i thought a summer would be enough time from one my friends

Perfect Match (SanSan One-Shot)

Sorry if I stayed away from tumblr for the last couple of days but I wanted to finish this one-shot for my friend @thinkingonaname. It took me more time than I thought (sorry again) but it’s longer than expected… 

So… @thinkingonaname gave me this list of words to inspire me: Sixties, yellow, hot summer’s day afternoon, vacation, slight breeze.

This fic is light-hearted and I’ll define it as a summer read. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Rating: T

Wordcount: 1946

Pairing: Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane.

1960′s AU.

Her reflexion in the mirror of the dressing table was satisfying enough. Sansa smiled at the teenage girl whose bouffant half updo caught the light whenever she turned her head; her lungs might be filled with hairspray by now but Joffrey’s mouth would dangle open when he’d see her. Happy with herself, she almost slapped her knees and got on her feet.

The outfit she had chosen was nice too - her little sister Arya would have said it was ‘boss’. Swiveling on the heels of her go-go boots to face the full-length mirror, she smoothed the skirt of her sleeveless minidress. After seeing some model wearing a mustard minidress with a white collar in a magazine, she had become obsessed with it and she had sewn a similar dress for herself. Surprisingly enough, mustard yellow suited her skin tone. Its bold color would draw people’s attention - even if Joffrey’s interest was the only one she was seeking.

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