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Hay! I love your blog! Can I request a scenario where Yamaguchi thinks the new and shy/quiet girl wants to ask him about Tsukki when really she just wants to talk to him because she really likes him? (Sorry for my bad englisch!)

Your english is fine no worries! - Admin Hope

Yamaguchi Tadashi x Fem!Reader

Yamaguchi saw you slowly walk past the room and peer inside. You were new and had just transferred to Karasuno. He sighed thinking that you were just another girl that wanted to talk to Kei. You walked away your cheeks blushing when you saw him glancing over at you.

You thought he was just adorable, with his freckles and one piece of hair that stuck up made him even more cute in your eyes. Yet you were far to scared to talk to him, not knowing his name and seeing that he didn’t look all that interested in you.

You were eating lunch in your classroom and scrolling through your phone looking at photos that other people had posted. “Hey.” You heard a voice say and you look up from your phone seeing that a very tall blonde boy loomed in front of your desk. 

“Can I help you?” You asked softly, slightly raising an eyebrow at him.

“My friend told me that you wanted to talk to me about something. What do you want to talk to me about? Are you trying to confess?” He asks and your eyes widened. 

“No I-I don’t even know who you are. I like a boy with freckles and like olive colored hair, I-I don’t know what his name is though.” You stuttered out putting your phone down and the boys eyes widened. A smirk takes over his face and he nods. 

“I’ll be right back.” The blonde boy spoke and walked out of your classroom. Your cheeks were dusted with pink as you took a sip from your lemonade can. Soon after the blonde boy was pushing through the door the boy who you have described and the other boy seemed to be panicking a bit. “Just go and tell her your name dumbass.” You heard the blond say before walking out of your room. 

“I-I’m Yamaguchi Tadashi! I thought you liked Tsukki but I was wrong and you like me! Which hasn’t happened before.” He exclaims bowing in front of you and you stand from your seat.

“You don’t need to bow!” You say trying to get him to stand up straight. He did and looked at you a small blush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his head. “I just thought you were really cute is all.” You say softly looking down at your feet.

“I know that now. I feel kind of dumb sending Tsukki over when you wanted to talk to me.” He says and you nod assuming that ‘Tsukki’ was the blonde boy. “So uh, sorry.” He mutters and you tilt you look up at him.

“No you don’t need to be, I should have just came up to talk to you in the first place. I’m (L/N) (Y/N) by the way.” You replied and he nodded. “Do, do you think I could have your number? I don’t know how busy you are normally but I would like to hang out sometime if that is okay.” You added getting your phone off of the desk and handing it to him.

Yamaguchi took it and began to put in his number. “I’m in the volleyball club so afterward if you want to walk home together we can.” He informed and you nodded.

“Yeah that’d be great.” You beamed, a huge smile spreading over your face and he couldn’t help but smile at you. 


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It's not about Kashy itself it's about some fans saying she can't say her own name properly. It has to do with hundreds of years of bad blood between the Irish and the English . Basically when it comes to such heavy ethnic conflicts even small things can trigger people so have fun but be careful and listen when people tell you that something is wrong

you do realise it’s an exaggeration and a joke, right? the same way you say “i hate you” @ your fave character and you obviously don’t actually hate them. most of us think her accent is cute as far as i know. and i’m so confused by your history argument like,,,, polish was banned under the german occupation for years, we weren’t allowed to use it, publishing polish literature or scientific articles was banned, polish schools were closed, as were polish theaters, etc, that doesn’t mean it’s now offensive and horrible to make a joke about a polish word or my terrible accent when i try to speak english lmao, everyone actually finds it pretty funny when foreigners “make fun” of it in a lighthearted way the same way a bunch of irish people did literally yesterday or two days ago on elly’s blog

Bookish This or That
  1. hardback or paperback 
  2. Borrow or buy 
  3. fantasy or sci-fi 
  4. love-triangle or love at first sight 
  5. Wall shelves or bookcases 
  6. Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters 
  7. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson 
  8. Booklr or Bookstagram 
  9. Contemporaries or Fantasy 
  10. English books or books in your native language 
  11. Buy in a bookshop or buy online 
  12. amazon or book depository 
  13. buy because of the cover or because of the description 
  14. Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated 
  15. different sized books or matching sizes 
  16. wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released 
  17. movie or tv adaptations 
  18. zombies or vampires 
  19. Reading indoors or outdoors 
  20. coffee or tea 
  21. bookmarks or random objects to mark your page 
  22. dog-earing or bookmarks 
  23. Be your favourite character or be their best friend 
  24. physical or e-book 
  25. Read in bed or on a chair 
  26. audiobook or ebook 
  27. series or stand-alones 
  28. Reading in the winter or reading in the summer 

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They did a collab!!! I’ve been watching Hip hop Tribe for a while now  and I’m so happy the she choose Jooheon as her producer!! They got 185 of 200 votes from the audience <3 
I think that she has a big chance o winning and I can’t contain my happines!!

Sorry for the bad english and I love your blog <3

Sorry for my bad english but I had to say it. Why are you hating on people who want Jieun to die because they don’t like her and saying the KS fandom is toxic ? I don’t want her to die because I think she don’t deserve it even tought she’s was not really kind with my baby bum (so sangwoo) but calm down that’s a fucking fiction she’s not real if y’all can’t tell the difference between wanting REAL people to die and wanting fictional characters to die I can’t help y’all. By exemple I’m watching Game Of Throne and I want Margaery (THE CHARACTER) to die because I don’t like her and the circumstances of the story allow it, I would like to see how the other character would react to this and how it could be interesting for the plot of the story  does that mean I’m disgusting ???? Or when I watch an horror movie and shout  “RUN BITCH RUN OH OOPS YOU’RE DEAD AHAH SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU SHOULD RUN FASTER” it doesn’t mean that I’m ok with the killer or anything…Like it’s not that deep….I feel like you try to find everything to discredit the KS fanbase by putting them down because they don’t think like you and that’s not really cool of you…Please stop acting like you’re better than everyone just because you think you have the right “beilef” so everyone should….I know you want Sangwoo to stop killing people, go to jail and Yoonbum to be free, I wish the same but the truth is…I don’t want it right now, like the story is so gooood as a writer I love how the characters and the story are complex ! THAT’S A THRILLER  NOT SOME MELODRAMATIC ROMANCE I WANT TO BE SUPRISED I WANT MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND YES I WANT BLOOD AND TEARS BECAUSE THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE STORY !!! So if you don’t want it, I think you should stop reading the story and stop insulting people…

Imperfectly Perfect

Genre: EF- Extreme Fluff 

Member: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2,032

a/n: It took me so long to finish it and it’s so late but I’m going to post it anyway because I promised I would and I just hope you who requested it likes it because it has no smut since I don’t do smut but it has a bunch of fluff!!!!??? Also it’s a pretty long oneshot and rushed at the end…. am sorreh

Request:  Hi, can I request a suga scenario? One where his girlfriend normally wears baggy clothes(because she is insecure) but underneath she has a curvier body ( thicc thighs, big boobs, and a big butt) I was thinking that she wears tighter clothes one day and gets a lot of attention from guys which leads to jealous yoongi? If you do smut that would be great, and sorry for the bad English :)

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“I need new clothes” you whined, skimming through the shirts and sweaters in your closet, ranging from a few pastels to warmer autumn colors, and ending in the monotone section of blacks and grays. Yoongi let out a muffled chuckle from the bed while he lay face down, only then he turned his head in your direction. He squinted to see you stand in front of your clothes with a pensive expression. “You have… So many clothes” he managed, his voice deep with early signs of sleep. You shook your head and sighed, “I guess…” you mumbled, finding your spot next to him and leaning against the headboard, your arms crossed over your chest.

Yoongi scooted closer to you and placed his head on your lap. “Do you want to go shopping?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest as you began to run your fingers through his hair. You let out a sigh and nodded, a small smile playing on your lips. “Wanna tag along?” you asked, raising your eyebrows playfully. Yoongi hummed and let out a deep sigh, sitting up to peck your cheek before scooting off the bed.

The two of you arrived at the store but before you began to head towards your section, Yoongi stopped in his tracks and placed his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. You turned to him in surprise. “What’s wrong?” you asked, making a small smirk tug at the corner of his lips. “Let’s make this fun, before you decide to run off and try on the whole store” he said jokingly, making you narrow your eyes at him, despite the smile appearing on your lips.

“Okay, make it fun then” you said, crossing your arms over your chest in a challenging manner. Yoongi licked his lips and smiled. “Let’s choose an outfit to go on a date tonight but-” he started, smugly smiling at you as your eyes lit up, “I get to pick what you wear, and vice versa” he stated. You shrugged and chuckled, “Okay, challenge accepted, let’s have fun” you said, tugging at his hoodie.

You swore you had never seen Yoongi so awake in the last couple of weeks until he began picking out clothes for you. You held the outfit you had picked out for him close to your chest, watching him take out a few blouses and skirts, even a couple dresses, to hang on his arm. You let out a sigh, making him turn to you with a small smirk. He looked at the clothes on his arm and nodded, “This should do, let’s go try it on” he said and you hesitantly followed him.

You headed towards the dressing rooms but before you were able to get one to yourself, Yoongi was pushing you into one and shutting  the door behind him. You watched him in surprise, “What are you doing?” you asked, making him turn to you with as much surprise. “I’m… Changing?” he said, his tone hinting at sarcasm as he chuckled sheepishly. You knitted your eyebrows together and motioned towards him and yourself, “Together? We’re changing together?” you asked. Yoongi snorted and chuckled, “Oh c’mon, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before” he stated, a grin spreading across his face as he hung his clothes.

You let out a sigh and hung your clothes as well, “I know but… okay fine, who goes first?” you asked, but Yoongi was already removing his hoodie. “Oh- Okay” you said, taking a seat at the small stool inside the crowded space. You mindlessly played with his hoodie sleeves as he tried on the black turtleneck you had picked out. As he tried pulling it on, you stared at his bare upper body, making you press your lips into a thin line.

You weren’t sure why you were beginning to feel uneasy about being exposed to him. It definitely was not a first, but somehow, it always made you hesitant. “Hey, your eyes will dry if you don’t blink” Yoongi joked, a grin on his face as you met his gaze. You snorted, “Don’t feel so special, I was just spacing out” you countered, making him chuckle.

After a few minutes of changing and making sure everything fit and looked nice, your turn came up. “Move so I can sit” he said, shooing you away from the small stool. You groaned and stood up, beginning to grab the first articles of clothing. However, as soon as you saw the first blouse, your jaw dropped and your eyes widened, “I am so not wearing this!” you blurted.

Yoongi snickered and covered his mouth to hold back from full on cackling. “It’s nice, just try it” he said, immediately you shook your head. “Hey, we made a deal, so you have to wear one of the outfits I picked out” he added pleadingly. You groaned internally as you came to realize he had picked out clothes that contrasted greatly with your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe was simply composed of jeans, sweaters, hoodies, loose shirts and blouses, maybe even a skirt or two and the occasional dress. However, it was not skin-tight or tight at all, with the exception of your skinny jeans. Whatever Yoongi had picked out, he had picked out with purpose. You scowled at him and he raised his eyebrows expectantly, nodding a go-ahead.

You furrowed your eyebrows and turned back to the clothes, “Fine” you whined, choosing another blouse and picking out one of the longer skirts. It wasn’t until you were bringing your shirt over your head, that you began to feel the slightest insecurity as your shirt came off and Yoongi’s eyes raked your figure. “Seriously? You’re drooling” you retorted and Yoongi raised his hands in surrender while smiling, pulling his phone out of his pocket and beginning to scroll through it.

You rolled your eyes at him and changed into the outfit, avoiding the mirror until you were completely dressed. When you were ready, you held your breath and faced the mirror. Instantly, you frowned and glanced at Yoongi, who had long forgotten his cell phone, eyes now glued on you. “You look really pretty” he mused softly, almost whispering, as he leaned forward to take your hand.

You shook your head and looked in the mirror once more. The skirt hugged your waist and flared out to stop right at the knee. The blouse tucked into the skirt was form fitting but not uncomfortable, it perfectly accentuated your silhouette and made your breasts very much present.

You let out yet another sigh as you released Yoongi’s hand and began changing once again. Yoongi leaned his head on his hand as his elbow rested on his knee. He watched you try one outfit after the other, noticing the different angles of you that he had never seen before.

When you were finally back in your original clothes, you huffed and fixed your hair. Yoongi stood up from his spot and took a deep breath. “You don’t have to wear any of that, I didn’t think you’d hate it that much” he commented, rubbing the back of his neck a bit nervously. With just one glance at him you felt a tug in your stomach. It was supposed to be for a date. Sure, Yoongi had purposely picked out clothes that didn’t appeal to you on a daily basis, but it wasn’t ugly. You smiled and picked out one of the outfits, “I’ll take this one” you stated, already excited for the date. Yoongi raised his eyebrows in surprise, his lips slightly parted in the shape of a circle. “Let’s go” you said, cocking your head in the direction of the door. Yoongi grabbed his own outfit and the two of you headed out.

Later that night, you tried the outfit on once again. Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you decided, yes indeed your breasts were there because of the tight crop top, your thighs were also making themselves known due to the high waisted skirt that ended mid-thigh, and the outfit did in fact enhance every part of you. Every part of that normally hid under baggy sweaters and sweatpants. To make yourself feel better, you topped the outfit off with a pair of high knee socks and a scarf.

Just then, Yoongi stood behind you, turtleneck, cardigan, and torn jeans on while cocking his head towards the door, a silent let’s go, making you nod and smile softly. The two of you headed to your favorite restaurant, walking in hand in hand. As you made your way towards an empty table, you couldn’t help but feel several eyes glued to both of you.

Yoongi sat across from you and ran a lazy hand through his hair as he eyed you. “What?” you asked, shifting in your seat to pull the skirt down your legs ever so slightly. Yoongi smiled and shook his head, “I really like how you look” he said, tilting his head to the side. You grinned sheepishly, “Thanks to you” you said with a wink, making him chuckle and shrug, “I don’t mean to brag” he said.

The two of you spent the entire night hopping from coffee shops, to a restaurant, and lastly a bar. It was beginning to get late and you decided upon not drinking so much, however, Yoongi hadn’t seemed to have means of slowing down. “You know what” he said, clumsily removing his clothes in your shared bedroom. His jaw tensed ever so slightly like whenever he was frustrated or upset. “You’re never wearing anything like this again” he added, motioning at your outfit before throwing on a clean t-shirt on. You knitted your eyebrows and chuckled, “I thought you liked it though?” you asked, placing your hands on your hips as he stood in front of you. He lazily toyed with the fabric of your skirt, eyeing you from head to toe.

“Apparently I wasn’t the only one” he commented acerbically, moving past you and changing out of his jeans. You frowned and turned to face him once again, “What?” you asked, feeling your heart sink at his tone. Yoongi scoffed and pulled up his sweats, “Did you really not see the way the guys at the bar were eating you up with their stare?” he spat out, making you flinch internally. You further knitted your eyebrows and shook your head, “So? It’s not like I even paid attention- no, you know what, we’re not arguing. You’re drunk” you said through a chuckle.

Yoongi let out an exasperated sigh as he ran his hands through his hair, “Yea- Yea you’re right, I’m drunk” he said, stammering over his words as he went to his spot on the bed. You changed out of your outfit and into your most comfortable pajamas, then slid into bed next to him. He curled up to your side and took your hand, placing it on his head, “Play with my hair” he managed, already in and out of sleep.

You giggled and began to massage his scalp soothingly. “You looked really pretty today” he mumbled, cheek pressed to your chest and arms wrapped around your waist. “I dunno… why you don’t dress like that more often” he said, his words barely slurring.

You took in a deep breath and pursed your lips, “You out of all people should know” you said softly. Yoongi moaned and shook his head a little, “Yea you don’t like how you look” he said, moving up to look at you. His breath was a mixture of toothpaste and whiskey, making you scrunch your nose, “You stink” you whispered, earning a grin from him, “And you don’t like your body but you don’t see me complaining” he replied.

He leaned forward to kiss you but you turned away with a yelp as he pulled you closer, kissing your cheek instead. “I don’t care if you wear baggy clothes or my own for that matter” he stated, pinching the t-shirt you were wearing, which happened to be his. “I like you either way, but for what it’s worth… I like you the best in my clothes”.

When Something Isn’t A Good Idea - どうかと思う

Here is a polite way to say something is a bad idea when you don’t want to blame someone/something in particular. 

It always goes at the end of a sentence:

寿司を腹いっぱい食べた後にピザを注文するのはどうかと思う。Sushi o hara ippai tabeta ato ni piza o chūmon suru no wa dō ka to omou.
It’s probably not the best idea to order pizza right after eating a ton of sushi… (lit. think if/whether or not ordering pizza after stomach is full on sushi is (a bad idea)).

See, you’re not saying it outright, but it’s like how in English you just say something in a certain tone so you don’t have to actually finish your sentence for someone to get the jist of what you’re trying to say. 

ガルフレンドの妹と逢引することはどうかと思う。Gārufurendo no imōto to aibiki suru koto wa dō ka to omou.
I don’t think
a tryst with your girlfriend’s little sister is such a good idea… (lit. think if/whether or not secret date with girlfriend’s little sister (is not a good idea).

I was originally going to say “I don’t think it’s a good idea to date your girlfriend’s sister right after breaking up with her”, but I thought that was funnier. Who doesn’t love a familial love triangle? Actually that sounds really creepy never mind

You can also use it if you don’t think someone should be in a certain position (of employment or power, usually):

ドナルド・トランプが大統領になるどうかと思う。災害になる。Donarudo toranpu ga daitōryō ni naru dō ka to omou. Saigai ni naru.
I don’t think Donald Trump should be president. It would be a disaster. (lit. think if/whether or not donald trump becomes president (is bad). It would become a disaster.)
Not that that reflects my personal opinion or anything haha


Fake Boyfriend (Lafayette x Fem!Reader)

Prompt: “I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.”

A/N: This was so hard to write because I literally had writer’s block for like 3 days, so there’s definitely room for improvement! This is my first imagine so please go easy on me and let me know what you think!!

TW: like two bad words?

W/C: 1466


You had been friends with the Hamilsquad ever since John Laurens introduced you to his best friends on the first day of freshman year of college. You were new to New York and didn’t know anyone. John just so happened to sit next to you in your English class and you two immediately hit it off. When he introduced you to his friends, you were so shocked to see such beautiful men together all the time, but as soon as you got to know them you realized they were a lot dorkier than they looked. It had now been 2 years since you first met them and now you considered them your brothers. All except Lafayette…

You had always felt drawn to the beautiful Frenchman, but how could you not? You were now roommates with all 4 guys, and you would see him everyday. His curly locks and pristine pearly white smile were enough to make any girl swoon. Of course you could never let him or anyone else know you saw him that way because if your friends knew it would only give truth to how they teased you. You two always had the best chemistry and the others would always bug you and Lafayette about it, but you just ignored it because there was no way he felt the same way and your friendship was more important than a silly attraction.

“Ugh! What am I gonna do, Laurens? My parents are coming today and I don’t have a boyfriend!” you said sitting in a booth with Hercules, Alexander, and Laurens at the diner that your friends had dubbed “your spot” after you first walked in.

“Why did you even say that you had a boyfriend, Y/N?” Alexander replied.

“You guys haven’t met my parents, so you don’t understand,” you said. Then your face lit up. “You guys haven’t met my parents!” you said excitedly.

“I don’t know what your idea is but I do not like that look on your face,” Herc replied, beginning to hide behind Alexander.

“What are we talking about, mes amies?” Lafayette said taking a seat next to you.

“Y/N’s parents are coming into town to meet her boyfriend!” Laurens chimed in.

“When did you get a boyfriend?” Lafayette asked, turning to look at you with an expression on his face you couldn’t quite place.

“That’s the problem. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, which is where you come in!” Alexander said with a devious smile.

“Me? What am I supposed to do?” Lafayette said.

“Easy! Y/N and you practically act like a couple anyway, so now all you have to do is just hold her hand and say she’s beautiful!” Alexander stated proudly.

“What do you mean we act like a couple?” You asked.

Hercules, Alexander, and John all shared a look and burst out laughing.

“Don’t listen to them,” Lafayette said and you were almost positive that his cheeks had a slightly pink tint to them. “I’d be more than willing to help, and I’m the best actor out of the four of us anyway,” he said, glaring at the other guys.

“Really? You’re actually willing to be my fake boyfriend for the night? Lafayette you’re the best!” you hugged him. “They’re coming tonight, and we are going to a restaurant so just dress up a tiny bit fancy and pick me up at 6!” you said getting up to go get ready.

“See you later, fake girlfriend,” Lafayette said blowing you a kiss on your way out.

“See you later, fake boyfriend,” you winked.


It was now 6:15, Lafayette still hadn’t picked you up. It was a good thing you had planned for this and had told him to come earlier than he was supposed to. While you were thinking up the story of how Laf asked you out, you heard a knock at the door.

“Lafayette, you’re late!” you said opening the door, only to be frozen in your tracks upon laying your eyes on the elegant and tall Frenchman that stood before you. He had really dressed the part. He had decided to wear a simple suit that fit him perfectly and complemented his features. You hadn’t realized that you were still just staring at him and checking him out when he spoke up.

“You like what you see?” he said.

You blushed and regained your composure.

“I’ve just never seen you in a suit before,” you said shrugging it off, “I didn’t know you owned anything besides t-shirts and tank tops.”

“Ha ha very funny. You don’t look so bad yourself, cheri,” he winked, “Weren’t you just worried about us being late?” Lafayette said smirking because you still couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.

“Oh shit! Let’s go!” you said grabbing your bag and walking out the door.


You had arrived at the restaurant, and you stopped for a second to make sure you looked presentable, wiping invisible dust off your clothes.

“How do I look?” you asked Lafayette as he checked himself out in his car window.

“Absolument magnifique. You could not look more beautiful if you tried,” he said softly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “Shall we?”

“Let’s go,” you sighed.

“Mom, Dad!” you hugged your parents. “This is my boyfriend Marquis de Lafayette, but you can just call him Lafayette.”

“It is a pleasure to meet the both of you,” he said shaking your parents’ hands, “I have been looking forward to this. Y/N always talks about you two.”

“Really? Well, she failed to mention that her boyfriend was a Frenchman.” Your mother said giving you a knowing look.

The evening went on, and Lafayette had clearly charmed your parents. After dinner, you called a cab for your parents which left you alone with Lafayette walking along the streets under the streetlights.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for tonight, Laf. They absolutely loved you,” you said.

“Do you think they bought it?” he asked.

“I mean, yeah.” You stated. “You are a pretty good actor like you said. I almost believed you, too.” You joked nudging him with your elbow.

“Y/N… I have something to tell you…”

You looked up to Lafayette, and you could almost see all the gears spinning in his head as he tried to find the right words to say to you.

“I didn’t have to pretend to have feelings for you because the truth is… I am absolutely and unapologetically in love with you and I have been for some time now. I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love, but that clearly didn’t work because pretending to be your boyfriend made me almost as happy as being your real boyfriend would make me, and I know that you probably don’t feel the same way because how could you? You’re beautiful, intelligent, lovely, funny, and just incredibly amazing. I just couldn’t keep it inside anymore. I wish I could stop loving you, but I fell in love with my best friend and I’m not ashamed of that. I love you I love you I love you.” He had to catch his breath from blurting it all out and he looked at you expectantly.

You didn’t know what to say. You were both in shock and realizing your feelings for him were the same. All the time you spent with him had only caused your feeling for him to deepen and you were realizing that now.

“Holy shit…” you whispered.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, mon ange. That was not my intention.” he asked carefully, searching your face for clues.

You looked up to see your best friend, the man you had had feelings for since the moment you two met. He was about to speak when you crashed your lips into his. His eyes widened in shock before he melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. You wrapped one arm around his neck and ran one hand through his curly hair. You pulled away to get a breath of air.

“Is that the response you were looking for?” you breathed, your forehead resting against his with both your eyes closed.

“That’s better than I could have ever expected, mon cherie.”

You couldn’t shake the sense of bliss knowing that the man you were in love with loved you back.

“Now we don’t have to fake being boyfriend and girlfriend.” You said happily.

“Who said I wanted to be your boyfriend?” Laf laughed before jerking to avoid the punch that was coming towards him. “I am just kidding, belle. You are making me the happiest man on earth right now.” He said while the two of you walked through the New York streets happy as can be.

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I'm sorry to interrupt, but my two cents. From the beginning I was OK with the idea that those rings were not actual engagement rings. I understand that Yuuri didn't mean it. But therefore there was no need for Victor to make a comment about their wedding. The creators constantly put them on 'different pages' and THIS is what bothers me. Sorry my English is really bad I hope you understand. And I want to know your opinion ;;

Hello and sorry for the late reply! My opinion regarding what Victor said about the wedding/engagement is included in my last post about the exchange of the rings (the one before this). Also, I actually think that Yuuri and Victor are often on “different pages” even within the show. I mean, there are a lot of misunderstandings between them, that in many cases could be fixed easily if they talked more about things. I think they do talk a lot (well they’re together almost 24/7) but probably not about the most important topics…

For example, Yuuri has been thinking that this would be his last season for basically the whole time, yet Victor never seemed to have that idea, which means that of course Yuuri never told him that until the end of episode 11. At the same time one of the reasons Yuuri got the impression that Victor wanted to return to the ice when he saw him watch other athletes’ performances is probably that Victor also never shared with Yuuri all his musings about his own career. Though I think that Victor had many changes of heart during the course of the series and might have preferred not to “bother” Yuuri with them since Yuuri is already anxious by nature. At the same time Yuuri has low self-esteem so he probably thinks his issues are his issues and he shouldn’t waste other people’s time with them. It’s like they are both trying to do something good for the other but failing at it because they’re using the wrong approach…

So what I mean to say is that, it makes sense that they sound like that in creators’ interviews because from what happens in the series it really looks like they do have communication issues.


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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, School AU, Smut

Summary: When you love someone so deeply, so irrevocably and so passionately is it really possible to keep it hidden? You knew you were screwed from the moment you met Min Yoongi, your new English teacher, he knew it too.  As the feelings between the two of you grow you have to face a difficult decision, are you really willing to forsake everything for this forbidden love? 

You always thought it was weird how some mornings, you wake up completely oblivious to the fact that in a few hours time, your entire life will have been turned upside down.  It’s like you wake up, eat breakfast and leave for school, and it’s all just so normal yet by the time you shut your eyes to sleep that night you’re questioning whether anything can ever be normal again.

That’s exactly what it was like the day you met Min Yoongi.

You were sitting in your English classroom marvelling at how slowly this day seemed to have dragged, you impatiently tapped your pen against the paper of your notepad and gazed up at the clock every other second. Right now there was nothing you wanted more than to go home and spend the rest of the day in your pyjamas watching TV shows.

There was a new English teacher and today was his first day teaching your class. And he was already ten minutes late.

Your actual teacher was on maternity leave so he would just be filling in for awhile whilst she was away, considering English was one of your best subjects, all you could do was hope that this guy wasn’t totally useless and that your grades wouldn’t dramatically fall.

You were tired and felt sore from clearing tables for a ridiculous amount of hours at the cafe last night, you moved your hand to rub the back of your aching neck and you inadvertently let out a sigh, it must have been quite loud because the guy sitting next to you gave you a quick wink, you quickly look away, blushing.

You didn’t have time for this right now. You just wanted to go home and not have to deal with all these people.

It was after another five minutes that finally, the classroom door opened, slowly, like he was purposely trying to build up suspense, but you didn’t care and went back to staring at the lines on the paper in front of you.

But when you finally looked up again and laid eyes on the man that stepped in through the door, well that was the moment everything changed.

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Hello! I love your blog and I want to ask you. In the chapter 113, in one of the frames, Sebastian is speaking with Abberline and behind Abberline is the man in the hat. When I saw this frame I thought: his hairstyle looks like "updo" behind his hat! Maybe he is UT?! And while I was reading 121 chapter I saw this frame again. What do you think about the man in the hat? P.S. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language. And sorry if someone asked about it before.

Hey, Anon! Thank you so much! And no need to worry about your English. :)

You have a good eye, I didn’t even notice that guy but yeah, now that you mention it he does remind me of UT’s disguise during the Weston arc.

And he appears several times throughout the arc.

Here’s how Undertaker looked in the Weston arc:

So there really is a similarity. However, it’s really hard to tell since there are also other guys wearing a top hat:

But if UT is the real mastermind of the cult (which I think is likely) there’s a good chance he’s not only working behind the scenes but observing himself what’s happening. So maybe you really found UT. ;)


((i’ve made an attempt to translate Karamatsu’s responses to receiving gold oden in Hesowars, plz suggest a better translation if you can, i’m really bad at Japanese. words in asterisks are English))

S-such a rare thing - is it ok for me to take it?! *Thank you, Karamatsu girls*.

*Oh my little* ode- no. It would be rude to call it *little*. *Great* oden!

Heh, I want to let my *brothers* eat this too. This *gold* oden!

Oh *beautiful* radiance! Your love, I’ve certainly received it!

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Denmark what's the sickest Norway and Iceland have ever been and what was your reaction?

Denmark: Hm… Norway was really ill during the Plague. Came from England. It was… how do you say in English… Uh…

Norway: Bubonic.

Denmark: That’s it! It was a bubonic plague. As for Iceland… I think the Eyjafjallajökull eruption was pretty bad. He was… he was really bad. We all thought he was going to die, and I tell you what I have never been so scared in my life. I was terrified during the Plague too, because we all know what happens when the population dies… Not fun.

The meeting-Coming soon

Well I was thinking slightly to make a comic in which Palette, Goth and Fake were the protagonists, where the story is going to be developing environment to memory loss Fake, when we wake up in the Anti-Void making a sexy pose (I’m laughing x’D) does not remember his AU nor as appeared there. Although I have a drawback which is that I am still inexperienced as to make comics and I’m still in practice with the drawings so I thought “Why not ask them to see what you think?”. So here are two options:

1-Make the comic itself

2-Write it as a Fan-Fic and draw certain parts

Well that I leave to your judgment, certainly before I forge, What are the powers of Palette and Goth?. And depending on what you choose to upload promise on November 18 because it is my birthday and leave me alone that day xD

Well no more I say goodbye, I hope you like the picture: 3

(Sorry for my bad English xD)

Palette: @angexci

Goth: @nekophy

Fake: @azufake2003 (Me)

Brendon Urie Smut - Student//Teacher

*a/n - so much sin, try not to over think this*

“Y/n can you stay please, I need to have a word” Mr Urie your English teacher said to you across the crowd of backpacks.
You stayed sat down until the crowd left, knowing you were going to get grief about you lack of homework or your lack of motivation. Same old, same old.
“Yes sir” the crowd had finally simmered down and you walked to his desk.
“You seem distracted in class recently, your grades are slipping, not by a lot but I want to pick it up before it gets too bad.” He looked intently into your eyes. There was no way you were telling him the reason you were distracted was because of how attracted you were to him. You nodded politely not saying a word.
“So I’m offering you a chance to have some extra lessons with me, just to pick up if some of it. Only for a few months and people don’t have to know if you don’t want them to” he stood up and walked towards you. Pushing your hair from your face “it can be completely private, I really don’t want you failing” you shut your eyes as he lifted your chin slightly, anticipating for his lips to meet yours, praying in your head they would.
He paused “so you want this then baby?” He moaned into you ear.
You nodded submissively.
His lips met yours and it felt like the world stopped. He slammed you against a wall and his hands explored every part of your body. The two of you were in perfect sync as you moved into his touch.
He bit at your neck, gently at first, then you threw your head back encouraging him, he movements became rough leaving marks on your neck, your breathing was getting heavier.
“Shall we go?” He said into your ear nibbling at you lobe softly.
“Go where?” You asked with your arms wrapped round him.
“‘My place? If anyone asks I’m dropping you home because you missed your bus” he kissed your cheek.
The two of you walked out of the classroom, you could see his semi through his trousers, making you blush.
He noticed you looking, “see, this is what you do to me” he whispered in your ear and held his jacket over it.
The school was pretty empty so nobody questioned the two of you walking out together and the marks down your neck.
He opened the door for you and let you into his car, a car that definitely couldn’t just be paid for on a teacher’s wage. You didn’t question it and got in.
The drive to his wasn’t long, but it felt like forever, all you wanted to do was to rip his clothes off. One of your hands stayed on his leg the entire time, teasing him. He spoke softly to you, not like a student, you saw a completely different side to him.
He parked up and let you out the car, you walked to his door, his house looked amazing from the outside. It was kinda in the middle of nowhere but also so close to everything.
His fingers entwined with yours and he opened the front door, you were met with open plan rooms, guitars lining the walls and a grand piano sitting in the corner.
You stopped, letting the view sink in.
“Is everything okay beautiful?” He kissed your cheek sending butterflies in your stomach.
“Yes, it’s just amazing” you replied. He immediately lifted you up and took you upstairs, making you laugh.
He laid you on the bed and took your clothes off gently, his hands caressing your skin. You were completely exposed but have never felt more comfortable his deep brown eyes looking at you and his hair flopped to one side as he stood at the end of the bed.
You crawled forward and got to your knees staying his height to kiss him gently, you took his shirt and tie off letting you see his toned body and the tattoos up his arm (not something you thought you’d ever see). You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him to the bed.
His hand moved to your crotch, and 2 of his fingers went into you, you gasped slightly and then relaxed.
“Somebody needed me” he said seductively into your ear as he pushed his fingers in and out curling them slightly and feeling how wet you were. You laid there and moaned moving with him slightly.
His other hand was caressing your hair and he was still kissing you like he never wanted to stop.
“I need you, all of you inside of me” you moaned out to him.
“Well you’re a bit needy aren’t you! What do you say baby?”
“Please, please I need you” you said between heavy breaths.
At that point he stopped touching you and took his boxes off, a sight you weren’t prepared for, you didn’t think you could get more turned on until you saw his perfect body and perfect cock in front of you.
“I want to feel you so bad” he crawled back over you and pushed his cock inside you.
He moaned the most beautiful moan as he did so.
“Fuck” you moaned as he sent the most immense pleasure through you.
“Language” he said teasingly and kissed you, his thrusts got quicker and your body moved to his rhythm.
You knew you were close and so did he as he slowed down, making you frustrated, your nails dug into his back and everything movement brought you closer to the edge.
You were trying not to come, you didn’t want this feeling to end your moans grew. After a few moments you lost it, trying to muffle your moans into his neck, your body a close to his as humanly possible. You tipped him over the edge too and he let out deep moans, moving into you so strongly until he had nothing left to given. He gently kissed your lips, pulling at the bottom one and smiled.
The two of you laid next to each other catching your breath. His arm was over your shoulder holding your hand.
“That was amazing Mr Urie” you smiled.
“Seriously, after fucking your brains out you can’t even call me Brendon?!” He said jokingly.
“Fine then, that was amazing Brendon!” You say up and hit him with a pillow, laughing.

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I'm kind of envious of your English ;-; you're so fluent

lmao thank yoouu, but honestly you should hear me speak though, norwegian accents sound so bad. and a lot of people on tumblr are from non-english speaking countries so if you want to write a sims story and you’re not super confident in your english, i think you should still do it if you would have fun with it, because at least for me it doesn’t matter at all if the language isn’t perfect.

Posting this again (I'm sorry, but I needed to do it so bad)

As I said before, I’m not a native English speaker, so you would really help me a lot if you tell me all the grammatical/orthography mistakes you can find when I post something. At least in Spanish, I try to have a perfect orthography (it is like an obsession) so I don’t want to sound dumb when I try to write in English. Please, your help will really make me happy. (Also I’m trying to gain vocabulary but I think it will take some time)
If you help me maybe I can draw stuff for you? (?), I don’t know. xD