i think willows gonna have brown eyes

coma606  asked:

Female! Brown hair with bangs (probably gonna dye it blue or silver). I like indie music and napping. I can cook fairly well. I’d take you where ever you wanted. I LOVE coffee. I enjoy experimenting with make up. I’m an artist and my favourite time of year is Halloween. I have really blue eyes. I have 2 piercings in my right ear. I love cats and own 3. Oh and my name is Willow. I think that’s it aha

//you have to send me a picture when you dye your hair!! I’d love to see it, I like all types of music and naps are the best. I’d have to try some of your cooking then, and are you sure you’d take me wherever I’d want to go. I’m pretty indecisive… I like coffee and tea, all I can do is eyeliner. So many talented artists! Oh well then happy Halloween from England because it’s stupid o'clock. (1:15am 31st of October). Piercings! Cats! Willow, such a pretty name ^^.