i think you're a rp blog right

Tarot Asks
  • The Fool: What is the most naive choice you've ever made?
  • The Magician: Tell us about a time you had to be resourceful to get out of a tricky situation.
  • The High Priestess: What's the most mysterious thing you've ever seen?
  • The Empress: Do you ever want to have kids?
  • The Emperor: Do you prefer to guide or control your subordinates?
  • The Hierophant: Are you religious?
  • The Lovers: What is the most sexual thing you've ever done?
  • The Chariot: What was your biggest victory?
  • Strength: What was the most trying event in your life?
  • The Hermit: What would it take to get you to be recluse for a week?
  • The Wheel of Fortune: Do you believe in karmatic cycles?
  • Justice: What is the most fair punishment for a murder?
  • The Hanged Man: What would you never want to sacrifice?
  • Death: If you could avoid changing anything about your life, what would it be?
  • Temperance: Are you good at eating the right amounts of food(not over r under eating)?
  • The Devil: Biggest BDSM fantasy?
  • The Tower: What was the biggest failure of your life?
  • The Star: What do you think about hope?
  • The Moon: What is your biggest insecurity?
  • The Sun: What do you like to do for fun?
  • Judgment: Do you have a God Complex?
  • The World: When do you think you're done growing up?

harpoony  asked:

I really wanna make a blog for my fantrolls, but I have never made an ask/rp blog before, so how would I go about it?? (I'm askin bc you're one of my favorite troll blogs tbh)

:000000000 !!! WELL I CAN TRY TO HELP by telling you things i think should be on your blog and that might help with organization.

  1. have your ooc info somewhere on your blog! either in a visible ooc/about page or right in the description of your blog. basic info should be what you’d like to be called and your age. and what pronouns you prefer, if you have a preference at all. but please include your age. pleeeaaaase please include your age or at least a little *18+* or *minor* somewhere on the blog. there are some minors in this community that don’t follow/interact with adults. likewise there are adults (like myself) who feel uncomfortable rping with minors (but i don’t have a problem with minors following me, just getting that out there). AND NOTHING is more stress-inducing than going on someone’s page when you might want to interact with them and seeing no indication of age range.
  2. get yourself a sweet theme! one of the toughest parts of having an rp blog is finding a theme that’s cool but functional. people should be able to easily find your links, preferably on your home page, without having to click three different links and passing two disclaimers just to get to THE ACTUAL LINKS. i have literally refused to follow someone because their theme was too complicated. there are several tumblrs that are designated solely to rp blog themes. @roleplay-theme-recs @rpthemehunter @theme-hunter are all pretty good.
  3. profiles are important! have a select page and try to keep it up to date with your available trolls! sometimes i get people going “i have this troll i’d like yours to meet” and i’m like SWEET and i go on their blog and i see…. no profile with that name. and so i know nothing about this character. even if it’s just a skeleton profile with like, name, caste, age, appearance, ANYTHING helps. you can make profiles out of entirely new pages like I do, or you can make profile posts and just link to them like I’ve seen others do.
  4. avoid autoplay music. some people like to have mood music on their blogs. that’s fine. just make sure we have the option of hitting play ourselves rather than having to rush to hit pause. owo
  5. once you feel like you can at least show people that hey this is a troll blog (i’m talking like maybe one profile/wip profiles and an about. your blog does not have to be 100% for you to start getting active) make a follower call post! what’s that? that’s where you make a post going “Hey i’m new!! I’d like to follow some more people in this community, please reblog so I can find you!!” and you tag it #fantrolls or #fantroll or #fantroll-community or all three. and do u know what magic happens?? people reblog it. and they see you and they go OH SWEET ANOTHER FANTROLLER and then they follow you! while you’re looking to follow them. it’s a wonderful mutual thing.
  6. and then you just gotta reach out to people. send memes. reply to posts. ask questions. some of my closest friends in this community are people who i spent a few months just replying to their posts with stupid shit and vice versa.
  7. also, look at >THIS BLOG<. Read it. Love it. Taima and Linda worked really hard to put this info together. it hasn’t been updated in a while but that doesn’t make it any less useful.