. :)

It was Friday night. Aka movie marathon with the buds. Aka eat too much junk food and watch stupid comedies with Stiles and Scott. For the last couple years you three have been so close, about three months ago, you and Stiles kissed at a party and now, you maybe dating..you aren’t really sure..neither is he. You walked into Stiles house without even knocking, thats how close you guys were. “Yo Stiles, I’m here. Where are you?” You yelled out and headed straight to the kitchen looking for some pop. “Coming!” He yelled from upstairs. “Hey, so bad news…or good news depending on how you look at it.” He said with his phone in his hand. “What?” You laughed. “Scott is sick. Fever, puking, all that fun stuff. So looks like its just you and..me…” you felt fear instantly. Or maybe that was excitement. “Ohh…” You said. “Well, looks like I’m picking the movie then.” You gave him a sly smile. Scott and Stiles always agreed on picking the dumbest movies. “Fine.so Chinese sound good?” He asked. “Yeah sure.” You replied. 

“Here try this.” You put chopsticks holding noodles infant of his face and whenever he tried to take a bite you moved them. “Hey, i will bite you.” He said, you laughed and continued. “No you won’t. Im too fast for you.” Then he grabbed your hand and took the noodles. “Hey thats cheating!” You laughed as sauce fell onto his shirt. “Oh here.” You grabbed a napkin and started whipping it off his blue shirt, and his neck, and his cheek. “Thanks..” He said while starring a you. It took you a second to realize you were starring at his lips the entire time. “yeah no problem.” You said and quickly turned. For the next twenty minutes you both sat starring at the TV. You weren’t even paying attention and you didn’t think Stiles was either. For some reason you were getting really really nervous, and that was making you really hot. You couldn’t take it anymore so you started taking your cardigan off, leaving you in a white tank top. You felt Stiles’s eyes on you. The whole time. “Can i ask you something?” You heard his voice suddenly. “Of course.’ You answered. He slid closer to you. “What are…we? Or are we anything?” He asked. “I really don’t know. I have been wondering that myself.” You felt your face going red, thank god it was dark in here. “I mean we kissed..a few times, we do this…” He took your hand and held it. “We cuddle. And we are always together. i know the pack thinks we are together. Or …should be.” He said, you starred at him, his eyes, his mouth, his cute puppy dog eyes again. All of a sudden you were on him. Your lips on his, pushing him backwards, slamming him into the couch.  He seemed confused for a second then melted into it. His hands found your face, then your waist, then your thighs. Your hands on his face, though his hair. You started grabbing his shirt when he stopped you. “Sorry..” You said getting off of him. “No no no, i just think we should go like..upstairs.” He smiled, you smiled. Then he yanked you off the couch and pulled you into him, his lips hard against yours, his hands grabbing at your waist. You both made your way upstairs without parting. 

Once you got to his room, you fell onto the bed and he fell onto of you. He kissed your neck as you took his shirt off, then he took your shirt off. You made out on the bed for a few minutes before he asked; “Are you sure?” You were both panting. “Yeah, yeah i am.” You said and smiled. He went to the bathroom quickly and came back. He walked over to you and bent down to kiss you, you pulled him onto the bed again. He undid your pants, and you undid his belt. Before your knew it you were both in your underwear. You decided to slip under the blanket and he followed. He fumbled with the condom for a minute before looking at you. You knew that look meant it was about to happen. You touched his face softly, leading him over you. He delicately slid your undies off. He kissed you as it happened. Your hands around his back, gripping him as the pain passed. “Are you okay?” He whispered. You nodded. 

You both started to pant now, the pain stopped and pleasure took over. Stiles buried his face in your neck, his hot breath gave you goosebumps. You couldn’t help but let little sounds out when things were getting good and whenever you did Stiles seemed to do the same. You couldn't help but dig your nails into his back. “Hey.” He said and laughed. “sorry.” You said. He kissed your and laced his fingers in-between yours, resting them by your head. 

All of a sudden you felt something. Something big was coming. You felt like your were going to explode into stardust. Your panting picked up, his did too. You dug your nails into his hands and he didn’t seem to care about the pain, was too busy concentrating. You arched your back, you couldn’t control anything anymore. You let out a sound that seemed to send Stiles, and yourself over the edge. The world finally stopped, you felt everything melt, every atom you were made of collided with his, warmth rolled over your body like a wave over sand, binding you to him. You felt at peace. 

His let his weight collapse on you, his face buried in your neck again. You both lay there trying to catch your breath. Trying to come back to planet earth. Once you did you moved to look at Stiles. He was starring at you. examining your face. Neither of you said anything, he just gently grabbed your face and pulled you closer to him, his lips gently touching yours. 

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mylunarsolstice  asked:

It was a ridiculous gift from Cora. She was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes when he opened up on their weekly Skype call. He tried to scowl at her, but he couldn't help but let out a few chuckles himself. He never really thought about taking it out of the package, he had no use for it, until he heard about Stiles. How the young man wasn't really sleeping, or if he did it was out of sheer exhaustion with his latest research project. How a couple times he woke up in panic attacks -

because of how dark his room had gotten and he thought things were moving. He never told the young man when he set it up in his room. Just left it in a spot where he wouldn’t see it until his lights turned off and the moon light shined. It a couple weeks before Stiles allowed himself to turn off the lights but when he did, Derek watched as the gentlest smile took over his face as he looked at the moon. “Thanks Sourwolf,” was a whisper on the wind but Derek heard it nonetheless.




I saw this pop up in my inbox before I went to bed last night, and it was like, maaaaaaybe 10 minutes after I posted that thing. And it’s this lovely and perfect thing? 

Just how? It’s so good! Your brain is a wonderful and amazing thing my friend.

….and now i go off on an angsty tangent, but it’s your fault because you got me thinking about his sister giving it to him….

So, what if it was a gift from Laura. Still a mostly-joke gift, but a little bit serious. She got it after they moved to New York, because you can’t always see a full moon in the city. Derek is still drowning in guilt and she wanted to offer some small comfort and she saw the full moon nightlight and thought, “This might help him.” So she bought it with only a little bit of sardonic intent.

Derek pretended to hate it when he came home and found it mounted on his wall, but when he went to bed that night he turned it on and found it actually made him feel a little better.

It was even better when later in the night Laura came in to lie down with him and stare at the softly glowing false moon light. Over the next few years, he doesn’t use it every night, and Laura doesn’t come in that often, but it’s enough that sometimes he can sleep without nightmares. Laura, too.

After he comes back to BH and finds Laura dead, the nightlight is one of the only things that comes back with him. He puts it on every night and tries to remember what the comfort it gave him feels like. It takes a long time for it to work again, though by then he also has a sort of pack, and a complicated relationship with a mouthy, sarcastic, beautiful man who though he is a few years younger, is so much more clever, and full of life; who is someone he can’t stop wanting.

After all the trauma and drama of life in Beacon Hills, after the Nogitsune and the aftermath, Stiles is…quieter. He’s not the same loud, bright force of nature he was. He loses weight, he talks less, his amber eyes are framed by dark smudges and rimmed in red more often than not. He smells of guilt and fear and doubt. Everything about him screams exhaustion. And no one else seems to notice.

Derek doesn’t know how to talk to him about it, despite whatever growing he’s done, he still hasn’t quite gotten to the point that he can find the right words, not for something this important at least. He tries to reach out in subtle ways, but whether it’s the lack of sleep dulling his awareness, or his guilt convincing him that he doesn’t deserve to reach out for the comfort, it doesn’t seem to work.

One night, Derek finds himself in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to do anything but think about Stiles. About how to help him, and about what it would be like if he were to let Derek hold him and offer the comfort he’s so desperate to give. About whether he’ll still smell like spring and spice underneath the pain. He looks out the window and sees the waxing moon glowing brightly, casting its soothing light over the world outside and filling Derek’s bedroom with soft illumination where it filters through his curtains.

And then, Derek knows what he can give to Stiles.

So he takes the nightlight out of his drawer (or perhaps it is on his wall, not forgotten, but not often used), and gets in his car, and drives to Stiles’. He has a suspicion that he isn’t asleep.

When he arrives, he sees that Stiles is actually in bed, curled up tightly and facing away from the window. So Derek eases the window open quietly, enters the room and as noiselessly as possible he hangs the moon nightlight on the wall where Stiles will see it when he wakes up. He pauses for just a minute to watch Stiles, the steady movement of his breathing.

He sighs, it’s laced with so many conflicting feelings: regret, guilt, longing. Hope. He makes his way quietly back to the window and is about to slide it open again when Stiles’ sleep rough voice calls out “Any particular reason you’re sneaking into my room at stupid o’clock in the morning, Der?” Despite the low volume, it breaks the silence in the room like a thunderclap, and the way he sounds so much like Stiles pre-possession makes Derek’s heart ache.

Derek clears his throat before he tries to speak, but he still sounds strange when he says “I was uh, just dropping something off for you,”

Stiles rolls over in his bed to look at Derek, looking toward the nightlight where it sits on his wall when Derek gestures at it. “You. You brought me the moon?” Stiles sounds small and disbelieving in a way he never has, and Derek feels his heart sink into his stomach. He wants so much to take the few steps necessary to close the distance between them and hold Stiles’ face in his hands and offer him some sort of reassurance. 

He isn’t sure he’d be welcome, so he pushes his feet into the floor instead and says “Laura got it for me after–When we moved away from here. It helped me sleep, sometimes.” Stiles is just looking at him, listening with a look of rapt awe on his face, so he continues. “Some nights Laura would come and sleep in my room with me, we’d both look at that moon until we fell asleep. It kept the nightmares away. Some nights, anyways.”

Stiles still hasn’t said anything, so Derek takes a deep breath and nods, preparing to leave. “Right, so. If you want to keep it, you can. I just thought that maybe it could do for you what it did for me.”

Before he turns around, Stiles says a quiet “Thank you,” and it’s so full of gratitude that it hits Derek with an almost physical force. He nods and heads toward the window, a “Good night, Stiles” on the tip of his tongue, but before he can say it, before he can get his fingers wrapped all the way around the window sill, Stiles calls out again, still a quiet storm breaking through the still air in the room. “Derek?”

“Yeah?” Derek tries to make the word sound like “anything you need from me” and he thinks it works, because the next thing Stiles says sounds like a plea and a sigh of relief, even if he sounds uncertain about the answer.

“Can you maybe stay? With me?”

Derek fixes the curtain and turns back toward Stiles, a soft smile lifting the very corners of his mouth. This time, he says out loud “Anything you need,” as he makes his way toward the bed as Stiles scoots over to make room, lifting the edge of the covers. Derek toes off his shoes and sheds his coat before climbing into the bed carefully, intending to keep some distance between them. 

Stiles has other ideas apparently, because as soon as Derek is settled, Stiles moves next to him, asking “Is this okay?” as he lifts his arm to hover over Derek’s chest, waiting to set it down until Derek moves closer to him and wraps his other arm around Stiles’ shoulders.

When Stiles relaxes against him, there’s a soft sigh that Derek isn’t entirely certain didn’t come from him. He’s halfway asleep moments later when Stiles says again “You brought me the moon.”

A few seconds later, his head gets just a little heavier where it rests on Derek’s shoulder, and he’s asleep. Derek smiles into the top of his head and holds him a little tighter, whispering “Good night, Stiles” as he lets himself drift to sleep, content in the knowledge that under the guilt and fear, Stiles still smells like springtime and spice as the glow from the moon nightlight on the wall bathes the room in soft light.


So, uh, this got long?

@halesheart have not one, but TWO WHOLE STORIES ABOUT MOON NIGHTLIGHTS!

Thanks for the inspiration both of you! Also, @pale-silver-comb I think you might enjoy this?

(BBC) Robin Hood Season 1 Starters
  • Shh! Quiet.
  • We have won, and they should be ashamed
  • I shouldn't have said that.
  • When we get home, I'm going to eat roast beef.
  • I am going to cry. I'm going to cry like a baby.
  • In fact, I can feel a song coming on.
  • You know, it is lucky I do not readily take offense! You know, a smaller man would be offended! A smaller man would be wounded!
  • I love you. Have I ever said that?
  • I said no stopping! Why do you never ever listen?!
  • I'm not saying anything.
  • That man is a showoff. If there are no eggs left, I'm going after him.
  • How are you? I thought of you.
  • Don't worry, I can look after myself.
  • I don't care about you, I care about my father.
  • Are you really as naive as you seem?
  • You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public?
  • You are a fool.
  • What is your crime?
  • It's more than we ever managed before.
  • Pardoning them? I will see them hang in the morning. You yourself said that we risk rebellion. We must have order.
  • These are not holy men. These people cannot plead the cloth. Get on with it.
  • I came last night to administer their last rites.
  • Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not!
  • Everything is a choice, everything we do! Grow up.
  • This...is a rescue!
  • You cannot go back in there. If you go back in and die, then I will die. Of grief. So you must come now, if only to save me.
  • It will be dangerous.
  • You still love him?
  • You cannot give yourself up every five minutes!
  • Is it all just a big joke to you?!
  • Is it all so serious to you?!
  • Nothing like a tragedy to bring out the do-gooders.
  • Women, how can they manage to hit that particular pitch that makes you want to pierce your eardrum with a stick?
  • I thought you were gonna slit me throat!
  • Underneath all that haughty, there's quite a bit of naughty!
  • We're going to give these a good horse whipping.
  • The thing is, I woke up and we'd both been robbed! And rather than wake you, I went off to catch the thieves myself. I chased them for days!
  • He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.
  • Are you hurt?
  • Let them hang.
  • My brother's had more chances than he deserves.
  • Do you know the worst crime a man can commit?
  • Marry me. It is the only way. As Lady/Sir ___, I could protect you. What do you say?
  • You leave me no time to think. A moment ago you were going to hang me and now you want to marry me.
  • Is it so difficult to prove your loyalty?
  • So what about me? Will you...marry...me?
  • I will marry you
  • I have an apology to make
  • You seem to be short of friends
  • No! Stop! This is wrong. I can't take part in this. You will regret this. You will see sense and you will regret it.
  • They'll be so disappointed to know that underneath your fine words, you're just as violent as the next man
  • And look at you now, you're just a common outlaw. House and lands lost. Do you think I don't laugh every time I sleep in your bed?
  • Surely, you would have friends elsewhere that would take you in.
  • I thought you'd given up a long time ago. But, you still carry a torch for her, don't you?
  • Maybe in future, you'll think twice before painting your arm like a girl!
  • He can tell us all we need to know about the outlaws.
  • All right. So hang him, then. Make an example.
  • Life is a cruel mistress. Clean up your mess.
  • Some men find pleasure in giving women gifts.
  • I hate the cave.
  • It's dark and it's, you know, horrible.
  • My father treated the wounded on the battlefield. He said never lie to a wounded man.
  • You are not going to die and I have never lied to you.
  • This is not the time to argue.
  • Do not tell me when it is time to argue!
  • I say you are a fool when I mean you are a hero.
  • I love you, you love me, we all love each other. Drink the wine.
  • What do girls eat, anyway?
  • Bored now. Kill them!
  • I think we're gonna die.
  • Why didn't you tell me?
  • Your father will be safe; I have made provisions for him. You see, as my father-in-law he is protected. As my father-in-law.
  • You are cruel!
  • I have moral grounds! This man is a liar and a traitor and her heart belongs to another! Let her tell you that.
  • I am sorry but you are wrong. I know you mean well, but my heart lies here.
  • Get him out of here!
  • Do you take this man and this horse as your route out of here?
Corner Hooked

Tumblr freaking ate my first attempt at posting this, and I know there was something I edited between creating the draft and posting, but cannot remember what it was for the life of me. Aggravating. Anyhow, I’m still not happy with it, but need to stop obsessing and move on.

Break (Part 1), Air Ball (Part 2), Double Hit (Part 3), Scratch (Part 4)

RATED E: For excessive smut and language. Lots of F-bombs! Ye’ve been warned…Part 5 below the cut

She’s lost track of the plot, and really, she doesn’t care. Her laptop sits perched on Peeta’s outstretched legs. They’re curled up on her bed, propped up on pillows with one of his arms wrapped around her. Katniss burrows closer into his side as his fingers lace and unlace themselves with hers. She’s spent the past twenty minutes or perhaps longer paying more attention to the miniscule details about him than she has to the movie.

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Free to be me is awesome! you've got to continue. Cos I'm hooked :)

You asked for it, Sunglasses.


'It wasn’t a question, dumbass.’

'Well that’s a reply for you in anyway.’ Steve replied, ignoring his sister’s incessant requests.

'Do you want me to tell mom what you were actually doing last Saturday night?’ Gail said in a sing-song voice. Damn, she was saving that one for something important. Well, this was important.

Steve narrowed his eyes at her. She must be bluffing.

’ I heard that you almost got caught at the bar with all those fake -’ Gail continued, knowing her brother would have to surrender now.

'What. Do you want.’ Steve muttered through his teeth. He was going to have to be more discreet the next time.

Gail smiled. Now, this was going somewhere.


Gail spotted the brunette at the top of the benches in the grounds. She never understood what the brunette did there for so long, every evening of the week. She did spend most of her time reading and Gail wondered why she just didn’t go to the library instead.

Of course Holly didn’t text her. And Gail didn’t really know what to make of that. It had been 2 weeks since she slipped her number into Holly’s locker, and the brunette hadn’t done anything at all. Gail was miserable. This woman wasn’t going to go easy on her, and she going to have to was pull out all her best tricks.

Gail had tried her best to not spy on her, but it was hard. Especially today. She expected the brunette to be swamped with hoards of people today, but it was just like any other day. Holly just went about her day as usual. And that really fascinated Gail. A lot.

She took a deep breath before walking to the bleachers. She knew she was going to have to play it cool. One last check of her satchel, she made sure her leather jacket was alright and her hair wasn’t a mess and she was good to go.

'Nerd!’ she called out with wave, climbing up to the top of the benches. She saw the brunette rolling her eyes at her, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Nope. Not today.

'If it isn’t 'Smoking’ hot.’

Gail took a seat next to the brunette, not caring what she thought of it.

'If you must know, I am on chocolate now.’

Holly laughed at that, ‘Chocolate’s better for the lungs.’

Gail nodded at the book, ‘You would know that, Holly.’ emphasizing on the name.

Holly eyed her with confusion, trying to remember if she ever told this annoying blonde her name.

'How did -’

'Text book, Nerd, Text book.’

Holly looked down and realized she had written her name on the cover of her textbook. Points to the blonde.

'Are you spying on me?’

Gail scoffed at that, she would have dearly loved to know more about Holly, if only she could. Her brother had told her only 2 things, and as hard as Gail tried, she could only pick up a few notes on the brunette.

'No Sherlock, saw it the other day at the coffee shop.’

Holly nodded hearing that. Clearly she had underestimated this blonde. Now she had to beg the blonde to get her name. Drat.

'And since I’m on chocolate now, why don’t I get my daily fix?’ Gail continued, carefully pulling out a little box out of her satchel, hoping nothing was too badly squished. It was a box of chocolate donuts, which surprisingly had only 2 . Gail took one and offered one to the brunette, who eyed her with suspicion.

'They’re not laced with nicotine - or sleeping powder, Scouts honor!’ Gail promised, thinking that perhaps she hadn’t thought through this plan enough.

'I was just wondering who buys 2 donuts instead of a dozen or two.’ Holly replied with a smile. Gail internally groaned at that. That had been the original plan, but she didn’t have much money left over after her big purchase.

'Just take Nerd, it won’t kill you.’ Gail insisted, and heaved a sigh of relief as the brunette took the donut. Atleast something went to plan.

Holly took a bite of her donut, and suddenly laughed.

'How am I Sherlock?’

Gail looked back at Holly with a mouthful of donut, an eyebrow raised at the brunette. Ok maybe the brunette wasn’t right in the head.

'You got my name off the book. That makes you Sherlock.’

'And yet, you’re the nerd.’ Gail finished taking another huge bite of her donut, which seemed to help calm her nerves.Holly grinned at that and took another bite of her donut as well. This wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. Atleast she wasn’t fainting yet.

'When’s your birthday?’ Gail blurted out, swallowing the last of her donut, as innocently and laid-back as she could manage.Holly looked at Gail in surprise; it seemed like such a random yet eerily planned query.

'If you must know, it’s today.’ Holly replied as casually as she could, though she couldn’t help smiling a little. She wasn’t big on birthdays, not one for huge parties and get-togethers. She just loved having a day as blissful as anyother. Fact was not many people knew it was her birthday, and Holly wasn’t one for advertising the fact.

'Wow, Nerd, a happy birthday I guess.’ Gail replied with a happy smile on her face. Gail had thought the brunette would have been as elusive as ever and she was glad she finally got a reply from her that wasn’t a comment to hit back at her snark.

'Thanks, Sherlock.’ Holly laughed, finishing her donut and gearing up to leave home. After all it was quite late in the evening.

'And thanks for the donut, but I’ve really got to get home.’ Holly started, packing up her books in her bagpack. Gail hadn’t thought of that in her plan, however. Next time I’m getting a party planner.

'Well I’ll walk you home.’ Gail blurted out again, desperately racking her brains to think of someway to complete the plan.

'To spy on me?’

Gail rolled her eyes at that. Damn this woman was really such a paranoid person.

'See Nerd, spying on you would be me calling up the Security Council and getting your number and your address.’

Holly chuckled at that. ‘So, thank you for not spying on me, but I think I can get home just fine.’ getting up and walking down the benches. Gail grabbed her satchel and climbed down behind the brunette. Elusive mode back on again I suppose.

'Come on Nerd, no one should walk home alone on their birthday.’

Holly smiled at that. Maybe she was going too hard on this blonde. After all, she had given her a donut. And had wished her a happy birthday, inspite of the death-wish she had given her a few weeks back. She waited till the blonde was at the bottom of the bleachers, and the two began walking to the brunette’s home.

'Dare I ask why you were smoking that day. Or attempting to smoke?’ Holly began, slowly walking with this blonde. Damn it’s too weird to ask for names now.

Gail groaned. She wasn’t exactly comfortable about her little escapade that day.

'I was trying to piss off my mom.’ Gail replied in a flat tone.

'And giving yourself cancer would do that how exactly?’ Holly shot back, wondering if this blonde did actually have any sense of self-care.

'I don’t know! Seemed a cool idea to begin with. Which reminds me - what do you suggest I do to piss off my mom?’

'Why are you so intent on annoying your mother!?’ Holly wondered out loud.

'She so badly wants me to be the model kid. Just as she’s the model police-officer.’ Gail replied, recalling all the times her mother brought up the 'police officer’ talk.

'Police Officer? You’re Steven Peck’s sister aren’t you!’ Holly gasped in surprise, it all made sense now. The siblings were notorious for their ideals of rebellion.

'Look who’s Sherlock now.’ Gail replied with a bitter smile. 'So, what do you suggest I do then?’ she continued, hoping to take the conversation back to the list of things she could do to irritate her mother.

'What exactly did you have in mind?’ Holly asked, not exactly aware of the lengths this blonde was willing to go for revenge.

'I was thinking of flunking science - ’ Holly stopped in her tracks to glare at her.


The glare was still on her face, not a hint of a smile there.

'I guess talking to a nerd about flunking school isn’t appropriate.’

'Nope.’ Holly replied, starting to walk home. 'What else you got?’

Gail sighed, she was running out of options of which Holly would approve.

'Last resort was dyeing my hair black.’ Gail sighed, sure that Holly would start on a sermon about all the chemicals in the dyes and so on.

'But I like you blonde.’ Holly replied with a soft smile, stopping outside her house, putting an end to their evening stroll.

Gail had been so surprised at that answer, she almost didn’t realize she had reached Holly’s house. Holly smiled and left the blonde who was staring at her she walked up to the front porch. For some reason, she loved leaving the blonde hanging on her last words as she did.

'Bye.’ she called as she walked up to the front door. Before she could press the bell however, Gail had already rushed to the porch as was standing next to her.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ Holly whispered, afraid her parents might hear them. They wouldn’t exactly mind, but she was sure she wouldn’t be able to bear all their prodding questions.

'I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday again,’ Gail whispered back, following Holly’s suit. 'And give you this.’ Gail fished out a book which was gift wrapped and Holly stared at the blonde in disbelief.

I don’t know if you’d like it and I certainly didn’t want to see your face as you opened it so here,’ Gail finished, thrusting the gift in Holly’s hands and sprinted off into the night. Holly for once, was tongue tied and stared the tag on the present.

'Happy Birthday Holly, From Gail.’ it read. Holly smiled at that. Got her name now.

Taking her present to the privacy of her bed room, she tore off the cover - wondering what on Earth could Gail have gotten her.  She certainly hadn’t expected this.

 A hard back copy of Grant’s Dissector.


Gail rushed home as quickly as she could, hoping to shake off her nerves in the mad dash. When she got home, she noticed the message on her phone and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

'Loved the book Gail.- Holly.’

Gail felt like she could have done a victory dance.She had managed the brunette’s number. At last.