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I noticed something with the cast of Yuri!!! On Ice. 

Literally, everyone is fucking likable. 

Chris? He was initially thought of to be some sort of sexual harassing pervert but then Episode 10 came along and he’s suddenly seen as a very friendly, shipper-on-deck for Victor and Yuuri and is Victor’s only friend, if their interactions are anything to go by. 

Isabella Yang (JJ’s fiancee) was initially liked for her good looks but then hated straight after after her derisive behaviour towards Yurio and his fangirls but then immediately redeemed herself when it was shown how much she loved JJ, cheering for him even while the audience was shocked by his lacklustre performance and enticed the Canadian crowd to do the same, which they did so almost immediately after getting over the initial shock. 

JJ? He was seen as some arrogant hotshot who needed to put a sock in it but then, come episode 11 and he’s actually fucking human with faults and all and it’s clear that for all the arrogance that he exudes, he loves his homeland, his family and his now-fiancee and is willing to swallow his pride and take his loss in stride. 

I never thought I’d ever come across a series where I literally come out of it not hating at least one of the characters. 

Bless Yuri!!! On Ice. I’ll be so sad when this is over. :(

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)

so. lets talk about lotor.

the fandom as a whole has a lot of mixed feelings about him, but as of now, we know nothing about what the writers plan to do with him in this series. with vld bringing a heavy focus on the paladins and team as characters, as well as season 2 having already begun to flesh out the greyer sides of the villains, it leaves room for lotor to become an incredibly multidimensional–yet hopefully irredeemable–character. and the basis is already there.

i want to see lotor as a stark contrast from zarkon.

zarkon spent the entirety of season 2 running straight to voltron with the big guns. his connection with the black lion is enough to override control of voltron, and he knows that and uses it to his advantage. he repeatedly ignores haggar’s warnings, something we never saw throughout the first season, in order to get his hands on the lions. he was the original black paladin, and with voltron in his grasp, he knows he will be unstoppable.

but lotor isn’t like that.

he wasn’t a paladin of voltron. he is not connected to the lions the way zarkon is. he cannot be fueled with druid magic in order to continue zarkon’s quest for the lions because there is no connection to enhance. no, lotor isn’t going to head straight for voltron central, guns blazing.

instead, i want to see lotor take the position of an antagonist similar to the archetype of grand admiral thrawn from swr. i want to see him approach his objective with caution and calculation. i want to see him learn about the paladins as the we do, for him to learn about the cracks in their defenses as the audience watches them build it up stronger. where zarkon charges in headfirst in order to swipe voltron off its feet upright, i want to see lotor run the show behind the scenes.

what’s more, i want to see him butt heads with haggar.

haggar, who stood at zarkon’s right side, and has earned his trust for reasons still yet unknown to us. who fueled zarkon’s search for the lions and supplied the quintessence which has kept him living for as long as he has. with lotor in the picture now, she will most likely be pushed to the side. he doesn’t need her druids to fuel a connection to the black lion because no such connection exists. he doesnt need her to create robeasts to send after the paladins because he doesn’t plan to destroy them head on, unlike zarkon. sooner or later, they’re going to reach a boiling point. 

which leads me to a final important point: i dont want lotor to take the paladins head on by any means, at least not for a long while after he’s begun to understand them and how they function both as a unit and as individuals (which we, as the audience, will hopefully be learning as well through the backstory & character development that season 2 lacked). no, lotor would try to hit them somewhere else, hit them where it really hurts, and make them come to him. i don’t think it’d be too far of a stretch to say that he’d try to make a move on earth.

i don’t think lotor deserves to be a redeemable villain by any means. there’s no aspect of his character that i want to see as “relatable” or “redeemable.” he does not deserve to be the zuko of vld, or turned into a kylo ren by the fandom. 

but i’ll be mad as hell if they don’t make him out to be a goddamn villain

I have developed a habit where when a character in a book dies I just assume they’ll miraculously come back to life later before the end of the book.
Sometimes it happens. Most of the time it has not happened.

Thoughts about Episode 12 and the GPF

So I’ve been thinking. I think I would like to see Yurio win the gold medal, and not Yuuri.

Hear me out.When we watch Yurio skate, I think it’s not just Yurio we’re seeing  it’s Victor. And I think Victor sees that parallel, too, it’s why he was watching with a smile on his face. (It’s why he was watching all of them, especially Chrise, because he’s remembering everything he did that brought him to Yuuri.)

And when Victor was 15, all that was important to him was skating. (We know this, he says as much in Episode 10, that he ignored the other parts of his life during that time.) 

Yurio is desperate to win the gold. It’s all he wants. It’s everything he wants. And yes, he’s learned a lot about agape and the love others have for him (and perhaps the love he has in return), but that’s only spurred him on in skating.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Any super talented 15-year-old will probably be the same.

Now let’s look at Yuuri, because I think we can agree, Yuuri’s in a much better place. He’s got his skating career revival, plus he’s got the support structure he’s always had and appreciated. And now, he has Victor, and I’m totally with the headcanon that when Yuuri says “let’s end this”, he’s not talking about their personal relationship, but their professional one. No matter what happens in the FS, Yuuri and Victor will end up together. This is just the way of rom com, it’s kind of a given, even if we’re all on the edge of our seats at the moment. 

We also know that Yuuri and Victor have been nothing but supportive of Yurio, from Day One. (Yuri has two dads, after all.) They root for him, they cheer for him, they’re happy when he does well.

So let’s envision this: Yuuri wins the gold, Yurio does not, Yurio harbors resentment and anger and Yuuri retires and lives happily ever after with Victor and everything ends with a nice, neat little bow.

But envision this, too: Yuuri skates a beautiful, perfect program, and there’s no doubt he shows his love for Victor to the world. Yuuri proves that he can fight his demons, come back from behind, and still succeed. 

Yuri gets a higher score. Yurio wins gold. Yuuri wins silver.

What would Yuuri and Victor do?

They would cheer Yurio on. They would rejoice, they would burst with pride, they would be so happy for him. 

And Yurio, seeing that from his place on the top of the podium - knowing that he’s standing where Yuuri has tried so hard to be - and seeing that Yuuri is still happy for him, still supportive, still proud - that’s… that’s something.

That’s the agape that Yurio has been missing all along. It’s not until he has won that he sees it.

Isn’t that a much more satisfying conclusion? After all - who says the “Yuri” of the title is Yuuri? The story was never only about Yuuri. It was just as much Yurio’s journey, too.


“Good morning, Mr. Davenport!”

Theodore winces and reluctantly waves hello to his butler. “Morning,” he grunts. “Stanley, will you please clear my schedule for today? I’m afraid I’m not feeling very well, and I would really like some peace and quiet-”

“Run, run as fast as you can!” the shrill, exuberant screams of Theodore’s niece Hazel reverberate down the hallway, sending a surge of pain through the governor’s temples.

“You can’t catch me!” Lila Grace hollers in reply. “I’m the one and only BATMAN!”

“Girls! Girls!” Theodore feebly attempts to silence the rambunctious children, but they don’t even seem to notice him. “Girls, PLEASE!” he booms. “I have a horrible headache, and I really just need some-”

“Daddy!” Lila Grace squeals with delight as she runs over and wraps her bony arms around his waist. “Daddy, do you still love me?” she asks him in a muffled whisper.

“Why wouldn’t I still love you?” he frowns.

“Because Mrs. Kirby said that you wouldn’t love me anymore if I failed the reading test at school.”

Theodore sighs. He had hired Mrs. Kirby as Lila Grace’s nanny a couple of months ago, but he found the older woman to be rigid, harsh, and unfriendly. “Well, Mrs. Kirby had no business telling you that, pumpkin. In fact, I think she and I need to have another little chat.”

“Right now?!” Lila Grace smiles up at him hopefully.

“Yes,” he nods. “Right now.”

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