i think you mean the most to me lately

School-Related Sentence Starters


  • “Did we have homework?”
  • “Please be my lab partner.”
  • “Can I borrow a pencil?”
  • “I really don’t want to talk in front of the whole class…”
  • “Can I copy off of you real quick?”
  • “Do you think the teacher is hot?”
  • “It’s not cheating. It’s just teamwork.”
  • “Do you think the new kid is hot?”
  • “Pretty sure the teacher is out to get me…”
  • “You are…so dumb…”
  • “Was Shakespeare gay?”
  • “Please tell me you didn’t start the project either.”
  • “If I do it at the last minute, then I’ll have a minute.”
  • “Can I borrow your notes?”
  • “This class is so boring…”
  • “Am I in the right classroom?”
  • “Someone drew a dick in my textbook.”
  • “Do you know where the nurse’s office is?”
  • “Someone put a picture of Shrek in my locker.”
  • “I can’t wait to graduate…”
  • “Meet me in the bathroom/gym/locker room later. I need to tell you something.”


  • “I forgot about the midterm.”
  • “I’m gonna FAIL.”
  • “Shut up! You always say you’re going to fail, and then you get an A.”
  • “Please help me study.”
  • “If I don’t pass, my parents are going to KILL me.”
  • “Do you ever think about how studying is just ‘student’ and ‘dying’ put together?”
  • “I live at the library now.”
  • “Do you need help with the chapter?”
  • “I don’t even know what I don’t know.”
  • “I’m afraid that they’ll revoke my scholarship.”
  • “I HAVE to be at the top of the class.”
  • “Do you even know how to read?”
  • “I don’t even get the Sparknotes…”
  • “Maybe I’ll be okay if I pick A for every answer…I have to get an A, right?”
  • “I don’t need to go to college anyway.”
  • “Sleep is for the weak.”
  • “I just did 200 practice problems. I forgot my own name.”
  • “I remember that shrimp can see more colors than we can, but I don’t remember the vocabulary words for the test.”
  • “Your notes are just doodles.”


  • “What’s for lunch?”
  • “Please trade lunches with me.”
  • “I dare you to fling your peas at the principal.”
  • “There’s NO way I’m eating that.”
  • “All I have are skittles and an old Oreo.”
  • “I would kill for a taco right now.”
  • “Lunch is the only class I can do well in.”
  • “There’s pizza today.”
  • “Is that a bug in your sandwich?”
  • “Ugh, this is expired.”
  • “Is this seat taken?”
  • “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet.”
  • “Did you make this?”
  • “If you give me a dollar, I’ll love you forever.”
  • “I made brownies.”
  • “Let’s eat outside today.”
  • “Do you think we could get pizza delivered to the school?”
  • “You’re in my seat.”
  • “These freshmen think that they can just take our table…”


  • “I can’t run for my life.”
  • “Don’t throw the ball at me!!”
  • “Why do you look so red?”
  • “I’m DYING.”
  • “It’s just sports! What could go wrong?”
  • “I can’t run anymore.”
  • “Your team is going DOWN.”
  • “Are you okay?!”
  • “You really suck at this, don’t you?”
  • “Think fast!”
  • “Is that the best you can do?”
  • “I dare you to race me.”
  • “I think the gym teacher is a supersoldier.”

Uniforms / Clothes

  • “I HATE these pants/skirts.”
  • “Do you think anyone would notice if I wore pajamas?”
  • “I haven’t washed my gym clothes in a week…”
  • “I should be allowed to wear whatever I want.”
  • “Can you believe they called my outfit ‘inappropriate’?!”
  • “I’m so sick of seeing (school color).”
  • “I wear this uniform in my dreams. I mean, in my nightmares.”
  • “Those are the most hideous shoes I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Do you think her/his girl/boyfriend got her that?”
  • “Did your boy/girlfriend really buy you that?”
  • “Class rings are overrated.”
  • “We should totally get matching hoodies.”
  • “What show/movie is your shirt from?”
  • “I can see your underwear.”


  • “Wanna skip?”
  • “I can’t believe I’m in here.”
  • “Welcome, prince(ss)! Is this your first time?”
  • “That teacher DESERVED to be cursed out, okay?”
  • “I didn’t even do anything wrong…”
  • “Fuck the police.”
  • “They put me in here just for being late…”
  • “Did you actually bash the principal’s car?”
  • “A little thing like you managed to beat the crap out of someone?”
  • “You look like you don’t belong in here.”
  • “This is prison.”
  • “I tried to stab a kid with a pencil.”
  • “They think I’ll learn my lesson in here? I’m going to do it again.”
  • “All I did was a little graffiti.”
  • “I’m taking a nap.”
Suga Daddy: Part 8

Suga Daddy: 8

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: angst, dirty talk, language 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi tells you about his past but is terrified of how you’ll take it.

This came a little early than expected. Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Everything felt like it was playing out and slow-motion and all you were doing was twirling the flowers in your hand. You were nauseated and your mind was racing with every possible scenario. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t have a squeaky clean record. Especially with his attitude and the way he talked to you sometimes. For some reason you still loved him, despite that.

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Perks of dating a fangirl (Or fanboy)

Okay, so lately I have been thinking what the perks of dating someone like me would be. By me, I mean those fandom obsessive people who have more fictional lovers than we would care to admit. 

So I have compiled a really random list of the total benefits of dating a crazy person fangirl or fanboy. Feel free to add more.

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

We know what it means to love someone who can’t love you back - so we always put our all into a relationship. 

Most often we are reading fanfiction or watching anime or series - Which is prime cuddle opportunities. 

Originally posted by inkymint

We are less needy - We like our alone time, after all we need time to obsess over our fandoms. 

We tell things like they are, we don’t sugar coat things- fangirls and fanboys spend most of their lives in a make-believe world filled with imaginary characters and ideas. When we are in the real world we often prefer to be honest about things with real people.

We are pretty easy to please- I don’t mean this is a rude way, but most fangirls and boys want three things. Our fanfiction or anime. A quiet place. And no judgment as we cry and scream over our obsession. Simple right?

We are incredibly loyal – keep in mind most of us will wait years for our favorite anime, manga, book or series to come out. I am pretty sure we would be able to commit to a long-term relationship.

We would only cheat on you with fictional characters – you never have to worry about us cheating on you, because the only men or women we ever really meet are stuck in our fictional worlds.

So if you are looking for your next conquest, then rather stay away from fangirl or fanboy. We are notoriously crazy.

I love you. I think no one has understood me as a person beside you. You are the person who makes me think of rainbows and butterflies when all I can think of most of the time is what happens when my body dies. Death for me has always been a curious thing but lately death for me has been an intrusive thought that I couldn’t seem to stop to the point where I feel like I’m going mad or insane. It is only when I think of you that I think of life.

I love you. And what I really mean by that is that you are my healing. And maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll blame you for not being the person I imagined you to be, but I promise that I won’t change you because I love you just the way you are. And you are terrifying and strange and lovely. Something that requires time to fall in love with. Something that requires more appreciation than possession.

I love you. And I thank you for making me love you. And I thank you for making me horny. You make me feel like I’m not clinically depressed. You give me so much hope. You give me so much love. My brain is safe inside your warm heart. And it is only when you tell me that you love me that I know that I am.

I love you therefore I exist.

—  Juansen Dizon // Dear Daisy

✰ * º ❛ lovely little lonely ask meme ❜

‘  here’s to now and nothing else.  ’
‘  in this moment, i could die with you.  ’
‘  never felt like this before.  ’
‘  dizzy, drunk, and beautiful.  ’
‘  here’s to all this culture’s rules and your pretty things.  ’
‘  how dirty, wild, and juvenile.  ’
‘  we ain’t got no time for what tomorrow brings.  ’
‘  i never wanna be a distraction.  ’
‘  i feel okay all over, void of all composure.  ’
‘  i like the lips you kiss with.  ’
‘  your lips are bad behavior and i’m in danger.  ’
‘  i don’t have time for your feelings.  ’
‘  you’re insecure, but don’t be.  ’
‘  say soft, but don’t be gentle.  ’
‘  it’s altogether mental.  ’
‘  let’s go to a place where we can forget.  ’
‘  leaving’s overrated.  ’
‘  i wanna inhale you in small doses.  ’
‘  i wanna inhale you in small doses, but adore you like the roses.  ’
‘  you’re bad for me.  ’
‘  i’m a lush, i know you notice  ’
‘  what would you say if you could say everything you needed to, to the one you needed to?  ’
‘  you flash like a setting sun.  ’
‘  you come around, i come undone.  ’
‘  can’t find the sound under my tongue when i look at you.  ’
‘  i lose my voice when i look at you,  ’
‘  just another lovesick afternoon.  ’
‘  just yesterday, i couldn’t help but think of you.  ’
‘  you come around, i lose my brain.  ’
‘  i’ve been searching for the right words, but i can’t even find an echo.  ’
‘  don’t you let go.  ’
‘  there are only twenty-six letters i can use just to tell you i won’t let go.  ’
‘  you told me we were only two punch drunk souls tangled in the wind.  ’
‘  is the sadness everlasting?  ’
‘  it creeps on in to the calmness of yourself.  ’
‘  it creeps on in until it hurts like hell.  ’
‘  you know i never knew how much i was getting into.  ’
‘  i can’t say that i can make you feel complete or free from your worry.  ’
‘  babe, you’ll never be lonely.  ’
‘  don’t you understand? you’ll never be alone again.  ’
‘  do you remember the days we were golden?  ’
‘  for worse or for better.  ’
‘  we said forever, forever ago.  ’
‘  do you remember?  ’
‘  lets leave the lonesome heat behind for better weather.  ’
‘  always just where you are, not where you’ll always be.  ’
‘  so, wherever you are in the world, i want you to be there and only there.  ’
‘  please know that life would be shit without you.   ’
‘  i feel all sorts of good just thinking about you.  ’
‘  i genuinely hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for, even if you have to find it alone.  ’
‘  let’s take our time while it’s still ours to take ‘cause some things hardly change, but nothing ever stays the same.  ’
‘  let’s fall back in love.  ’
‘  let’s fall back in love with the world and who we are.  ’
‘  let’s do the things we never talked about, but never did before.  ’
‘  darling, don’t blink because you will.  ’
‘  and when you open up your eyes again, you may not recognize a friend.  ’
‘  it may be bittersweet ‘cause we’re no longer seventeen, but we’re still young.  ’
‘  dance with me in naivety and follow endlessly the sound of reverie.  ’
‘  the past is in the rear view and the future holds no weight.  ’
‘  we’ve got a lot, but what do we got to lose?  ’
‘  i’m losing track of time.  ’
‘  forget the hearts and all the flowers.  ’
‘  it’s tough to be anything these days, but i think i love time the most when i’m with you.  ’
‘  the truth doesn’t mean a thing.  ’
‘  don’t you get lost in the nostalgia.  ’
‘  it’s not too late.  ’
‘  the only thing i’m really sure of, i’m unsure of almost everything.  ’
‘  i’m looking up and looking forward.  ’
‘  there’s nothing back there for you or me.  ’
‘  so you say you are broken, beaten, used and mistreated. tired, shattered, bruised and battered.  ’
‘  i only wanna talk to you.  ’
‘  you see, yesterday i said tomorrow. i learned today tomorrow can’t be saved.  ’
‘  the less you know, the more.  ’
‘  i will speak in cursive about the way it was when days were young.  ’
‘  now the clock talks so loud, articulate and perfect, about the way it is.  ’
‘  we ain’t kids.  ’
‘  and did you know, i only wanna talk to you?  ’
‘  i remember feeling weightless in the deeper end and drowning in the fear again.  ’
‘  and the lovely little loneliness would hold me down under the sound of being found.  ’
‘  but then it all turned around.  ’
‘  dearly depressed and broken hearted…  ’
‘  i’d like to let you know that boys cry too.  ’
‘  don’t let them tell you how you’re feeling.  ’
‘  i wonder why nobody is asking you.  ’
‘  are you free or are you in sorrow?  ’
‘  are you free or are you being borrowed?  ’
‘  how do you feel?  ’
‘  what’s your condition?  ’
‘  you are alive, but are you living?  ’
‘  give me your voice and i’ll give it a listen.  ’
‘  are you complete or is something missing?  ’
‘  so tell me, do your hands shake? does your heart break?  ’
‘  whatever it is – whatever it isn’t – make sure that it’s real.  ’
‘  you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.  ’
‘  make sure it’s real, real, real.  ’

(Request) Reward for the Sweetest

Title: Reward for the Sweetest

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @irenewolfland

I would like for negan to have just the worst day. He’s got a headache and just wants to go to bed. He’s shocked when he finds that the reader is the only one who waited up for him. Instead of letting her leave he invites her to his room for the night. Sweet smut with cuddling at the end please. Usual negan stuff cussing dirty talk.

Warnings: NSFW as always

Note: Back with a request! I hope y’all like this especially you, irenewolfland! Let me know your thoughts please? :)

It was late at night when the Saviors arrived back at the Sanctuary and Negan was damn pissed for how their day went. A ruckus had occurred when they visited a certain community for a collection; turned out that the community geared up to attack them. Guns were fired and many people were killed, a some of Negan’s men included. Instead of getting their shit, the Saviors ended up going home with injuries and dead bodies. This angered Negan a whole lot, not only did he come home empty handed but he also lost his men and weapons as well.

As Negan hopped off the vehicle, a Savior blocked his way. “Sir, Adam didn’t make it. He died on our way back here. What should we do to the body?” He reported, referring to a wounded Savior.

Negan turned towards the Savior with a stoic expression. “Fuck it.”


“For fucking fuckity fuck’s sake, Mike. Have you been living under a fucking rock or are you just plain fucking stupid?! Burn the fucking body, you dumbass cocksucking motherfucker!” Negan yelled in frustration and shoved the Savior to the side as he walked.

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I just love you so fucking much

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part II)

Part I Part III

A/N: Here you have a second part, I think I’m going two more parts (like a mini series) so enjoy it :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.793



It had been almost four months since Zach asked me out that wonderful day and I’m glad to say that I made the right decision because being with him was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time.

I already knew how kind he could be, but now it was something totally different, he made me feel like if there were no one else in this world but us, he always had a compliment for me in the mornings and the thing I liked the most was that he never tried to hide our relationship, in fact, there were times that it looked like he wanted everyone to know that we were together.

Nevertheless I didn’t like spending time with his friends, I have to say that Alex was my favourite and we used to talk in school, Justin was better than I expected, Monty thought he was better than everyone else and I didn’t even want to see Bryce, having him around made me feel uncomfortable.

Even though everything was ideal there was something around my head lately and it was the fact that we hadn’t done it yet. There had been so many opportunities, but we didn’t make it to the end.

We were taking things slowly and I loved it because that was one of the reasons why our relationship was drama free, bit when it came to that particular thing I couldn’t help but feel bad with myself because it was always him the one who avoided the situation and I knew he had been in other relationships and one night stands, so I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Oh come on love” he begged pulling my hand backwards in his direction so I could face him “come to the party, you never come to any of them” he was making a puppy face, something he knew that always worked.

“Maybe because I don’t like parties and because you always get drunk” I answered trying to stay firm.

“I promise, if you come I won’t drink a single cup” he said lifting his hand, like he was doing an oath.

“I don’t know Zach… I don’t feel like going to a party” I stopped looking at him and I lowered my tone “but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and have fun”

If there were something I wanted to avoid that was being a possessive girlfriend, one who deprives his boyfriend of things if she’s not involved, I didn’t want to make Zach stop having fun because of my insecurities.

“I would have fun if you were there” I looked at him in the eyes again, with all the love I had to give him with just a look and he brought his lips to mine immediately.

“I’m going to be late for math” I mumble between kisses.

“Then I’ll see you later” he said before giving me another kiss in my lips and other in my forehead, he let my hand go and left for his next class.

I walked to math where I sat with Alex, which wasn’t a great help because neither him nor me were good in this class.

While we were doing the exercises the teacher had said, and I had to say I was trying really hard to understand something in that paper, Alex talked.

“Are you going to tell me what the matter is?” I lifted my head to look at him, I didn’t get what he was talking about “You’re awfully quiet today and what’s even worst, you’re trying to do this exercises, something is really wrong” I sighed, resting my back in the chair; I didn’t think it was so obvious.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this to anyone, I’m not that kind of person who talks about her private life, but since you know Zach longer than me, maybe you can help me with something” I lowered my voice so no one could hear us, even though we were sitting at the back of the class.

“I’m listening”

“The thing is… Zach and me, we haven’t… you know” I didn’t want to say it out loud, but he got what I was trying to say “and it’s always him the one who makes some excuse to avoid the situation and I’m losing my mind trying to find a reasonable answer”

“Have you asked him?” he said it as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

“Of course no, I don’t want to scare him or something. I mean, it’s Zach, why wouldn’t he want to do it? I know his history perfectly”

“Do you think he’s cheating on you?”

“What?!” I exclaimed in a whisper “Not until now, thank you Alex”

I didn’t want Alex’s words to get to me, but unfortunately it was too late, they were setting a camp in my head and taking control of my insecurities.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to say that” I couldn’t be mad at Alex for suggesting that, I’m sure that’s the first thing you think about in a situation like this.

The bell rang and I got my things really quick to get out of there before Zach came to pick me up like he always did between classes.

I didn’t want to overreact because I hated when that happened, but I couldn’t help the feeling inside me telling me to go home, so I listened to it and I left without saying a word.

There were no one at home, so I went upstairs to my room and once I was there I let myself fall on my bed with my hands on my face, like if that could make reality disappear, I was making a big deal of this.

My phone rang again, it’s been ringing since I left, calls and messages form the same person, Zach. I hadn’t read the messages, but I could imagine he wanted to know where I was and what was going on and as much I wanted to avoid the situation I couldn’t do it forever, so I took my phone and I read the messages, replying to them just with “I’m home.”

I didn’t get an answer, but I knew why and when I heard someone knocking at my door I confirmed my doubts.

I went downstairs and opened, when I saw him I noticed how worried he was, but he didn’t say anything due to the expression on my face. I step aside so he could come inside and I closed the door, going to my room again followed by Zach this time.

When I heard he closing the door I turned to look at him, trying to prepare myself for what I was going to say.

“Zach… are you cheating on me?” I pushed my lips together after asking that, I didn’t want to cry for this.

“What?! Of course not, why would you think that?” he asked sorting the space between us and trying to grab my hand, which I moved away.

“Because I don’t know what to think, I’m losing my head trying to understand why every time we’re about to do something more than just make out you stop and make some excuse to leave” his expression was confusion, he was going to say something, but he closed his mouth again “If you don’t want me you just have to say it, but please… don’t make me fall more for you” my voice was cracking more and more by the second “Because I will suffer more when you leave” He sighed and looked me right in the eyes, putting his hands on my cheeks.

“In what world I wouldn’t want you?” he asked looking from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes again, like if he was doing a big effort by not kissing me right now.

“Then why?”

“Because I love you” my heart stopped in that exact moment, he was the first of us to say those words “and I didn’t want you to think that you were like the rest, because you’re nothing like them”

I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him like I’ve never kissed him before. He brought his hands to my waist and kissed me back passionately making both of us breathless.

“I love you Zach” I said just a few inches from his lips just before he kissed me again.

I felt him smile widely while we were kissing due to my words and I couldn’t help but giggle and break the kiss.

With his arms around my waist he lifted me from the ground; I put my legs around his waist and laughed even more. He walked to my bed, tripping over my bag in the process and making us fall in the mattress.

“You were supposed to be the clumsy one” he said, still on top of me.

“We can share the title” I answered cupping his face between my hands and kissing him.

His kisses were different from the usual, this time they were more passionate and needed, which turned me on so much.

I put my hands on his shoulders, grabbing the neck of his letterman jacket with my hands and taking it off of him.

Then I slide my hands down his torso until I reached the end of his t-shirt and I got my hands under the fabric so I could touch his warm skin. He kissed his way through my lips to my neck making me moan a little and lifting his shirts quickly.

He sit himself straight to take the shirt off completely and I could look at his spectacular body, which a loved feeling on mine.

He put his hands in the sides of my head again, but before he kissed me again I enclosed my arms around his neck and made us roll on the mattress so I would be on top of him.

I looked at him, smiling like a fool when I saw his smile. I sorted the distance to kiss him, but this time slowly, just enjoying the friction between his lips with mine.

I stopped the kiss to look at him again, caressing the soft skin on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked

“Nothing” I stopped for a second “I was just looking how lucky I am” I whispered.

He put his hands on my hips while he sat straight under my legs, in that position our faces were at the same height, but I can swear my heart was above the clouds.

“Oh god I just love you so fucking much” he said with a waspy voice before he sweetly kissed me again.

Zach Dempsey #2

Hello everyone :)
Here is another Zach Dempsey imagine, with a little help by @themonicashastriblog

Request are open and welcome! :)

Originally posted by ourheartbeats

It was nothing, at first.
I didn’t give much thought into the fact that I haven’t been on my period this month.
Hannah’s suicide and Jeff’s death shook up everything and I was still trying to wrap my head around  what happened.
More precisely, what Zach had to do with it.
When I found out about the tapes I was so mad at him for not telling me.

But we eventually got over it.
Now we were happier than before.
Stronger than before.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you there?”, Sherri rips me out of my thoughts and I look at her with an excusing look on my face before I straighten up my cheer leading skirt.

“What were you saying?”, I ask and Sherri laughs before she gets up and we walk into the gym together.
“I was saying, Jess isn’t coming today. She got cramps. This time of the month again, you know.”, she looks over to me and I frown a minute.

“What’s going on? You look like I talked about something evil.”, she laughs and I smile vague before I follow her into the gym.

I am sure it means nothing that my period is late this month too.
Even though the stress was getting better I had a flu and the doctor subscribed me some medication which most likely to mess with my body.
It’s probably nothing.

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chychymazzu  asked:

Between Lucy and Natsu which one you love the most? :3

I’m so sorry I’ve taken ages to answer this. It’s not because I wrote out an answer and forgot about it, then clicked off the page so I lost everything. I definitely wasn’t sulking.😅 

I’ve written a mini-essay again (Of course, I love to talk about my theories and opinions 😉).

Short answer: I prefer Natsu.

Long answer (if you want to read):

This question touches on a subject that’s annoyed me in the fandom lately. And that’s the notion Natsu gets an unparalleled amount of love from fans. I don’t think Natsu is perfect by any means, however, I have seen more ‘let’s shit on Natsu’s character’ posts than any other character - which is why I feel compelled to write about him a lot. 

I don’t think he’s had any less character development than the others. It just depends on what you take from the clues Mashima has given us.

I love Natsu more because I find him really interesting. I like the fact that Mashima leaves him a mystery work out. I know a lot of people see it as a lack of development. Personally, I don’t want Mashima to spoon feed us every single detail, in fact, the sporadic snippets of information are why I like him so much. The challenge is great. That’s not to say I don’t like Lucy but she’s not as complex (and more of a conventional heroine).  

Mashima has said Natsu is based on him as a child and there’s that character bio he gave us in the Tenro island arc.  All those traits are typical child characteristics and it’s also the mindset of an animal. Yes, you can say, this hasn’t been directly pointed out in the manga. However, putting together all the puzzle pieces that tell us about Natsu development (since we don’t get Natsu’s POV), this is the logical explanation I came too.

People are true to themselves as children, they live in the moment and take each day as it comes. So, do animals. Both children and animals can recover from traumatic things with remarkable resilience, it’s when we become adults that people allow problems to get complicated. 

Natsu is essentially a “wild boy”.

His upbringing wasn’t easy and from what Zeref said, Natsu was hard to control when he resurrected him. He wouldn’t pay attention, which is Mashima giving us the hint he was probably purely instinct with the demon inside him (very animalistic/instinctual) so he had to ask Igneel for help.

Even if the manga doesn’t tell us a lot about Natsu’s time with Igneel (or Zeref) - it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Igneel would have to start from the very beginning. Natsu had to learn to walk before he could run. That meant teaching Natsu impulse control, and the first step would be honing and using his instincts.

Igneel taught him to be an animal, to survive in the wild first. He had to hunt or he would go hungry and make a fire or he would be cold. Igneel couldn’t go easy on him. Only when he had learned the basics could Igneel attempt to teach him how to read and write (along with the other knowledge required to live as a human) because Natsu had no concept of self-control before learning discipline and why it is important. Plus, the added dragon slayer ritual probably intensified his wild attributes.  

Also, we were given the impression that Natsu was very disruptive when he joined the guild. Didn’t get on well with others. He viewed them as competition (in a sense, they were competing over the same resources. As animals do in the wild) and he still fights but now it’s play fighting. He had to realise they weren’t there to harm him, that they were like Igneel. At the beginning, I got the impression Erza and Makarov had to teach him how to act around people, that he shouldn’t start serious fights with family.  

Natsu had to deal with mourning the loss of his father while he joined the guild and subsequently felt alone and used to spend time alone to deal with his grief. He learnt that he had to keep moving (improving himself) and find things to live for – like Igneel taught him. It takes a lot of strength to keep living and doing whilst dealing with adverse events and emotions.

Therefore, he learnt the best way to deal with his grief was to surround himself with his friends at the guild because moping around being sad didn’t get him anywhere. When Natsu lost Igneel for good, he had already made his peace with not having Igneel around, and already had a coping method in place. He had previously experienced a major part of the grieving process.  Hence, him being able to give Lucy this advice. 

Everyone grieves differently and just because Natsu didn’t sit around moping doesn’t mean it wasn’t character development. He coped with it by training, whether the way he did it was right or wrong that’s what he chose to do.  His choices don’t always revolve around Lucy (or anyone else). That’s what annoys me about the NaLu fandom and the FT fandom sometimes. If Natsu actions don’t show compassion or benefit Lucy then it’s bad character development? I disagree.  There are many ways to perceive a situation and it’s important to recognise that. A scene/character may have little or no significance to one person and be an important event to another.

He felt he had to get stronger on his own terms. That’s why he left to train rather than sitting around at FT. I’m not saying that it wasn’t selfish, he could have taken Lucy with him but he didn’t realise he was leaving her alone. He didn’t realise the guild was breaking up and if he had known, I’m sure he would have taken her with him.  Natsu being selfish, obnoxious, arrogant, and rambunctious are his faults as well as his strength. People can learn how to use their negative traits for the better and at the same time they can end up hurting those around them because of it.

Natsu isn’t academically smart, which is down to disinterest, rather than an inability to understand. He’s interested in the here and now,  things that are directly important to him. This is what makes him different to a hero. He doesn’t care about the world or the greater good in the same way many heroes do. He’s not on a social justice mission to make the world right, he’s more concerned about FT. He protects innocents in the moment, but it isn’t his primary motive in doing quests - such a characteristic is a manifestation of the selfish aspect of his personality.

This is why Gildarts had to teach him the purpose of acknowledging fear (his weaknesses). Usually, Natsu acts first is straight into a fight, and quite rightly because he is strong (the top of the food chain so to speak). He can’t and won’t always be the strongest in every situation, his recklessness could get himself and others killed. 

Natsu’s character development is present, it’s whether people realise/understand the clues Mashima leaves. I think, for Natsu to go from the boy Zeref couldn’t control, to who he in now, that is considerable growth.

I’m a very lonely person. I do get lonely sometimes… I’m not depressed, I’m not sad, but I think to be a human being is to be alone. I mean, I have an awareness of my inability at times to connect with other people because I can’t say exactly what I mean. You can’t directly connect. The inability to fully love another person is a form of loneliness. I don’t know how to fully love another person because there is always some part of me that I’m not sharing. There’s always some part of me that I don’t know how to open up and give to another person. Even the people I love most in the world.
—  Stephen Colbert

mydeerfriend  asked:

I'll take a number 9 please ;) Because I'm here for Teenager!Claire&Jamie on their first date :D Making out. In the cinema. Awkwardly.

This is a part of a series of ficlets I’m writing in answer to THIS post. Enjoy!

Shout out to my home girl @outlandishchridhe for helping me make this awkward kiss as awkward as possible.

I’m nervous. So nervous. Way more nervous than when I’d tried out for the drama club. I’d only done that to try and win a date with Kevin O’Hara, but he’d asked Kitty MacNeal to the dance instead.

I’m in front of the cinema where Uncle Lamb had dropped me off. He’d given me a stern reminder that ‘no means no’ and ‘you tell him to keep his large Scottish hands off you’

That’s right. I forgot to mention. After Kevin had asked out Kitty and I dropped out of drama club, I’d been approached by the most beautiful and intimidating boys in my year. 

James. Fraser.

I don’t think I’ve stopped squeaking. But, here I am at the cinema waiting for him for our… date. I’m a little early, sort of on purpose. Uncle Lamb is notoriously late everywhere, so I gave him the wrong time so I’d get there at the right time.

“Hello, Sassenach.”

My whole body tingles at two words. Something about his deep, Scottish burr just… gets me. I turn around, already feeling my cheeks burn with a blush. That’s the downside of , what my Uncle calls, my glass face. I blush furiously at the drop of a hat and can’t lie for my life.

“H-hi, James.”

“God, please. Only my mam calls me James, and only when she’s verra cross wi’ me. Call me Jamie.”

“Alright, J-Jamie.”

Then he gives me that smirk that sends every girl in school into a swoon. I refuse to let him have that effect on me, but I still feel my legs wobble.

“If I’d kent ye’d got here early, I would have come sooner. My apologies.”

“Oh it’s no problem. You don’t know my uncle. It’s a small miracle I’m here.”

“Are ye ready then?”

Nodding, I follow him into the cinema. He insists that he pay for my ticket, so I spring for popcorn. We take our seats and I can feel the warmth of him. The film begins to roll and I stare studiously ahead. All I want to do is stare at him, at the red curling hair, the fathomless blue eyes. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was beautiful. 

I lean over to take a sip of my drink when suddenly Jamie is falling into me. I yelp, only to be hushed by other movie-goers. I’m staring at Jamie, mouth open in complete shock. Had he just fallen over in his seat? I couldn’t be sure, but I thought he might be blushing worse than I was.

The film continues on for a little while until I notice Jamie staring at me. I turn to ask him if there’s something on my face or in my hair, but I can’t. His mouth is on mine, warm and soft and sweet. 

Oh… My… God…


I do what any girl in my position would do. I turn more towards him and pull myself closer. An orphaned English girl like me doesn’t get the opportunity to kiss the most handsome boy in Scotland very often.

I’ve never actually kissed a boy before, but I’ve read books. That’s all Uncle Lamb has, really. Books. I remember one book where the woman, who’s secret lover had come to her under the cover of darkness, nibbled on the man’s lip. Not biting, as I understood it, but nibbling. That can’t be too difficult.

I open my mouth a little, trying to think just how I was supposed to get a hold of his lip. Right as I get his full bottom lip between my teeth, something else happens. His tongue is suddenly inside my mouth, unexpected and incredibly awkward. In my surprise, I bit down harder than I’d meant. 

Jamie yelps this time and pulls back, hand on his mouth. My hand is on my mouth too, staring up at him in shock and horror.

“Jamie, I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry!”

He doesn’t say anything and we finish the film in the most awkward of silences. When we leave, I pull my cell out to call Uncle Lamb to get picked up. Jamie’s hand catches mine and I stare up at him, desperately trying to resist the urge to cry.

“I’ve kissed a few lassies before,” he said slowly.

I hope his tongue doesn’t hurt too much…

“And this was the worst. Please, I don’t need you to say it.”

“I wouldna say that, Sassenach. It was certainly the most memorable. But… If ye wouldna mind it, perhaps we could practice.”

I frown at him, waiting for the punchline or hidden camera to be revealed. Surely James Fraser isn’t be interested in a girl like Claire Beauchamp. 


“The kissing, aye? I think ye’ve got the potential to be quite good.”

“You… want to kiss me? Again?!”

“Aye, I would. Come out wi’ me next Friday? We’ll see if we canna make a good kisser out of you.”

I’m blinking, his words finally starting to sink in. 



Uncle Lamb arrives just at the wrong time.

“Well?” Jamie asks, anxiously I thought.


Then he unlocks his full smile, the one that sends girls to see the nurse at school. He knows it’s a nuclear weapon and doesn’t let it out much. But he does right now, when I agree to see him again. And then he’s grabbing me, pulling me up to him. Our teeth clack together, sending shots of pain into my mouth. But his lips are soft and warm.

“Then I’ll see ye tomorrow, Sassenach.”

Before Uncle Lamb can get out of the car and beat him, Jamie turns and runs away. 

“But…” I begin. “Tomorrow’s Saturday…”

Sad News

Okay, I’ll try to make this short because I really want you guys to read all of it. 

I’ve been thinking lately about taking a break from tumblr and writing. This is for a lot of reasons. 

One being my health, obviously. Things took a little decline this week. 

Another being time. Missing an entire week of school has already really set me back, and I have theater starting up again soon. I just have a lot on my plate right. 

The biggest and most important reason though is this community. This is my personal opinion and by no means is it attacking any specific people, it’s just a trend I’ve been noticing. It feels like the Hamilton imagine writing fandom thing whatever you want to call it, it feels like we’ve all become more obsessed with how many asks, followers, likes, and reblogs we can get. It’s just a really toxic thing and I don’t know….I don’t want to be a part of it. I want to care about my writing, and I want to do this because I’m having fun not because I want recognition or ever friends. I love to write, and that’s why I write. But being around stuff like this, it makes me sick, and I just can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry. Again, this is nothing against any other Hamilton writers, it’s just not the type of community I can be around.

This isn’t a forever break. I just don’t want to be around this right now. 

#11-Happy Lowman

#3-“Wow, someone needs a happy meal.”

A/N: Okay, I’ll admit this is was fun to write, when I first read the request I was like “okay how am I gonna write this with Happy?” The I realized that’s his name..and well..nice thinking anon. 😉😂


Happy came home late, and laid next to me in bed. He put his arm around my waist and startled me awake.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” He said in a hushed tired tone. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him, before pushing his arm back to his side.

“Then maybe you should’ve slept on the couch.”

I stated dryly, before closing my eyes, and trying to fall back asleep. I’d already wasted most of the night worrying about him. I didn’t wanna spend the rest of it arguing.

He furrowed his brows.

“You okay?”

I exhaled sharply. “No. But I don’t wanna talk about it. So go to sleep. You’re probably exhausted.”

He let out a sigh. “I’m not gonna be able to sleep now Y/N.” I rolled my eyes and turned back to him, I laid my head on his chest.

“Happy, I’m mad at you. But I’m far too tired to fight you. So, please. Let’s just go to sleep. Because I’ve missed you. Okay?” I said, a frustrated tone in my voice.

He said nothing, just sighed and kissed my forehead. Soon we both fell asleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, he wasn’t there. Just as I excpected.

He was probably at the clubhouse. I left our room, and was proved wrong when I saw him in the kitchen.

“Oh good, you actually managed to stay home for more than six hours. Bravo.” I said sarcastically before rolling my eyes, before sitting at a stool at the counter, and pretending to read the paper.

He chuckled softly. “Wow, someone needs a happy meal. I can make that happen you know.” He smirked, as he leaned across the counter from the opposite side, and rested his arms on it.

I scoffed. “Really? You think food is gonna make this better?”

“Who said anything about food?” He smirked.

I was confused at first, I looked up at him with my brows furrowed.


He winked and I cut myself off, understanding the joke he was trying to make.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing, but I couldn’t help but smile. “Ugh. Why do you have to make me smile when I’m trying to be mad at you?”

He chuckled slightly before walking over behind me, and wrapping his strong arms around me. He kissed my cheek.

“It’s what I do.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s what you do best.” I agreed, leaving my anger behind. He cleared his throat.

“So, you still want that Happy meal?”

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Speed Date (W/Adam Cole)

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Here is the second installment of the Speed Date series. Cocky Adam is my favorite Adam to write lol. I wanted to make this one longer but there’s potential for a longer one after the speed dates are over. Thank you for all of the amazing comments on the part <3 It’s probably going to be a few days before I get the next one out but in between that I’m planning to post part 5 of Say You’ll Want Me.

**If you missed the first Speed Date with Kenny Omega it can be found HERE

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Pros of Sidon: 

  • I’ve met amazing artists and joined so many streams lately 
  • The positivity is contagious; thinking about how nice he is makes me feel 10000 times better
  • His theme song is amazing
  • More popularity means he could get official merchandise! 
  • And most importantly, the pose: 


  • ????? You seriously expected a con? Are you insane? Have you SEEN Sidon? He did nothing wrong. He’s perfect. How dare u.
My predictions/wishes for The Future, and beyond.

The next episode is nearly upon us, and because like many of us who appreciate and care about Castiel, are casually wandering what is next for him. I want to write about what I want to happen on thursday. This is a complete gut feeling, mixed with some “research” that I need to do to make some sense so this doesn’t looks like one of my usual ramblings. This is serious, I want this to happen, even if it hurts a little.

First, some context. I just noticed that the first time we meet Cas on “Lazarus Rising” SPN 04x01 , (I personally named it “The First Blind Date”) while been interrogated by Dean, Cas starts to rummaging on a book that I assume Boby brought to the barn for the sigils that they used all over the place. This becomes a kind of trade of Cas when he meets with the boys, or while is questioned about something that he can be completely honest to discuss, he start to check papers of a current case or opens a book like trying to read it, I interpreted this as a kind of gimmick to avoid confrontation.

I know I saw this several times in other scenes, but other concrete episode was the “The Third Man” SPN 06x03 when he is being questioned about Sam’s return from hell and the civil war in heaven. So, my point is, we have come to know the traits of how Lucifer interacts with almost every other character that Mark Pellegrino uses constantly and Misha Collins portrayed very well in every detail.

As research, I review the interaction of Chuck and supposedly Lucifer inside Cas on the bunker in “We happy Few” SPN 11x22. He is holding a book while Chuck tries to start a sort of conversation with him, asking the mandatory questions about how he was and how he had changed. I believe that in this particular scene, Lucifer let Cas talk directly to Chuck, because both felt the same about how he left them. I can’t avoid to think about how in “Dark side of the moon” SPN 05X16, Cas was broken and disappointed with Chuck and the way he talked to him. You can say, maybe later when he brought him back to life he understood that he was making a kind of amendment, and forgave his words. And also later is the I ignore Chuck issue, when Lucifer is expelled by Amara from Castiel’s vessel, and when Chuck is dying Cas makes no effort on taking care of him or offered any company or assistance.

But this brought me to the prediction/wish that I been cooking lately about the next episode and the rest of the season. I believe that Joshua by Chuck’s orders made him or will upgrade Castiel to an Archangel. I think Chuck saw Castiel in that interaction, and how he stood in front of him without fear and told him in his face “screw you” from Lucifer and the second “screw all of you” from Castiel. Chuck knows that Cas has evolved beyond an Seraphim by his own means and will to serve humanity, his most precious creation, that he also learned to love trough Dean Winchester. I think he choose this time as perfect opportunity to give him the chance to stand alone in front of Lucifer and the Nephilim. And also, as you know in Jewish lore Cassiel the angel in which Cas is based was an Archangel.


Now, As I can´t avoid to look through the spoilers, I think this will happen along the next episodes, and “The future” will be the point where Cas decides to accept the actual change from Seraph to Archangel, in order to protect The Winchesters, to find Kelly and the Nephilim, that I’m not sure if he will end up protecting or have the guts to kill because of this change.

Here comes the “but”. At first you can say its great news for we the fans of Cas and how much we miss to see him with his wings and with full celestial powers. But, I have to remind you how he reacts when he is given power, exactly like Lucifer. Anyone remembers Godstiel? And also the probability that in the process of this significant change that it has to be made to evolve Castiel into an Archangel, explained by Chuck himself: “stuff of primordial creation” they probably had to reset him to factory settings.

Yes, probably forgetting everything he lived in this past 8 years with Dean and Sam Winchester. Maybe he will remember all but with a “different point of view”, as an Archangel, specifically about “humanity. I hope I’m wrong about this gloomy possibility, and right about the perspective of this mayor evolution for Castiel because of the need for a matching power against Lucifer. I will love to see him full of grace with all his powers and celestial capabilities like in season 4, and also as a shiper I want to believe that Cas will choose this, and the first thing that he will have in mind when he accept this, will be the possibility of becoming a stronger and better ally in the protection of “humanity” (cleans a little tear of feels about this).

To finish this delirant and desperate “prediction”. I want to believe, (oh X files, you taught me well about paranoia and speculation) that Cas will protect Kelly and Lucifer´s spawn because of “Lilly sunder has some Regrets” SPN 12x10. For the way Cas said: “Ignorance is no excuse” and how bad he felt in being part of the killing of a supposed Nephilim at that time. For this he needs redemption. Thru all the episodes centered on Cas of this season the same doubts and questions are presented about how he looks at himself. Is he an angel of the lord? Part of the Winchester family? A useful tool for his brothers when they need someone who do the job?

 How about Castiel the Archangel decides to ignore, first heaven that sees him as a incarnated blasphemy for his love to “humanity”. Second, he could take some time apart and away from his love for the Winchesters, whom I believe are taking him for granted. And finally he can ignore the ancient beliefs of what exactly an abomination like Lucifer’s child could bring to the world. As it supposedly never happened, how they can be sure that such creature will surely became something evil/negative? Let Castiel the Archangel to decide.


 I feel so proud of myself. Lately i dont have a lot of happy days, most of them i only think in my failures and as the days pass I feel that I am moving away from my goals. But looking at this… i feel like i’m actually moving forward.

 I’m so happy that there’s people who likes my drawings, and send me messages of support. Thank you so much, it means the world to me <3

 Thank you!

Oh! and i still in love of Kristanna.

Disney Park Laughs

I took a trip to Walt Disney World this weekend, and thanks to a couple of certain someone’s, spent most of it in a deadly lee mood. This is the result. 

- Lines: Easy enough to think of things here right? Maybe stand behind me, whispering teases in my ear, watching me blush and try to keep it together. Or maybe a few pokes and squeezes, asking me what is so funny about waiting in line. 
- Jungle Safari Ride: As much as I will deny existence, ask me if I think we’ll see any tickle monsters out on our adventure. When I inevitably shake my head, or glare at you in response, remind me that I’m sitting right next to one.
- Space Mountain: My favorite ride. So many opportunities to turn my cheeks as red as Mars. “Are all of these stars going to be as ticklish as you?” A couple of pokes when I don’t respond and a small smirk. “You’re right, how silly of me. You’re the most ticklish in the galaxy.” 
- Character Meets: Especially if it’s any of the prince’s or Peter Pan, talk about how they could make great lers. About how maybe you should get up there and ask them to give you a hand with a lee like me. Bonus points if you don’t stop teasing until I’m begging you not to.
- The Tiki Room: Ah the thing that started this all. There’s not much you need to do in here. But to really make things worse, to really drive me mad, sit there with the little smirk that shows me you know what’s being sung in my head. Maybe drum your fingers on the seat, maybe join in for a verse in my ear. I’ll be leaving a puddle regardless.
*Bonus: Call me princess, silly, and any other nicknames that melt me in an instance. Even more points if they can be inconspicuously related to tickling.

Fear not, there are many more scenarios I dreamed up in my head this weekend. These are just the beginning. Disney is one of my favorite places to be. Tickling is one of my favorite things to be a part of. So why not put them together? 

Hey everyone!

If you’re seeing this post, that means my computer didn’t update in time for me to make a proper post. I had started the update thinking it would take maybe 30 minutes at most, but apparently that was not the case as it’s been over an hour and it’s still not even a quarter of the way there…

I’d just make a late post today to make up for it but I have plans this aft/evening, so I can’t. I’ll be back tomorrow for sure though! Thanks for understanding~

The Witch, The Trickster, and His Mother




“Come, Y/N.”

“Loki?” You looked up in surprise as the trickster grabbed your hand and pulled you from the couch. “What’s going on? Where are we going?”

“I’m going to introduce you to my mother. I feel it’s time.”

Loki’s mother?!

You were still reeling from that announcement when you realized Loki had transported you to the hall in what could only be Asgard. The walls shimmered and there was a sense of electricity in the air—this was not Earth. This was a far more exciting and magical and energized and elegant…


Amidst the walls of gold, you suddenly realized that this was not a place for you to be in. Glancing down, you saw the paint-stained jeans, tattered sneakers, and worn shirt you’d pulled on this morning.

You always had the sense that you were not worthy enough to be in the presence of a God as regularly as you were in the presence of Loki, but you certainly did not belong here.

“Oh, no, Loki, I can’t! I… I’m not dressed properly and… and…”

“Relax, darling. Mother will love you, no matter your outfit.” He noted the line of worry on your forehead, the crease in your brow. “Though if you are that worried…”

With a wave of his hand, Loki transformed your dirty rags into a dress Cinderella would be jealous of. The skirt hugged your waist, flowing elegantly around your hips, just barely reaching the floor. The bodice clung to your form, yet when you looked in the mirror that was hung across from you, you saw it didn’t appear too tight in any area. The satin was a brilliant emerald color, Loki’s favorite.

Loki ran his fingers through your hair, the tresses moving seemingly of their own accord, the front sections pulling back and pinning together with an emerald clip.


“Feel better?”

“It’s beautiful.”

“You’re always beautiful, darling.” Loki looped his arm through yours and led you down the hall. You noticed, even though you were concentrating very hard on not tripping over the hem of your skirt (though there was no worry of that… it flowed with every step, just out of reach of the sole of your foot), that Loki had done a slight charm on his own attire—a lovely tux suited him very well, his hair looking more tame than usual.

A set of gilded doors glided open, revealing a dining hall. A gorgeous woman sat at the end of the table, watching as you and Loki approached. When you were within a few feet, she stood, arms open.

“Loki, darling, so wonderful to see you.”

“Hello, Mother,” Loki said, wrapping his free arm around Frigga.

“And this must be your precious little witch,” she said, turning her attention to you.


Frigga wrapped you in her arms as well, air-kissing your cheek. “Wonderful to finally meet you.”

“Th-thank you.”

The three of you sat to dine, Loki placing you between him and his mother. The meal was delicious (all your favorites) and Frigga seemed to really like you.

“So,” Frigga finally asked. “How long have you been practicing?”

“Oh, I’ve dabbled ever since I was a pre-teen. I’ve mastered a few things, but I’m far from proficient.”

“Magic takes time, dear. Time and study and practice. Has Loki been helping you?”

“He’s offered. And he has helped me with a few things. But I’m afraid I’ll never be as good as him.”

“He’s quite powerful, but he’s not the most powerful. Where do you think he learned his tricks?”

You suddenly felt very small next to Frigga.

“No need to look so scared, darling. I don’t mean to intimidate.”

Loki stood at that moment. “It’s getting late, Mother. I should be taking Y/N home.”

Frigga stood as Loki gently pulled you up. “Very well. But do come back soon, Y/N. You’re always welcome here in Asgard.”

“Thank you.”

Loki led you back down the hall. Soon the two of you were returned to your apartment; it felt very small now.

“All right, darling?”

“Fine. Thank you for introducing me to your mother.”

“Of course.” Loki pressed a light kiss to your forehead. “You better get some sleep. You have a long day tomorrow.”

You nodded, stepping toward your room. “Loki?”

“Yes, love?”

“Can… can I keep the dress?”