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1/2 - It had started on the first day. They were both happy to come back to this routine they knew so well and had to take a photo together in honor of it. Neither wanted to talk about their personal lives much. Especially since she had started to date again. Instead they passed the time by taking pictures whenever they were bored. They would goof around, sometimes take photos or videos of each other unexpectedly. They laughed. They pretended it was a game. A game. Right. It was a game when

2/2 - she started to take videos of him when he was teaching her some dog tricks or when he was under good lighting. It was a game when he started taking photos of her with his favorite animal or of her smiling at his jokes even when she was tired. It was a game when they started to hide to snap a photo. It was a game when they started to search through their phone to look at photos they had taken on set whenever they were in a cab, on a plane or in bed at night. A good game. But for how long?


Oh that hurts so good! Thank you for this anon! 

Commissions CLOSED for undefined time

I’m closing commissions for undefined time. I just have one I’m doing  and I’m really glad. 

It’s hard for people to commission me, so I think it doesn’t make sense to have them open, I feel kinda dissapointed but I’m super happy for people who could support me on commission me, people who like my drawing and share all the time. anyway if someone is interested in sometime in the future, feel free to ask. Just I won’t tell if I have them open or no, I’ll always be willing to take commissions from someone who wants. (maybe not many).  Somehow I’ll figure out how to make some money. Thank you for your unconditional support.

I’ll be posting my last commission soon, thank you so much!

Florida vs. Irma

How Hurricane Irma looks to the rest of the country:

How Hurricane Irma looks to Floridians:

How the rest of the country thinks we should prepare:

How Floridians actually prepare:

What the rest of the country is demanding:

How Floridians feel about the evacuation:

What everyone else thinks will happen to those who stay:

What Floridians actually do during a hurricane:

Sirius: So, how’s the prettiest person in the world doing today?

Remus, not even looking up: I don’t know, Padfoot, how are you?

Sirius, voice cracking: I’m fine.

  • Hufflepuff: *dressed in a Santa hat, holiday sweater and tangled in Christmas lights* IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
  • Slytherin: ...
  • Slytherin: It's November 1rst...