i though this was cute


Food babies Suwoong and Daehyun 😆💕 they ate really well though . I feel like a proud mum watching two kids eating .

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Also can you imagine cyaron meetings? Chika is very enthusiastic about writing the songs, You just kinda laughs and goes along with everything, and Ruby is Suffering "chika we can't sing about dogs and food and the ocean at the same time pls" I actually never considered this ship before! It's cute though!!

Oh my god that’d be so adorable

Chika: Okay today I was thinking we could work on writing a love song!
You: Nice
Ruby: Cool! What about?
Chika: Mikan!
You: Nice
Ruby: Nooooo!!!! You can’t write a love song about food!
Chika: * blasts after school navigators *
You: Nice

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Bendy calling Mickey a cute pet name & making Mickey blush red

Wow these are messy.. Meh whatever. I drew them on my phone so i had to deal with no layers. XD Anyway, I decided to use my female  versions of Bendy and Mickey for this because why not

I sometimes draw Bendy without her eye shadow. Though.. She looks cute with it .

They’re cute girls. XD

me: Scott and Mitch are best friends and even though he would be cute together, I respect and treasure their close friendship for what it is and would never cross any boundaries by pushing a ship too hard
Scott and Mitch: lol let’s kiss in this video! lol we are practically married! Boyfriends! he is my everything! I am OBSESSED with him! *makes fan art of themselves and makes it kiss* look it’s us in real life!
me:…. OKAY?!

corn emoji rankings

i like the detail and shading and is a solid corn all together but it feels incomplete and i hate apple for 7/10

cute and small! i dont like the proportions of the leaves though but its just cute overall!! 9/10

no. it looks like some scarecrows dick with weird as fuck leaves and the kernels are too spread apart. the black outline gives off way too many bad vibes. -3/10

this corn looks delicious, as the texture and shading makes it look like a fresh buttered corn. however, while the leaf shapes hold true to original corn, it doesnt fit too well with this style. 6.5/10

this corn may set off some people but it brings me good nostalgic memories about preparing maize based meals with my abuleita. i do wish it was in a cuter style though. 8/10

i am very set off by this corn. it doesnt know where it wants to go? its cute, but it looks like its trying to be too simple. 5/10 for effort. 

i ? do not like this corn. like samsung, the corn itself looks nice and buttered (not as well done as samsung though). however, the style of the leaves do not match with the style of the corn itself? 6/10

i dont like this one, the kernels are too spread apart and the shading doesnt fit the style. everything is too bright. 2/10

this is such a cute corn! while it is a bit weird with the orange, it is in a very well pulled off style between cute but simple. 11/10

this corn very closely mirrors the last one, but i think in a cuter style. my only complaint is that i wish it was shorter! 12/10

this corn is a little bit too yellow and it kind of upsets me how you can just SEE the underside of the corn? be respectful, emoji one. 6.5/10

this one has a nice realistic style but it just gives me the wrong feeling….. is she comfortable in her leaf blanket? we may never know. 7/10

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It's just not fair it's not. There's been over 500 HQ's of Selena and Abel and she's the one who's travelled to be with him and the paps have followed them everywhere but Taylor couldn't do that with Tom??? Why??? No one is saying anything to Abel and Selena like Taylor and Tom got in tired of the Taylorism. Why isn't the media saying what they said about HS to Abel and Selena when they're doing way more than they did with all the candids and travels

Life is incredibly unfair. i have no other answer.

Selena and Abel are cute though and i hope the paps relax on them soon, those airport arrival pics looked brutal. 

Here’s a little something for @merrkkat who is always so nice and sweet!! <3