i think what's so wonderful about this scene is that as teenagers we don't realise

smut fic and underage readers 

i don’t know if anyone is going to get what i’m saying here but it’s been on my mind for the last couple of days and i wanna know if other writers feel the same way. please, please feel free to reply or add on, but also to message me or send me an ask

this is open to all fandoms, i’d love for people to reblog and talk about it. i’m just rambling, really, but i’d love for people to read it and give me their thoughts if they can. 

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okay so I absolutely ADORED the single parent akaashi meeting s/o on the train and I was wondering if you can possibly do a part 2?? thank you in advance wether you do or don't!!!

//(Part 1) – For those who want it and just a reminder the daughters name is (A) and female pronouns for the s/o

“I would love to talk to you more”

Words that slipped out by accident from his mouth, words that came easily. Yet here he was 3 days later and staring at the card. (A) was playing with her grandfather and Akaashi Keiji sat on the sofa, phone in one hand and card in the other. This is easier said than done, thought Keiji his brow furrowed. What was he to even say, hell or even do? He wasn’t as suave as he would like to be nor was he that shy, however in this situation he found that he wasn’t as confident as he used to be.

He sighed lightly and his gaze set upon his father and his daughter playing with her toys. It was a sweet scene, a beautiful scene he was grateful to have. Just as he decided to get up, his phone began to buzz. Constant messages began to invade his phone and he knew who it was instantly. Sometimes he wished that Bokuto would just type in full paragraphs.

Text Message:

Bokuto Koutarou


-Want to see (A)

-And you


-Let’s do something

-Let’s go somewhere


Just as he opened the messages, his heart skipped a beat at “zoo”. A light blush tainted his face as (Name) entered his mind. Just as he was about to reply, Bokuto was already making other plans.

Text Message:



-let’s do it

-Will meet at your house

-Also don’t get mad

-Got (A) a new dress

-I know she’s got loads but this was too adorable

Smiling lightly, Keiji couldn’t help but feel thankful for Bokuto as a friend. Although he wasn’t going to deny that he would’ve liked to go to the zoo, he was always grateful for a friend that still stayed with him. The fact is Keiji is a young single father, most of his friends… Have gone. Of course it hurt him, it’s not like they mattered in the end. Those who stayed were supportive and adored (A), even going out of their way to help Keiji, not that he needed it, he was lucky to have an understanding family. His fleeting friends just felt weirded out, felt like he was a different person. In a way, he was, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. To him, he knew he would never stay the same with or without a child and if they were really his friends they would have been a little more understanding. Especially since (A) is his world. He never asked for handouts, like Bokuto or his friends buying this for (A), but they just did not. Not because of pity, but because they loved him and (A), which is something he is completely grateful for.

Thinking about this, he realised he had not yet replied, he was still getting messages from Bokuto, worried that Keiji didn’t want to go out. He replied with a yes and took a photo of (A) at the current moment and put his phone down with another smile. (A) ran over to her father with open arms, babbling about flowers and her grandfather. Lifting (A) up onto his knee he planted her little face with kisses.

“What’s this, a calling card? Are we going to get robbed by a cat burglar? That would be pretty interesting.”

Keiji’s father asked, picking up (Name)’s card and sitting on the sofa beside Keiji. Blushing Keiji said nothing and continued to hold (A). But his father knew that look and sighed in relief. He put his arm around Keiji and kissed him on the head then focused back to (A). His father prayed for a new partner in Keiji’s life and was pleased to gossip about it to his wife, but didn’t push it further.

Later that night, with (A) well underway to sleeping, Keiji sat on his bed finding himself texting (Name).

Akaashi Keiji:

-Hi, (Name). It’s Akaashi Keiji from the train a few days ago… I know it’s sudden but I thought I should… Say something. So… Hi.

Within 10 minutes of no reply, Keiji realised how silly he was. He was clutching onto his phone like a teenager, desperately praying for a response. Sighing, he put his phone on charge and decided to try and get some sleep. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much. The whole night he kept thinking about how silly he was, that of course a person like (Name) wouldn’t want to get involved with a single father. Even as a friend. Filled with self-pity he couldn’t help but mope a little as he got ready in the morning.

He found that his mother had already gotten (A) up and ready for breakfast. The morning passed quickly with (Name) excitedly drew some pictures for her uncle Bokuto. Just as Keiji finished packing things for the trip, Bokuto came bursting through the door.


He called, as he took his shoes off.

“Welcome, Bokuto”

Keiji’s mother said, a smile on her face. After some more talking, and a show off of the new dress, they were on their way. By time they got there, Keiji was already tired. He couldn’t stop feeling very foolish over the text message. If anything part of him wished they ended up going to the zoo. Or not, because evidentially, (Name) didn’t feel the same. As he paid in, (A) and Bokuto ran onwards, with (A) on his shoulders.

Just as Keiji caught up with Bokuto he heard a familiar voice.

“Wow, cheating on my zoo with the aquarium, how very rude.”

Turning around, he was shocked to see that it really was (Name) talking to him. It was almost like a breath of fresh air, but he couldn’t help but feel a little silly.

“Not even going to deny it, I’m hurt”

She continued with a smile. But it eventually went away when Keiji just stared at her.

“I’m kidding but yeah… Hi”

“I… I never thought I’d see you here today”

“Really? Bokuto told me to come”


The shock made him sweep his manners out of the table, he couldn’t help but feel surprised. He turned around and saw Bokuto, (Name) and a friend of Bokuto’s peering out from a corner, giving the thumbs up. After being explained the situation, it turns out Bokuto was friends with a friend of (Name)’s who heard the story from the friend and they decided to become cupid. Getting over the embarrassment, Keiji apologised for being rude.

After a while, Keiji couldn’t help but feel awkward. (A), Bokuto and his friend were on ahead as Keiji walked silently with (Name). He was not mentally prepared for this. Especially since he thought he had no chance.


(Name) began, trying to start a conversation. Keiji decided it was far too complicated to just keep things bottled up.

“So… I’m glad to see you. In fact besides the initial surprise of meeting up again, I’m surprised… You wanted to meet up.”

“What? Why wouldn’t I?”

What the hell, Keiji thought with a sigh escaping from his mouth. After all, if he was ever going to get into another relationship again, he was going to make sure it’s serious.

“Well because… It might be because I was feeling a little insecure. After all, I never properly talked to you after on the train, and I never got to properly thank you. I have wanted to talk to you more but then last night I realised why you wouldn’t want to. I’m a single dad, while you’re a smart young woman who has the world as her oyster. No need to complicate your life with a friend that has a child-“

“Let me just stop you there,”

(Name) interrupted stopping in her tracks,

“I understand how you feel and I empathise however before you go on, I want to let you know that I never got to reply because I’m hopeless and never got to top up my phone. You don’t have to worry and make up about things that I -may- think, which by the way, you’re so wrong… I’ll tell you what I think. I think you’re really awesome, it’s awful and this is obviously not the right moment, but I think I have developed a crush on you. I know you don’t have to feel the same and this is honestly all very adult like, but I’ve developed a crush on you despite you having a child. You’re far too hard on yourself.”

She said, shocking Keiji again. She stood in front of him and lightly tugged on his hand. Enveloping her fingers with him, (Name)’s face tomato red.

“And if you really want to thank me, you can take me on a proper d-date. Just you and me”

Just like that, Keiji’s heart did a turn and a smile played on his lips. All the worry, insecurities and anxiousness just melted away just by one short speech.

“I would like that.”