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Stop! Closing! Down! Good! Broadway! Shows!

Please give these shows a chance. Just because they aren’t as big as Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen doesn’t mean they aren’t as good.

Edit: Okay I’m getting a lot of mixed feedback about this so let me add more context to this bc this was meant as a personal post and this got a lot more notes than I expected

The most common reply I’ve gotten is around the lines of “producers close shows because they don’t bring in enough money”. Yes I understand that, that was kind of my point but I wasn’t clear on it. I used Hamilton and DEH as to compare because those shows do bring in more money. The reason shows like Bandstand or Great Comet close is because there are more people going over to Ham/DEH.

That leads to another reply “not everyone on this site have the option of going to watch Broadway shows” and yeah I get that I live on the other side of the country so I totally get that. This was more of a post just expressing my personal frustration.

If you for any reason want to ask for more clarifications or just want to discuss is, please feel free to message me. This might be really messy bc I’m currently typing this while walking around my school campus.

 sibling secrets


bonus daytime because I like to imagine Amanda yelling down Sarek because please would you let her damn babies play in her rose garden with their space ships already

so i remade just over a week ago (prev lovfx and tallgf) and i figured this is a bit overdue since i hadn’t done one on my last blog. i don’t interact w anyone much lately but i want yall to know i’m supporting each and every one of you !! you all make me so happy and make this …… time consuming hellsite a lot better

here’s a little legend: i was gonna do a thing for faves but i realized two things 1) i can’t choose faves bc i love too many and 2) yall probably don’t remember me and would think it’s weird. but anyway !! i love you all so much !!

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