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you've probably been asked this a million times before but i've started to get back into drawing and i've became so lost? i don't know what to do or really where to go with my art

I understand that feeling and i honestly cannot give you any helpful advice. The thing that helped me at first was just to find art i liked that inspired me and then let myself go but idk it’s different for everybody. Just remember to think of this as a rough patch, or something temporary. With work it’ll pass and you’ll figure it out. The best thing i guess you can do is just try to make something lol i know it sounds dumb but just showing yourself you can still draw something can feel like the first step, and then from there you can see what you want+don’t want from your art.

I gotta go to bed soon but when I get off work tomorrow I’m gonna do a Kirishima one of that Bakugou post because I really love seeing all the different styles and I think it’s a fun way to interact with the fandom. 

And if you don’t draw you can always reblog with your favorite panel/screen cap so everyone can participate!

Things Overheard in Dorms
  • “That’s the fourth time this week you’ve brought up cannibalizing me. Should I be worried?”
  • “So needless to say, she peed on me.”
  • “Wow, this Heineken has such a smooth finish!”
  • “Do you think I can fit an entire orange in my mouth?”
  • “If I hear someone sing Hamilton in the shower again I’m joining them in their shower so I can drown them.”
  • “Someone just gave me a free cake. Should I be worried?”
  • “How did they manage to get that in BOTH shower stalls!?”
  • “How much caffeine is poisonous? Asking for myself, I’m actually worried.”
  • faintly, as though yelled from in a room down the hall “Can you come hand me my Swiss rolls? My head spins if I sit up.”
  • “Well you see, Marxism is actually” *anguished yelling from multiple people*
  • “Why is Ross sitting in a box in the hallway with a sweatervest draped over his head?” “Stress.”
  • “What’s the difference between an undergraduate research assistant and a random nosy 19 year old? Less than you’d think!”
  • “Let Bob Ross caress your happy little struggles away.”
  • “He talks like he thinks the world is waiting with bated breath to hear what he thinks about Fight Club.”
  • *screaming in harmony with a vacuum*

Stardew Valley Art Dump Part 1!!!!! After cleaning up my art folder I realized I had so much SV art I never posted so here are a few!!! I kinda wanna finish a few of them ;o; The pics have their own captions for what I was thinking when I was drawing them! Please excuse me if I accidently repost any drawings without knowing :8


Aqours Mafia AU part 2? OwO;;
more like someone so thirsty for this old AU of mine

Kink: Cumming in pants

Summary: Bucky get’s off watching you train..

Warnings: Pretty self explanatory don’t you think?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by marvelmania15

(This gif has nothing to do with the story, I just really like it lol!)

When I got to the gym today for my daily practice sessions, I wasn’t expecting to see Bucky, my boyfriend, in there as well. Bucky usually waits till the gym is empty to make an appearance there. Today he must have made a different call. I am however, apparently not ready for what he has in store.

“Hey, (Y/N)! You ready to train? Buck won’t be a distraction will he? We can go somewhere else if he is.” I roll my eyes, Steve treats us like we’re a bunch of horny teenagers.

“I’m fine, Rogers. I think I can practise with my boyfriend in the distance, he’s not THAT gorgeous you know.” I throw a wink to Buck for the added effect. Buck rolls his eyes while Steve laughs.

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I’m trying to break the habit my mom passed on to me of only saying the genus of a plant’s latin name…. that’s not helpful lol like there are some specific plants I only know as “Euphorbia” or “Begonia” and like… do you know how many Euphorbia there are that look NOTHING ALIKE…. do you know how many Begonia there are that are RADICALLY DIFFERENT 

like Euphorbia especially it can look like this (most common to see in a greenhouse… it’s an annual good for showiness by itself or in a pot with other upright flowers) and is usually listed as just ‘Euphorbia hybrid’ but it’s usually a E. hypericifolia and E. graminea hybrid … I think

Euphorbia is also….. poinsettias. That’s Euphorbia pulcherrima

Euphorbia cotinifolia is a tree from Mexico and South America

Euphorbia horrida is basically a cactus

Euphorbia ingens is…. a cactus tree, though you often see these commercially before they get to the tree stage

Then, Euphorbia myrsinites… looks like a stretchy echeveria almost

This is Euphorbia obesa

And there are way too many for me to keep going honestly a lot of the commonly sold “cacti” are actually Euphorbia.

i did this a while ago, but forgot to post it and now my numbers are out of date so i did it again and died a little.

anyways i wanted to see the contrast of nsfw of shaladin ships (namely she/ith, sha/nce, and sh/kl/ance) in comparison to kl/ance and i got exactly what i expected lol

kl/ance (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s)- 6145 fics

rated explicit- 9%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 31%

sh/eith (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s) - 1799 fics

rated explicit- 22%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 43%

sh/ance (not factoring for crosstagged ot3s) - 574 fics

rated explicit- 35%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 58%

shkl/ance- 294 fics

rated explicit- 46%
“this work could have adult content” popup- 66%

in conclusion- why is so much shaladin nsfw lol @ shippers you can admit you just think its ~hot~ now

Numbers are as of about 5 pm February 25th, 2017.


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)

RFA Members Korean Name Meanings (will edit in the future)

Hi nonny♡

Once again, I looked through my requests to find the fastest one I can get done. This one seemed the fastest for now so I am answering this question first ^^;;;; I should stop saying I will answer these questions the order they come in.

But in all honesty, I’m really sorry for the hold up in the requests, especially to those that sent them in a long time ago but I haven’t gotten back to. A lot of them takes so much time and I currently don’t have the time to actually get them done.

But this one seems really fun. I can finally put the 한자 (Chinese Characters) I learned from like preschool to high school to use ^^

You are definitely right when you say that names do have meanings. They all derive from the 한자 that I mentioned above! Depending on the character, the meaning to one’s name could be completely different! Currently, the only precise 한자 name I know from MysMess is Jumin’s because his was on his business card. I can guess what Yoosung and V’s are, but for now I’ll tell you guys what I think.

So, let’s start with mine since anon would like to know~

Seol Ryu (류설)

My name is very unique in the sense that my name itself is only one character long (외자). Most people in Korea tend to have two characters in their name.

I was wondering if I should reveal which Ryu I am, but I decided not to because it doesn’t really have a meaning? It is just a family name so I will just go on to explain my first name.

偰 맑을

My name means pure, clean, clear, things like that! I…seriously don’t live up to that LOL. Sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking when they named me ^^;;; I still think about this. My brother always says that my name is so misleading.

Well, so is his. Jk I love you.

I’ll explain because while I also thought about this for a while. I wanted to share this fun fact a long time ago, but I decided not to. Now, I have a reason to lol and that is, my brother actually dead ass has the same name as Zen.

Yep, my little bro is also Hyun Ryu. Except he’s 20, two centimeters taller than Zen, and a medical major not a musical actor =w=

ZEN/Hyun Ryu (류현)

Well, I don’t exactly know what his 한자 name is. But I can definitely share my brother’s. I’m not sure if it would be the same but let’s see lol.

炫 밝을

My brother’s name means, bright. If Zen also shares the same 한자 character then hey, that’s what his name would mean! I’m not sure which “Ryu” Zen is, but I think in my imagination all the time that we have the same character =w=

Sorry, Hyunnie. I didn’t mean to expose you but lol, too bad. He doesn’t even have a tumblr, what am I sorry about lols. Noona still loves you♡

Jumin Han (한주민)

So, Jumin has his name in 한자 if you see his business card in either the calling menu or the VIP package~

韓 한국 , 나라 (우리 나라의 성의 하나)

主 임금 , 주인

旻 하늘

Let’s start with Han! If I remember correctly there is only one Han for family name. Which is the same character for 대민국 (South Korea). Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m an uneducated little walnut.

Next is his name, Ju Min.

임금 means wage (Ju) or 주인 means owner

하늘 means sky (Min)

I will be honest, I knew what the characters meant separately but lol, I don’t know what they are supposed to mean together. Am I just stupid? I think I have issues. Maybe it is related to how he is the company director of C&R. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it means something like that ^3^

Yoosung Kim (김유성)

Same with the family name, I do not know which Kim he is, but I can definitely predict which Yoosung he is, and he gives it away when he refers to himself as a shooting star ^^

流 흐를

星 별

Exactly as it is written, 흐를 means, falling and 별 means star. His name is so pretty ;3; I remember this name a lot because my first crush’s name was 유성 with this exact 한자 don’t tell Hyun.

Jaehee Kang (강제희)

I wish Jaehee’s business card had her 한자 characters on it. I am curious to know because a friend of mine has the same name and I will just assume that she might have the same meaning? Who knows =w=

帝 임금

喜 기쁠

We see 임금 again for the “Jae” part of her name! (The same meaning in Jumin’s name meaning wages).The “hee” part of her name is 기쁠 which means happiness.

I feel like this would make sense since she works for C&R in the game.

V/Jihyun Kim (김지현)

This one I made a guess judging by V’s personality lolol.

至 이를

賢 어질

His name (that I just made up just from his personality in the game) virtually means 매우 어질고 착함. 더할 수 없이 어질고 슬기로움.

Orrr, in English, very gentle benevolent, wise.

As you can see, even though both Zen (and my bro lol) and V have the “hyun” character, they could have different meanings.

Lol, I had to bring my 한자 book from my shelf to try and make this and I think it worked out well. I really hope that this is the 한자 for his name because it fits him so well.

Okay, for 707 and Saeran….I am actually on a blank T3T I’m not sure how to go about their names. I’m sure if I look around enough I can make a name but it is a lot harder than I thought. I wish everyone was given their names just like Jumin =w= if I have enough time maaaaybe I will go through my 한자 textbook and try to assemble a name that I can base from their personality, but I tried thinking for now and nothing is coming…

Saeyoung and Saeran fans, Seol is sorry ㅠㅠ

I will come back in the future and edit this post. 세영 and 세란 is kinda hard for me…if there are other people out their who have some sort of 한자 assembled for their names, please let me know. I would love to know because I am at a loss TwT

For now, I’ll go bye bye~

See you next post!

- 류설♡

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You make a big deal about how drawing people in the wrong skin-tone erases their identity...but you draw people like heather Chandler (who is very much white/tan in both the musical and movie) in a very dark skin tone. Can you just explain to me why? Because it makes you look like a hypocrite and also don't start an argument saying that it's different when you do it to a white person; cause, honey, it's not.

oh my god do yall see this?? ?? anon youre aboutta make yourself like a god damn fool who aint ever read a damn article on anything ever 

under the cut is the longest ass rant ive ever written

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Welcome to week THREE of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! I am loving all of the amazing stuff you guys are coming up with… and I’m so happy that I’m getting introduced to more and more new writers! Get the word out guys: I want to read your stories!!! Tag me in your stuff!

****If you have tagged me in something and don’t see your name or story here, please let me know!! I don’t want to miss anyone’s stories****

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Hotch + CPR by @criminallysupernatural (Aaron Hotchner x Reader)
YES!! A very creative use of the prompt! The fact that you came up with all of that just by that one word tells a lot about the writer that you are. :) There isn’t enough Hotch love out there, and I loved this drabble so much. I can just imagine Hotch diving in after the reader… ugh! Hit me right in the feels.

Accidental Snap by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Okay, hot…!! I love that you wrote a more assertive side of Spencer. I know he comes off as such a sweet, innocent guy, but I think we can all imagine a different side of him. Well written as always, and I would love to see what happens next… ;-)

The Reject by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
It’s always nice to get some angsty Spencer fics every once in a while… but I am a sucker for those happy endings! That is so like Spencer to misread signals… I think it makes him even cuter lol. I know I always say this, but I just love how well you write Spencer. It’s always a pleasure to read your fics :)

The Perfect Family (4, 5) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I think the only thing that can capture what I’m feeling right now is “!!!!!!!”. I can’t stress enough how much I am loving this series! Spencer being overprotective and sweet, to finally asking the reader out on a date. I can see that maybe they’ll be making a baby on their own… :) I can’t wait to read more of your amazing writing!

It’s Okay by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
So I read the author’s note at the beginning and I was immediately like… oh no. I wasn’t readyyyyy. I’m not sure why you think it’s okay to wreck someone like this? Or why you thought it would be okay to shatter my heart? I don’t usually cry when reading fics, but this one got me… ugh, well done. But I definitely hate you for this.

Breathe by @holagubler (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Aww, such a sweet story! I’ve personally never had a panic attack, but I think if I ever were to have one I would feel a lot better if Spencer was there to comfort me. Your writing flowed so nicely and it was so easy and comfortable to read. Also, I thought Spencer was perfectly in character, as were the other characters. I hope to continue to read more of your stuff. :)

Things in Common (1, 2) by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez)
My god, Lee… this was golden. You have outdone yourself once again. Jesus Christ, woman. I’m not a shipper, I’ve never been a shipper, but I think you’ve got me hooked on Reidvez. Thank you for writing this - there’s so much more that could be said about this, but I am too speechless to coherently write anything more.

Daddy’s Eyes by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Daddy!Spencer is my ultimate weakness… ugh, Jasey! This was so fluffy and cute… So one thing I’ve noticed in your fics is that Spencer usually calls the reader “darling.” It’s not a common nickname that other writers use and I love it so much when you use it. I feel like it’s so… Spencer. Wonderful as always, my dear.

Reid’s Tirade by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
No one messes with the ladies of the BAU… no one!! Spencer’s rant was so on point. Protective!Spencer is another weakness of mine. The way he stood up for the reader… ugh! I adored that. Although I sure would have loved to see the reader deck some sexist local pd…. ;-) your writing is amazing, beaut!!

The Opposite of Loneliness by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Bry, I’m slightly annoyed by how great of a writer you are (and by slightly annoyed, I mean please never ever stop writing I think I would wither away and die without your words). Once again, you have outdone yourself. I aspire to write as well as you one day. Such a beautiful story, and so original might I add,

Jams With Java by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Victoria (OC))
I remember the first time you posted this, I literally squealed out loud like a little bitch after I read it. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times I read it, I continue to squeal. Fuck anyone who says they don’t like OC’s, I love them!!!! And you always come up with the greatest OC’s. Beautiful, Cher! Also, if I remember correctly there are more parts to this…? Or am I imagining things…

Just a text dump of some thoughts. In the card scene i also think Sangwoo was testing Bum’s trust and intelligence, too. He gives him the right cards and then indicates the wrong one at the most critical moment. It doesn’t even occur to Bum that he’s being set up for a long hard fall. You’d think someone in his position would be suspicious of anything Sangwoo tells him to pick or do, but Bum is pretty trusting:

He says that one’s ‘definitely’ the right card, that is… /not/ the joker. But of course he’s wrong lol. And then in this following scene, i actually think the laughter belongs to Glasses Guy? Bum does ask ‘why is he laughing?’ I could be wrong! But regardless you see Sangwoo looking exasperated, amused, and disappointed all at once as if to say how could you fall for that, how could you trust me. 

Sangwoo recognises that Bum’s level of trust in him can be so fucking dumb. It’s a different scenario, but it reminds me of the previous scene where he asks Bum why he didn’t run away when he had the chance: “are you stupid? you could have gotten out if you just crawled…or are you starting to like it here?” That’s what’s interesting about Sangwoo: he is messed up but he has 100% control over his state of mind. He is rational and intelligent - and that’s a part of why he has been so ‘successful’ with all his killings.

I definitely think that Sangwoo always intended for Bum to live in that whole card scene, but i think it’s the small moments that showcase Bum’s naivety and mindless trust in him that appeal to Sangwoo’s warped mine. He’s getting attached to him because of things like this lol. What i like is that Bum gives little morsels of trust that are pretty innocent and endearing, even though he holistically doesnt trust Sangwoo with his life yet. And it’s whenever Bum feels like he has received special attention from Sangwoo that he allows his mind get blurry with poor judgment, or rather, that he loses sight of himself. At first Bum was like ‘Is he helping me…?’ He seemed wary, but then after he pulled all the right cards he was so excited by the knowledge that Sangwoo was taking care of him that he totally overlooked the trap. He says himself he felt giddy and happy.

I think in some ways Sangwoo and Yoonbum mirror each other, but my thoughts on this aren’t fully developed yet so i’ll have to think about it some more lol. But I fully expect for Sangwoo to soon have a level of dependence on Bum too, or atleast a powerfully unstable emotional attachment. 

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Since you know Winner more than me (i am quite new to the fandom) can you please explain how you perceive Lee freaking Seughoon?!? haha i am serious! It's just that I can't understand him, his personality... WHY? Lol thanks

It’s true that I’ve been in the fandom since the beginning but often times I still feel like there’s so much to them that I don’t know (and will never know). But since you asked, where do I start?? (Also the warmest welcome to the fandom!!! I’ve been really proud and super happy for the boys with all the new Incles coming in!!)

When I think of Seunghoon I think of sunshine and flowers blooming in spring (god I’m about to get really sappy forgive me). This kid has a heart of pure gold, always thinking of others before himself.  He was always so sorry for their hiatuses and had endless things tucked under his sleeves for Incles during the Winner drought to make up for it (like SeungSeung/WINWIN TV and Maetamong’s dating simulation app for example). All he did was apologize despite having done more than enough with what he could manage when we didn’t get to see much of Winner back then. Even when he injured his back, Seunghoon apologized and felt like he was to blame. I mean he probably busted his back working and practicing with blood, sweat and tears 24/7 for us and still felt sorry? Not to mention he still performed during their Exit tour when he could barely walk properly. I think it’s safe to say that Seunghoon is Inner Circle’s biggest fan and no.1 boyfriend. 

The members always poke fun at him, saying how he’s stingy and shameless and it hasn’t changed a bit since they met him. But then I see Seunghoon cook all these homemade meals ready for the members to eat when they come home, always blessing us with boyfriend photos of the members (this is important), he just gives back in a different way, you know? 

Seunghoon is weirdly witty, loud (I can already hear his nasally screech lol), and isn’t afraid to throw shade and call people out (the way he dragged Mino out for full on making out with the actress for his exit teaser trailer when the script only said a simple kiss lol) but he is the most humble human being. I mean, 

“I wasn’t born with anything. My weapon is hard work and determination.” - Lee Seung Hoon

Originally posted by lionbbusan

Which brings us to the talent we all know him for. He’s got quite a knack for dancing, doesn’t he? Seunghoon dances with his soul and you can feel it, he’s passionate and the members admire him for this. Seungyoon praised him for choreographing Fool in under five hours and worked until late at night to the point where Seungyoon felt sorry for not being able to do much. 

He’s sharp tongued and doesn’t hold back when he’s expressing himself (mostly in a playful, teasing way) that’s why I feel like he surprises us when he confesses the most heartfelt things especially recently. Seunghoon admitted that he still dreams of Nam Taehyun and how in his dreams that Winner is still five, how his conscience says that they are still five. How his message in the recent MelOn radio Winner Wonderland made the members cry, how he wished that the Winner members become long life companions not in just 5 years time, but in 50 and more. 

Ah I rambled, I’m sorry :’) but I hope this helped in some way or another and I’m sorry this took me a while. I just knew the minute I read your message, I’ll be writing something long! Thank you for supporting Seunghoon and the rest of WINNER, please continue to love them for a very long time! 

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I didn't know the pink fox is trans. I thought she's female due to the title being LESBIAN animal RPG. Biologically speaking, she is a guy in a dress. Of course I can see why she's considered a lesbian since the pink fox wanted to be a girl and her girlfriend is female. I just find it quite needless for her to be trans. Also why is the full team "different"? The main 2 characters I can accept, but the lion being bipolar and the cow trans? Who Are you trying to pander to? Lgbt? Or sjw?

lol i should’ve blocked your sorry ass a week ago bye fucker i’m not even gonna waste my time trying to explain this shit to you if you think it’s okay to talk to people like that

I’ve never really been a fan of love triangles, but one thing I loved about JTV’s love triangle is how different each relationship was from one another and I admired the writers for that. Now they’re building up Jafael again (over the cost of killing the man she chose over him countless times / totally erasing her other best friend out of picture) and they’re doing it by recycling villadero’s moments and putting Rafael on scenes he shouldn’t be in.

I am really happy Rafael’s grown (though we didn’t see any of his development and this is such a waste of Justin’s talent and story arc), but Jane saying he is “sort of her best friend” the first episode after Michael’s death, exchanging late phone texts and having weekly family gatherings with him is such a straight-forward copy of villadero’s lines/scenes and it’s cringy to watch.

And that moment when Jane says she can’t read it without breaking down, it really should’ve been Alba the one talking to her because she is the person who gets what Jane’s going through the best. It could’ve been another great Villanueva moment, but instead we’ve barely got to see any of those. 

I totally get that Rafael is part of her family, is a constant presence and they should be friends and I really like that. However, it’s very likely they’re going to bring the romance back and it’s not only insensitive of them to shove down our throats so many J/R moments the first episode after Michael’s death, but it is a little offensive to their fans to literally copy J/M moments. I did enjoy J/R on the first season and could’ve kept supporting it if things had turned out differently, because despite everything, each couple was unique and had its pros and cons. Now it is just likely to be a cheap repetition of the previous relationship and I think every fan deserved better.

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Admins! Can you all do a writing style comparison? I think it would be very interesting to see the differences in style. Ship: V x MC, prompt is: Photographs, genre is: Angst. Tag a few other fanfics writers too! -3-

Ship: V x MC
Prompt: Photographs
Genre: Angst

Links to the Fics:

Admin E’s: [Here]

Admin Nao’s: [Here] // 12 shutter clicks

Admin Ri’s: [Here] // All That I Have

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What do you think the drunk personalities of the clique six would be like? Or just what would they be like drunk

this made me laugh to think about haha

Riley - she’s my favorite to think about being drunk mainly because I feel like she’d have so many different personalities while being hammered. I can see her being the “deep conversation” drunk. The one who comforts the crying girl in the bathroom and tells the complete stranger “he doesnt deserve you” even though she just met this person like 5 seconds ago lol I also see her being the ‘new best friend’ drunk. She makes friends with everyone and because shes so likeable and friendly it causes unwanted attention. The horny douchebags at parties always take her kindness for flirting which is where Lucas usually comes in. 

Lucas - because of how deadpan he can be when he’s sober I see him being a happy drunk when he’s drinking for fun. Constantly throwing his arms up in the air when he sees someone he knows ‘HEYYY MAN GOOD TO SEE YOU’ type drunk, but also “the one you want around in case things go too far” kind of drunk. Also, because of his past I can see him being easily triggered like hes all happy and joking until someone provokes him and its like the freaking hulk has been awakened. He’s up for a good time but is still the ‘dad’ of the group. 

Zay - he has such an amazing personality when he’s sober that it’s hard to imagine him being any different drunk HOWEVER I do see him as the type of drunk who’s like “hold my drink” you know what I mean? Like a ‘watch me do this backflip’ type drunk. He gets drunk and thinks he’s superman. ALSO he’s ‘the romantic’ when he’s drunk. He “falls in love” with a new person everytime he drinks. 

Isadora - I cannot imagine her drunk but I think if she were to be drunk she’d be the giggly drunk. She knows theres a scientific reason for why her mood changes when she drinks alcohol but that doesnt stop her from getting all giddy and giggly when she gets the slightest bit of liquor in her. Like remember how she was when Riley gave her a makeover, add uncontrollable laughter and thats drunk Smackle 

Maya - she’s a hard one too because she has this ‘im so cool and collected’ exterior when shes sober so I feel like the only way to go would be the denier. This is the drunk that denies that theyre drunk the whole night. “I’m not drunk, Riley you’re drunk.” Even though she just downed 4 shots of tequila. I can also see her being the self-destructor drunk you know like she loses any decision-making abilities after one beer. the “dont let me text my ex” drunk.

Farkle - he seems like the wanderer. He’s the one who always seems to disappear during the night and isnt seen again until its time to leave. I think his drunk personality would be Donnie Barnes 2.0 super chill and laid back but I also see him being the ‘wants to talk about philosophy’ drunk. He’s the one who gets into heated discussions with strangers about religion (i.e girl meets beliefs) and evolution.