i think youd enjoy that

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right but like,, is there a list? any ones you want specifically?

HM i would be willing to murder to get a nice story about greenhouse ghosts (you can find details in the #gardening ghost tag), or! the #forest spirit AU…….. i think those are ones that are dearer to me, unless youd enjoy writing about vampires? there’s stuff about ‘em too and it could be fun to write i think

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There's a band called 'Cigarettes After Sex' and i think youd enjoy them. They remind me on The 1975, vibe wise, and theres a song called "Nothings gonna hurt you baby' it reminds me of H

ahh I’ll need to check them out!!! Thank you ♥️

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*softly pats your hair.* hey. hey dirk. you dont have to if you dont want to, but i think youd enjoy it. *whispers* kiss the booooyyyyyyyy

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I dont know if youve heard of the game Million Dollars But (it was made by Rooster Teeth), but I think you'd enjoy it! Like, regardless if you make a video on it- i just think youd really enjoy that game on your own time with friends!! I hope youre having a good day!

I’ll check it out! Thanks for the suggestion!