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Nightmares (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Request- “Can you do “I need a place to stay.” & “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” with Steve Harrington? If it’s okay to ask for them together (like in one piece of writing)?”

Words- 1007

Warnings- Nightmares

You wake to the sound of something, or someone, at your bedroom window. You figure there aren’t a lot of this out at 3 am on a Saturday, so either it’s a serial killer, something that’s crawled out of the upside down, or Steve. Considering it’s Hawkins Indiana, and the gate to the upside down is closed (for now), it’s probably Steve. Yeah, it’s probably Steve.

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so if you haven’t been here for an age you may not know about the huge tag war of 2012 (i think?) between the sherlock fandom and the kpop fandom where this band called shinee brought out an album called sherlock and both fandoms were using the sherlock tag on tumblr and it was hilariously brutal but anyway fast forward five years and shinee are all over my dash now because of the amount of people who have moved over to the kpop fandom and it’s some sort of beautiful full circle we’ve come to

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Hiii! Congrats on 6.4K followers:)!! If you have time could you maybe write a drabble about Draco running/working in a shop and Harry coming in to buy lots of things from him that he doesn't need because he has a huge crush? Thank youuu. Love your writing!:) 💜💜💜

Ah, thank you so much.  Sorry it took me a few days to get to this request.

When Draco hears the bell chime above the front door he doesn’t even need to look up to know who it is.  No one else comes into his shop this late.  Potter is the only person he knows who would have the audacity to come into a bookshop at half past ten.  Draco never mentions that before Potter started coming in he usually closed up shop by nine.  He doesn’t need to know that Draco stays open every day in the hopes that he might come in.

Draco purposely looks down at the ledger in front of him, dipping his quill into the ink bottle in front of him and doodling in the margins in an attempt to appear busier than he really is.

“Sorry to bother you so late,” Potter mumbles and Draco is glad he has plenty of experience hiding his emotions because the smile that threatens to break out across his face would be a bit embarrassing.

“Potter you always bother me this late and we both know you aren’t remotely sorry.”  When he looks up the other man is smiling at him.  There are few snowflakes still clinging to his hair and his face looks flushed as if he’s run from somewhere.  It’s only when Draco notices that Potter still has his Auror robes on that he realizes perhaps he has.  He looks exceedingly handsome and Draco is especially grateful that he’s standing behind the counter because every day that Potter comes into his shop tests his patience more and more.  He’s not sure how much longer he will be able to hold out before he does something that might be a bit foolish.

“I was…well that is…I was wondering if you might have a book for me.”

Draco snorts, setting the quill down and giving Potter a rather piercing look that makes Potter blush.  Draco likes when he does that, it makes him look younger, or perhaps more his age anyhow.  Draco thinks they probably both look a bit older than their twenty four years, but he likes the softness that crosses Potter’s face when he blushes or smiles.  He tries really hard not to think about it more than is appropriate.  “I always have what you’re looking for, Potter.”  

“Are you sure about that?” he asks, and if Draco didn’t know any better he would almost swear Potter’s tone was flirting.

“Potter, I managed to track down the original copy of The Tales of Beadle the Bard, the Egyptian manuscript on tomb enchments, that rare copy of of third century druid magic and spells, and even that out of print muggle cookbook you wanted.  Merlin only knows what you’re doing with such an odd collection of books but I have managed to find every single one you’ve asked for.  I’m quite positive I’ll be able to find this one, so go ahead, what is it.”

When Draco finally looks up from his rant he nearly jumps because Potter is standing directly in front of him.  He’s so surprised he wonders how he walked without meaning too until he realizes Potter must have climbed over the counter to get beside him.  The other man is so close Draco has to close his eyes, only opening them when Potter’s words ghost across his skin as visceral as if he’d actually touched him.

“I’m looking for this book you see, someone told me it was a good read.  It’s about this bloke who keeps going into this other blokes antique bookshop and buying books he doesn’t need to try and get his attention because he’s got an embarrassingly large crush on him and he isn’t sure how the other man feels.”

Draco wants to speak, really he does, but all that comes out is a squeak.

“Have you read it?” Potter asks, and Draco feels like his heart might actually explode out of his chest because Potter is so close he can see the smallest flecks of brown around the iris of Potter’s eyes, can see in excruciating detail the way it looks when Potter’s warm, pink tongue darts out to lick his lips.

“I..uh, I haven’t read that one.”

“Do you want to?”

It’s too much, Potter standing so close, looking at him with so much hope it nearly breaks him in half and Draco thinks fuck it, fuck self control and self preservation,fuck everything and especially fuck Harry fucking Potter.  And then its Potter who squeaks because Draco does what he’s wanted to do for months and slams him back against the wall, nearly devouring him, except Potter doesn’t seem to be complaining he just arches up against him, sliding his hands into Draco’s hair and making sounds that Draco quite honestly thinks should be illegal.

When they finally pull apart Draco is more than pleased to see that Potter looks utterly wrecked.  He coughs, rubbing his hand on his cheek and leaning forward until his forehead is pressed against Potter’s.

“On further reconsideration I think I might have that book you’re looking for…but it’s back at my flat.   You’d have to come home with me, if you want.”

Potter grins, looking like he’s caught the snitch, and slides his hand down Draco’s back to pull him closer.  “I definitely want.”

coming back around

Summary: Four months later, and it starts with a phone call and a slightly more-than-absurd request. 
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Post Breakup AU 
Word Count: 4,738


“You want me to do what?”

Taehyung visibly winces at your tone of voice, while not over accusatory or threatening or aggressive, is just enough to make him realize the ridiculous notion of his previous request. It had been slightly absurd even before he had decided to brave towards a phone call, but now that the words are out there, it’s even more absurd. He tries to picture you now: your eyebrows knitted together and your lips jutting out into that adorable pout that he use to trace out with his finger before pulling you in for a kiss, nips and bites and anything to make your pout turn into the smile that he loved so much.

He swallows thickly as soon as he hears you humming on the other side of the phone, enough to drag him out of his trance, enough to make the statement burn itself into the back of his head: the statement that you weren’t his girlfriend anymore and he couldn’t just kiss you because he wanted to.

“Taehyung, are you still there?”

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You and I, 你和我

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→ Reader x Baekhyun

→ Fluffy, a little angsty, smutty, friends-to-lovers vampire AU

→ Warnings: Brief mentions of blood and rape. Smut.

Word count: 4,9K

Legend has it that there were six original families of vampires, whom all now living vampires originate from; the family of Kim is the most common kind with a normal thirst for blood. The family of Byun who exclusively drinks animal blood. The family of Zhang, who’s thirst for blood is humongous and almost unquenchable. The family of Do, a family who very rarely needs to feed. The family of Park is a kind that doesn’t limit their diet to only blood, but very often eats the organs and skin of the human they’re draining as well.

And so far, the mentioned families only have one difference: the diet. But the last family, the small family of Hūn Náo, is described as passionate, turbulent, restless and violent when their thirst is awakened. Hūn Náos have stronger senses and reflexes than the other kinds and their diet is limited to “bad blood”: the blood of extreme sinners. Because of their nature when exposed to the scent of the rare bad blood, the Hūn Náos became a feared kind, and further on, the kind turned shy and held back to avoid keeping the negative label. 

As a Hūn Náo, you always used to turn heads with your strong and sassy personality, and maybe it was exactly that which attracted Byun Baekhyun to you?

It was odd, you and everyone knew it - no, forget that; everyone would have thought so if they knew.

Yet, somehow it had come to be. Your relationship with Baekhyun, that is.

One day, as you were walking down the hallway of the school building, your whole body itching to return to your dorm, rip off your bra and exchange the short checkered skirt for a pair of nice, comfortable sweats pants, when a shoulder lightly bumped into yours. The owner of the shoulder was no passerby, rather, he was walking right beside you. Your schedule let you leave school earlier every Wednesday when most of the other student still had one class left, and because of that the hallway was not crowded at all, but somehow this boy still chose to walk so closely with you. 

So, you had looked over at him and scoffed. “Come closer.” Earning a surprised laugh from the boy, which at a closer, a more focused look was beautiful. He had dark, hooded eyes, a small pout and light brunette, tussled locks that gracefully fell over his cold forehead in a way you couldn’t quite describe. And then, he had had this rectangular grin to add onto his dazzling features.

A sniff of the air had surprised you, your stronger senses revealing the identity of his wonderful boy who found your sarcastic tone funny - a Byun. Along with the discovery came a clump in your stomach, and you swallowed, preparing to tell this Byun that you were a Hūn Náo and therefore probably not the best vampire to associate with. But just as you opened your mouth to tell him, your body tensing at the disgusted look you were sure you’d receive, the Byun had stuck his hand out into the air in front of you.

“I’m Byun Baekhyun, and you?” 

You had reluctantly taken his hand, your mouth open wide as you told him your name, quickly and awkwardly followed by;

“I’m a Hūn Náo, Baekhyun, you may not want to speak to me.”

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lost thoughts

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Title: lost thoughts

Pairing: Kim Minseok/Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU.  You hear your soul mate’s thoughts inside your head since the moment they/you are born.

Summary: The sound of his voice inside her head brings a smile to her face or a frown to her features. If only Minseok wasn’t so teasing maybe things would be a little bit easier.

If only her mind could shut up for three seconds, she would be able to study.

And she really meant those words, without caring that she liked neither this topic nor studying whatsoever, but she really needed to pass this exam, yet, the voice on her head kept singing hit songs, thinking about food and some other dirty thought that would cross their heads. Not that she had two voices inside her head, one coming from a male and the other completely hers…but it was rather something she was born with. All her life she had heard the voice of her soul mate and she’d like to think it’s beautiful –and in some way it is- but at this point, it was annoying. She had heard his voice as a kid, mostly talking about how he had lost a game with his friends and asking who she was, then when he was a teenager he would be colder…slightly lost in the feeling of going through puberty and finding new lovers, and now…the man that she recognized as Minseok was nothing more than doing anything to get her riled up.

From what he thought, she could tell that Minseok was a pretty vivid and lively person. Sometimes he thought about his friends, giving them presents or teasing them as a way of showing them his love. Other times, he simply thought about food and how grumpy he was because he was hungry. From what she knew, he was on summer break at this moment and she was taking classes in the summer, hence why she was so mad because he was doing this on purpose. Back when they were both children, they didn’t know that they could have a full conversation with their thoughts, but now that he learnt that he could talk to her and hear her just from thinking…he used it to his will.

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Lance’s Speech to Allura

This was one of my favorite scenes in season four, and I haven’t seen anybody analyze it yet, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll be analyzing both Allura and Lance in this meta, and how they’ve both grown and changed, also touching on leadership skills within Lance and what that could lead to in the future.

First, I’ll be discussing Allura, since the speech was essentially about her and her potential. We’ve all know Allura as an incredibly strong character. Her entire species was wiped out by the Galra and she is able to put her grief aside to stay strong for others and fight back against her oppressors. We know she is hiding a lot of vulnerability from the paladins, shown when she cries in the red lion in s3e2 and when she bonds with the blue lion in s3e3. She believes she must stay strong for everyone else, whilst pushing aside her own feelings of loss.

Despite this, Allura believes she is not strong enough yet. She says, “I-I don’t know. I haven’t been trained.” This is an odd thing to say from an outsider’s perspective, since she has been shown to be increasingly strong with her magic and the blue lion Like Lance says, she was able to save the Balmera with her powers and power the castle all on her own.

More under the cut: 

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elementalwolf18  asked:

Hi it's me again! I was wondering if you had any updated info on pricing and when you think you'll open your preorders on the seven dakimakura, as there is also someone else I know who's interested in it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hello there, I’m sorry it took so long to prepare it, but I wanna make sure to give you guys the best quality I could ; w ;

I still don’t have the price yet since I’m not sure what kind of Dakimakura you guys want

Would you rather a 1 drawing one ( 1 drawing on both side) or a 2 sides with different drawing?  The 2nd drawing would be a more revealing verson but it may take longer time for me to finish it

^ the 1st drawing

FMA Live Action Movie: Full Summary/Review

Alright, now that I’m home, I’ll try to give a detailed report on the FMA live action movie. All of this information comes from the premiere screening at Anime NYC. The movie has not been released in Japan yet, and there is no information about a publicly available U.S. release yet either. Also keep in mind that I have a bad memory and also wasn’t able to pay 100% attention during the movie because I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time due to the positions I had to sit on in order to see the screen as someone who’s Ed’s height, so there might be things I missed or remembered wrong, and a lot of this is fairly subjective. Anyone else who saw the movie is welcome to share additional comments!


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spooky request!!~~ 🎃 rfa + minor trio seeing fem!MC in a sexy halloween costume ;) like MC dresses up as a kitty and or a maid, lmao!! could be fluffy or nsfw, ur choice!! 💗💗

This was asked so many times. So much pressure to make it good. Also, this is all semi-NSFW. There’s no fluff. Sorry? :D
I haven’t done this in a while but just because this getting so long after Zen it’s going under a “Read More”. Sometimes that causes issues on mobile, if it is copy and paste the link and open it in a browser. That should fix it! 

I’m gonna front with you guys. Vanderwood and Saeran aren’t in this because I had everyone but them done yesterday, and thought “Oh, I do them this [Halloween] morning and then post it]”. Then a lot of work and personal relationship drama happened, and I didn’t get home until 7 am this morning. I’m oversharing because I feel bad because I really wanted to use the morning to write more Halloween asks and I have to leave for work soon and it’s not gonna work out that way. And I’m sad it won’t. I’m sorry guys. I love you all~! <3 I can add them later if you guys still want me to. 

~Mod L 

You had found a costume that was based on the armor from LOLOL but decided it would be more fun to leave the base clothing off. Once you were dressed and saw yourself in the mirror, you almost blushed just seeing yourself but kept it together. “Oh, Yoosung~” 
“Do you wanna see my costume?”
“I thought we agreed we were just staying in tonight?” 
You had to keep yourself from giggling at the confusion in his voice. “Just sit there and wait~” 
You heard the all too familiar creaking of him sitting down on the couch. “Okay….” 
You took a deep breath before opening the door, leaning against the doorway, again having to suppress a laugh as you saw his jaw drop and his face turn red. “What do you think?” As he tried to stutter out a response, you took some steps towards him, the heels you chose to wear adding to your stride. “Don’t you like it?” You asked in an innocent voice, sitting in his lap. 
“I- I think I more than like it,” he replied, trying to steady his voice. “I’m not sure how well it’s gonna protect you, but I can do that for you”.
“How brave,” You smiled, leaning into his neck. “I like that,” You whispered against his skin kissing it, biting him softly.
“A-Ah~” He gasped, his hands gripping your waist. You smirked, feeling the heat from his cheeks. 
You pulled away far enough to gently press your forehead against his, your lips inches apart. “Why don’t you show what those levels are good for, and just how manly you are~?” 

Of course, you got your inspiration from one of his characters [x]. You found an outfit similar enough, covering some of yourself but leaving most of your skin bare. You found some fake chains to chain yourself to your bed and waited until you knew Zen would be leaving practice and texted him.
Zen! I can’t really explain, but I need you to hurry home. I’m in a bit of a… predicament. 
You waited patiently until you heard the ding of a response.
Are you okay?? I’m almost home, just wait! 
You almost felt bad but knew he would forgive you. You turned your phone on silent and tossed it to the side, and put the chains on. You hadn’t been waiting for long when you heard the front door open.  
“Babe? Where are you?” 
“In here~” 
“Are you okay..?” You could hear the shift in Zen’s tone in reaction to yours, going from less worried to confused. 
You stretched out, laying on your back with your hands above your head in the chains. “I just need my knight in shining armor to come save me,” you called out.
“You’re not really in trouble, are you?” You heard his footsteps approaching as he spoke. “You don’t sound like-” 
His sentence stopped as soon as his eyes fell on you. 
“I thought I’d surprise you and dress up like your character, but something went wrong and now I’m stuck here. Can’t my knight in shining armor save me~?” You tried to make your voice sound innocent and helpless, even if you anything but. 
Zen smirked as he took off his jacket, tossing it to the side. “I don’t know princess, I might not be the knight you want,” he said as he climbed on top of you. “You look awfully cute in these chains,” he whispered as he traced his fingertips up your thigh. “I might just have to keep you here all night”.

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Walked In On.

Hello, Love bugs.

 Dan X Reader

Warning-slight smut

How about Phil walking v in on dan and the reader? Not in a threesome way, but in an “oh shit this is awkward” kind of way. -anon

Dan and Phil would be leaving in a couple hours to go to the airport and fly to Orlando. They were going to be meeting Phil’s parents after the convention for a vacation. It was well deserved for the boys but unfortunately, you couldn’t come. It just wasn’t possible for you to join them so you would be keeping the home front safe and watering the plants. You were going to miss him a lot. Three weeks is a long time to be alone in a place you are used to being in with two others. It was still early and you couldn’t help but toss and turn. The boys enjoy meeting the fans but you know it takes a lot out of them. Unfortunately, all of your tossings woke up Dan who had just wrapped his arms around your torso bringing you back from your thoughts.

“Why are you awake?” You could feel Dan’s warm breath on your neck as he pulled you as close as possible.

“Just thinking. I know. I never stop thinking. I’m sorry I woke you up. Go back to sleep you have a busy day coming up.” Dan placed a kiss on your neck trying to change your mind from what ever it was you were worrying about.

“My day is not busy. I’m going to wake up. Go to the airport. Get felt up by a stranger, and then sit in a seat for twelve hours.” You turned in your spot so you were now facing Dan in bed.

“I think I might miss you a bit.” Dan smiled giving your lips a kiss.

“Same.” You laughed as you felt his cold hands run up under your shirt as his fingers follow along with the curve of your spine. “You know, we have about an hour and a half before I have to be in the taxi. I can think of something we can do during that time.”

“What are we going to do with the other 80 mins?” Dan pushed himself on top of you so his weight was resting some on you and some on his elbows.

“So, sassy in the morning.” You nodded pulling Dan’s face closer to yours to finally give him a proper kiss. Morning breathe and all.

“Three weeks is a long time. I guess you better give me an earthshattering orgasm.” Dan pushed his lips to yours again as you felt him nibble at your bottom lip asking for permission to deepen the kiss. You allowed him and the kiss started to become more passionate letting the lust and the knowledge of being away from each other for so long seep into the kiss. For only being awake for a couple of minuets Dan seemed to be ready to go if the member that was rubbing along your thigh gave you any inclination. That was always the wonderful thing about Dan. He’s ready in any situation.

“Not going to lie to you love. I don’t think we are going to be breaking any world records this time around.” You didn’t mind at all. No matter what Dan always made sure the both of your finished one way or another. The both of you had taken off your clothing rather quickly throwing the articles haphazardly around the room. Dan had been teasing your entrance while rubbing your ball of nerves in broad strokes with his free thumb. Just as Dan hard started to push into you a gasp was heard at the door followed by a slam of the door.

“Holy fuck did we just?” Dan started to laugh as he pulled away from you and finding his discarded boxer briefs on the floor. “what are you going to say to Phil?” Dan turned around looking at you from the doorway.

“He obviously had something important to tell me. He always knocks.” Dan left the room for only a few minuets before coming back into the room making sure to close the door behind him.

“Well?” At this point, the mood had been killed and you had put your shirt back on so you had at least something on.

“Our flight has been bumped up due to weather. Phil got a notification on his phone. We have to leave in fifteen minuets.” Dan crawled back into the bed beside you kissing your cheek before looking at his phone so he can deal with the information.

“Don’t leave me on the edge.” Dan turned looking at you with a light flush of pink on his cheeks.

“Oh, he saw. I told you we should fuck like they do in the movies under the blankets with everything covered from the neck down.” You gave Dan’s chest a smack Before crawling onto his lap.

“Fuck me quick?” the look you received from Dan made you feel like you have two heads. “come on Dan. Three weeks.” He smiled at you as he lifted his hips from the bed to shimmy out of his underwear.


Infatuation 2.0 — Peter Parker

idea: peter visits his crush’s home and his infatuation with you quickly becomes something a little more
words: 1.3k
warning: n/a
note: requested
     — (part one) (part three)

Peter was terrified.

He stood before the door of the person he had been quietly longing for for the better half of the year, doing his utmost to procure the confidence to just knock on the door already. You had been nothing but sweet since he spoke to you for the first time, something that definitely did not help Peter’s already massive crush on you.

“Alright, Pete.” He mumbled to himself, smoothing his sweaty palms down the legs of his jeans. “You can do this.” He released a shaky breath and tapped his fist against the wooden door. It only took a few minutes before it swung open, revealing one of — if not the most beautiful being he had ever seen.

Your hair was pulled away from your face, glasses perched on the tip of your nose and the gentle smile that lifted the corner of your lips made his chest feel tight.

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Student Council Prez [9]

Episode 8 - Episode 9 - Episode 9.5 OR Episode 10
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Yoongi didn’t completely break his wrist.

When you went to the private doctor with him, they told you it was more of a severe sprain, some of his ligaments damaged from the fall. And now he had a cast wrapped around his entire arm. It would take anywhere from two to eight weeks to heal and they told you, very specifically that he was not to put any pressure on it and alleviate all heavy weights.

Yoongi on the other hand, told you that you should be happy he wasn’t suing you.

But no matter how much disdain you felt for him, you couldn’t help the wash of guilt that drowned you whole.

You were the one who pushed him after all.

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Aiden x Fem!Reader x Lydia

Requested By Anon

Part Two

Warnings: shower sex, sex, smut, fingering, swearing Alpha x Baby Beta Kink (Aiden x Reader), Mommy x Puppy kink (Lydia x Reader), threesome, fingering, oral, swearing, Dom!Aiden, Dom!Lydia, Sub!Reader

“Hey, Ethan said you were looking for me.” Aiden muttered as he walked Lydia into Coach’s office.


“Yeah we need to talk…” She was cut off by Aiden kissing her, his teeth grazing her bottom lip.

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Nothing Can Beat Home

Originally posted by black-horse-soul

Bilbo Baggins x Siren!Reader

Length: 1680 words

Warnings: not really, just cute!bilbo and domestic!reader, fem reader?


Hobbits were a simple race, who led very simple lives.

Their needs were little; they like to live close to the earth and nature, taking pride in their grass-covered homes and their gardens. Generally, staying away from the troubles of the ‘big people’ of Middle Earth, as well as large bodies of water (due to hobbits often not being able to swim), was how they kept such happy, simple lives. Hobbits found happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Enjoying good food, drinking good ale, smoking good pipe weed, and joining joyous gatherings were all the luxuries they needed in life.

Fitting into the Shire had been a long and arduous process for you – mostly due to you having to understand the significant physical and cultural differences between the siren people, your people, and the hobbits.

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anonymous asked:

I wont ever in my life give hits on the sun especially on a cheryl interview. So when you say she mentioned liam only once is it actually true? What a selfish human being. What kind of injustice in promo is that. Don't get me wrong I would puke if she went overboard with fics about their life but after liam's non stop mentions the least you'll expect is to milk his name too for both their promo. Unless she's forbid to. But i think it's more her choice due her image change and fame grab.

Hi anon,

Yeah, that’s all she said  ‘Liam’s a wonderful man’ - and then when asked about more children.

‘I have no plans for two at the moment, but maybe someday’ it’s all very I, not we.  Direct contrast to Liam’s.

I will say I’d much rather it is this way and I would have whined like hell if she’d mentioned him but in a way not surprised at all that she does, it makes things pretty clear for me.

And I certainly think there could be an element of being forbidden but anyway, we’ll see how it all goes in coming months. 

To The Moon And Back

A while back @carrie11 tagged me asking if I could write something for this pic. So here you go. Nothing but flufff ahead. 

Mulder is hiding in the kitchen, not touching anything, not even the dirty dishes. With his luck he’d shatter Scully’s favorite plate, or flood the whole apartment. He wishes he could just leave, disappear, but that would be selfish and cowardly. Or would it? He glances at the kitchen table where a bunch of diapers, unused, lie scattered. Scully didn’t say it, never says it, but he’s useless here. Instead of being a father, he is a second baby in need of attention and supervision. Scully doesn’t need this. Or him.

“Mulder?” She walks into the kitchen gently rocking William, who is wearing a diaper three sizes too big for his small form. He’s cooing happily, at least. Scully, hair and clothes disheveled, looks anything but. It’s his fault, of course, and he’d do anything for her right now. “I know I said it was all right but… could you maybe go and buy the right sized diapers after all? It doesn’t really work.” He sees it now on Scully’s shirt. It’s white. Or rather it’s supposed to be. Right now it’s dotted with yellow and brown spots.

“Of course.” He swallows hard.

“I found this,” Scully stops him momentarily in his haste to get away from here. She hands him a piece of cardboard. “Just… these are the diapers. If you can’t find them yourself ask someone.” Mulder takes it and nods solemnly. He considers kissing her, but she turns away from him again before he can. With a sigh, he leaves, closing the door quietly behind him.

Before he puts the three bags of diapers into his cart, Mulder makes sure they are the right size this time. Ten times. It’s the right one, he is certain. He quickly maneuvers through the aisles, trying not to get distracted again. Who knew it was this difficult to buy diapers. They should use bigger letters and numbers on their front, he thinks. Not cute babies. None of the babies are as cute as William, of course. Yet, staring at these toothless, smiling faces he’d been reminded of his own son back home, safe in his mother’s arms. So no, he hadn’t noticed the age indicator in the corner. All Mulder had seen was a baby that resembled William and he’d bought those diapers without even thinking. Not this time, though. He stops for a moment, checks the size once more, just to be sure. He doesn’t want to face Scully again, see the confusion in her eyes, hear the disappointment in her voice. He can do this. If he can do nothing else, but damn it, he can buy diapers for his son.

When Mulder lifts his head again, he notices that he’s surrounded by baby clothes. Oh oh. He tries not to look at the cute little outfits, but his legs feel like lead as he tries to leave as quickly as possible. Then he sees it, stops without even wanting to. It’s a bib, nothing more. They have plenty of those already. They don’t need any more. They don’t have a bib like this, though. Mulder picks it up, the fabric soft under his fingers, and stares at it. The longer he contemplates buying it, he figures, the later he’ll be back at Scully’s. So he throws it atop the diapers, decision made, and hurries to get back home.

Mulder hears William babbling the minutes he unlocks the door. He grins; the sound his favorite these days. He doesn’t know how he’s lived without it, before.

“Hey.” Scully sits in the rocking chair in the nursery, William against her chest. Her hand is on their restless son’s back.

“Oh hey,” her voice sounds exhausted, as if far away, “you’re back.” Her eyes wander to the bag he’s holding and Mulder shows her that this time, this once, he didn’t screw it up.

“The right ones.” He tries not to sound proud. He should have bought the right ones the first time.

“Can you take him?” Scully gets up with difficulty and hands Mulder the baby.

“Hey buddy.” William’s eyes grow big and he starts kicking his tiny feet joyfully. At least someone’s glad he is around, Mulder thinks.

“I’d like to take a shower,” Scully says shrugging off her robe right there in the middle of the nursery, “can you watch him for ten minutes? Maybe change him into a fitting diaper.” To his greatest surprise, Scully smiles at him. It’s tired and small, but it’s there.

“Sure, we’ll be fine.” He isn’t sure that’s the truth, but Scully believes him, and shuffles off into the bathroom. A few moments later he hears the shower come on.

“All right, buddy. Your mom says you need a new diaper,” Mulder tells William in a gentle voice, quickly undressing him and taking off the diaper. The boy hates the changing table, is much rather upright where he can see the world, his curious eyes always finding something new. “You’ll grow into these one day, Willy boy,” his son squeaks and Mulder nods at him, “I hope your mom lets me stay around long enough to see it. I’m not exactly father of the year, huh?” Mulder quickly puts one of the new diapers on his son, fastens it, and marvels at his accomplishment until William reminds him that he’s still there, too.

“Right. Let’s put your clothes back on. You know, I bought you something today that you’ll love. I hope you do, anyway. You’re half Scully, so I guess skepticism is part of your genetic make-up. But you’re also part me,” Mulder whispers and grins at William, who seems to have forgotten that he’s on the hated changing table, staring up at his father, listening intently to his words, “so I thought you’d like something that’s a bit more out there. I know your mom prefers these plain things saying you don’t know the difference yet anyway, but it’s never too early to start, right?” With one hand on his son’s stomach, Mulder rummages through his shopping bag. He takes out the bib he bought earlier, shows it to William who pushes his tiny arms into the air, trying to grab it.

“No, no. It’s something you wear.” Carefully, Mulder puts the bib around William’s neck. The boy gurgles, kicks his arms and legs. “You like it, huh? Yeah, me too. Looks good on you. I may not be the best, most organized dad around, Will. But I love you so much. More than I ever thought possible. I love you to the moon and back,” Mulder says, leaving kisses on his son’s stomach, who squeals in delight. “I might send you to school without lunch, but I’ll never not answer any of your questions. If your mom lets me, I’ll tell you all about these planets here, the moon and the stars. All of it, William.”

“Even about the aliens, Mulder?” Scully joins them and Will grins when he sees his mother, gurgling his own version of hello. She sneaks an arm around Mulder’s waist, leaning heavily against him. Her hair is still wet, but she smells great and he leans down, kisses her head.

“If you let me.” He whispers into her hair, closing his eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I, Mulder?”

“I’m not exactly good at this, Scully. If you haven’t noticed.” She leans away from him, picks up William. She straightens the bib, smiles at it, and Mulder just watches the two people who mean the world to him. Scully looks up at him a moment later and hands their son to him.

“Mulder, you bought the wrong diapers. It’s not the end of the world.” She tells him as she puts on a new pair of pajamas.

“Don’t you remember when I tried to do laundry the other day?” He’d rather not think about it.

“So what? Mulder, you were tired. We’ll be tired for a while. We’ll both make mistakes.”

“You won’t.” She chuckles without looking at him.

“Mulder, you’re the only one who can calm William down when he gets into one of his crying fits. Look at him,” they both glance at their son, asleep in Mulder’s arms, “this only happens when you hold him. You might not be good at shopping, but Mulder you’ve never been good at that. I don’t expect you to be anyone else. You’re a wonderful father.”

“I am?”

“Yes,” Scully whispers, stroking the arms that hold William, “you are. I love the bib you bought, Mulder.” Her fingers trace the symbols on the fabric, the smile never leaving her face.

“You know what, Scully?” He waits until she lifts her eyes, looks at him. “I love you to the moon and back, too.”

She grins, gets on tiptoe, and her lips against his, answers his sentiment with a kiss.  

Anonymous said: Hi! Can you write a scenario about todoroki pining after a girl from another class please? 

Yesss, I can! When I saw your request, Anon, I immediately thought of Class 1-B for the other class, and I hope this is okay with you <3 this was really fun to write

Warnings: Spoilers for Sports Festival Arc and Class 1-A’s hero names.

“Oh, if it isn’t Class 1-A,” Monoma sneered, gripping the sides of his lunch tray as he gleefully interrupted the conversation between Todoroki, Midoriya, and Iida, pausing beside their table to eye them with a mocking stare. “How did your class do on the exams? From what I hear, some of you didn’t—” He made a sudden and strangled noise.

Behind Monoma, Kendou pushed her lunch tray into his back, smiling apologetically at the three seated at the table. “Sorry about this one. He thinks everything’s a competition,” she said, nudging Monoma with her tray for him to keep walking.

Once they were gone, Midoriya promptly picked up on where the table’s conversation had left off.

“What would Kacchan’s hero name be? Going by the names he suggested to Midnight, probably something scary…” he muttered, chin resting on one hand.

“Or related to his quirk,” Iida chimed in, arranging his orange peel into a neat pile on his tray. “We’re fortunate to have teachers that let Bakugou take his time in choosing a hero name, but I do hope he chooses it soon. Our hero names identify us, and we can’t keep continuing to call him by his name only.”

“No, I think that could work!” Midoriya said, excited. “Todoroki goes by his own name for his hero name. What do you think, Todoroki?” Midoriya turned expectantly to Todoroki, only to find him looking away from their table, his interest in the topic having waned when he’d seen Monoma and Kendou sit at your table.

He had to do a double take before he held both Midoriya and Iida’s questioning—and curious—gazes, and Todoroki quickly pieced together all that he could from their conversation (since he hadn’t been paying attention too closely).

“I think Bakugou would rather choose ‘King Explosion Murder’ again than follow what I did with my hero name,” Todoroki remarked, and Midoriya nodded, briefly in thought.

“Yeah, Kacchan would hate if he copied anybody,” he agreed, pausing before he looked up at Todoroki. “I’ve been wondering for some time now, but… do you happen to know anybody from Class 1-B, Todoroki?” And realizing what he’d asked, Midoriya was wide-eyed, adding, “I know we haven’t spent much time with them, being in different classes! But there’s that girl from their class that you seem close to.”

Midoriya cast a knowing glance to your table, and Todoroki wanted to sigh at himself for being so obvious. Even Iida had stopped eating to listen in.

“We’re not close, and no, I don’t know anybody,” Todoroki said. “I’ve only talked to her when our class was with Class 1-B.” 

He was telling the truth, save for some details he thought Midoriya and Iida didn’t have to know.

Todoroki had met you first at the sports festival when you’d congratulated him on winning second place overall. He’d been staring at the silver medal in his palm. It was hardly a meeting to remember, considering he was in a daze that hadn’t been broken until after the sports festival was over.

It was during his second time meeting you that Todoroki had actually talked to you. Class 1-A and Class 1-B were having a class together, and you’d approached him and asked if he wanted to do part of the class assignment with you.

Before he knew it, Todoroki was talking to you in every class Class 1-A and Class 1-B had together, ignoring the supposed rivalry between the classes, which was now more of a problem than it ever had been.

Most of Class 1-B didn’t like Class 1-A, including Todoroki, or especially him.

Because he liked you, and he didn’t care about the rivalry.

With unreadable expressions, Midoriya and Iida sat in silence, but then Iida made a frantic hand gesture, nearly knocking over his glass. “As class president, I am ashamed! I should be bridging the gap between our class and Class 1-B, just as you’ve been doing, Todoroki!” he said, standing up determinedly. “I will speak with Kendou about getting our classes together to sort this out!”

Just as he was about to turn away, Midoriya’s hand shot out to latch onto his wrist. “You don’t have to do that, Iida!” Midoriya said worriedly, letting go of Iida’s wrist only when he was sitting at their table again. “Besides… I think it’ll be a while before their feelings about us change.” he continued, his smile losing some of its earlier brightness, and if he hadn’t stopped Iida from going over to your table, Todoroki would have.

He wasn’t trying to bridge the gap between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, as Iida had praised him for doing. Just by talking with you so frequently, he thought he was probably widening it instead, and that meant that whatever Class 1-B had against them, it’d be staying, at least for now.

Looking ready to reply, Iida opened his mouth when the ringing of the lunch bell cut sharply into the conversation, putting it on hold as hands reached for trays, and Todoroki, already feeling drained, left for the exit he knew Midoriya and Iida weren’t using, just to avoid any more questions they had about you.

“Hey, Todoroki!” called a cheery voice.

Todoroki’s eyes darted to your familiar figure beside him, and he slowed down his pace to match yours, saying your name in surprise.

“Want to walk to class together?” you asked, smiling.

For the first time, Todoroki desperately wished you were in the same class as him.


Director Tada Shunsuke’s KnB: Last Game Interview in Animage May 2017


Director’s Eye Re: Akashi

“In the TV series where Akashi fought with Kuroko and Seirin, his personality changed from “Boku” to “Ore”. This time, we start out with the “Ore” Akashi, but he decided that he wouldn’t be able to win against Nash that way, so “Boku” Akashi comes out. From the very beginning, we already decided that we wanted to play what we, in the studio call “The Akashi Empire Theme Song” (i.e. KnB Soundtrack Vol. 3: The Emperor of Creation) during that scene. In the actual dubbing, and while it was myself who decided on it, the moment the music played I excitedly went “Boku Akashi kitaaa—-!!!” (laughs). I think it was a super cool scene and one with a great tempo. I think the part to look forward to with Akashi is definitely that both Akashis will come out during the match.”

Director’s Eye Re: Nash

“To put it frankly, I didn’t have much planned for Nash before we started recording except for the note that he’s the strongest enemy. However, the acting of Mr. Midorikawa (Hikaru) was so wonderful that I got heavily involved in the film processing and the animation to show Nash more charmingly. I think rather than at first sight…. You’ll be able to tell his superior coolness akin to that of the main characters if you watch it two or three more times. In the end though, Nash is of a standing as the enemy of the Vorpal Swords but he’s also an important character who clashes with Akashi, the playmaker. Also, the new music created for the movie was primarily created around/for Nash and the others so when you hear the music being played, you kind of feel the fear that Nash is out to get the Vorpal Swords again. Music-wise, I feel pretty accomplished.”

YEEEEEEEE. I came here for the Nash vs. Akashi and stayed for the interview. IDK, it’s always so interesting to read how the staff and cast feel about the characters and how they felt while creating the movie because god did the movie give me feels. 

It’s funny though because Director Tada is obsessed with Nash vs. Akashi (AHH it was great) and he said that we’ll get to read about that more in the cast comment give-away for the 7th week of the movie. I’m excited! Though I will go out of country on May…. I may be able to watch it one or two more times before leaving (;w; ). 

BTW, I love the spread with both of their “4” being visible on purpose. The black and white differentiation and the demon king vs the emperor… (*A* )

Translation under the cut

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