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Backwards Layering

Sometimes doing things the opposite of how you’re supposed to do them can be more fun. Pancakes for dinner, buying stuff you can’t afford and then paying it back later aka credit cards, having sex before marriage?! …you get the idea. Now what if you were to layer clothes the opposite way of what you’d think? I’ve been seeing a lot of t-shirt over button-down looks (wearing a tee as an undershirt would be the “normal” way to do it I guess) and I really like the idea. I mean a) it allows you to wear your favorite tees into the colder months and b) it can also be a way to dress up a more casual t-shirt. I think the look works best with a bold pattern on an oversized tee over a solid dress shirt. For this outfit I went with a simple geometric print over a white collared shirt. I also really like this look tucked into a pair of pleated trousers. Sure it can look a little 80’s nerd alert but it can also look really fucking cool. 

Below are some images from the latest F/W14 menswear shows this season that were kinda loosely my “inspo” for the layering and silhouette of this outfit. 

External image

The common thread that I really liked in all these looks was the black pleated pants. I mean if you don’t have a pair yet, you don’t know what your hips have been missing! The first image is from the Burberry show and I love the look of the bold print on the tucked in blousy top - perfect way to hide that beer belly! The second outfit is from Damir Doma and although I’m not quite sure if it’s actually two shirts or one, the backwards layering look is there. I really love that the collared shirt is the short sleeve looking shirt instead of the one underneath. The last two looks are from the DSquared show and I love the kind of short-sleeved quilted outerwear idea. I think the short boxy cut of the outwear too creates a really interesting shape and is a nice contrast from all the long overcoats that we’ve been seeing on the runways this season. So what do you think? Will you give backwards layering a try?


Topman T-shirt//  H&M Shirt  //  Zara  Pants  //  Public School x Generic Man Shoes  //  John Ruvin Eyeglasses