i thought about giving it an 8.5 but it was just so much fun

About Time // Part 8

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Character: Jungkook x reader / Jimin x reader (feat. BTS)

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au) / 11,177 words

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: mentions of cancer

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PLL 7x17 Driving Miss Crazy - Thoughts

- LOVED the episode. Entertaining from start to finish! Look, we all knew that “answers every week” is bullshit. I say this every week, but we’ve waited so many years, so we can wait 3 more weeks. So let’s just set aside the fact that we get no answers and just appreciate the fast pace and lack of fillers. I’m glad that the build up to the almighty answers-episode is fun. Season 7 really is the best season to date in my opinion.

- This episode should’ve been called Mona Mania, instead of that season 3 episode! She owned this episode. I won’t even list everything she did that justifies her walking around town with a crown on her head. You know all the reasons. Just every Mona scene was so damn entertaining.

- NO ALI!!! Instant success!!! It felt like a good old season 4 episode. I say this a lot but Ali still feels like the outsider to the group. The dynamics just work better with Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. I love those 4 together. Ali still doesn’t fit in the group, in my eyes. I might feel like that because we had 4 whole seasons with just the 4 of them so I’m too used to it and I never adapted to the change properly when she came back in 5A. No hate on Sasha, but I’m just not a fan of Ali’s character, I’ve always thought they ruined her once she came back from the dead. This episode just had great vibes without her, just like 713.

- Hastings drama was on point. Nolan is doing an amazing job playing Peter.

- We did it! Another thing this Tumblr community guessed right: Aria was filing a police report against Ezra during the time she found out he was writing a book. It’s a shame they’re not going further and doing the abortion story, but I still like this.

- MARY!! Welcome back. I actually feel sorry for her. I think she’s the most misunderstood character ever in PLL history.

- I did really enjoy the plot twist that Peter and Jessica were planning to kill Mary but she intercepted and killed Jessica. Self defence. I never saw that coming. It doesn’t change the final outcome that Mary killed Jessica, but it’s a nice additional layer to the overall story to show just how complex this mystery is. I appreciated and enjoyed that unnecessary layer. 

- Ezra pisses me off SO MUCH. He’s so blind. He’s so stupid. Just like last week, he thinks everything is about him. “You still don’t trust me because I wrote a book?” UMMMM NO???? Two weeks ago (PLL timeline) Hanna was abducted and EVERYONE, including Ezra, got a message from someone named AD, and the twin of a dead woman rocked up in town. Why has Ezra forgotten all of this??? Does he think AD just packed up and went home?? Does he think Hanna’s abduction was just a prank gone wrong and that all the messages about ‘find Hanna before it’s too late’ was just for fun? He saw ‘Hanna’ hanging from ropes in the bell tower, and he thinks the thing bothering Aria is trust issues from 6 years ago? Open your eyes Ezra. Someone is messing with your fiancé again. Not everything is about you.

- On a positive note I did appreciate his comments about regret with the book situation. I know that was very sincere. But get a hold of reality. Aria’s change of mood is not about you, ffs. 

- Did that shirt from Radley belong to Spencer’s twin? Idk, just something to think about.

- The fact that AD is trying to break apart the Hastings house feels like AD has a vendetta against the Hastings. Perhaps, Twincer is angry they adopted Spencer but not herself? Revenge?

- Spencer’s numberplate was CHD. I know we shouldn’t be looking into this stuff because not once have these had meaning, but, I couldn’t help but think back to Charles DiLaurentis.

- Thank god the musical number was short. I mean, I enjoyed it, and Janel can sing, but it did feel a bit random and out of nowhere. Perhaps that’s because I was so immersed in the episode and enjoying it so much, that when that came on, the pace was ruined out of nowhere. But judging it for what it is, standalone, it was cool! I don’t understand Lucy’s comments that all the girls were in it? Were they, and I just didn’t see them? haha

- I’m surprised Spencer hasn’t pieced together that Aria is doing this. The earring… bringing dinner then leaving? I don’t know about you guys but not once in my entire life have I driven to my friends house to drop off dinner for them and then leave? That’s just weird. Some might say it’s a polite gesture… and it is, but it’s weirdly polite. No one does that?? “Hey I brought you dinner! Ok I’m going now!” wtf?

- Can Marco just arrest them already!? They’re dwindling on this story for too long. Too much talking, not enough action.

- The episode felt incomplete. I don’t like how they’re dragging on a few storylines into the next episode, such as Aria’s reward (we know it was her files… but I wanted to actually read them in detail) and the doctor’s ID. Those storylines were the stories of THIS episode. Episode 17 was about THOSE things - they should’ve got total resolution, to define the episode and say “episode 17 revolved around these things”. I was just waiting for them to say Wren’s name (in regards to the doctor who did the procedure). And it never came. This episode should’ve had just one more reveal of sorts. And I don’t like that they didn’t just reveal things then and there. Oh and also the puzzle pieces… I thought with 2 more pieces, we’d get a better idea of what the pieces are forming. But no. So that was a tiny bit disappointing, that Aria did all that work and she/we still didn’t really get much out of it.

- That ending confirmed for me that Mona is not AD. It’s too obvious. I know CeCe was obvious because they literally showed her in a hoodie… but this is different. This is too close to the finale. I don’t believe Mona is AD. Instead, Mona wants to win the liars’ trust back so she’s working to solve the game, rather than administer the game to them. Also she is saving their assess by taking the shovels/potential evidence - it’s good not bad. Unfortunately this all comes back to Mona dying in the finale. She’ll get way too close to AD’s identity, and then AD will kill her. Thankfully, the girls will pickup where Mona left off and end it themselves. Then, they’ll realise they couldn’t have done it without Mona. So sad, but it’s a great story arc especially for a series finale.

- Caleb’s talk about Hanna to Ashley was adorable. That was a really well done scene. I loved their tent scene with the rings and Hanna bringing the bottle because she anticipated Caleb would say “yes I meant those words”. We all know the writers chose a tent because that’s where they spent their first night - I like that attention to detail. Terrible song choice… oh my gosh. Why not just use the same song as 1x19 (I think that was the episode?) Nostalgia always sells.

- Overall, my second favourite episode this season! 8.5/10. I really did like it. Again, I’ve gotten over the fact that we don’t get answers every episode. It was a lie, yes, but I’m not going to sit here and whinge when the answers are just 3 weeks away anyway. I’m just taking the episodes for what they are, disregarding all comments from writers, and I’m loving the ride. Fast paced, good writing, amazing mystery/story. Decent romance too - coming from someone who only watches for mystery, they’re doing well. I honestly would’ve rated this a 10/10 episode if they just went that extra mile and revealed the doctor’s name (Wren), showed us Aria’s reward properly AND give us insight into what the puzzle pieces are forming. The episode felt incomplete that they started stories this episode and never resolved them completely. But nonetheless, it was amazing. No Ali definitely contributed to that ;) 8.5 might seem high for an episode with no answers, but I was entertained from start to finish, no fillers, decent romance, really good mystery… can’t say much bad other than it feeling incomplete. This was an episode of PLL doing what it does best. IF ONLY THEY JUST GAVE A LITTLE BIT MORE IN THE FINAL MINUTES.

EDIT: SORRY I MEAN DONOR - NOT DOCTOR. It’s 2.30am right now, and I just finished watching the episode. I was going to watch it in the morning but I stayed up to get this post out - I always get messages asking when my thoughts post will be up!

This Is An Important Post!

This post will blow your mind like no others have before! Come quick, if you don’t read this post in the next five minutes you will wake up in the middle of the night and ask yourself what have I done with my life!

Now that I have your full attention it is time to talk about the most important topic this fandom can possibly give you.


It is a crime that no one has even tried to give a length of our guys penises here, like seriously what is there to life if we have no idea what’s in those pants!? It is scientifically important to know what is exactly dangling between those legs.

The average height of Japanese men are about 5′7′’ (175 cm) and the length of a man’s penis is of 7% to 10% of body length. So in this process I will be going with an average of 8.5% for all calculations. So for example if we take the average Japanese men’s height of 175 cm x 8.5% we get 14.875 cm = 5.86 inches. So the average Japanese penis length would be 5.86 inches long and we all know that for some reason our Psycho-Pass men are pretty much taller than average.

Now after doing the important calculations allow me to list below the length of our men and I even took on the liberty of calculating their thickness (girth) aren’t I just swell. 

Of course take into account that the make penis can measure from 7 to 10% of his body length and these calculations are simply based average at 8.5%. They could be less or more than the estimation but you get the general idea. Go ahead and have some fun with this information :3

Choe Gu-Sung is an asshole I have no idea what is his height. It is listed as unknown so I’ve got to skip this one.

Kagari (Height: 5′5′’ 165 cm, Weight: 117 lbs 53 kg)

Penis length: 14.025 cm (5.52 inches), Thickness: 11.3792 cm (4.48 inches)

Masaoka (Height: 5′9′’ 175 cm, Weight: 191 lbs 87 kg)

Penis length: 14.875 cm (5.86 inches), Thickness: 12.065 cm (4.75)

Kougami (Height: 5′11′’ 180 cm, Weight: 145 lbs 66 kg)

Penis length: 15.3 cm (6.02 inches), Thickness: 12.3952 cm (4.88 inches)

Sasayama (Height: 5′11′’ 180 cm, Weight: Unknown)

Penis length: 15.3 cm (6.02 inches), Thickness: 12.3952 cm (4.88 inches)

Makishima  (Height: 5′11′’ 180 cm, Weight: 143 lbs 65 kg)

Penis length: 15.3 cm (6.02 inches), Thickness: 12.3952 cm (4.88 inches)

Saiga (Height: 5′10′’ 178 cm, Weight: 153 lbs (69.7 kg)

Penis length: 15.13 cm (5.96 inches), Thickness: 12.2682 cm (4.83 inches)

Tougane (Height: 5′11′’ 180 cm, Weight: 145 lbs 66 kg)

Penis length: 15.3 cm (6.02 inches), Thickness: 12.3952 cm (4.88 inches)

Cross that Tougane has no dick. His mother thought he didn’t need one so she gave him the small dick she could fabricate. A micropenis.

Sugo (Height: 5′11′’ 180 cm, Weight: 151 lbs 68.8 kg)

Penis length: 15.3 cm (6.02 inches), Thickness: 12.3952 cm (4.88 inches)

Hinakawa  (Height: 5′9′’ 175 cm, Weight: 121 lbs 55 kg)

Penis length: 14.875 cm (5.86 inches), Thickness: 12.065 cm (4.75 inches)

Ginoza  (Height: 6′0′’ 183 cm, Weight: 136 lbs 62 kg)

Penis length: 15.555 cm (6.12 inches), Thickness: 12.5984 cm (4.96 inches)

This brings end to the long list. Do keep in mind that this is only an average estimation calculated if the men’s penis is 8.5% the length of their body.

If Kou’s penis was at a lets say 10% his body length, his penis would be 18 cm (7.09 inches) with a girth of 5.67 inches.

So this ends the average and you get the idea. If this information is not clear enough and you wish more calculations of different percentage don’t be shy to ask me. It’s all in the name of science here.

Whales and Waves

A/N: A fluffy request for a Spencer x Reader where they are on a date and she asks him to go whale watching. She loves the ocean and when they sea a pod of orcas, she freaks out and and started talking about how much she loves them. Spencer listens while she rambles about how they should be free and happy and they’re beautiful and smart. @coveofmemories


“Okay, so I know I said I’d let you pick where we went today because I picked last time, but I found out about this whale watching tour off the coast that’s happening today and I really wanna go,” you rambled to your boyfriend. You’d picked your last date of mini golf, so you told him you’d let him pick this time, but you were absolutely obsessed with whales and really wanted to go. “Puh-lease.”

Spencer took your hand, leading you toward the car as he lifted your hand to his face to give it a kiss. “You’re cute. Yes, we can go whale watching. Are there any particular types that we’re supposed to see on this tour?”

“Orcas!” you said excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to see killer whales in the wild. I don’t like going to zoos and stuff and that’s the only place you can see them up close.”

“Why don’t you like zoos?” he asked. “All the cute animals.”

Yea, all the cute animals that weren’t supposed to be in cages. “Animals are supposed to be in the wild. I know that some zoos are really good about taking care of their animals, but with aquariums especially, there just isn’t enough room for them to move around. It’s unfair and I hate it. I mean…” As you looked over, you saw Spencer smile wide and your passion for sea life. You’d always loved whales and dolphins and even sharks. Marine life was fascinating to you. “What?”

“You’re so passionate about whales,” he said. “It’s sweet. Did you know that the language of killer whales is one of the most complex in the animal kingdom? They use high-pitched whistles, pulsed calls and low-frequency pops and can even make clapping sounds with their jaws. The whistles are used for close, personal communication, and the pulsed calls are for long distance.” 

While you were driving, you could see Spencer talking with his hands in that way he did when he was rambling off a statistic of some kind. “Yes! I did actually. Babe, when it comes to killer whales, I know a lot, so you’re gonna have to dig deep to find something I don’t know. Also, just a heads up, I’m probably going to be rambling while we’re on this trip and I know you already know all this stuff but I love whales so I’m not going to be able to stop myself,” you laughed as you pulled into the area where the tour would take off. 

“You ramble all you want, love,” he said with a smile. “You talk about whales like I talk about…well, everything, and I find it very endearing. Ready?” Just as you bought your tickets, the tour was ready to take off and you ran on the boat just in time. 

It took about 15 minutes to get to the area where they had been spotted earlier today, but once you were there, an announcement was made on the ship’s PA system. “If you look toward the northwest passed the orange buoy, you can see a pod about to breach,” you heard from the system. 

Running to the opposite end of the ship, you screeched when you saw them. There were at least three from what you could see and one of them was a baby. “Did you know the oldest killer whale ever was 103?” you asked, turning around so fast your hair smacked Spencer in then face. “And it’s not uncommon for them to live into their 90s.”

Of course he knew, but he acted like he didn’t, which was great for you, because you felt like you could continue rambling. “And the momma whale was pregnant for 17 months. Humans think they have it bad.” You leaned over the edge as much as you could without falling over. Spencer’s hand reached out in front of you with binoculars.

“Go ahead,” he said. “See if there are more than three.” As they came into view, you realized it was quite a few more than you’d thought - between 7 and 12. “Yes there are! Big families! Orcinus orca, also known as the killer whale, but it’s not a whale, it’s actually a dolphin. The biggest ones ever! Spence, look they’re so pretty!” Bouncing up and down on your feet, you continued to ramble off any fact you could think of. They traveled in pods. The biggest whale on record was 32 feet long and 11 tons. They fed on sea birds, squid, octopuses, sea turtles, sharks, rays and fish, and even some mammals like seals, dugongs and the occasional moose. 

“Look at the baby!” you squealed.

“He’s probably around 8.5 feet long and anywhere from 265 to 350 pounds,” he said into your ear. Again, you spun around and slapped him with your hair.

“Are you having fun?” you asked, suddenly feeling bad for dragging him along when he was supposed to pick your date for today.

He bent down to kiss your neck and smiled as you turned to look at the whales again. They were heading off away from the boat, so they were going to follow them for a little while. “I’m having a lot of fun,” he mumbled. “Watching you being so happy makes me happy.”

Leaning back into him, you rested your head on his shoulder and smiled. “You can pick the next two dates now.” 

“Maybe I’ll pick whale watching again just so I can see you squeal like a two-year-old,” he laughed. “You just look so happy.”

It’s because this was where they were meant to be seen. “They belong here,” you sighed. “They aren’t meant for captivity. Nothing compares to the ocean.”

“So I’m assuming you’ve never been to Sea World?”

“Nope,” you said, “Again, I’m sure that there are a lot of places where they treat their animals well, but only as well as they could be without being in the ocean. A tank, however big, is just not enough. You know none of the people that have died by killer whales have died in the wild? They’ve all been in captivity. And then they get a bad reputation, like Tilikum.”

“Yea,” he sighed. “But don’t think about that, it’ll make you sad. Just look at the baby.”

With a happy ‘okay,’ you stood on the bottom rail again to get a good look at the little orca. Just as you got your footing, a wave crashed into the ship, causing you to fall back into Spencer’s arms. “We definitely need to do this again,” he said, placing a kiss on the top of your head.



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 18/?

Gif credits

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Continuing and ending the first part, here are my TOP 10 favorite DC Universe Animated Original Movies.


The first Justice League film, was an adaptation of the famous comic with the same name, and it turns out a great movie. With very simplistic designs and great animation, it’s set in the post-war 50s, and it focuses mainly on Martian Manhunter’s arrival on Earth and how he tries to blend in, passing as a detective but it also focuses more on Hal Jordan’s journey to becoming Green Lantern. While all this happens, there’s something called The Centre that is possessing and obsessing villains and regular people all over the world. The suspense of trying to found out what The Centre is and why it’s affecting everyone is what makes this movie great,  but sadly, it can’t live up to it’s hype, and a giant island that produces dinosaurs from within isn’t exactly what I was expecting. What I can figure out is that it’s a movie about the Justice League, focusing on the heroes and how they reunite to work together, so the villain isn’t really that much important to the plot, cause they just need a threat to unite, but still, something more interesting would have made this movie even better. The opening scene is excellent, if you don’t get chills after watching a suicide in a first-person point of view… then your emotions are as dead as Mr. Freeze’s! Overall, a great movie with an excellent build up that dissapoints in the end. 7.5 out of 10. 


This movie was a lot of fun. A very simple plot, Luthor is the president so he declares Superman a public enemy and puts a billion dollar bounty on him. What follows is an hour of both heroes and villains alike trying to take Superman and Batman down, some wanting the billion dollars, some working for Luthor’s government. There’s not much more to it, it’s a simple movie, fast forward with a lot of action, great animation and featuring the talents of the classic voices of the DC Animated Universe… that makes it worth watching alone. Superman and Batman interacting is great, you can really tell they’re close friends and trust each other with their lives. People may complain about the muscled-up look most of the characters have in the movie, but it didn’t really bothered me, after all, if you are a superhero, you have to be in the best shape possible! What could have made this movie better, and it’s just a detail, but Luthor declares a public enemy to Superman alone, and Batman just tags along with him, so it takes the importance of the movie a little more towards Superman. I would have liked it more if Batman had been also thrown in as an accomplice or something like that, so they are all after him as much as they are after Superman. So basically, it’s a great, fun movie that doesn’t really do anything wrong, but doesn’t impress either. 7.5 out of 10.


Very similar in spirit to Public Enemies, it has a simple plot: Vandal Savage provides villains of the Justice League with contingency plans made by Batman to kill the other members of the heroes. It would have worked much better as a twist if this hadn’t been revealed early on in the film description! That kinda ruined the moment, because it’s a great scene in the film, when Batman starts realizing that someone had used his contingency plans, so he rushes to help everybody. While I’ve already stated my dislike of Cyborg, he wasn’t bad in this film actually, he didn’t replace anybody, he was just the new guy helping out with cool tech, so I liked his character here, but you could tell, they were trying to slowly squeeze him into the Justice League movies as he apparently is getting very popular in the comics, like in the New 52… I could think of any other reason why replace great characters with Cyborg and Shazam into the league. But I won’t get into that again. The great voices return (Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, etc), so that alone makes it worth watching. Vandal Savage is a very interesting villain, so immortal as he is, it was obvious that the way he was going to loose would be kind  of a cheat, that’s the only bad thing about the movie. A very fun, action packed movie, with great voice actors. 7,5 out of 10.


An adaptation of one of Batman’s most famous stories, being as great as it is by itself, kinda disappointed me. Still, it’s good enough to earn the #7 spot. Being one of the few (or maybe the only one) stories that I had actually read a bunch of times before the release of the movie, I was really excited. So when the movie is an extremely faithful adaptation, following the story page by page, dialogue by dialogue, and the comic you’re adapting, it’s one of the most acclaimed comics of all time, how can you go wrong? Well, for me, it lacked a little bit of soul, of heart. It felt sometimes like if they were doing it in automatic mode. Mainly this could be due to Ben McKenzie’s dull performance of Batman, in what was probably my least favorite Batman voice. He felt bored, dull, not interested at all. It didn’t feel like it was really Batman. Curiously enough, he’s going to play James Gordon in the upcoming series Gotham. Talking about Gordon, he steals the show here. Bryan Cranston pulls a great, very human Gordon and makes the story focus on him. While I loved the comic, when I was reading it and imagining it as a movie (I do that with every comic I read) I thought that it might not work very well as a movie. Because it doesn’t feel like one movie, but more like events that go through the year… and that’s kinda what it is supposed to be, so it’s just a weird feel that the film gives. I also think the climax scene was very anti-Batman, he isn’t even in his suit, it’s clear daylight… that was one of my main thoughts while reading the comic and thinking about an animated movie. Still, it is an awesome story, with great action, awesome scenes, moments, character designs and animation, and it’s as good as a Year One adaptation could be. 8 out of 10.


I really liked this movie. While I think most people didn’t, I really enjoyed it. Most people hated Superman’s design, but well, I didn’t love it, but I didn’t have a problem with it either, I just loved the simple animation look this movie has. But most importantly, what makes this movie so good is the moral debate that is featured. Should criminals be killed or not? By the time I watched this movie, the same topic was in the air were I lived, since most people grew tired of not feeling safe and whenever they’d catch a robber, they’d beat him up, going to such extremes that in 1 case, the robber died. So it’s a topic very present in the actual world, and it was very well represented through the film. While the villains weren’t that interesting, and the dragon-lady sexual innuendoes were a bit annoying, they served their purpose, to give the people a definitive answer to crime. And that is so interesting! The villain here is not trying to kill everyone or conquer the universe, he’s putting an end to crime. How about that! Sadly, they had to turn The Elite into a lame villain because they were actually proving a point, so they became evil because Superman punched Manchester Black. It was kind of a bad escape to have an evil villain and a good Superman, but it ended up helping to make a great scene with an ‘evil’ Superman. Great film. 8.5 out of 10.


This is a very underrated movie. I didn’t have much knowledge about the Green Lantern Corps, except for the most famous characters (Kilowog, etc) so maybe that helped the fact that I loved learning about characters that were new for me, and the stories itself are all of them very good, some better than others. The ones I liked the most were 'The first lantern’, 'Kilowog’ and specially 'Mogo Doesn’t Socialize’. Since I had never heard of Mogo, I was just as desperate as Bolphunga to find out where the heck was Mogo hiding, and the twist just blew my mind! I loved it, specially because it had a very different feel to the other segments, the backgrounds of the Mogo planet seemed different, and it reminded me of the movie 'Heavy Metal’. The Abin Sur segment was great too, dealing with prophecies and destiny, and the 'Laira’ segment was probably the one I didn’t really cared for, but it wasn’t bad either. The final battle with Krona was just a simple action scene to end the movie and give the film a sense of unity, but it’s nothing special as the segments are what shine here. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and it remains one of my favorites. 8.5 out of 10.


While I think this is an excellent movie, I think it is a little overrated. It’s by all means a Batman movie, Gotham City looks spectacular, the characters and locations chosen for the movie are perfect, voice actors, animation, character designs, it all works. Black Mask was a personal favorite character of mine, he is great in the movie, and is the perfect example of a good use of the PG 13 rating, it doesn’t feel forced just because he can curse he curses, no, it feels natural to his character, that’s the mistake some movies on this line are doing, they do stuff just because they have PG-13 rating (Harley and Deadshot sex scene? What purpose was that for? How did that improved the film?) instead of doing stuff that is natural to the characters and the story and that is PG-13 material, this movie and The New Frontier are good examples of this. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. The voice actors were overall great, Bruce Greenwood does an excellent Batman that feels natural and right from the start. He was so good that they called him to play Batman on Young Justice. While John DiMaggio did a good Joker, I can’t help to feel like it’s Bender talking, so I didn’t like it that much. The other thing I didn’t like was how all the movie was played out like a mystery movie of finding out who is under the red hood, when it’s made pretty much obvious since the opening scene and all other references made during the movie. They didn’t even tried to distract us with something else, like they did with Andrea’s father in Mask Of The Phantasm and Jordan Pryce in Return of The Joker. So if it was obvious from the beggining, I’m not sure I would have played this one as a mystery, because, while Bruce gets the shock of his life when Jason’s and Red Hood’s blood samples match, I doubt anyone else felt that way watching the movie. I also didn’t like the ending, it left me hanging there thinking, 'so what happened?’. Still, it’s a classic Batman movie, it’s all a Batman movie should be. 9 out of 10.


This was as close as we ever got to see the DC Animated Universe return. It was originally going to be a return to it, filling the gaps between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and it was going to be called 'Justice League: Worlds Collide’. Ultimately, that idea was turned down, yet the movie saw the light in a way that removed any links to the original series, for example, having Hal Jordan as Green Lantern instead of John Stewart. Still, if you use your imagination, it does work as a tie in to JLU, having the original members accepting to add new members, the invisible jet, etc. Alternate universes and stories are always fun, and this movie was no exception. Featuring a rouge Justice League called the Crime Syndicate and a heroic Lex Luthor, that world and ours collide for a very interesting movie. The amount of cameos is so high that you have to pause the movie if you want to catch them all, but the best ones are probably Harley Quinn re imagined as The Jester’s monkey pet, and Deathstroke as the president of the United States. While mid-way through the movie it has been just a fun adventure with not really any superb moments, there comes James Woods and his chilling performance as Owlman. He completly steals the show by tricking the Crime Syndicate into doing his own agenda, which is a very dark one: destroy all existence. The logic behind this action is actually very interesting, with the logic that in every decision, 2 universes are created for each one of them, so by destroying the original Earth (parallel Earths are created from this one), all reality will follow. The climatic Batman vs Owlman fight is amazing, a little dark maybe that because of Batman, 2 people died, that was very dark! It’s an excellent movie and one of DC’s very finest. 9.5 out of 10.


Well, this one was as dark as it can get. Probably an attempt to make a solo Flash movie, DC seems to be overly cautious when dealing characters that are not Batman or Superman. So they label it as a Justice League film, but with a focus on one of the members. A similar thing will be done on the next movie to be released, 'Throne Of Atlantis’, which will focus on Aquaman. So this film again is about an alternate universe, but this one is even worse than the Crime Syndicate one. The world is about to be destroyed because of a war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans, Batman is now Thomas Wayne, and he’s much more violent than the Batman we all know. All this because Flash went back in time to save his mother from murder. Actually, we weren’t supposed to know that before watching the film. But again, the movie description included that detail, so we all knew that before watching the film, so it’s another twist ruined, because you watch the movie and Flash just assumes it was Zoom who changed all reality, and he finally realizes it’s his own fault for going back in time to save his mother, in what is supposed to be an epic reveal in the movie… we all knew it before even the film started. So, not the movie’s fault, but the people who gave it away’s fault. Besides that detail, this movie is epic, the twists on the characters are great, I specially liked the Superman twist, it was dark, scary and emotional. Batman was really badass and his relationship with Barry was great. Again, the amount of cameos is huge and you have to keep an eye for them: Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Abin Sur, Aqualad, Black Manta, Captain Atom, Etrigan, and the list goes on and on. Cyborg was handled well for the movie and I think he was a nice addition to the movie, it worked here. Pretty much an epic movie with epic characters and moments, very dark, very violent but not for the sake of it, it just had to be that way, and it works perfectly. 9,5 out of 10.


I don’t think it’s a surprise that this one’s #1. Adapting the famous comic book, this one has an edge over the rest of them that makes the story more epic: It’s done in 2 parts, so you get a 150 minute movie instead of a 75 minute movie. This worked extremely well, because it was not rushed, they took every moment of the comic and  adapted it 'nice and easy’ I’d say, without having to worry that much about running time. If the movie would be just one 75 minute movie, it would probably suffer a lot of cuts, the Two-Face subplot would be cut, probably Batman would have fought the mutant leader just once…. it wouldn’t have worked. Luckily, I can’t praise high enough the decision to make this a 2 part movie. Part 1 takes it’s time to reintroduce Batman, his first fight against the mutant leader and in the climax, the final fight and win, with an awesome cliffhanger teasing the Joker. Part 2 couldn’t come any sooner. Part 2 was even better, because of course, it’s the climatic end to an actual single story, so it’s only natural Part 2 would be more intense. One of the best scenes in animation takes place in the Batman Vs Joker ultimate fight. In one of the darkest moments, and with a lot of suspense, The Joker murders countless people and it’s one of the most chilling moments of the movie, with Batman being so pissed that he attemps to kill him. With now Gordon retired, Ellen Yindel is the Commissioner and she doesn’t accept Batman’s ways. So we have another element that it’s now almost a classic on Batman movies: Batman being chased by the police. One of the best moments is when Yindel yells at Batman 'Stop, you son of a b–’ and he just throws a punch at her, not really trying to actually hurt her, but in a 'I’m sick of you, stop bothering me’ kind of way. Peter Weller is an excellent old time Batman, I loved his performance, this movie was 100% accurate with castings and everyone did a stellar job. David Selby was a perfect Gordon, Ariel Winter did a fantastic take on Carrie Kelly/Robin, Michael Emerson maybe sounded a little weird for me at first as The Joker, but you’re into Part 2 five minutes and it just blows you away how chilling his performance is. I also specially loved Michael Jackson as Alfred, one of the best since Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Mark Valley also did a great job as Superman. Superman. The climax of the movie is one of the most famous comic book moments of all time, Batman Vs. Superman. In an epic battle that divides fans all around the world, Batman had all the help he could get in order to fight Superman, which he could beat once and for all in another epic moment. Watching this movie (or reading the comic , of course) one realizes how much this influenced The Dark Knight Rises, and for the best. I think I don’t need to list any more reasons why this movie is excellent and is up there with Mask of The Phantasm and Return of The Joker in the top batman animated movies. Just go and watch it, if you haven’t, you’re missing out on something huge. 10 out of 10.

So that’s all! You can also watch again the videos I made with the best Batman: The Animated Series episodes, HERE (part 1) HERE (part 2) and HERE (part 3)


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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: Not bad

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 29/30

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 19/?

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Prince of Stride - Game Impressions/Info

Prince of Stride is getting an anime in 2016 by Madhouse! This could not make me any happier since the game was so fun and engaging for me, I’m excited to see how the anime turns out! To clarify, here’s the PoS history as to how the series started:

Light Novels + Mini 4koma webcomic manga (2012-Ongoing) > Drama CD (2013) > O T O M E  Game (2015) > More drama CDs (2015) > Anime (2016)

With that in mind, I’m sure that the fandom will only grow so I decided to finish up my PoS review of the game I promised/finished like… over a month ago. I hope this review/impressions post helps to answer some questions people have about the PoS world. However, please keep in mind that my knowledge of Prince of Stride is solely based on the game and tidbits from the official website. As such, some things that I may have considered to be spoilers are not actually. In that case, please don’t hesitate to hit up my ask box if you want more details about the characters. And with that:

On your mark,

Get set,

Stride GO!

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Love is most often thought of as an emotion,
But don’t belittle it by thinking that.
It’s a choice and an action-
This is how you love yourself;

Don’t ever work more than 40 hours a week if possible,
Even that many hours a week within such a short lifetime is too much.
Cut costs wherever you can and learn to live with less.
Not overworking yourself is a beautiful way to love yourself.

If you don’t feel like a knockout in it, don’t buy it.
Save your money for something you’ll love putting on.
Confidence is the only accessory you need to pull any outfit off.
Prioritizing comfort is a key to loving yourself.

Enjoy the free food and coffee they give you in college.
You’re probably broke and working your ass of,
Savor it all and stop counting carbs.
This time in your life is only temporary.
Cut yourself a break, this is how you love yourself.

Take a yoga class or swim some laps,
Buy a kickboxing DVD,
Learn the basics of tennis,
Teach yourself how to dance—
Do any form of physical activity that is actually fun.
Get to know your body
Focus on getting stronger and more flexible,
Not skinnier or more attractive—
This is how you love yourself my dear.

Drink herbal teas and lemon water until it runs through your blood.
Don’t get addicted to coffee or soda,
Have it occasionally and enjoy the hell out of it.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, and prioritize sleep.
Try to never get less than seven hours.
They say 8.5 hours is the perfect amount.
You may think you’re living just find sleep deprived—
But get enough sleep every night for a week,
And tell me your quality of life isn’t significantly better.
Nap when you need it and don’t feel guilty about it.
This is how you love yourself.

When someone wants to buy you dinner,
Order whatever you want.
Don’t stress about picking something cheap,
Or being healthy.
Pick something delicious and enjoy it.
They’re trying to love you, don’t feel guilty.

Stress is so much more unhealthy than you’ll ever understand.
Force yourself to stop thinking.
Take a long walk.
Soak in a bubble bath.
Turn your phone off for a day.
Call in sick when you get sick of work.
Drink red wine and chase it with dark chocolate.
Let the antioxidants work their magic,
Remember why you love yourself.

Do everything possible to stay out of debt.
Once you’re in the cycle,
Every paycheck belongs to someone else.
Don’t buy anything with borrowed money unless it’s an emergency.

Talk to God.
We were created to know him.
It’s not as complicated as we all make it out to be.
Just hang out and talk like old friends.
Your relationship with him doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s
There’s a hole inside of you that only he can fill. 

Learn what it means to be healthy.
Don’t go on random diets or impulsively join a gym.
Read and watch documentaries.
Try cutting out certain foods and pay attention to how you feel.
Find a personal reason to care for your body.
Treat it like it is the love of your life.

Find a hobby.
Don’t worry about if you’re good at it.
Read, paint, pick up a camera.
Sew something, draw something, or find a sport. 

There are so many ways to love yourself.
Don’t waste another minute on self-hatred.

—  How I Fell In Love, April Dawn