i thought aaron was going to explode

everything is lost

GENRE:    angst, make-up
WORDS:    1512
SUMMARY:  robert confronts aaron over his comments

i thought this was ooc for ever but oh WELL (thanks for your help, @beautifulhigh​!

Robert’s angry.

Their bedroom is a mess, clothes strewn about the floor, the bed covers half hanging off. It should be comforting, usually makes Robert feel the press of love behind his breastbone. Now it just infuriates him. He wants to break something, cause some damage, and clenches his hands into fists. He can’t do it, can’t give in to his rage, not when he’s trying so hard to be better.

For what, he thinks nastily, sitting on the edge of the bed. It’s Aaron’s side, his wet towel sitting in a puddle on the floor. Robert grits his teeth, hates it anyway, but now - now he just wants to tear it to shreds.

There’s footsteps on the stairs and the hair on the back of Robert’s neck stands on end. Aaron, then.

Dropping his head into his hands, Robert tries to keep his anger in check. He doesn’t want to lash out, not now, not when he’s supposed to be strong.

“Wondered where you’d got to.” Aaron says it lightly, like everything’s fine.

“Wanted to be on my own.”

Aaron doesn’t get the hint, comes into the bedroom and shuts the door behind him. “Think Liv’s feeling better.”

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okay semi-rational thoughts about tonight that will probably turn into a rant ramble because I have only just watched the ep and have not had time to digest yet

Things I loved about this episode

Character development for the win:

Can you believe that Robert Sugden, the man who lies for a living told the truth out of nothing more than guilt. He wasn’t pressured, forced, coerced. He did it because he couldn’t lie anymore.

Aaron acknowledging that he thought about self harm and did something about it by going to his councillor rather than harming himself. 

Aaron actually stopping Robert from walking away and getting him to talk about the situation rather than exploding. 

Robert acknowledging that he was wrong, not trying to blame it on anyone else but himself.

Robert making it very clear that the incident had nothing to do with him being bisexual, his defence of that part of him made me so happy. 

Aaron acknowledging that he’d hurt Robert whilst he was inside, and that they had both hurt each other, so they’re both partly to blame.

Robert looking so small and vulnerable as he nuzzled into Aaron, clinging on for dear life

Robert jamming that ring on Aaron’s finger like he couldn’t stand to see him without it for another second.

On a purely shallow note, the fact that Ryan Hawley has to stoop slightly to grab the door handle to the Mill because it’s so low down (bless)

Things I didn’t like so much:

The fact that Aaron said that Robert could have stopped it with Rebecca at anytime, even though he was drunk. I’m not going to go about the consent issue but he passed out, he doesn’t remember finishing or her leaving, so yeah that made me uncomfortable. 

The fact that Aaron said that they were never really married, that hurt. Yeah they’re not legally married but it still meant the same thing and to have him dismiss it like that. I know he was hurt and angry but yeah…

Rebecca, when Chrissie asked about the morning after pill and her response was “I wanted to forget about it” well surely you make sure that you can forget about it by making sure there’s going to be no baby as a result of your stupid one night

So on the whole I liked a lot more about this episode then I didn’t like, I’m just holding out for the fall out tomorrow. 


- The teachers came into the classroom Aaron Hancey, Columbine student, was hiding in, asking if anybody knew first aid. -

Aaron: “I told them I did, and then we made a mad dash across the hallway. Bombs were still exploding, guns were still being fired; they (the shooters) could come around the corner any time. And then we went to the back doors into the core science room where I found Dave Sanders.

When I first got to Dave, he’s conscious, just fully aware of what’s going on. So when we got to him, he was on his stomach. I thought he had been shot with a shotgun or something, in the chest at close range or something like that. When I looked over the situation - yeah he’d been shot and that’s no small cookie, but he’s conscious and he’s very aware of his surroundings. I thought we were gonna be able to take him out and that he could get fixed and get operated on if it needs to be, and recovered.”

-Aaron Hancey is now struggling to keep Dave Sanders conscious. With the help of a teacher and another student, as well as his father who is phoning in first aid advice from home, Aaron uses family pictures from Dave Sanders wallet to keep him talking.-

Aaron: “I think it really did help him with the pictures because we could get away from "how are you feeling? where does it hurt?”. Just get away from the pessimistic side of things and try to be optimistic and to see the things he did love.

I found out the next morning that Dave had died. It came as a big chock because I thought we could take him out and he could go get operated on and start the recovery process. It broke my heart to think that he did die. Because I tried my best.“

The Biggest Stud (is Charlie Bradbury)

Prompt 16 of 642: Describe your most recent kiss.

“It’s because you ain’t got game like me, Winchester,” Charlie brazenly declared in a lounge full of their dorm mates.

Several people snickered or let out low “Ohhhs” as they acknowledged the burn.

Dean shook his head and settled back into the loveseat he’d called seat check on before he’d popped into his room to get a soda from his mini fridge.

“You wish, Bradbury.  I know for a fact you haven’t hooked up with anyone since the Skiffy Club meeting three weeks ago.”

“Can we start the movie already?” Jo complained.  “Who cares who’s the bigger stud?”

A chorus of “I dos” and “We dos” filled the room.  Jo rolled her eyes and shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

“So what if it’s been three weeks?” Charlie shot back.  “It’s been six for you.”

“It has so not been six.”

“Less than three?”


Their friends made snorting and knowing sounds, clearly dismissing Dean’s claim that he saw a ton more action than Charlie.

“Wait, wait—sex isn’t everything,” Dean said.  “I got to third base last week.”

“I got to second base three days ago.”

“I got to first base yesterday.”

“I got kissed two hours ago.”

“I got kissed two minutes ago.”

Dean and Charlie made faces at each other, and Dean didn’t realize that everyone had gone still right away.  He noticed when the palpable feeling in the air interrupted his triumphant gloating over Charlie.  He looked around at the group of nearly fifteen people crammed onto the beat up furniture of their dorm lounge.

“What?” he asked.

“Two minutes ago you were in your room,” Benny said.


“Is there someone in your room other than your roommate?” Aaron asked.

Dean opened his mouth to speak, but then stopped.  Oh, crap.  Everyone exploded into laughter, gasping shouts, and weirdly deep voiced, “Oh, damns!”

Dean covered his eyes with a hand.

“Hey, guys,” Dean’s roommate said as he came into the room.  “What’s all the commotion about?”  Cas sat down on the loveseat next to Dean.  “I thought we were watching Blade Runner.”

Everyone looked at them, biting their lips and trying to contain themselves.  Three seconds later they failed and burst out laughing and screeching again.  Cas looked at Dean with confusion.

“What is going on?”

Dean shrugged a shoulder.  “I…may have…let it slip…about…us.”

“Us?”  Cas tilted his head and Dean wanted to kiss him again right then.  “Oh.  Us.  Well, I guess that means I can do this.”

Cas picked up Dean’s arm and draped it around his shoulders.  Then he snuggled against his side.

“Alright.  I’m ready for the movie.  Who has the remote?”

Everyone was staring at them.  Victor raised the hand that held the remote.  Cas nodded toward the TV with his eyebrows raised expectantly.  Victor pushed play and the movie started.  Everyone more or less turned toward the TV as someone hit the lights, plunging them into a darkness broken only by the light from the screen.

Dean watched the opening credits, giddy and thrilled that he could finally show affection—possession—of Castiel in public.  He glanced over at Charlie.  She grinned at him.  And then pulled Dorothy over suddenly.  Charlie kissed her despite the squawk of surprise her girlfriend let out.

“There,” Charlie said.  “Two seconds ago!”

“Oh, come on!”

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Yes hello. you all know of angel!aaron but consider angel!alex who has to deal with demon!aaron. The demon who no matter what always seems to come out on top and is willing to wait for anything

Y E S I was talking about this with @burrfucker yesterday and we were bouncing ideas back and forth.

But just think about it

Guardian Angel!Alex trying so hard to keep his human on the right path. He shows up to watch over them like every day, trying to nudge them in the right direction. And he knows that every human is assigned an angel and a demon, but strangely, he has never seen his human’s demon. He puts it to good luck, thinking that maybe the demon is just lazy. So Alex just keeps doing what he’s doing, checking in with his human every day over the years.

And say his human is like 70 years old now, and Alex is just thinking to himself, nice! I’ve had them on the right path their whole life, their soul is safe. But then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, bam! Demon!Burr shows up and does something to mess up all of Alex’s hard work. He gets the human to slip up in a big way, damning their soul to hell. 

And Alex would be so pissed, he would go up to Aaron and just be like, wtf? You don’t show up at all their whole life but you still manage to screw it up? And Aaron would just shrug and say, I don’t need to be around them at every moment, I just had to wait for the right time to step in. 

But of course Alex doesn’t understand that. Waiting? He can’t just sit up in the sky and //wait// to step in, his human needs him! but Aaron tells him to give it a try, they’ve been alive for thousands of years, they have all the time in the world. So Alex does try, he doesn’t step in every day, just kind of watches from a distance, not even stepping in when his human makes a bad choice, thinking that he’ll save them at the right moment.

Alex thinks things are going well, but one day he’s just sitting in the sky, not even paying attention, when he //feels// it, his human’s soul being damned. So he swoops down to earth to see Aaron there, and he explodes. He thought Aaron was all about waiting, but Aaron just smirks at him and says, I said it’s important to wait for the //right time//. Today was the right time for me. You shouldn’t take everything I say so literally, although you did make this a really easy win for me by not even trying.

Basically Aaron is the best demon because he is so patient and calculating, whereas Alex is too hurried and doesn’t like to plan ahead, and it doesn’t take long for them to get into a huge competition over trying to get their human’s soul.