i think you should be shirtless

EXO Reaction || Coming Home And Seeing Their Girlfriend Topless In Front Of A Mirror, Holding Her Breasts And She Casually Asks Them If they Think Her Boobs Are uneven
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“I’d probably have to check it myself”


“Your breasts are…”
*Laughs because he literally feels weird about the situation*
“Look, I can tell you in bed tonight, ok?”


“Doot, doot, doot~ boner. Doot, doot, doot~”


/ So should I stare at her boobs or will that be impolite /


“I don’t see a difference”


“What are you talking about and why are you shirtless?”


“Well, I think your body looks perfect”


“What did you ask? Sorry, I was kinda lost for a second there”


“I can’t tell from looking”


“Maybe? Or not? I don’t know, breasts are breasts, does it matter?”


“Why are you asking me? Should they be different size or what?”


“Pff, silly. A guy wouldn’t notice any difference”


Your Shirt Rides Up in Your Sleep and Exposes Your Naked Chest- GOT7



Mark: *simply pulls your shirt down and gives you a forehead kiss*

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Jaebum: This girl..

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Jackson: *takes your shirt off the rest of the way and covers you with the blanket* My princess is so careless,

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Junior: *judges you from the doorway* Who sleeps that way..

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Youngjae: *freaks out* Where’s her braaaaaaaaa

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Bambam: *thinks you’re faking* You planned this baby? Am I supposed to.. you know..”

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Yugyeom: If you’re sleeping shirtless then… should I too?

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Ben Hutton #4

Requested by Anon:  Ahh can you do a cute cuddly Ben Hutton one where it’s the start of a new season and you’re living together for the first time. [Enjoy!:)]

Word count: 815

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Someone should have told you earlier that moving in with your boyfriend would result to almost daily breakfasts in bed, a foot rub when you’re tired, and a front row seat to a shirtless Ben Hutton doing pushups on Sundays because clearly, you’ve been missing out.

This is the life, you think while eating the last of your French toast.

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Feet or Tails: Part Ten

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader

Word Count: 1635

Author: Gwen

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

After the first successful date, many more followed. You were a bit sad that you couldn’t just meet in town, but you knew that it wouldn’t end well. However, this time, Gabriel asked you to meet him at the beach for your next date.

You decided to put your swimsuit on underneath your tank and jeans, just in case. When you arrived you were glad that you did as you saw Gabriel on the far side of the beach wearing only red swim trunks. His eyes lit up as you made your way over to him, enjoying your own view of a shirtless Gabriel.

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do you think the characters should all get an outfit that involves them not..wearing shirts? :P


YES?!!??!?! IS THAT EVEN A LEGIT QUESTION?? We just need to keep bugging them! I mean, how are they gonna show us a trailer with shirtless Noct and not let us play as him shirtless. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT I TELL YA.

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You know it's always made me sad that Saionji here (and Touga in Nanami's duel + Ruka in Juri's duel) doesn't get a princess dress! Like, all the /girls/ who did this got new outfits for the occasion. Surely Akio's costuming budget has room for it.

Weirdly, you are the second person to say this to me today.

Ruka and Touga didn’t even bother to get in the car and drive around in a circle when they were princessing - they just stood there and watched.  Ruka in particular seemed to think he was supposed to be a high school football coach, which is not compatible with the princessing idiom. Given that, I doubt they would have managed dressing up. They were substandard princesses at best and a liability to their partners.

Saionji would have done it.   Saionji should have done it.  I guess EOW opted for the dual shirtlessness vibe instead (he’s clearly a fan) but I think it was a loss to the world that we didn’t get to see him in chiffon.

PSA about my shit blog

I think I’m gonna start doing a home work out routine and I’m probably gonna post progress pictures on here so I can be held responsible and stuff.
So like, if you don’t want to see me shirtless or like in underwear you should unfollow me. I won’t post nudes, don’t worry. If that’s something you DO want to see, by all means follow me and maybe give me encouragement because I have no will power so any kind words will help.

(I’m also gonna shamelessly/shamefully fill the tags with stuff because I want to feel good about myself for once)

Amazing Bits In ITH London Tonight

-Nina. Nina. Nina.
-the girl playing Nina was so perfect i was SHOOK
-she was played as a lot more sweet and naive than in the OG NYC run
-also. Her belt. Was. Fire.
-the Benny was AMAZING his voice was the perfect pop tenor type and his eyes made me Feel Things™. You should’ve seen my best friend’s face when he came of shirtless. Wow.
-Vanessa was played in a really interesting way? With more of an edge than the way Karen Olivo played her. Her dynamic with Sonny was adorable, they were forever smiling at each other and dancing together and when she sang ‘it’s not like sonny’s got role models’ she sounded a lot more agitated and defensive than Karen’s way of portraying it idk I enjoyed that. Obviously I’m still a Full Olivo Stan but I think the London Vanessa (Sarah Nauri) was on par for sure.
-the guy playing Kevin was hot don’t kinkshame
-oh my fuckjng dios. Abuela Claudia. Was played so comedically and with more characterisation than hq vocals until the last 'paciencia y fe’ where she just fucking BELTED it this tiny old lady I gasped it was amazing
-Also usnavi and ninas relationship was perfect. Brotp.
-the guy playing graffiti pete,,, marry me
-he blew me a kiss I fully shrieked
-I will add more

What Lance thinks Keith is thinking: “Here Lance, by buddy! My pal! Let’s cuddle! You’re shirtless? That’s okay! You stressed about your abuelita? Lets watch a cute movie and fall asleep together my guy! Gee, you look tense, Imma massage your shoulders! Like you? what? Because we made out? Oh no, my dude. That would be silly.”

What Keith is really thinking: “I am so gay. Look at this. Look at how cute he is. oml. Am I acting no-homo-y enough? God he’s so cute. Dem hips. This is so gay. I love it”

Reaction (Mamamoo): When you two are playing for opposite teams during a soccer match, and you’re on the shirtless team

Hwasa: “Fuck that. I’m switching teams.”

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Wheein: *after the game* “Come here and let me show you how winners are treated.” 

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Solar: “I like it. You should play for the shirtless team more often.” 

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Moonbyul: “Oh sweetie pie, you think that your sexy, cute self is gonna distract me from winning. How cute.” 

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You were out in a cave in the middle of nowhere sitting next to an unconscious Bruce Banner. However, he slowly came to with a groan.

“What happened?” he asked.

“We were walking a trail, a group of guys started harassing us, then one pulled out a gun and you Hulked out,” you explained. “Then when they all ran away, the other guy wandered off. Found you asleep in here.”

“I’m really sorry you had to see that,” Bruce apologized, sounding incredibly sincere.

“It’s fine, Bruce,” you insisted. “But you’re shirtless and shoeless, so I don’t think you want to walk anywhere. Have any preference who I should call to pick us up?”

You couldn’t help but notice Bruce’s lack of eye contact on the way back to the tower, and the rest of the day. You just figured he was tired from the ordeal. Though, when he started off the next day seemingly avoiding you, you knew something was up. You waited in the kitchen, knowing he’d have to get food at some point. And eventually you spotted him.

“Hey, Bruce, stop hiding,” you said, walking up to him. When he saw you, he seemed rather nervous and fidgety.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Ever since yesterday, you’ve been avoiding me when you can, and avoiding eye contact when you can’t,” you pointed out, purposely moving yourself into Bruce’s line of sight.

“I usually don’t give much eye contact,” Bruce muttered.

“You usually give more,” you stated. You put your hands on his shoulders to try and show him you aren’t afraid. “I know you don’t like letting the other guy out. But I don’t care about what happened. I care about you, and even though this kicked puppy look you have going on right now is cute, I much prefer enthusiastic scientist.”

Finally Bruce looked up to meet your eyes. “You’re not scared?” he asked.

You shook your head. “Not in the slightest. A little annoyed that the other guy ditched me after the guys ran off, but he’s not bad if you don’t piss him off.” You gave a slight smile.

Bruce pulled you into a hug. “Thanks,” he said.

Lightning and Thunder (smut): DAVID LUIZ (for anon)

(AN: Ahh! First smut! Please let me know what you think. Should I keep writing smuts? x)

“You’re staring at me” I smirked, stating the obvious to a shirtless David.

“I am?” He asked, feigning innocence as I licked my lips, leaning my palms on the edge of the bench.

“Mhm” I hummed, watching his every move like a hawk. How his muscles flexed beneath his flawless skin. The way his signature curls bounced however they pleased when he moved. The tiny little frown lines indented between his eyes when he concentrated on something.

“Easy for you to say, sweetheart” He smirked, not removing his eyes from the contents of his locker once.

Suddenly. His face was inches from mine. The smell of his cologne overwhelmed my senses.

“You’re staring at me” He mocked and I growled, yanking down on his neck and latching his lips onto mine. He stole my breath away with every move he made. He scooped my thighs up, forcing me to depend wholly on his strong frame for support. My legs snaked across his waist and I gasped silently at the feeling of his bare skin against mine.

“David” I whimpered, when he sent my back crashing into the lockers, with no space between our bodies.

“Shh. Talk is cheap, meu amor” He dipped his head down, placing his lips in the valley between my breasts and drawing the blood to the skin. It was the perfect combination of pain and pleasure and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to moan or sob.

The game he had just won, had been an extremely intense and frustrating 90 minutes and despite the fact that Brazil still came out on top, David needs a release. I can tell by how rash he is and how quickly he’s skimming over the foreplay.

Placing me down on the bench gently, he rips my shorts and panties down in one swift yank. A throaty groan of appreciation croaks from his throat and I giggle tipsily, feeling drunk off his gaze at my core. Pinning my thighs down with his hands, he began to lap me up like a kitten sipping cream. I cried out in ecstasy and he chuckled cockily against my throbbing heat. The movements of his tongue were slight, but they were more than enough to snatch jolts of debilitating pleasure from my body. I needed more, a fact both me and my body were well aware of.

A hiss rattled between my clenched teeth, as I snaked my palms down his bare back. I allowed my hands to feel his muscles flex with his every, moan-inducing move. I felt how jittery he grew under my touch and listened carefully for the silent gasp at my cold caress on his warm back.

The earnest bundle of pleasure began to bud in the pit of my stomach. I threw myself back against the wall, moaning throatily and entangling my fingers in his soft curly hair.

“Come on” He groaned against me, rubbing violent circles into my sensitive nub. My body began to jolt and jerk about, signaling it was ready to unravel into David. My orgasm gushed out, spraying my boyfriend with praises.

His thumb stroked the inside of my thigh as I began to slowly float back down to boring reality. No one had the ability to make me feel like this. Nobody knew how to wring every last sense of pleasure from my body.

“That was a good one baby” He chuckled once my eyes re-opened, brushing back some damp curls. Was that sweat or me? God only knows.

Standing up, he held his arms open in vacancy for me. I rose up slowly, my legs quivering slightly at the pressure after such an incredible high. He positioned me over the bench properly, my soaking pussy and curvy ass in full exposure of him. With the side of my head pressed to the bench, David ran his fingers up my jersey and skimmed across the curves of my hips.

“Oh baby” he purred, snatching up my ass in both hands and kneading each cheek roughly. I sobbed out a moan, feeling myself burn in desperation for him. If David loves anything, it’s to tease. He’d wade me out all night if he could but I just don’t have the patience to let him be so frustratingly slow.

“Do you want me Y/N?” He blinked innocently and I groaned against the cold metal of the bench, suppressing the urge to leap hungrily on him.

“Yes David” I snapped and he chuckled, however unwillingly to let my temper grow any hotter despite his pride.

He yanked his briefs down, kicking them off angrily to somewhere in the locker room. My body began to shiver with anticipation at the thought of what he was about to do to me. I couldn’t comprehend what was going to happen; if he would show me mercy. I didn’t know if I would have the pleasure of an orgasm and I certainly didn’t know if I would be able to walk or not afterwards.

“So wet” He muttered, stroking the tip of his thick, hard member up and down my slippery slit. He slipped himself into me and I instantly moaned out. He slid himself out, only to come plowing back into me again.

“Yes!” He hissed and I let out a ragged, shaky gasp. Each time with him feels like the first and it makes any other pleasure I’ve ever known completely irrelevant.

“David!” I screamed and he began to ruthlessly pound my tight hole. His thrusts were like bolts of lightening and my moans were the thunder. With his fingers gripping my hips in place, he pressed his forehead in-between my shoulder blades and sent his moans vibrating against my skin.

I could feel myself building up with anticipation around him and the familiar ache in the pit of my stomach hinted how ready I was to let go. Just when I was ready to orgasm, he froze completely in his tracks. I growled slightly, like a territorial dog.

“What the fuck!?” The only reply I got was the sound of echoing footsteps.

“David? Y/N?”



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You manged to get backstage passes to meet one of your favorite not yet well known bands, Wyld Stallyns and once there you were directed to their changing room so you could meet them before the show. Without thinking, due to your excitement, you opened the door to see the two boys shirtless and in the middle of the process of putting their pants on. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I should have knocked, this is awkward,” you stated feeling your cheeks burn with embarrassment. 

“No dude, it’s totally fine. You’re a fan right? Welcome to our most excellent changing room,” Bill said somehow unfazed by the awkwardness and the same goes for Ted, they just didn’t care. They were just happy to have a fan in their room. 

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"W-well if I have to confess you something, I can tell you that you're perfect when shirtless." Cues a burning blush on his face while biting his lower lip after telling his boyfriend. ((OOC: My Gohan's a total sinner now.))

        “Y-you think so?”

    Face dashes with heat in much the same fashion as the
    other boy’s at the compliment, nervous laughter bubbling
    from him. 

       “Are you tryin’ to hint that I should be shirtless
        more? ‘Cause I don’t have a problem with that.”

I think I just woke my sister

She saw my mermaid drawings which I drew topless of course (bc why the fuck would mermaids wear bras??) and she was like “Dang Sue you drew them with nothing?”

So I ask her if a mermaid would really wear a bra and she’s like “Yes”. So I google a picture of mermen who are of course shirtless and ask her “what’s the difference?”

She’s all like “They’re girls it is different they should be covered” so I google freethenipple and show her one of those pics with a man and woman next to eachother, with the guy plain and the girl with an X on her nipple and that seems to actually hit her pretty hard. I ask her again, “What’s the difference?” and you could literally see the understanding dawn on her face and she agreed with me “There is none”

We gotta change society, even if you can only do it one person at a time.

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Are you interested in anyone right now?

    “Well, the anime season has just started, so I can’t tell who I like best yet, but Masamune-kun is definitely a contender! I like how he was able to change himself, like – That determination was really awesome! The shirtless shots were nice too, don’t get me wrong, but i’m not too big on that kind of fan-service. Got enough of that in Free! Speaking of Free! He looks a bit like Haruka, don’t you think? Ah… Maybe that’s why I like him. His seiyuu has also voiced Kaneki Ken, so that’s an additional factor.

“Ah, yes. He might be on my harem list. Hm. Maybe I should start writing them down, you know, so my boyfriend can keep up with them too.”