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Hey! Since this worked for someone else, can you tell me who wrote a bookstore AU that I came across months ago? Can't remember which writer it was (I think it was co written by two ppl). Wanted to find out if it was ever finished!

I do! That fic belongs to @takemeawaytocamelot and @moghraidhjamie.  Here is the link to the master post, if you scroll about half way down you’ll see the fic - it’s called Trading Wine for Whiskey (Bookshop AU). There currently are three chapters and hopefully more to come when the talented writers have time, you can find the most current update regarding the next chapter here.

this is a bit of an odd post but I know lots of trans guys who bind their chests complain about how it gets uncomfortable and can ache after a long day but that does not compare to unsafe binding.

To anyone who binds unsafely, I am telling you it is not worth it. I’ve done it before, I empathise with your situation completely but please do not bind unsafely. The pain you feel after binding unsafely is not ‘normal’ or ‘just the same as binding properly’ it is crushing

I nearly did myself serious damage binding unsafely. DIY binding can and will damage you, please seek out an alternative and message me if you need any further advice

24-25/03/17 || Three hand shots in a row what is going on here? Can you tell I’m really loving my spring pink nail polish? Anyway beside that I’ve had a couple of very productive days, I’ve started a new book (the third one for this exam), I’ve studied my notes, made an exam plan of action, written a couple of blog posts for next week and I’ve started thinking of a couple of exciting projects I can do this April, because apparently March is nearly over, like where is the time going? I also wanted to thank you all for following this little blog of mine, I honestly can’t believe there’s now 2.7K of you and I can’t believe how long it has already been since I first started this, I’ll be forever grateful for this lovely community. 💕

It's gotta stop! ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Porn blogs!


I mean, I know some of the edits I share are….suggestive. But still! Only I can bring the nasties on this blog (and those that submit stuff so yeah)!!

I’m tired, okay? If you see porn blogs as part of a post’s notes, PLEASE TELL ME. I can’t keep track of a billion posts that are already on here.

Why am I so obsessed with getting rid of them? Because….who wants to check comments (cause I can’t think of anything else) and find a billion shares saying “I ga-doodle with my noodle on camera. Wanna see?” no one. If you do, I respect that, dude. But ya gotta get the noodling somewhere else lol.

It’s totally not because I’m bored and consider it a game to see how many porn blogs I can block….nope! Not at all!

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The post about pornographic famart of minors made me think of some fandoms I was in when I was younger that had HIGHLY sexual corners (student/teacher, beastiality, incest). Now as an adult I'm like, what the fuck? I would never enter a fandom originally geared toward young people and do that.

Like honestly I’m not gonna tell people they can’t draw naked Crystal Gems or whatever, that’s not my thing but as long as you make reasonable efforts to be sure that only the people who are actively seeking it out will ever find it, whatever. But like, the characters from Star Vs? Steven and Connie? The kids from gravity falls? Straight up if you draw nsfw art of those characters you are a creep

(Same person, once again submitting because Tumblr’s ask character limit is way too low)

As far as I can tell, since I’m /slightly/ involved in those sorts of communities, the general definition of the tag of waifu has sort of shifted towards meaning a character is ‘best girl’? From what I can tell anyways. It’s still definitely not great when applied to an underage character, but it’s better than implying a person wants to have romantic/sexual relations with a character, I feel.

As for Lamplighter, I really don’t know what peoples deal with him is. I haven’t really noticed people with that sort of complaint, but perhaps I need to pay attention more or something. Personally I think Plight really is the best character and I love him to pieces, especially after you posted that bit of art with him in suspenders because that was A+ my dude

um… I don’t mean to be rude! but… if the kind of community you’re involved in can normalize the use of “waifu” for a little girl, i… really don’t know what your definition of a “toxic” fandom is then, dude…

I just saw this post where a person complained about white washing, and i can understand why you should stick to characters original skin tones and such but this person compared fanart that still had skin color diversity in it and I cant stop thinking about it.

These drawings look the same, right? The only difference really being that the one on the left has a gradient to it which does affect it a little bit but they still look the same nonetheless.

If I were to compare the color palettes right next to each other though…

You can tell that they are different. They arent different by that much but the bottom line of colors is noticeably different from the top line. The person who was complaining was comparing colors with this much difference in them. 

I get that they meant well and wanted to do some sort of psa or whatever but you cant just flat out rip a color off of something and always expect it to work just wonderful and dandy for the drawing youre about to do.

I’ll probably delete this tomorrow morning but hhhhhhhhhh it was annoying me because i saw a friend talk abt how ridiculous it was

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omg this is so adorable

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Haha, I love this.

i’ll tell my mom you guys think she’s great. can’t believe no one is offended on my behalf that she’d rather talk about the breakfast club instead of me being adorable and the smartest kid ever. BUT IT IS CUTE OF HER I GUESS

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Could you post more screenshot? Can't access Hulu in Europe :( Maybe from the moment when Grant tells you you look like Iris. Or some of the moments you mentioned in you post about that day.

So sorry, I’m headed to work and I’m on mobile! When he told me that, the camera wasn’t on his face but it was a shot of everyone on the stage (like the one I just posted). I think people are working to make gifs right now, so hang tight!

And most of the moments I have mentioned in my post weren’t on camera, or on the person whom I said they said on the post lol (hope that made sense).

That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

Tips on Writing Characters Without Faces

so yeah, we all know that facial expressions can tell us a lot about how a character is feeling, but what if that isn’t an option? how can you make someone emote if they don’t really have standard facial features? the answer; body language.

let’s consider how emotions are conveyed on a stage production vs movie with Sweeney Todd. First, the stage play:

Note how Todd’s entire upper body goes into his gestures, how he’s single-mindedly focused on his dreams and ideals; how his hands GRAB for each imaginary ‘man’ with these sharp, aggressive, destructive movements and how that contrasts with Mrs. Lovett’s body language; how her hands linger in the air and gravitate towards Todd even after he’s pulled away, and the slow turn she gives him. It does an excellent, though exaggerated, way of conveying their relationship (her focus is on him and making him happy, his focus is entirely on revenge)

Contrast this to the movie:

Originally posted by curiousitykilledthekat

Same lines in the song, much more subtle. Lovett’s eyes still track towards Todds, which reminds us she’s still more focused on the outside, but all of the emotion is in their faces. Were this not a close-up shot in a movie it’d be very, very hard to read their expressions.

While I do recommend you watch a few stage plays (in person near the back row if you can) to actually study body language for yourself or try out charades with your face covered with friends/watch how cosplayers or mascots emote, here’s a few shorthands to get you started (US-centric so expressions may vary on your region):


  • perfectly still - fear, intense attention, feeling under scrutiny
  • tilted up - recollection, intimidation (looking down nose at threat, aiming to appear taller)
  • tilted down - intense thought, shame (avoiding eye contact), depression/sad feelings
  • turned away - not giving person full attention, avoiding subject/conflict without being combative
  • cocker-spaniel (sideways) tilt - confusion, curiosity, amusement


  • at the forehead - fatigue (wiping away sweat), illness (checking self for fever, feeling a headache), realization/memory (a ‘well duh’ tap)
  • at the eyes - fatigue or headache (shielding eyes from light), distress (blocking out a painful view, concealing tears)
  • at the nose - disgust (a pinch at the nostrils,) irritation (rubbing at sore spot on nose from glasses wear)
  • at the mouth - nausea, surprise, repressing an emotion/stopping self from saying something
  • at the chin - contemplation, tiredness (face resting in hand)
  • rubbing back of neck - a need to relax tension, embarrassment, slight unease/desire to distract self
  • at the chest - surprise, self-protection (reaction to a wounding statement, sometimes used sarcastically), strong emotions (clutching at heart, could be good-strong or bad-strong), need for security (touching necklace/adjusting clothing to conceal more)
  • at the stomach - pain (clutching, pressing), satisfaction after a meal, protectiveness towards fetus when applicable
  • at the hip(s) - confidence, intimidation, nervousness (if grabbing for weapon)
  • at groin - concealment/unease (usually male-coded as protection of genitals), politeness (hands folded in lap)
  • on thighs - exhaustion (bent over, hands on legs supporting tired upper body)
  • formed into fists - holding back an intense emotion, preparing to fight
  • toying with something - restlessness (bored, nervous energy, craving something they can’t touch) or deliberate disrespect of property (playing with personal objects someone holds dear as an intimidation tactic)


  • at sides, relaxed - default posture
  • at sides, tense - unease, restraint (soldier at attention, person holding still to avoid being attacked), fear
  • crossed at chest - disapproval, displaying authority, unease (hugging oneself)
  • crossed at stomach - pain, intense laughter (caused by sore stomach muscles from laughing)
  • up, fingers laced behind head - confidence, relaxation
  • one arm on back of furniture - confidence, invitation for someone join them
  • general rule - the further arms are away from body, the more confident/dominant a person means to appear; exposed torso indicates that they don’t see anyone around as a threat to them


  • square with shoulders - professional, restraint, protective stance
  • wide stance, one foot a little back but planted - defensive stance, expecting to receive blows (knees may be unlocked - seen in swordplay and fencing)
  • weight on one leg - relaxed, tired, may also be leaning on something or pair with one ankle tucked behind the other
  • uneven stance - could indicate old injury
  • foot tapping/bouncing - boredom, nervous energy

Whole Body:

  • stiff and still - fear, unease, standing to attention
  • limp or pliant - relaxed, tired, pleased
  • shoulders back/head up - alert, focused, aggressive
  • shoulders forward, hunched - tired, ashamed
  • leaning towards person - interest, intimidation (looming over them), aggression (usually paired with tense arms or hands in fists,)
  • leaning away from person - relaxation, confidence, disgust (recoiling)
  • smooth/fluid movements - joy, confidence, experience
  • stiff motions - fear (reactive, fight or flight), pain (reluctance to move), anger (either fighting to keep control of emotions or lashing out), cold (conservation of heat by keeping limbs near body)
  • cracking joints/stretching - preparing for a fight, often reading as confidence in abilities
  • general rule - close contact/proximity can read as intimidation (paired with tense body - an invasion of personal space) or affection (paired with relaxaed body language, gentle movement) or passion/attraction while distance can read unease/distaste/fear/dislike.

with those in mind, let’s read this scene from Red vs Blue (a personal fav of mine for body language) featuring agent texas from season 8.

Originally posted by cryingmanlytears

So first of all, very relaxed upper body; limp arms held away from the body, which slowly come back to rest on her hips as she looks at what she’s done. Watch how her lean shifts at the end as her center of gravity shifts, and how she has to move her right leg to restabilize herself when she’s finished pushing it. This reads, in order from the start of the loop; detachment (the least amount of her body is involved in the action as possible), relaxation (smooth movements, the deliberation of those little steps backwards) and confidence (hands on hips.) We can tell a ton about this character just in this gif alone, based on her body language.

in summary! this list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you some ideas for ways of making characters emote in fics when you can’t see their faces.


fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else

Something tells me that, on the off chance that Marinette and Chloe actually agree on something (gasp!) the two of them would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Two confident, no-nonsense, gives-no-shits, will-shut-you-down-in-a-heartbeat girls working together on something? They’d be unstoppable. 

Like imagine the two of them just happen to both walk by a douchey boy in their school laughing with his douchey friends about, I don’t know, posting a really rude, sexist, gross comment on a picture of one of the girls in his class. 

Marinette would straight up take this boy’s phone out of his hands, delete the comments, and just leave Chloe to drag this kid in the corner and rip him to shreds over being downright disgusting. “How dare you think you can talk to girls like that, you soggy dish towel. I have half a mind to tell Marinette over there to screenshot everything you just said and show it to everyone in school so they’ll see how much of a pig you are.”

“Way ahead of you Chloe.”


Margherita Lucilla Siani - Overwatch OC: Overview

Ta-daaaa! This post has been stocked in my scraps for like… a decade! I’ve been changing things, names, dates so many times that I have issues myself to remember who and when. But we are finally here!

Some general, basic informations about my Overwatch Child, Margherita. It’s the first time ever I go this deep with an Original Character, so I really hope you like her! More infos, skins and backstory will come soon.

Fancy to tell me if you’d like to play as her? Ahah! I totally would!

I wrote more detailed explanations about her abilities, but I’m gonna hide the rest of the post since I talked too much. LOL

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Idk how people think yamaguchi tadashi doesn’t sass anyone. We’re talking about yamaguchi “you can tell hinata’s got shitty grades just by looking at him” tadashi, right? The yamaguchi who said out loud “it’s like hinata and kageyama live purely on spinal reflex”? Yamaguchi “keep it in your pants!” tadashi? And let’s not forget the most recent “hinata you’re switching out with nishinoya in like 0.5 secs chill ur tits”. And I could write novels about the sass he gives his best friend like. We’re thinking of the same yamaguchi right?

can you imagine even’s reaction if the restroom only had a hand dryer and no paper towel dispenser? like “o shit what do i do now” and then isak comes out of the bathroom stall and he thinks to himself “alright gO BIG OR GO HOME” before he elbows the hand dryer and causes it to stop working and then he tells isak “sorry did you need air?” before he starts intensely blowing air out of his mouth

me and you
i think about it all the time
us curdled up post love making on the couch
you tell me i think we should get married
i laugh at the mere idea and say lets just sleep for now
but i see the seriousness in your eyes and i know there is just a matter of time
decades of platonic infatuation accompanied by these years of complete romantic adoration
can only lead to one inevitable fate
i wake up the next morning, long after you and walk out to the porch of our one bedroom apartment
it’s a sunday
i can hear you in the kitchen, making my coffee like you do every sunday
you hate coffee
the ambience of the sun reflects the swelling of my heart when i realize it
i am going to marry you
me and you forever
—  but right now it is a friday night, i am alone and you are with him