i think you were interested to see how it went

“I think it says a lot about you the way you left things. How you went from kissing me in the rain to leaving my texts unreplied. The way you touched me and then disappeared without a word. Or how that night I went home not realizing it was the last time I’d see you again. I don’t care that you decided you weren’t interested anymore, I care that you left me waiting for someone who was never coming back. I care that you didn’t even have it in you to simply say ‘this isn’t what I want’. Maybe we were never going to last forever, but I think I deserved to at least hear it from your mouth and not your silence.”

••• he turned into a ghost


Okay this was really unexpected lol. I didn’t know so many people will find interesting what i have to say. 

I must admit I was thinking a lot about how I am gonna put this whole thing together.Also I had to remind myself that these are events from 3 years ago and therefore when I really wanna be detailed it is going to take some time to sort my things out. That’s why I am posting these series now because I had this idea in my mind for a very long time. 

DISCLAIMER: This post is supposed to be just for fun and shipping of Jikook. I am not claiming this is truth and I am not forcing anyone to believe this. These are just my observations throughout the years I have been into BTS and the time I have been into shipping jikook. I don’t want to cause any types of fanwars or stupid “shipwars” by this post and I don’t want other people to use this content for these kind of purposes. Also I am opened to hear about your other opinions. Just if you don’t like my opinion don’t be later on rude in my asks or something. As I said I am opened to listen but I AM NOT GONNA TOLERATE HATE OR PEOPLE BEING RUDE TO ME JUST BECAUSE I HAD FUN WITH THIS 

so let’s begin

late 2014+ Dark and wild comeback

The main thing that is totally visible about this so called “era” is that Jikook moments kinda are getting more serious and me watching them interact I always had this heavy feeling on my heart. I would say that this was kinda of a peak of Jungkook’s teasing. I would called this Jungkook being lil shit era. But also we can see other kind of attitude coming from Jungkook to Jimin at that time and that was him getting less shy and showing way more how he cares for Jimin. This period made me confused so many times to be honest because when I finally thought I had some kind of idea of what’s going on something other happened and I got totally confused again. 

Many people would claim that there is not much of a difference in Jikook relantionship when it comes to early 2014 and later 2014. But I see a huge difference and mainly in Jungkook’s behaviour. You are probably asking why do I always point out on Jungkook? To be honest he is way easier for me to read him because Jimin is more of a reserved person and he likes to put out his act. On the other hand Jungkook cannot fake most of his emotions he acts like he feels at the moment and he has no problem to show it. I was thinking about comparing these 2 periods on really nice example and that’s very famous “JIMINTV moment”. It is really nice how these 2 videos are exactly made in the early 2014 and late 2014 and how nicely we can see the change of Jungkook’s behaviour in it. 

The video starts with Jimin visibly trying to get Jungkook’s attentions and Jungkook not really being into it. 

At first I thought he was being shy or not really in the mood to play around but even if that’s the case he still found a way to tease Jimin back.

But then later on we could actually see that maknae was not having it. And he was kind of annoyed and later he left. 

Actually I don’t want to be one of those fans who would be pointing out look in this video Jungkook doesn’t like Jimin’s attention and in this video he does. No that’s not my style at all. I don’t want to talk about it because we will never know what was the base of the video. Why Jimin was even filming Jungkook and why Jungkook was really kind of annoyed. In my opinion it went like this. Jungkook was kinda tired or didn’t feel like filming and Jimin being his clingy caring hyung was trying to make his mood by playing around and annoying him. I don’t think there is more to it and I don’t really wanna go deep into this. The thing I really wanted to point out in this comparison is the body language and the weight of the situation. In this video we definitely could see that Jungkook had still this kind of friendship relationship towards Jimin or that’s what he was still going for. I think he was really not trying push it at that time. 

And then we have this JIMINTV video from which was posted in 2015 but actually was made during Danger/WOH era.

1st of all the awkwardness of the video. The tension in the video was so obvious somebody would be able to cut it into slices. In my opinion Jikook at that time even though they still were friends started to develop further feelings for each other and therefore the moments between them got more cringy and awkward in my opinion. The way Jungkook even looked down is showing he is kind of awkward around Jimin. 

For the 2nd of all and I really want to point this out because this is going to take a huge part of my analysis in the future.Can we talk about HOW Jungkook’s way of staring at Jimin changed? When I think about moments before yeah maknae is quite known for his intense stare and even me and my friend were talking about how Jungkook has this really beautiful eyes and intense stare towards people he finds interesting. BUT Jungkook’s way of staring on Jimin went from “let’s be bffs and make friendship bracelets btw i secretly like you” to “I had secretly a wet dream about you this morning” and I can really prove it. 

We can see the progression of his stare on these and I don’t think it is just me who noticed the change. I am not trying to say that Jungkook wasn’t staring lovingly at Jimin  before but I am just trying to point out the huge change.

Another thing that I noticed about Jikook during this era was that it was the beginning of the so cold tension between them that we are used to address mainly now. Many Jikook fans tend to say that the real blooming of Jikook was during Run era. But I have completely different opinion. The early blooming of jikook was actually in this era. 

The start of Jungkook checking out Jimin.

The grown affection and care from Jungkook towards Jimin.

The grown affection and care from Jungkook towards Jimin.

So I think I pointed the main parts of how I think Jikook progressed in this era and now I would like to talk about my kind of theory of what actually was going on at that time. 

In my opinion this was the time of the huge change in Jungkook’s thinking. I think he slowly started to realize what was going on and he kinda came to conclusion that there is no point to fight against it. Maybe he had some deep conversation with someone accepting or he just found it exhausting to fight his feelings. Of course I don’t think this was the era in which Jungkook came out to Jimin. I assume that even though he accepted himself he wasn’t prepared to talk about it with Jimin. That’s why he was trying to act towards Jimin. Yeah I was saying that Jungkook’s affection towards Jimin changed but that didn’t change the fact that Jungkook was still lil shit  and pulling Jimin’s strings most of the time. When it comes to Jimin I think in this era Jimin started to realize too that Jungkook might mean something more for him than his favorite dongsaeng. And now we have Jimin in his existential crisis. I think this was the point when Jimin went through a huge confusion and unfortunately he had not much time to think about it further because of their busy schedule. That’s why he was trying to act normally most of the times. But I kinda could sense the tension from his side and also him being a bit annoyed by all that Jungkook’s bickering sometimes.

Like we can see here.

To be honest I would really like to talk way further about this in the next part where I am going to make it sort of more like theory and personality analysis more than actual relationship analysis. 

Helping Hand (Part 1)

(Your neighbor Namjoon lends you his assistance and ends up making a confession.)

Warning: fluff, absolutely no smut here, this was supposed to be a one shot, but I’m putting the smutty bits in part 2 as a service for you guys who prefer your romance to be a little more chaste

You cursed yourself under your breath as you wrestled a package almost as tall as you down the hallway towards your apartment.  A trip to Ikea earlier this morning resulted in the purchase of a tall cabinet that you thought would look adorable against your living room wall.  It was too bad your penny pinching ways prevented you from paying to have the box delivered, because now you were struggling to maneuver a much too large and much too heavy box into your home.

You were half way to your apartment when you lost your grip and the box fell to the floor with a loud thud.  In your exhaustion and frustration, you threw yourself to the ground, thinking now would be a good time to take a nap. You needed to rest and gather your strength before making the rest of the journey down the hall.

“Do you need some help with that?”

You raised your head just enough to see your neighbor, Namjoon, laughing at you and offering his hand.

“Maybe just a little help.”  You raised yourself off the floor with Namjoon’s assistance and he picked up the box and started walking down the hall towards your apartment.

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Just saw a thing, “you Otayuri fans are desperate cause it's obvious it's going to be Milabek she (i suppose kubo or sayo) is hinting towards”. Sorry, i have nothing against Milabek, but how someone can say this? They have no interaction at all, the closest is that was said Mila MAY would crush on Otabek, and the translator itself said not to pay to much to it because it was very vague and didn't say anything about Otabek's opinion on this. If “she” is hinting towards something, it's to otayuri.

Hah! I was waiting for when someone would bring up Milabek. 

I’ll try to reason from an objective perspective, though I do admit my vision can be tinted by wishful thinking. Here’s what I got:

People have been talking about Milabek because of this one comment Kubo made. Something like “There’s Victor and Yuuri, Yakov and Lilia might be getting back together, Mila is showing an interest in Otabek, so please don’t forget about poor Yurio.” If she is mentioning this, there must be a reason. We don’t know what kind of story she has in mind and can only guess. 

What we are shown in the anime/ bonus material is the following: When Otabek is performing you can see Mila looking at him gleefully in admiration. (Sara too for that matter. Heck even Victor looks impressed.) What this tells us is that Otabek is canonically considered to be attractive and a skater to take note off. In the bonus material, Mila casually asks Yuri for Otabek’s email. You mention the translator said that line was vague, however, it’s still there

Just by that one line, you can say that yeah, Mila does take interest in Otabek. What does this mean for the story? First, like you mentioned, as far as we know this interest is one-sided. As viewers we are unaware if Otabek knows who Mila is, since they share no interaction, not even in the official art. Otabek does not actively interact with other skaters apart from Yuri and JJ. We know he is on friendly terms with Leo and possibly also Phichit, but this is all rather stated/implied than shown. What Otabek does now is reinforce Yuri’s story arch and the creators have set him up in a way that I think he will continue to do so. I think that whatever relationship Otabek will have with Yuri (whether romantic or platonic) will be of importance for Yuri’s character development.  

If I apply the situation ‘Mila shows an interest in Otabek’ to the continuation of the story, I see the following happening: Yuri becomes jealous. I say this because now we are shown that Yuri is very clingy when it comes to his one friend. Try to imagine what would happen if he would feel threatened somehow by the prospect of losing that friend’s attention. Also consider that Victor has already done something similar. He has withdrawn his attention from Yuri and given it to Yuuri instead. What I feel is that despite this tough front Yuri puts up, he is actually afraid to get abandoned. He literally chases after people who leave him. So I think if he has this friend he now sees as belonging to him, he would feel very distraught if someone (unintentionally) tries to take him away from Yuri. This is definitely a good opportunity for character growth. 

Consider Mila and Otabek themselves. Mila goes out of her way to help Yuri find this new friend of his. I think you very much get that ‘big sister’ vibe from her. (Some people even say that it would be because of this, that she would back off if she were to understand it’s hurting Yuri. I’m not going to state that, but it’s something to keep in mind.) Otabek is secretly super happy Yuri went looking for him and came to him for advice. This friendship has been in the making for five years. I think he would very much like to protect it. 

If Mila continues to show a romantic interest in Otabek, I can mainly see how it would bring Otabek and Yuri even closer together, with Yuri vouching for Otabek’s attention. 

Like I said before, the creators are now purposefully setting Yuri and Otabek up to be speculated about. It seems to me the ones who are desperate and oblivious are actually the people claiming Otayuri can’t be a thing. 

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did you like the new video? were there any special parts?

oh my god yes, i’m shocked we got the follow-up so soon but i loved it just as much as yesterday’s??? a lot of the same thoughts apply here–dan being so proud, phil being so happy about dan’s praise, both of them bonding over the music from classic games, dan’s interest in phil’s childhood and wanting to know all of these details about how phil made it and how his friends reacted, etc. some standout moments for me: 

  • i mean obviously the angel threesome. what even. i feel like the point i’ve worn out to death on here about phil is that he’s been pushing back on the innocence trope for some months now, and has been increasingly comfortable w sexual comments/innuendo/teasing (and not innuendos that are made in a way where he seems to not be aware of what he’s saying.) and yet i was still hashtag shook to see him discussing threesomes so casually and giggling about it, and honestly weirdly startled to be reminded that phil was just like any other sex-crazed 14 year old boy lmao. i loved that whole bit so much. i love that they kept it in despite the break with phil’s mostly g-rated commentary. i laughed so hard at the way they were trying their best to make it seem innocent with those “tea party” comments,, but there was just no salvaging it. i was obsessed with the way dan was rendered nearly speechless, and how phil just stayed completely calm and was being super cheeky and kind of teasing dan for his reactions. also .. interesting that it was a MMF threesome rather than phil just wanting the main protagonist to have a threesome w two of the angels .. hmmm. then phil saying that alex would be worn out after the second round like …… .. i think i actually blushed wtf
  • the part when they were walking through the space maze and you could see little bits of the sky and phil pointed at one of the stars and said “we’re there, i can see our house” and dan went “awww” and i started to cry lmao. the way phil’s mind works is so beautiful i dont’ even get it ,, like he was just looking at the space background and thought to make this cute af remark that kind of acknowledges the sheer enormity of space but that he and dan exist in that space together, in one home wtf?? ? ? and he said it just to make dan smile??? ? ? and it was so casually done as like a throwaway comment that probs anyone would’ve missed amidst this 40-min behemoth of a video but they kept it in anyway and it was so sweet :( i was rly fucking emotional about it  :( also “our house” in general in any context,,, pls 
  • “this is tumblr we’re talking about, they need that gay shit.” uhhhhh. interesting comment from dan. it hit me in a strange way bc like,, i’ve heard this exact thing said about tumblr way too much by The Straights™ as a way of criticizing this platform and also a way of criticizing the driving force of a lot of fandom (which is obvi a need for more queer representation across all media basically.) but it’s interesting bc it’s also kind of a joke-y thing that people on tumblr and inside of those fandom spaces say a lot (like, ‘gimme more of that gay shit’ lol) and they (we) sort of own up to in a self-aware and humorous way. it’s interesting to me that dan decided to make that comment bc from the most objective evaluation it honestly comes across as derisive/rude/offensive, but he’s sort of implicitly asking us to view him as a Tumblr Resident himself (or even a queer person himself lol) and interpret the comment in a humorous way, rather than a critical one and that seems important to me. like a (hetero) outsider can’t rly make that comment without being completely offensive and horrible but dan felt like he could make it, and in so doing, he sort of puts himself on the same level as us in a way? idk. i need to think about this more 

just generally these two videos have given me so much to think about regarding phil and also dnp’s partnership. both videos felt like such a soft and lovely reminder of exactly why i love them so much. the level to which they are able to celebrate each other and demonstrate how much they have in common, how much their senses of humor align, how much they value each others’ opinions and minds, it’s all just so incredible to watch. and phil… like. this was such an important reminder to me of just how deep his creative talent probably runs. if he was making this at 14 (with all the time and effort and dedication and complex thought that that required), i can’t begin to fathom what he could make now, at 30, with 16 more years of knowledge and experience and exposure to all kinds of films and games and books. i feel like phil could make almost anything he wanted. he probably has innate writing talent and ability, and he clearly has the capacity to imagine and construct original characters and worlds. it brings me back to a central question i’ve always had about phil which is why he doesn’t exercise this creative energy more and why he is happy making things for AP that are, to be frank, somewhat formulaic and frequently just vlogs about his own life. i could ramble on that subject for a while as there are a few ideas in my mind for why he put himself into the AP box (security probably foremost on that list) but i’ll save that for another time. i’m just so happy they chose to make these videos though. it was so incredibly original and refreshing and beautiful to see them have so much fun and share in their love for each other. some of the best dapg content ever, for sure.

(mark of oxin 2

The Mystery of Y/N (Part 2)

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Pairing: N/A

Requested: Nope

Summary: You’re at a party when you mysteriously disappear. You’re friends work together to try and piece together what happened to you leading up to your disappearance. Little did they now they all know a part of the reason why. What happens when they find out the truth?

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Part 1 <- Part 2 -> Part 3

Italics mean Flashback

Chapter 2 - Cheryl’s POV

It was your annual summer sleepover that you have with Cheryl, to mark the start of summer. It was her turn to host it. You were laying on her bed reading a magazine whilst she was going through her closet, it was one of your traditions sorting through her clothes to make space for some new ones in the new year, when your phones buzzed signalling a text. You looked at the text and chuckled to yourself causing Cheryl to quirk her eyebrow at you in confusion. “What’s so funny, Y/N?” She asked. 

“Oh, nothing.” You tried to play it off as nothing but the huge grin on your face didn’t help. Cheryl just brushed it off and went back to sorting her clothes when your phone buzzed again and another laugh erupted from you. 

“You can’t pull one over on me, Y/N so spill. Who are you texting that is so funny and you’d rather be texting then help me with my clothes.”

“It’s just this guy." 

"A guy? I didn’t know there was a guy. How come you didn’t tell me?” Cheryl questioned you, making her way to her bed to lay next to you. It was only the start of the sleepover and you were both gossiping already. 

“There’s not much to tell. It’s just a casual thing. No strings attached.” You laid there staring at the ceiling whilst Cheryl played with your hair. 

“But you want it to be more?” She inquired.

“No.” You replied straight away, maybe too quickly. “I mean, I don’t know." 

"So, who is this guy? Do I know him?” Cheryl asked eagerly.

“Now that, my friend is a secret.” You told her with a sly grin.


Veronica was a woman on a mission. She made a beeline, with everyone trying to keep up and follow her, to where Cheryl was sitting with her minions surrounding her. “Well, if it isn’t the sad breakfast club." 

"Cheryl we need your help.” Veronica announced. Cheryl rolled her eyes disinterested in what they have to say before she added. “It’s about Y/N.” When Veronica said that Cheryl’s interest spiked and shooed her minions away so they could talk freely. 

“How can I help?” She asked.

“You were the last person to see her, right?” Jughead chimed in. 

“Yes but I had nothing to do with her disappearance.” Cheryl said defensively. “We talked and then we went our separate ways. She was fine when I left. I just- I can’t help but think that what if I stayed with her or something, maybe she wouldn’t be missing." 

"What were you talking about?” Betty wondered, her tone was calm compared to the others. 

“I was concerned for her. She walked into the pep rally bonfire already drunk. It’s unlike her to do so, I just thought something happened with this guy she was seeing." 

"She was seeing someone?” Kevin asked shocked. 

“Yes. I found out about it at our sleepover. She told me she was seeing this guy, has been since the start of summer, and that it was casual. I asked if she wanted it to be more and she told me she doesn’t know. I think something happened between the two of them but I don’t know what." 

"So you’re saying that he might have had something to do with why she disappeared.” Veronica said in a hushed tone, subconsciously thinking that he might be listening. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t think so. Apparently he was a nice guy who was caring." 

"You don’t sound convinced.” Jughead observed Cheryl’s tone.

“The way I see it is that if he was a nice guy who was caring he wouldn’t have wanted to keep it a secret. It was his idea to do exactly that. He also wouldn’t have hurt her.” Cheryl paused for a moment remembering the conversation they had that night you disappeared. “When I asked her about him that night she told me he broke things off with her saying the little arrangement they had was fun but it meant nothing and that it was over. It hurt Y/N when he told her that. That’s why that night I asked her about it, to comfort her but she blew me off when I tried to push for more information so I went back to the bonfire." 

"Who is he?” Archie piped up.

“I don’t know. All she told me was a nickname. She never revealed his identity but there were a few things she did tell me about him. Like how he was popular and not a relationship type of guy. She also told me he was sweet and caring and he was just misunderstood. To me though it sounds like he’s understood all right. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ditched Y/N to hook up with another river vixen to add another notch on his belt so after summer he could brag to his jock friends about how many girls he hooked up with." 

"I thought you said you don’t know who he is.” Betty pointed out. 

“I don’t but I have my suspicions." 

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So I watched the Inhumans premiere tonight. My dad watched it with me, which was great, I love it when he watches stuff with me. As for what I thought…

I like it just fine?

People make fun of the costumes but there weren’t any I hated, and I actually liked Crystal’s, I thought it was a pretty good way of adapting her canon looks. I’ve also heard people made fun of the special effects but like…I didn’t see anything that bothered me there either? Of course, I love cheesy made-for-TV sci-fi movies, and their CGI is way worse. I guess Gorgon’s legs looked pretty fake but you don’t really see them enough for it to be an issue.

I don’t know the characters well enough to say how well or poorly their personalities were adapted to the screen, but the direction they went with Maximus was an interesting one. I know enough to know it’s different from the comics, but I don’t think it was bad. Again though, as someone who’s not an Inhumans reader, it might have been a terrible choice for all I know. I also liked this Maximus just fine, but I prefer the OTT bombastic Maximus from the comics. He’s a lot funnier there! But he does make a sufficiently threatening and interesting bad guy here too, even if he’s in a cliché role (the evil younger brother of the king who wants to take his throne and wife because he’s the black sheep of the family) I love the relationship they gave him with the prophetic kid, that we saw some empathy with him that didn’t decrease from his villainy. And his motive was more complex than just wanting to be king too; Attilan is a legitimately flawed society and changing it is a good thing. He’s just doing it by terrible means.

I also like that Black Bolt used sign language, and the bit where he puts his heart to the communicator to let Medusa know he’s alive was both clever and sweet.

If I’ve got one complaint, it’s that I don’t like seeing Auran as a bad guy loyal to Maximus. She also never shows Auran’s powers from the comics, so between that and not looking like Auran either, I don’t see why they even gave her Auran’s name.


Step by Step - Baekhyun (Fluff)

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agust-d8 said:Can i have a baekhyun scenario please? When the reader is so quiet when they met like she would just reply with a few words but then they got closer and she was even louder than baekhyun and everytime theyre together they irritate the other members because of their loudness? THANK YOU 

 A/N: I know I said I was going to post this earlier this week but I had finals and I thought I would have time to finish it and I didn’t, so I’m sorry about that, but I thought this request was really cute and stuff so yeah, thanks <3

“Since when are you hesitant to go talk to someone?” Jongdae looked at Baekhyun as he observed he was fidgeting and shortly pacing back and forth.

“It’s just that she might think I look weird, at least right now”, he answered.

“What? Why? Because of your hair?”

“Yeah, it’s not like she knows this is for work” Baekhyun said slightly annoyed.

Jongdae laughed at how frustrated he looked and tried to give him more confiance “I don’t think she’ll care about that, just go talk to her, you never know”

“You think so?”

“Sure, you always say you can do anything ,we’ll be waiting here”

“Okay” Baekhyun nodded and went in the direction of the girl who looked interested in the old vinyl records displayed in the store.

You searched to see if you could find something unique for your vinyl records collection but most of the ones they were selling were classics that you already owned, suddenly you hear a guy say loudly beside you “ah, this one is really good”.

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“Soulmates” - Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine

request: Hi could tou do a remus x reader where the reader is badass but believes in soulmates and spirit guides and reincarnation and is just really spiritual and hes in love with the way she looks at life and one day sirius asks whether remus and reader met in a past life (for funsies£cuz they spend so much time together and she says that they were married then immediately get embarrassed bc why did she just say that I think it would be cute i dunno

— Here it is. Hope it’s what you imagined ! ♡ 

“What are y'all doing?” you said sitting at the library table with the four Marauders, putting your feet on the table.

“Nothing much, what about you?” asked James with a smirk upon his lips because of how Remus tensed when you arrived.

“Well, got a question for you. Do you believe in soulmates ?” you asked, putting down your feet on the ground to get closer to them.

Sirius rolled his eyes in a huff and Remus frowned. Peter started thinking and James had a big smile.

“Of course. Evans is mine!” he said cockily.

“I said in soulmates, not in stupidity.” you said rolling your eyes, making the three other boys laugh.

“Well, why don’t you tell us ?” asked you Sirius, interested as he doesn’t believe in it.

“Contrarily to you, Casanova, I believe in it. I think people are just meant to be together. They just click when they meet and they are linked forever no matter what!” you explained.

After a long talk on this subject and also spirits, which consisted mostly on you and Sirius arguing with different opinions, you all headed to the Great Hall for some dinner. You sat and started to eat with your mates, when Remus leaned to you.

“Are you okay, dear?”

“Yes, don’t worry.” you said breaking into a grin. “He just got me frustrated, I don’t get how he can’t see it.”

“You know, I think you’re right. And I love how you think..” he admitted.

You thanked him and he kissed your cheek. Remus really loved your way of seeing life, he wished he was more like you spiritually wise. You were always positive, all about learning about past centuries and believing in most ancient theories, he just found that incredibly interesting about you. Even when he told you he was a werewolf, you found a good side on this, saying it made him different and so, special. He loved the way you thought so much.

Right after dinner you all went to hang out in the common room. Peter was trying to finish an essay, Sirius and James were talking Quidditch and you and Remus were on the couch, cuddling and chatting away without stopping. Sirius and James stopped and looked at you two as you guys were so loud. Due to the silence, you both stopped to look at them.

“Is there a problem?” you asked.

“Yeah, you guys are so loud. It’s like girls having a night in!” teased James.

“Shut it, Prongs!” replied Remus before kissing your cheek.

As you looked back at them after smiling to Remus, you saw Sirius with an amused smirk that didn’t announce anything good.

“What are you thinking, Black?” you asked suspiciously.

“I am starting to believe this soulmate theory..”

“Really?” you said excitedly.

“Yeah, I mean, look at you and Remus!”

“C'mon mate” “Shut up!” you both said in unison.

It only made Sirius smirk more as you earlier said soulmates speak at the same time sometimes.

“Don’t.” you said, knowing what he thought.

“No but, joke aside, have you guys like met in a past life or what?” he said smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, we were married!” you said rolling your eyes.

This caused a silence in the whole room, only making Sirius nod his head smirking while you and Remus looked as red as the Gryffindor coloured couch you were sitting  on. You started stammering, trying to correct yourself, but Remus cut you off.

“Maybe we were, actually.” he said smirking at you.

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I just have intense disdain for anyone who tries to justify mikasa’s breast enhancement surgery.

There is literally no reason for that EXCEPT that the animation studio thought no one would like a flat chested girl.

Or they wouldn’t think it’s believable maybe.

“An anime girl with an A cup? Preposterous!”

You can’t give me a legitimate reason why that was necessary without saying that you don’t think female characters can be interesting and loved without being attractive.

It would’ve been great if all the female characters were as flat as they are in the manga.

But Japan, man.

Hanji Zoe is nonbinary, Isayama said their gender is open to interpretation.

But the anime sees the potential for a hot girl, so throw some boobs on her.

Mikasa, designated love interest?

Gotta give her something the thirty year old men can look at.

I mean.

That post that went around, about how many grown adults want to grope mikasa’s unconscious chest?

Guess we gotta cater to them.

They can’t just go watch hentai or read Tokyo ghoul re.

They have to make every goddamn female character walking sex appeal.


My only solace is that they didn’t sexualize yumikuri, but then they gave me a slow motion Annie leonhardt arching her back.

Another fifteen year old girl whose ass we’re supposed to imagine groping, yeah ok.

cantspellreyeswithoutyes  asked:

What about some heroes of your choice reacting to their fan(s)? Receiving handmade gifts, someone crying right after seeing them, some scandalous ones screaming their lungs out or even something like a shy fan slowly approaching <3

((Here you go Hun! I went with Zenyatta, Soldier76, Hanzo, and Mccree, as I think their reactions would be interesting. I also did these as headcanons, Hope you enjoy!))


•Is taken aback at first, he didn’t think there were this many people that liked omnics, let alone a simple monk.

•once he gets used to it though, he’s very happy.

•Doesn’t mind any shippings all that much.

•Would most likely use his fanbase to further spread the message of peace, especially once he sees how much discord and toxicity there can be in other parts of the fandom.

•enjoys the fanart and writings, not just of himself but of the others too. The talent amazes him!

•If he comes across any NSFW type things of him, he’ll be more confused and possibly even a bit amused if anything.
-“You do know I do not have any reproductive modules, correct?”

•It intrigues him to see how others interpret him if he were a human.

•Someone crying? Boom, harmony orb. Doesn’t matter if it’s out of happiness, he doesn’t like to see anyone upset.

•Enjoys the gifts he gets. If it’s clothes or something of that sort he’ll keep it for sure.

•Particularly enjoys when a shy fan approaches, he finds their shy/quiet nature cute.


•If anything it’d probably make him a little uncomfortable, especially the younger female fans.

•Likes the fact that people appreciates his dad jokes though.

•He’ll call the fans Young Punks. Will occasionally use Kiddo on the shyer fans.

•"You ship me? Like a boat? What?“

•The whole ‘Tor-till-ah vs Tor-tia’ thing amuses him.

•Wouldn’t care for the screaming/shouting. Seriously, it annoys him.

•If he sees anything nsfw that concerns/groups him in, he’d either sink to the floor in embarrassment while asking Gabe to end him or he’d slowly ‘nope’ out of the room.

•He wouldn’t really care for the gifts, but would accept them none the less. Most would be given away as he never settles down long enough to use anything and must travel light but he’d keep a few.


•Poor man is just confused and tense. He’s never been good with people, but this many? Woo boy.

•The left tit jokes actually gets him to give a snort of laughter. He didn’t think it was that funny until now.

•Cosplay impresses him. Especially those who choose to go as one of the omnics.

•Enjoys the more quiet/shy fans. He himself isn’t a man of many words or emotions so someone similar puts him at ease a bit.

•Anything NSFW? Oops, looks like Hanzo.exe has stopped working. Please try again later.

•His dragons are fearsome, ancient spirits, it both annoys and amuses him when people portray them acting similar to cats or dogs.

•Doesn’t like the fact that some fans try to justify what he did to Genji. Seriously if you do that he will immediately shut you down and tell you to leave.

•Similar to 76, he never stays long in one place and needs to travel light so most gifts would be given back or be given to others. He’d keep some however.

•He doesn’t really get why someone would cry after meeting him. He’s just a normal person so he doesn’t see a reason to get that emotional.


•I’m sorry, did someone say 'Ego Boost’?

•Biggest shit eating grin ever.

•Shy fan? Prepare for a little teasing.
-“Come on now, Darlin’, I don’t bite. Unless ya want me to that is~”

•The high noon jokes get a little old at times.

•Worried and confused when he notices someone crying after meeting him, thinks he said something wrong until it’s cleared up.

•Likes the gifts. Will keep as many as he can, handmade ones especially, but a few may have to be given away for the sake of his never staying in one place too long. Particularly likes if he’s given a new pair of spurs or a good bottle of whiskey.

•NSFW stuff doesn’t really affect him all that much.

•The shipping aspect of the fandom just confuses him more than anything.
“Y'know Reyes was like a dad to me…yeah?”
“Hanzo and I have never met in person…y'all know that right?”

blackofhairandheart2  asked:

1) They could have been invented by the CotF as a nuclear option that they never used during the initial war. Then they get packed away in the far North until the CotF start to dwindle and don't have the numbers to keep the Others dormant via magic. That accounts for the Pact/Long Night gap. I don't really have anything for the Essos thing, but that whole situation is vague to the point that I accept the connections as being thematic rather than something that needs logistical explanations.

2) That’s obviously all very speculative, but Martin could work it into something better than I just did. I find “omnicidal ice demons invented by an ostensibly good race” more interesting than “omnicidal ice demons, the end”, if only by a matter of degrees. Also, I know show is show/books are books but I feel like one of the first end game questions D&D would have had was “What’s the deal with the Others?” and if Martin was like “they’re just evil” why would D&D have not kept it that simple?

1) I don’t really get the timeline there. The Children had their back up against the wall (heh), facing extinction. Why would they not use the “nuclear option” at that point? If not then, when? Moreover, the Others kill and/or enslave all life and cover everything in ice. How would that benefit the nature-loving Children? As for Essos, it’s really not vague at all: the Long Night showed up everywhere last time around, and so societies all over the world have their stories of how it got pushed back. Any explanation of the Others that doesn’t account for that is wanting. 

2) I think the Others are less interesting if they were just created by the Children because it removes any agency or motivation on their part, and to me, it doesn’t come off as a deconstruction of the Children as an “ostensibly good race.” It comes off (as it did in the show) as LOOK WHAT YOU MADE THEM DO, HUMANITY. Which is just so heavy-handed and on-the-nose; it basically turns ASOIAF into Ferngully. As for D&D, they explicitly change things all the time because they didn’t like how it went in the book or they have a version they think works better–see Stannis, for example. The show alone is not evidence. 

A little drabble

Set after chapter 27

A little fantasy I’ve been obsessing about for the past month or so, so much that I had to write it down.

Be warned, as I rarely write and English is not my native language, some sentences and word choices are bound to be a little awkward (or downright incorrect). And the rules for the use of punctuation signs differ a lot between English and French, so I probably got it wrong somewhere too. And I can’t get my software’s spell check to work in English, so there are probably typos in there as well.

Also, the story itself is a bit corny and OOC. Actually, I got carried away by my own fic and didn’t know how to end it.

For all these reasons, I’m far from 100% satisfied with it. I keep amending it a little, in the hope that I can make it better.

I’ve been lurking around the Saezuru fandom for a year, and never participated in anything. I took and never gave, not even an anon post or an intake on anyone’s theory. So now, I’m contributing with something, however small or lacking (or corny or OOC). I hope you enjoy reading it!

Doumeki burst into the room.

Kageyama and Kuga sprang apart. Clearly, Kuga had been trying to seduce a relunctant Kageyama into having sex at the clinic, as he often did – sometimes successfully. At the unexpected intrusion, Kuga shouted an angry ‘Who the -?’ and seemed ready to throw a few punches. But when the identity of the intruder was revealed, his expression actually turned pleased.


In a flash, he crossed the room to where Doumeki was frowning, looking lost and supremely oblivious to the two people in the room. His gaze swept the room twice before finally settling on them.

'Is Boss here?’ he asked with even more intensity than usual.

'What? Uh, no, haven’t seen him since yesterday.’ answered Kuga. 'Why, is playing hide and seek a new fantasy of his?’

The taller man ignored this as if he had not heard (indeed, he had not) and started to retreat, mumbling what sounded like a vague apology. Kuga, now very intrigued, grabed Doumeki’s arm, pulled him back into the room and threw him into a nearby chair, alarmed at the half-hearted way Doumeki was trying to fend him off. The more he watched him, the more he realised how dejected and anxious Doumeki was. He looked like an overgrown child who had just learned that his parents had abandoned him.

'What the hell’s wrong with you?’

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little miss (jane/kurt + eden + oggie drabble)

summary: the wellers spend another weekend at the lake

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: thank you, thank you @kate-dammit-run for this lovely prompt and loaning me precious Oggie! I played around a bit with how he came to join the Weller family, I hope you don’t mind.

little miss

“Oggieeeeeeee….sit! Sit, Oggie! Sit!”

Jane chuckled as she sat back on the lounge chair, cradling her sleeping son, Charlie, against her chest.

She watched as Eden stood on the dock, gesturing excitedly at the puppy that stood opposite her. The puppy stared back at her, following her hand with his head, but not following her command.

“You can do it, Oggie! Sit!” Eden clapped her hands, and hopped in place hopefully.

Oggie barked in response.

“Well, that’s something,” Kurt said as he walked up behind her, handing her an iced tea before sitting down in the chair next to hers.

Jane laughed and took a sip of her drink, shaking her head as they watched Eden and the newest member of their family, the puppy they had adopted for her fourth birthday.

“I don’t think the Eden Weller Puppy School is going to be taking off any time soon,” Kurt said quietly, leaning back in his own chair and stretching his feet out in front of him.

“Well, it’s a good thing the Kurt Weller Puppy School is a smashing success, right?” Jane answered, raising an eyebrow at him and it was Kurt’s turn to laugh.

Despite Eden’s best efforts, Kurt was the only person in the family that Oggie would listen to, following his every command, which was ironic since Kurt had been the one most reluctant about getting a dog. But once his little girl asked for something, he was incapable of saying no.

Upon seeing how obedient Oggie was with Kurt, Jane had joked that he should quit the FBI and start entering Oggie in dog shows.

“I think you guys could really develop a solid prance together,” she’d teased him.

While Oggie didn’t seem interested in listening to any of Eden’s commands, he was literally attached to her hip, following her around wherever she went. They were absolutely inseparable, with Eden even insisting on putting Oggie’s bed in her room, both here at the lake and at home in the city.

“Mommy! Did you see?! Oggie barked when I clapped!” Eden came running down the dock towards them, Oggie following her closely, as usual.

“I saw, baby! He did!” Jane reached out and wrapped her arm around Eden’s waist, pulling her up against her side, keeping her other hand on Charlie’s back. Eden leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of her baby brother’s head.

“Charlie, Oggie’s listening to me,” she whispered proudly and Jane looked over at Kurt with a smile.

“Eden, why don’t you put Oggie’s lifejacket on and we’ll all go for a boat ride?” Kurt suggested. Eden’s face broke out into a smile and she raced towards the boathouse, Oggie running right behind her.

Jane and Kurt laughed as Charlie stirred on Jane’s chest, starting to fuss.

“Perfect timing, buddy,” Kurt said, leaning over and brushing his lips against his son’s temple.

“I’ll go feed and change him, you can wrangle those two,” Jane said, nodding over towards the boathouse. They both looked over, laughing at the sight in front of them.

Eden held Oggie’s lifejacket out, chasing after him, attempting to put it on him as he ran circles around her. Kurt shook his head with a laugh as he stood up extending his hand to Jane to help her and Charlie up.


Twenty minutes later, they were all piled into their boat, with Eden and Oggie sitting at the front, and Jane sitting at the back with Charlie, all three “kids” in their lifejackets.

“Eden, sit on your bum and hold on tight to the handle, OK?” Jane called out, seeing her daughter sitting up on her knees with her hands hooked through Oggie’s lifejacket.

“But mommy, I’m holding on to Oggie! And I can’t see if I sit on my bum,” Eden protested.

“I know baby, but you have to hold on to the handle and daddy’s not going to drive until your bum is on the seat. You know the rules if you want to sit up front like a big girl,” Jane reminded her.

Kurt tried to hide his grin as he looked between his wife and his daughter, his hands resting on the steering wheel of the boat.

Eden pouted but relented, letting go of Oggie and holding on to the handle as she sat back on the seat.

Luckily, her frown didn’t last long, as Oggie jumped into Eden’s lap, snuggling in between her crossed legs, bringing a huge smile to her face.

Kurt looked back at Jane with a smile as he started the boat.

“I may run a good puppy school, I’ve got nothing when it comes to you with Eden.” Jane laughed as she pulled Charlie closer to her chest.

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger,” Jane teased. Kurt shrugged his shoulders as he backed the boat away from the dock.

“You all do, honey. You all do.”

nerd-most-likely  asked:

So I'm writing a novel. You know how it's just best to poop out the first draft basically ASAP? Well I'm writing and now that I'm getting to the end of it, somehow I find out much to my own damn surprise that it's actually in first person of this prophet who's fault it basically is for every ounce of the problems protagonist and crew have had. I've been writing in what I guess was assuming it was third person. Is this weird? Or do I need to go back and rewrite at what was a 3 am sleep drunk?

Isn’t writing fun? 

This is not weird at all. In fact, it’s completely normal. I’ve been working on my novel for a good three years now, and my current antagonists used to be the good guys. And my former antagonist became a good guy, and then became ambiguous, and then kind of became a bad guy again. Obviously things can change drastically as you’re writing a novel. 

But sometimes you just gotta roll with these punches and find intrigue in it. Our creativity ebbs and flows, and it’ll go in directions we don’t expect. One way I find enjoyment in it is being able to look back at where I started and see how far I’ve come. The journey our stories go through act like journals of our writing progress, without us actually having to journal. Won’t it be fun in years ahead to look back and see where your story began?

I don’t think you have to rewrite something just because it didn’t turn out how you expected. But you may have to take the time and see if you “come to your senses” or if this new direction is in fact the new direction. Was it a temporary moment of sleep-deprived insanity? Or was it a new idea germinating, only needing some encouragement from you to grow?

Considering you asked this question several weeks back (my apologies), I’m sure you might know by now how you feel about it. Who do you think the protagonist is? The prophet? Or the ones the prophet is causing problems for? What’s more, are you dealing with an “evil protagonist,” or do you think the motives or your prophet have changed to the point where this character is not the evil one, but the other characters are

In my little personal story up above, I mentioned that my antagonists changed throughout my writing, and this was a result of my exploring their motives more. Originally, they were simply background support for the protagonist. When I thought about why they were helping my characters stop the antagonist, it all came across as really self serving, and a lightbulb hit me late at night and I took their self serving motives and actually made them into malicious motives. And a new antagonist was born. And they were far more interesting as an antagonist than as background support for the protagonist. It was a huge change, but it excited me, so I went with it. 

So @nerd-most-likely, I think you should evaluate the motives of your characters to see what it is they really want. Once you can clearly state what each side wants, try to figure out how those wants affect the other side, and then further, what they will do about it. For example, what does the prophet want? And how exactly do those wants create chaos for your other characters? You alluded to it a LOT of chaos for those other characters, but was it intentional? What is the prophet going to do it about now? Try to help them, or continue to create more problems? 

Once you have that detailed out, look at it from the other perspective. What do those other characters want? In this case, solving all the chaos the prophet created could be part of it, and in achieving that goal of solving the chaos, is the prophet affected? Do they have to “defeat” the prophet to resolve the problems? 

Through this process, you might discover that both sides are truly at odds with each other. One side needs the other to fail in order to succeed. <<When this becomes true of your story, you’ve defined a protagonist/antagonist dynamic. Now you just have to decide which is which.

There’s potentially two stories you can tell here. The prophet’s story, and how the other characters’ actions affect that story; and the story of the characters, and how the prophet’s actions affect that story. You get to decide which one appeals to you more. Regardless of who the “evil” one is, you get to choose whose story sounds most fascinating. Even if the prophet is the one in the wrong, that story could be the better story. There’s no rule that says you can’t write stories from the perspective of the villains. You might even decide to write from both perspectives, so readers see both sides of the story and have to decide for themselves whose side they’re going to take in the end. 

As far as point of view goes, switch to first person if that feels more comfortable for you. I’m a huge advocate of staying in your comfort zone with point of view, and only challenging yourself if it’s something you want to do. It’s unusual for a story to use both first and third person perspectives, but it’s not non-existent. Storytelling is about experimentation, so experiment! 

I hope this was helpful! You are certainly not alone in dealing with drastic story changes as you’re writing. As frustrating as it can be to back track and change things you’ve already written, it’s also kind of cool to see the way our creativity…creates things. It’s not instantaneous - it’s a process that requires patience, and sometimes you have to put the pause button on “focus” because the attention span of creativity can be next to nothing. 

So just go with it! Good luck with your story :)


Hidden Rooms

Summary: Every night you hear noises in your closet, every night you pay a visit.

Joshua x reader x Mingyu 

Wonwoo [here], Dk [here], Hoshi/Woozi [here]

Word Count: 3,779

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self fic rec challenge

i was thinking about this thing and how i’d probably rec completely different fics now than i did before, so i looked for it and the last time it went around was actually 5 months ago today. so i’m doing it again! it’s a bit weird because you’re supposed to rec 5 of your own fics, but i’ll power through lol i’m interested to see if anyone else changes their recs this time around.

in order that they were written (i think lol) my 5 favorite fics and why i love them:

  1. fall at my door - i reread this one. that’s kind of a big sign for me lol so if i want to read my own fic again and again… i love how clueless they both are, how they’re both falling for each other without knowing it for sooo long! umm there’s a lot of sex in this fic. a lot. but i think that’s just part of the whole plot. they aren’t sleeping with other people, so when they do see each other, they’re getting as much contact as they can. and they only way they think they’re able to spend time together is naked 
  2. it had to be you - the when harry met sally fic! i love this one because it was a real challenge for me to write. i’d never considered writing a fic based on a movie before, but i’d always wanted to see a whms fic? i wanted to add so much of the movie, but i wanted to make it my own, and i feel like i balanced that. there’s a good bit of recognizable movie stuff, but extra scenes and changed… or added to parts? idk but i love it. also! there’s no smut. there’s like… non explicit sex. also! watching the movie and writing this, i hated the end of the movie!! she forgives him so easily! 
  3. has the ocean lost its way - i love this fic. it’s the first fic i had to research anything for. there are two original characters and i love them so much. i put a lot of myself into both of them, i think. the whole surf contest was fun to learn about and i think i conveyed that atmosphere. 
  4. stranded in a dream - the married in vegas fic i never intended to write! ha! this fic cracks me up when i read it. i think there is so much to it that’s just fun, but also sweet. and it’s a bit ridiculous. 
  5. don’t want shelter - haha! of course i’m including this one. it’s the longest thing i’ve written but i feel the most connected to it. it feels like real life stuff to me, their issues with each other and in their lives. idk. i loved writing it, i’ve loved editing it so far, i love reading it over and over and i’m loving posting it and seeing people’s reactions. it’s my favorite fic out of all of them, and apparently i have 18 lol!

so, the thing that all 5 of these have in common is that i enjoy reading them over and over again. they’re all different. ohh and i just looked, one is from both pov, two are harry pov, and two are louis pov. interesting. and every fic is a different trope. famous/famous/fwb, hate to friends to love, the whole nomadic lifestyle of htoliw, drunken strangers getting married in vegas, and growing up together to friends to enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers lol

okay! so i’m tagging 5 people because i make the rules here and i say you rec 5 of your own fics and tag 5 people to do this!

@louandhazaf @dinosaursmate @phd-mama @allwaswell16 @horsegirlharry

Something Over-Final

Something Odd Finale

 Special Thanks To:





And everyone who has read this story, liked it, reblogged it, even just acknowledged its existence. Thank you!


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 Peter couldn’t hear much besides Mrs. [L/n] ruffling around the apartment. Each time she walked by, he attempted to ask her what few questions he had. For the most part, he knew where you’d gone. Though he didn’t exactly know “where” that place is.

“Miss-” “Miss-” “Uhm, miss-” Peter continued to begin his questions only to get shut down by the lady of the house through a series of annoyed grunts. “Can you please tell me what you’re doing?!” Peter finally exclaimed.

Mrs. [L/n] had vanished into her bedroom now. “Preparing!” she called out. Peter blinked once, then twice. He then walked up the hallway and stood at the entrance of the bedroom. “I don’t really understand,” he told her slowly. “You don’t understand much, do you?” Mrs. [L/n] said without looking at him. She was sitting on the floor, wedging the prongs of a fork-When did she get a fork? Peter wondered-between the floorboards. “Listen, Peter, you should probably just stay away from this situation. I am more than capable of handling it.”

“Ma’am, not to be rude or anything, you can’t even pry up laminate flooring.”

She dropped the fork and sent him a small though familiar glare but he didn’t have time to be delighted by the likeness of [Y/n] and her mother. “It’s hardwood flooring, for the record,” she said with an edge on her voice. “Just help me. You’re Spider-Man, right?”

Peter’s mind still felt boggled at more people than just Mr. Stark, Happy, Ned, and [Y/n] knowing, even if it was just Mrs. [L/n]. Despite the small confusion and anxiousness that caused, he knelt down beside Mrs. [L/n] anyways. Peter managed to dig up one, placing it neatly on the bed. While they continued to dig, Peter finally asked what was eating his mind away. “Where is [Y/n] going?”

Mrs. [L/n] didn’t look at him again while she tore up planks. “After your aunt. Her father.”

“How does she know where to go? And if we can’t find her, then how can we know where to go?”

Again, there wasn’t an answer.

“What does Mr. … what is his last name? And what does he want with May? Is this really all for getting back at you?”

She slammed the next plank down a bit too harshly for Peter’s liking but he didn’t flinch or stir. “Dammit. You’re very talkative, you know.”

Peter shrugged. “I’m an only child. I never had anyone to compete with for attention. You can call it a force of habit, if you’d like. So?”

She stared at him, shrugging aimlessly. Her eyes, despite the lack of [Y/n]’s color, looked exactly like hers. The same shape, the same fierceness that Peter admired. “So, what?”

“So, what did he take May for?” Peter demanded. “Mrs. [L/n], please just-”

“Don’t call me that. Call me Alya.” Peter fell short of words. “I thought your name was…not Alya.”

“Well it’s also not [L/n],” she retorted. “My name-true name-is Alya. And I…I don’t know if I should tell you too much. It’d be-”

“Dangerous? I’m used to it,” Peter interjected. “Just please tell me. That’s my aunt. That’s my family. I have no one else, Mrs.-Alya. No siblings, no parents. No uncle, not anymore. Just her. And I need to protect her and [Y/n] but I can’t do that if you don’t let me!”

He hadn’t realized how loud he’d gotten until he finished speaking, his words looping in his ears like a broken record. He shied away again, averting his brown eyes from Alya. She smacked her thinning lips and slowly nodded her head in agreement. “If I tell you then you aren’t going to be able to leave me to do this on my own. I’m not sure if that’s truly what you want.”

Peter sighed deeply. “If I didn’t want to help, we wouldn’t be talking right now.”

Alya tilted her head to the side while considering the thought. She supposed it was true. “Fine.” While digging her hands through the floor, she grumbled something to herself.

“What?” Peter asked. “I said, that you’re a real pain. Do you remember what happened a few years ago? The fiasco with Thor and Loki and your other avengers?”

Peter wanted to say that they weren’t his avengers but she’d already continued on.

“Loki was taken into confinement and then killed later on. It’s why Thor wasn’t seen with the Captain man and the soldier. Words of Loki’s death has spread throughout the world-my world-like poison in the veins of a man. Loki has always had a strong grip on people. Greatly admired and feared as well. I cannot say there’s much of a difference anymore. But if her father is planning to do what I fear then we do not have a lot of time.”

Peter felt his heart pounding the way it would when he half expected a monster to appear in a horror film. “What is he going to do?”

“There’s a ritual of life and death that we know of. One which includes the offering of a woman with beauty beyond compare in exchange for a life beyond this world.”

Peter sucked in a breath. “My aunt…in exchange for-”

“In exchange for Loki, yes. Probably to bring him back to this planet and realm to finish what Loki had started.”

Your father intended to kill Aunt May for Loki.

Sure enough, May’s debit card was just where she said it would be. She’d given you the information before swiftly hanging up. You had enough to actually travel now, do what you’d been born to do and save May!

Your mother would have to survive a week or two without you.

John F. Kennedy airport was right there in Queens, thank goodness.

You stuffed the money to the cabbie before rushing inside. You had your bag over your shoulder, newly stuffed with a sweater from Peter’s dresser. And for good measure, you were wearing one that you just adored on him. At first you weren’t going to take them but while you stood there, surrounded by the ruin of his apartment, you figured you could use the comfort.

You wore one now, actually. It smelled of Peter, the same cool mint and fresh pages of book that had been on his skin when you first met, on his mouth when you first kissed.

Now, while you confirmed the flight with an attendant, you wondered if you would be able to kiss him ever again. The thought clouded your mind to the point you missed a lot of the nice woman’s questions.

“W-wait, what was that price?!” you exclaimed after a moment. “$2, 500, Miss. Is that not what you originally paid online?”

You shook your head, plastering a smile onto your mouth. “No it is. I just momentarily forgot what such a spontaneous flight would cost me!” I’m so, so sorry, May. Man, I’m in so much debt. Mom will kill me once this is all over! Maybe I’ll die in the process of this fiasco and avoid her anger.

The woman chuckled and snapped you from your thoughts. “I know. It’s crazy, huh? And can I just see your I.D?”

Oh. Shit. The attendant noticed your hesitation and shook her head. “Don’t worry, just to ensure you’re not a minor attempting to run away or what not!”

BUT I AM A MINOR. Oh, no. I have May’s ID card…can I pass for her? Gosh, of course not. Now what?!

You reached into the pocket of your jeans, showing the driver’s permit you had with a cringe of pain for what was about to happen. Not even a license. Dammit. I shouldn’t have been so lazy this summer! Why can’t I just look like May?!

“Enjoy your flight, Ms. Parker,” the woman bid you once everything had been complete.

You replied with a “You, too” while journeying off. It almost didn’t cross your mind that she called you Parker rather than [L/n], since you were mostly beating yourself up for saying “You too.”

But once that dawned on you, you stopped mid step and backtracked to the woman. “What did you say?”

“I said I hope you enjoy your flight, Ms. Parker. If you want to sleep, I’ll make sure you’re woken up so you don’t miss it.”

Your eyes darted around and you craned your neck over your shoulder, half expecting to see someone as confused as you; even though no one here actually knew who you were. “Uhm. Yes I would like that! Thank you very much.”

How interesting, you think. Earthquakes, super healing, and manipulation. I could be an Avenger.

There was a small area of sofas where you went to sit. Others were there, sitting, lying, or even sleeping as they waited to board their flights. You set your bag in your lap, leaning your head back on the fluffy cushion.

You raised your hand, hidden with the oversized sleeve, and covered your nose with it. You took a deep breath and again smelled Peter. You fell asleep and dreamed of him.

If you were [Y/n], where would you start?

That question hanged in the air like the moon, bright and obvious. Peter and Alya were attempting to track you down but nothing in your room gave much away aside from the fact you intended on being gone for a while-a drawer was opened and stripped of clothing. “Her phone charger is gone,” Peter also pointed out. “Though it usually is always on her person,” Alya pointed out.”That girl. Always on that phone of hers.”

“Because her social anxiety,” Peter said-it was a reflex, protecting and defending the girl he loved very dearly. Even before they’d dated, he got used to standing up for her. And she got used to standing up for him. At one point she got suspended for punching Flash in the face during fifth period, all because he was messing with Peter.

Alya blanched. Peter realized his words may have been too harsh. “I know it’s hard for her. I didn’t mean that I-”

This may have been the only time Peter saw her so flustered.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel as if I didn’t care,” she finally said, gathering herself again. “And I very much love my daughter. I would die for her. I hope that you know this.”

Peter looked away. Why wouldn’t he know this?  “I didn’t mean to-well it’s just I’m so used to sticking up for her.”

Mrs. [L/n]’s eyes darkened. “[Y/n]’s never mentioned anyone teasing her,” she said before running her hands over the bag on the counter. It was what she had produced from beneath the floorboards in her bedroom. For the most part, it looked ordinary-wide with leather on the outside and soft material on the inside. Though there were brass clips with runic language stamped onto them, which hinted to Peter it wasn’t as ordinary as it should be. Inside were some envelopes with rubber bands looped around them and Peter sent Alya a fearful look. “Is that money? Is that stolen money?!” he exclaimed. Alya’s eyes turned onto him sharply. “Absolutely not! If you’re going to suspect everything that I do, then maybe you seriously shouldn’t be here.”

Peter looked back into the leather bag. There were other things on the inside that Alya didn’t let him see. She took a few envelopes out and latched the bag shut, the brass clips giving a loud click once locked in together.

“So now what do we do?” Peter asked. “Can you go get something of hers?”

“Of whos?”

Mrs. [L/n] made an impatient sound. “Of [Y/n]’s.”

“Oh. Oh!” Peter said with a short realization. He looked around the kitchen and into the living room. There was a stack of books on the coffee table. “Will her homework work?” he asked, grabbing one of the textbooks up. He opened it up, rifling through and found a few loose papers. [Y/n]’s name was scribbled at the top in her familiar handwriting. “I suppose,” Mrs. [L/n] said as she leaned over the counter top and took the papers. She crumpled them into a ball. “You ever see magic, kid?” she wondered to him. “Real magic?”

Peter thought back to the airport Mr. Stark took him to. There was a woman there, a pretty one, with long, light brown hair and thick red clothes. She used magic there, red lights like balls of lightning flaring about her hands. “Sort of?” he replied.

“Well that’s about to change to a ‘Yes.’” Mrs. [L/n] pushed the palms of her hand against the paper and orange and blue flames engulfed her hands. Peter stared while the paper simmered to ashes. The flames flickered out completely at Mrs. [L/n] bat of her lashes. She let the ashes fall onto the kitchen floor and then stepped around them. “We’re going to get your costume, kid. Let’s go.” She smacked him on the shoulders while walking past him.

“Uhm. Mrs.-Mrs. [L/n]!” Peter called, looking at the ashes on the floor. “Well it’s not a costume, it’s more of a suit,” he said, mainly to himself as way of comfort. “And what are we doing about this mess of-” The ashes suddenly raised themselves into the air and rushed forwards. Peter narrowly dodged the pile as it slammed itself into the door-it seemed as though the door startled it, so it recoiled back and floated patiently a few inches from the door.

Peter just stared. It had been a while since he’s seen something odd (haaaa get it?) though he quickly adjusted to the exposure.

Mrs. [L/n] reappeared with a heavy looking bag. “Did you just shove clothes in there?” Peter asked with a hint of distaste. Springs of clothes stuck out from the zipper. He found it a bit aesthetically displeasing. “Kid. I will not put up with your Parker shenanigans. I have to hear enough about it from [Y/n]. It’s always just ‘Oh Peter is so’ ‘Oh I love Peter’ ‘Oh did you know that Peter.’”

Peter felt the blush loom over his cheeks like flower petals that fell on top of grass. “Let’s go.”

The ashes led them to JFK airport. They weren’t particularly pleased with Peter when he made a detour to the apartment to grab a few clothes and the suit. Mrs. [L/n] grew impatient when Peter spent a few minutes longer trying to find his favorite blue sweater amongst the rubble from the previous damage Mr. [L/n] had done.

“What is she doing here?” Mrs. [L/n] wondered. “Wait, look at the ashes,” Peter pointed out. They couldn’t see [Y/n] amongst the crowd, but the ashes were doing their job well. With the bag hoisted about her shoulder, Mrs. [L/n] grabbed Peter’s arm and dragged him along. “Whoa, wait, we need a ticket to go here. And a passport. We haven’t brought any of th-”

“Shut up,” Mrs. [L/n]’s annoyed hiss filled Peter’s ear. “Don’t talk and don’t make eye contact.”

Peter closed his mouth and did as she asked.

The boarding entrance was being filled with other people and it was easy to get past the man guarding outside of it.

Really easy. Even though they weren’t at all given a second glance, Mrs. [L/n] didn’t let go of Peter’s forearm.

Finally on the plane and settled into the backmost seats, Mrs. [L/n] let out a wheezing breath. Peter looked at her with concern. “Are you okay?”
“I am… I just haven’t used this much magic at once in a very long time.”

“How did you get us in here?” Peter asked. Mrs. [L/n] leaned back in the seat, dropping the bag onto the floor. “No one saw us. But if you had said something, or even just looked at someone long enough, it might not have worked.”

Before he could say anything, the ashes immediately flew into sight, dropping onto Peter’s lap. They sifted and stuck back together until all that was left was the math assignment, [Y/n]’s name scribbled at the top. “Whoa…” Peter muttered to himself. He folded the paper up, pushing it into his pocket. “Do you see her?” Mrs. [L/n] asked, peeking up over the seats. “No…didn’t the spell work?” he wondered. “Of course it did,” Mrs. [L/n] said proudly. “And she’s right there,” she added, pointing a finger discreetly. Peter saw her.

“She’s wearing the blue sweater,” Peter murmured. “I knew it was missing. But why does she have it? And how is she on a plane to…”

Where was this plane even going? He didn’t have enough time to catch a destination. Mrs. [L/n] shrugged, her eyes already closed as she rubbed her temples. Peter leaned forward and poked the passenger in front of him. “Hey, yeah. Sorry for the interruption, but where are we going?”

The man stared, absolutely puzzled. “France,” he replied slowly. Peter sat back down and shook Mrs. [L/n]’s shoulders. “We’re going to-”

“I know. Hush.”

Everything absolutely seemed surreal. From the ashes tracking his girlfriend to the managing to smuggle their way onto a plane to France.

Peter just wasn’t sure how he should feel. Anxious? Definitely anxious.

“Should we go talk to [Y/n]?” Peter asked sometime later. They were in the air by this time. “No,” her mother replied. “Why?” He couldn’t find a reason not to talk to her-wouldn’t it be better to do that?

“Because I’m going to observe. Observe how she operates this.”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows together. That didn’t make much sense at all. Though he decided not to question it-Mrs. [L/n] was lately not making much sense at all, but seemed to make the right choices.

The silence broke when her mother asked, “Are you and my daughter having sex?”

Peter choked on his breath, sending her a wide eyed stare. “No!” he exclaimed; his voice slightly broke at the end. “No, no, no,” he shook his head vigorously. “I only ask,” she continues, “because her health and power can flow deeply into her sexual relations. Once you do have intimate relations with her, please keep log of her climaxes and usual sex patterns. Climaxing too early or late can mean she’s ill or losing power. I also ask you keep me in check with your sex life.”

She’s insane. She’s…she’s serious! Peter thought to himself.

“I-I don’t know if I can, uhm, manage that…” Peter manages to spit out.

“What? Can’t have sex with my daughter?” Mrs. [L/n] had grown slightly agitated with narrowed eyes. “Is she not good enough?”

Peter swallowed. “No, Mrs. [L/n]! I very much wouldn’t mind doing…intimate things with [Y/n]…”

“Do you mean,” [Y/n]’s mother continues, “that you’re only interested in her body?”

Peter tried to speak but his words came out a wheezy breath as though his lungs were running together like sand paper. Almost mustering the courage to say something he manages out: “I-”

The simple word came out elongated, lasting for a few moments and varying in pitch.

“I sad,” he finally squeaked out. “‘I sad?’” Mrs. [L/n] repeats.

Peter holds up his hands like he’s preparing so say something important. “Flemin tasher mice,” he scrambles over the gibberish words.

Mrs. [L/n] cocked a brow at him. “What?”

“Okay we’re done with this conversation,” Peter sputtered, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back into the seat. Mrs. [L/n] nodded and leaned back to rest her eyes again, clearly unphased. “I need to go to the bathroom,” Peter said decidedly. He really just needed to get away from the weirdness.

She waved a hand in acknowledgement but kept her eyes closed.

He didn’t look back at her when slipping into the small space, separate from the others. No way was he going to hide out in the airplane bathroom.

Just as he began to calm down, there was someone pulling on his ear and hissing to him. “What the hell are you doing here, Peter?!”

Peter blanched when you let him go. He could see that you were angry. “Okay, so I can explain.”

“Yes,” you exclaimed, “please tell me how you found me. And also please tell me why you think I’m stupid enough as to not see you guys. I mean come on, Peter! I have eyes! Okay?! And another thing, you can’t be here. It’s way too dangerous and way too-”

Peter gently put a finger up to your lips to silence you. A hostess was watching with her hands on her hips. “You two waiting for the bathroom?” she asked. You and Peter shook your head ‘no.’

“Then you can’t fight here. Sorry, lovebirds.” Peter had to hold your hand to stop you from screaming something rude towards her. “Let’s go,” Peter mumbled, dragging you away. In his ears, he felt a rush of air-it reminded him of the feeling he got while swinging over New York so for a split second, he wondered if he had tripped.

There was a scream nearly a second later-yours.

His mind felt like it was cracked into two, confusion warbling any sensical thoughts. Everything happened so fast that Peter didn’t recognize anything but your face.

And then it all pieced together.

He was hanging over the edge of a building. You lay flat on your stomach and holding him up with every ounce of strength you could muster. The moment of clarity was enough to get him to kick himself over the edge, safely onto the roof.

You pushed him away from the edge into a tight hug. “What happened?!” you exclaimed once you pulled away, holding his face in your hands. “Peter, Peter, are you okay?” There wasn’t much he could say besides “I’m okay” and “What happened?”

“We were-we were just on the plane,” you stuttered once you both were able to get onto your feet. “We were just on the plane…right?” You hoped he would say yes and assure you that you weren’t going completely crazy.

“Yes, we were,” Peter said. The city he overlooked seemed unfamiliar. There was a river just below the building you both had found yourselves standing on, wide and filled with dark water. A bridge crossed over it, allowing people to congregate and take pictures or walk around. In the distance was something tall that Peter would have been shocked to find at any other moment. Now, no landmark could possibly render him shocked. “Is this France?” you wondered. You rubbed your arms, shivering. Maybe it was the shock.

“I didn’t know Paris would be so…big. Somehow I thought that the Eiffle Tower would be at the center of everything.” Peter’s words were drowned out as rain began to drizzle down onto you both. The sky was black with thick, dangerous looking clouds. “Maybe we shouldn’t be so high up,” you shouted over a clap of thunder. “Let’s go,” Peter ushered you closer to him. The rain poured down harshly now, stinging your skin like little shards of glass.

You put a hand over Peter’s arm to which he winced. Blood gushed like small pinpricks from his skin, only to be washed away by the rain again and again. Before you could say anything, a streak of lightning fell between you and Peter. Your body flew across the roof, skidding the rough surface until a tall pole stopped you. Blood seeped through your hair and the gashes and cuts on your forehead, leaving red blurring your vision. From across the rooftop, Peter yelled your name. You tried to stand up, but something stood on your hair.

No, it wasn’t a something, a someone.

You couldn’t see him clearly through the water. He reached down and lifted you to your feet. “You look just like me, don’t you?” he said to you. Beneath you, your legs trembled with terror and pain. “My daughter. My daughter. Alya ruined you, didn’t she?”

Alya? You couldn’t begin to question anything as sat you down. Nausea swept over you when you saw just how high up you were.

There was someone close to you, mumbling your name. Peter? No. Their hands, which patted your face in an attempt for your attention, were smaller than his, softer. “May…” She smiled at you but it wasn’t a happy sort of smile. A grim one. “You’re here. How did you find us?”

May shook her head, thick ropes of dark brown hair springing more water around. “He found you.”

“That I did,” a pleasant voice declared. Could this truly be the face of your father? He had the same hair color, and you did notice the same eye color. “[Y/n].” You didn’t like the way he said your name. “I don’t like the name. I would have named you something better.”

“I don’t want anything from you,” you managed to say loud enough for him to hear while scrambling to your feet. The surface had grown slippery and your sense balance became compromised-probably from the fall you took. May looked at you like she wanted to do something to help but didn’t. You knew why. You saw Peter’s crumpled body underneath your father’s feet. “I am to give you,” your father continued, “the greatest gift anyone could. A release. You are the only one who could have stopped this, but I wished you could have been the one to have started it. When your mother vanished, you in her womb, I knew this was to happen. I knew that we couldn’t ever have the true father-daughter bond. But I was always there for you. Watching you grow, watching the years go by like the useless ticking of a clock without numbers. I could have trained you to use those gifts of yours.

Though there could not be more fitting of an end. I was going to use the delicious May Parker but…I will not. She is released from me to return to her home with her Peter. I would be happy knowing she is to be alive during such a precious time. But you. You, with the beauty of me and your mother. You will work fine.”

You stared at him, clearly not understanding what he was rambling on about. “What is it that I will ‘work fine’ for?” you demanded.

“The birth of a brand new era,” your father replied kindly. “You may be the savior for us all.”

You didn’t have time to make a Once Upon a Time comparison, even in your brain.

The glittering [e/c] eyes looked like jewels set in a crown as the blue lightning lit them up. Everything came out from underneath you as if a magician had pulled it out the way he would a tablecloth.

None of Paris was able to see the body of a young lady falling, only the bolt right above her.

My theory/view on Oh Sehun

Sehun was scouted at a very young age. He was still a child and he had to be away from his family for long periods of time to train. Now remember he was a child when he was training and even when he debuted so in my opinion and view; he gave his members family roles. Also as people may have noticed, Sehun is and has always been close to China Line. So I think some of the most important family roles were given to each Chinese member.
First of all Kris. Kris was like a father figure to him or you could say a mature older brother with an age gap. Kris and Sehun were pretty close. So when he left it affected him in a large way. Yes other members were affected by this too since it was sudden and a shock to everyone to be honest. But to Sehun it was like losing a piece of his family.
Secondly, Luhan. Now Luhan is a complicated one. As much as I ship HunHan, I’m not delusional and I’m only stating my opinion. This is quite a big chunk so hold on to your balls kids.
Me and my friend Maddy were talking about EXO and their possible sexualities. We feel like Sehun may possibly be either gay or bisexual. And this isn’t because we ship him with Luhan, it’s because of the way he acts around members and how he especially acted around (ofc) Luhan himself. Now we also talked about Luhan and we think he’s straight. Taking into evidence everything he’s done and said; he pretty much seems straight tbh as much as I want him to be a smol twink.

As much as people don’t like to take it into acknowledgement, Luhan made a statement a while ago about not wanting to play homosexual roles because he wouldn’t feel comfortable? Don’t quote me on that but it was something along those lines. Now at first I thought it was because I thought maybe he was gay and didn’t want to be outed. But then I noticed his behavior in the past with other members and with getting touchy feely with them. He seemed slightly uncomfortable with it all and skinship in general. He laughed and joked around because in actuality he’s probably quite comfortable with his sexuality.
When it came to Sehun though, he seemed more open to contact. Why? Well why I think he seemed to get along better with Sehun more than others was that fact they met when Sehun was still a child.
As I mentioned before, Sehun in theory gave China Line family roles. But I feel like because Luhan was the first person he ever possibly opened up to and got extremely close to, he may not have been given a primary family role but rather the role of “the crush” or “the lover”. Once again as Sehun was quite young when the two met; Luhan could have well been Sehun’s “first love” or “first crush”. I mean you don’t need to fall in love to realise you’re not exactly straight. But anyway..
Luhan is supposedly straight but he’s also really fucking nice. So as sehun is the youngest, everyone naturally spoiled him. But Luhan I guess kind of did it a little more? Because of the closeness of the two. “Bubble tea? Luhan hyung.” “Movie? Luhan hyung” etc.

So because of this affection and behavior, Sehun may have quite easily “fallen” for Luhan. Luhan on the other hand, only treated him this way because he was the maknae and considered a smol baby that needs love and protection. (which he is lmao)
But then I remembered, didn’t Luhan grow up with LGBT friends?? So he can’t possibly be homophobic right? And also all those ‘caught by the camera’ hunhan moments. It might not exactly have been romantic skin contact but it was still contact. Now Luhan as I mentioned before, seemed a little uncomfortable when getting involved in skinship with members. But the only time I could see that was when he was on camera. He tends to be like this on camera but a lot more close and touchy feely when he doesn’t think a camera is on him. That’s where the HunHan moments happened and that’s where I considered Luhan being bisexual. But aside from that discovery, I still feel that Luhan didn’t see Sehun in “that” way.
Those forms of contact could have easily been platonic. But Sehun, I felt took the romanticism out of those moments for himself and started feeling something other than platonic towards Luhan.
In other words, all HunHan theories aside (I could write a whole other post about those); Luhan meant a hell of a lot to him. So when he left, it affected him. BIG TIME.
So much so, I think he may have developed some kind of depression. After the leave of Luhan, Sehun seemed a lot more reserved and quiet. He built a kind of wall to protect himself. And it took him a while to come out from that a little.
Luhan may have possibly been Sehun’s love interest but I don’t think it was mutual.

And now this is where Tao comes in.
Now Tao was practically Sehun’s best friend/brother in his family roles. After the loss of two members that both were quite close to, they were attached by the hip and they were practically twins. They were both hurt and sought comfort in each other. They even bought a fucking car together so you can see how close they were. So far he had lost a father figure/older brother and a “love” that meant a lot to him. So when Tao left, that’s when the walls really went up. And these walls must have been 10x thicker than the ones he put up after Luhan because Sehun hardly smiled anymore. He had now also lost his best friend/brother. And he keeps losing people he gets closest to. If I was him, I’d do the same. Constantly losing the people that I got ridiculously close to would make me build my walls so high, I don’t know if I’d be able to trust anyone anymore. And that may most likely be the case for Sehun. And this is exactly why he needs someone more than ever to tell him that he is loved. To tell him he is worth more than the people around him. But I think EXO losing members has made EXO as well as the fans a lot stronger and a lot more closer than before. I’ve noticed EXO are a lot closer than they used to be. So maybe Sehun does have someone he can talk to. I’ve noticed he talks a lot more to Kyungsoo and Yixing too. Kyungsoo has taken on the role of older brother because of his maturity and mannerisms and Yixing is also an older brother and friend.
But i still feel like he needs someone in his life to make him feel loved. Of all the shit he’s been through, he doesn’t deserve anything other than love and support. He especially doesn’t deserve hateful comments and tags telling him he’s worthless and unwanted. As much as people think idols don’t see these things, they do. Their social media works exactly the same as yours does. Every time someone comments or tags them, it comes up in their notifications. Just. Like. It. Does. On. Yours.
Please keep that in mind before commenting/tagging any of the idols in ridiculous and mean stuff.

In Sehun’s case in particular, he definitely checks his notifications. I remember a while back he was talking to the fans and people started going ballistic over it and he apologized and said he wouldn’t do it again. My smol bean:(
but seriously don’t be calling him useless and talent-less and all that bullshit because you don’t know how much hard work and dedication goes into being an idol. He’s not just a visual. He works hard to be where he is. So much work is put in behind the scenes for the 5 min performances we all see. Appreciate what you have. And remember, please remember. THEY’RE HUMANS TOO!
I also have the feeling that because ¾ of China Line have left, Sehun may have at one point went to Yixing crying and begging him not to leave, while Yixing constantly tells him he won’t while comforting him and thinking of that makes me cry.

So I’m going to end this here, thank you so much for reading :)
If you have any questions, feel free to drop by my ask box.

- Ken