i think you need to reevaluate your life

Woman to woman

The short version:

If your man cant give you $100 when you need it, you shouldn’t be having sex with him. Period. And that was told to me by a man lol, this is not me being a gold digging bitch.

If you’re consistently paying your own way for everything and you’re spending your money to go see him, then you’re paying him to fuck you. Especially if he has money and knows that you don’t have it like that.

Am I lying? Think about it. Reevaluate your life. Love yourself. Recognize that there are real men out there. Someone that appreciates you will at the very gotdamn least take you on a real date and pay for your uber. It’s sad that this has to be said. Idk why y'all let men talk y'all into these type of relationships.

as long as we’re all talking about captain underpants

in one of the books, i think it was “wrath of the wicked wedgie woman” but i could be wrong, captain underpants is in a situation where ms. anthrope, first name edith, needs rescuing. however he’s got his cape stuck on something and he can’t save her unless he takes his cape off. the chapter ends immediately after this is made clear to the readers and the title of the next chapter is, i shit you not, “You Can’t Have Your Cape and Edith, Too”

like i rarely see a pun so bad that it actually makes me reevaluate my life but this one sure as hell did. it’s been like a decade since i read that book and i haven’t stopped thinking about that pun since. like the amount of setup that pun required… iirc her first name was canonically established as being edith way before that book and i imagine dav pilkey gave her that name with the pun in mind and literally waited several books in order to make it and that just. that’s incredible

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Brazilian!Reader- Kori’s Friend

Here’s your request @mah1c !!

Warning: Swearing (I think??)

“This is starting to piss me off,” Jason started, reloading his pistols while taking cover.  “How many times do we have to save the world until it stays safe?!”

After he reloaded the gun, Jason jumped off of the roof of the building and grappled to the ground where the heroes were along with the Outlaws.  Roy was busy with Batman attempting to deal with the alien ship that was closing in on the city, and Kori was MIA.  She had said she was leaving to get a friend to help.  He didn’t even know Kori had friends that weren’t him or Roy.  

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catch me a catch [2/?]

chapter 1

Even knows he is being obvious in his staring but can’t bring himself to stop or even care, not when the object of his affection, his -well not his, not yet but hopefully someday- beautiful boy with wild curls sits a couple desks down from him in the otherwise empty library, a clutter of books spread across his desk as he works. Even himself has a notebook in front of him, a series of half-drawn sketches on the page forgotten as he gazes at the boy, his pulse spiking every time the blond boy sneaks a look in his direction. Even gives the boy a small smile of acknowledgment when he sneaks another peek, his smile growing when despite the blush spreading on the boy’s face, he holds Even’s stare for a moment before finally looking away. Even can’t help but be charmed by the display of shyness and feels a wave of tenderness and protectiveness over him.

He’s so lost in his thoughts he doesn’t notice Mikael walk in and looks up startled when his friend drops his heavy bag on the library table, the thump echoing throughout the room. He sneaks another look across the room to the boy who isn’t sneaking shy looks at him anymore and instead is frowning in his and Mikael’s direction.

“Maybe he’s one of those people who thinks libraries are like church and is pissed I made noise,” Mikael comments, noticing the look too. He continues to look at the boy for a moment, smirking when the boy looks away, before turning back to Even. “I have the scoop.”

Even looks at his friend lost for a moment, groaning internally when Mikael signals with a head nod towards the boy.

“Mikael,” he begs, knowing it’s a lost cause as Mikael ignores him.

“His name is Isak Valtersen and he’s a 1st year, which obvious by that baby face of his,” Mikael snorts, a grin on his already animated face. “You dirty old man.”

Even blushes at that. “Shut up.”

Mikael lets out a laugh, loud and larger than life just like him. Even looks over once again at the boy a few tables down, Isak.

“Anything else?” Even questions.

“I got you his name,” Mikael points out with a disbelieving look. “More than you have done since we got here.”

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anonymous asked:

Omg are you serious? Why are you attacking army? With Exo especially? Like you support Topp Dogg and that's bad enough. Like one of the members even left the group because he called the fans fuckers, like don't talk when you support a horrible group like Topp Dogg. ToppKlass ma ass, you people can't save half your team from leaving. I'll tell you a secret: they left because they realized how doomed and untalented the rest were. They left to save themselves. Topp Dogg who?


“Why are you attacking army”

“You support topp Dogg and that’s bad enough”

“Toppklass ma ass”

“Doomed and untalented”

“Topp Dogg who”

nonnie I need you to take several seats and reevaluate your whole life. tell me baby, what good are you getting from attacking other groups like this? you think you’re making your ‘oppas’ proud by behaving in the shitty way that you do? you’re honestly an embarrassment and I don’t need to do any further explanations as to why a lot of other fandoms despise armys bc you just proved my point 

I will never understand why Tumblr isn't more into the Umineko visual novel series.

It is literally a story that is told, with extreme sympathy and a frightening level of depth, from the jumbled perspective of a bullied, pansexual, disabled trans woman with dissociative identity disorder, depression, PTSD, and acute psychosis, which she copes with by creating the world’s raddest alter-ego: a maniacal, pipe-smoking evil genius of a witch, who’s smart, sexy, and wears a trollface like she’s Tyra during fashion week. If you don’t think that’s smallbombs as fuck, then you need to seriously reevaluate your life choices.


 If you hurt someone, physically or mentally, because of fictional characters / ships, you are not a good person. You are not a righteous person. You are not protecting people, you are not making the world a better, safe place. 

What you are is a bully, you are an abuser, you are what people need to be protected from because if you go out of your way to hurt someone over fiction, then you are someone who shouldn’t be allowed in fandom spaces because you are the one making it dangerous, unsafe, toxic space, not the content creators. 

Just seriously, if you think it’s okay to hurt, harass or bully people over fictional characters / ships, then please reevaluate your entire fucking life because that’s just horrid. It’s horrid and you should be ashamed of yourself for acting in such a childish, immature, brutish and cruel manner. 

Though, I imagine a significant lot of those who do hurt others over fiction don’t even care because it isn’t about being pure, it isn’t about keeping fandom safe, it’s about control and the power rush they feel over hurting / scaring others. And seriously, if you feel like that, please find the nearest exit and let yourself out because you are dangerous and are not welcome in fandom, any fandom, until you realize that it is not okay to treat others like that.  

Just end this fucking purity movement. End the fucking idea that it’s okay to hurt content creators just because they make stuff that you disagree with or find “problematic”. Instead, promote the idea that fandom is not your safe space and you have the autonomy to control what you see and consume. It is not a difficult thing to do and I can guarantee you, the “toxicity” of a fandom will vanish the moment you start treating others like they’re actual goddamn people.   

oiks-v  asked:

OH MY GOD IVE BEEN STALKING YOUR BLOG FOR THE LAST HOUR NOW AND IM C R Y I N G YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND THE SOUKOKU HELP (pssst just wanna ask if you know any good bsd fics? and... *inches closer* ive looked at a few asks that speak about a "shitty anon" and "angst" please help me find it senpai i welcome all angst bc trash is my middle name)


- Find something worth dying for (And learn how to live). This fic. This fucking fic made me cry everytime it was updated. It’s the most well written slow burn skk fic I’ve ever had the honor to read and tbfh I would draw an entire manga for it if I had enough time. 

- Anything by setosdarkness tbh. Her plots are so original her writing is superb and basically everything she writes makes me cry tears of blood. But like everyone here knows I’m gay for her writing so??? Yeah. 

- Anything by owlsareheadturners tbh. They write the hottest R18 not gonna lie and their writing is like one of the prettiest and their angst are top notch AND THEY WROTE DACHUUTACHI HOW’S THAT I LOVE THEM.

- i won’t lie (i knew you belong here). Please update. Why won’t you update. I would die for your update. It’s very sweet and fluffy and lovely and all the feels I love it so much but why won’t it update.

- Partners in love. It’s like a series of one-shots and it’s very cute and fluffy and funny it soothes my soul. Think domestic Soukoku. Then cry. 

- All in a night’s work. Mmmmmmm courtesan Chuuya. Like do I even need to say more it’s courtesan Chuuya and it’s R18 it speaks for itself tbh. Tho do check out the author’s profile too she has many good fics that one just needs special mention. 

- Footsteps on the ceiling. Or that one fic where Chuuya is so incredibly cute that Dazai needs to reevaluate his entire life yeah damn right you should you waste of bandage. 


- Now, turn away. Please update???? WHY IS IT NOT UPDATING I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN HOLY SHIT PLEASE??? Coughs totally not thirsty for the makeup sex yeah no I have pure motives.

- Baby, you feel like home. It’s so cute. I cried. Dazai is protective of Chuuya and I live for it.

- Playing the long game. Where Dazai is a little shit as usual but he at least he proposed in sort of a right way.



I’m gonna punch someone. How stupid and rude can you be to a person you don’t even know? Yeah, sure, BamBam is a funny kid who likes memes and is up to date to Internet trends but seriously? I don’t even wanna read any comments left on that photo. You people really need to take a look at your life and reevaluate it if you think it’s okay to go throwing your kinky fantasies to an idol who’s just enjoying his holidays with people whom he loves and love him! Can’t you see how wrong it is, that even BamBam, one of the most funny and open-minded idols out there has to speak up bc people keep making him uncomfortable? Ugh, I’m so mad.

Being A Medium, Part 2

Apparently it’s time for a follow up to this post, where I describe that being a medium is not a romantic, awesome thing. It’s actually a terrible thing. I get accused every so often of lying about being a medium and every time I’m like, “UGHH I WISH.” Like I really wish I was lying about all this because it would be easier to live with than actually seeing dead people all the time.

That post has led to a lot of questions asking more about the details, and I’ve been repeating myself over and over to people to the point where I’m just tired of doing so, so here’s an FAQ about my life based on what I’ve been asked lately, most of which I answered privately or have been asked before but I didn’t tag it because who has time to tag every ask I get.

Q: Are you lying?


Q: How did you get this power?

A: I was born with it.

Q: Can I get this power?

A: Not to the extent that I have it. You can definitely increase your psychic sensitivity to spirits, but it won’t make you see spirits as clearly as I can. Also, you don’t want this power. It really sucks.

Q: How long have you been seeing spirits?

A: Forever. I used to see them as dark blobs, and as a kid I figured everyone could see them which was why nobody was freaking out over the dark blobs moving around the playground or whatever. I mean I was more worried about the floaters I could see whenever I stared at the sky for too long. But as I figured out that I could communicate with these blobs, they slowly turned into people shaped blobs and then into clearly defined people. 

Q: How can you hear spirits?

A: As clearly as I hear living people talking to me. But it comes in really short sentences, usually no more than four words at a time.

Q: Is it scary?

A: I mean sometimes. I’m kind of over it at this point. It’s really only scary when I’m like turning a corner and there’s a spirit right there when I’m not expecting it, or if the spirit looks particularly gory or messed up. Ha ha just tonight I was walking home in the dark and saw someone walking the other direction toward me wearing all black and for a few seconds I’m like “Why is this spirit moving so quickly omg??” but it was a living person. Phew.

Q: What do the spirits look like?

A: Regular people most of the time.

Q: How can you tell they’re spirits?

A: They usually stand pretty still. They are usually wearing a solid color like red, green. blue, or black. They tend to look spooked or just disappear when they realize I can see them. And sometimes they’re in unorthodox places, like in the middle of a busy road.

Q: How often do you see them?

A: Around one a day. I can go days or weeks without seeing one though. But there are days where I see multiple spirits.

Q: Do you like being a medium?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: Have you ever tried to get rid of your power?

A: Oh yes. I’ve tried every method I could find. I did manage to shut off my third eye for like a year, but it slowly reopened on its own.

Q: How do you know you aren’t hallucinating/schizophrenic?

A: I have a degree in psychology, and I’ve talked to a psychologist who has a healthy belief in the paranormal (I mentioned him before in this post since he once interviewed the exorcist that the movie The Exorcist is based on). I know the symptoms of schizophrenia, and I know there are many different types of schizophrenia. I don’t hear voices constantly, I don’t hear threatening voices, I don’t have violent hallucinations, I don’t have paranoia, and I’m able to tune out spirits when I want to. This is not schizophrenia.

Q: How can I tell if you’re lying?

A: I mean you’ll have to take my word for it. This is the Internet, I can’t come to you to prove myself, and I shouldn’t have to. If you really feel like you need to harass me because you think I’m lying about all this, please reevaluate your life choices.

Q: Can you talk to my dead relative?

A: No. I have no control over the spirits I see. People that do are called psychic mediums, and even then they have to be in physical contact with you to reach out to the spirits around you. There is no legitimate psychic medium who will talk to your loved ones over the Internet.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll edit this post if I think of any more. In the meantime, feel free to ask me anything about the paranormal, Ouija boards, or whatever you want to know.

Oh look Allura, is that someone from your race acting in an opposite manner then your stereotype is used to?

I think you owe Keith more then an apology.

Like it really bugged me that even before we found out that our head cannon that Keith was galra became fact, Allura was already placing the entire Glarans in a bubble. Like I know they killed your family, but you also know they were under a tyrannic rule.

Like do you blame all Germans for Hitler’s actions. (The answer is no. If it was yes you need to reevaluate your life)

And then when she did find out, she immediately wanted nothing to do with him?

All those hours you placed trust in him, all the moments you praised him, called him a palladin and you just take it all back?!


And then we get that quickly slapped on apology because oh no, Keith is putting himself in danger. Man that’s so like him, it’s almost like he’s still the same person and nothing has changed. Just my view point.

Like this is basically racism right? I’m not crazy?

i NEED feminism because this twitter account has over 524k followers. that’s 524k people who don’t believe in equal rights for all. i NEED feminism because 524k followers think it’s okay and acceptable to joke about rape. maybe it’s just me, but i am utterly disgusted by this post and the 524k followers that don’t believe everyone deserves equal rights.

it’s almost 2015, if you don’t believe every single human should have the same natural born human rights no matter the race, sexuality, or gender, you need to reevaluate your life.

a human is a human, no matter what. straights are not superior to gays. gays are not superior to straights. whites are not superior to blacks or hispanics or asians or any race. any race is not superior to whites. having a penis does not make you superior to someone who has a vagina.

what is so hard to understand that everyone should be born with the same basic human rights, that no one is superior to anyone?

Who From Ace Attorney Should You Fight?

Phoenix Wright who wins: probably Phoenix

Phoenix’s body is probably made out of frickin iron or something this guy has  chewed and swallowed a necklace, been physically assaulted by a murderer, hit over the head with a fire extinguisher with temporary amnesia as the only consequence, was thrown head first into a telephone pole but walked away with only frickin sprained ankle, and fell from a bridge on fiRE INTO A FREEZING RIVER WITH ONLY A FEVER.  If you can catch him off guard and are extremely skilled in martial arts, you might be able to win but otherwise Nick will probably fuck you up only because his body is probably invincible to harm.


WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU FIGHTING THE ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT IS MAYA FEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH????  If for some sick reason this thought has appeared in your brain, however, she’s pretty small and probably couldn’t withstand more than one or two blows…although she’s probably agile as shit and might have learned a thing or two from the Steel Samurai.  But also dO NOT FIGHT MAYA FEY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DO YOU HATE HAPPINESS

Miles Edgeworth who wins: Edgeworth

Yeah, you’re not gonna win this one…just look at that smug little face.  He knows infinitely more than you do, and even if you wanted to fight him you would probably regret it.  Definitely would do anything necessary to win, so have fun when you’re suffocated by his cravat.  Sorry.

The Judge who wins: you

I don’t think the judge is super ripped underneath his robes, so you can win this one…also the judge is gullible as shit, too.  That helps.

Mia Fey: who wins: probably not you

If you have a statue of “The Thinker” you might have a chance (I am a piECE OF GARBAGE)…but otherwise she will send your ass to frickin demon hell.  Don’t fight Mia Fey.

Dick Gumshoe who wins: it’s 50-50

Is he huge?  Yeah.  Is he a detective and therefore most likely trained in some sort of self defense?  Yeah.  Is he also a weenie?  Yeah.  I think you could probably win if you went for his face and fought quickly, although Gumshoe is fiercely protective of people he cares about and would probably cut a bitch if you insulted Edgeworth.  But also what did poor Gumshoe do to deserve this?? Why do you feel the need to fight him he will probably use a year’s paycheck to cover his medical expenses???  

Larry Butz who wins: you

Yeah you’ll win but at what cost???  Why do you feel the need to do this???

Wendy Oldbag who wins: hopefully you

Don’t fight Oldbag unless you are certain you can win–then PLEASE fight Oldbag I’m sorry but she just needs to stop

Manfred von Karma who wins: r u fo real

No move is too dirty for von Karma; his attacks range from whipping out a taser to fabricating evidence to frame you of murder.  You won’t win this one, buddy.

Marvin Grossberg who wins: probably you

While he’s got a lot “cushion” to take some damage, just steal his glasses because you can bet your bottom dollar that he is batshit blind without them and then punch him in the nose–he won’t see that coming!! (I am literally trash)

Winston Payne who wins: definitely you

There is like a 95% chance you will win this fight, and honestly fight Winston Payne.  He needs to be forcefully pushed off his high horse for frick’s sake he basically has the word pain in his name please do it do it for me  

Pearl Fey who wins: N O

what the FUCK is wrong with you go reevaluate your life choices you piece of garbage

Franziska von Karma who wins: probably her

Yeah, I know most of you think that she could probably hand anyone’s ass back to them howeVER if you can catch her whip somehow you can definitely absolutely stand a chance.  The sheer shock of losing her most powerful weapon will give you a pretty big opening, so I think winning is possible against Franziska.  I still don’t recommend it, though.

Morgan Fey who wins: Morgan

As much as I want you to punch Morgan Fey in the face, don’t.  You may win the battle but you will probably never, ever win the war she will plot the most convoluted revenge plot imaginable so frickin watch yourself around Morgan don’t fight her it’s for your own good

Matt Engarde who wins: you


Dahlia Hawthorne who wins: she literally almost killed someone even though she was DEAD do you actually think this is a good idea??

Do you KNOW who Dahlia Hawthorne is?  You’re not going to win a fight–she’ll bite, scratch, pinch, scream in your face or piss on you if that’s what it takes for her to win.  

Godot: who do you frickin think dipshit

If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow I really want to fight Godot!!!” then you should definitely fight Godot so that he can wipe your miserable ass off the face of the earth I will not be coming to your funeral son

Charley who wins: haha loser you’re fighting a plant


No but seriously, this is not the same girl we saw in season one.

Korra was arrogant, loud, always willing to fight. She was proud to be the Avatar and she wanted everyone to know it. In this first picture we see her testing the Triple Threat Triad. She knows she’s going to win. She always believed she was going to win because well, she’s the mutha freaking Avatar!

But then we have the shot from this last episode. She’s humbled, quiet, tired of fighting. She feels like she’d failed in some way. Here is the birth of a new generation of air nomads willing to take on the responsibilities of bringing the world balance and peace while she recovers yet she looks so broken. Why? Because that's her job. I think Korra’s biggest character development is her realizing what being the Avatar is all about.

It’s as if her attitude went from, “Fuck yeah I’m the Avatar!” to “Fuck. Yeah, I’m the Avatar.”

We’ve seen this girl grow from an arrogant bender to a humbled Avatar. If you think Korra is the same as she was in season one, you need to reevaluate your life.

EXO reacts to when you tease them under the table at their family dinner

Heehee, this is my first reaction! I hope you all like it >< it was really fun to write. Squishy hugs from admin Sakura🌸

|None of the gifs I use are mine|


 “So this is what she’s trying to do, huh? Well then, two can play at that time.” 


“It’s okay Lu. You can do this. You’re manly.” *tries to distract himself so his parents don’t notice his little deer in the headlights*


“Are you serious right now, baobei? Is this really what you want to do right now.” *what he tries to look on the outside*

*what he really is on the inside*


 *tries really hard not to react suddenly to avoid suspicion from his family* “Jagi, this food is really delicious, isn’t it? Maybe you should try a piece of the steak. You’ll need both hands for that. 😇😇” 


*this poor little unicorn would be so confused as to what you were trying to do, when he asked, you denied doing anything* “Baobei…I think you’re grabbing the wrong kind of sausage….”


*he notices your frequent “accidental” touches to his little friend down there but he isn’t completely sure if you did it on purpose or not* Ayyyeeee, someone’s being very naughty-naughty. 


*reevaluating his life choices* “No. No. Jagi. No. I thought you said we were going to eat dinner. This is not ‘eat dinner’.”


“Is she really doing what I think she is…she is, isn’t she…”


“Is this the best you can do? Oh just you wait..”


*forever judging you* “Are you kidding me, can I just eat my freaking noodles in peace.”


*He’d immediately saw what you were trying to do, but nothing was going to get in the way of Kai and his chicken* “FITE ME, JAGI. FITE. ME.” 


*after he felt you stroking him from under the table, he’d become really shy and embarrassed since his parents were around and try to hide it, but failed* “What? No I’m not blushing, I’m just really happy. Yup. That’s all *nervous giggle*”

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Ok… so ARMY has mainly cool ppl but some fans are starting to piss me off. Quick (not so quick) rant:

If you don’t appreciate Hoseok’s / Taehyung’s perfect tan skin (THEY’RE LITERALLY MODELS SO I DON’T SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. I LOVE THEIR SKIN), and rather them be whitewashed, you need to think about your life.

If you don’t appreciate the fact that maybe Jimin’s abs aren’t as perfect as they were and he’s a HUMAN, you need to think about your life. (this goes for all of BTS)

If you don’t appreciate Namjoon (or anyone in BTS for that matter) because he’s “not cute” (SIDE NOTE: NAMJOON IS GORGEOUS. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? I’M TIRED OF Y'ALL SLEEPING ON HIM. IF I COULD WITNESS HIM IN PERSON I’D PROBABLY NOT BE OKAY AFTER), reevaluate your life

If you don’t appreciate that Yoongi worked freaking hard for his mixtape, and everything else (THAT WILL BE GLORIOUS) and call him lazy 24/7, think about your life

If you sleep on Jin, just…. seriously why…. just get away from me. (In short, bow down to Queen Jin)

If you expect Jungkook ( And BTS) to sound good 24/7, (this is common), try to be respectful cuz you know that shit isn’t possible. PPL GET TIRED.

I saw a post about Matt’s sexuality that said if you ship Matt/Foggy (and therefore see Matt as queer) you’re “erasing Matt’s faith” and I am pissed off about it. I don’t even see Matt as queer, but that post is so many levels of not okay.


Faith has NOTHING to do with sexuality. If you really think there are absolutely no Catholic queer people in this world you need to seriously reevaluate your life. It’s incredible harmful to say such things. When you say that, you’re either denying my faith or my sexuality, and neither of those things are yours to police. To say that Matt Murdock can either be Catholic or queer is incredibly narrow minded. Catholic queers exist. Respect us.

Matt’s Catholicism is a very important part of his character. He believes in following God, and repenting for his sins. If you’re argument is he can’t be queer because some Catholics believe queerness to be a sin, you’ve already made a mistake. Being Catholic (especially in Matt’s case) does not mean being free of sin. In fact, one of the important parts of Christianity is that we are forgiven for our sins because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. That said, queerness isn’t inherently considered a sin by the Catholic Church. I knew a gay Catholic priest growing up.

Furthermore, if you believe that all Catholics consider queerness a sin, that’s a horrible way to view the religion. There are some Christians who are truly awful people, but that doesn’t mean that all Christians are awful.

to all of you lm shippers who say rucas shippers are immature kids who don’t understand love at all, let me tell you a story.

 once two people decided they loved each other to get married so they did. but they had nothing in common besides the chemistry they shared. so the next 25 years was filled with up and downs, breakups and makeups and two kids were born along the way. the two kids then turned to be the only thing they shared. happiness for each other no longer was a thing. only jealousy and fights and money problems.

now they don’t love each other and probably never did. they can’t get over the other’s flaws and accept it. every family night out they end up coming home with an uncomfortable silence and someone’s heart broken. now they are most likely to be getting a divorce because they can’t deal with how toxic and unhealthy this relationship is to them.

these two people are my parents.

they met when my mom was only fourteen years old. she was a rebel, an artist, a model. my dad was the nice church boy struggling with jealousy/anger issuses. the only reason they stayed together all these years were me and my younger brother.

if you honestly think this is the kind of relationship worth fighting for—the one that daily takes away pieces of your soul—and this is what love should look like, then it’s not me who sould reevaluate my beliefs of what being happy and in love with someone means. if I chose to ship riley and lucas because I believe what they have is genuinely pure and good, it’s not because of my “lack of life experience” (over 20 years of watching my parents cry, 5 times living in two different houses and every time having to tell them that they need to do whatever’s best for them) of the world as it is. It’s because I live in it.

so no, you don’t get to lecture me or anyone else for that matter into changing my perspective of how love is supposed to be, I won’t allow you. I’ve seen enough of the world to know what’s good and what’s not and you know what’s good for me? riley and lucas. and there is literally nothing you can say to change that.