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Don’t you think that the more we ask ourselves why, the more we hold on? I guess we do that to convince ourselves that somehow, we can justify what happened, what they did, and why it hurts so much. We kept on looking for reasons, hoping that knowing what it was would lessen the pain - but we know the truth. It doesnt make the hurt less painful. It only makes us blind, thinking and fooling ourselves that it’s okay. Or that it makes us forgive and somehow forget all the pain they caused.

We often ask ourselves why. Why do they hurt us? Why do they always leave us behind? Why does it hurt so much?

But I dare you to ask yourself this..

Ask yourself, how many times you took a stab just because you love the person holding the knife? Maybe then you’ll know the answer to your whys.


guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL

Chance-Part 3

A/N:There’s more part coming!!

Word count:1.45K

Pairings: Liam Dunbar X Reader,Theo Raeken X Reader

Part 4

*next morning*

I barely got any sleep last night,I don’t understand why I feel nervous around Theo.Even few days ago all I could think all day was about Liam and how much I missed him.But ever since that trip to the woods,I feel something towards him.I can’t seem to point a finger as to what this new feeling is but it’s good in a way that atleast I’m not thinking about Liam all the damn time.I guess I feel somewhat sympathy for him,or it’s just the process of me giving him a chance to be friends?Whatever it is I shrugged the thought and got ready for school.I feel today’s gonna be a long day.

Once I got ready,I heard Theo’s car beep outside.I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.My mom went to see my grandma for few days so I was home alone.I locked the door and proceeded towards Theo’s car.Theo being the gentleman he was, hopped out and ran over to my side and opened the door for me.

“Good Morning,“he said.

“Morning,"I smiled.

The car ride was peaceful and we made small talk.We arrived at the school,I checked my watch and noticed we’ve still got twenty minutes for the classes to start.

"Do you have any free period today?"Theo asked as we began to walk towards my locker.

"Umm…oh yea,I’ve my third period free”,I replied.

“What a coincidence!I’m free then too!!"Theo said excitedly.

Damn he looked so adorable.

I chuckled and replied,"we can hangout then,seems like.”

“Yea,I would like that.”

“Me too”.

I glanced across the other side of my locker and saw Liam,Hayden,Mason and Corey standing in front of Hayden’s locker.Corey looked confused,Hayden’s expression was like as if she couldn’t care less.Mason looked slightly shocked and Liam was glaring at Theo.Why are they like this?I asked myself.The first bell rang.

“Uhh,I can walk you to your class…if you like?“Theo said somewhat nervously.

"Okay."I replied smiling.

I reached my class and thanked Theo,also promising to meet at the bleachers in our free period.I took my usual seat which was between Mason and Liam.The teacher didn’t come to class yet so everyone was talking.Liam entered the class and walked towards me quickly.

"What’s up with you and Theo”,he asked.

"Well,hello to you too Liam”,I replied sarcastically.

“Cut it and answer me,he’s dangerous and you know it Y/N”,Liam sighed.

“He’s changed,okay?"I said defensively.

"Oh yea?Just few days ago you still believed he’s evil,what made you change your mind,huh?"Liam asked losing his patience.

"I got to know him”,I shrugged.

"What,within one freaking day?"Liam questioned.

I ignored him,he got a point but something about Theo feels right.

"Listen,Y/N,whatever you do,just be careful,okay?"Mason said calmly.

Whenever Liam and I bicker Mason always makes everything better.He’s the sensible,mature one in our friendship.”

Okay I will”,I smiled at my other best friend.

The teacher came and started the class,I sighed in relief.

*Free period*

“There you are!“I said to Theo as I reached the lacrosse field.

"I almost thought you won’t show up”,Theo said.

“And why would you think that?”

“I don’t,ahh just forget it”,he smiled.

“Damnit it’s so cold outside”,I shivered and we walked to take a seat in one of the bleachers.

“Aw,you can take my coat?"He offered.

"No thanks,I’ll manage,"I replied.

He insisted several times but at last my stubbornness won and he just shook his head.

"You’re so stubborn,"he chuckled.

"Oh Raeken,I have my fair of different sides”,I smirked.

"Is it?What else side do you have?"He asked curiously.

"Well I don’t like to show off you know”,I smiled,“anyway why did you want to hangout here?”

"Well there’s no practice today,so it’s peaceful and we can talk and get to know each other better?”

“That’s a nice thought”,I replied and looked in front of the field.

Few students were roaming around and some sat in the bleachers listening to music and stuff.

“You know how people say,hell is dark and terrifying?Well it’s worse,much much much worser”,he said after being silent for few moments.

"Hey,you’re out of the phase now,okay?Please don’t think about it”,I placed my hand over his hand.

He intertwined our hands and nodded.

“Every night it haunts me,you know I deserved it,but now I got my second chance,I will be a better person,well I’ll try,there’s not dread doctors now to threaten me,"he said.

"Yea that’s what will count”,I encouraged him.

“It felt great to finally tell all the things that I kept inside me all these months,thank you for listening,"he said with a small smile.

"Anytime,you can tell me anything and everything that bothers you,I’ll be here to listen,"I said.

"Thankyou,thankyou so much,"he said and placed a kiss in my cheek.

I immediately blushed at the gesture.He stood up and held his hand for me to stand up as well.Then we walked to our respective classes.

*at the cafeteria*

"HE WHAT?"Kira said somewhat loudly and excitedely,it caught everyone’s attention at the cafeteria,she then took her seat and smiled awkwardly.

"Speak quietly,Kira!"Malia rolled her eyes.

"Before the boys come,tell us more as to what happened,"Lydia said excitedely.

"Well that’s pretty much it,"I said.

"I’m so happy for ya girl”,Malia said.

“And he’s changed you can tell,"Kira chimed in.

Lydia and I nodded.The boys entered and I waved quickly at Theo.He sat beside me and we began to make a small talk.

"Y/N and Theo,are they a thing now?"I heard Stiles ask Malia.

Malia pinched him and asked him to stop talking about it,and I was glad she did that.Mason and Corey sat beside Lydia.Everyone started talking and eating.

"Liam,hey!"Scott said.

I looked and saw him with his lunch,only this time he was alone and not with his girlfriend.

"Where’s Hayden?"asked Corey.

"She’s at her soccer practice”,he said,he looked briefly towards me then took a seat beside Kira.

"This sandwhich is really good,Y/N you want a bite?"Theo asked me.

I nodded and he fed me,I was blushing furiously now.

"Yea,it’s good”,I replied.

Liam’s POV

Everyone was busy eating and chatting,however I saw that little encounter between Theo and Y/N.I felt annoyed.I mean Y/N’s my best friend and we always do everything together,we sat at lunch together,we had playful bickers and we teased and pulled prank on Mason all the time.I miss those good old days.

“Liam,are you even listening?"I was snapped out of my thought by Stiles.

"I’m sorry,what?"I asked confused.

"I said,when’s the next lacrosse practice,I missed few of them I don’t wanna miss anymore”,Stiles asked.

“Oh right,it’s on tomorrow”,I replied and shoved some pasta in my mouth.

Once the lunch was over,we all began to head towards our next class,my next class is with Y/N.I’ll try to talk with her gently now.


“So see ya after school then”,Theo said once we reached my last class.

“Okay,can we please grab some coffee on our way home”,I asked.

“Ofcourse!"he said and then left for his own class.

I sighed.I wish we were in the same class.Why he gotta be two years older than me?Whatever atleast we have free periods together.

I took my seat which was beside Liam,I didn’t feel like arguing with him so I just ignored him.

“Psst..Y/N..”,Liam whispered.

“What?’I mumbled,not looking at him.

“Listen,I’m sorry,okay?I just want to make sure my best friend is safe and happy”,he sighed.

“I get it,and I am happy,thanks anyway”,I replied smiling.

He gave me an odd look and then looked in front of the board beginning to concentrate in class.But I know he isn’t really paying attention.

*after school*

I got outside the parking lot and saw Theo waiting for me.I waved at him and walked towards him.

“Ready for the coffee date?”He winked.

“It’s not a date,just two friends hanging around”,I replied shaking my head.

“Whatever you want to say”,Theo smirked.

Theo stopped the car at a small cafe and we ordered our coffee.I sipped at the coffee looking outside the window.

"So,I have this Chemistry test and I totally suck at the topic”,I sighed.

“I can help you,so which topic are you stuck in?”He offered.

“Chemical Equilibrium”,I replied taking a sip from my coffee.

“Oh that’s easy!I can help you”,he smiled.

“Really?Oh thank you Theo,please save my ass from this effing topic”,I sighed.

"So,tomorrow at the library?Or you can come to my house?”Theo offered.

“I think library sounds fine”,I smiled.

“Okay then,tomorrow in our free period”,he promised.

Theo drived me back home.I closed the door and let out a contended sign.It was a great day.

Locked Away Crushes (Young! Remus Imagine)

Y/N had always been part of Marauders. She was born into it, bring James’s sister and all. She was as mischievous as James and Sirius combined, but had a level head and knew when to stop (or how to blame it on the four others) and that’s why Remus loved her.
They had had crushes on each other for years, but both were too shy to act on it. Until Lily, Sirius, and James found out about it.

“I really don’t think we should be doing this..” said Peter skeptically as he stood lookout.
“Oh be quiet, Peter. Don’t you want my dear sister and Moony to be happy?” James said with a smirk on his face.
“I guess… but I mean, charming the door so they can’t get out? Isn’t that a little too much?” Peter said.
“Wormtail! Aren’t you supposed to be the look out?” Sirius yelled from inside.
As Peter grumbled off down the hall, James screamed, “Ready! Padfoot, try to get out!”
“So how does this work exactly? Only you can let them out once the door is shut?” Lily asked.
“Precisely, my darling,” James flirtatiously said.
“Bugger off,” Lily grumbled.
“It works! Can’t get out!” yelled Sirius from inside the room the four shared.
“Brilliant! Okay now let’s get them inside–” James said as he let Sirius out.
Just as Sirius had stepped out of the room Peter cane scampering down the hall.
“They…they’re…coming…” Peter said, out of breath.
“Bloody hell, Wormtail. It’s barely five meters!” Sirius said, slapping Peter on the back, almost knocking him over.
“Hey boys and Lily!” Y/N paused, looking at all their faces, “Why are you all standing by the door..?” Y/N said skeptically.
“Oh we were just gonna head down to the common room, come on,” James signaled for them all to follow.
“Gotta take a rain check, guys. Moony and I were just gonna head into study for the Herbology exam next week. Anyone wanna join?” Y/N asked the four others.
“Nope. I would say I’m busy, but I really just don’t care about studying. How bout we all go and get some dinner?” Sirius asked the group, cocking his eyebrow.
“I’m in,” Lily said
“Well if you’re in, I’m in, love,” James said going to kiss her on the cheek, but Lily had already started heading down so James just tripped over air.
Sirius patted the grumbling James on the back as the other three headed down the stairs.
“You ready?” Y/N asked, laying her bags and papers in James’s bed.
“Of course,” Remus said happily, closing the door behind him.

Three hours later…
“Oh boy does my brain hurt. Wanna go sneak into the kitchen and get some hot cocoa?” Y/N asked, yawning.
“I’m good. Just gonna go to bed right now, been a long day,” Remus mumbled moving his papers and laying down.
“Suit yourself,” Y/N started picking up her papers, “Did those four seem a little.. off to you?”
“Probably just didn’t want us getting in on a new prank,” said Remus, closing his eyes.
As Y/N went to get up she couldn’t help but admire the boy in front of her. He was so utterly.. him. His hair was lazily combed up in the front, while in the back it was flying every where. He had a few scars lining his face, which made him seem tough, but his lips. Oh god. His lips just seemed so kissable Y/N could help but imagining–
“Enjoying the view, love?” Remus said, popping an eye open.
“Oh- um- I’m sorry- I- I’ll see you tomorrow,” Y/N said as she went to the door. However, when she got to the door, it seemed to be jammed.
“Weird.” Y/N mumbled to her self getting out her wand and trying a few spells. The door still wouldn’t budge.
“Um, hey Rem, did you happen to know what happened to the–” Y/N was interrupted.
“Having some trouble in there, are we?” James said, and even though she couldn’t see him, she could tell he had a smug grin on his face.
“James Potter. Open this doors immediately or I swear I'll–”
“You’ll what? You can’t even get to me from in there. Now you two talk out how you fancy eachother,” at this Y/N and Remus’s faces both turned scarlet, “and we’ll be back in the morning.”
As they walked down the hallway, Y/N could hear their muffled giggles.
Y/N turned around, “So.. what do we do now?”
However, when Y/N turned around, Remus was right in front of her, staring at her with a look Y/N could quite make out.
“Is what Prongs said true? You fancy me?” Remus whispered in a tone so low, if they hadn’t been so close, she probably couldn’t have heard him.
You gulped. Not knowing what to say, so you looked down at the ground, but Remus tilted your chin up.
“Is it?” Remus croaked out.
You nodded, and before you could even think, Remus had smashed his lips against yours, pushing you against the door.
After the kiss has broken, it took both of you a couple seconds before you could catch your breath.
“Wow.” you smiled up at him, looking into his deep brown eyes.
“Wow.” he grinned, reconnecting your lips.

hey you! do you know you should be really proud of yourself!! why? because you made your blog, that you are capable of loving a character so damn much you’re willing to spend most of your day developing them and making other people see how perfect they are. the fact that you stress over giving you’re partner’s perfection whether its with your replies or even picking out a sentence for a meme, we all know that can be stressful.
what we do, as roleplayers, is so damn beautiful and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. so be proud of yourself ; be proud of you’re writing, be proud of your partners!
in how ever many years when most of us have probably deleted our blogs because life has caught up and we think back to our time on tumblr, don’t you dare think i wish i had done more, tried harder. YOU DO ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. tell yourself that, write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a jar, make a post about it, scream it. take a deep breath and keep moving forward – your story is still being written, my friend, make it an awesome one!

I stopped writing about you all the time and stopped thinking of us as much.

So why is it that when I do, it hurts so bad? It feels like every single mistake I’ve made crashes down on me at once until I can’t breathe anymore.

It feels like goodbye.

But babe I miss you so much. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet…

—  I guess this is it.

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I love Nakagawa and Yuuri together so much and I'm usually that person who has an otp and can't stand the thought of them being with someone else. I guess it's because you write your OCs so well and this is a fic about growing up, Yuuri waiting his whole life for Viktor is just so...unnatural. But I understand why some of your readers don't want to see anything explicit between them. ME on the other hand, i'm ready for something steamy. Would you consider writing some companion fics?

(I think everyone knows where I stand on the Virgin!Yuuri in my personal HC by now. :D :D :D )  – I still have asks about that I need to get to, but I’ve been sitting on a scene for one of them.  It just hasn’t come out yet…

I have definitely been considering it.  Just how steamy were you all looking for?  Gimme some ides.  (All the Shouri prompts I get are cute, not steamy)

Did you know I always thought you were braver than me? Did you ever guess that that was why I was so afraid? It wasn’t that I only loved some of you. But I wondered if you could ever love more than some of me.

I knew I’d miss you. But the surprising thing is, you never leave me. I never forget a thing. Every kind of love, it seems, is the only one. It doesn’t happen twice. And I never expected that you could have a broken heart and love with it too, so much that it doesn’t seem broken at all. I know young people look at me and think my youth seems so far away, but it’s all around me, and you’re all around me. Tiger Lily, do you think magic exists if it can be explained? I can explain why I loved you, I can explain the theory of evolution that tells me why mermaids live in Neverland and nowhere else. But it still feels magic.

The lost boys all stood at our wedding. Does it seem odd to you that they could have stood at a wedding that wasn’t yours and mine? It does to me. and I’m sorry for it, and for a lot, and I also wouldn’t change it.

It is so quiet here. Even with all the trains and the streets and the people. It’s nothing like the jungle. The boys have grown. Everything has grown. Do you think you will ever grow? I hope not. I like to think that even if I change and fade away, some other people won’t.

I like to think that one day after I die, at least one small particle of me - of all the particles that will spread everywhere - will float all the way to Neverland, and be part of a flower or something like that, like that poet said, the one that your Tik Tok loved. I like to think that nothing’s final, and that everyone gets to be together even when it looks like they don’t, that it all works out even when all the evidence seems to say something else, that you and I are always young in the woods, and that I’ll see you sometime again, even if it’s not with any kind of eyes I know of or understand. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the way things go after all - that all things end happy. Even for you and Tik Tok. And for you and me.

Your Peter

P.S. Please give my love to Tink. She was always such a funny little bug.

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Hi. I love harry, you love harry, we should talk :) I was hoping to know what do you think will happen with this whole Magnus dancing situation? Why would he dance? Where? Alone or with people around? (hopefully Alec am I right) I just wanna know what your theories are. Also I love your blog and I can totally relate to your thirst for harry lol

omg thank you!

well, i actually have some theories but idk they’re all changing all the time

at first i saw someone in harry’s tag saying that maybe it’s a flashback and i guess that could work really well cause people used to dance more back then, right? and since harry is choreographing it, it would make sense.
cause if it’s a club or a slow dance, you usually just go with the flow

aaaand it would give such an amazing opportunity to bring ragnor back and i’d be crying so much. i need ragnor to be back

but then we got that short video from the set and it looks like my theory fails :P or maybe that’s not even related and my theory (or parts of it) could work

but it can also be a scene rn and i mean… if we get a malec dance, you’re all invited to my funeral :’))))))))))))))

whatever it is, you’re still invited to my funeral because harry dancing? i can’t deal with this??? just throw me into the sun

also this is all the assurance i need

I think I just had a revelation? About what poly might mean for someone who experiences an intrinsic need? Maybe?

Is it something like… you have various sets of needs, and different people fill different needs for you? For instance, say one of your favorite ways to express romance is through cooking meals together. And you have a partner you love dearly, but they just don’t get much of a kick out of the kitchen.

So, whereas the mono person would either just accept that they can’t cook meals with their partner, or work out some kind of halfway point, the poly person just *finds someone who likes to cook meals.*

In no way does this diminish the love for the first partner. It’s just a different kind of solution.

Anyway this is all me guessing about things I don’t understand, and it’s late and I’m tired, and I don’t know why I’m not asleep yet. I’m pretty much done posting on this blog; not a lot of reason left to it. But, hey, answers maybe for the people out there like me of six months ago, hm? Stay strong out there. Stay in love.

Vote for my next fic!

I’ll use one of these dialog prompts to write my next fic so get voting. You can send me private messages, or reblog.

1. “So are you going to explain why you’re covered in glitter?”

2. “In what world is this a medical emergency?”

3. “Gee George, how’d you guess? You know people don’t give you enough credit, you really are a genius!”

4. “You’re not kidnapping Hermione! I can ask her out myself!”

5. “I swear, we’re just friends.” x10

6. “You’re dating my sister, I think I have a right to give you just as much hell as you’re giving me.”

What’s your fandom?

Tagged by: @rafxsulfuslovestory Thank you! ^^

1: What is your #1 fandom?

What a tough choice… NOT! Without a doubt, it’s the HTTYD fandom. We’ve been going on for almost seven years now and it’s just so amazing to be part of it. Dragons has given me so much inspiration and helped me find some parts of myself. The other Dragonites are amazing to discuss with and it’s just so wonderful to see them being so creative, humble and kind. Love to y’all! ^^

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2: What are your top three favorite characters from your fandom?

Hm… THAT is a tough one. I think I’ll choose Toothless, the Chicken and Dagur. It’s hard to explain why, I guess choosing some of the dragon riders is too cliché somehow. Toothless and the Chicken are characters we can’t understand much about because they can’t talk, so it’s very fun to see what they do in their situations and how they react to different things. Dagur… his change is amazing. I’m really proud of him, it might be hard to believe but before RTTE was announced I wrote about him becoming a good guy. I believed that he had it in him, and I’m so happy that my dream became true. :)

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3: What is your favorite pairing from your fandom?

Let’s see… favorite pairing. Hm…

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4: Who’s your favorite sidekick?

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Hi I'm falling in love with your picks right now, your blog is amazing. I'm having finals too and I'm wandering weather you can share your tips of getting ready for tests/finals. Thanks.

thank you so much 💛 Finals are really no fun but I do have a few tips that might be helpful:

1. Make yourself open the books and set small goals for yourself such as 40 pages before 7 PM or 45 minutes of watching videos on youtube of the subject.

2. As mentioned previously, search for youtube videos! They give your study routine more variety and you don’t have to read all the time. If you know that you prefer looking at pictures or just visual learning overall, I highly recommend watching some videos.

3. Don’t waste your time studying things you already know. You’d probably think “ofc why would i” but this happens to me a lot. It’s another way of procrastinating, I guess.

4. Last one is, no matter how hopeless the situation might seem, sit down for a sec and think realistically. You will pass and you will have time to read all the text books. There is always time. I also recommend sleeping early and then walking up early!

I hope this was helpful and GOOD LUCK!!

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hi, dont you think that some robron fans are being really childish now, why was it ok when robert cheated on his ex wife with aaron before and after they got married? AND drama is all soaps middle name innit? and i love your blog plus i hope that you wont be sad for too long.

Oh hey hi ;) i wouldn’t say childish but more  overreacting I guess. That happens tho when you’re really invested and in love with things haha I mean I was hurt too and god I was so angry at the writers at robert and everything. I was a mess on thursday, I see things differently now tho after fridays epi and I realized for myself that I really really love those two idiots and that I am willing to watch them in any situation as long as I can see their beautiful faces on screen I have to accept that ED is a soap, drama soap and they’ll always cause drama between the boys I am trying to be good about it as much as i can I am sure it’ll hurt and I’ll cry for the boys but also I was so happy for them with the wedding and all its just a rollercoaster of emotions lol but i guess thats why i am watching it ;) Cheating is never ok, it wasnt with Robert cheating on Chrissie and it isnt now with Robert cheating on Aaron with Rebecca now even tho I dont think its the same coz last time he cheated coz he loved Aaron and he did it coz he wanted to, coz he wanted Aaron now its kinda because he loves Aaron so much he didnt do it coz he loves her so idk CHEATING IS NEVER GOOD THO!! NEVER!! And theres no doubt that Robert shouldnt have done it ever and it broke things yes it did but hell have you seen what robrons been through what they both forgave each other no to mention the lodge stuff sooooo I do believe in robron and it’ll hurt for a while yes and I am angry with robert that he let it come to this and i am angry with aaron coz he took the drugs but both boys are human they make mistakes theyre flawed thats why i  love them so so very much. sorry i totally got carried away lol but yes my love is so big for them I would do anything to see Aaron happy and you know what aaron makes really happy - its robert. they cant be without each other I hope roberts getting his head outta his ass and tells aaron and i hope aaron can forgive him (one day, soon, quick!) and trust him again i do believe they meant what they said in their vows but again theyre both human sooo dont judge them too hard. Whatever is gonna happen i’ll wait and see i love the boys so much I wont give up on them even if it hurts but after all the hurt there’ll be sunshine too. I do respect it tho when people say they cant hold onto robron and its ok, just dont hate on each other coz of this ok?! Be nice and respectful you can have different opinions doesnt mean you have to hate on each other also never never NEVER hate on the actors for the sl of the characters its  not their fault, grow up and if it hurts you too much stop watching thats all to it anyways i am rambling sorry its just i have so many emotions about all of this haha and thx for liking my tiny little blog means so much and awww thx I am already doing way better coz the love i can see between the boys makes me so happy *smmmoocchees* 


After days of probing and asking her to post something and officially say goodbye to her followers, I can’t believe I have to do this for her because she doesn’t want to, insisting no one would actually care but of course, I think otherwise. 

I just wanna tell you all that Syaa, @yoongles​, has left Tumblr, indefinitely. I don’t know when she’ll be back or if she’s coming back at all. I’m really not in the position of saying why she wanted to leave or what pushed her to but for now, she won’t be posting gifs nor would she be reblogging posts as well. So I’m saying farewell on her behalf because she’s too stubborn to do it herself. Although, she does wanted to let everyone know how thankful she is for meeting such lovely people and for appreciating all the work she did. And even if she left Tumblr, she still loves Bangtan with all her heart. 

She might’ve left Tumblr but she did transfer on twitter (@_yoongles)  SO PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR and bombard her with questions and annoy her there instead.

(Also, if you want to know dirt on her, just holler at me ;) I mean, she’s not here anymore……… LOL)

EXO and BTS’s reaction when they get friendzoned

To the person that requested this, I’m truly sorry, but after a while of thinking of what to write.. I gave up cuz let’s be honest… why would you ever want to be just a friend with those 16 idiots? At first I was like ‘oh, i guess i’ll give it a try’ but now i’m just like ‘what monster would ever do that?’. The only thing that came in my mind was the one sided love of our ChimChim. So, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I failed you. After all, I’m a Loser, loner. A coward who pretends to be tough. A mean delinquent. In the mirror, I’m just a loser.

Sorry once again. I have been listening to too much Big Bang lately. Wait, no. You can never listen to too much Big Bang. Sorry.






So instead, have some Baekyeol, cuz Baekyeol is love, Baekyeol is life.

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And of course here is some Jikook, cuz you can never go wrong with Jikook. 

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and yes i’m canadian

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you're amazing and so pure and high quality and woah i love you so much you're so lovely!! ♡♡♡ thank you for existing, Gopher!! ;w; (also i am a nervous wreck sending this for some reason ah okay i'm gonna disappear for a bit so i wont be embarrassed bye)

But wait! Why are you nervous?? I guess you said for some reason so maybe you don’t quite know either hehe. It’s okay dear, don’t feel embarrassed if you can help it! I promise you that I think all your messages are beyond adorable and an absolute joy to read. I love you! Thank you for pushing through school and always offering your lovely tim tams when I’m sad/hungry aha, the gestures mean a lot to me!

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Hello~ Just wanted to give some love to your Jungkook robot!au and Jimin blackmagic!au! I really enjoyed reading them! I also really liked 'Play Thing', because there are too many CEO aus where the boys are the CEO and the reader is the secretary, and I'm thinking 'damn, why can't the reader be the boss for once?' So when I read 'Play Thing', I was like "Yes! Finally! So refreshing!" (I guess I have a thing for sub!BTS haha)

haha this is so nice! omg thank you! I have a Jungkook sugar baby au where the reader is the boss, too. If you’re interested~ (totally cool if you’re not, though lol) I am planning more for it and will write it soon. :P But I hear ya! I used to be super dom!bts all the way because I was like damn, I am submissive as hell. But lately I can see more of the being in submissive roles and I am not sure what that says about me :’)))

Show me all the ways that make you human, the ways that make some people flinch or look away. Show me the receipts of your past lovers that called you selfish or too sour. Show me your vile. Make me flinch a little. Make me want to look away for a minute. Make me second guess why my heart throbs like that for you. Because I want to make the choice, the choice in choosing you, even when I flinch or look away. Even when I think you’re being selfish or sour. I want to make that choice and I want to love you harder. There’s only so much I can do with perfection, so show me your humanity.

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It makes me genuinely upset that people are actually being rude to dan about this. all the hype came from us, he didn't let anyone down we did it to ourselfs. and like just one tuesday he said hes been having a rough 10 days and im pretty sure he doesn't need us to pile on top of that, like were supposed to be he's "fans" objectively supportive but nope not the phandom we can never do that i guess

I totally feel you on this one. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we should never question him. Or that we should just love absolutely everything he puts out. But like, if you clicked on a random YouTuber’s video and were disappointed by it, would you go tweet them about it and say it should have been something different? No, because a decent person doesn’t do that. They click away. They go watch something else that they enjoy.

So why are people tweeting and commenting about how much of a let down this video was? I mean, we’re supposed to be the people who like him. And yes, I agree. Anything we expect from him is ultimately coming from our own hopes and if we hype ourselves and each other up over a little offhanded comment, then yes, we’re going to be let down.

Which sucks because I still loved this video. I was laughing pretty much the entire time. That’s what happens when you accept that another person’s channel doesn’t belong to you.

And now he’s trying to back track a bit saying that his replies shouldn’t be taken seriously. Someone tweeted him a hashtag people are using for support, and he replied saying that while he appreciates it, his “I’m a disappointment” comment was a joke. But when was the last time you saw him reply to so many people so quickly? And who was it that participated in the whole Nicer Internet thing? I don’t think he did that because he’s stoic and uncaring about the hate he receives. It’s nice to think that all this rolls right off this shoulder, but he’s human. A flawed one at that, we all know. He’s made countless videos that mention his tendency for low self-esteem. We’ve heard him talk about how people comment criticism on his videos. It gets to him. As much as we as fans want to think it doesn’t, and as much as he wants us to believe it doesn’t, it does.

And a lot of us haven’t been being decent people.

He’s just seemed a bit more down lately and I’m honestly worried for him. Not that I think he isn’t able to handle everything he’s got going on. He’s done all this countless times before, and he’s strong and he’ll get through it. But it all just makes me angry.

Anyway, ugh, thank you for giving me this excuse to post a fuller, more detailed rant about this topic. It makes me feel like we’re in the majority.