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not sure what to call it but i’ve noticed some artists i follow creating charts of a bunch of their favorite character designs from various games, anime, and movies, pointing out trends they tend to like, and making one single character out of those combined attributes. it’s all about highlighting how we tend to draw inspiration from what we like to consume from pop culture and the results have been fascinating.

though i’m not a digital artist, it did get me thinking about the kind of characters i often find myself drawn to, no matter how I feel personally about the media it stems from. i realize they normally fall into one of a few categories

  • excessively cutesy girls with impractically “kawaii” clothing 
  • characters drawn as attractive but also have something slightly off-putting about them. this applies to both monster girls and the “yandere” archetype
  • traditionally feminine clothing and personality traits combined with brutish and boyish ones. aka-the “pretty tough”/girl gang aesthetic
  • elegant princess types with some less than ladylike hobbies or interests

i’m a big fan of the concept of character design and i’m just as prone at picking up on whatever traits i find myself drawn to over and over again. these picks are more in line with my personal aesthetic values so i might make another one some time later for the others i couldn’t squeeze in.

if you think you can make some type of super hybrid creation from this, be my guest. for those curious, the characters in order are:

  • haruka/senran kagura
  • hana “d.va” song/overwatch
  • mayu sakuma/idolmaster
  • koshōshō/samurai warriors
  • charlotte/fire emblem
  • lucky chloe/tekken
  • hotaru shidare/dagashi kashi
  • mitsuru kirijo/persona
  • hibari/senran kagura
  • athena asamiya/king of fighters
  • squigly/skullgirls
  • karin kanzuki/street fighter
  • elphelt valentine/guilty gear
  • alisa bosconovitch/tekken
  • hana/me!me!me!
  • lili rochefort/tekken

- i like cute girls, okay?♡

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RETURN OF PROMMY IN THE CHOCO PILE! <3 <3 <3 (aka, one of my favorite pieces of art ever)

HE WILL ALWAYS RETURN!! Just when you think he’s gone he will reappear to steal hearts!! ( and chocobo plushies)
I’m glad you like it that much though!! in the end it will always be ony of my best works ♥

x by 무구포
Permission to repost was granted by the artist.


patton being sweet and gentle while trying to call anxiety (even if it didn’t work c’:) (x)

okay but him complimenting and encouraging anxiety’s makeup is so cute!! he’s such a kind soul <3