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Off topic question but in your opinion do you think Keith's dad is Asian? Because when I first saw him he didn't really look it to me but I talked to my friend and also everyone says he likes like Shiro so guess he is but I just felt like your opinion would be good too?? Idk

Oh yeah tbh I totally believe the whole theory going around that Shiro and Keith’s dad are brothers or something, given that the Shiro in the 80′s Voltron had a twin, and I don’t think them looking similar was a mistake or something just done just because.

And tbh that’s really the only reason I can think of that Shiro and Keith would even have a brotherly relationship? Is if they were related somehow???

But on another note I’m really flattered you value my opinion on the matter. I am a very pleased potato puff rn♥

Recently I’ve seen lot of posts where McGonagall freaks out when Harry’s children start Hogwarts and I know it sounds funny but it really bothers me that some people think this is something she would do. 

Let’s just remember that she:

- fought and survived THREE wars.
- had to deal with the marauders AND Voldemort’s inner circle when they were young.
- kept the Weasley twins at bay. 
- perfectly managed a school full of teenagers when every year a psychopath tried to kill Harry.
- had to bury most of her dearest and brilliant students.
- had to deal with the fact she is one of the main reasons why the Death Eaters were really good, she taught them well and then used this knowledge to kill.
- spent months living in constant mortal peril when Snape was headmaster and never cared about her safety, her main concern were her students.
- was only “defeated” once and it was because she was fighting against FOUR Aurors when they tried to arrest Hagrid. 
- was feared and respected even by the Death Eaters and the corrupted Ministry of Magic. 
- classy dealt with Dolores Umbridge even when her career was in danger.

Do you really think she would be scared of a bunch of kids just for their last name?!

Come on! She will be like “Finally! I was getting really bored”.

Those children are so not ready for Minerva “McBadass” McGonagall.

The next gen according to fanfiction
  • Al: I am NOT my father!!!
  • Scorpius: I am NOT my father!!! Or maybe I am?????
  • Rose: I am Hermione with red hair!
  • James: I may possibly be a bigger dick than my namesakes were at this age!
  • Lily Luna: I'm a tomboy with a secret girly streak that something inevitably horrific will happen to.
  • Hugo: I'm basically my dad except with a sixth year reading level. Go Chudley--wait, Lil, I think that's a bad idea!
  • Teddy: I am blue-haired and perfect. *ruffles random weasley-potter child's hair*
  • Fred: I am a clone of my father's twin and James' accomplice.
  • Roxanne: ?????????? I exist???? Maybe????
  • Victoire: I'm a vain yet good-natured popular girl like my mom. Parlez-vous francais?
  • Dominique: Punk rock!
  • Louis: Bow, peasants! No? Fan club, attack!
  • Molly: Untwist my knickers? When goblins fly!
  • Lucy: ??????????????????????????????????? My name makes me sound like a little girl no matter what my actual age is????
  • Lorcan: The nargles stole my shoes.
  • Lysander: Mine too.

hiya hey hey! thank you for your kind words, anon! double MC deluxe comin at cha! •ᴥ•


- not literally but
- what if he accidentally kisses your twin or something he’d feel so bad
- thinks it’s so funny when they say something they don’t like about each other because they literally have the same features
- he likes to hear embarrassing stories from your sister about when you guys were kids
- thinks it’s nice the fact you’ve always had a friend that understood you
- he wish he had that with his brother, twin or not

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Anna and Elsa Vs. The Stan Twins

Hey everyone! So I watched Frozen last week and as I was watching it I realized that Anna and Elsa have some BIG parallels to the Stan twins from Gravity Falls and I really want to share my findings

Here’s what I noticed:

1. They had a close bond as kids

2. Something occurred between them that caused Ford and Elsa to push their sibling away from them. Stan and Anna were away from their sibling for a while. They really missed their sibling. 

3. Elsa and Ford both enjoy life on their own and think they found where they belong. 

4. Stan and Anna go visit their sibling, but it turns out to be a disaster. They both get hurt by their sibling. 

5. Stan and Anna sacrifice themselves just for their sibling, despite them not being so nice to them before.

6. Ford and Elsa huge their siblings, realizing just how much they care for them, feeling bad for their mistakes

Finally 7. stan and anna are fixed and things cool between the siblings. They start to bond again

Wow. They have so many parallels. My mind is blown. 

“I Think We Were Meant to Be” (Jay Park)

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    “Hey babe, what do you think of these?” you asked, examining the Nikes in the mirror. “I like them a lot and they’re really comfy, but I’m not sure if I like them better than that red pair.”

    “One sec.” After a couple moments you heard footsteps and turned to see Jay rounding the display. “Well,” he said. “I like them.” He pointed at the shoes on his own feet, which were the men’s equivalent of the ones you had on and looked almost exactly the same, down to the color.

    You laughed. “Sometimes I think we’re twins, not lovers.”

    He cringed. “Yo, this isn’t Game of Thrones or something. That’s nasty!”

    You laughed. “Sorry, sorry. Anyway, should I get them?”

    “Yes, and then I’ll get these and we can be the most cheesy, cliche couple in the book.”

    You smiled. “That sounds good to me.”

    Ten minutes later you were walking down the street in your new marching Nikes. You slipped your hand into Jay’s, leaning over to kiss his cheek before asking, “Shall we get something to eat?”

    “I’m always good with that,” he said. “What do you want to have?”

    You considered. “Hmm… You pick.”

    “You sure?” he asked and you nodded. “Okay. How about… Mexican?”

    “Seriously?” you said. “That’s what I was thinking!”

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i love your writing! can you write something based on the finale? maybe something with caroline's thoughts? thanks!

So, this is what I came up with. Not sure what I think, but thank you, lovely! Hope you like this baby bit (it’s less than 1K, that counts!). TVD spoilers ahead!

ff. ao3.

It’s Alaric’s turn to have the twins, and he’s decided to take them on a trip. To Disneyland, apparently, and she knew how excited the two of them were. They’d smiled and hugged her, eyes bright, and smiles even wider, before she’d let them go, making them promise to use their dad’s phone to call her to let it know how it went tomorrow.

Alaric had offered for her to join them.

“You could, you know,” he’d trailed off, paused slightly, “You could come with us. The girls would love to have you.”

Caroline thinks his eyes almost look hopeful, and that’s the reason she has to say no.

“Sorry,” she’d apologised, “There’s some paperwork what needs filling out for the school, and Jeremy wanted to talk to me about something.”

He accepts that, and she hugs Josie and Lizzie before she watches them drive away, a light sigh escaping her, because despite everything she’d once said, they were hers. She was a mother (if even a few years earlier than she’d have liked, but she has an eternity, with nothing but time to live her life and travel later), and they needed her.

She’s stopped by the someone on her way in, her mail recently being delivered. He stumbles slightly (she thinks he’s new), but she smiles, as she bends to pick it up. She falls short once she sees the once familiar envelope, with some very oddly familiar handwriting. It has a red clip, that she’s only seen once before, with what feels like a million years ago.

She swears her hand shakes, as she undoes the envelope quickly, though her lips quirk up. If even involuntary.

Her eyes blink down at the piece of paper in front of her, and then her eyes widen when she realises what it says.

3 million dollars.

He sent her a cheque for 3 million dollars, because he’d heard that she’d needed it.

(Or was it that he still kept tabs on her, even now, when he knew she’d got married?)

Reaching for the letter, she puts aside the cheque, because she has to admit, she’s more than a little curious as to why he’d send her this. Now.

Dearest Caroline,

I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person, someday…

However long it takes.



Honestly? She’s not sure what to make of it. At all.

But it brings back a feeling, something she hadn’t felt in a while. Hope.

And without realising it, her hands are trembling as they reach for a phone, dialling a number she hadn’t in almost 3 (or was it 4, now?) years. The answer is immediate, and his voice fills through the speaker. She’d never admit it to anyone, but she’s missed that voice.

His voice is almost amused when he speaks, butting in before she can even say hello, though there’s joy and smugness in there that only Klaus Mikaelson can manage.

“Are you going to throw this express of my wealth back in my face, too?”

She has to laugh at that.

“Can’t exactly throw anything back at your face over the phone, Klaus,” she murmurs.

“That can always be rectified,” is the response she gets.

She grins.

And as they say, that is just the beginning of a new story.

Remus Lupin Imagine: “Misunderstanding”

Could you do a Remus lupin Imagine where the Reader is Sirius twin and the other three marauders tease the Reader because she has a crush on Remus and one day he overhears them teasing her but he thinks they Are all making fun of him for Liking her and he storms of and the reader runs after him and explains the situation and they Kiss and it’s all fluff?

Requested by anon

Notes: female reader

Remus heard the voice of whom he had fallen in love with. He felt his heart pounding strongly, excited to think that he may be able to talk to [y/n] Black, Sirius’s twin sister. However, it wasn’t long until he distinguished more familiar voices: the marauders. His friends were chatting with his crush. He was about to join them when he overheard James joshing amused, “Oh, come on, [y/n]. It isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

“Yes, Remus is a nice guy,” reassured Peter.

I am the topic of discussion?, wondered Remus, not voicing his question out loud. Curiously, the gryffindor hid behind the corner and listened closely to the conversation.

“That’s right! He’ll probably give you all the chocolate of the world and lend you his sweaters,” teased Sirius.

“That’s enough!” [y/n] barked at her brother’s comment as her cheeks turned cherry pink.

“Easy, sis. We are only speaking the truth.”

Remus realized it then: his friends were mocking him for liking [y/n] Black. He felt betrayed. He felt embarrassed. Before he knew what he was doing, Lupin got out of his hideout and told them, averting [y/n]’s [y/e/c] eyes, “You know? When I told you about my crush I never thought you’d tell her behind my back and make fun of me during the process. I guess I was wrong.”

His voice had been as cold as ever and his eyes held so much hurt it was painful to look straight back at him without feeling guilty. James, Peter and Sirius stood with their mouths ajar, too shocked to reply; and [y/n] was still trying to assimilate what he had just said. Remus didn’t grant them time to recover. He simply stormed off. When Sirius’s twin sister finally understood what was going on, she ran after him with all her might.

It wasn’t very difficult to find him. She had noticed he tended to go outside when he was upset, and this time it was no different. The boy was leaning against a tree, staring at the Black Lake, lost in his own thoughts. It was a little chilly and the sun was near to setting, but [y/n] didn’t care about that.  She approached him slowly and put a hand on his shoulder, so as not to startle him. He flinched on instinct anyway, and when he locked eyes with her, he became visibly nervous and stammered, “[Y/n]! I-I am s-so sorry for storming off like that w-without telling you anything… I… I just… Er, what I mean is that-“

“Remus,” the girl cut him off when she noticed his discomfort. “It’s fine. I understand why you did it. I just wanted make sure you were fine.”

“I am,” he quickly guaranteed, attempting to sound confident yet failing miserably.

“No, you aren’t,” countered back [y/n].

Lupin said nothing then, nay he averted her eyes and stared at the grass, hoping she’d simply leave before the last traces of dignity he still carried with him faded away. Nevertheless, [y/n] was just as stubborn and as sharp as her brother. She couldn’t leave him alone without offering him an explanation. She couldn’t let him think that his own friends were mocking him, when the truth couldn’t be farther from that. Inhaling deeply, [y/n] gathered all the gryffindor courage she needed and spoke up soflty, “Remus, you misunderstood your friends.”

“I think I didn’t, [y/n],” he said with hints of resentment. “They had no right to tell you that I fancied you. Friends are supposed to keep secrets, not stab you in the back.”

Black ignored her burning cheeks when he confessed he liked her, again. She certainly wasn’t used to anybody admitting they cared for her, let alone claiming they had feelings for her.

“Your friends were teasing me, not you.”


Lupin was begging Black now, desperately yearning to forget all the drama. He still didn’t believe her. She saw it in his eyes. Thus, she told him, “It is true! Look, my brother is a downright idiot! And James and Peter can be infuriating too, but they would never betray you like that! They didn’t say anything about your feelings, Remus. They were joshing me because I have the biggest crush on you. You know them. Teasing is their favorite pastime. They weren’t mocking you, Remus. They are good friends, despite behaving like immature hormonal silly teenagers.”

[Y/n] had expected Remus to chuckle at her last statement. She had expected to see his radiant smile, that smile that drove her crazy and made her feel lighter. However, he did none of that. In fact, he was staring at her intently; his green eyes tinted with… hope? That was when [y/n] felt his lips upon hers. It was only a brush of lips, as if he was asking for permission, and she granted him just that. They kissed tentatively, a spark of electricity jolting through them before Lupin pulled away, knowing he had just experienced the best thing in life.

“So…” he began, nerves eating him alive.

He knew he had to ask her out. It was now or never.

“So…” she replied in the same tone.

“I liked that,” he confessed.

“Me too…” she whispered with glowing eyes.

“It was all a misunderstanding?” he asked, searching for reassurance.


He was relieved, the girl could tell so by the way his eyes were sparkling. [Y/n] knew that if she kept staring at his green orbs, she would get lost in them. There was a part of her that didn’t mind that. Her thoughts were interrupted by Lupin asking nervously, “Do you think that we can go to Hogsmeade together, maybe?”

“Only if it is a date,” she dared in a cheeky tone.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, [y/n].”

And he finally smiled the way that [y/n] Black loved. Remus suddenly felt grateful he had misunderstood his friends. After all, he had gained a kiss and a date with the most bewitching girl of the school in exchange. 

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Do you think Joanna made a mistake when she didn't notify Tywin about the incest? As a father, he had the right to know about it I think.

The thing is, I think, that the twins were (ETA: seven!) (I don’t think Joanna believed that Jaime and Cersei really understood what they were doing, or that it was not a one-off incident), and that pesky gendered power structure means that telling Tywin what was going on is inherently an escalation of discipline.

In telling Tywin, Joanna wouldn’t be just a woman telling her partner that she found out the kids were doing something very disturbing today, but a lady telling her lord that his heir and his prized daughter were engaging in behaviour that could compromise the future of their House, and that she, the mistress of the household, cannot handle it herself. It takes Cersei and Jaime’s behaviour out of the realm of domestic infractions and into the realm of potential political liabilities.

Telling Tywin would be the right thing to do if he and Joanna were equal partners in the family. But the patriarchal power structure means that they’re not. So I understand why she didn’t think it was the best course of action.

A Future Love // G.D

Please do a grayson dolan imagine where you are both youtubers and you collab and fans ship you together and then he hints that he likes you in a video :) . I really like your writing btw like your writing style is amazing keep writing amazing imagines ❤️

a/n : thanks for the request babe, sorry that it’s really late. ily. it is also going to be a little short since I’m trying something different. you are my test imagine, if you guys like it i’ll write like this and the imagines will be longer. 

a/n : also trying a new writing style, new perspective let me know what you think. feedback would be nice, tell me if you like this better. 

Boy : Grayson Dolan 

Warnings : none 

He couldn’t contain himself when she had asked him and his brother to collab on a video. He didn’t think she knew who the Dolan Twins were. It was something out of a dream. Y/N knew who he was. 

And when he stood in front of her apartment door he hesitated. The butterfly’s here taking flight in his tummy. He took a few deep breaths trying to calm himself, he reached up knocking on the door. 

The door swings open a few seconds later. He couldn’t help but smile brightly at her. He quickly took in her appearance. She was wearing black cropped workout leggings and a teal PINK short sleeved top. 

She looked stunning. Even with her hair in her signature messy bun.

“Come in.” She beamed inviting him in. 

“Thanks.” He said in a nervous tone. 

“You ready?” 

“Let’s do it.”

“WE HIT 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!” The 2 excited teenagers yell. “And for a little bonus video of this week, we decided to do another Q&A.” 

“So the first question comes from @ hotfordolans and she wants to know what 3 things could you not live without?” Grayson reads. “I say my phone, YouTube and you guys.” 

“Since Grayson’s a douche and forgot to mention me-”

“It’s only 3 things-” Grayson interrupts. 

“Shut up. Anyways, I’m going to say my hair dye, YouTube and you guys as well.” Ethan laughs. 

“You can’t say the same things as me.” Grayson mumbles. 

“Next question. Why aren’t you and Y/N dating yet you guys are so cute. I ship it…”

“SHIP WHERE?” Both boys say bursting out laughing. 

“Gray I’m guessing this question is for you.”

“I mean, she’s honestly so gorgeous, and yeah maybe we’ll end up dating in the future.” He winks to the camera. 

“Grayson has a crush guys.” 

“I mean, I’d call it more than a crush but okay.”

“Well there you have it.” Ethan announces in a deeper voice. 

Grayson looks down at his lap, his mind going back to the day where Y/N and him had made a video. That day felt like a blur to him but it was clear in his mind. There was chemistry between the two of them for sure, and he’s right maybe they will date in the future. 

McLennon - oh those early days
  • john: *in his room making out with paul*
  • paul: shit i think i heard something
  • john: oh fuck it's mimi *shoves paul into his closet*
  • mimi: *bursts in and sees john's idiotic grin* why so gay?
  • john: whAT?!
  • mimi: you know, happy? you were looking real happy just a second ago
  • john: *sweating nervously* no reason.
  • mimi: *looking suspicious* .... okay ......?
  • john: wwwhat??
  • mimi: you're acting so queer
  • john: whAT???
  • mimi: y'know, as in weird?
  • john: *sweating really nervously* oh.
  • mimi: *getting even more suspicious* you haven't been on a bender, have you?
  • john: *red as a tomato* WHAT. aRE. yoU. TALKING, abOUT??
  • mimi: drinking, john! have you been drinking??
  • john: *shouting a bit too loudly voice screeching* NO!!!
  • mimi: *steps closer sniffing* ugh you smell like a fag
  • john: MIMI WHAT THE HELL!!?
  • mimi: you haven't been up for a puff, have you??
  • mimi: cigarettes, young man? have you been smoking??
  • john: OH MY GOD
  • paul: *can't help but laugh*
  • mimi: what-... what is paul doing in the closet?
  • john: *getting really red and sweating like a pig*
  • mimi: paul why won't you come out of the closet??
  • paul: *steps out*
  • mimi: *stares at them for a moment* *realization hits* OH.
  • john:
  • paul:
  • mimi: you're fairies! and NO, i'm not talking about the magical creatures!
  • john: MIMI, I'm -
  • mimi: no you shut your mouth! i'm going to go downstairs to cook some food, and when i'm ready you better ask your boyfriend to stay for a dinner, okay??
  • john: WHAT???
  • paul: *giggling* yeah john be a fucking gentleman for once, yeah?

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I know this may sound stupid or something, and I'll guess you'll disagree with me in some way. But in my opinion, if Undertaker were to really help Ciel's twin get revenge on our sweet lil's brat Ciel, I think I'd lose some of the "respect" for him, and Idk how I should feel about him then. I mean, him not caring about random people dying is one thing, but if he went out of his way to help RCiel, to get revenge by helping him killing Soma/Agni, I don't think I could be that fond of him anymore.

Hey Anon and that’s totally okay, no matter if I agree or not, you’re free to have your own opinion. :) However, that’s kinda funny because I really don’t disagree with you there anyway. xD

Basically, I meant every word I said on that post (to the second Anon) about hoping that the 2CT becoming canon won’t debunk some characterizations, namely Lizzie’s and UT’s, knowing that I wrote my worst case scenario for the two of them (so everything that I don’t want to see) here.

If I have to be honest, I’m not so worried about Lizzie as I explained already [x] unless Yana really intends on writing her as shallow, but I’m a bit more scared about UT’s character, seeing as it’s really hard to see where he even fits in the arc so far. 

Simply, after the last chapter, I can’t be sure of anything anymore. After all, if we look at what we were told about UT’s character, namely:

  • that he has a strong and emotional link to Ciel’s family, probably because of Claudia initially
  • that he cared about Vincent a lot
  • + that he more or less showed that he cared his own way about our! Ciel [x]
  • and that he doesn’t really seem to like the contract to Sebastian, even if Seb makes for a good protector for the time being

…it seems completely OOC for him (imo) to just help the Twin in his possible revenge against our!Ciel (taking Lizzie away from him + trying to kill Soma) when he says things like…

So really, seeing as they’re both Vincent’s son, I don’t see why UT would favor any of the twins in particular and I understand even less why he’d purposedly help the Twin get his revenge over his brother when said brother is already endangered by a demonic contract.

…Unless UT is trying to teach our!Ciel a lesson because, by taking Lizzie away and hurting Soma (one of the few friends Ciel has even if he doesn’t refer to him as such), he wants our!Ciel to realize that revenge isn’t the only thing he cares about in his life…

…which could lead later to Ciel possibly reflecting about all the choices he made so far (like the contract to Seb for example, if his character development goes down this road), but even with this idea, it means that UT is basically using the Twin which… doesn’t really make sense either, if we supposedly understood that UT liked the entire Phantomhive family enough to try helping them so that they wouldn’t all suffer from the same painful fate.  

Basically, UT wanting to bring back the twin makes sense since he’s a Phantomhive, but UT helping the twin attack his brother (even if just indirectly for now)? That doesn’t seem right (to me) with what we know of UT’s character and I certainly don’t want this scenario to happen (even if it’s for the theory that UT is actually using the Twin to make our!Ciel realize that selling his soul wasn’t the best deal he ever made). 

TL;DR I’m hoping that this arc won’t become some sort of Twin & UT vs Ciel & Seb conflict because it wouldn’t make sense with UT’s character, no matter how desperate he surely is, and I really don’t want this to happen. ;_;
I’m also hoping Yana won’t let me down on that aspect, so that I will still be able to enjoy Kuroshitsuji’s plot and cast but yeah, I’m definitely worried for the moment because I can’t really get a good grip on where UT fits in this arc for now. :/

Sorry for rambling Anon, I hope it made sense. :3 Please have a nice Kuro positivity day and here’s to hoping UT won’t become too OOC with the current arc!

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Well, I don't think they're going to do something bad, I can tell with the look on their faces that they aren't angry or anything. They look relaxed, or at least more relaxed than the last time we saw them.

Cinnaby indeed was very doubtful. It seemed so soon…
But still, they were his parents. And he thought it’d be rude to deny them to hold their grandchildren.

Cinnaby gently took Vanilla Bean from Taffy and gave her to Mocha.

Mocha expertly held the baby in her arms, watching as she slept. The older fire elemental could already see that Vanilla Bean’s stats were low…hmmph. Of course she would have Taffy’s poor stats, how disgra– ahem.
But still…the baby was a lovely sight to behold. A full fire elemental, that’s the way to go. The other baby…was certainly something else. Skeleton with fire…that didn’t feel as right. 

Even though Mocha didn’t expect to feel too much, she did feel…happy. Seeing a new fire elemental who was her relative…was a good feeling. It seemed that perhaps she could even learn to love the oth— 


Nicola: “We were doing our rehearsals…and we were doing this particular scene…Colin ends up cowering behind me, kneeling on the ground…and I’m standing there ready to be shot….there was a moment where we just finished that scene and I just felt these teeth sink into my buttock.  …And of course, it was Colin’s!”

Colin: “It was one of those moments when you do something and you think ‘Why didn’t I engage my brain before doing that?’”

Nicola: “It wasn’t in the sense of painful, but it was very present.”

Colin: “A very friendly nip, which was entirely inappropriate.  …the big mistake I made …I bet [Kevin] a fiver that he didn’t dare bite Nicola Bryant’s bottom.

Nicola: “Which [he] did when we were rehearsing the part where [he] gets stuck in the gastropod goo. And I’m running there going sort of like “How can I help?” and he said “Well, you know- ACK!” and at that point, ANOTHER set of teeth!

Colin: “And he got an uppercut for his troubles!”

Nicola: “He did!”

Twins?! (Dean X Reader)

Summary: You try to ease your back pain by taking a shower/bath, and then your water breaks.

Word Count:1321

Warnings: Mentions of Blood, A little kissing in the bath? (Don’t know if that should be a warning)

A/N: This was written in congratulations of Jensen Having twins! Congrats! I think the names are amazing. I didn’t know the reason behind that boy’s name, so I kinda just went with something I heard before, on another blog, so please don’t get angry if that’s not the real reason.

Also; Feedback is always appreciated xx

“Dean, Honey, I’m going to take a shower” you called, hoping he could hear you. You and Sam had been doing Research all day, and you were straight exhausted. “I’m going to take a shower, I’ll be back Sammy” you smiled, getting out of your chair. You walked into the room you and dean shared, and started grabbing clothes you were going to change into. You grabbed a light pink oversized shirt, and a pair of leggings that went a little above your knee. Smiling contently, you started to walk towards the bathroom, but you walked straight into the crib, stubbing your toe. “Ahh” you hissed, feeling it hurt. Sitting down on the bed, you tried to pull your leg up towards you, but your bump got in the way. “Baby Girl, you okay” dean asked, breathing heavily from running into the room.  “Yeah, Baby, I’m fine, I just stubbed my toe on that damn crib” you scoffed, eyes staring at the crib. Dean laughed, shaking his head a little. “Here, Let me help you get to the tub” He smiled, extending his hand, you taking it and following him. Once in the bathroom, you started stripping your clothing, Dean doing the same.

“You’re joining me?” you questioned, not expecting him to join you. “Yeah, I’m always on a case, or studying for a case, I need to spend more time with you before the baby comes” he smiled. He started running the water, making sure it was hot enough for both of you, then slowly got into the shower. Slowly following, you finally got into the shower, making sure not to slip, and fall.

“See Princess? Isn’t this relaxing” he smiled, turning you around so your back faced him. “Baby, I wanted to take a bath” you pouted, turning towards Dean, pouting a bit. “Princess, I’m sorry, this’ll be fun” he smiled, trying to make you feel better. You smiled lightly, your back starting to hurt, you needing to sit down. “Baby” You wined, it hurting more. Carrying a Child was a lot more work then you thought it would be, but it was worth it, you and Dean finally had a baby. “Sweetheart” Dean cried, worried. He helped you sit down, and starting to turn the Shower into a bath. You slowed your breathing, trying to not make it hurt so badly. Dean lowed himself behind you, rubbing your back slowly, as the water started filling up the tub.

“Let me get some bubbles” Dean laughed, standing up, and going to get some Soap for a bubble bath. Once he returned, he started pouring the liquid into the bath, and started mixing it into the water with his hand, bubbles forming instantly. He put the soap on the counter, and joined you once again in the bath. “The Baby doesn’t like showers” dean chuckled, slowly getting behind you in the bath, trying to be careful not to hurt you. “I guess” you laughed. He slowly rubbed your back, leaving little kisses along your neck, you moaning slightly. “Dean-“you started, but he cut you off. He slowly got up, him facing you now, and continued leaving kisses down your neck, you breathing heavy. He lead his way up to your lips, and moved his thumb over them, leaving them tingling, then brought his lips you yours. It was like your first kiss all over again. It was magic, seeming like something new, something exciting, before you felt the baby kick. “Dean” you laughed, pulling him away, “The baby kicked” you smiled, bringing his hand towards were the baby kicked you. He smiled, biting his lip in the process, as the baby kicked his hand. He continued to be amazed by the baby, and all it could do. “I’m 9 months Pregnant baby, what did you think the baby could do by now?” you laughed. “I-I didn’t think they started kicking until they were born” he smiled, still amazed. Suddenly, you seen blood flood into the water, you getting worried. “Baby” dean said, standing up, helping you also. “We need to go to hospital” you cried, getting out of the tub, and throwing on clothes as fast as you could.

“We need A room fast, my Wife’s bleeding” Dean said as fast as he could. The nurse just simply smiled, and looked at you. “Honey, that means her water broke, looks like you’re having a baby” she smiled, grabbing a wheelchair, and walking towards you. You stood up, holding your stomach, and sat in the wheelchair, as the nurse wheeled you to your room. Once in the room, she sat you on the bed, checking to see how dilated you were “It looks like you’re only about..” she paused for a second and looked at the computer screen. Dean was squeezing your hand, obviously nervous. “You’re about 4 Centimeters” she smiled, snapping off her gloves and throwing them into the trash. “I’ll be back in a few to check on you again” she smiled, exiting the room.

“You need to push, Y/N, the baby is coming” the doctor said, quickly, trying to make you push harder. “Baby, I-I don’t think I can” you sighed, as Dean pushed the hair out of your face, and behind your ears, “Yes, Yes you can” He smiled, trying to encourage you, as he took his hand in yours, giving you a little kiss on your forehead, as you continued to push, screaming out in pain, squashing Dean’s hand. “He’s here” the doctor smiled, holding up a baby boy, him screaming at the top of his lungs. You both smiled, as they went to go make sure everything was okay. “I-I thought we were having a girl?’ Dean questioned, walking up to the doctor. “I’m Sorry, sometimes we get the images wrong” the doctor smiled apologetically. “Dean” you screamed, clutching your belly. Dean ran over to you, grabbing your hand as fast as he could. “Baby Girl, what’s wrong” he questioned, worry plain on his face. “It-It feels like another Contraction” you winced, clutching your stomach. “Doctor, she had the baby, this shouldn’t be happening” dean asked, worried. “No, It shouldn’t” the doctor said, rolling back over to you, a puzzled look on his face. He took out the Ultrasound machine, and scanned it over your belly.

“Oh my” he said, slowly. “I swear to god, if you tell me my wife’s dying-“ he started. “No, No sir, you have twins” the doctor smiled, rolling back over to you, telling you to push again. With all your strength that you had left, you pushed out the other baby- the one you were expecting. “Dean ran over to the babies, watching them in amazement. “Dean, what’re we going to name them?” you questioned, You had already decided on the girl’s name Arrow Rhodes. Dean had thought of it, you agreed instantly, you thought the name had power, meaning. “The Little boy?” Dean questioned, walking over to you, sitting by your side on your hospital bed. Your eyes starting slowly closing, then opening back up, you wanting to hold your babies. “Oh How about Zeppelin?” Dean questioned. “Dean, we’re not naming our son after your favorite band” you sighed “Come on y/n, please” Dean whined, grabbing your hand and leaving little kisses on it, still looking up at you as he did. You were too tired to argue, you just had twins, and barely any sleep in the last few hours. “Fine, Dean” you sighed. He jumped for joy, as he went to fill out the birth certificates, gleaming with joy. You watched him, as he smiled, at the nurses, them congratulating him on being a dad, his eyes sparkling. “Would you like to hold them?” you glanced up, and seen a female nurse holding both of your babies, you glanced up at her, and smiled, opening your hands, and finally getting to hold your babies.

Seokjin Scenario: Feel My Love.

Request:  Admins hello~ I was wondering if you could do a request where Jin thinks you’re cheating on him because you were always busy and acting distant when you were just planning on a special dinner because you wanted to surprise him and tell him you’re pregnant with twins and he’s going to be a father soon. Gracias! ^^

Genre: Fluff / Family

If there was something Seokjin thought he had been absolutely sure in his life, was about your love. He wouldn’t doubt about it for once second, your relationship was strong, steady, something he could rely onto without problems, without a second thought. You always talked about everything, and moving together had been amazing since day one even when everybody said that differences were going to start appearing soon and problems were going to start knocking your door, of course those types of things came, but nothing of that could shatter what you two had so carefully built. You’d gone through almost everything together and Jin couldn’t ever believe he was going to be in the position he was currently.

He looked at your usual side of the bed which was empty and cold, you’d been gone for quite a while and this wasn’t the first time of the month he woke up to your absence. At first he thought it was nothing, you had said some excuse about the mattress or something else that he’d not given enough importance at the moment, but you kept sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night or really early in the morning and he would find you asleep in another of the rooms, as if you didn’t want to sleep next to him anymore.

He stood up from bed and walked out of the room, it was pretty early, not even past five in the morning and you should be still asleep wherever you were. This was unsettling somehow, he wanted to ask if there was something going on because you were acting different and he didn’t remember doing something that could have made you mad or that could make you want to stay away from him.

Seokjin went to the guest room that was nearest to the master bedroom hoping to find you, the bed was undone and messy but you weren’t there so he kept looking for you until he found you sitting at the kitchen table with a steaming mug between your hands and your face buried on your forearms.

–Babe? – he called you softly before approaching and taking a sit next to you. –Y/N, are you alright? –

–Good morning Jin – You had been clearly asleep, your drowsy eyes focused on him and you smiled thinly. –I’m alright… just had a bad night–

Jin ran a hand through your hair, noticing the tiredness on your face. –Only that? – maybe you did had a bad night, but that didn’t explain why you’d been so distant lately.

–You don’t need to worry – you smiled again and pressed your thumb right between his brows where a furrow was starting to form, and then pecked his lips tenderly before standing up again.

Jin held your hand with his before you went away again and hugged you silently, he didn’t want to believe something was truly going wrong between you, as he didn’t want to get suspicious or doubt about you; but as things were, that was exactly what he was doing.

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Yep he even sneaks around to look after Ezra. Though the crew sees Chopper as more of a pet, but don’t tell Chopper that…he thinks the Crew member, except Hera, are his pets.

Chopper has clearly developed something of a conscience when it comes to Ezra. This episode also depicts one of my new favorite Chopper moments. When sighs out loud resigned to follow Ezra through the treacherous sands of Tattooine.

I know the reactions to Twin Suns were very mixed but personally I enjoyed it. In regards to reactions to “Twin Suns” @skywalkersapprentice​ has a great reaction video to the episode. (her reaction video to Ahsoka v Vader is my favorite though.)



(in regards to reactions to “Twin Suns” @skywalkersapprentice has a great reaction video to the episode. Plus, her reaction video to Ahsoka v Vader is really good too.)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Neville, Luna and Ginny would have made good prefects? I'm still wondering why JKR didn't address this in the books, especially about Ginny as all the Weasleys barring the twins were prefects.

Ginny yes. Neville and Luna, eeehhhh… I know Neville went through major character changes and became a leader, but I don’t think he could really get people in trouble, if that makes sense. And tbh, I’m just laughing over Luna being made a prefect. Like, someone does something against the rules and she just like gives them a talking to, but it spirals into a ramble about invisible creatures clouding judgement and making someone break the rules and if you want to avoid those, you need to wear this pendant for an hour each day.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Okay so I went to see suicide squad again

My Harley Quinn headcanon is even bigger now. I’m 98% sure that Harley was pregnant with the jokers kid before she went to jail and had a miss carriage. I mean you can see the baby clothes in the background at the part when the joker is in his circle of weapons talking about getting Harley back and in her dream that she wanted she had twins. Also whenever someone talking about children I noticed Harley would get a bit savage. That would make sense for someone who just had a miscarriage. Then my friend swears she saw a ultrasound machine in the quick flashes at the first part of the movie when Harley was shocked. I know this may sound weird but I’m serious. I think she had a miscarriage or her and the joker were trying to get pregnant or something…

You Were So Jealous - Fred Weasley Imagine

hey I don’t think I’ve requested before but can I have a an imagine? Something where you like Fred and George tells you that Fred likes you too, but is too afraid to admit it so you and George make a plan to make Fred jealous so he admits he likes you. something along those lines. my names Lauren btw! you’re incredible!! thanks again!!!! much love xx

~Lauren’s POV~

“Hi Lauren!” I heard a voice say excitedly from behind me. I turned around to see one of the infamous ginger twins coming towards me “Oh hi George! Or is it Fred?” I asked eyeing the prankster. He clutched his shirt pretending to be hurt “I can’t believe you! I’m obviously the better looking one!” He said sadly taking a seat next to me. I eyed him still confused “I’m George!” He yelled making a few people glance from around the great hall. “Okay! Okay! Calm down tiger!” I laughed “I came here with exciting news but, since you acted like a git! I’m not telling you!” He said angrily turning away from me. I sighed deeply and did what always made George give into anything. I pouted my bottom lip and made big puppy eyes “Please. George. Tell me” I said sweetly. He turned around and looked me straight in the eyes, I batted my eyelashes lightly. It was a hard staring contest but in the end I always win. “Fine! I’ve heard from a little birdie that someone like you” he smirked, my eyes widened “who?!” I said suspiciously “Fred” he said seriously “Bull crap George! Stop saying lies!” I said angrily punching his arm. “I’m not lying Lauren! Fred really does like you!” He said seriously. “George! Please tell me your saying the truth!” I begged

“I swear Lauren! He really does like you!” He said loudly. I eyed him straight in the eyes for a few minutes before screaming and jumping into George’s arms happily “Omg Fred likes me!” I whispered/yelled in his ear “But wait. I don’t want to ask him out, I think it’ll be weird if I did that. How are we going to make him ask me out?” I said sadly pulling away from the hug. George chuckled and wrapped an arm around me “Oh don’t you worry Lauren! I know just the way to trigger the bloody bloke!” I laughed “Oh I hope your right” for the rest of the meal, me and George planned the most awesomest plan probably ever created in the whole wide world just to get Fred jealous. This is gonna be fun.

~At The Gryffindor Common Room~

I entered the common room looking around the room for Fred and saw that he was sitting on the couch reading. I made my way to the couch and sat next to him “Hi Fred!” I said sweetly “H-hi Lauren!” He stuttered out. “What you doing?” I asked innocently “J-just reading” he blurted out “that’s cool” I said dreaming “did you know that I like guys who read?” I flirted touching his hand. He nodded slowly, shaking like a maniac “well hello there” I heard a voice say coolly from behind me. “Hi George!” I smiled widely at him, he leaped onto the couch and wrapped an arm around my shoulder from the corner of my eye I could see that Fred’s fists were tightly clenched “so what are you two up too?” George asked smirking “oh nothing right Freddie?” I asked him “yup nothing!” He said angrily. I smiled at George as he did the same “the plans working!” I whispered to George, he nodded “are you ready for the finale?” He whispered “more than ready George” I giggled. He put both hands on my face and brought me closer to attach our lips. I put my arms around his neck to piss Fred off even more. I felt a yank and was pulled away roughly from George, I saw Fred jump straight at George and punch him brutally in the nose.

“Fred! Fred! Stop it! Get off of him!” I screamed trying my hardest to yank him off of George. He punched George in the face one more time before obeying my orders “Fred! What’s wrong with you?! It was only a prank!” I said panting “a-a what?” He asked his eyes widening “Jesus Fred! It was only a prank!” George said holding a bloody nose. “Why would you guys do a prank like that?! Especially you George you know I like her!” Fred said angrily “it was just a prank to get you jealous!” I said going over to George and fixing his nose with my wand. “But really - I’m… That was not-” Fred started but I cut him off with a kiss but not just any kiss, the kiss that holds all the feelings I’ve ever had for him, the times I got mad at him for doing horrible pranks on me, the desire to always have him with me, the way that he always teased me which made me madly blush. This kiss holds everything, so it was pretty long and he felt the same way too. He grabbed my waist and held it firmly pulling me closer “Oi! Get a room!” someone blurted out from across the room. Me and Fred both pulled back to find the speaker and saw that it was Ron who said the words, he was sitting with Harry and Hermione in the little studying area in the corner.

Fred didn’t say anything but I can tell from his bright smile that he really enjoyed that kiss. “Um…. T-that was a-amazing!” I whispered looking down blushing madly. He picked up my chin and pecked my lips lovingly “Amazing doesn’t even begin to explain it” he whispered. I laughed lightly “oh! George I’m so sorry mate!” Fred said apologetically “It’s nothing! At least you finally made a move you chicken! You should have seen the look on your face when I kissed her, you probably wanted to explode!” George laughed rolling on the ground “I wasn’t that jealous was I?” Fred asked “Oh trust me Freddie! You were so jealous!” I laughed hugging him tightly.


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