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My Personal Pain Reliever | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! This was requested by anon. I’m sorry it isn’t my usual lengthy write-up but I just decided to keep this short and sweet tbh. I hope you guys still like it though! Enjoy!

Request: Hi can I ask for a Zach x reader where Zach finds out the reader’s on her period? He gets flustered and googles what to do… thanks :)


“Babe, I can’t go to the game today, I’m so sorry. I’m having really bad period pains and the slightest movement would cause the most excruciating pain you can ever imagine.” I tell Zach over the phone. It was their big game today and it sucked that I couldn’t be there to support him.

“Wh-what?” Zach mumbles on the other line, I can imagine him scratching his head, with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The thought itself made me shake my head and smile.

“I’m on my period Zachary, you know the 3-5 days females bleed from down south?” I ask while I’m curled up into a ball on my bed.

“N-no, y-yeah, I know what a period is, no.” he stutters and I giggle at him.

“I’m really sorry baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you soon. I won’t miss another game, ever. I’m sorry.” I say, I can hear him sigh from the other line which broke my heart.

“It’s okay babe, don’t worry. As long as you get some rest, that’s what matters.” he answers but I can still hear the disappointment in his voice.

“Good luck Zachary. Do your best okay?” I reply softly.

“I will Y/N. Feel better soon baby.” he says and we both bid goodbye to each other.

After ending the call, I suddenly realize why Zach was acting so flustered while we were talking. It has only been about a month ever since we started officially dating and this is actually the first time that this has happened since. I smile at the thought of him being so confused and worried at the same time. A couple of minutes later and the pain on my stomach causes me to doze off.


Later that day

I hear a faint knock on my door which makes my eyes flutter open. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to move an inch. Luckily, I heard the door creak open before I even had to prepare myself to get up. To my surpise, a pouting Zach Dempsey comes in and places a couple of bags on my desk before walking over to my bed and leaning above me.

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Bubble Bath

“It’s ready, Y/N!” Joe calls from the bathroom, walking over to the shelf to grab two white fluffy towels, placing them beside the tub for after.

“Did you want to put a little more in?” She teases, walking in and seeing the mountain of bubbles.

“I was tempted.” He laughs, “But I ran out.”

“Of course you did.” She shakes her head. “It looks wonderful though.”

“If there’s one thing I know how to do,” Joe tells her, looking at the bath, “Its how to make a killer bubble bath.”

“Then why in the world are we still standing here, when we could be in your wonderful bubble bath.”

“You took so long getting up here.”

“Oh, don’t start.” Y/N mock glares at him, “And get naked.”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me twice.”

“For the bath, Joe.”

“Mhm, sure. Bath.” Joe winks at her, lifting his shirt over his head.

“Dork.” She mumbles, lifting her own shirt.

It doesn’t take long for them to get settled in the bath, some of the bubbles floating in the air around them. The lights are dimmed, and Joe has lit a few candles, so the shadows dance off of the walls around them.

“I think this was the best idea you ever had.” Y/N mumbles, letting her head fall back against Joe’s shoulder, her eyes falling closed.

“They may be rare and few, but when they strike, they do tend to be amazing.” Joe replies, his fingers playing with some of the bubbles. He turns his head to place a soft kiss on her temple. “Feeling better?”

“Yes. I needed this after today.”

“A bubble bath can cure any bad day.”

“Especially when your very attractive boyfriend joins you.” She smirks, opening her eyes to watch him form shapes in the bubbles.

“Does this mean I earn boyfriend points?”

“Hmm, I think so. Three points to Joe Sugg.”

“Only three?!”

“I mean, you would have gotten four, but you used up the last of the bubble bath solution.”

“I’ll buy more the next time I’m at the shops.” Joe laughs, the sound vibrating against Y/N’s back.

“And chocolate. You’re out of chocolate.”

“I’ll add it to the list.”


The two fall into a comfortable silence, and she starts to trace patterns into his arm that’s resting on the side, his eyes following her fingers.

“Are you drawing anything in particular?”

“A snail.”

“A snail?” Joe repeats, laughing loudly.

“You like snails. So I’m drawing you a snail.”

“I love you.” He mutters, kissing her temple again.

Y/N’s finger stops, and he tenses up as his mind catches up to what he’s just said.

She leans to the side, turning her head to look him in the eyes.

“Do you mean that?” Her voice is hesitant, and Joe swallows before he nods.

“I do. I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Joe.”

His entire body floods with relief, and he lifts a hand to her cheek, pressing his lips against hers.

“Can you say it again?” She mumbles into the kiss, giggling softly as they pull apart, a smile on his lips.

“I love you.” Joe says, kissing her on the lips. “I love you.” A kiss on the nose. “I love you.” A kiss on one cheek. “I love you.” The other cheek. “I love you.” On the chin. “I love you, Y/N.” Back on the lips.

Jerome Valeska Imagine #3: Valentine's Day

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: None

Requested: No


Valentine’s Day was tomorrow and you and your boyfriend Jerome were supposed to spend it together, but you two were in a fight.

You stayed in your apartment while Jerome stayed who-knows-where. You sat on the couch, thinking about the fight.


You two sat on the couch discussing what plans you two had for this years Valentine’s Day, when he brought up something about a dead animal, you made a sound and Jerome didn’t take the noise to well.

“What was that?” He asked you.

“What what’s what?” You asked back nonchalantly.

“That little noise you just made, what was it?” He got closer to you.

“It was nothing Jerome. I promise.” You smile, grabbing his face and pulling him in for a kiss, but he pulled away.

“Oh cut the crap already! Just tell me before I kill you.” He threatened.

“Jerome, all I’m thinking is that I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring me dead things for Valentine’s Day. All I’d like is for you to bring me flowers or some chocolates, not something you found in the sewer or something you killed. Look, I love you, but these gifts are getting ridiculous!” You explain to him.

“So what I’m hearing,” he started out, as usual, “is you don’t appreciate me?”

“What? No! J, I love you-”

“No, you don’t! If you loved me, you would appreciate my gifts, Y/N. You don’t! You don’t! You don’t!” He shouted at you, getting up.

“Yes I do!” You stood up to him. “I just want this Valentine’s Day to be different, okay? I just want this Valentine’s Day to be normal for once. Why can’t it be normal like before? B-before you turned into this.” You say.

Jerome glared at you, “you’re a bitch and I wish I never met you.” He looked into your soul. “You want a normal Valentine’s Day, get yourself a normal boyfriend.”

“Jerome, I-”

He pulled away from you and left.



You sat on the couch crying, clutching onto a pillow, hugging tightly, wishing you hadn’t said a word. You didn’t mean it that way. You just wanted what other girls got. A simple Rose and a heart shaped box of chocolates. Sometimes you wished Jerome would think, just once, like a normal human being instead of a sociopath. Yes sometimes you found his gifts cute and endearing, but just today, out of all days, just once, like the old days, he would buy you, or make you something special, that wasn’t dead or about to die.

You cried harder.

You slept the entire day. You didn’t want to think about how heartbroken you were. You didn’t want a normal boyfriend, you wanted Jerome. You wanted to be with that smart ass, red-headed sociopath all the time. At this point you hadn’t cared about the material things anymore, all you wanted was to be with Jerome, and just cuddle and kiss his stupid face. For a killer, he really liked to cuddle.

You hugged the pillow tighter in your sleep, feeling so alone today. But then a knock at the door woke you up. You sat up and stretched, “I’m coming,” you yawn.

You get up and pad through your small apartment, walking up to the door. You open it to reveal a red eyed, sniffling Jerome. He had his hands behind his back. His head was bowed down, and he spoke, “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You look at, “it’s okay. A-and I’m sorry-”

Before you could finish your sentence, Jerome pulled out from behind him, a rose. “I actually bought it this time.” He lifted his head.

You look at the rose, then to him. Your eyes begin to water, “you bought that for me?”

“Yeah,” he said. “You were right about me not giving you a normal Valentine’s Day gift. While I was walking, I saw this lonely rose standin’ in an old flower shop and I bought it. I stole the money, but I really did purchase this flower.” He looked you in the eye.

You smile, grabbing the rose. “It’s beautiful, Jerome.” You admire it. You look up to him and he smiles.

“So you like it?” He asks.

You nod.

“Good, because I was really-”

You shut him up with a kiss. His arms sneak around your waist and he pulls you close. You pull away, “did you really mean what you said? You know about wi-”

“No. I’m glad I’m met you. I was just really mad. I’m so sorry, baby doll.” Jerome said. “I love you.

"I love you too, Jerome.”

Jerome picked you up and brought you inside and you two made up my snuggling into bed and sleeping in.


Note: sorry it was short! Happy Valentine’s Day to you lovelies!!💋

A Slightly Modified Valentine’s Day

Admittedly, this wasn’t really how Shepard saw hers and Kaidan’s first Valentine’s Day together. She imagined maybe going on a nice date on the Citadel, getting a fancy dinner and splitting a bottle of wine, some overly rich chocolate cake for dessert. She imagined probably going back to her cabin, or maybe a nice hotel room for the night to have some alone time, spending their night tangled up in the sheets, clothing optional. Sure, it was cliche, but she was hoping he’d buy her flowers or chocolates, and she already felt unlike herself for even wanting that.

She didn’t really picture this.

“Can you… uh… readjust the ice pack on my shoulder?” Kaidan asked, wincing in pain.

Shepard sat up and helped to move the ice pack that had fallen down his arm back to the center of his shoulder. He gave a slightly pained whimper, and shut his eyes.

“Thanks,” he said.


He paused. “Sorry we had to cancel our plans for tonight. I’m just… not in a condition to move.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, that’s your fault.”

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Johnny Imagine

Request:  um….. how abt a johnny cade x reader where he si really scared to ask you out till the gang makes him fluffy plz!

Johnny’s POV

      There she was: Y/N Y/L/N. She’s so beautiful and looks really good all the time. Shoot, if only I could tell the gang. They’d make fun of me which is why I told Pony, no one else. As I walked into the Curtis house, everyone turned to me.

“Hey Johnnycake! How’s Y/N?” Two-Bit asked as he started to laugh. 

“Shut Up, Two!” I said. My cheeks became hot.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” Dally said.

“How’d y’all find out? Pony? Got something to say?” I was furious. How could he spill my secret? 

“Relax, we all know anyways. You blush every time we mention her name,” Steve said, “Here she comes!”

“You should ask her out,” Dally stated again.

“I don’t know, I like her a lot. I guess I just don’t want to embarrass myself in front of her,” I said shyly. 

“C’mon! We got your back!” Sodapop yelled.

“Okay, fine,” I quietly said.

Your POV

     I waltzed into the Curtis house, not knowing what happened before I came in. Johnny was standing there and I heard a lot of ‘Go’ and ‘hurry’ from the gang around us. As Johnny stood there I saw a twinkle in his eyes that I always loved. That’s right, I have a huge crush on Johnny Cade. He’s quiet yet he’ll always talk to me and he really brightens up a dark room. 

“Hey Johnny,” I said.

“Y/N, I was wondering if we could talk…about…us,”

“What do you mean, Johnny?” 

“I’ve liked you for a while now and I was wondering if..um maybe you would like to go to a movie or something later,” He asked shyly.

“I would love to,” I responded. Before he could react I pressed my lips against his and couldn’t help but smile. I could hear hoots and hollers from the gang.



I was happy. I couldn’t think of a better boyfriend or person in general to hang out with and cuddle with and everything like that. I couldn’t wait for mine and Johnny’s date tonight. It was going to be amazing.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this has been done before but can I request drabbles with style 5 and Sousuke accidently hurting their s/o? Thanks!

Wow okay um I cried whilst writing this? you didn’t specify whether you meant physically or emotionally so I did both! Hope you enjoyyyyy. (also the makoto one is inspired by a true event at my 8th birthday sleepover, it hurt. a lot)

Haru and you had been messing around by the pool all day. It was your one year anniversary so as a treat you had decided to get away for the weekend, to a quaint little hotel in the mountains. With a pool of course. “Haru… NO!” You screamed as your boyfriend lunged forward, intent on grabbing your sides to tickle you. Instead however, he slipped and pushed you, causing you to fall backwards and smack your head on the wall. Haru’s eyes widened and he leapt forward to grab you, believing he had knocked you out as you were completely still. He was shocked when he saw that your eyes were open and you were… laughing? “I think I might have to cancel the rest of today. I feel faint.” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Usually, the two of you were fine with sleeping in the same bed, you both had your halves because you got too hot if you cuddled. But tonight was different. Makoto was restless and kept tossing and turning, mumbling in his sleep and sweating heavily. Then it happened. He did a particularly violent turn and his arm flew out, smacking you directly in the face. You felt pain tear through your face as you bolted up and swore, bringing a hand up to try and contain the blood pouring from your nose. Your shout was loud enough to wake Makoto and he sat up slowly, groggy and confused. “___?” He whispered. The only reply he got was a sort of grunt, crossed with a whimper. Becoming increasingly confused, he leant behind you and turned on the bedside table lamp. You gave him a weak, bloody grin as he turned to look at you. “Oh my god! What happened?” He began shifting to move you off the bed.

“You accidently smacked me in the face, I think it’s broken.” Your voice was all nasally and the pair of you couldn’t help but laugh as he wrapped you in a hug.

“I’m so sorry!”

He hadn’t meant to, he really, really hadn’t. But being with Nagisa meant that something was bound to happen. He was at your house, putting away the toaster when you snuck up behind him, ready to surprise him. The last thing you were expecting however was for the blond to turn around and hit you around the head with said toaster. Hard. So here you were in the hospital waiting room, clutching a bag of peas to your head whilst your boyfriend did the head rub thing on your shoulder, apologising profusely. “I am so sorry! I didn’t realise it was you and I freaked out!” You laughed at him, realising you could use this to your advantage.

“Nagisaaaaa, I think I’m going to need lots of chocolate to make up for this.” The hospital receptionist snickered.

“Oh my god! Sometimes I think you’re dumber than that Momo kid!” Rei shouted. Tears welled in your eyes as your boyfriend shouted at you, the one thing you absolutely hated being called was ‘dumb’. You backed away from the butterfly swimmer and turned to leave but a loud thud stopped you. Slowly, you began turning back but before you could even finish you were tackled into a hug. It was rare for Rei to show affection of any kind so this shocked you greatly. “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I’m stressed and… It is no excuse. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I’m so sorry.” You sunk to the floor, arms wrapped around his shoulders.

“It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it.”

The pair of you were just getting into the moment. His hands were everywhere. On your chest, your legs, your neck. It was intoxicating. His lips grazed along your collar bones, leaving small kisses in his path as your fingers wove their way through is hair, beckoning him up for another kiss. His lips met with your a fiery passion and you moaned as his hand started working its way between your legs. then it happened. His phone went off. It scared him so bad he bit clean through your lip, stunning you both. His hand stopped between your legs as the metallic taste of blood hit his taste buds. You began to laugh, siting up with a hand clamped to your mouth. “I think I’m going to need stitches.”

“Shut up.” Your head snapped towards your boyfriend. In all of the times you had irritated him, he had never, ever, told you to shut up. Two hours later and you had finished crying, still curled up under your duvet and blankets. To be honest, you head was pounding and you just wanted to be left alone. So you ignored the sound of your bedroom door opening and the dip of your mattress as Sousuke sat himself down. You also turned your head away from him when he pulled down the covers, so that he could see your red, puffy eyes. “I’m sorry,___. I didn’t mean to hurt you. My shoulders causing me a lot of pain at the moment and I just lost it.” All he got in reply was a sniffle as tried to hold in more tears. Sousuke sighed and lent down, moving the hair off your forehead and kissed you gently. Your bottom lip trembled as you removed your arms from the warmth and wrapped them around his shoulders, pulling him into a hug.

“I want some ice-cream though.”

(More) The 1975 Asks!!

Matty Healy: do people assume things about you/your personality that turn out to be false?

Adam Hann: are you more of a “silent type” ?

George Daniel: Are you tall? What is your height?

Ross Macdonald: are you fond of any certain animal?

Drive like I do: do you play any instruments?

I like it when you sleep…: what’s your personal aesthetic? If they’re different, what is your blog’s aesthetic?

Chocolate: do you have an inside joke with yourself, or a word that has a double meaning to you?

Sex: do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Me: do you feel guilt about anything that’s happened in your past?

Love me: do you care what others think?

UGH!: have you ever given something up and then gone back to it?

If I Believe you: what is your religious belief/ or view of religion?

Nana: do you have a family member(s) that means the world to you?

She’s American: what’s a misconception about your country?

naillislifee  asked:

Do you know anyone with fake relationship? Thanks :)

naillislife said:
Do you any fic where they hate each other and have a fake relationship Thanks :)

Fake/Pretend Relationship

confirmations by missingheadache

Niall looks at him, then, at the way his bottom lip is sticking out in a pout that without a doubt will come across as the start of a playful banter if they leave it at that and get moving. He stops thinking, leans forward on instinct before he gently sinks his teeth into the flesh and tugs lightly before he closes his lips around it, sucking the curve of Harry’s smile into his mouth and pressing forward until he earns a soft hum in response.

And that’s what really sets it off.

Or: Niall thinks the best way to drag attention away from the news of Harry’s sexuality is to pretend to date him.

What’s A Fella T’ Do? by iwanna_seeyou_undoit

Harry doesn’t own any trousers that don’t have holes in them, Niall is the only one who can drive, and they definitely aren’t shagging.

so it goes by tomlinshaw

“So,” Harry starts when he catches himself staring at Niall’s mouth too long. “There’s something I didn’t tell you.”

“What?” Niall grumbles, voice groggy as he rubs his eyes.

Now’s the time, he supposes. Never isn’t an option anymore. “My mum thinks we’re dating.”

There’s silence.

Or, Niall and Harry pretend to date.

if I got a condo on a cloud then I guess you can stay at my place by orphan_account

“I think I can make it. Wait so are we gonna have to hold hands and stuff?” Niall asks Harry and Harry blushes and looks down at his feet awkwardly.

“I- you don’t have too. You can just hover.”

Harry can’t just show up to his sister’s wedding where his ex boyfriend is going to be without somebody with him, I mean he can’t just loiter around the chocolate fountain. So that’s why he enlists Niall’s help.

Enemies to Lovers

Playing For Keeps by kryptonarry

Niall and Harry hate each other, so naturally the have sex with each other to prove it.

he is the lamb, she is the slaughter by trishapocalypse

“Niall, what did you do to me?” Harry repeated, quieter, slower than normal, and he looked up at Niall from under his eyelashes.

Niall froze, reaching a hand up to rub at his eyes, blinking rapidly as he stared at Harry. “What’s that?”

“This?” he asked, gesturing towards his chest. “Oh, you know, just breasts!” he snapped, picking up the pillow and throwing it back at Niall. “What did you do to me?!”

(Or: the one where Harry wakes up a girl and it’s clearly Nail’s fault.)

While There’s Still Something Left by Urbanizayntion

Quietly he picks the gun up by his knee, thumbing the safety off and he wonders if this is being analytical. Zayn is slow to walk around, and Niall tries to slip out but his foot catches on the cord of the alarm clock, ripping it off the nightstand.

“Fuck,” Niall says, getting on his knees pointing his gun only the person standing turns around and is pointing a gun at him and its not Zayn its- “Harry?!”

“Niall?!” Harry’s finger is on the trigger and he’s wearing something close to a disguise, “what the fuck are you doing here?”

“What the fuck am I doing here, what the fuck are you doing here?!”

“My job,” and its then Niall realizes that Harry is holding a fucking gun standing in a hotel room like Niall is doing

Or, Niall and Harry are both assassins -and old fuck buddies- hired by competing firms to kill each other. (Mr. and Mrs. Smith au)

Ex Friends 'Til The End; Chapter Two

Hey guys!

I finally got chapter two of the Calum fic done! I don’t know what you guys are going to think of it so I’d love it if you could let me know if the writing is shit or not. I was really tired writing it but I didn’t want to keep people waiting any longer! Anyway, I hope you like it!



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anonymous asked:

Could you do one where Harry licks whipped cream or chocolate syrup or vodka or something off Y/N's body? Pretty pleeaassee I love you!

I love you more guaranteed!! Thanks for requesting!

There were some nights when you just needed to make a giant ice cream sundae at 2 am with your boyfriend, and this was one of them.

“Y/N??” Harry whined, only the lower two thirds of his lanky, half naked body visible from underneath the cabinet door. The sounds of him shuffling around almost muffled his voice. “Where’s the chocolate syrup?! You can’t tell me we’re out already!”

Smiling, you pinch his side lightly on the way to the refrigerator, making him yelp and drop a package of chopped walnuts. 

“It’s in the fridge. We opened it to make chocolate milk for Lux last week, remember?" 

"Ah. Right.” He places his hand on his hip, surveying the cabinet for a moment more. “And we have whipped cream, right?”

“Got it.”

“And cherries?” You wiggle the jar at him.

“Right here.”


“….Harry, what the fu-” Harry giggles and shuffles up behind you, lanky arms wrapping around your shoulders.

“Kidding, kidding.” He kisses the top of your head. “I think we’ve got everything.” You nod, picking up the ice cream scoop.

“Ready?” Harry grins at you.

“Born ready.”

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How long have you been sat out here? | Jack Howard

for anon 428 words:) x

‘Hello’ Jack said to the camera. He hadn’t filmed a video in six weeks and had told me to go away for half an hour whilst he filmed one. He didn’t know that I was stood on the other side of the living room door. He told a relevant anecdote and made a few jokes before he got into the main topic of the video ‘recently I’ve been thinking about love and what it means to me’ he said.

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Jealousy (Brett x Mason)

Type: One shot.

Genre: Cute fluffy fluff

Word count: 1,068

Pairing: Brason (Brett/Mason)

Summary: Brett gets jealous after seeing Mason with a guy he’s never seen before.

Warnings: None. Maybe some slight swearing. ^-^

A/N: Thank you to the anon who suggested this! You are my saviour <3


The bright lights on the score board flashed 4-8 they had lost and it was mostly his fault he had been distracted the whole game

“Dude you really sucked tonight” Liam said to him and he could hear the smirk in his voice without having to look at him

“Shut up” Brett grumbled

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve pampering Sam after a bad day.

It’s not that Steve wasn’t happy.  He was a happy guy and enjoyed many things.  He wasn’t in the mood to list them.  

It’s that Sam was such a great balance to Steve because Sam always seemed calm and generally had the positive outlook Steve didn’t.  

(Ok.  Steve was happy but it was usually after much speculation and ensuring that there wasn’t anything to worry about).

So when Sam chucked his bag by the front door with more force than necessary and nearly fell over trying to kick his shoes off, Steve got the sense that something might have been wrong.



“Bad day?”

“Do I harp on you when you’ve had a bad day?”

Must have been a really bad day.  Sniping wasn’t very Sam; Sam had super healthy boundaries that were the sort of thing Steve aspired to.  

Steve was always up for a fight whether he wanted to admit it or not. Instead, he held his hands up, placating.  “Shower’s free.”

Sam scowled, scrutinized, and went.

Which gave Steve just enough time to throw together hazelnut chocolate chip cookies and order Thai.

By the time Sam emerged, cloud of steam billowing behind him, Steve was pretty proud of how amazing the apartment smelled.  

“Did you –Steve.” Sam had washed his grumpy attitude down the drain and his features softened when he took in the table set for two and cartons of take-away.  “You got me two Thai iced teas.” 

Steve shrugged.  “They’re your favorite.”

Sam leaned his weight in against Steve.  “Thanks.”  

Steve hummed, wrapping Sam up in his arms.  “You had a bad day.  Of course.” He nuzzled Sam’s hair, breathing deep. “And maybe after dinner, I can help you relax a little more.  Also, there’s cookies.”

“I’m gonna have to have bad days more often.”

“No.  Forbidden. One of us has to be bearable.  I nominate you.”

Sam stayed snuggled up for another few minutes, tension slowly bleeding from his posture, before allowing Steve to guide him to the table.

It wasn’t until after dinner, dessert, a movie, and copious amounts of snuggling that Sam relaxed enough to fall asleep.  

Steve set his alarm for the morning a half hour earlier than usual. It would give him enough time to make pancakes (blueberry chocolate chip).  Pancakes would ensure Sam had the best possible beginnings on a Good Day the next day and close the door firmly on the bad one the day before.  

The Chocolate Bird and Some Bees

Just some short, sweet Valentine’s Day fluff! (ao3

“Hey, did you know that St. Valentine was also the patron saint of beekeeping?”

Charlie peeked over her laptop and saw Dean peering intently at his own. She could only see the Rebel Alliance sticker adorning the front of his computer and not his actual screen, but she knew exactly what he was looking at. “Are you on Cas’ blog again?”

Dean’s cheeks and ears turned pink. “What? No. I’m just…” He looked up and saw Charlie’s unimpressed stare. “Okay, I’m on his blog again. Shut up.”

Charlie just laughed. “You have got it so bad,” she told him.

“Do not,” Dean said. “I just… like learning about bees.”

“Uh-huh,” Charlie said. “You just keep telling yourself that.”

“Shut up,” Dean told her again.

Charlie did, for about two seconds. “So, have you figured out what you’re going to do yet?”

The pink on his cheeks turned red and he tried to shrink behind his computer screen.

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Not As Planned

Request/Summary: Hiiiii I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if i could request a fluffy Bucky x reader fic where the reader is in the hospital so he goes to visit her and it’s just super fluffy and lovey

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: mentions of injuries but other than that, Bucky being a total fluffy meatball

He saw you laying on the hospital bed, both arms covered in wires and tubes as your eyes were closed. He set the flowers he had brought on your bedside table, nodding at his teammates.

“Nurse said she should be up pretty soon.” Steve assured. “We’ll leave the two of you alone for a little bit.” He said. Steve stood from his chair, giving you a small squeeze to your hand, as did the others before heading to the waiting room. Bucky sighed and took a seat by your side.

He felt guilty for your injuries. He didn’t know where you were injured, but he just remembered Steve and Tony telling him that you were yelling about your foot. It all occurred during a mission, the first mission Bucky wasn’t allowed to be at your side like he normally would be.

You went with Steve and Tony, telling them it was all safe and sound until chaos broke out. You didn’t remember what happened, Bucky wasn’t there to remind you, but all you remembered was being attacked.

The bed shifted at his side. He leaned forward and saw your eyes flutter open. Rubbing your eyes, you saw him by your side. You smiled brightly as he did, taking your hand in his.

“How you holding up, baby?” He asked, kissing your hand softly.

You smiled at his presence, finally being able to see him after the surgery. “M’fine. Glad that I’m back at the tower, though. Least I’m not at one of those nasty hospitals.” You scrunched your nose.

Bucky laughed at you. His smile dropped when he saw your leg that was being held up by a cast. “I should’ve been there.”

You frowned, lightly slapping his hand. “Oh, shush. Stop blaming yourself. It was my fault after all. Me being a dumb ass not following directions.” You smiled, trying to ease his tension and his guilt, knowing the exact thoughts that were going through his head. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just - it’ll take you a long time to recover.” He pursed his lips, looking up at you.

There was a moment of silence that filled the room. You looked at Bucky and smiled as you contemplated your caring boyfriend as you sat weakly next to him. “Flowers, huh?” You pointed to the weeds that were on the table. “Give this place a little color.” You laughed.

He laughed with you, pulling a single rose from the bouquet and placing it in your hand. “Should’ve gave you a box of chocolate to top off the cheesiness.” he joked.

You shook your head, placing the rose in your lap. “What’a ladies man.”

“Hey, I was thinking after you get out of these strings,” He gestured to the wires. “Maybe we can go out? I mean, we haven’t seen each other in months and I was planning on taking you out.”

Your eyes lit up as your head rested on the pillow. “Really?”

He nodded. “Mhmm. We can walk around the city, just like you always want to do.” He planned. “I can take you to Coney.”

“Like you took all your dames in the forties?” You smirked.

“Suuure.” He shook his head. “No - You’re my dame now. Plus, we need to have a proper date other than just shooting everything and having little quickies in the-“

“Bucky!” You laughed, slapping his shoulder. “We’re still in the tower and Dr. Cho can hear!” You whispered.

“So?” He shrugged innocently.

“You’re a special one, Bucky Barnes.”

“Is that a yes?” He asked with his eyebrow raised.

You shrugged slowly. “Possibly. Depends on where you’d take me after.”

“Ohh, I see. Picky, picky, picky.” He tisked, shaking his head making the room erupt in your laughter.

“I’m being serious, Bucky.” You tried to say seriously.

“Alright, alright. Dinner? Maybe a fancy Italian place?” He asked.


“Hot dogs?”

“Suure.” You laughed.

“C’mon, doll.” He slouched.

“Make it a surprise for me!” You smiled. “Make me look forward to the surprise.”

“A surprise it is then. Once you’re outta this place and recovered, we’ll go wherever you want.“

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ - Got7 - 2/7

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Junior and Youngjae - (x)

JB, BamBam and Yugyeom - (x)

Mark - After a long evening shift you were finally done for the night, as you were the last employee to leave it was your job to lock up. After turning off all of the necessary appliances and lights in the store you venture out into the winter night, turning the key and shaking the door to check it was secure, you zipped the key away in your coat pocket. After blowing into your hands and rubbing them together in order to generate some form of warmth you began your walk home. The lack of people around shocked you, you’d never stayed at work this late before so you were used to the streets being somewhat filled with cars and other workers from nearby shops making their way home. The silence of the night was shattered by the loud ringing of your phone, you stopped walking and scrambled around in your bag looking for it. Finally finding it you pulled it out and accepted the call from your boyfriend, Mark. “Hey babe.” You greeted. “Hey, I was just calling to see if you’d gotten home safe?” He did this every night when you had an evening shift, even if he was away on tour he’d set reminders on his phone to call you and make sure you were okay. “I’m just walking home now actually, I finished a bit later tonight.” “Why?” You could hear the slight worry in his voice. “Because my boss asked me to lock up tonight, so I had to wait until everyone’s shifts were over so I could so it. I’m all finished now though and I’ll be home soon.” You replied, trying not to shiver or sound cold as you knew this would cause him even more worry. “So your manager left you alone to lock up and it’s almost midnight?” He questioned. “Yes, he had somewhere to be.” “Asshole.” He mumbled “Mark” You warned. “It’s no big deal, don’t get too wound up.”  "Anyway, how are you getting home? It’s freezing out tonight.“ He asked. "Walking home, I think I’ll use that alleyway near the convenience store though-” “Nope.” He interrupted. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you” He ordered, jumping up from his bed and searching his room for some shoes. “No, Mark. It won’t take long to get home if I take this shortcut, and if I stay on the phone with you I’ll be fine.” You argued, not wanting to be and inconvenience to him. “It’s midnight and you’re considering walking down a dodgy ally - there’s no way I’m not picking you up now.” “But Mark -” “No arguments.” He interrupted again. “Now start walking back towards you work so I can find you and wait for me there. I’ll be 5 minutes tops.” He disconnected the call without so much as a goodbye. You sighed and turned to make your way back to work, secretly glad he’d offered to pick you up as your feet had gone numb from the cold, but you wouldn’t let him know that. He’d get annoyed that you weren’t prepared for the winter and insist on buying you more socks or something like that. Your train of thought was interrupted by your phone vibrating twice, indicating two new messages from Mark. ‘I forgot to say goodbye.’ 'So, goodbye, I love you and I’ll see you in a minute. XX’  

Jackson - For the first night in months your boyfriend had a night off to spend with you. You’d both decided on a quiet night in watching movies at your apartment, that way there was no risk of being interrupted by his fans or members. It would be just the two of you, something you’d been in desperate need of. Not that you didn’t like his members, or being approached by the occasional fan, you and Jackson just required some much-needed alone time. While waiting for him to arrive you prepared your apartment by lighting candles and putting  every pillow and blanket you owned in the living room to make it as comfortable as possible. Just a you lugged the last duvet in front of the TV your doorbell rang, indicating Jackson had finally arrived. You skipped to your front door and pulled in open quickly. “Hey!” You greeted him, giving him a quick peck on the lips which he happily returned. “I bought snacks!” He dangled the bag from your local convenience store in front of our face and pushed his way into your apartment. After closing the door you followed behind, leaning on the door frame and watching him as he threw himself onto the sofa and began showing you what he’d purchased. “I got us some drinks,” He began lifting them out of the bag and putting them onto the coffee table in front of him. “And that popcorn that I like, and some of those chips Youngjae bought the other day because they’re so good!” Placing them on the coffee table as well and shooting you a smile. You gave him a small back, they were both snacks you didn’t really like, luckily you had some in your cupboard from a movie night you’d had with friends the other day. “And” He stopped you as you turned towards your small kitchen to grab them, “I picked these up for you.” He announced pulling out an array of chocolates and candies from his bag. "I know they’re all ones you like, but I couldn’t remember which one was your favourite or which ones you liked the best so I just got them all.” He told you as he a them out on the coffee table with the other snacks. You stared at him in amazement. “This is so unlike you.” You kept your gaze on him, looking for a sign of guilt or anything else that would cause him to be so generous. “What do you mean?” He defended in joke offense. “I mean I know what you’re like about money. Why have you just spent so much on candies and chocolates, some of which you don’t even like?” You explained, picking up some of the packets and examining them. He shrugged in response, moving forward to wrap his arms around your waist from behind and rest his head on your shoulder. “I was just thinking about you, and how I don’t really treat you to anything and I just thought something small, like a few candies would be a good place to start. I just want to be a better boyfriend I guess.” He spoke quietly into your ear, his words and tone making you blush. “Oh, okay.” You nodded, turning to face him and wrap your arms around his neck. “I think I like this new approach to being my boyfriend. I could get used to being spoiled.” You giggled, pecking him on the lips. “So,” He began, removing his arms from you and walking towards the TV, “which movie are we staring with? Nothing scary please.”

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TW Preference - Winter




You sighed as you shifted in your bed, not finding the warmth of Derek’s body during this winter night. Your eyes slowly opened as you groggily rubbed them.
“Derek?” you called out in a raspy voice. Derek, who was perched on the window of his bedroom quickly turned to you. 
“Shit.” he muttered once he realized that he forgot to close the window, making the cold air enter the bedroom you two shared. “Sorry, (y/n). I forgot to close the windows." 
"It’s oka-” you paused once your vision on Derek focused. “Are you shirtless?” you creased your eyebrows.
“I-uh, it was getting a little hot with the heater on, so I took off my shirt and sat outside.” he shrugged fake non-chalantly. 
“You’re so weird.” you muttered as you got out of the bed, dragging the sheets behind you like a train. 
“What are you doing, baby? Go back to sleep.” Derek gestured at the bed.
“Can we cuddle?” you jutted out your lip in plea. Derek rolled his eyes but a smile was on his lips as he patted the spot next to him. You got on the window as careful as you could with a bunch of sheets. Derek helped you by putting it around the both of you while settling his arms around your small frame and you laid your head on his bare chest, his werewolf body heat making you warm already.
“Can’t sleep?” he murmured against your hair, which his face was burried in.
“Too cold.” you replied, snuggling deeper into his chest. “But I’m warm now." 
"Try hot.” he chuckled at his own joke as his fingers directed your chin towards his so he could give you a kiss that warmed you from the inside out.


“Could you be any slower, Lahey?!” you growled as you tugged on your jacket frantically to try and warm yourself up. You had gone out earlier to go and take a nice cold walk with your boyfriend, but on your way home, it begun to snow and well, fuck.
“(y/n),” you heard him sigh from behind you. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Like, werewolf here,” you turned to see that he was gesturing towards his body. “A lot of body heat.”
“I don’t want to cuddle, I want to go home.” you snarled at him, trying to scare him off so he’d listen to you but instead, he was laughing at you.
“Woah there, babe. I thought was the werewolf in this relationship?” he chuckled as he jogged so he could fast-walk beside you. You stopped in your tracks and gave him the ’really, bitch?‘ glare. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Can’t you just like get your mind off of the cold for one second and look around you?” he had that hopeful puppy-like glint in his eyes that made you unfold your arms and actually take in the beautiful sight of snow falling around the two of you. 
“You know, when it was snowing, my mom would take me out of the house for little walks so she could calm down from fights with my dad-” he stopped his own rambling. “Anyways, the point is, my mom would just stop in the middle of an empty street and just make me shut up and we would hold hands and look up and just live in the serenity that comes with snowflakes falling on you and just appreciate everything because it’s beautiful.” Isaac was talking to you but his eyes were gleaming and it looked as if he was having his very own flashback. You couldn’t help but have a few tears pooling in your eyes. 
“So what I’m saying is; just shut up and look up for a second, because it’s beautiful, you’re beautiful, what we have is beautiful and I love you.” Isaac shyly looked at you with a proud smile playing at his lips.
“I love you too, Isaac.” you breathed.


“(y/n)! Hurry up! the snow is thick today!” Scott whined as he pulled on your jacket like a little child. 
“Calm yourself, McCall.” you rolled your eyes as you set your beanie back into place. Once you were finally done, Scott grinned as he put his arm out for you to take. You chuckled as you linked your arms with his. The moment Scott opened the door, the cold crisp air slapped you across the face. “Yeap, there it is,” you breathed. “It’s definitely winter alright.” 
“Cold?” Scott smirked at you as he pulled on his gloves. 
“No.” you simply said, not giving him the satisfaction of getting the excuse to kiss you or hug you just to keep you warm. 
“Fine.” he huffed as he continued on walking down the streets. As the night went by, snow began to pile up and before you knew it, both of you were shaking your asses off from the cold as you walked home. You stole a quick glance at him, to see if he was going to break and admit defeat and coldness first but Scott had his brows furrowed and his jaws clenched to keep his teeth from chattering. You giggled involuntarily from the cuteness of your boyfriend when he was concentrating. 
“What?” he had a goofy grin on his face despite the cold. 
“Nothing.” you waved it off, trying hard not to shake. 
“Fuck this.” you heard him mutter as he took your face in his covered hands and literally stuffed his nose in your face.
“What are you doing?” you shrieked in between giggles, both from the cold and the bizarre act. 
“I’m keeping my nose warm, keep still.” he ordered as he sneakily gave your cheeks a kiss. 


“Not this song again.” you groaned as you continued to push the cart in between Stiles’s arms down the abandoned aisle filled with candy. 
“Grumpy much?” Stiles chuckled as he kissed your head. 
“I’m not grumpy.” you muttered grumpily as you got out of his arms to get small marshmallows so you could make hot chocolate later. “I just hate this song. Literally all that goes through my head is Lindsay Lohan dancing.” you shivered, pulling a disgusted face. 
“Oh come on, (y/n). it’s not that bad.” Stiles reasoned as his hands enveloped the packs of hot chocolate, already a step ahead of you.
“Yes, it is.” you shivered, as if the very thought of it disgusted you. 
“Their outfits weren’t too bad.” Stiles mused. 
“Of course you don’t think so." You rolled your eyes with a scoff to follow.
"But I mean, it’s so underrated. Like, the outfits are hot, okay, but the dance is truly inspiring. I mean,” Stiles slipped away from you and your cart and began dancing to the song. Your eyes widened once you realized that it was the actual routine from Mean Girls. Your boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski, memorized the actual Jingle Bell Rock dance routine from Mean Girls.
“Oh my god.” you howled in laughter. “You actually memorized it?!” you whisper-yelled as you covered your face, yet, still peaking through the gap your fingers made on your face. Your eyes widened once again when you saw that behind Stiles, was an old lady that saw the whole dance happen. “Stiles!” you quickly shouted at him and gestured to the lady with your eyes. Stiles whirled in a turn and gave the lady a sheepish wave as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“Sorry, that was uhh-” he cleared his throat. “for a school play.”