i think you are both rather wonderful

You don’t get to pick who you love. You don’t get to pick why you love them, either. You don’t decide who, with all their quirks and flaws and problems that probably make you want to strangle them, you don’t choose the person who stumbles and jokes and awkwardly mumbles their way into you heart. You don’t decide who has the ability to turn your entire world inside out and upside down and repaint it with any color they want to. But you do decide what to do about it. And I think that in any universe, in any alternate world where we both exist, I think I would choose to tell you the truth. Because no matter what happens or how badly we hurt each other, I would rather know if you love me than spend the rest of my life wondering.
—  from an unfinished story #401

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Why don't you condemn Aegon The Conqueror like you do Renly Baratheon? After all, they both ultimately based their claim on the strength of their arms, rather than the will of the people or rights of succession. I'm not defending either of them, just wondering what you see as the difference.

I think that’s a misinterpreation of Aegon the Conqueror. As I discuss in my essay on him, far from being based solely through strength of arms, Aegon and his sisters were careful to establish consent from and establish legitimacy with his subjects:

“Having taken a dozen castles and secured the mouth of the Blackwater Rush on both sides of the river, he commanded the lords he had defeated to attend him. There they laid their swords at his feet, and Aegon raised them up and confirmed them in their lands and titles. To his oldest supporters he gave new honors…Heraldic banners had long been a tradition amongst the lords of Westeros, but such had never been used by the dragonlords of old Valyria. When Aegon’s knights unfurled his great silken battle standard, with a red three-headed dragon breathing fire upon a black field, the lords took it for a sign that he was now truly one of them, a worthy high king for Westeros. When Queen Visenya placed a Valyrian steel circlet, studded with rubies, on her brother’s head and Queen Rhaenys hailed him as, “Aegon, First of His Name, King of All Westeros, and Shield of His People,” the dragons roared and the lords and knights sent up a cheer … but the smallfolk, the fisherman and field hands and goodwives, shouted loudest of all.”

“the men of the Trident had no love for their ironborn overlords…so now the riverlands rose against him, led by Lord Edmyn Tully of Riverrun. Summoned to the defense of Harrenhal, Tully declared for House Targaryen instead, raised the dragon banner over his castle, and rode forth with his knights and archers to join his strength to Aegon’s. His defiance gave heart to the other riverlords. One by one, the lords of the Trident renounced Harren and declared for Aegon the Dragon. Blackwoods, Mallisters, Vances,
Brackens, Pipers, Freys, Strongs… summoning their levies, they descended on Harrenhal…The next day, outside the smoking ruins of Harrenhal, King Aegon accepted an oath of fealty from Edmyn Tully, Lord of Riverrun, and named him Lord Paramount of the Trident. The other riverlords did homage as well —to Aegon as king and to Edmyn Tully as their liege lord.”

And this went on and on - the homage of the Westermen and the Reachermen ater the Field of Fire, the submission of Highgarden, Torrhen kneeling at the Trident, and Aegon’s anointment and coronation at Oldtown. At every step of the way, Aegon spends as much time establishing the reciprocal bonds of feudal obligation and enacting the symbolism of monarchy as he does fighting. And he continued this policy as King:

“he worked to knit the realm together with his presence—to awe his subjects and (when needed) frighten them…the other half of the year he dedicated to the royal progress. He traveled throughout the realm for the rest of his life,
until his final progress in 33 AC—making a point of paying his respects to the High Septon in the Starry Sept each time he visited Oldtown, guesting beneath the roofs of the lords of the great houses (even Winterfell, on that last progress), and beneath the roofs of many lesser lords, knights, and common innkeepers… In these progresses, the king was accompanied not only by his courtiers but by maesters and septons as well. Six maesters were often in his company to advise him upon the local laws and traditions of the former realms, so that he might rule in judgment at the courts he held. Rather than attempting to unify the realm under one set of laws, he respected the differing customs of each region and sought to judge as their past kings might have.”

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I lived somewhere where the neighbours started some ominous eldritch chanting game at 3am every Thursday. I know this because I had sleep problems unrelated to the chanting (probably.) On the plus side, some dark and twisted monstrosity didn't rampage through the town so I guess whatever ritual they were performing didn't work. Either that or it was a weird student drinking game.

y'know, i think i’d rather hear ominous chanting at night than loud screaming.

both probably mean something totally not tubular is going on, but at least chanting is usually more on the “not good but at least it’ll make a really entertaining story in the newspaper” side of the scale.

loud screaming at night, on the other hand, usually results in news stories that just make you sad and wonder why you continue to check the news anymore.

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One thing that's always made me wonder, was Nico's reasoning for not coming out, earlier. Now we know he felt ashamed for himself, and that him being gay, was another way for himself to feel isolated (along with being a child of hades and having lost both his sister and his mother, and being out of time). But you'd think that knowing that he was a demi-God, that they've had all sorts of relationships and sexualities that could legitimize his own. I realise part of the answer is that it's a book1

2for middle-graders, and that making Nico gay was something considered in the second set of books (rather than on the onset of his character). But it makes me wonder where his reasoning might have come from. We know Jason considers it to be because Nico originated from the 1930s, possibly thinking that being gay back then wasn’t as accepted - but that was from Jason. Perhaps, I’m just thinking too much into it anyway. Because I’m sure Nico’s hardships, stress, and anxieties all contributed to it.

It’s a really interesting topic, especially for me, as I can relate to Nico’s situation a little bit. My family is very religious, I could never come out to them unless I want to be disowned and kicked out on the street. But enough about me.

What we have to remember from the books is; Nico didn’t come out willingly. He was forced to come out, which is horrible in itself, but more than that he was forced to admit his feelings for Percy in front of Jason of all people. Someone he’d barely known for a few days, and who didn’t trust him at all. I’m sure in Nico’s mind, Jason could’ve done anything with that information. He could’ve blackmailed him, or told the rest of the demigods. Nico doesn’t trust easily, and I’m fully convinced if he hadn’t have been forced out the closet, he would’ve stayed in there.

The thing is though, Jason didn’t do those things, and in fact, he was extremely supportive and understanding towards Nico. I think that initial response to his sexuality was what really made Nico start to question his upbringing and views that were forced upon him at an early age. Nico had known (of) Jason way back before the quest even started, when Jason was a praetor of New Rome. If golden boy, son of Jupiter, hero of Rome, Jason Grace didn’t think his sexuality was a bad thing, Nico was probably starting to question his whole outlook on the topic. Though of course it wouldn’t just ‘fix’ his problems. 

I think another thing that really helped Nico start to accept himself was his little heart to heart with Hades in BOO. It really is one of my favourite scenes in the whole series, and shows how much Hades does actually care for Nico and Hazel. ‘My children are so rarely happy. I … I would like to see you be an exception.’ I think this was Hades’ way of telling Nico that it was okay, and that he accepts his son’s sexuality. It probably helped Nico a great deal, seeing his Father being so open and honest with him about something he was terrified of.

When he actually did choose to come out, it was to Percy and Annabeth, and I feel like that was a really brave move on his part. Not only did he have romantic feelings towards Percy, he also viewed him as a hero. It must’ve taken a lot of guts to do what Nico did, I know I never could. But saying that, I also think it was a very spontaneous decision on Nico’s part. As if his brain just said ‘fuck it I don’t give a shit anymore’. What I also loved about the scene was the fact Nico didn’t stick around to find out what Percy thought of his sexuality. He didn’t wait for validation from the boy he’d fell so hard for, he just said his piece and walked away.

He didn’t need Percy’s acceptance, he learned how to accept himself instead.

i think that this is the first year that i haven’t asked for very much for the new year. i’m not asking for monumental changes and i’m not trying to become a new person. rather, i wish for small steps and gradual victories. i want to be able to take care of myself better, both practically and spiritually. even if that means making an effort to eat dinner when i’m tired or sad or both. i want to keep in touch with my friends, because isolating myself from the people who care about me will be the death of me, i swear to god. i want people to know that i care about them. i realize that my friends and family can’t read my mind and that i must vocalize my feelings more often, although this doesn’t necessarily mean saying absolutely everything that comes to mind because i do that sometimes, too. i want to keep talking about my worries. keep talking and talking, because it isn’t good to be complacent when you are suffering - even when you feel safer that way

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

I don’t think it was love, Lucia. It was convenience. And you may be wondering why after all this time I bring up your name. Before I proceed, please know it is not because you hold any relevance within me anymore, but rather because I am reevaluating what love means and now know that what we had was not it.

We met at a time when we were both trying to find ourselves and in the process we found each other. Two innocent souls with the desire to learn, with the desire to love, to finally live…authentically. queer & raw & real. And when I found you, it felt like I found myself. I must admit, it wasn’t love, but it came close. Close like West LA & East LA, where 13 miles separates these two entities but we know that poverty & cultura & survival are found in one and not the other. That’s how close we came to love. Close like a home with no lock, a home that crumbles, close like a home in echo park where white walls are being built at the expense of brown bodies, where white lives are being welcomed as brown ones are being evicted, that’s how close we came to love.

I must admit, it was nice, to know that another soul loved me, “loved” me the way I needed it. It was nice to know that you could do so successfully for 6 months, before you realized that West LA & East LA weren’t really close at all. that what we had was no longer convenient. because my skin looked too brown next to your white one, because my struggle looked too painful next to your trivial one. because my tears could build oceans, while yours made puddles. Before you get defensive, know that your pain is valid, know that it matters, but the pain of being a brown womxn of color whose immigrant parents struggle to survive will never be a pain you’ve lived, a pain you’ve memorized, a pain that creates poems like this one.

I am reevaluating what love means. And you must know, that what we had wasn’t love, it was a lesson. I learned how profound my body was, how strong this beating thing inside me was, how powerful it is to truly love something that wants to love you back, indefinitely. I learned how resilient my people are, how they crossed oceans to be here, to live and breathe and survive here; in a land that does not want them, just as you didn’t want me. but we continue to thrive, to build and when the day comes when my empire is built, refrain from knocking, there’s no room left in here anymore.

—  What love wasn’t, Mariposa Reina

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I was wondering about ur thoughts on the episode where Magnus talks about Isak & Evan being something you could sell to NRK. Do you think it was just a meta moment, or was it shading fans for being voyeuristic about Isak & Evan/gay relationships? Most people who see their relationship love it because of true LGBT representation rather than objectification, so if it intended to 'call out' (which is true for some fans) it sidelines the true importance of their story for others. Idk?

I think it was a bit of both. SKAM often adresses the fandom directly (in sesong 2, Chris B. asking Eva if she was sure that she had breakup sex with Jonas was a direct reference to some fandom theories; in the little extra script Julie released for new year, there was a reference to the fandom discourse about if Isak had called Even “evy” or “baby” in the hotel scene) and Magnus used the exact phrase the fandom was quick to make after the MINUTT FOR MINUTT clip: “Isak og Even: minutt for minutt”.

So yeah, I think it was a nod to the fandom. But I think it also addressed the fetishization queer people are the victims of, especially since we get the dancegruppa, in that same scene, wanting to invite Isak to their party just because they think “it’s cute two guys dating”.
The way Magnus sexualises Isak and Even’s relationship immediately (”you think I couldn’t handle watching you guys fuck?”) is problematic.

I think the show did very well of addressing some of the casual prejudices against queer people (Emma saying that “gay people are so funny”, Vilde saying she “loves the gays” (although in the case of Vilde it’s probably internalised prejudices)) and it is not because it addresses some fans and some people that it means “all people”.

Just like people arguing #notallmen with women talking about sexual harassment they endure by men, thinking that SKAM addressing people fetishizing queer couples is alienating to some because #notallfans is hijacking the important point that was being made.
#notallfans maybe but #yesallqueercouplesinmedia

Calling out fetishization is not taking away from the importance that their relationship has for queer people. It doesn’t sideline it. If anything it reinforces it. “Not only are we showing you, showing parts of you, but we are also ready to call out those who would see you only as a kink.” It’s not just being an ally, it’s being an accomplice.

They’re not just saying “we think you’re all right”. They’re saying “we’ve got your back”.

Peter/Stiles soulmate!fic for Secret Santa

Merry Christmas, and I hope you like my first ever steter fic (it ends happily, I promise)

Going into his early twenties, Peter Hale had never given his soulmate all that much thought.

That’s not quite right.

Say instead that he almost never thought about the specifics of the person.

He didn’t wonder about their hobbies or habits. He didn’t muse on if they liked his handwriting scrawled across their wrist. He didn’t even think too much about what he or she might look like. He was Peter Hale and the universe that made him both vain and, objectively, rather attractive could only have matched him with someone similarly stunning.

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I know how much you love Evangelion. I do as well, but I do know that there are problems with it, both the manga, anime, and rebuilds. What problems do you have with it?

My problems with Eva lie with the Rebuilds (I’m not saying the manga or anime is perfect). Before I begin, I’ll say: I don’t look down on you or anyone who thinks otherwise. 

I know that Rebuild delves off the storyline a bit (even moreso in 3.33), but one of my main problems with the Rebuilds is the characterizations are stripped a bit. I think what made Eva what is was was its realistic characters. Not only that but I feel that Eva of the original series highlighted the theme what it meant to live rather than it being about the human condition. It utilized very good metaphors (you may be wondering about if this is about the AT Field metaphor encompassing both humans as well as angels, and if you are, you’re right) to illustrate that.

I feel like these things made Eva stand out a lot. Now, I’m not saying the Rebuilds are doomed because of the lack of that. I think the Rebuilds are pretty ok and they do pretty good on making you think a bit (such as with the short Until You Come to Me). I’m also sort of wondering about Asuka’s eye, for example. I’ve covered it here but I’m also wondering if there’s any repercussions or benefits to that. 

I really liked 3.33 but felt some parts of the movie were awkwardly paced a bit. I’m mostly iffy about the first half of the movie. It was pretty alright after that.

Other than the Rebuilds are alright with me.

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Ooh Eric you and Abel should do a piss and banana prank on Kyle! Tell us his reaction after. I wonder how hilarious it is when he's really "pissed off"

Uhhh, I think I’d rather keep my dick and stay married to him than see a raging Kyle who could kill a man.
I’m not going to lie, Abe and I did think about that a few times, dude. It would’ve been fucking hilarious but I don’t think either of us want to be castrated. We both need our dicks. Remember when he broke all of my shit after I gave him AIDS? Picture that but more terrifying and menacing.

Yeah, Dad’s right…I’d rather live than face my Papa THAT angry. I’ve heard stories of my Papa being that ticked, and I don’t want to ever witness it.

I'm What They Call, Insecure

Tittle: I’m What They Call, Inscure

Author: epiclavalamp

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki finds out you’re insecure about your body and his love for you. Causing him to cuddle with you in order to resssure his love for you and how perfect you are to him

Rating: general

Notes/ Warnings: trigger warning
this is my first time sharing any of mu writing with anyone so i’m sorry if it’s really bad

You were laying on your bed, thinking or rather over thinking. While Loki was in the kitchen preparing breakfast; in your shared flat. He thought you were still sleeping after both of you binge watching sherlock. He was wrong, you’re not curvy those were the type of thoughts going through your head at the moment. No wonder Loki always walks out of the room when I start undressing you thought. Trying to ignore the self negativity you curled tighter under the sheets, you laid there looking out the window towards the sunrise. A light knock emmited from the other side of the door; followed by loki with his hair disheveld. He was wearing a black t-shirt and green pajama pants a cheeky grin plastered on his face. He immediatley stopped smiling and was mesmeraized upon seeing you lying in bed looking out the window the sun lightly touching your skin, hair sprawled out on the pillow, but a discontent look made him realize something was wrong. He walked over to your side of the bed, and sat near you being careful to not sit on you.

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Leave it to Lindsay to get stuck working with the guy in class who doesn’t care about his grades. Between cheer practice and her other classes she didn’t have the time to do this whole project herself, and after complaining in the locker room after practice every day she was finally convinced to go and confront him. She knew the two of them had the same free period, but whenever she was working on their history project, she knew that J.C. was doing anything but. Despite this, they both spent this period in the library, and while Lindsay usually just glared at the back of his head, today she decided to approach his table, her arms crossed firmly over her chest. 

Briefly, Lindsay wondered if she looked at all intimidating in her cheerleading uniform, but rather than second guess herself, she tightened her ponytail and cleared her throat to get attention. 

“I don’t think I need to tell you that you haven’t done any work at all on this project besides put your name on it, but you’re going to start today because it is not fair for me to be doing all the work on my own,” Lindsay told him matter-of-factly, pausing for a moment before adding, “please.” 

Game Over

Prompt: Not requested. Sam is rlly tired of you and Dean flirting without actually getting together.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 356

Pairing: Dean x Reader

A/N: i’m an idiot, i know.

You glance over at Dean, who’s walking beside you and looking way too attractive in his FBI suit. You blush and drop your gaze when he looks over at you, smirk always on his face when he catches you. It’s a game, both of you dancing around these nervous feeling and making jokes about relationships and getting a room. It’s easier, you think, to pretend you don’t really feel anything but rather you’re just joking around. No one gets hurt that way. But you want more, you always have, and this game is starting to get old.

“If you keep looking at me like that people will think you’re crushing on me, sweetheart.” Dean comments, smiling to himself when you blush even harder.

“I was just wondering if you noticed the food in your teeth.” You reply, giggling when Dean’s smile falls and he clicks his mouth closed.

“Can you stop flirting for five minutes?” You hear Sam sigh.

“Flirting?” You ask, mock offense in your voice. “I was doing no such thing.”

“Will you two just shut up and hold hands already?” Sam gives his ‘mom look’ and you cast a glance at Dean to see him looking at you.

“I don’t see how us holding hands will make us stop flirting.” You answer, trying not to laugh when Sam rolls his eyes and brushes past you to enter the police station.

“Maybe we should, I don’t know, try it?” Dean cringes at his own words but looks at you with a hopeful expression. You heart is pounding, can he really feel the same way? Is the game over?

“Okay, we can give it a shot.” You agree, holding out your hand and grinning when he twines his fingers with yours.

“If only to annoy Sam,” He’s smiling, proving that moving forward won’t change everything between you.

“Of course,” You scoff just as you yank him forward so you can lock lips with him. He lets out a surprised grunt before responding, cupping your jaw and licking into your mouth. You smile into the kiss, squeezing his hand and knowing you just hit game over.

;based off of the picture! requested by roryasullivan enjoy! ;

His eyes never left mine- Sammy Wilkinson Imagine

We sat across from each other uncomfortably. The only thing left in the room was the small backpack that sat in front of Sammy. He stared at me, his eyes never leaving mine.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him quietly. He sighed, his hand going to his mouth.

“I’m just wondering how things got to be this way” He replied, a heavy breath leaving him. I thought back to the first time I had met Sammy, the scene rather familiar to the one playing out right now.

A year and a half earlier

I walked into the house, the entire place already buzzing with excitement and booze. I smiled at my friend as she squeezed my hand, a giddy smile on both of our faces.

“Hey, Y/N!” I heard a familiar voice call to me from the side. I turned and saw Jack Gilinksy walking towards me, a smile wide on his face. He wrapped his arms around me in a hug and I gently squeezed him in my own arms. He pulled away and looked down at me, then glanced at my friend.

“I’m assuming this is Y/F/N?” He said, holding out his hand. She blushed slightly before grabbing his large hand, shaking it tenderly. He chuckled at her, introducing himself.

“I’m super happy you guys could make it.” Jack said, leading us to the kitchen for drinks.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, G. I still can’t believe you’re moving to LA for good” I said in slight disbelief. He poured both of us a mixture of vodka and juice, then handed it to us.

“I know, it’s crazy. But this is mine and Jack’s big break, Y/N. We’ll become famous” He said, wiggling his eyebrows at us. I threw my head back in a laugh and nudged him with my elbow.

“Okay there, Mr. Confident. Let’s see how this works out first, shall we? If anything, you could always fall back on a bartending career. This drink is pretty good” I said, grinning at him. He laughed at me before waving goodbye to go see other guests. I turned to my friend, but soon noticed she was no longer behind me. I spotted her in the corner, talking to a boy I recognized as Nate Maloley. I gave her a quick thumbs up before going into the living room and taking a seat on a chair.

I was scrolling through my phone when I got the feeling that someone was watching me. I lifted my head and instantly made eye contact with a boy across the room. His eyes bored into mine, almost like he was trying to figure something out. His dark blonde hair hung onto his forehead, his hand covering his mouth. A small backpack, filled with what I could only assume was alcohol and various others, sat at his feet. His eyes never once left mine…


Present day

That night, I met the boy who would change my life forever; the same one sitting in front of me, his eyes never once leaving mine. I let my eyes glance to his backpack, and soon I felt the tears stinging in my eyes. The last time I had seen that backpack it was filled with a bottle of Blueberry Burnett’s, a bottle that we had managed to finish over the course of that night, spilling all of our dirty secrets to each other. That backpack now held the last of his clothes as he left to go start his own life; one that wouldn’t include me.

I heard his footsteps get closer to me, and soon his hand was intertwined in mine, pulling me up to him. I collapsed in his arms, the tears and sadness finally overcoming me. He rubbed my back, dragging his hand up and down softly.

“What am I supposed to do without you?” I whispered into his chest. He sighed before kissing the top of my head.

“Live your life, baby girl.” He said, his voice cracking towards the end. I pulled away and looked up at him, seeing the tear stains on his cheeks. I reached up and wiped away a falling tear, not knowing when, or if, I would ever be able to do that again. He grabbed my hand as it reached his jaw, cupping his hand over mine.

“I love you” I mouthed to him, the tears now steadily streaming down my face.

“I love you more” He said softly, his voice almost betraying him. I pulled my hand away from his, taking a small step back. He picked his backpack up off the ground, taking his time to put it on. He looked at me intently, almost as if he had more to say, but soon turned and went out the door of our…my, apartment.

The door closed softly behind him, and I stared at the spot where he stood moments before. Instinct took over me, and soon my legs were carrying me out the door and towards the elevator.

“Sammy!”  I called out, his head snapping up and looking at me. I blew him a light kiss, causing a grin to appear on his face. He stared at each other, him inside the elevator, me out in the hallway. The elevator doors took about 30 seconds to close, and in those 30 seconds, all I could focus on was the love that I saw in eyes.

Because his eyes never left mine.


A/N: “Internal Affairs” spec, I guess. 915 words.


“Do you accept the charges?”

Martin Deeks dreaded his mother’s hearing those words.  He wished he could think of a way to keep her out of this, but she would find out eventually.  He’d rather she find out from him.

The cop handed him the phone’s receiver, and his palms were already beginning to sweat.  He wondered how long he’d actually be able to hold his grip.  He nodded to the officer a non-verbal, “Thank you.”  He knew how this worked.  If you were polite and cooperative, you would get all the calls you needed.  They were free as long as they were local.  He’d use one for the lawyer.  His first one, though, he’d need for his mother.  Unfortunately it was long distance and would cost her money.  And grief.  God. He could only imagine the grief.  

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Women of Star Wars Apprecitation Week
Day 2 - “You two have more in common than you think. It’s no wonder you get along so well.”
I really dig these ambiguous prompts…  

I’m going to go an obvious route and great similarities between Padme and her daughter, Leia.  It’s so sad that the two never got to know each other… it’s rather clear that the preverbal apple did not fall far from the tree.  

Above we have Leia and Padme letting their badass out; the two in disguise; both in their snow gear; and both in their formal regalia.