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Always a Bridesmaid 1/3

Felicity must return to her hometown for the first time since high school to stand in her friend Sara’s wedding.  While many things have changed for Felicity some have not and she has begun to wonder what happened to her old high school crush Oliver Queen.

This is for all, who like me, have had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing!  Also available on AO3.

                                   Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me?

May 2017

Felicity Smoak walked into her empty loft, kicked off her shoes and threw her keys on the hallway table. Her week was done and she could not wait to slip into her comfy clothes, sip some wine and watch TV. The weekend was hers for the taking!

She had just settled into her couch, where she spent far too little time, when her phone buzzed. She actually contemplated not answering, but when she saw it was her high school best friend Sara Lance, she rushed to answer.

“Hey you! Feels like I haven’t talked to you in forever. What’s new?” Felicity really did miss Sara. She was one of few people, she felt truly understood her.

“I have news!!!” Sara sounded so excited.

“Oooh do tell!”

“I’m getting MARRIED!!!!”

“OH MY GOD! Sara I am SO happy for you and Nyssa!!! Tell me all about it! Who did the proposing? I need details!! Remember I live vicariously through you!”

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Let Your Heart Decide (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Now that the semester is officially done, I’ve had time to sleep for more than 2 hours every night and of course I’ve dedicated it to fic writing! So here’s a Prince!Lin fic whose concept was inspired by Aladdin (but of course strays quite a bit from the actual movie). I hope ya’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Word Count: 8,166 (longest fic yet aayyy)




One of the smaller kingdoms in the land, it was what you considered a hidden gem. The agriculture flourished. Nature was at its most thriving in this kingdom. Closer to the centre of the kingdom where the palace was situated, you could find the tallest, leafiest trees surrounded by shrubbery, and flowers of the most vibrant colours ever imagined. Plant life was the most diverse here, creating a mosaic of wildlife. The marketplaces and all other architecture were built around this, oftentimes even incorporating the plants into the structure.

As you walked closer to the edges of the kingdom, the eccentric green plants gave way to vast fields and farms, the largest of which were on what you had affectionately nicknamed, “The Outer Rim”. The outskirts of the kingdom. This is the part of the kingdom that you called home.

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand extroversion. So I feel the introverted sister. My older sister is more extroverted than I am and sometimes it gets on my nerves, because she's like "let's go out!" And then I say "okay where?" And then she's like " why do I have to come up with stuff all the time?" And in my head I exclaim ,"because your the one who wants to go out!!!!"

Hey, friend. I understand where you’re coming from - as I happen to be the introverted sister in the conversation. I think I understand extroverts a little better than a lot of my fellow introverts, though, probably having to do with my sister being my best friend and us spending a lot of time together. We make allowances for each other. She lets me hang by myself when I want, and occasionally I allow her to drag me out to do things. ;)

So, here are some things to remember and tips to understanding extroverts (and you can apply these to hanging out/understanding pretty much anyone)

They have needs like you do. Not the same needs, but that doesn’t make them any less important or valid. Just because you need time to relax and chill and unwind in quiet seclusion with a book or a cat or a movie or your headphones or all of the above, doesn’t mean that’s what your sister needs.

Have you ever asked if your need to be left alone to recharge “sometimes gets on her nerves”? Try raising that question sometime. The answer might surprise you.

Respect their needs. Make allowances for them, just like with anyone else. If you care for someone, you’re going to go out of your way to show that. It’s not going to hurt you to cater to someone else for a bit to make their day a little brighter, trust me. (You will probably feel exhausted, but actually better about yourself in the end.)

There was the advice, here are the tips.

1. Strategically place your Extrovert in an energizing environment to recharge whenever possible: Introverts are batteries. They need downtime to recharge. Extroverts are solar panels. They need to absorb energy from other things to recharge. You know how you get edgy and uncomfortable and worn down when you’re overstimulated by people and activity? Extroverts feel the same way when there is. nothing. for. them. to. do. They can’t stand it. It makes them physically uncomfortable and can lead to bouts of depression.

2. Sometimes your Extrovert desperately needs attention/activity, but may not know how to address this need: This is when you step in. Extroverts are famous for their ability to look after themselves and blaze their own trails, but even they can’t keep up that pace for long. As an Introvert, you’ve got just as much creativity in your bones as they do - sometimes, arguably but not conclusively, more so. So if your Extrovert flops on your bed and looks at you pleadingly and says “I want to go do something” and sends you a text and adds “but I don’t know whaaaaat!” then it’s your time to make a choice. Keep a list of activities close at hand that both you and your Extrovert enjoy, and whip it out on these very occasions. Be wacky with it. Have some tried-and-true favorites saved, but don’t overuse them:

  • window shopping
  • parks
  • movies
  • pet stores
  • concerts
  • museums
  • cafes (at which you can introvert on a laptop while they extrovert with the noise and people, just be sure not to ignore them!)
  • city walks
  • zoos
  • and sporty things (like, idk, bowling) or
  • sporting events (baseball games!)

-are all good things to put on that list.

3. Many Extroverts, like many Introverts, enjoy a good cuddle. Give your Extrovert plenty of hugs and physical affection. This can do a lot to brighten their day and ensure a healthy relationship.

4. Take your Extrovert along when you go shopping: Have some errands to run? Need to replace those old favorite shoes at last? Bring along your Extrovert. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together, and to expose your extrovert to the soul-strengthening energy of other people and activity without requiring a full-blown neighborhood block party. Malls are great for this, as there are a lot of people around, but you don’t have to do a lot of interpersonal communication with strangers like you might in another setting.

Note: if you do not have the ability to drive, ask friends or parents to help you get your Extrovert out into the world more. Make family activities out of (or don’t, your choice) and find ways to energize your Extrovert without leaving the house. This can be harder, but doable. Make sure your Extrovert gets to hang with their friends every so often, as this gets them into a new environment and lends quality time to those relationships too.

5. Your Extrovert is NOT “high maintenance”: Your Extrovert requires a good deal of care to be healthy and happy, but no more so than you. When your friends let you be alone for a bit, they are caring about you enough to leave you out as needed. When your Extrovert goes off to do their own thing without you, they are probably taking your introvertedness into account. Introverts also tend to internalize things more than Extroverts. Your Extrovert may often voice opinions, feelings, or problems you think about but keep to yourself. This doesn’t mean you are dealing with them better, or that they are. You just have different methods of facing things, and that’s okay. Talk to your Extrovert about these things as they come up, and remember to continue to participate in the conversation once you’ve got your Extrovert going.

6. If your Extrovert appears sluggish or down, Emergency Measures should be taken IMMEDIATELY: This is it, friend, this is the time when your Extrovert is as their neediest, and it’s possible the lack of stimuli and energy is going to lead them into a depressed emotional state. They require something energizing and fast. Grab the car keys and dash out to the movie theater, or just sit down and ask them about their day and be prepared to listen, and ask for details, encourage the conversation from their side. Extroverts like talking, Introverts like listening - honestly, we should be able to get along just fine. A good cure for this dangerous time is a good dinner out someplace (doesn’t have to be fancy), and a car trip for twenty minutes or so (turn up some tunes if conversation is lacking, this will still help to stimulate your Extrovert) but usually not longer, as your Extrovert can grow bored. Live out in the middle of nowhere? Roll those windows down and take turns shouting at the cows to see if you can get them to react. Live in a metropolis area? Just take a walk down the city streets, maybe buy them some ice cream. (Warning: sugar at this stage can be very beneficial, but can also lead to an extremely hyper state which, if you’re not careful, can lead to a breakdown. Ice cream is good, but make sure to do something afterward to help that energy work through their system - and yours!)

7. Try to say “Yes” to your Extrovert at least as many times as you say “No”: Why? Because your Extrovert is another human being, equally as important as you are. If you say no to parties, nights on the town, double dates, or random cafe visits, make sure you say yes to them too. Your Extrovert probably knows about your introvertedness and will respect it more as you respect them. Your Extrovert will appreciate this, and in the end you will too as you build an awesome relationship and learn about how other people function outside your own personal bubble. Keep your eyes open. ;) All relationships require some give and take. Make time for yourself of course, but try to give more than you take.

Extroverts are not more special. Introverts are not more special. They’re just different. We’re all just different. So take care of your Extrovert, and they will take care of you.

I hope this helps! Remember, EXTROVERTS ARE PEOPLE TOO so take care of yours! ;)

Love Triumphs Chapter 6: Weekend Fun

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You hadn’t planned on spending your entire weekend with Jared and his boys. Truthfully, you had planned on spending it in your small apartment, eating takeout food and catching up on the shows you had missed while filming. You hadn’t expected to be having a great time, spending it at the aquarium, or the huge play park where you currently found yourself.

It was Sunday, and you were currently sitting on a park bench, sipping on a cold latte as you watched Jared’s boys playing on the toys. Jared was off to the side, near a tree, talking on the phone. Yawning, you realized that this weekend had worn you out. It had been nonstop going since that morning they had been dropped off, on top of last week being a busy filming week. You truly couldn’t wait until you could relax tonight in a bath before going to bed early.

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January Fic Recs

Hey folks! When I posted my fic recs last month, I mentioned I wanted to make it a monthly thing. So here are some of my fave fics from January.

Political Warfare by reserve | @reserve

Are you a spy or a whore?

This is some really good classic Benarmie. Both of them are very in character and yet obviously muchyounger.

An Analysis into General Hux’s Personal Life, as Collected by Lieutenant Mitaka by naevia_nadia | @lady-starkiller

An average day on the Finalizer, an average day of being an assistant to General Hux. With the arrival of the rest of high command in three days, there is much to do, really much for Mitaka to make Hux do. So perhaps it’s not so average after all.

But something is strange: the General is more tired than usual, even though the project has been finalized for months. The kitchen reports someone going down in the middle of the night for, of all things, strawberries. And in engineering, someone has a knowing smirk on her lips.

What has happened to General Hux? Can Mitaka solve it before high command arrives and before his best clue, the general himself, is taken away from him?

It’s like a murder mystery, but without the murder.

Though when it’s revealed to him what has happened to the General, Mitaka thinks it might become one very soon.

Probably my favourite characterisation of Mitaka ever. He has a sass to him and of course he ends up in a bad situation when he discovers Hux’s lover.

Dopheld Mitaka’s Doomed Retirement Fund by gundamoocow | @agent-nemesis

Dopheld Mitaka attempts to film his superiors having sex for fun and profit. What happens next may surprise you!

Another great fic with Mitaka only this one features terrible awkward sex. Very funny.

Not Every Experiment Has Scientific Merit by JinxedAmbitions | @jinxedambitions

Hux likes to experiment in the bedroom, but if he isn’t careful sometimes he becomes the test subject.

Written for the prompt: Maybe some kylux nipple play?

I love these two with a power play dynamic while they’re also in an established relationship. Really good smut with good banter.

The Only Ones Alive by commandershit | @commandershit

Hux digs up his old sex tape. Ren attempts to reconcile the man he knows with the one who films himself wearing lingerie and getting fucked by various alien species in bars. They both have fun.

The perfect combination of cold!Hux and slut!Hux. And of course xeno!Hux. Ft Kylo who is so hot for Hux 100% of the time.

Carpet burns by Ellstra | @ellstra

Hux’s fascination with Imperial officers is not only professional. Kylo decides Hux deserves to relieve the pressure of command for once, and buys an Imperial uniform from Space ebay™.

Holy shit, this is some good dom kylo/sub hux shit. Kylo completely fills out Hux’s fantasies of Imperial Officers.

The Pleasure Tester by JinxedAmbitions | @jinxedambitions

Kylo gets home from a long day at work, and he needs something to wind down to. So, he looks for some porn to watch. He finds ‘The Pleasure Tester,’ a ginger in a lab coat who claims to test different sex toys. It shouldn’t be sex, but Kylo finds himself aroused and unable to look away. All data points to Hux being just what the answer to a long day.

Written for the Kyluxhardkinks prompt: Hux is a sex toy tester with his own cam channel. Kylo stumbles across it one day and is utterly baffled by his reaction to this prim and proper mystery man giving clinical descriptions of a sex toys effectiveness. He times his orgasms and rates them based on a heart monitor. He also measures his ejaculate with exacting accuracy. None of that should be sexy right? So why can’t Kylo jack it to anything else any more?

This fic is all about Kylo getting off on Hux being clinical and thorough. Hux is very professional about being a porn star. 

Night Rider by slutpunk | @slutstiels

“I wanna—” Hux mumbles, voice all soft and worn out, but fuck if his cock isn’t twitching back to life. “I wanna do it.”

Kylo’s fingers pause inside him. “What?”

“I wanna fuck your truck.“

I absolutely love this series and it got even better. Kylo is possessive and intense and Hux is such a slut, despite only being with Kylo. 

bodies against by brawlite | @brawlite

When Hux finishes and hazards a glance in the mirror, he cannot feel anything but pride. Looking at himself is very near a religious experience: he is gorgeous and divine. A complete work of art, even in stocking feet. For a moment, he laments the fact that no one else will see him like this, no one else will appreciate just how much effort he has put into his appearance. It is truly a pity. 

General Hux buys himself a present. He ends up sharing said present with the Knights of Ren, who shamelessly barge in on his personal leave time.

There’s nothing like 9K of well-written smut about a Hux/KoR orgy. 

Pretty Young Thing by betts | @bettydays

ren takes the cigarette out of hux’s hand and tosses it on the ground, snubs it out with the sole of his five hundred dollar shoes. “no smoking,” he says.

hux glares at him. “why not?”

“i said so.” ren places his hand on the brick beside hux’s head and leans in so that their noses are almost touching. he reaches up and cups the kid’s face, thumbs over his bottom lip. “and you always do what you’re told, right?”

(A compilation of sadist Ren / tiny dick Hux ficlets from tumblr.)

I shamelessly love this series. Each ficlet is filthy and has a tiny bit of feels sprinkled in it. 

Wet Mouth Sounds by K_dAzrael | @kdazrael

For the kyluxhardkinks prompt: 'Hux is one of those Youtubers who do ASMR videos but they’re wearing really skimpy outfits and whispering all sexy. Kylo watches all Hux’s videos and leaves comments saying he’s a slut. What happens next may surprise you…?’

Kylo is sleazy af and lacks the ability to recognise Hux at all. Even if you aren’t a fan of asmr its a good read.

Convivial Society by Vadianna | @vadianna

Leia doesn’t know what to think when she sees the report about two First Order prisoners taken by surprise. They are suspected First Order officers, but the field can’t verify this.

She understands better when General Hux is brought before her, obviously caught in the middle of some rather intense sexual intercourse.

She has to ask.

Hux is high and explains in detail his sex life with Kylo to Leia, thinking she’s a hallucination. It is amazing. 

Kylo Ren in a uniform by @francisthegreat

This fic is from tumblr, of course, but its still great. It features Kylo wearing an officer’s uniform and saying filthy things to Hux. Super hot. 

Edit: I just found out it’s also on AO3 –  Orderly Conduct by Ajaxthegreat


Okay, that’s it for this month. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on holiday as of tomorrow so I won’t be reading much fic for the first part of Feb. I’m also moving in a few weeks so we’ll see how it turned out. 

Appreciating you ~ Yugyeom, Mark and Jackson

You always took such great care of the Got7 members, by bringing them food, telling them to rest, even fighting their manager to give them a day off. The boys knew how hard you’ve been working, for them and yourself. So, Jackson had a proposal, “How about we make her feel truly appreciated?”

Jaebum, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Bambam were out, filming their parts for the Hard Carry music video, so Mark, Jackson and Yugyeom had the dorm all to themselves.

Jackson called you over, to hang out. At first you didn’t think anything of it, until you arrived. When you turned the key, the lights were dimmed. You took off your shoes and coat, putting them by the door.

“Guys?” you called as you went to the living room. In the middle was their massage chair, accompanied by many lit candles around the room.

“Y/N,” you heard behind you. You turned around and saw Mark behind you, wearing a suit.

“Hey, what’s with the suit?” you asked. Your eyes followed him as he circled around you, a grin on his face.

“Welcome,” Jackson walked in, also in suit.

“…to paradise,” Yugyeom finished, walking in too.

“What’s going on, guys?” you asked, fiddling with your fingers.

“Ever since we became friends, you have done more for us than we have for you. So, tonight, we give back.” Jackson announced, whilst Mark and Yugyeom put their hands on your shoulders, guiding you to the massage chair.

“Oh, really, you don’t have to-“ you were cut off by Mark gently pushing you in the chair and Yugyeom turning the chair on. You closed your eyes and leaned back, enjoying the vibration.

Mark was behind you, giving you a shoulder massage. Yugyeom and Jackson both took one of your feet, massaging them too. “Oh, you guys,” you sighed deeply in comfort. That’s when the plan started.

Mark’s hands started to massage a bit down your forearms, closer to your chest. When his suddenly gripped you breasts your eyes shot open. You couldn’t deny how nice it felt when he gripped them like that. “M-Mark?” you asked.

“Shh, let us help you relax.” He whispered sensually in your ear, while his hands were taking your shirt off. To help him, you took your bra off for him. His hands immediately started to massage your breasts again, rolling his thumb over your hardening nipples.

Jackson and Yugyeom couldn’t deny how much they were getting turned on. Slowly they moved higher with their hands, massaging your calves, your thighs, your inner thighs until Jackson took the lead and cupped your clothed sex in his hand. As he slowly rubbed up and down, you felt yourself get wetter. You bit your lip and let out a soft moan.

As Yugyeom got more impatient he removed your skirt and panties, leaving you naked on the vibrating chair. You started to grind on the chair, in need of friction. Mark moved down and took one of your nipples into his mouth. You ran your hand through his soft hair, gripping the ends.

Jackson ran his fingers over your wetness, rubbing his finger lightly over your clit. Yugyeom started palming himself over his pants, when he saw Jackson insert a finger inside you. You arched your back, pushing your breast into Mark face. You mewled when Mark’s hand tweaked your other nipple.

As caring as you always were, you motioned for Yugyeom to come closer to you. When he stood next to you, your hand went from Mark’s head to Yugyeom’s hardening member. His mouth gaped slightly when you added pressure. Jackson inserted another finger, curling them to your G-spot, making you moan loudly. “Oh! Right there, don’t stop!” you moaned loudly.

Right before you could finish, Jackson pulled his fingers away, leaving you empty.  You pouted at him, upset he didn’t let you finish.

“Let’s try another position,” Mark whispered in your ear. After they helped you off the chair, Yugyeom pulled his pants down and took you place. You bit your lip and you climbed on his lap, slowly sinking down on him. “Ohhh,” you moaned as you felt him inside you completely. Yugyeom gripped your thighs as you started to move up and down. Yugyeom bend down slightly to take one of your nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking at the nub.

Mark stood behind you, slowly rubbing himself. You felt the tip of is member, which was coated in lube, on your lower back, getting closer to your unused hole. Slowly he started to fill you up at the same pace as you sank down on Yugyeom. Jackson watched on the side, stroking his cock. You moaned loudly as Yugyeom and Mark filled both your holes to the brim. As they started thrusting you motioned Jackson to come closer. You leaned to the side and licked his tip, spreading his pre-cum. He let out a shaky moan, that blended nicely with the other moans filling the room. You took him in your mouth completely, hollowing your cheeks as you bobbed your head up and down. You moved your hips faster, matching your rhythm with Yugyeom’s. Mark took the hint to go faster when you sped up as well. Your moans were vibrating on Jackson’s cock, making him moan loudly whilst stroking your hair.

“Ah!” you let out a high shriek when Yugyeom hit you G-spot repeatedly. Your hand started coming faster on Jackson’s cock, trying to get him off at the same time as you. You felt the knot in your stomach forming, you tried to move ever faster. From your back, Mark placed his fingers on your sensitive clit, getting you closer to the edge. The vibrating from the chair was working for Yugyeom, as he came inside you a minute later. Mark was pounding into you, trying to get his release. Jackson came into your mouth a few seconds after, letting you swallow the bitter taste of his cum. You came seconds after Mark did, breathing heavily. You slipped off of Yugyeom, holding onto Jackson for support.

“Can we do that more often?”

Convalescence Pt.10

“Ah ha, I was right,” Amelia said as she looked through the chart, “The bladder numbness, the pins and needles, it all points to inflammation. Did you do the MRI?”

“Yeah, I’ll go get it now,” Derek told her, leaving her alone at the front desk with the chart. As Amelia pondered over the rest of the information in the chart, someone slowly neared her, looking over her shoulder.

“Whatcha looking at?” the guy, donned in navy blue scrubs, asked.

Amelia looked up at him, noticing his icy blues first, then his five o’clock shadow, before lastly admiring his hair. He was remarkably attractive, to say the least. Not to mention his accent was charming. “A patient chart.”

The guy looked down at her with a far too cocky smile. “Patient charts are for doctors, not patients with a walking stick and pretty blue eyes.”

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Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Nikki Bella is eager to get reader to date Seth, but reader doesn’t want to due to Seth’s past infidelities. Lots of “dates” will ensue as Seth tries to win over reader.

A/N: Part one of a new series. Starting it off nice and easy :) 


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Taken - Happy imagine - Part 1

This would be the second part to the imagine Girlfriends , but since that request was only about the reader being Ima’s friend and this sequence is a personal idea, I decided to give it another name. I hope it works for you.

Girlfriends (meet Ima’s friend)

Taken - Part 1

Originally posted by lowmans

“I’m having fun”, he said in a low tone that sent shivers down your spine and then he said something that almost made you squeal. “Believe me, little girl”

You swallowed. You had been called little girl before, but always as joke or pity. Happy’s voice was pure lust and you could feel your face getting red. He obviously was noticing your reaction, his eyes watching you closely.

“Y/N!”, you heard someone call behind you. You glanced over your shoulder and saw the girl who had broken up with her boyfriend. You looked at Happy again. He was clenching his jaw, looking at the girl. “Excuse me”, you said, getting his attention. You were ready to leave, see what the girl wanted, but Happy held your wrist.

“What do you want?”, he asked the girl, his voice not friendly at all.

“We need help at the bar”, the girl said, looking kinda uncomfortable. “I’m just doing what Ima told”

“That bitch…”, Happy cursed. You sighed, knowing what Ima was doing and touched Happy’s shoulder, making him look at you again.

“It’s okay”, you said. “I can help at the bar and I probably should, since I’m practically living here”

“You don’t get it little girl”, Happy said, paying full attention to you. “Look around…Your friend is right, there are guys looking at you, ready to put their hands on your body, they…”

“I’ll be fine behind the bar”, you said, opening his fingers wrapped around your wrist. You walked away, going to the bar and ignoring Happy. You were working for just a couple minutes when you saw him, taking a place on a corner, his grumpy face keeping people away. You rolled your eyes and grabbed a new bottle of beer, putting it in front of him. “What are you doing?”

“Thanks”, he growled and took a swig of his beer. You stared at him, waiting. “I’m here to keep the assholes away”

“I appreciate, but I don’t need another Ima in my life”, you laughed. Happy just shrugged, not getting bothered by you comment. “Go have fun with all those girls who are your type”

You turned to leave him, but Happy grabbed your wrist again. “How do you know what is my type of girl?”, he was narrowing his eyes, not letting you go.

“Please”, you cocked your head to the side, smirking. You got rid of his grip and went back to work. Happy didn’t leave the bar though, he stayed there, slowly drinking his beer.


The party was being great, Happy could see his brothers flirting with the girls and people laughing with their drinks in hands. He was just sat by the bar, drinking his beer and keeping an eye on you. Whoever looked at him would think he was bored, but he wasn’t. He was around you and that was the most interesting thing for him there.

When he arrived at Red Woody that afternoon he wasn’t expecting to see girls dancing like fools in the middle of the studio. He wasn’t expecting to see a girl like you there. You jeans and flat shoes contrasting with the revealing clothes of the other girls. You were wearing that exactly same outfit now, some large rock band shirt covering your body.

He was curious about you and didn’t resist when he saw you at the party. Ima was a bitch and he wasn’t willing to take her shit that night, but you worth it. “You never dated”, Ima had said. How? Why? Were the man blind where you used to live? Such a beautiful girl should be taken, with a nice guy, worshiping you, being the man you needed…

Yes, he knew he wasn’t the right guy, but he couldn’t help himself. Your innocence was messing with him, blinding his judgment. You weren’t the type of girl who would be around Samcro or a porn studio. He wanted to know more about you, be around, even if just as a friend.

“Would you get me a beer, gorgeous?”, he heard a man say, standing close to the bar. Happy noticed his eyes, they were lingering on your body and he knew what that man was thinking. You got the beer and put it in front of the man, who grabbed your arm and smirked, trying to reach more of your body over the bar.

“Back off”, Happy groaned, his piercing eyes, focused on the man. He let you go and looked at Happy, smirking.

“I didn’t hear her complaining”, the man laughed. “Right sweetheart? Who are you by the way?”

The man ignored Happy trying to touch you again. Happy got up and walked towards the man, his face inches from the, now scared, guy. “I said…Back off”, Happy groaned again. “She is with me”

The man stared at Happy, who didn’t move an inch, then he looked at you. “Is he for real?”, the man asked. Happy didn’t look at you, but he knew you had swallow and pressed your lips together before answer.

“Yes”, you said, your sweet voice sounding nervous. “I’m with him”

The man shrugged and walked away. Happy went back to his place and looked at you, still standing at the same place. You turned your head, your eyes wide, a questioning expression on your face. Happy took a toothpick from the bar and put on his mouth, going back to his mission of look intimidating. You rolled your eyes and shook your head in disbelief before start to dry some glasses. Happy smirked and took another swig of his beer, really having fun that night.


You couldn’t believe in what just had happened. You had said you were with Happy. You weren’t with him, you definitely weren’t with him… Now he was calmly sit by the bar, a toothpick on his mouth. You were still working at the bar, but nobody tried anything with you, except for that guy earlier. You guessed nobody would try anything with Happy around. You truly appreciated his gesture, but you didn’t understand why he was doing that.

You were so different from Ima and the other girls. He was probably used to them and liked their revealing clothes, perfect bodies… You, as every girl on Earth, had a High School crush, a guy who was handsome but a totally jerk. They were never interested on you, not really. You were always hiding in the corners and keeping your nose on the books. Then you met Ima. She was a bitch and nobody liked her at school. She was really mean, but after the teacher paired you for a science project you realized she was just protecting herself, Ima had already suffered in life. You also didn’t know exactly how, but she became your best friend and only you knew how nice she could be, with the right person. Ima made you change your look, tried to taught you some attitude and even get you a boyfriend. The last two things didn’t work well. You weren’t like her and the guys only wanted to have fun.

They looked at you and saw this innocent girl, they wanted to use you, nothing more. You learnt to escape from them, but now you were practically gravitating around Happy, from the second he said little girl. You thought you were insane, Ima was right, you should protect yourself, stay away. Talking about Ima…

“Let’s go Y/N”, she said, pouting as she walked to the bar. “I’m tired”

“Okay”, you said, grabbing your purse from under the counter. Ima turned around, already walking to the door. There were a few people still talking at the studio and Happy was still there. You looked at him, Happy sat straight and looked at you as you walked towards him. “Thank you for tonight. You didn’t have to, but it was really sweet what you did. I appreciated”

You leaned forward and pecked his cheek, immediately blushing and smiling, embarrassed. “You’re more than welcome little girl”, he said, softly holding your hand. You slowly pulled back as you walked away and turned you back to him, rushing to meet Ima at the door, her eyes narrowed in your direction.


“It’s was nice of him”, Ima said, driving to her house. You were in the passenger seat, looking at the streets. “Happy…”

You looked at her. Wait! Ima was really saying that? She kept talking, “I saw that he stayed at the bar, keeping an eye on you. I should thank him for that, you aren’t used to these parties and…”

“Are you really taking his side now?”, you asked. “I thought you didn’t like me being around him”

“I don’t like”, she said, waving her perfect nails. “I mean, he is known as the Killer. You don’t need any explanation for that…But…It was a nice gesture. I’m not saying for you to hang out with him okay?”

“Okay”, you smiled at her momma bird behavior. “I think he is a pretty nice guy, but I’m not his type anyway”

“Shut up”, Ima snapped. “Don’t go there. You are someone’s type. Someday a really nice guy will notice you, treat you the way you deserve…Happy…Well, he is being nice, but only until he gets what he wants, believe me”

Ima was right. Happy could be a nice friend, but that would be all. You should stay away, keep him away from your mind too.

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Derek Hale Imagine - Alpha and Omega - Part 2

-gif source unknown-

Story Description: Requested - Alpha/Omega where they don’t get along at first because you’re an Omega, but you keep getting pushed together. 

Description: Derek comes to apologize.

Warnings/Labels: Language

Approx. Word Count: 1,400 

A/N: Somewhere in my brain this ended with hot, rough sex in which the sheets of the motel got destroyed. That didn’t happen. Because it didn’t make sense to the story. I mean I’ve built these guys up to hate each other. It’s not just going to be oh and suddenly they’re having sex… So with that in mind… Read my A/N at the end.

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anonymous asked:

What life advice would you bestow onto a teenager who is 18 years old (and who also wants to go into medicine)?

Hi, that’s quite a nice question :)

In terms of applications, my #ukmedschoolfaq tag is one long list of advice, but I have a feeling you mean advice in more general terms. Off the top of my post-nights head, here are a few bits of life advice that might be useful…

You are probably one of the ‘smart’ kids, and a large chunk of your sense of self worth may be tied into always doing well at school. But that can’t last forever. You will mess up. You will fail. Perhaps spectacularly. It’s OK; that’s actually part of life. The important thing is to remember that your results are not a reflection of your innate worth, but merely a snapshot in time of what you’ve proven you can achieve. If you don’t do well at some point in the future, remember that it doesn’t define you. It is perfectly possible to fail quite spectacularly then dust yourself off and excel afterwards. You can learn how to improve your study technique.

The studyblr aesthetic is a fine piece of performance art but it is not reality. Don’t feel like your notes have to be pretty, or look a certain way; you probably won’t even read them again. You don’t need expensive stationery, and nobody even needs to see your notes at all, if you don’t want them to. We all study differently, and as long as they are legible for you, then that is absolutely good enough. Don’t waste your study time on things that are impractical and time consuming. Intricate bullet journals or practically illuminated notes are absolutely beautiful but they are no more practical or productive than drawing a piece of fanart for enjoyment, and should not be treated differently. By all means you can embellish them in your free time if you derive enjoment from it, in the same way that I draw silly comics. There is real value to doing things which are not practical or which are purely for our enjoyment and artistic expression, but it is not in itself a particularly productive way to study. When you are getting down to serious studying, focus on whatever note/revision style clears your head, but also lets you go through the material at a reasonable place with decent retention. The exact way that works best will be different for everyone. But anything which slows you down or places more emphasis on how things look, than focusing on the content can potentially hamper studies.

To truly get the most out of your study/revision time, be honest with yourself; if anything distracts you then work out ways to decrease its effect or remove it. Pick neutral ‘background’ music to study to, and create a conducive work environment to study in, somewhere you can concentrate fully without unnecessary distractions, and without too much clutter. That can mean limiting internet or not always having your computer on, it can mean studying at home rather than noisy coffee shops, it could mean sticking to a few pens rather than wasting time distractingly working through a massive pencilcase etc. Medicine in particular is quite intense and involves lots of memorisation. Whilst I find that drawing/art/DT/English wasn’t affected by listening to music/watching things etc, for me science definitely requires a different type of focus. How you’ll work will be unique to you, but from an almost-perpetual student to someone who will follow in our shoes: don’t lie to yourself about what is working, and what isn’t.

On a related note, marks at university really aren’t the same as those at school; you go from getting 90+ percent to scraping 70% if you are lucky. It doesn’t mean you are getting dumber, the standards are just totally on a different level. By all means do as well as you reasonably can, but remember that burnout is insidious and will bite you in the longterm. And that  the person who passes their exams is a doctor at the end of the day. Focus on being a well-rounded one, not the kind of junior doctor who might be able to diagnose some rare condition they’ll never see, but can’t comfort a scared patient.

When you are in med school, don’t run off the wards to spend all your time in the library; it is on the wards that you’ll shadow doctors breaking bad news or become confident at basic procedures. You’ll have the time to sit down with patients and just talk; please do! You can learn so much about people, and the world from listening to others. And it’s a vital part of the service we provide, especially if you are a student. You probably can’t put in a central line or whip out their appendix, but you can make someone feel better just by listening for half an hour. Patients will patiently recount their history to you and  suffer your unsuccessful cannulation attempts; the least we can do for them is listen in return.

Also, it doesn’t matter which speciality you think you are going into, please spend time appreciating whatever you can about every speciality. Use those opportunities to learn things you would never otherwise learn, and do things you will never do again. Med school and training gives you a chance to do so many amazing things, never consider yourself above them because ‘it’s not my speciality’. Until you are on that training program, every speciality is your speciality.

On a related note; live! Keep up your hobbies, read lots of books and remain  active and engaged with what is going on around you. Read medical books, but read non-medical books too. There is more to understanding patients than pathology alone, and living life solely within the confines of medicine is dull. You are an amazing person with so many interesting parts of you that aren’t  the medical part. Nurture those parts too, or they will die. That includes friendships and family relationships. Yes, they will need to understand that you are busy, and it helps to have reasonable friends; no true friend will guilt you over having to put exam revision or on-calls first. But you will also have to make a conscious effort to timetable them into an increasingly busy life as you get older.

On a related note, Medicine is a demanding boss and could easily consume all your time and all your energy; don’t let it. You need to learn to switch off, and to realise that you’ve done what you can do for now. It’s easier said than done; I’ve woken up in a cold sweat having dreamed I overdosed a patient I’d seen that day, and it took a little racking my brain to clear up that it had in fact only been a dream. I hear this isn’t actually uncommon.

As a doctor you will be privileged to meet people across all spectrums, and you’ll learn the limitations of the system you work within, and the injustices people face. Educate yourself. Be a force for good. Be an advocate for those who have none. Try to, in every interaction with patients, embody the kind of doctor you would like for your loved ones. From the doctors you train under, learn two things; what you think a doctor should be, and what you think they shouldn’t be!

When I was your age, I had no idea I would get shouted at as a doctor. Here’s a heads up: people can be mean. Patients can be mean, nurses can be mean, other doctors can be mean. This is not your fault; there is no justification for that kind of behaviour. You may still get shouted at when you’ve not personally done anything wrong. And even if you did do something wrong, it remains a completely inappropriate response. As I suggested in my response to a recent ask, learning to see things from other people’s point of view can make dealing with it easier; when you can see why someone is that stressed, you can work out how to address their agenda and make it better. But sometimes people are just mean, and you need to remember that says much more about them than it does about you.

Medicine carries an increased risk of mental illness compared to the normal population. You’re already likely to be a bit of a perfectionist, caring person who overworks themselves. Add an intense degree, then long hours, seriously ill patients, high pressure to get things right, etc and you get an environment which often leads to stress, anxiety, depression and worsening any problems that were already there. Look after yourself; be honest with yourself and your university or employer if you need help. You don’t need to suffer alone, there is help available and I’ve seen what a difference it can make firsthand.  If medicine ever becomes something you hate to do, and you can no longer stand it, then leave. I promise, there are plenty of amazing things to do outside of medicine. No career is worth taking your own life, or living in a constant state of despair. Follow your happiness, wherever that may lead.

The only thing that keeps us able to do this job is the support of our friends and colleagues. Look after each other; you’re all in the trenches together. The nurses are your allies. Your fellow students (then fellow doctors) are your allies. Every single person around you is fighting a battle. Keep an eye on the quiet ones. Help anyone who is struggling or has too much on their plate. Ask people how they are. Give hugs and make tea. You will build lifelong friendships with the people you work with along the way. You will also become each others’ teachers. Share your experiences with each other. Rant, cry, ask them what they would have done with a particular case.

And lastly, pay it forward. We all benefit from our teachers, and in turn we teach the next generation. When you are in my shoes, take the junior docs, the students and the would-be students under your wing. Your voice will be irreplaceable, and your experiences will be useful.

Good luck :)

The Kingdom Was Lost Ch.1

Sequel to For Want Of A Nail 

Slaine Week Day 05: Crossover/AU

Pairing: inahoxslaine (orangebat, inasure)

Rated: PG-15 

Chapter: 01/? 

Word Count: 3.5k


Slaine slowly rises in the martian ranks, Asseylum remains asleep while her sister tries to take her place, and Inaho finally goes back to the front lines.

Slaine and Inaho are now enemies, fighting for different sides. Or so they’d have people believe.

Chapter 01

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; 
For want of a shoe, the horse was lost;
For want of a horse, the rider was lost;
For want of a rider, the message was lost;
For want of the message, the battle was lost;
For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

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Lust. Love. Faith and Dreams.

Cookie to you if you got the reference in the title! 

My addition to the JokerxHarley week, probably the first and last time I will write something along these lines as I spent most of the time giggling immaturely so this took me ages! 

**Mature & NSFW Content** You have been warned! 

This one is dedicated to my Arkham Inmates, you know who you are! <3 

The knock upon the door followed immediately by a guard pushing it open with a grunt, “Doctor Quinzel? Your twelve-thirty is here. He’s been rather unco-grunt-operative today, so we’ve had to restrain him a little.”

Harleen closed her laptop, sighing gently as she raised her glasses from her nose and sat them upon her head. Placing the laptop in the draw and clearing away the desk to ensure no weaponry was available to her patient during their sessions, she locked the draw and stood behind her desk giving the guard a nod of acknowledgement as he ushered in her patient.

“When is he ever co-operative, Mr Smyth? Although we made some good progress last week I am sure we shall see some further opening up today. Good afternoon, Mr Joker. Please take a seat.” Harleen’s expression quickly changing from her pleasant smile to Mr Smyth to a stern glare at the Joker as he came in, wriggling within his straitjacket and returned the glare of disgust towards Harleen.

The Joker grunted his response, wrestling further with the guard as he pushed him onto the leather sofa that took up a wall within Harleen’s office. “The chains won’t be necessary today, thank you. I feel if we give him a little more option to express himself he might open up more. Would you be willing to give that a try, Mr Joker?” Harleen asked as the Joker slumped into the chair, bringing his legs up to sprawl across the sofa, his arms still locked within the jacket.

“I suppose I’d consider it, Doc.” The Joker watched Mr Smyth carefully until his hands were re-cuffed in front of him and he gave both the guard and Harleen a pouting smile and sad, puppy-dog like eyes. “Is this really necessary? Have I not shown I can be trusted around you, Doctor Quinzel? After all, I’d have killed you already had I really wanted to.” His wide toothy grin made Harleen shuffle from one to the other foot uncomfortably, she defensively placed her arms across her chest and bear hugged herself.

“Not quite yet, Mr Joker. The chains are to meet regulations of the state I am afraid. But I shall agree to allow your feet to remain, you have at least the freedom to walk around the office. That’ll be all, Mr Smyth. Thank you for your assistance, I shall call you in an hour at the end of the session.” Harleen smiled to Mr Smyth who gave a simple nod and headed for the door, followed by Harleen who in turn closed it firmly.

“Nurse Bonehead decided to walk into a session the other day and caused a very uneasy patience to flip out and break her arm. From now on Doctor Arkham has agreed all sessions are completed behind locked doors and only opened from the inside, unless in the event of a fire, to which the security system will unlock it.” Harleen informed the Joker as she walked back towards the sofa, she took a seat opposite to him, bringing her skirted legs over one another, a note pad upon her lap and a pencil in her mouth which she subconsciously began to chew on as the Joker shuffled himself into a comfortable position.

“Draw me like one of your French girls?” The Joker teased, grinning to Harleen as she couldn’t prevent the laugh escaping her mouth, her cheeks flushing crimson.

“I don’t think that is very appropriate, Mr Joker. Besides, the best I could offer is a stick person and that’s not exactly the physique you pull off.” Harleen stopped abruptly upon realising what she had just said, her cheeks burning ruby red.

The Joker simply fell back onto the sofa and laughed, pointing towards Harleen he grinned, “You are funny, Doctor Quinzel. Very few people are genuinely funny.” He twisted himself to sit directly opposite her, letting his eyes roam her fully. Moving quickly up from the cheap high heel shoes he slowed his gaze to admire her long legs - today they were blanketed by a pair silk satin stockings that ran the full length of toned limbs before disappearing under the black knee length skirt which had slightly risen over her thigh to show the glimpse of a blood red garter. The Joker couldn’t help but appreciate the colours she’d chosen, they suited her well.

“So, how are we today, Mr Joker?” Harleen asked, unaware his attention was focused entirely upon her as she began to scribble some notes onto the paper.

“Oh absolutely fine, Doctor Quinzel.” The Joker growled lowly, “The view is quite fine, indeed,” as Harleen shifted in her chair, her skirt riding further to show off the diamond pattern to the garter.

“That’s excellent news, I’m really pleased to hear you are feeling better than last week, given your run in with Harvey again I was expecting a few bumps and bruises.” Harleen smiled to him, adjusting herself further in the chair, this time to bring her rested leg over and pulled her skirt down much to the disappointment of the Joker.

“And if I did have a few bumps and bruises Doctor, what would you prescribe? A magic kiss to make the poorly pain go away?” The Joker grinned, licking his lips as he stood from the sofa and stretched himself before taking a slow wander around the room.

“Not quite, Mr Joker. Magic kisses only work when there the ouchie happens then and there, otherwise there’d be no reason to waste the magic on something that has already occurred and therefore can’t be stopped.” Harleen retorted, standing to follow the Joker around with her eyes, she choose to lean against the desk as she watched him.

“Is that so, Doctor?” The Joker couldn’t help his smirk, Harleen was now resting against her desk waiting for his next month, her tense body language kept her firmly in place as he walked around the room, ending up behind her, she hadn’t turned to look at him, though she was clearly listening as her head tilted slightly. He leaned over the desk towards her, she still hadn’t moved as he closed in, taking a moment to absorb her shapely figure, the bun upon her head which was screaming to be released, the glasses sitting neatly - though they were both aware she didn’t actually truly need them. Her red blouse, “matching” he thought to himself with a grin, sat in the traditional manner against her body, open at the shoulders slightly to give him a view of her clavicle and the small peak of a black bra as she took in a breath and the material rose with her breasts. He continued to walk around her desk until he stopped in front of her, a grin set upon his face as his eyes burned with adventure.

“Do you feel you wish to share more today, now you have the opportunity to move around and express yourself?” Harleen asked as the Joker stood a few strides in front of her, his body language unreadable apart from the grin plastered across his face and eyes alight more so than usual. Harleen dropped her arms from her chest, placing them upon either side of her as she leaned further against the desk, figuring if she became more open in body language the Joker in turn would relax. Big mistake.

The Joker growled in his throat, the noise rippled through his body and visibly shook Harleen who tried to stand from the desk and approach him. He pulled his arms apart, snarling as the chain between the handcuffs snapped with ease - always was handy having men on his payroll, he thought as Harleen’s jaw dropped. Before she could utter a word, scream a note or raise her hands he had pushed her backwards, landing the pair of them flat upon the desk; winding Harleen in the process, grabbing her wrists with one of his large hands he pulled them up above her head and placed the other hand across her mouth.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said the view was fine today, Doc. It is very fine indeed, but I couldn’t help feeling there’s too much hiding the view, don’t you agree? Can’t see the forest for the trees is the old sayin’.” The Joker giggled softly, Harleen’s eyes jumping back and forth as she looks up to him, frowning her eyebrows she started to lick at his hand which in turn made him remove it from her mouth and pull a face. “That is disgusting, you have no idea where that has been!” The Joker stated in a disgusted manner, his face contorting as he wiped his hand down his uniform.

“I know where it could be going though..” Harleen answered, her eyes flashing with lust as she stared at him, returning the toothy grin as the Joker stopped wiping his hand and looked down to her.

“Ah, there’s my Harlequin.” The Joker grinned, leaning down he began to kiss along her cheekbone slowly, his lips barely brushing the warmth of her skin making goosebumps swell throughout her. “Welcome back, my little minx, I was hoping you’d arrive shortly, I don’t know how much longer I could have taken from watching you.” He growled into her ear, taking her lobe into his mouth and swirling it gently around with his tongue before releasing it with a pop, “You know how much the talk of bomb setting gets me worked up.” He pushed himself firmly against her body, his body’s reaction to being in the position they were in, Harleen’s hips grinded in return making him growl.

“Mmm- Mister J…It’s all I could think about to cover our lack of conversation recorded last session, at least I can claim I made some progress with you, even if the topic was a little…Unconventional.”  

The Joker laughed, he returned to brushing his face softly against hers, he could feel the harden nipples through her bra against his chest, the thin materials separating them both. His hand keeping her wrists in place felt every goosebump ripple through her body as she writhed against him like a snake, though his body kept her wriggling to a minimum, his body was clearly enjoying the attention. With his spare hand he ran it the full length of her; taking in each curve with great interest, as he drifted a ghostly touch over her clavicle before bending down to place a gentle kiss upon her, causing Harleen to inhale sharply, moaning his name.

“Doctor Quinzel. This bomb of yours is ticking away inside you, and I fear if it doesn’t get defused shortly it might just destroy us both.” The Joker grinned to Harleen as his hands ran down her manubrium, swirling a singular finger over the as the blonde beneath him gasp, her body freezing to his touch. The ghost finger trickles lower,  brushing a piece of red blouse aside to allow him to access the lace of black underwear that he had glimpsed earlier, he couldn’t hide the purr of interest and satisfaction as he traced the patterned garment.

Harleen hadn’t moved from the spot underneath the Joker, her body still sprawled across the desk as he teased and trailed his way across the front of her chest. She could feel his body had reacted in a positive manner towards her in the same as she had him, the pooling between her legs causing heat to flush her cheeks and burn her brain as the throbbing of her pulse inched around her body.

The Joker’s finger had slid under her bra, teasing the skin as he began to slide it up and down, each motion repeating he moved closer towards giving her the ultimate countdown to defusing the bomb inside her. “Hmm, I’ll return to these, there’s something I caught earlier which I just couldn’t resist.” The Joker brought his teasing finger away from the lace, Harleen’s groan of protest made him chuckle as he held his head above her and moved his fingers down the side of her body, thumb caressing the path as it followed.

Harleen froze again as she felt his hand trail down the full length of her leg then back up again, dancing upon the rim of the skirt. “I wonder, I wonder what could be hiding up here.” The Joker whispered as he leant forwards towards Harleen, his breath mingling with hers as they shared the space between them, she could feel the heat radiating from him yet his lips felt they were still millionaires away. “You know what these do to me, you really are a little monster aren’t you?”  The Joker breathed into her mouth, Harleen grasped her lower lip between her teeth and nodded, her eyes bursting with colour as the lust courses through her body.

“Yes, Daddy.” Harleen whispers in return, the countdown of the bomb began to tick as Joker’s audible growl echoed the room as his lips pounced upon hers. The Joker’s hand slipped further up her leg, daintily tip-toeing its way to the garter, as his fingers hook around it she can feel the purr of satisfaction ripple through their kiss, his passion fuelled further by the need of his lust. He pulls away and stares down at her, the pair panting as they try to catch their breath.

“Mmm, I think we ought to cause some of those bruises we were talking about earlier, don’t you? There’d be plenty of places to give kisses too after I’m done with you.” The Joker whispers into her ear, growling with lust as she whimpers in return.

“Tell Daddy, what is it you want more than anything in the world, my little harlequin?”

“Cheese sandwich!” Harleen replied.

The Joker frowned, pulling slightly away from Harleen as he stared down at her, “Come again my sweets.”

“A cheese sandwich” Harleen repeated. Suddenly the Joker was shaking her shoulders, her head banged gently against the desk before her darkened office suddenly flashed brighter and as her eyes focused she found she was face-to-face with a cheese sandwich. “What the…” Harleen began as she looked around, extremely confused. She looked up to see her friend and colleague, Joan Leland staring down at her with a concerned expression upon her face.

“I’ve brought you a cheese sandwich for lunch. Figured you might need your strength since you have an appointment with the Joker in thirty minutes and last week you spent all day complaining how exhausted you were following his appointment.” Joan patted Harleen’s shoulder and smiled gently. “I can take over the session if you want, I think you’d mentioned he was talking about bombs last time?”

Harleen shook her head, fully aware of reality now, “No thank you, Joan. Last week’s session was…progressive.” Harleen grinned to herself, hiding her face behind the sandwich as she took a quick bite, “You’re right though, I will need my strength up as I have a good feeling we’re going to be pushing further progress again today.”

Just as Harleen finished her sandwich and Joan was about to leave there was a knock at the door and Mr Smyth, a guard of the Aslyum walked in followed by the Joker. “Doctor Quinzel, your twelve-thirty is here.”

Harleen and the Joker’s eyes met, the two of them burned with lust as they exchanged a quick grin. “Thank you, Mr Smyth. If you could please remove the patient’s jacket I shall take it from here.” Mr Smyth nodded and removed the jacket and cuffs from the patient, following Joan from the room. 

Her eyes continuing to hold the Joker’s gaze as she took her bottom lip under her top teeth and the Joker licked his lips. “On second thoughts, Mr Smyth, please leave the cuffs. I have a feeling they will come in handy this session.” 

Making Business

Summary: Eisuke Ichinomiya has no time for you because well, he has businesses to attend to… and for that, he’ll be making up for those lonely nights with a business you can’t resist.  [#3]

Note: Smut. Kids, don’t read. It’s a really long, hot and heavy one. So yeah, I bless this blog with its first smut ever and yet of all the Voltage guys, I chose the one I like the least (*sarcastic coughs*). I’ve only played his main story and will be blowing more money on him soon (that bastard). And well, I’m honestly proud of this. My grandma would be incredibly disappointed though. Maybe. Okay. Let’s get nasty.

Eisuke Ichinomiya has been pretty busy last week. He’d come home a bit later than he usually does. Of course, you tried to stay up just to see him… but the last time you’ve tried, you wounded up falling asleep around 3 AM. He also hardly invited you to go out with him since they were mostly and strictly for businesses. With so much going on, you haven’t seen him in a long time…

You made a lot of attempts to take even just a pinch of his time. You would wake up earlier than he does to prepare breakfast. Sometimes he’d eat it with you but in other times he had to leave after receiving an urgent call from a potential client he has a dealing with. It’s been going on for a while now and so even if you see him around, you started to feel as though he was fading from your reach.

You didn’t want that.

In an attempt to fill up the hole in your heart, you made and sweetened his coffee the way he likes it. At the back of your mind, the image of his rare smile scorched with a crazed yearning to see it… Though at the same time, it gave you a lump in your throat and a sting in your heart. How long since you’ve seen that smile?

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Come Away With Me (1/1)

Authors Note: In celebration of the birthday of my dear dear friend kat2609​. You bring the fandom joy and positivity, and intelligent, romantic, humorous and sometimes silly fics. I hope this brings you some joy, you ray of Australian sunshine. Happy Birthdee, enjoy this prezzie with a cuppa, and I hope your fam takes you out to the resto for din din and cab sav. Oh sh*t. I dunno if I did that right. If I’m wrong, blame these guys.

Summary: Emma Swan reluctantly agrees to go on tour with another popular rock artist, Killian Jones - a man she believes to be self-centered and shallow. In the long months on the road, she rediscovers parts of herself she thought she had lost forever while she learns that first impressions can sometimes be wrong.

Rated: Somewhere between T and M. 


It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens subtly. Over years of small disappointments, of broken dreams.

That little room inside of you closes up. The place that allows you to hope, that allows you to dream. That allows you to let someone take you by the hand and simply give you something you need, without asking for it.

With time, and years, you can learn to crack open that door and let the light in. Emma Swan had found that - in fact - there was a place in the world for her dreams. Hope?… No. No place for that. Hoping and wishing had gotten her nowhere. Life was no fairy tale. She hadn’t wished herself onto the Top 40. She hadn’t been given a deal with Storybrooke Records by hoping for it, as she lay in bed at night. She had worked hard for it. She had made things happen for herself.

If there was one thing Emma had learned – nothing good came for free. There was always a catch.

As Emma leaned against her window that afternoon, she blew out an exasperated breath as she tried to explain this to Ruby. She was trying to be reasonable but she was feeling edgy. It didn’t help that her paltry dinner of salad and a micro-sized bun had barely sated her. If the paps hadn’t been trained on her the whole meal, she might have ordered the cheeseburger. And maybe some fries. And perhaps the triple chocolate cake with ice cream.

But her apartment was frustratingly devoid of food. It was empty, save for the presence of her best friend and agent, who had been imploring her to “see reason” for the last hour.


“Have you seen the terms his agent put forward?”

Emma backed away from the window, and crossed the sparsely furnished living room to sit next to Ruby at the kitchen island. “How long have we been friends? When have I ever not been up front with my intentions? I love you Ruby, but you need to let this thing go.”

“You don’t even know him.”

“You’re right. And from all I’ve heard, I’d rather not, thank you.”

In fact, she had met him. Once. At the GQ Grammys after-party. Spiraling off of a crowd of tittering admirers, he had sauntered over to her with the air of a man who is never denied an audience. He probably thought all he needed to do was make a show of his Armani suit and perfectly-styled hair and she’d be like the rest of those idiots. She had closed off the minute he had addressed her as “love.” She didn’t care to relive the conversation.

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Chapter 92: Stages Of Sacrifice

The commotion and constant chatter of those lazily lounging in the living room floated into Jermaine’s ear like the sound of a million buzzing bees. Their words sounded like the fast forwarding of a video or cassette tape. He couldn’t drown them out and in addition to that, he couldn’t make out what any one of them were saying because his mind was else where. His mind was where it had been since he sat inside of Da Silvano for two hours; on Robyn. As he clutched her iPhone in his right hand, he continuously stared back and forth between the screen of his Blackberry and her own phone, waiting for something……..anything. His heart hadn’t stopped thumping against his chest since last night and his brain hadn’t slowed down from the marathon it’s been running. All night long………he waited all night long for her and she still hasn’t shown up. Though his body felt the exhaustion from staying awake all night, his brain wouldn’t rest. He couldn’t and wouldn’t rest until she walked into the door.

He ran more than a hundred different scenarios through his mind throughout the night. He didn’t want to think the worst, but he couldn’t help himself. She nearly took him back to a place…..a place that he’s put behind him. Though he no longer reflects on it as much as he used to, he’ll never forget how she left him for those years. He’ll never forget how he felt, the depression, the drinking, smoking, crying, sleepless nights, random wailing in the studio….all of it. Twice throughout the night he walked up to the large glass windows in his condo’s living room and he stared out at the New York City view and wondered just where could she be. He used to do that while she was gone. He used to stand there for hours. Some days he’d think she was dead, other days he’d think someone kidnapped her, and there were those days when he believed that she was somewhere out in the world thinking of him just as much as he was thinking of her. As the sun began to slowly highlight the dark skies, the first time they made love to one another played over and over in his head. He wasn’t thinking about how beautiful it was to see her completely bare, how addictive her sweet nectar tasted on his tongue, or how it felt to be inside of the woman he truly believes is made for him. All of that is important, but her words were the most important aspect of that moment. Two words: “I promise”. She promised that she would never leave him again and he’s holding her to those two words. If he didn’t trust her, he would have to call himself a hypocrite. He’s been working hard to earn her trust back, so through all of the anger and worrying, he’d have to give her the same consideration.

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To my kind and wonderful followers

Hi guys, I was thinking a lot whether to publish these asks or not. I have no desire to actually answer this person, but I want to publish it all the same and to say a few words to my followers that show me nothing but kindness and support.

So these are some of the latest anons that I got:

“ How can we convince you to consider to check a bit the tags of the things you talk (eg: captain swan)? For real, it makes me feel like a shit when you recreate other people’s works (you always say that “anonymous” people request you) but please, take a look, the videogame post you made was already done by another girl. Tons of unique parallels, made by only one person since the episode aired stop being unique because you lust for notes or followers. Please, stop. Stop, it’s making us feel…”

“ a real shit. You nullify us, you despise us with your actions. You DON’T love the fandom. You just don’t. If you did, you’d respect our works, appreciate and share it to make sure other people can see their stuff. Please, I’m trying to not attack you, I’m trying to show you how sad and upset makes me feel you’re getting credit for things that were already done. Put yourself in your shoes.”

“ we know you run the /weareouat or /bestofcs. You just cant conceal how yo hide your works in other platforms.“  (took me a while to understand what this was about, apparently these are twitter accounts that publish gifsets from Tumblr, and they published some of my gifsets).

“ Oh, my god. You still don’t get it and probably you say your own “playing victim” version to your friends (which is funny: the ones, that compliment your work, none of them are graphic makers so of course they can’t put themselves in our shoes). I never complained about your metas+gifset, you surely have your own ideas (or accept people requests) but what I’m saying is that you need to find a line: some of your requests were already made, and many some these are unique in the tag (meaning: “

 “no one else in the tag did it). It’s upsetting when you re-make them, because these gifsets STOP being special and unique. It’s OKAY if you don’t fullfill the request, it’s OKAY to say people “hey, cool idea but it was already done by this amazing person, reblog it from here”, it’s OKAY to appreciate other people’s works and ideas and share it. It seems you have a BIG struggle by sharing it and it’s quite selfish. Some people have their thing, let them BE and ENJOY their thing. Check the tags…”

“there’s a whole world beyond your work and friend’s requests. I never criticized your works, I criticize your way of ignoring other people’s works, feelings and efforts because, usually, the original ideas/gifsets came from their heads (not requests) and that also makes it special. Consider it again, speak with gif and graphic makers, make a post if you want to know their thoughts, or speak with them privately.”

“Yeah, definitely none of the people that says nice things to you works with graphics.”    

I’m saying again that this is not an answer to the person writing these messages, and he/she will be blocked from sending me anons.

But I do want to say a few words to the rest of you. I’m feeling really torn right now. On the one hand I love getting anons, and requests, and I love making gifsets and receiving positive feedback. On the other hand, I admit that these messages get to me, and each week I’m getting more and more of these. And sadly they bother me more than I wish for them to. 

I consider myself a good person, a thoughtful person. I guess this is why I love getting requests for gifsets and happy to prepare any of them. These messages seem to suggests that I’m some sort of a bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anyone. And it’s sad for me to know that there is this group of people who thinks that (because the word “we” was mentioned so many times there).

I used to see Tumblr as a happy place. As a place where people are spreading positive vibe. I saw a lot of wonderful blogers along the way closing their accounts because of hate messages, and I always felt sad for that, and thought they were making a mistake by letting the haters get to them and in a way win over them. This is the first time I truly understand why they were doing it, and start to consider it myself.

But I don’t really want to do that, Tumblr has become an integral part of my life, and I love most of the people in our ship, and I can’t truly imagine closing my account and not giffing anymore. I also don’t want to cancel the ability to receive anons, because it would be unfair to those who wish to ask something anonymously, and ask for gif request. 

This is why I wanted to share these anons with you. To make you aware of what’s going on in my head right now. I feel like I’m in a situation that I was never at before that I’m really conflicted right now.

I just want you all to know (well, the ones that don’t hate me anyway…) that I appreciate and love you. Every follower, every like, every reblog, every kind message. You are the reason I’m here. You are the reason I’m making gifs (and spending hours doing so). I don’t feel like I need to apologies for having followers, or having some posts that are reaching high number of notes, or even accidentally repeating someone else’s gifset. 

If other gif makers don’t like me, be my guest. You don’t have to follow me, or reblog my stuff. But don’t hide behind anons sending me these messages. Honestly, I don’t get how people can live with themselves being so mean to others and actually inventing things like I’m behind other accounts to reblog my own stuff on other sites.

I’m truly really trying to focus on the positive feedback. But I admit it’s getting harder everyday.     

Let’s Not II

Continuation of Let’s Not and submitted for day 8 of @omeliaweek‘s angst week. 

The rain drizzled pathetically from the sky, the drops catching in the glow of the streetlights as they plummeted to the ground. A small sedan drove along the near-empty streets, the tires disturbing the pools of water on the concrete. Amelia sat behind the wheel, mindlessly driving towards home. The windshield wipers swept back and forth, the constant swish of rubber against glass somewhat comforting in its predictability. She pulled into the driveway of the house she had considered home for the past year or so, taking in the grandiose of the older building. Switching off the ignition, Amelia rested her head on the steering wheel, listening only to the sound of the rain drops pelting off the metal exterior of the vehicle. Today had been anything but ordinary, from the moment the patient opened her mouth, to fighting with Owen in the chapel. Nothing had been planned. The toll of the day had physically exhausted her, so she bundled her things in her arms and sprinted for the covered porch.

Juggling her possessions in her arms she fumbled with her keys, trying to unlock the door when suddenly it opened in front of her. There stood Meredith, an unreadable expression on her face.

“You’re wet,” she deduced, taking in the younger woman’s sodden clothes.

“It’s raining,” Amelia announced, pointing out the obvious, “and cold.”

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Star crossed (m); part 01

Genre: Angst, smut, BTS, Jeongguk

A/n: this got deleted on accident, more notes at the bottom!

You two were like the mundane soft rain with a murderous thunder. The pit-pat of rain drops descending from the thick clouds down to the manmade glass, rolling down the pane, and then down the drain; you often felt as if you and the clouds could cry the same amount in a single day. The roar of thunder, the high temper he could unleash like a tornado, the fierce gaze he never failed to use to scare his opponents away – Jeon Jeongguk often felt like he and the thunder could growl the same amount in a single day.

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