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The Killing Stalking shows a very real and terrifying reality of abuse and how it draws you back by fear and uncertainty. I don't read manga but I think it's amazing how the artist has managed to translate that fear through the panels, especially found the line in the hallway floor quite symbolic and well thought out through the art.

I agree and I especially like how the artist managed to illustrate Yoonbum struggling with his obsession for Sangwoo while wanting to escape (there’s a part where he contemplates whether he should really go back to his uncle’s place or not and fighting with whether or not to let go of Sangwoo).  I also like how we can feel the fear the character feels becAUSE HELL KNOWS I GOT VERY ANXIOUS READING IT.  

Like this series is meant to shock us and make us horrified at what’s happening. It’s putting this insane relationship before us with two people who have A TON OF ISSUES. And it’s sad and terrifying that something like that actually can happen or has happened???

I hope the artist keeps surprising us with the upcoming chapters – I especially appreciate the stylistics like the framing of scenes and the way expressions are drawn and how lighting is used

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I love your art and don't agree with people attacking you but one thing people are angry with Pewdie about is that he does not separate a joke that is funny from a comment or action that hurts people who are not in his position. That is all. I don't care if you draw him; you are an artist and you should be able to draw whatever you want, but I just don't want you to think Pewdie is innocent of bad behaviour.

i understand his jokes sometimes go far he even did some Islam jokes 

did i get sad yeah i did 

did i get angry and writ bad thing at him no i didn’t 

because i understand this is a joke he doesn’t mean what he say he is making a character ( pewdiepie ) 

 he make jokes at “everyone” even “himself”

yeah he did stupid stuff but he is not the only one :\ there is some bad YouTubers who are really bad and mean but they didn’t get hate as mush as him ( just because he is a 1 most subscribing channel )

and even with his bad jokes he made a lot of people happy and give so mush money to charity 

i dont care what people say but pewdiepie is good person and that’s the only thing matter to me :)

Pokemon Art Academy PART 31
  • Barry: You should give him stink lines. I think that would add a lot to his character.
  • Ross: Barry...
  • Barry: Nothing says "I'm a talented artiste" like stink lines. You could add stink lines to any piece of art throughout history and it'll be improved. Mona Lisa, stink lines. Washington Crossing the Delaware, stink lines. Michelangelo's David statue... add some fucking floating marble hanging from the ceiling above him, stink lines. Would be some good shit, man. I would look at that art and be like, "Look at that! Now I know they're smelly!"
  • Ross: You sassin' me?
  • Barry: That's another... That's another layer of depth to the painting I didn't already have. I didn't already have that information.
  • Ross: There you go. Wait, hold on, I missed a bit. Missed his little giraffe horns.
  • Barry: You can turn off the, uh, the tracing layer. You can just see what you haven't done.
  • Ross: I did.
  • Barry: Oh. I thought you were just adding the lines back to it. I dunno, man.
  • Ross: I'm just--
  • Barry: All I know is I--it's been at least 12 seconds and you haven't added stink lines.
  • Ross: Shut up.

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hi holly! i was going to message you but then I got too shy, do you have any tips for someone who wants to start painting? i know you're an artist and thought you might be able to help, I really have no idea how to start, I'm just a clueless newborn fawn :( if not thank you anyway for reading this! <3

hello lil fawn! im sorry that u got 2 shy! i would love to talk to u if u ever want to,

oh pupper i have so much to say and its all fuckin shit but maybe it could be helpful! im not a teacher idk
remember this is all my perspective and u should do what u feel u should do!

firstly i think you need to look at making art in two separate ways that should inform one another and sometimes work together,
but while youre first figuring out how u draw/paint i would suggest working more with the ‘honest kind’ though i know a thousand tutors who say the opposite!!!!

the honest kind~~~

the im sitting with some paper and idk fuckin know what media, i just found this chewed up crayon on the floor and im going to run it across the paper,

the i feel like drawing a dog and im just going to draw it like fuck proportion just draw it and have fun fun fun draw so many dogs that you start laughing because this one has the longest snout and you’re imaging he would make a knughling noise, but this one! has the roundest belly with the smallest legs and would plod around wow

the i am hurting or so happy or so obsessed with this one thing and i am just going to put it on the paper

the technical kind~~~~

i dont know what resources you have access to but life drawing is invaluable, if u arent on a course that offers it then i’d highly suggest looking for sessions in your community that u can go to!

im gonna assume ur alone in this and not on a course, i’d say research proportion, medias, other artists and how they work,
i really dont know what to say for this but try to learn how to really look? and how to accurately draw an object or figure or whatever
um go to public places and try to just draw people, practice practice practice
im not really the right person to ask idk idk

the thing is~~~

i know alot of people who have, and i did for years, not separate the two, sometimes not even engage in the 'honest kind’ which is so sad because then everything is empty!!! its so fuckin flat!!! like i used to work on hyper real drawings and they were pretty but they were nothing? they werent excited, they wouldnt get anyone excited except for people to be in awe which is useless???
and im all for pretty, like if u want to design things like patterns for use that is no lesser than fine art
(i mean im a designer so?)
u just have to love ur craft or learn to love it and it might take forever but pal go go go!

honestly you need to learn your process, its kinda very personal and very fun to work on,
say mine is~~~
for my bowl ladies (my really crumby art blog is @hgjosephine u can find examples there) : process lead, where i spend days and days in the ceramics room and teach myself how to throw pots but then learn how the clay moves and how it can be manipulated into non-traditional shapes, then from making shape i look for patterns across my work, analyse it and see how the shape feels feminine and that when i hold the they feel like wobbly stomachs, then also see how it reminds me of all of the many traditional paintings depicting women dancing naked in a circle, so figure out how to show this with illustration bla bla bla

in other process lead projects i have sat for a week just fuckin drawing, using paint, mixing paints, seeing how they layer! how they can be translucent! what colours work! and my project will go on from there

OR often its research lead, where i spend weeks over sketchbooks filling them with thoughts, conversations with myself, article clippings, artist works that make me go wow!fuckin!what!
and from there i get a thousand ideas and experiment with them and then just search out the good, the things that excite you and make you run home to tell everyone how EXCITED you are


gouache is the king of layering and translucency and clean work? its my favourite paint

one good paint brush is ur main man, if u can afford to then a £10+ brush (art is expensive, however it doesnt have to be this is just helpful, but tbh u could use a kitchen spoon to paint with and make the best thing ever!) also tiger sells some real cheap soft brushes

dont leave ur brushes in the water 4 too long (lol @me) also dont let paint dry on ur brushes (particularly arylic the most evil dried paint)

good paper is worth it!!!! when ur painting with water based paint u need a high gsm paper,
i dont really paint with acrylic much but i think thats chill on most paper
oil is an arsehole (v beautiful tho) and wants all sorts of paper prepping bc otherwise it will make the paper go weird and oily like chip shop paper

however oil pastels r my fave pals!!!! and indian ink!!!!!! ink ink ink ink (play with water and ink, like putting water on the paper and then painting on ink in the wet its FUN)

idk i just started talkin and didnt stop but good luck, have fun!!!!



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“Look Ron, there’s your favourite athlete.” - you whispered to him but you knew that the rest of the Weasleys had heard you.  He didn’t say anything until you couldn’t see him.

“He’s more than an athlete, he’s an artist!” - defended him.

“I think you’re in love, Ron!” - his little sister said, placing her hand in his should.

“Why don’t you go to talk with him?” - teased George, who would be followed by his twin.

“Yeah, if you want we can talk with him about you. That’ll be the beggining of your love story!”


I will do some art of nobu and that has maybe  to do with his  future story, but yeah  I say thank you, for all those who are following me for that, (tbh it was not supposed that I make my own blog ;D ) But every attention should go to @asknoomi because she had the idea of those wonderful characters and I am glad that I could design one and will probably design more of them. Moreover, I say thank you to noomi, who inispired me to try something new  :) and that would be “The art of drawing and designing” ^^. And I don’t do it in order that i will recocnised and get the attention or that I became a master of artist. No. I do it for fun and i am open-minded, because I want to have an impression of everything that I think that would be funny ^^. And I can see things from another prespective so that i can argue in a reasonable way when it comes to discussions :P

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You say you will always go to V's exhibits, but what if the subject is something you're uncomfortable with? You're somewhat conservative and V is more happy pushing boundaries and challenging taboos. Considering what he said about one photo, maybe you should just stay home.

I have not missed one yet, and this one will be no exception.

Despite what you may think, I’m not so conservative that I’m easily offended. I appreciate what V does with his art, since he is always pushing boundaries this exhibit should be no different. Even if I’m not an artist, I can still appreciate that much at least, and he’s my best friend.

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So then should you stop being a Larrie because the things they have to do upset you still and you still make your comments about that? I'm just not really understanding your position. You are telling people they shouldn't be complaining but as a harry fan I'm not going to just go away because I disagree with his strategy? That isn't fair. That's like saying "you don't like the stunts so you should stop being a larrie and stop caring about them" don't you think? Is it different?

Okay but look at my blog…am I complaining about their current situation day in and day out? Does it look like I’m having more fun than not? I don’t know, I’d like to think the answer is clear but. Who know.

I’d also note that I hope the main reason anyone stans an artist is for their art. If your issue is how they handle their art that should be a sign, I’d think. (Though maybe you should also wait to actually see how they handle their art once it exists to the public, but what do I know.)

I will also repeat myself and say that ofc it’s perfectly fine to express disagreement! But if you’re out here saying the same things day in and day out when nothing has changed and all you’re doing is being upset with what’s actually, clearly happening, and unable to be more happy than not, then that is when I am saying maybe you’d be happier otherwise.

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I'm a little disappointed with ed's new album. Obviously his songs are still good but I for me this album is just an extension of his previous one. I like it when musicians , especially on his level, experiment and so on. For me ed played it safe with this record, so his artistic growth and evolvement had to stand back.


I’ve got this same opinion from a few people now and I have to say that I agree with it more than I do with the-lack-of-variety-in-the-songs one.

I personally think he tried something new with some lyrics and tunes, I’m thinking about Eraser, GG, NM, Save Myself, but all in all, he didn’t go for a big break, no. I mean, he’s 26, putting out his third album. Most artists don’t explore different possibilities until way later in their careers, do they? I don’t necessarily think he should have done it now, you know? People had such HUGE expectations from him and his new album, after the records he set with X, I don’t blame him for not wanting to risk his chances too much at the moment. He’s young and he has an entire brilliant career ahead, I’m sure there’s time to be surprised by new styles. I’m 100% he’ll go that route, he’s too self demanding and creative not to!

I’ve been so inspired by others from Kendrick to Drake to Cole to Kanye to everybody in a great way. Like, ‘Oh he did this, I wanna try something like this.’ There’s less and less [of that]. It’s still there, I’m not ashamed, I never will be, and I don’t think you should be. Those same people who be like you sound like whoever—Kendrick, Cole, Kanye, Drake—Yes! If you say that reminds [you] of that, I did my job because this person is so incredible and I could stir up a similar feeling. You go to any other artists, the biggest pop stars, and they take from here and there. It’s like, why should I try to explain [myself]? It doesn’t matter. Fuck all that shit.
—  Logic on his favorite rappers influence in his music

I’m going to say this once because I’m not sure it’s been said but after the ESPN article…here we go.

Do not. Ask a player. About their sexual orientation. Or. Their romantic relationships. Especially implying a relationship between teammates or other players.

Don’t say “you’re so cuuuute with (teammate)”, don’t tell them how they should date, don’t tell them about any fanfiction or show them pictures depicting them in relationships with teammates: don’t do it.
Don’t be that guy.
If you want to do it on Tumblr and away from their attention, I mean..go for it. It’s your prerogative and it doesn’t affect the player directly. Just don’t go out of your way to get the player involved or shove his face into it.

There could be (statistically there probably are) gay players in the NHL and they don’t exist for you to fetishize them.
And they don’t exist just for you to point and go “LOOK HOW ACCEPTING WE ARE”.
They don’t exist so you can pair them with other players.
They might not feel comfortable coming out. They might not want their teammates to know. They might not want the media to know.
And if you say something to them or another teammate, you potentially open that door for them to feel uncomfortable and combative.

Coming out is a deeply personal and scary thing, and by you implying that they could be LGBTQA, you could cause stress and panic. AND if someone isn’t LGBTQA they find themselves to be in the awkward position of having to defend themselves.
Professional sports are a hyper masculine culture (sorry to say) and with that comes it’s own problems for LGBTQA athletes and their teammates. Don’t make additional problems by showing them an NC-17 fic or picture.

TLDR; Do not ever assume or ask a player’s sexuality. Do not break the fourth wall and imply that they are romantic with teammates directly to the players. LGBTQA players will decide when and where to come out and it’s really none of our business.

Helpful Writing Hint

I’ve been thinking a lot about David Bowie since his passing and what he had to teach us as artists. So here’s what he taught me: That idea that you have; the one you’re almost too embarrassed to say out loud, the one no one is going to get, that you’ll be punished for, thought less of for, that’s the idea you should pitch/write/draw.

Understand that no one might get it and that you might fail; I’ve pitched plenty of those that didn’t go through. I’ve pitched plenty of safer ideas that did. But all the things I’ve written that really get talked about, that really connect with people, are those ideas I was sure were going to shoot my career in the foot.

I know it’s scary. I can’t guarantee it won’t hurt, but if you have one of those ideas, pull the trigger.