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so.. was this the first time cutter and rachel took Hera out of the box, or had they gone through the talk/get rejected/fiddle with code process already? whether or not it happened, I got chills when I realized it COULD have happened and Hera wouldn't know. damn you're good. :P

Well, that certainly would explain why Rachel sounded like she had absolutely no patience left during that conversation…

My husband bought me new earbuds because mine are “disgusting.” One day I didn’t notice they were hanging out of my purse and dragged them up Mass Ave for an unknown amount of time and scraped the hell out of them. They work fine and they don’t hurt or anything, but David was like, “No. Those are gross. You need new ones. Here.”

And I don’t think I can properly explain at this time of night and in a tumblr post how sweet this is. He noticed and remembered this tiny thing and fixed it because he doesn’t want me to have yucky earbuds. And he knows I wouldn’t have replaced them until they stopped working or if they started hurting my ears or something.

Do you ever just stop and think, “man, I wonder how this person I used to know is?”

i know a lot of us are disappointed by the sudden and rushed ending of bleach, myself included. however it was time for it to end, and things definitely could have been worse. for me, since i have no particular attachment to any of the “main” characters or ships, my biggest complaint is that so many of the amazing secondary characters didn’t get their proper closure or development of their storylines. still, it’s been a fun ride and i continue to appreciate a lot of the characters and storylines in bleach, the ending doesn’t change that. :>

my friend texted me like fuck julia i’m in japan seeing radiohead and she died fulfilling her biggest dream and also got a setlist but since i’m all No Spoilers until i see them myself/i don’t even want to see the stage setup she just sent me this cropped picture of thom yorke who doesn’t know

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I am 300 pages deep into your Kakashi tag and I have zero regrets

Hahaha Nice! omg, how many pages are there!… about 650, so that’s at least 6500 posts tagged Kakashi for me… and I’ve over 14600 posts total… so that’s like, 44% Kakashi…. I bring shaaaame to my url! hahaha

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cashier: so are you excited to go back to school?

me: yeah

cashier: that’s cool. when you’re my age and a university student it’ll be a different story haha

me, a university student: haha ya :)

i was thinking that for the sake of them being the top two modeling agencies in the world that they’d need more than like. ten models each, so i’m thinking the prettier finders and akuma would instead make up a TON of models, and then. yeah, talent scouts and general work for the finders, while the rest of the akuma do most of the work noah’s ark needs. ofc, they aren’t. mass murdering machines in this au. they’d just be the more disposable people working there

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help I just watched the Carraville reunion and now I'm dying because when Gary's going through all the Twitter questions (he handled them so well, it's absurd how proud of him I am) he's answering about taking the Valencia job and Carra's voice goes soft and he asks if Gary regrets leaving but the way he says it, it sounds like "do you regret leaving ME" rip me, dead by long-awaited reunion


There’s an 80k Thrawn/Car'das fic. 80k. Wow. I thought there might be a few fics, which is why I tried looking them up in the first place, but I expected them to all be fairly short. And most of them are. That is a huge amount of dedication for a pairing quite this rare, and I have to respect that a lot



 share 11 facts about yourself

 answer 11 questions provided by the tagger

 tag 11 awesome people and write 11 questions for them to answer

 Aw frickle, I did not expect this, I got tagged by @themysteriousballetanon, how they notice lil ol me what

facts about me:

1. I help run a LARP near me and write plots and NPC and make stuff for them and it’s very fun.

2. I’ve got a bad nerve in my left arm that can cause a lot of pain during shifts in weather and sometimes just for no reason at all.

3. I have a tattoo of a series of flying birds down my neck and onto the top of my shoulder.

4. When I was a very smol in California people would ask if I was from New York, even though I didn’t go there until I was 18.

5. I might accidentally be fictionkin with Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender? This is the first time it has happened so I’m not sure about it and it’s all very confusing, please help this smol adult child.

6. I’ve met and done improv with Colin Mochrie of Who’s Line Is It Anyways? fame. I was also hypnotized but you know.

7. I played drums for a punk cover band when I was in middle school.

8. I am the only eldest sibling in my immediate family.

9. Prince Bishi is actually the name of one of my burlesque personas.

10. I used to do cross country in high school and loved racing but hated training.

11. Swinging (like on a swing set) is one of the most beneficial activities for my anxiety.


1. Oh, god, Dmitri from Anastasia. Probably Anastasia too. Just fuck me up, man. Fuck me up.


3. Zorua, hands down, without a question.

4. Neither, I don’t drink pop. :P

5. Hm. I’m pretty good at throwing things away I think? But I also have so many stuffed animals and I will never give them away again no siree. Also a box of half-filled journals.

6. Oooooh, so of course there’s some great Voltron fanfic, but my favorite of all time that I still remember is a Percy Jackson fanfic from before the whole Romans thing that really incorporated other pantheons really well and it was soo good in my memory.


8. ehehehehehehehe, none?

9. Both. Plus a horse.

10. Fuck, fuck, what was it, I haven’t gone to a movie theatre in forever. I think it was Zootopia, when I saw for the second time with my gf.

11. Only one, he’s my family’s so he’s with my parents and his name is Gus and he’s a black shih tzu and he’s so fluffy BUT REFUSES TO CUDDLE


1. How many toes do you want to have?

2. What book character would you date?

3. Favorite theatrical moment with your friends?

4. What sea bird would you be?

5. What video game would you give the pope?

6. Atlantic or Pacific?

7. Bagel or sandwiches?

8. Snurch (snail church)  or snurch, or snake church?

9. Weirdest food ever eaten?

10. Weirdest way you’ve ever eaten food?

11. How would your greatest enemy describe you?

Uh, I don’t think I have 11 people I even know on here like that I’d be cool with tagging and I’m not just like watching from a far like a frickling creep so uh @whatisdoneisinprogress @whoviangoesthere @thaliaamongsthethorns @take-myrevolution @pinkhairedlesbianadventures @friendlinesspingpong fuck anyone else who wants to answer my fucking weird questions?

I need advice

How long are you planning to breastfeed for? I want to breastfeed but I see so many people breastfeeding till the child is two or a little older and I do not want to breastfeed for two years.. Is that bad? Should I do it that long? I thought 9-11 months.. But I always see longer these days. Help?

Tagged by @simmingwiththetide. Thank you Ruby darling! You always seem to think of little ol’ me when you do these things <3
These are a bit savage and I won’t be tagging anyone since I know majority of my dash has done this.

  • I HATE Cinnamon.
  • I love wearing jewelry, but I’m forever losing or accidentally dropping an earring or ring down my sink drain.
  • I speak more through facial expressions than actual words.
  • My first and last relationships were with a girl.
  • From age 6 to 11, I thought raw onions were delicious. I’d literally peel it and eat it just like that.
  • I haven’t seen or heard from my father in over 10 years. To me, he’s already dead.
  • I hate my forehead, so bangs have always been a good friend.
  • When I was younger, I felt it was nasty to eat a hot dog with ketchup AND mustard on it.
  • If I even get ONE pimple on my face, I don’t want to go out in public because I feel like that’s all people are going to see.
  • I’m definitely the type of person who’s extremely hard to get close to because while I might be nice (too nice, I admit), I’m hesitant to trust.

I love how I have to sit down and write these out beforehand because when people ask you about yourself, all of a sudden, you can’t think of ONE thing to say.

i think.   i have. like. trauma from middle school??? like. i was never bullied or anything i just. dude a lot of Stuff happened to me in terms of brain stuff?? like i started experiencing intense suicidal thoughts when i was 11 years old and my. brain was just not. capable of handling it or coping with it???? and i still sometimes get like. choked up and anxious when im talking about school and i have pretty frequent nightmares abt being enrolled in school again but im not. sure if its like. a thing i could/should consider trauma or if its just like. a Rough Time that i went through???????