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AoEx Casts’ Reaction to Their S/O Being Tattooed! 

(Requested by @glitter-nymphet! I hope you like this!! c’x <3 ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • isn’t a huge fan of tattoos or piercings 
  • never pictured himself with any (never pictured his S/O with any either) 
  • but he wouldn’t stop you from getting them 
  • if you love them and they make you happy - they make him happy 
  • secretly thinking about getting a tattoo for you ?

Yukio Okumura! 

  • never liked tattoos or piercings either
  • if you already have the tattoos - there’s nothing he can say about it 
  • but if you’re talking about getting a new one he might try and convince you to not 
  • which is honestly really rude 
  • but if you’re adamant about it - he’d drop the subject 

‘Bon’ Ryuuji Suguro!

  • he loves your’s
  • loves looking at them and tracing them with his fingertips 
  • secretly jealous you got to get a tattoo before him lmfao

Shima Renzo!

  • he also is a big fan of tattoos and piercings 
  • although he’s too nervous to get them himself
  • wants to go with you when you get your next tattoo so he can see how bad they are(n’t)
  • he thinks they make you look sexyyy~

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • doesn’t believe the body should be embellished (tattooed or pierced) 
  • granted - he understands that he only feels that way because of his religion 
  • so he never pushes you about your tattoos 
  • (although they do make him nervous) 
  • he prays for your forgiveness anyways (just to be safe) 

Shiemi Moriyama! 

  • she always thought tattoos were scary and a sign that someone was bad/evil
  • she realizes that’s silly though cause you’re neither bad nor evil 
  • so she smiles and looks at the artwork on your skin and asks you questions like 
  • “How bad did this one hurt?”
  • “Why did you get this one?” 
  • stuff like that, just trying to understand

Izumo Kamiki! 

  • would probably say your tattoos are stupid and have no meaning 
  • and if you fought her about it - she’d realize how insensitive and rude she was being
  • she wouldn’t apologize tho 
  • but she actually likes your tattoos - especially after you defend them - it proves they do mean something to you 

Mephisto Pheles! 

  • finds tattoos amusing 
  • many times throughout his long life has he thought about tattooing his own body - but he never has 
  • he thinks tattoos are very impressive and would enjoy coming to watch you get your next tattoo because he wants to see a tattoo artist in action 

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hello~ You are a very sensible person and I wanted to tell you something that is bothering me a lot these days, now that youngjae is much more handsome (considering what several people have been saying) new stans have appeared for him and this is very annoying because Before hardly anyone paid much attention to him. 😓 i am disgusted

Hello dear,

Oh, don’t feel that way dear. Don’t you feel happy seeing many fans are started to pay attention to our Youngjae and appreciate him? I know it might be difficult for some Youngjae’s fans especially those who have been with him since the very beginning but I think as a fan we should be happy that more and more people are started appreciating Youngjae and acknowledge him in GOT7 after noticing him getting handsome these days though I always think Youngjae is handsome since debut. I said this many times before, that the reason why I started this tumblr was because to help spread Youngjae’s love to everyone so that people will start to pay attention and appreciate his presence and eventually love him as much as I do. You know, when I first started this blog three years ago there were only a few people followed my blog but now my followers are growing each day and that’s because of Choi Youngjae and that makes me really happy.  Before this, I often searched about Youngjae on tumblr & twitter but there were so few mentions about him. It got me really sad because these people love GOT7 but they didn’t pay attention to Youngjae. Honestly, I cried when I saw some fans were saying bad things about Youngjae and back then almost none mentions about protecting him. I’m sure Youngjae knew that he was the least favorite member among GOT7 but he was still happy with the love shown by some fans to him. I still remembered Youngjae said he knew he was ugly in a radio and he always didn’t acknowledge when Nichkhun choose as the visual because he knew he didn’t handsome like the other members that fans love so much. Still, he was happy. You know, after three years I see a lot of changes when it comes to the love showed to Choi Youngjae. Every comeback, I saw many people started to pay attention to him and appreciate him because that the most important thing for me ‘appreacition to Youngjae’. Many fans started to realize that our Youngjae is indeed beautiful not only on the outside but also the inside. He started to gain more fans and he often received praise on his looks & his talents from them. Now, we can see many fans are protecting Youngjae whenever people started saying bad things about him by calling themselves Youngjae protecting squad and honestly I’m really happy. Before I always thought I would fight for our Youngjae alone but now many fans wanted to fight for Youngjae together. I know sometimes it’s hard to accept but maybe you can try to accept it slowly especially when seeing our Youngjae’s happy face when he knows many people are started cheering, appreciated, giving him attention & showing their loves towards him. Don’t feel disgusted dear as we need each other to march on and show our love for our sunshine, Youngjae. I think the beauty of being fans is though we don’t know each other but we are united in hearts and spirits because of one person, Choi Youngjae. I love all my fellow Choi Youngjae fans and I’m deeply thankful for all of you for all the supports and love you gave to Youngjae which I lacked off. I’m just thankful really.

So, I hope I can help change the way you feel dear. I have to stop writing because I can’t stop crying when remembering all those three years. Anyway, Youngjae’s stans fighting. I love you  ❤

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Bonding - Elsa Chapter 4

Author: @systemfailuresunshine

Summary: Year-round fluff for a soldier who just needs a hug, starting at Christmas! You, Steve and Bucky share a moment.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1567

Warning(s): None, I don’t think

A/N: New Year’s Eve is coming up and Tony is very disorganised. Bucky has an idea

A few days had passed since Christmas Day, and the karaoke incident, and the weather seemed to notice that January was on its way. The sky darkened a lot more and the low rumble of thunder seemed to have everyone on edge, not least you and the two super soldiers. You had never been a big fan of thunder, or storms for that matter, and it reminded Bucky and Steve of gunfire, shell casings and lost friends. Tony had found you all huddled together one night because none of you could sleep. He chuckled quietly as he passed the bedroom door and nodded towards Steve, who nodded back; used to Tony’s way of keeping tabs on you.

The next day, you found soothing music playing through the sound system in the living room cancelling out the noise of the thunder and rain outside, and Tony, sprawled over the sofa, raised his mug at you all as you filtered into the kitchen to get breakfast. It was one of the rare occasions that you ate breakfast. The boys made you because, in their words, you were too small. You didn’t agree that you were too skinny so had come to the conclusion that because they couldn’t artificially stretch you to make you taller and make up for the smallness that way, they’d decide to stretch you outwards by feeding you. Nevertheless, if it made them stop giving you pitying and worried glances, you’d do anything.

“I’m not made of glass, you know. I can actually take care of myself,” you said, the day before New Year’s Eve.  

The others looked at you surprised, and Steve stopped pouring orange juice into a glass.

“We know,” he replied, somewhat sheepishly, as he placed a muffin in front of you. “We just worry. After last time…”

You held a hand up to stop him.  

“A moment of weakness, Mr Rogers, nothing more,” you grinned.  

He smirked back at you.  

“Well, let’s test that apparent strength then. Meet you in the training room in ten minutes?”

He got up to leave and prep but laughed when a voice caught up to him.

“There are easier ways to humiliate me, Steve!”

“None quite as fun though,” he retorted, in a sing-song manner.

Ten minutes later and you were both in the training room, squaring off. Bucky had come to watch, despite pleading from you for him to stay away so that only Steve was witness to how badly out of shape you were.  

“No way, doll. This sounds too fun to miss out on.”

“I hate you sometimes, Barnes, you know that?”  

“Yeah, yeah,” he chuckled.  

He ushered you over to the side of the room he was on, leaving Steve to put on some boxing training gloves.

“Tell you what,” he whispered, careful for Steve not to hear. “If you beat him, or at least give him some sort of injury, I will let you decide the dress code of Tony’s event for New Year’s Eve.”

“But it’s Tony’s event,” you shot back, in a hushed tone.  

“True, but I bet if you give Stevie a shiner, he’ll probably practically let you plan the whole thing, right down to the guest list.”

“Well now if I’m deciding on the guest list, you definitely have my attention,” you laughed.

“Come on (Y/N),” Steve called from the other side of the room, “let’s not take all day.”

He smirked at you, and you turned back round, winking at Bucky as you did. You had to put up some kind of fight, otherwise there was a very real possibility that you could get seriously hurt. Steve wasn’t rough on purpose but he was a very persistent trainer and could definitely leave you with a black eye if you didn’t pay attention, which had happened before. He’d been sorry for weeks, but you’d just laughed and said that the same thing would have happened walking along a road and tripping over your own feet.

“Aim for the right side, that was always his weakest at camp, even with the serum,” Bucky called from the sidelines.

“Hey, whose side are you on?” Steve asked, managing to just deflect a hit from you, but not without getting knocked back a little.

“I’m just trying to make it a more even fight, I mean the super soldier versus someone so small and defenceless? Come on.”

“Hey, whose side are you on?” you managed, before a punch to the stomach winded you, and you doubled over, coughing.

“You both should be paying more attention to each other than to me. Just because my personality is so magnetic, that shouldn’t distract you from the fact you’re fighting,” he laughed.

“I’ll tell Tony about that magnetic comment later,” you said through gritted teeth. “You’ll wake up with an arm covered in fridge magnets.”

“He can try,” Bucky muttered darkly, as you dodged a fist aimed at your upper thigh.

“Nice try, Steve,” you giggled, as your fist swung upwards and collided with his right eye.  

There was a pause.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!!” you tried to say over the sound of Bucky laughing in the corner.

“I did try to tell you,” he smiled. “You think you’d be used to getting your ass kicked by now, super soldier or not.”

Steve had taken the training glove off one of his hands, propped it under his arm and was now rubbing his injured eye with the back of his hand.

“Geez, (Y/N), didn’t know you had it in ya,” he chuckled. “That’s gonna leave a mark!”

“I’m so sorry Steve! I didn’t…” you trailed off when you saw Bucky. “Stop laughing!” you chastised.

“Okay, okay,” Bucky held his hands up in surrender. “I’ll go and get some ice.” He paused. “And tell Tony – he’ll be thrilled,” he added before leaving the room.

“Jerk!” Steve called after him. “It’s like he enjoys seeing me getting hurt,” he finished quietly, smirking.

Twenty minutes later, you were holding a bag of frozen peas on Steve’s eye. You felt like it was the least you could do seen as you punched him in the face. You punched Captain America in the face! You were almost proud. Almost. It was hard to feel proud when Steve was dramatically wincing every time you moved the bag slightly.  

“(Y/N), it hurts,” he whined.

“Well you keep moving,” you whined back. “And you could have ducked and stopped this happening in the first place.”

“It was Bucky’s fault,” he pouted.

“Isn’t everything Elsa’s fault?” Tony quipped as he walked into the kitchen.  

He paused as he surveyed the scene before him, then started laughing.

“I thought he was joking when he said you’d given Rogers a black eye, (Y/N),” he managed, wiping imaginary tears from his eyes.

“Why did I have to be stuck with the dramatic Avengers?” you muttered.  

“One dramatic Avenger with a question for you, my dear, if I may?” Tony smirked.

You giggled.

“I believe you may be aware of my annual New Year’s party,” he started.  

Your hand squeezed harder around the bag of frozen peas.

Steve moaned in pain. “Geez (Y/N), hold it steady,” he chuckled.

“Sorry,” you winced.

“Well,” Tony continued. “Whether you are aware of it or not, you should be! And because I’m such a warm-hearted guy and all-round good friend, I wondered if you wanted to decide on the dress code this year.”

“Nothing to do with Steve getting punched in the face?” you asked, a grin on your face.

“Now why would I reward someone for causing pain to our favourite Captain?” he laughed.

“Because you’re a jackass?” Steve volunteered.

“I’m hurt, Rogers,” Tony grasped his chest.

“Yes, yes, yes!” you said, practically jumping up and down.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” Tony said, chuckling.

You slapped his arm.

“Two guys in one day? That’s cold, (Y/N)!”

You narrowed her eyes at him and he put his hands up in defence.  

“Okay, okay. Well I’d get on it then. Not long now.”

“It’s in three days and you haven’t even started planning it yet, have you?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. helps.”

“You mean ‘does it for you’.”

“Nothing goes ahead without my say-so.”

“Apart from this, which I am absolutely telling you nothing about until you get an invitation tomorrow.”

“You’re fast.”

“I’ll rope Bucky into helping,” you smirked, wondering where he’d gone after getting the peas.  

“I’ll go warn him,” Steve laughed.

“Not with peas on your eye!” you laughed back.  

There was pause, and then the three of you fell into giggles. It was comfortable, home. We all need a place to belong, and it turns out you’d all found yours in that moment.

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if hg engeki gets to do a summer training camp arc, who would you like to see as bokuto and akaashi? i was thinking shuuto as bokuto as kitamu as akaashi but then, that picture shouri + takato took with shuuto... lol there's no way to make up for shuuto's missing height. and kitamu's too hahaha. this is such a random ask i'm so sorry ahaha

I’ve said this multiple times before, but I really don’t like to fancast for potential new characters.  I have seen people get legitimately upset when the announced actor isn’t a fancast favorite and being critical/judgmental of the actor chosen, which I think is extremely stupid.  And you never know what new talent freshly graduated from an agency could bring.  Kousuke made his debut with HQ Stage and blew everyone away as Oikawa, so I’d rather be open to surprises.  I’ve only ever seen fan-casting do more harm than good honestly.  

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when did you start writing homestuck fan fiction, more interestingly, does any work older than what's on your ao3 exist (somewhere online)? (i might very well like, delete some of my older work at some point honestly)

Lord i started writing fic when i was like. 15. I think I have at least two ff.net accounts–I made a new one when I started to write That Good Gay Shit and wanted to hide it from my friends. Every so often I’m tempted to go back and look at my old fic but I don’t have myself that much tbh

Positive things about the SU fandom

- Low quality screenshots of a character in the background captioned ‘reblog if u agree’

- Those harmless ships that get little attention but have a few super dedicated fans

- Random posts at 3AM that just say “i love [character] so much??” like they were sitting there thinking how much they love that character and made a post about it. So pure

- The livebloggers

- Old fans interacting peacefully with new fans

- THEORIES. The simple ones, the complex ones, the ones that open your eyes, the ones that are really reaching – they all had thought put into them and you know that each one had that ‘oh!’ moment where they realized something new

- Fans with differing OTPs supporting eachother

- The pro-redemption crowd

- That strangely peaceful steady stream of content during a hiatus

- The entire community getting super excited on the day a new episode is gonna air. Like you can just feel it radiating around you

This fandom has it’s fair share of demons, but at the end of the day, there’s really somethin’ special about this fanbase.

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hey, can you break down the differences between the adventure zone and critical role for me? i haven't listened to either and now i'm curious

Oh gosh, okay. They’re delightful but… very different approaches to the same general idea (broadcasting a D&D game), and I think the fans of one show tend to have a sort of skewed impression of the other show, so here’s my thinking.

Just the basics, to begin with: The Adventure Zone started running in late 2014, and it’s an audio-only podcast in which the McElroy brothers and their dad start a brand-new D&D campaign from scratch. Critical Role started running in early 2015, and it’s a video podcast in which a bunch of best-friend voice actors started filming the D&D campaign they’d already been playing for years at home with the same characters. TAZ is (generally) prerecorded and lightly edited down, CR is 100% live. Both have a lot of howlingly funny and surprisingly touching moments, both get a lot more intense the more you get into them, and both are good shows that are a Good Time, especially when they make you feel things you didn’t sign up for. The main canon of TAZ is currently 56 one-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every two weeks, and CR is currently 85 four-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every week. Most of the reason for CR’s absurd length comes down to (a) three times as many players, and (b) no editing.

The DMs both put a ton of work into the world, but they also have very different approaches. Griffin (TAZ) is DMing for the first time, while Matt (CR) has talked about how DMing D&D games for the past 20 years is what got him interested in acting in the first place. The world of TAZ is much more of a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, while CR sticks more to traditional fantasy.

TAZ plays fast and loose with the rules, which can be both a delight and a frustration for storytelling reasons—for instance, until the latest arc both spell slots and HP were not really tracked, which means (a) Griffin has had to come up with incredibly creative ways of introducing risk and limitations to the game, and (b) those incredibly creative ways can start to get pretty damn brutal. The mechanics of the game feel like an imposition on the story, most of the time—it’s rare that you get a dice roll that makes a huge difference to the plot (but when you do, as in the most recent episode, it’s pretty darn cool). As a result, the biggest spanner in the works of Griffin’s plans tends to be in the form of out-of-the-box thinking from his players, which they excel at; I think there is a tendency to railroad the plot as a result, but it’s a good story and it’s well worth a little bit of elbowing to keep everyone on track. Magical items also play a huge role, with viewers of the show submitting awesome new trinkets for the heroes of the story to use/abuse/completely forget about.

Because CR tilts more towards the rulebook (although Matt gets more than his fair share of shit for homebrewing and letting things slide and defaulting to the Rule of Cool), chance plays a much bigger role in the story. Matt’s simultaneously battling some incredibly creative players and dice that seem determined to roll as dramatically as possible. Entire subplots have been wiped out by a strategic roll, and in order to be able to adapt to that on the fly, Matt has to be hyper-prepared and have a lot of possible branching points. It’s absurdly open-world, especially now that the characters have the ability to travel instantly through different planes of existence, and Matt keeps pace with a story that feels more character-led than DM-led; railroading is practically nonexistent, which means you get incredible plot developments and super-deep characterization… but it also sometimes leads to long circular conversations trying to figure out what to do next. Because the players are all actors, there’s also a lot more that’s just straight-up improv theater: it’s not unusual (especially lately) to go for verrrry long stretches of riveting conversation without anybody rolling dice (I can think of a moment where Matt could’ve just had everyone fail a charisma saving throw against an NPC but instead just straight-up charmed them all in real life with words).

I’ll put it this way: CR is a basketball pickup game between friends who’ve been playing together so long that they kind of have their own home rules going and stick to them. TAZ is out there playing fuckin’ Calvinball. Both are great fun, but if you go into one expecting the other you’re in for a bad time.

Both shows have a lot of great NPCs, although Critical Role’s format gives them a lot more time and depth to shine (there are episodes where an NPC will have as much or more “screen time” than some of the player characters). Both shows have LGBT representation among player characters and NPCs alike that, while not perfect, is generally improving as the show goes on. For me personally, one of the more frustrating things about going from CR to TAZ was going from three female player characters and a metric fuckton of extremely deep characterization for all the female NPCs to no female player characters and many great and memorable female NPCs who nevertheless don’t get too much screentime or development just because of the the structure of the show.

TAZ is pretty shaky throughout the first arc (Griffin’s fighting a bit of an uphill battle getting everyone to sit down and actually play the game, which is funny in and of itself), but things slowly start to come together and the real potential of the show becomes clear once they break the heck out of the 5e Starter Set. I think the “Murder on the Rockport Limited” arc is what started to pull me in, and it’s not until the latest arc that I’m starting to get the character development I really crave in that show. Critical Role also takes a little while to find its footing, and to me the Briarwood arc (starting around episode 24) is where the mood of the show starts to solidify, with episode 40 and beyond really pushing from “this is cool, I’m enjoying how these interpretations of fantasy tropes are sometimes kinda unusual and off-the-wall!” to “how is this the most honest and genuine character development I’ve ever seen in media what the heck is happening here”.

So yeah. TAZ isn’t total chaos with no plot or effort put into it, CR isn’t a humorless wasteland of mathematical minutiae and rigid formulaic approaches. Both shows are great fun, both are IMO in an upswing and getting better and better as they go along, and I heartily recommend them both if you know what you’re getting into. Have fun!


Patty Tolan/Holtzmann (Toltzmann) – Ghostbusters 2016

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Hi Cassie! I'm such a fan of the series and especially the new one, and I was just wondering if we're going to see Kieran's POV in LoS? Thanks so much!!!

I don’t think so, no – But there is a good reason. You still get lots and lots of Kieran.

Picking POV is always complicated. I once remember hearing that every POV added adds 100 pages to a book and my books are real long as it is, so I have to be pretty careful. Often when I omit a POV it’s because there’s something the character knows I don’t want the audience to know, even if it’s just how they feel about another character. But I actually think you can learn just as much about a character through having a different POV observe them as you can in their POV – you may in fact learn more of the truth of them, since people have so many illusions about themselves. 

about the pledis + fansite boycott (long post)

i am going to take a neutral stance in this boycott. i think this boycott has its pros and cons, you weigh them yourself.

for those of you who do not know, many seventeen fansites have decided to go on rest or shut down. you may have noticed this on other social media sites, or even on tumblr. the main reason is because a seokmin (dk) fansite sent in a wreath to be put up in line with their showcase today for their new mini album but pledis ended up turning it away with no explanation even though the fansite did all the necessary procedures. another reason is that many fans have voiced out that they have seen pledis staff members wearing what were supposed to be gifts from fans for the seventeen boys, such as tote bags and jackets.

in response to pledis and their actions, as well as their failure to provide an explanation or public response, many fansites have decided to boycott them. as i’m typing this, 19 fansites have announced a rest period or shut down in hopes that pledis will clarify the situation and provide a satisfactory explanation for their actions.

why is this boycott good? well, it will supposedly pressure pledis into responding to the matter. fansites play a big role in making sure that international fans get the latest information about their idols. as pledis is heavily reliant on seventeen, the boycott will affect them in a large scale, hopefully causing enough pressure so that they’ll reply to seventeen’s fanbase. this boycott also shows that fans are aware of this issue and that we do not agree with how pledis is handling gifts from fans as well as their groups. many fansites hope this will make sure pledis stops messing up and exploiting the boys (and fans) for their own benefit.

but why is this boycott bad? as i said, fansites play a big role in fan activity. this means, although the boycott will put pressure on pledis, seventeen will also be extremely affected. they just made their comeback and launched a new mini album. this means that we’re not just talking about ‘oh i don’t have a fansite anymore’. we’re potentially talking about a drop in album sales and music streaming, which leads to bigger things like losing opportunities for weekly awards at music shows. because they just made their comeback, this boycott will affect how they’ll do largely in the music scene during their promotion period.

(my opinion lies ahead. if you’re not open to opinions, don’t read ahead.)

yes, a boycott is good and pledis should be put under scrutiny for their horrible management skills and actions.

however, put yourself into the shoes of the seventeen members and think about this again. they’re going to watch their fansites shutting down; their carats on a frenzy against their company; not to mention they’re going to be heavily affected on all spectrums. they worked so hard to make this album and make this comeback to see us again. in fact, i would contest, this is probably the best album they’ve made so far. it just proves the boys are improving more and more each time. they’re working so hard.

don’t push seventeen into all these consequences for something their horrible managing company has done.

i don’t agree with pledis, don’t get me wrong. i just do not want to see the opportunities these precious boys could have slipping out of their hands because of something they cannot control.

Things that I want to scream at the assholes in the cancer crew fandom
  • Anisa is a great person who does no wrong and should be respected as such. Stop leaving mean comments on her Instagram just because she is dating Ian. 
  • Don’t harass Joji on Instagram or Twitter. He is a human being who clearly wants his life to be at least semi private, and he deserves a break every once in a while.
  • Also I noticed a couple of days ago Joji posted a pic on his Instagram of an ash tray full of cigarette buts, and people were having a goddamn war in the comments because of it. Idk why yall are all of the sudden furious over him smoking (he’s been doing it for years) but do you honestly think that he gives a fuck?
  • If you got angry over Idubbbz’ new video on fan edits, but love it when he roasts everyone else, you’re a massive hypocrite. This video was meant to be taken as a joke with a grain of salt, like when he says the word faggot or the n word.
  • Did I mention be nice to Anisa
  • PLEASE DON’T FORCE YOUR SHIPS ON THEM. It clearly makes them uncomfortable, and they have said this before.
  • Please don’t try and find out where they live. The reasons for this should be obvious.

and this is only 1/3 of the things they have achieved in over eight months. :’) they worked hard, squeezing in broadcasts on vapp and worrying about fans in between everything they did. they love their fans more than anything, making every concept about their fans. i’m not pushing you to vote for astro because you should always follow your heart and vote for the group in it. but if you don’t have a favorite in the mama 2016 vote for best new male artist, i’m just asking you to maybe think about voting for astro. thank you for your consideration.^^ - your friendly aroha next door

Don’t Take Them Away From Me

Newt Scamander x Muggle!Reader

Summary: The reader is a muggle in England, and a No-Maj in America. What happens when the reader goes along with Newt to New York? What will happen when MUCUSA finds out that Newt and you have a relationship, and that you know about magic. What will happen when they take away his creatures and you, and you have something to tell him.

 A/N: This is an imagine to commemorate the new movie ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’. And because I am a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise so I am excited to be writing this. I have had to change some of the story line to fit the reader into this.

 Italics = Flashbacks

 Warnings: Possible Angst, some feels and fluff. Newt almost crying and doing so. None other than I can think of, so that’s it. But some possible mentions of sex, or Newt being sexually interment. Mentions of anxiety.

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You had known Newt from the start of his book. You had met him in a coffee shop, in 1920. You could see that he was in the corner scribbling down on his note pad with his pen like the world was about to end, from the serving counter. You had decided sit next to him and start up some conversation with the soon-to-be-author.

 “Do you mind if I take a seat here, please?” You asked looking at the red/brown haired man looking down at his papers. He lifts his head and sees your (Y/E/C) eyes looking at him, and a small smile on your lips. He immediately became nervous when he saw you, and started stuttering.

You could see his face more clearly when he looked up. He had countless reckless that were scattered on his face. You could see his mix between green and golden eyes. You instantly fell in love with the man in front of you.

 “Y-y-yes y-you, um, c-can. I-if you want to.” He said in the best way he could, considering that to him, you were gorgeous; and you were standing right in front of him.

You pulled the seat out from under the table, and place your coat around the back of the chair.

“My name is Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. But you can just call me Newt.” He managed to say without stuttering, or making a fool out of himself.

“My name is (Y/F/N), but you can call me (Y/N).” You smiled, taking a sip from your cup of tea.

 That was the first time you had heard him speak, and it was the moment that you became friends. You then started seeing each other and then started working with him on his book. You can still remember the first time that he asked you out on a date.

 “(Y/N), I would very much like to ask you something.” He asked as you turned around to him. You were both on the streets of Trafalgar Square in London. You were having lunch on the side of one of the fountains. You looked at him straight in the eye, seeing that he was nervous. “I would like to ask if you would like to accompany me on a date?” You just stared at him, trying to get your answer out, with a mouthful of food. “You see I very much like you, and it’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything. I just wanted to see if I had a chance with you.” He was literally holding his breath when he was saying this.

 You had finished your mouthful of food, and replied with your answer.

“Yes Newt I would love to go with you to dinner. I have liked you since the day that I sat next to you in the coffee shop.” You placed your hand on his cheek, and the heat of his cheek warmed up your hand. You also started to lean forward and placed you lips on his. It was your first kiss together. You could feel his breath get caught in his throat and then it being expelled through his nose. You both pulled away from each other, because you both needed to breath.

 Your first date that night was the most magical night that you had ever had. Later in the relationship, Newt revealed his biggest secret to you. One that has been bugging him since your date in Hyde Park.

 “(Y/N). I have been meaning to tell you something. Since our date in Hyde park.” You were both in your shared flat when he had decided to ask you. You both had been dating for the matter of two years, and you had always wondered why he kept in an old batted suitcase, that was never put away. Newt said that it must be out always, in case there was an emergency. “I must show you now, otherwise I won’t be able to say it all.”

 You looked at him, confused. You had told each other everything. He took the case out from under the dining room table. He clicked both latches that were on the case and open the case. He placed one foot in the case and then the other, climbing down the ladder that led him to his creatures, but you couldn’t see the ladder. You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend could fir his 6-foot self in a tiny case. He continued to climb down the ladder and onto the case, you just stood there in shock. Then his hand came up and beckoned you to follow him into the case.

 As you made your way down the ladder you were taken back by the sight. You could see multiple habitats with strange creatures in then. They were beautiful and they were flying around, stomping and doing what you assumed what they normally did.

You saw Newt standing near a desert like habitat area. You saw that he was looking at something in the area, so you decide to see what he was looking at. You made your way over to where Newt was and saw him petting a gryphon-like creature with six wings and two long tails with feathers on the end.

 “This is Frank, he’s a thunderbird,” your eyes landed on the small creature, and saw him hiss and growl at you.” You may want to step back. He doesn’t take kindly to strangers. He was trafficked, you see. I found him in Egypt; he was all chained up and I couldn’t leave him there, he was so young. One day I wish to return him to the winds of Arizona.” You stared in awe at the beast.

Frank could tell that there was something going on between the two of you, and started stalking his way cautiously towards you. Once he reached you, and sniffed you to see if you were dangerous, like the people that took him. When he confirmed that you weren’t a threat to him, he snuggled into your stomach. Newt stood beside you, eyeing Frank to see if he was going to attack you, but instead he was admiring you and Frank together. That’s when he learned that if a muggle could cooperate with magical creatures, then wizards and witches could.

 “Newt, how is this all possible?” You asked, petting Frank just as Newt did earlier.

 “That’s the thing that I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’m a wizard.” He exclaimed as he took his wand out of his pocket to show you. You looked at him as if he were mad. To prove you wrong, Newt cast a spell and made some roses appear in his hands which he then gave to you.

 “Well I have no evidence that say that you aren’t a wizard.” You replied, giving him a kiss.


You just couldn’t see the box in his pocket. That was the point where Newt decided that he was going to write his book, and you weren’t going to let him do it alone. But he had to ask you something a year later after that day. You had been helping Newt take care of the creatures, and they have taken a liking to you since you were Newt’s girlfriend. They recognized you as their care taker also, making them want to be around you, even more than Newt.

 You were both feeding the creatures inside of Newt case. You had both saved a branch of Bowtruckles. They were found in a cage in Glasgow. You both decided to keep them and take care of them as well. A certain bowtruckle, that was named Pickett, he had attachment issues to both Newt and yourself. He was with you always, or if not Newt. You had both tried to get him to connect and be with the rest of his branch, but he insisted on stayed with you two. The other bowtruckles were accusing you both of favoritism.

 But now you were feeding the branch woodlice. It was how wizards could extract wand wood from the trees that they would be protecting. When you heard a tiny squeak from behind you. You looked down to see Pickett holding a ring in his tiny, spider leg like fingers, which creeped you out at times. You then looked up to see Newt running towards you and the branch of bowtruckles.

 He scooped up Pickett in his hands, taking the ring from him while doing so, and then turning back to you, with panicked expression on his face.

“You saw the ring, didn’t you?” You nodded eying him. He sighed placing Pickett on his shoulder and then telling him that they’ll talk about what he did later.

“Well, I was planning to do this later, when I could actually do it. But Pickett, thought that it would push me forward into doing it if he broke the ice. So, before I run away out of pure fear of doing this, and before the niffler gets this.. (Y/F/N), will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

 You got down on your knees, so that you were eye level with him and placed your lips on his. Expelling all the passion which you held for that man in front of you. Newt got the message and placed the ring on your left hand and kissed you again, wrapping his arms around you; hugging you after the kiss. You both had happy tears running down your faces. Without noticing that the creatures had made their way toward you both and making a circle around you both. When you both pulled away from each other, and when they saw the ring on your finger. They had an outburst of roars, growls and other sounds of happiness, and congratulated you both.

 Since a year after that, you both got married, and since then, you both went around the world, observing creatures and writing about their habits for young wizards to see and read about. You have both decided that you were to go to America, to study new creatures that would be native to the land. But to also release Frank into the wild desert of Arizona, like Newt has always wanted.  You both made your way to the docks and you both arrived in New York.

 You had met some lovely people. You met a muggle like you, Jacob Kowalski, and two witches called Tina and Queenie Goldstein. They were a bit chocked that you and Newt were married, because of   the American muggle rule. All ‘no-majs’, as they called muggles, aren’t allowed to have any relationships with magical beings and they’re not allowed to marry them, they’re not allowed to know anything about the wizarding world. And if any muggle did, they would have to be obliviated, and you didn’t want to forget about Newt or the creatures that you have come to love.

 But unfortunately, Newt’s case was opened and you had to collect all the creature and put them back in the case. You were just in central park, trying to catch an Erumpent that had gotten out of the case. Later you were planning on catching the other creatures. But right now, you were in the case. With Newt and Jacob in the case. Which was being carried by Tina to MUCUSA, to show the wizarding world what Newt had been doing. You felt the whole case shake. Newt was the first to emerge out of the case. He was in front of the New York Ministry of Magic. Then it was Jacob who made his way out of the case.

 You were the last one to come out of the case. You stood in what seemed like the main discussion room. There were wizards and witches that were looking at you three with shock and yet curiosity.

 “Scamander?”  Yours and Newt’s head turned toward the British Envoy.

 “Oh-er- hello.” Newt introduced himself while closing the case.

 “Theseus Scamander? The war hero?” Monolu Wotorson asked.

 “No, his little brother. And what in the name of Merlin are you doing in New York?” The British Envoy replied and then turning his attention to the both of you.

 “Miss Goldstein, who is this?” Madam Picquery asked the witch.

 “This is Mister Kowalski, Madam President. A no-maj who was bitten by one of Mister Scamander’s magical creature.” Tina answered, truthfully. All Ministers started to whisper to each other “No-maj? Obliviated?”

 “Wait, why did that no-maj turn her mead towards you as well? Is she a squib, or a no-maj from off the street like Mr Kowalski over here?” Asked Percival Graves to Madam Picquery. All the attention was then turned to you. More whispers began to break out amongst the court.

 “NO!” Newt shouted, earning the attention of the Ministers. “She is a muggle, or a no-maj here. But she is also my wife and she knows about all of this. She knows about the creatures and what they can do.” The Ministers were taken aback about by his outburst. Newt began to realize what he did and moved next you, wrapping an arm around your waist protectively.

 “Well, you are in America. And we handle things a little differently around here. We are sorry that the British Minister cannot do anything, for he is in a different country. So, we must obliviate your wife and your friend. You have no say in this because you risked the expositions of the wizarding world, and you shall be trailed for this. Arrest them!” Madam Picquery announced.

 “No-no- don’t hurt those creatures. Please they aren’t dangerous. It was an obscurus, please don’t hurt them.” Newt tried to reason with the Ministers and Madam Picquery.

“And take the no-majs to a different cell.” Madam Picquery declared to the officers. You and Newt looked at each other, reaching out for each other and embracing the other in your arms.

 “it’s okay, it’s going to be okay. I will find you, they will never be able to keep you away from me.” Newt was whispering to you, trying to calm you down. You were terrible with separation, you were in eqypt when you two were first apart as a couple. You ended up having a panic attack, but Newt did save you and knew then you have separation anxiety. “You aren’t going to be taken away fro- “You cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

 “I’m pregnant. You announced to him. Newt became silence when you said this. He pulled away and stared into your eyes, seeing if you were lying. He broke out into a smile and hugged you as hard as he could. You were both so involved with each other that you didn’t notice the officers coming towards you.

 “No, no, no. Please don’t take my wife or creatures away from me. Please, don’t take them away from he!” The cuffs were on both of your wrists and on Newt’s as well. You both tried to fight against the officers to get back to the others arm. You noticed that Newt had tears coming out of his eyes. Your energy was kept keeping calm, but tears were streaming down your cheeks as well. But you were both taken away from each other and lead to different sides of the hall that lead to the cells.

 You were placed in a cell with Jacob. It was small and there was a bench next to one of the bar walls. You missed Newt, but at least you had a friend, so your anxiety was kept at bay. You sat down on the bench with a huff, and placed your head in your hands.

 “Don’t worry. We’ll get out of here. Newt and Tina will come around and save us. And if not Queenie probably will.” Jacob tried to comfort you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. You were trying to see the positive side to this, but you couldn’t see anything that would remotely be positive in this situation. You leaned back against the bars and placed a hand on your stomach and just stared at the ceiling. Jacob picked up on why your hand was on your stomach. “Oh my god! Would they still oblita- something you if they knew about it.”

 You just replied with a shrugged of your shoulders. “I don’t know. Newt doesn’t work in the ministry, and no case like this has been said in wizarding history, per Newt.”

 You both heard footsteps coming down the hall way. You looked up to see Newt and Tina coming down the hall way with their hands cuffed behind their back. They both notice you and Jacob as well. They fought against the executioners and managed to get to the bars before their arms were taken ahold of and pulled away from you. You and Jacob tried to hold onto Newt and Tina so they could stay a little longer. They were both screaming out in protect as they were lead down the hall. You went back to the bench and sat down. Again, placing your hand on your stomach and looking down at your belly.

 You were three months along and you were showing. In most cases, women didn’t start showing until they were four months along. You just assumed that because Newt was a wizard, it was moving along a little fast that it usual would.

 At that moment Queenie dropped the coffee she was holding and searched for the source of the thoughts that she was hearing. She went down some stairs and saw that you and Jacob were in a cell, and were to be obliviated. She saw that you had your hand on your stomach, she also picked up on the fact that you were pregnant. That and she also read your mind to see how you were holding up.

“Oh my goodness honey, You pregnant! And with tw-twins!” she announced. You were shocked. You didn’t understand how she knew that, but you just went with it. She then cast a spell to get you both out of here.

 You guys saved Newt and Tina in the end, and got out of the ministry by all going into Newt’s case. You guys apparated to the apartment when you guys were safe.

 Newt made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around. So carefully, because he thought that he would somehow hurt your babies.

 “I told you that I would get you and the creatures back.” He told you with a smile on your face. Obviously, he didn’t know about the twins. You both pulled away from one another to see Tina, Queenie and Jacob staring at you with huge smiles on their faces. Especially Queenie.

 “We’re smiling because we’re happy that you guys are back together.” You had almost forgot that she could read minds. You were still wondering how she could tell that you were pregnant with twins. “I know because I could hear their hearts beatings. And Newt, (Y/N) is pregnant with twins.”

 Newt looked at you, with pure joy and happiness in his eyes. Hearing that the woman he loved was carrying his children. He whispered in your ear, as he hugged you again. “If one of them id a boy, we’re calling him Pickett.” He smiled, with his head on the side of yours.

You both couldn’t ask for anything else. You were with each other, and you would have two possible witches or wizards, or both, running around in a few months.

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I usually make a point to avoid getting into this kind of drama. 

That stops now.

If you’ve been following the kind of people I follow, or if you’re part of new fandoms that experience a sudden explosion in popularity and number of fans - Undertale. Steven Universe. RWBY. Fire Emblem. Overwatch. Disney. Gravity Falls. Star Wars. Marvel. Etc -, you will have seen something like this.

Every time, without exception, there’s a small group of people who think they are entitled to say what is right and what is wrong. Who erect themselves as judge and jury of what is GOOD and what is PUNISHABLE. And now, they may well have erected themselves into executioners.

There was a tumblr user by the name of tyrant-rex. Emphasis on WAS. If you go to his blog you’ll notice it’s deactivated. That’s because he did it, right after leaving a suicide note.

Rex shipped Pewey. That is Pearl/Mayor Dewey, both characters from Steven Universe. Pearl is a canonical lesbian character. Mayor Dewey is a guy. And that, it seems, was all the reason this toxic part of the fandom needed to want him dead. They showered him in hate and this is the result. Rex may well be DEAD because some people decided a fictional ship was worth more than a human life.

And the most sickening part? They’re not sorry. They revel in the pain they’ve caused. They try to justify it.

“But Pearl is a canonicaly lesbian!” Doesn’t justify killing a person over it.

“But it was lesbian erasure!” No it’s not, just as shipping two heterosexual characters in a gay relationship isn’t heterosexual erasure. And even if it were, it would still not justify killing a person over it.

“But seeing that ship hurts me!” If a non-canon drawing of a fictional ship is enough to cause you pain you should go to therapy because you are obviously not well off on the head. Oh, and it STILL DOES NOT JUSTIFY KILLING SOMEBODY OVER IT.

I mean, really, did these people even think about what they were doing? What they are celebrating? If he’s dead, that’s a whole person gone from the earth. Did he have friends? Family? Loved ones? Hopes and dreams? And now those people will never see him again. His goals will never come to be. And why? Because of a ship? Because people on the internet couldn’t stand others loving things they didn’t like? Can you think of any subject more STUPID to hate somebody? To drive somebody to death?

This is not the first time the SU fandom drove someone to the edge of suicide. And I tell you right now, it’s not going to be the last. This is gonna keep happening. And you might be reading this and thinking I’m overreacting. I wish I was. I wish I had no reason to make this post. But Rex, and those who came before, are the horrible proof that no, I am not exaggerating.

And just like they came for him, they will come for you. Because you drew Connie’s nose too small, or her skin too light. Because you drew Pearl with boobs, or Mei and Rose skinny. Because you made Frisk’s eyes too asian, or Hanzo’s eyes not asian enough. Because your humanization of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps is not the color THEY want it to be. Because you dared to ship the “wrong” ship. Because your opinion is something they don’t like.

I honestly don’t know how to close this, so I’ll just say, if anybody’s shitting on you or trying to get you to hurt yourself, block them. Your mental health and your life matter so much more than all the fictional characters in the world.

Oh Powerless, you had me at “every day people dealing with real life in a superhero world” as a premise, but then you went ahead and added Danny Pudi, Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk (and Vanessa Hudgens who I have no strong feelings about either way but she is cute and it’s nice to have a WOC lead so consider me a possible future fan) and the deal was sealed. 

And then apparently just as a cherry on top:

(Courtesy of someone on twitter - I admit totally missed it when I watched.)

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful new viewership… 

Ok so kind of following on from one of my previous posts about how I can find it quite difficult to think up lots of new usernames for each chapter of umfb&mha @chamirablossom suggested using usernames of fans of the actual fic in the fic itself. This is a really good idea and this is a post to see if anyone would potentially be interested in their username being used in the fic (or companion fic) in some of the comments sections. HOWEVER, if you were willing to have your username used, you would have to be willing for it to be used in any kind of comment. I’m assuming you all know the kind of comments that have been in the fic so far so you might end up as a Viktuuri shipper or an anti-viktuuri shipper, as a crazy Viktor or Yuuri fan who hates the other, as a really mean commenter, anything really. You’d have to be willing for your username to be used for any kind of comment including mean ones. 

So yes, this is not a promise that it will happen, this is just a post seeing if there would be any interest in something like that? Give this post a like if you’d like to see your username included in the fic (but only if you are willing to be anyone. If you think you may get upset or offended by how your username is used please don’t volunteer it. I don’t want to make anyone unhappy!) and I’ll see if I can include some of them in the upcoming chapters

So I think @lordminion has two new little Japanese fans?

During class today, two of my sixth graders kept yelling “DEAD BY DAYLIGHT!!” For some reason when we were reviewing English building names (hospital, bank, post office, etc).
After class they came up to me like “sensei! Sensei! Do you know dead by daylight?”
Me: “Yes”
Student A: “REALLY?! Have you played it?!”
Me: “No but I’ve watched it”
Student B: “you watched it? Does your friend play it?”
Me: “uhhh yeah. A… Friend (:”
A: “on YouTube?”
Me: “yeah”
Me: “UHHHHH yeah. My.. Friend is on….. YouTube”
A: “what’s their name??”

So I wrote down LordMinion777 on the board (they loved the name because they’re 11 and they love the yellow Minions) and were all excited about looking Wade up after school today. They thought it was AMAZING that there’s an American who plays dead by daylight!! Wow!!! (And he OBVIOUSLY loves minions, since it’s his NAME, so that makes him EXTRA COOL)

So eyyyyyy Wade say hi to ur two new Japanese fans. They’re really excited and cute and also can’t understand anything u say unless u ask them something like “What color do you like” lol (also sorry I said I was ur friend I was trying to act cool 😎)

Here Right Now
Nate Smith/Nathan Sharp/NateWantsToBattle

This song, I am lucky to have. Seems that when NateWantsToBattle, or Nate Sharp, or whatever he’s calling himself now does something new, all of his old stuff suffers. This is the product of that change, one of a few songs (no others of which I have) that was released before he became NateWantsToBattle. Despite his decision to remove the song from the face of the earth, I still managed to get a hold of it, and I think any NWtB fan should listen to it if you already haven’t. I like this song more than any song he’s ever released.

You know, when you think about it Finn/Kylo Ren should be the most popular ship in the new Star Wars. I don’t ship it myself since I’m not into enemy ships and messed-up things in general, but given the patterns in fandom and precedents like Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter it’s clear that Finnlo is the kind of hero/villain ship that fans usually go gaga over. They are a study in contrasts, mirror each other’s arcs, and have history together. The tension is baked into the canon–Ren is so obsessed with Finn he has a rage-on every time he hears Finn’s name, and was fixating on the dude literally seconds after killing his own dad. 

Instead what does the fandom do? Ship Kylo Ren with a white dude who had three minutes of screen time and a white girl who hates his guts. In a world without racism Finnlo would have been the megaship, Finnrey the #1 het ship, and Kylux and Reylo the rarepairs, and yet here we are. Fandom is so predictable it hurts.

SnK Chapter 91: Official Names
  • The chapter is called “The Other Side of the Ocean”
  • The fort where the action is taking place is “Fort Slava” as in, “All we have to do is capture Fort Slava and Marley wins the war.”
  • The people Marley are fighting are the Mid-East Allied Forces
  • The new warrior trainees are Zophia, Udo, Falco and Gabi.
  • The new titan is Jaws (Galliard). The other titan referenced is Cartman (Pieck)
  • It’s not specifically stated that Colt is to inherit the Beast. It’s a little more like, “if you think you have what it takes to inherit the Beast, you ought to get out there…”
  • I don’t know if it was clear from the fan translation, but Falco and a group of Eldians were attempting to dig a trench closer to the Fort when they were hit by grenades. 

Some panels below with official wording:

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