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also, to the anon that said i’m passionate about remembering 9/11: i just want to make it clear that the tshirt i just released with the Twin Towers design is specifically NOT about 9/11. i thought the caption, The Way It Was, made it very clear that the design is a reference to the pre-9/11 world. its about THE WAY IT WAS and how those buildings helped define New York culture for so long. they were a globally recognized symbol of what New York represented. thats what the design is reflecting on. not the one day related to those buildings that really fucking sucked.

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thx for posting that article about the CDC. i thought there were about 11,000 gun deaths in the US each year. it reports 34,000 in 2013. as horrific as these numbers are, were there really 3x as many in 2013?

11k is homicides. 34k is total gun deaths, including suicides and accidents.

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Do you really believe in the "Internalize Misogyny" crap?, nobody has Internalize something, that pure naysay

I believe that you can have internalized hate, yes. For instance, when I was 10/11 I thought it was really cool of me to say things like “You throw like a girl!”. I thought that by me trashing my gender, I was getting brownie points from others. Like, “Look how cool she is! She admits girls can’t throw!”

But in reality I was just participating in self deprecating behavior. I really did believe that girls couldn’t throw. The notion that girls can’t throw is a misogynistic one, and because it was coming from me, a girl, it’s internalized. Not only was I being misogynistic to other girls, but also to myself. 

That’s the definition of hate/prejudice being internalized. When you hate/are prejudiced against the group you’re included in. 

You may not even notice you’re doing it. In fact, most people with internalized hate don’t know they have internalized hate. The thing is, many people think that because they’re part of the group they’re trashing, it’s okay. But it’s not. It just means you’re trashing everyone including yourself, which is actually worse. Often times it’s a learned behavior. I heard boys saying girl’s can’t throw, so I repeated it to gain approval. I don’t know when I stopped doing that, but I’m happy I did. 

THis is why I thought Red was 11. Im not sure if I missed something? I have a few of the manga books but Its been a while since Ive read anything,  but wouldnt that make it 1985 when he was born? I got somehow 30 because I suck at math

I see. Is this an original artbook/game-guide or is it (again wrong) translated into english?