i thought about him today and started crying i really miss him and im crying again ugh

Calum Hood Imagine: UGH!

“Ugh.” you groan as you turn your alarm off. Why does school have to start so early? You think to yourself. You roll out of bed and get ready to go to school.

When you get there you meet up with y/f/n and walk to your lockers. You are almost there when the massive dickhead that is Calum Hood decided to ruin your morning by talking to you. I mean sure you think he is hot, like hot damn that boy is fine but that doesn’t stop him from being a ginormous pain in the ass. Okay but you might have a small crush on him but who wouldn’t. You probably would get along with him if he didn’t speak. Everything that comes out of his mouth is utter bullshit and he knows how much he annoys you so he makes it his mission to talk to you at least once a day just to ruin it. This also gives you more of a reason to hate him.

“Hey Y/n. Hello Y/f/n.” He says in that smooth but annoying voice.

“Hello Calum.” you say bitterly while Y/f/n stood next to you, glaring at him and his friends.

“Wow you are extra cold today y/n. What’s made you so grumpy.” He asked

“How about the fact that that she has to talk to you.” Y/f/n replied back while you heard his jackass friends Ashton, Michael and Luke ‘oooo’ at her comment. Yep their dicks too.

“Shut the fuck up guys” He said turning to his friends. He then faced you again. “Well it was a pleasure talking to you like always Y/n and Y/f/n but I have to get to my class. I hope we can do his again sometime.”

“Bye.” You and your friend said not really paying attention anymore and carried on walking to your locker. “Thanks for the help there.” You say to her.

“Its fine. what are ends for. However I think he likes you. And I also think that you like him more than you say you do.” Y/f/n said

“Pfft. No chance. I would rather stick pins in my eye than like Calum Hood he is a twat and just ugh he makes me want to rip my eyes out every time he even looks in my direction. I mean he is hot but that doesn’t mean I want to date him.”

*A couple of weeks later*

You were sitting in your last and least favourite class of the day English. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy the subject. You actually enjoyed it, you hated it because of the fact that it was the only you had with Calum. He constantly made remarks about you during the class and his friends backed him up. Even if you sat on the other side of the class and tried your best to ignore him. He would still shout rude things to you and your teacher was no help. Just telling you to ignore him and for Calum to shut up, but to your misery he never did.

You so badly wanted to just punch him to get him to shut the fuck up.However this never happened for two reasons. Number 1 you probably could have punched him but you really didn’t want to get kicked out of school because of him, thus ruining your future and number 2 you really didn’t want to punch him in the face just in case it messed it up because he really was gorgeous as well as a massive twat.

You were half an hour into the lesson and so far Calum and his group of delinquent friends had not said anything remotely insulting to you so far.

“Does anyone know what the shortest complete sentence in the English language is?” the teacher asked.

I raised my hand nervously and very quietly spoke  “Go.” I paused “I think”

“Well done y/n.”

You were about to say yes when you heard some muttering coming from the other side of the classroom. Calum turns out he can’t keep his mouth shut for more that half an hour.

“Freak.” he said so his friends as they all erupted into laughter like they hadn’t heard anything funny in their life.

“Shut up calum. honestly you are so immature.” you shot back and you heard your classmates all ‘ooooooo’ in time. You rolled your eyes.

“Wow miss know it all is finally speaking up for herself. Whats changed Y/n. You must have finally looked at me properly and my amazingly good looks must have helped you finally speak up for yourself. Although when most girls look at me they lose their breath.” He said while laughing with his friends.

You rolled your eyes again before speaking. You had had enough of dealing with his shit. “Okay Hood, you may have every girl after you but that doesn’t make you any less of a massive dick. You must be overcompensating for something.” You smirked when you saw the shocked look on his face while your classmates were all silent waiting with anticipation at what the famous Calum Hood would say after he had been told he had a small dick. Even his friends had shut up and were waiting for what he would say to that.

“At least I have people chasing after me. No body will ever date you. You are just the weirdo that sits by themselves and has no friends.”

You were about to respond to that when your teacher had finally had enough and told you both to shut up.

*After class*

You plugged in your earphones and placed them in your ears and started to walk home. You decided to take the long way home because you just wanted some time to think and calm down. You were halfway home and your music was so loud that you wouldn’t have been able to hear a marching band walk past you. You thought about how much of a prick Calum is to you. You had never done anything wrong towards him except from the rare occasions that you would stand up for yourself when he had said something rude to. Other times you would just try and ignore it. You thought about all of the horrible things he has said to you and you didn’t realize you were crying until you saw a tear hit the muddy grass you were walking on.

You sat down on  a nearby tree stump to try and calm yourself down. You didn’t realise anyone was walking behind you until they tapped you on the shoulder. You didn’t bother to turn around but took out one earphone while still playing your music at a very loud volume.

“Are you okay?” the voice asked. it sounded like a males voice but you weren’t so sure and you really didn’t want to turn around and show a stranger your red puffy eyes and slightly snotty nose

“Yeah. I’m fine.” You said, your voice a bit scratchy from crying.

“Are you sure because it sounds like you have been crying.” The stranger said his voice filled with concern.

“Honestly, I’m fine. It’s just some dickhead at school saying some stupid things. I honestly don’t know why I’m this bothered about it. I mean I may have thought that there was some sort of niceness in him but I guess I was wrong. I mean I did like him for a while but I guess I was completely wrong.’ You rambled. 'I’m really sorry. You probably don’t want to hear all of that.”

“Oh, who is the dickhead at school if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Why would you want to k-ohhhh?” You while turning you looked up and were met by Calum’s brown eyes. “Shit” you cursed. “Well I really have to go home now. Sorry for telling you that, just ignore me. I will see you around. Bye.” You said awkwardly while trying very hard to get away from the situation you were in as fast as you could. You were just about to start walking when you felt a tug on your wrist. You turned around and saw Calum staring at you with hope in his eyes.

“Y/n, listen to me” he pleaded. You took you other earphone out and turned around to face him fully. “Im not very good with words but I want you to know that I only said those things to you because I like you and I didn’t know how to tell you or deal with it, because thought you didn’t like me and never would. I’m sorry for all of the things I said to you y/n I really am. I hope you can forgive me and then maybe I can take you on a date? I mean if that’s alright you don’t have to say yes.”

“Yes Calum I will go on a date with you.” You agreed and saw the smile grow on his face and his eyes crinkle.

“Great I’ll pick you up at 7.” He said with a bright smile.

You walked away with the biggest smile you have ever had  looking forward to your date. Maybe he wasn’t as big as a prick as you thought he was.