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Druid Shiro Theory Part 2: Shiro’s Arm

Following on from this post about how Shiro is probably a part-Altean Druid who can do magic and make wormholes, let’s talk about Shiro’s arm for a sec. Specifically: why did Haggar give him the arm, and what is it intended to do?

First up… let’s talk about Haggar. She was the one who gave Shiro his Galra arm. We know she loves combining magic and technology, as evidenced by all the robeasts. Perhaps the most dramatic example is the Komar Experiment:

It’s got that weird black smoke surrounded by the purple glow (obviously magic) and the purple lines running across the metal supports (the technology element). Here’s another, wider view of the whole rig:

And now here’s Shiro’s arm, the first time it activates:

Pretty similar, right? And a moment later, he gets that black smoke and purple glow around the hand, right before he overpowers it and then hacks up a bunch of Galra sentries.

{TBH I just wanted an excuse to include this screenshot}

Of course, the revelation that Shiro’s arm is Galra magi-tech is a surprise to precisely no one at this point, but here’s the thing: the Komar Experiment was powered by a bunch of druids. The black smoke and purple glow all came from them. What’s powering Shiro’s arm?

Now, imagine for a minute that you’re Haggar. You find out one of your captive test subjects is part-Altean and has the dormant ability to do magic. You want to turn him into a powerful magical weapon: a Druid completely under your control, trained to fight and do magic. Do you (a) sit in his cell and spend hours walking him through Sorcery 101 until he learns to control his powers, or (b) fit him with some kind of device - say, a prosthetic arm - that activates his magic for him, against his will if necessary.

Option (b) is really more Haggar’s style, right? And the Komar Experiment is proof that Haggar has zero chill and will happily rip the quintessence out of an entire planet if she wants to, because she’s the real Chaotic Evil of this show.

Now let’s take a look at this picture. This is Shiro’s hand right before he brings the arm under his control:

This looks like Shiro is about to do some druid magic. He looks like he’s about to fling some purple lightening or some of that weird black smoke - but he doesn’t. Instead, he overpowers the arm, brings it under his control, and uses it as a weapon.

So here’s an idea: what if Shiro’s arm is a mechanism that forcibly activates his Druid abilities? It would be powered by his own magic, if that were the case. And the reason why it looks like Shiro’s about to do druid magic is because… well… he is. But it’s being forced out of him, and it’s painful and harmful (like forcing the crystals out of the Balmera is painful and harmful). And now that Shiro is free of Haggar’s influence and control, he reins it in and reduces the magic to a level that doesn’t physically hurt him.

What if every time Shiro activates his Galra arm, he’s actually doing magic?

I mean… that arm LOOKS pretty magical. It has multiple functions that Shiro can apparently activate at will, and it gets that cool purple glow every time he uses it, and it leaves a trail of purple light when he wields it as a weapon.

Does that purple glow remind you of anything?

That’s Allura, right before she throws a bunch of magic back at Haggar and the Druids.

Shiro obviously isn’t consciously doing magic - but I think he might be subconsciously doing it. Just enough to make the arm do whatever he needs it to do. After he uses the arm in the Pilot, Pidge asks him: “Where did you learn to fight with that?” and Shiro says: “No idea.” He clearly knows how to use the arm, and we see him use it multiple times, but he doesn’t remember learning how to use it. His {procedural memory} is intact, but his {episodic memory} is damaged. He’s just working on instinct, intuitively channelling quintessence into the arm to power it up and make it work for him.

We’ve seen Shiro’s Galra arm do multiple cool things throughout the series, and whenever we see it, we just assume it’s the arm that’s doing it. But what if it’s not? What if it’s Shiro? The arm is just a tool - like a magic wand - that helps him activate his Druid powers, but all the functions we see are actually Shiro doing a bunch of low-level magic without fully realising what he’s doing or how he’s doing it. We’ve been crediting the arm, when we should have been crediting Shiro and his ability to manipulate quintessence.

Shiro is a Druid, and he’s been doing magic right in front of us this whole time.

memory found || stiles stilinski

word count: 4242

warnings: season 6 spoilers, mentions of sex, light swearing

prompt: part one of this imagine

author’s note: yeah, so i got just a little carried away with this tbh. i really liked the idea of this imagine and i am really happy with how it turned out. also, THAT SEASON 6A FINALE! AM I RIGHT?? anyways, enjoy this imagine and feel free to make requests!


By definition, Stiles and Y/N were friends with benefits.

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{Special} College!AU Taeyong
  • major: medical laboratory science 
  • minor:  mathematics 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: was a part of math club and won a regional competition when he was only a freshman,,,,the math dept begged him to switch majors but he said he wouldn’t be able to handle a degree that made him a teacher,,,,,because schools can be,,,,,,,a mess  
  • taeyong is like the model student and everyone in his major thinks he’s a genius,,,,,,,,,,,,but in reality he just stays up three nights in a row neurotically drinking coffee and listening to edm remixes of like jazz songs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like that is the Truth of his college life
  • was originally going to go into pre-med,,,,but when an emt came to visit and was like “sometimes blood just gets everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE” taeyong was like,,,,,,,,,,well he first got out his hand sanitizer and decided then and there that working with machines and in a lab was his aesthetic instead
  • having random people cough on you in the ER is not
  • like blood is cool in the study of hematology and taeyong will get enthusiastic over working with new specimens in his microbiology lab
  • but ,,,,,,, he’s a theory person,,,,,,he wants to help doctors figure out why someone is sick and then the doctors can treat them
  • taeyong is a-ok being behind the studying and lab work,,,,not on the front lines
  • which is baffling to most people because taeyong puts effort into going unnoticed but,,,,it’s Impossible to not notice him
  • even in his lab coat, thick framed glasses, and the usual perfectly bland outfit of black jeans and a button down,,,,,,someone might be like haha what nerd
  • but,,,,,,,one look at his face and it’s like WOAH WHAT 
  • and countless times on his way to his internship or when he’s out getting lunch wtih jaehyun and ten people will be like excuse me,,,are you a model? a site model? a idol? are u on some tv show?
  • and taeyong seriously doesn’t get why he gets asked this so many times,,,,every time humbly apologizing that he’s not the person they’re looking for and getting a little anxious when people are obviously taking photos of him
  • like the amount of times jaehyun has literally had to get up and sit in front of taeyong so people wouldn’t be noisy is insane
  • and the amount of times ten has started an argument on taeyong’s behave is even more because ten is always like taEYONG YOU HANDSOME FRIEND OF MINE I GeT THAT u R BEAUTiFUL but WhY DO peOPLE JusT DISREGARD UR prIVAC-
  • and taeyong always has to calm ten down but all of their friends agree that it’s super weird and gets out of hand
  • but taeyong is too nice to shut it down himself,,,,,so most of the time he slips on those glasses and a hat when he goes out and avoids looking people in the eyes
  • johnny once came over to his dorm and was like “bro i got you this wig. wear it if things get too creepy.” unfortunately the wig was the bright color red and mark was like hey johnny i know ur a senior and all but,,,,,,is ur head in the game,,,bro,,,please,,,
  • is the designated mom of his dorm’s floor because he has evERYTHING on hand from extra chargers, to a first aid kit, to pain killers
  • and every time someone comes into his room (taeyong begged for a single bed,,,,roommates can get a Bit) they’re always amazed at how a boy in college keeps his room sparkling clean
  • and i literally mean sparkling his bed sheets are white, his desk is completely free of everything except his laptop and a cup to hold pens in,,,,,his closet is organized by color: white, black, grey, and brown
  • and he has a little whiteboard where he writes due dates and everyone is like ur seriously a star student why cant i be clean and organized like u
  • except they don’t understand,,,anytime before finals the clean room turns into disarray,,,,,like taeyong literally pulls all his covers off the bed and takes power naps at his desk only to wake up with post-it notes stuck to his face
  • and when finals are over he goes on a cleaning spree in which he offers to do the laundry for everyone on his floor because it calms his nerves
  • he’s a sweet, polite, hard-working kid tbh with the face of an actual god which makes some people think he’s stuck up when he’s the absolute least from it
  • like taeyong is that kid that tutors his seniors for FREE in subjects they should be tutoring him in like what an angel?????/
  • anyway you’re taking organic chemistry with him this semester but the only problem is ,,,,,,you transferred in the middle of the year and therefore are completely falling behind
  • to the point where you don’t even care about saving your grade because no one wants to help and the teacher is super like “well,,,,,,,,,,do it urself im not doing it for u” kinda stick up their butt situation
  • so u start skipping class
  • because everything else ur doing fine in,,,,u have people sharing notes and teachers who get ur situation but organic chem????? the Devil
  • until one day as ur standing in line at the school cafe and u feel a tap on ur shoulder 
  • and u turn around to see this guy,,,,,who u know but ur not sure from where until he’s like “taeyong,,,,im in your organic chem class.” and you roll your eyes at the name of that class but then ur like sORRy,,,,,it’s just that class is so,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ive noticed you’ve stopped coming,,,,,is the material too hard?”
  • and you kind of are taken aback because this chem class isn’t ,,,,,,small it’s a lecture hall full of like 150 people and he noticed,,,,,,you?
  • but you shrug not wanting to come off like ,,,,, obvious and ur like “i transferred and a lot of things didn’t make sense,,,,so i gave up? ill just retake the class next semester.”
  • but taeyong frowns and for a moment you think to yourself: how does someone still look so attractive frowning wth
  • but ur like “it’s whatever, it can’t be helped.” but taeyong is like ,,,,,,,if,,,,if you still want help,,,,,,i can help you
  • and for a moment you’re gonna laugh because there’s like four weeks left of classes,,,,,,the only way to save your grade is to ace the big course final
  • but taeyong seems to fidget a bit when u don’t answer and he goes “b-but if it’s weird,,,,if i seem we,,weird,,,,,,im sor-”
  • and you’re like no no it’s not you,,,it’s just,,,how can u teach me so much in so little time ?? it’d be a lot of work on ur part and we don’t even know each other?
  • but taeyong seems unfazed by the amount of work,,,,tbh he smiles a little when u mention how it’ll take hard work and u dont know because ur new to the school but it’s because every1 always tells taeyong he does too much and works too hard,,,,,but to him it’s all fun like he has fun in his major
  • and he shakes his head and looks at you and again u catch urself sinking a little into his dark,,,pretty eyes and he’s like “im in ,,, if you’re in.”
  • and the line has moved up and the bored looking girl behind the register asks what you’d like to order and ur like ,,,,, one sec- and she’s like i don’t have time tell me so you say ur order,,,turn back to taeyong and ur like “ok,,,,let’s try.” and he’s like “meet me in the library at 8.”
  • and you watch him give a little bow and turn around and for a moment u cant be really sure that just happened,,,,,,,most people in college dont waltz up to others to offer to tutor them,,,,,
  • but as u pay the girl for ur coffee she goes “don’t try asking taeyong out. he never dates.” and ur like ????? what a guy like him definitely has a significant other????? right?????
  • so 8pm comes around and u bring a fresh notebook and the textbook u bought for the class and find that u dont even have to look for a seat because u can see taeyong already at one of the tables
  • and he’s got his lab coat over his chair,,,,his laptop open with some charts up and a heavy looking medical dictionary ,,,, he looks like a straight up doctor tbh 
  • and u sit down,,,startling taeyong who’s glasses slip down his nose just a bit until he’s chuckling and closing his laptop 
  • and u think how good of a tutor can he be to help someone as hopelessly lost as u,,,,,,,,,,,,but the minute taeyong begins to explain it’s like,,,,it’s like everything makes /sense/
  • nothing is complicated or abstract,,,,and u can’t help but be entranced by his smooth, slightly deep voice and the way he points out keywords and writes down formulas in near perfect handwriting 
  • like everything about him is so Professional he’s like,,,he’s like a professor,,,,
  • and it’s kind of super cute how when u ask him to repeat something he doesn’t get ticked off,,,no he gets excited because it’s obvious,,,,this is something taeyong loves
  • and at the end of ur first study session u feel so much better about everything
  • to the point that u even show up to ur class the next day and taeyong doesn’t look up from his notes,,,,,so u cant say hi but,,,,,suddenly it’s not like the teacher is talking nonsense
  • and every other day taeyong comes to the library to teach u,,,although he moves the time up to 10pm and ur not sure,,,maybe classes or clubs
  • and by the sixth time as ur packing up to leave taeyong goes “i see ur coming to class, that makes me happy.” and u don’t know why but,,,,,,,
  • just saying that,,,,,,,,it,,,,,it makes ur heart skip a beat
  • but u remember the words of the girl from the cafe about taeyong never dating and u itch to ask him,,,,but u don’t want to make this relationship more awkward
  • which is why the only time u do ask is when u end up in another class of urs partnered up with yuta and taeil,,,,two boys who immediately go “you’re the one taeyong is tutoring right?” and you’re like,,,yes??? and yuta scratches his head and is like “for organic chem or for immunology? or wait,,,,he’s giving someone tennis lessons too right taeil??” and ur like wow,,,taeyong sure helps a lot of people
  • and taeil nudges yuta but nods and is like “taeyong is really too nice for his own good,,,,,,,,,,” and u nod and try to focus on the project,,,but taeil gives u this like ???? knowing smile
  • and ur like ,,,, w-whats up and taeil is like “u want to know if taeyong is seeing someone?” and u straighten up because ur like ,,,,, UM,,, no-
  • and yuta laughs into his palm and is like “it’s ok,,,i know taeyong as a fellow pretty boy everyone always asks us that” and taeil rolls his eyes but he’s like “he’s not, he hasn’t dated anyone in college.” and from the shock on ur face yuta can only nod his head and go “i know,,,it shocks all of us,,,,,,hot girls and hot guys and everyone else all the hot people on campus have made moves on him but he just,,,,,,”
  • and yuta throws up his hands in defeat and taeil shrugs and for a second u think,,,,,,,,well what kind of chance to i stand,,,,,,,but u shake it off and ur like “maybe he’s just waiting!! he’s really nice i hope he finds someone.” 
  • and with that u leave after class,,,realizing that taeyong is helping u from the goodness of his heart,,,,,not because he might harbor something towards u,,,,and u need to accept that
  • but what u dont realize is that as u head toward ur dorm,,,,,taeyong is waiting in the library and when u don’t show up,,,,he goes into a panic
  • and the next day in organic chem he comes rushing up to
  • and for the first time his perfect face is scarred with worry and his hair is a mess and he looks like he hasn’t slept and he’s like,,,,,a,,,,are you ok?? and ur like yes wh- and he seems to calm down and even get embarrassed a bit as he steps back and is like “wi-will you come to the library tomorrow??” and ur like ofc omg 
  • and as ur trying to concentrate,,,u look over to see taeyong dozing off,,,,something he never does,,,,and u wonder why he didn’t sleep
  • and when u go for tutoring taeyong seems a little more reserved,,,,like usually if u make a joke he’ll laugh or if ur fingers brush it’s nothing
  • but now it seems like he’s keeping his distance,,,,,a bit more than usual and u want to ask if something is wrong,,,,,
  • so when ur done with the problem set he has and he gets up almost as if he’s in a hurry,,,,ur reach out and ask him if he’s ok and taeyong,,,looking down at your hand on his wrist ,,,, mumbles that u didn’t show up to tutoring so he thought he’d messed up but u explain that it just slipped ur mind,,,,,,taeyong could never do something wrong
  • and taeyong,,,,looks up at you and smiles just a bit and he’s like “if i do do something wrong,,,please tell me and ill fix it.”
  • and,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,the pureness of his voice,,,,the way he’d gotten so worried over you,,,,,it makes your heart burst because where else could someone find such a damn near perfect boy
  • and before you can think and stop yourself from speaking you ask; “the final is in a week,,,,,after,,,,,would you want to go out?”
  • taeyong seems to need a moment to register what u mean,,,,but when he does,,,,it’s like all the heat in his body has rushed up into his face and he stutters over an answer until he just goes “im sorry,,,,,,,” and that’s enough for you to get the hint
  • you apologize at least ten times and ur like thIS is awkward,,,ill go and make a dash for the door as quickly as possible
  • because everything is so damn EMBARRASSING and ur like WHAT WERE U THINKING @ yourself the whole time u go to your dorm
  • and for a good hour u just lay down with ur head in ur pillow like gkhdlfjssdf whY DID I OPEN MY MOUTH
  • but taeyong,,,,,who also gets to his dorm just sets down his laptop and tries to think himself,,,why,,,,,,,why did he say im sorry?? when he wanted to say yes,,,,,
  • and the week goes by and the final comes and goes and at the end u want to ball ur eyes out because well one that final was hARD AS HELL but thanks to taeyongs help u feel like u did decently,,,,,but also the whole time u couldn’t help but look over at taeyong and not once,,,,,,did u guys cross eyes
  • and ur convincing urself that he’s forgotten about it,,,,,about you and helping you,,,and every night u spent in the library getting closer and god dammit if u hadnt gotten all worked up over him saying he was worried thiS wouldnt have happened
  • until you walk right into someone and they’re like “woah! watch yourself” and you look up to see the familiar face of taeil and ur like oh right whoops we got an A on our project did u get the email? and taeil nods but he’s like “more importantly,,,,,,,,hows taeyong?”
  • and ur like ?????????/ idk im not his frie-
  • and taeil is like ur not??? taeyong literally tutored u right after his internship for four weeks straight sacrificing his time for u and ur not even friends? doubt it
  • and ur like wait what
  • and taeyong is like yEAH why do u think u had to meet so damn late the poor guy had a class load + an internship in a lab + tutoring and believe me as kind as he is,,,,,,he wouldn’t go to such lengths for a stranger
  • and u can’t believe it,,,,like at all,,,,,,but u feel like such an asshole and ur like “do u know where-” and taeil is like “bus stop near the gym. he should be going there n-” and ur like thANKS SEE U LATER TELL YUTA WE GOT AN A BECAUSE HE NEVER CHECKS HIS EMAIL
  • and as u run u can see taeyong,,,holding his lab coat and his shoulder bag at the stop and u don’t know how much time u have till the bus comes
  • but when u show up in front of him,,,huffing and puffing taeyong immediately worries and tries to offer u his water and ur like no no listen to me 
  • and he’s lie ???? with wide eyes and ur like “im sorry. i never thanked u for tutoring me and we left of on an awkward note and it was sUPER embarrassing but if we could push it aside like i really like u,,,,,,,,but like i want to be ur friend first and foremost because i think ur great and u helped me pass that satanic class and i just didnt know u were staying up so late to tutor me and i just i have a lot more to say but most of all thank you so much taeyong. i appreciate what you did for me.”
  • and u cant believe u had enough breath for all that but taeyong,,,,taeyong is smiling,,,,,,,and it’s the smile that makes his usually stoic, handsome face turn somewhat childish and warm
  • and he puts his hand out to carefully take yours and he’s like 
  • “im happy i could help, but also i,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you think he’s holding ur hand in like ???A friendly way??? but taeyong is literally also shaking??? and ur like is he nervous???
  • but taeyong finally swallows the lump in his throat and goes “but also i don’t want to push what you asked me aside. i,,,,,,,i want to take you on a date,,,,,,,can i?”
  • and you can hear the bus approaching and you can see taeyong’s eyes flash between yours and the road and you know you need to answer
  • but ur like stuck and the bus doors open and taeyong is like “i need to let go but tell me-”
  • and he’s halfway up the steps when you get up into the bus with him and the driver is like ? and you lean up to kiss his cheek and you’re like 
  • “yes,,,,,,,please take me on a date. it would make me really happy.”
  • and the bus driver is like hello are u also getting on and taeyong turns cherry red but he tells u he’ll call - but wait ur number - and ur like oh !! message taeil he has it we were partners and taeyong is like ok!!
  • and the driver is like AHEM but this nice old lady is like “don’t ruin their moment”
  • and basically,,,,you get off the bus and wave to taeyong in the window as it leaves and practically skip back to school because oh my god the undateable taeyong,,,,,,just asked you on a dATE
  • and the date,,,,,,is so simple and sweet 
  • everyone thinks taeyong is some stuck up snob with high taste but nooooope in reality u two go to a cafe that specialize in board games and u guys play monoply on ur first damn date and then some connect four and when u beat him at jenga ur pretty sure he might cry
  • but ur like “taeyong,,,,,,top of ur major and yet,,,,,,,bad at jenga?” and he’s like !!!!!!!! im not rematch!!!!11
  • but u win again and poor taeyong has his head in his hands but he’s having fun and gladly does the penalty (which is buying u guys two more drinks)
  • and it’s like afterwords u learn that taeyong is not flashy,,,,,he takes so much happiness in just walking u to ur dorm afterwords and when u tease him about jenga he just bites his lip and mumbles that it just wasn’t his night tonight,,,,,,
  • and when you lean up to kiss him gently taeyong mumbles against your skin if it’s alright to take u out on a second date and u think how cute,,,,but completely agree
  • and two dates turn into more dates and before u know it u and taeyong are dating with matching couple rings to prove it 
  • which yuta thinks is cheesy but taeil just tells him to shut it and be happy for taeyong 
  • but on a real note taeyong takes dating as seriously as his studies,,,he puts his efforts into making you happy and learning more about you
  • and it’s so adorable when he’ll point something out and be like “it reminds me of you!” and,,,,it’s like,,,,,,,what an observant, caring boyfriend 
  • you tell taeyong once you don’t like this specific kind of fruit so when u guys get a fruit salad he asks if u want him to pick out the ones u dont like and u just laugh and go i can just not eat them!!! and he gets red,,,,but like it’s the sentiment that counts
  • taeyong works most of his week and studies super hard so u don’t get to go out a lot and taeyong apologizes for that
  • but you just hold his face in your hands and tell him that no. his studies come first because it’s his future
  • and once taeyong mumbled that he hopes ur his future too and it made ur heart,,,,,,,,,it literally made ur heart burst and you were like taeyong don’t say things like that and he was like im sorry,,,but why not
  • and u were like because it makes me want to kiss u and u have calculus homework right 
  • people that took pics of taeyong when u go out always just get super long glares from u and at one point u were like “that’s illegal i can sue on behave of my boyfriend”
  • and taeyong was like ,,,,angel it’s ok,,,,,,,but u were like anyone who wants to disrespect him come @ me i will prote-
  • u and ten get along really well just fyi
  • taeyong introduces u to mark and ur just like !!!!!! wow!!!!! so adorable and taeyong is like rIGHT he’s so cute he’s my son and mark is like ??? but both u and taeyong dote on him and sometimes he’s like guys,,,,please,,,,
  • but most of the time he likes it because u and taeyong will cook for him if he asks LOL
  • for someone who hides behind his glasses taeyong sends u selfies whenever he’s with mark because he’s like !!!!!! look how cute
  • but also sometimes he sends some of himself and he’s like ‘i look so bad ive been studying for 4 hours’ but in reality. he doesn’t look bad. he looks like a model. what the heck. what the actual heck
  • taeyong keeps his desk super clean but he’s recently let u put up some photos in frames,,,one of them is his sister ,,, another his parents,,, then one of him and his friends ,,,,,,,and then one of u guys,,,,shyly holding hands under fireworks and it’s cute
  • because before he used to keep everything completely in check but when u doodle a heart on his whiteboard he can’t erase it,,,,he just thinks of u and smiles
  • doesn’t share his hoodies but it’s ok because when u hug him his smell gets stuck in ur clothes and u love it
  • u taught taeyong how to use emojis the right way because when u sent him a bunch of hearts he was like ‘isn’t one enough’ and u were like taeyong no i love u much more than one heart emoji and he was like oh! i should sent more too because i love u so much and it was cORNY but so damn cute
  • his pda is kept to a minimum because taeyong sees intimacy as something very special and he always wants to make sure it’s shared between you and him 
  • and he’ll like it when u take control because taeyong wants to do anything to please u and sometimes u have to remind him that it’s ok for him to indulge
  • and he’ll just shyly hide into ur neck but it’s ok because when u run ur hands down his spine u can hear a low sound from him and it’s,,,,,,hot
  • also loves being kissed on the back of his neck like the nape it always makes him really soft and if he’s overworking himself 
  • ull like come up from behind while he’s hunched over a book and kiss his nape and he’ll completely kind of loosen up and let u drag him out for a snack so he doesn’t die in all his class notes
  • and taeyong tells u after sometime that dating,,,,,and being close to people always worried him because he didn’t know if he could make someone happy
  • but you tell him that he makes u the most happy,,,,even if he has quirks about him and gets excited over math,,,,,that’s so adorable to you
  • like you’re the one person that taeyong should never be scared of hurting,,,,,,because you know how much effort he puts into his work and u know he’d never do anything to harm u or his friends
  • and it’s cute,,,,,,u wait for him to get back to campus after his internship and taeyong is always like !!!!! it’s cold and dark dont 
  • but ur always there and when he gets off the bus he makes u wait till it leaves but then u guys kiss and it’s cute and u laugh against each others lips
  • and although taeyong doesnt like to share his clothes he’ll pull his lab coat over the two of u and be like “kiss me again” and ur like ooo someone is actually more into pda than we thought?? and he’s like shy,,,but also u do kiss him and it’s soft
  • my conclusion is college!taeyong is soft ok everyone please be nice to him


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where ever we go | draco malfoy

prompt: they have matching tattoo’s but not the ones people think

theme: fluff

warnings: mostly happy

author note: this is a little au where wizards can cast a spell when they meet someone they believe is their soul mates and it will stitch their souls together so they are. the only problem is that once your soul is stitch to another’s, you can’t unstitch it.

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That sort of spell was hidden away in the library. Not in the restricted area where it should have been but deep in the shelves. It took him a whole two weeks to find the worn book from too many hands passing it along over stupidity and lust. The reason behind its hiding was for the fact that first and second years, far too young and fickle, would cast the spell and be forever suck. Draco, who was in his fifth year, was not as fickle as a first year. Nor was he young at mind any longer. And he was not in the slightest willing to put the book back. It was enticing and everything he was looking for.

His stiff fingers traced the thin pages, trying to find that spell. The one he isn’t even suppose to know exists. It took him a total of twelve minutes to find it and his face breaks out into a warm smile before memorizing it for later.

He’d sure the smile on his face is scaring people but he doesn’t care, he’s just trying to find you. Because this is something you both need–mostly so he knows you’re safe but still. He wants to do this with you and only you. No one else needs to know, not until you’re older and aren’t seen as children. You don’t understand why he’s so insistent on doing it because you’re going to be fine, he isn’t so sure.

It’s late in the astronomy tower when you both cast the spell. The blinding colors wrapping around themselves and then a burning pain erupted just below your collarbone. Burning perfect black marks into your skin. Identical to the ones burning into him.

This is your beautiful secret, one to cover up all the ugly coming, all the ugly in his life. Something to show each other that no matter what you always had each other and always would. This spell, that bound your souls together, was everlasting.

It didn’t taste like honey and you didn’t see galaxies in Draco’s eyes when your souls wound together. No, it was much more simple, so much more beautiful. His eyes were bleak and his skin translucent and you saw him as him. All of his flaws and imperfections and the terrible things he had done and become. No longer were either of your minds clouded by love–as most people’s were. This love that you now had was untouchable and real and painstakingly valid.

When you were apart–when his own curse took him away and you sided with what was right–you still held to the fact that you’d be reunited. When everything settled down and no one was really asking questions again. He’d come to you. Where ever you went, he was sure to follow. His fingers pressed against his never-fading mark just below his collarbone.

He begs you to leave before the battle and you press your fingers to his cheek and smile, “you know I can’t Draco.”

You’re tired and he’s dying on the inside but neither of you can leave that moment. He can hear the shouts of people he once called friends and barely notices the people running in the halls of his old school. His hand takes yours and presses his harder against his cheek and then brings it to his lips and kisses the palm. Afraid that one of you won’t make it out–he wants to remember the feeling of your skin.

It’s a dreadful walk to the outside, where the two sides stand. You both stand at the back but you know he’s going to leave you and though it hurts you let his hand goes as he does. Fingers lingering before he officially pulls away and when you’re fighting you think that’s the last time you’ll ever see him again.

It isn’t. Despite his family running once the battle began he comes back. Tells his mother he can’t leave and she understands. Let’s him go back–it’s over when he walks into the rubble. Bodies are being moved and Voldemort is dead. He always kisses Harry but refrains and simply asks if he had seen you.

Harry nods and gestures toward the ruins of the castle. Draco nods and heads in that direction. Again, he’s thankful that Harry is Harry and though he won’t say it, Harry had a lot to do with you not being completely caught up in the battle. Nor will Draco know how, he just knows that Harry has his ways.

He sees you at the same time you see him and your bloody and his shirt is a little ruffled and his shoes are scuffed but he’s overwhelmed. You’re alive and in his arms and kissing him–he calms himself and hugs and kisses you back.

It’s three years later and the tattoo on his skin is a faded reminder of darker times. The pitch black tattoo below collarbone is a reminder of the beauty in his life. There’s a skip in his step and a ring in his pocket. A sweet smile on his face and he greets Harry, Hermione, and Ron as he passes them in Diagon Alley. It’s simple, your souls were bound together before you cast that spell.

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thanks for being realistic. the fact u think of the % of how many real ships we might have within 7 guys got me. honestly, i ship km really hard, but sometimes the reality hits me harder. like i know many shippers are actually overhyped a specific km youtuber, but for me, half of her stuffs might be a little reach. don't you think jm is a little hard to read. i totally down for jk, but sometimes jm makes me think he's doing fanservice, or maybe not, bcz he's such a tease and unpredictable.

hi anon~, welcome back (I guess you’re the one who asked about that particular ask) ^-^~
I’m sorry for my late reply again, I’m so wrecked today too and I needed time to think about it.

Okay~, I dunno if it helps, but here is what I tell myself a lot (as much as I love them, ship them, basically root for them, want them to be happy together if possible of course): “My ship ain’t real until they confirm/say it themselves that they’re real”. And even until then, there’s still sth to consider, called “marketing strategy”, since this is the Kpop world we’re talking about (there have been idols dating simply for promoting their groups). However, with all my honesty, and my (biased) belief, BTS and Big Hit will never go that far. The members treasure the members themselves, and the members also treasure us fans.

This is getting so heavy somehow so lemme insert a gif to make things a little bit brighter 

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Okay I’m good to go. So does that mean they don’t do fanservice at all? Of course not. But they’ve toned it down throughout the years. I don’t follow other members as much as Jimin (it’s the truth, I’m a Jimin stan afterall), so I can’t really tell you about it. But for Jimin, I agree with some other people, that the Jimin now we see is more like the real Jimin, not less than the Jimin back in 2013-2014. That, by no means, implies that he was fake either. He could’ve been himself, but at the same time, he had to push himself outside his own norms too. It’s nothing unusual, since they just debuted, plus he was young, they needed attention, they needed to be entertaining, as rookies, they needed to do a lot of stuff. 

Back to our babies Jimin and Jungkook, to be honest and realistic again, of course 100% things they do to each other can’t solely be on their own accords, without being driven by what we call fanservice. However, honestly again, has Jikook/Kookmin always been a popular ship? No, not until recently. Imo, the more popular ship has the tendency to do fanservice more. I think Sajeon-nim also talked about this somewhere in her asks. And one more important thing, Jikook/Kookmin is mostly known for being subtle (but probably not until recently, thanks to our Jeon Jungkook-ssi being so whipped and seems to have no intention of hiding it or toning it down. Well, not that I don’t encourage you, keep up the good work, baby bunny ♥). Like you really have to pay attention to it to actually know it, but once you notice it, you notice it all the time, it’s like a pattern, a series that never ends.

All the “I got my (heart) eyes on you” here, here, here and there:

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Most of the time, there’s basically no reason for them to do fanservice at all, because it happens too fast (for a few secs, or not even 1 sec), and basically no one is really watching, they’re not in the center of attention etc. …

All the time Jungkook made fun of himself simply just to make Jimin laugh, and he even checked if Jimin actually laughed…

The time they got caught walking together in the back in Bon Voyage, ate with the same spoon (I’m sure they have plenty of spoons in airbnb houses) even tho Jungkook tried not to drink directly from the same bottle with others (no offense to any ship really, I just can’t find more examples in my rusty mind)

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Okay listen, guys.

We’ve currently got 5 Yuri!! On Ice episodes out, and like in all my moments of solitude recently, I’ve been thinking about the show. And quite suddenly, something hit me. There are all these speculations about how it will all end, will Viktor stay/go, will Yuuri follow, will they become a couple, will the fans get an actual kiss? And tbh, as much as I like to think about it, there is just no way to know. It could go in any direction, there’s no way to tell. 

But then, I remembered something from the first episode, and I ended up putting together this theory/prediction, that I’m actually really excited about because it seems likely!

I’m sure you all recall Viktor’s performance of  ‘Stay Close to Me’

Which we see Minako comment on.

She says this and then comments on how the performance would suit a more naive man, which we all agree to be Yuuri. 

The program ‘Stay Close to Me’ is a plea to a lover, a desperate appeal to one special person to remain by your side. Since Viktor isn’t known to have a special someone when he skates this, only many many fans, the song doesn’t quite have that personal touch.

But as he skates, we have Yuuri back in Japan doing the same routine.

We don’t see the routine fully skated either by just Victor or Yuuri. We see parts of the routine performed by each of them, and since they’re performed identically (as Yuko says) we can assume that what we see Viktor do, Yuuri is doing it too, and what Yuuri does, Viktor is skating that as well.

So I invite you to look at this part:

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Yuuri skates this section of ‘Stay Close to Me’ right by the rink side, directly at Yuko, the only person there.

He skates this routine in honour of his childhood friend, who he most likely had a crush on at some point. Someone who supported his skating and who in a way introduced him to Viktor, through his skating. When Yuuri finished the performance, he says ‘I wanted to get my love for skating back. I thought I could remember how it was when I copied Viktor with you.’

Yuuri admitted at the beginning of the first ep that he wanted to meet Viktor as an equal. Viktor has always been very important to him, and skating his routines with Yuko was always a way for Yuuri to feel closer to him. 

So the song ‘Stay Close to Me’ that Yuuri skated was directed at Yuko the person in the rink, but it represented his feelings for Viktor and skating  (as the two were completely intertwined, I believe). 

That was the difference from when Viktor performed it. I think he saw and understood this when he watched the video of Yuuri skating online, his body making music. 

Now, let’s go back to the very beginning of Yuri!! On Ice, the opening scene as a matter of fact.

It’s not unusual for opening scenes to be either flashbacks of a character’s past, or the very end of the story. A bit of a ‘this is where I am now, and I’m going to tell you the story of how it happened’.

I believe YOI actually does both. 

We have a younger Viktor skating, who turns into an older Viktor. 

The younger, long-haired Viktor is clearly of the past, but it’s not a concrete memory (Yuuri’s there too). It embodies how Yuuri has watched Viktor skate from a young age. 

When Young!Viktor skates, he gives Yuuri his back, he doesn’t face him. He doesn’t know him, they’re not on the same level.

But when he moves into the shadow and then we have the older Viktor, he’s looking right at Yuuri. He knows him, acknowledges him.

And for the rest of the routine, he doesn’t take his eyes off of Yuuri. He has eyes only for him.

I think this opening scene has shown us the past and the future. During the scene, Yuuri speaks of Viktor and says “He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises”. To me, this sounds like the words of a Yuuri at the end of the series, recounting how much he’s gone through with Viktor.  

The opening scene is the Viktuuri relationship before and after.

What most got me about it though, was this part of Viktor’s skating:

I didn’t realise it at first, but it’s exactly the same as when Yuuri skates ‘Stay Close to Me’. We don’t see Viktor perform this part in the contest, we only see it from Yuuri’s performance in the Ice Castle skating ring, but we know this is Viktor’s ‘Stay Close to Me’. 

So Viktor is skating this routine in the opening scene, either symbolising the future, or being an actual scene from the future.

And just as when Yuuri skated this part right by Yuko and all that she represented at the time, Viktor is skating this right up to Yuuri.

He reaches his hand out towards the person he wants to stay close to.

And that person is clearly Yuuri, he’s physically there. You can see Viktor’s hands reach for him.

So my theory is this. 

Yuuri skated ‘Stay Close to Me’ the way it should have been skated, a desperate plea to be close to the one person that matters and the love for skating that bloomed from his feelings. Viktor couldn’t quite do that because he didn’t have a special person, and he was losing his way in terms of his love for skating, as Yurio said. 

I believe that the opening scene was premonition, and that at the very end of the series, Viktor will skate 'Stay Close to Me’. And do it justice. He will skate the routine that started it all, that brought him to Yuuri, but he will skate it the way it’s meant to be skated. Because by then, Yuuri will be his special someone. 

In this intimate setting, a private rink at night, possibly Ice Castle, he will skate for Yuuri to show him his feelings. I believe Viktor is more of a man of action when it comes to things like this. For example, he tells Yuuri at the beach that he’ll work him hard because that’s how he shows his love. I think instead of words maybe, Viktor will show his love to Yuuri, his appreciation for him, by skating 'Stay Close to Me’ for him and only him. 

I’m not sure what might follow, but I think it will be a while before we get a confession out of Viktor, and I think this is how it will come to be. Because being able to skate the routine the way it should be would mean that he’s found his way, that Yuuri’s led him there. For these two, it’s love and it’s ice skating. And by skating 'Stay Close to Me’, Viktor will show Yuuri that he’s given him both, and that he wants to stay by his side, hopefully forever.

Surprise  (4/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

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Marvel MasterList

“ What were you thinking Tony?”

“ Is now really the time Steve?  Cant you scold me later?”

  Do they ever stop fucking arguing? Ugh.  Your eyes flutter open as they continue bickering.

“ Can you two shut the hell up .” your raspy voice startles the two , they both immediately appear at your side.

  " What happened?“ you groan as you look around and realize your in the med bay .

” Your blood pressure and stress levels were  extremely high , causing you to faint. “ Tony explains as he looks to your monitor to check your vitals.

” Everything looks good now though . “ he shrugs .

” I don’t want an enhancement Tony. Figure out a way to turn it back . “ your request catches both of the men off guard.

” Wh- what? Why? You  don’t even know what it is yet! You could shoot fire, or read minds! YOU COULD BE A SHAPE SHIF-“

” I don’t care ! You know what I want to be?  A lab Tech Tony. A regular lab tech . “ you snap

” If I even could find a way to reverse it, it run the risk of furthering the enhancement, or counter acting TAHITI. It’s too large of a risk Y/n. I’m sorry . “

You stay silent, processing what Tony tells you  .  So he knew there was a chance I wouldn’t want this. I cant believe he knew this entire time I was alive. Fucking Stark. 

 While you are lost in your thoughts Tony dismisses himself, leaving only you and Steve.

He sighs, watching as you hop off the bed ,taking out the IV and removing the vital receivers . He steps in front of you before you can reach the door.

” No. We are talking about this . You aren’t running.“  he says sternly. You roll your eyes, waiting for him to continue.

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” I- the things I said-“ he groans, rubbing at the back of his neck  as he continues ” What I said the other night came out wrong . I am grateful you saved me, but I’m not going to thank you for getting yourself killed. You are a part of this team, I was wrong to say you weren’t. You weren’t enhanced though Y/n; you didn’t have a serum, you aren’t a trained assassin . What did you expect the bullets to do ? Did you think you’d heal as quickly as I would? “ His tone wasn’t harsh , it was almost pleading.

” I didn’t think anything Steve, all I knew was that I needed to save you . I don’t know wh-“

” Was it because you love me?“ 

The room goes dead silent, his words still hanging in the air. You awkwardly laugh , Steve crosses his arms while leaning in the doorway.

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” You do remember saying that right ? “ he questions, he sees panic flash over your face.

” Steve- I- you- I was dieing. “ you run your hand down your face .

” I’m aware.“ he says playfully. You’re amazed at how his mood shifts .

"  Don’t look too much into It.” 

“ So you’re denying it?” he playful smile drops a bit.

“ What do you want me to say Steve! You were my bestfriend! Of course I loved you!”

“ You know that’s not what I mean Y/n.”

You don’t reply, so Steve keeps speaking,

“ Because I love you .”

 Your eyes go wide, your mouth opens then closes when you realize  you don’t know what to even say .  Did he just-  did he mean it like that?  You’ve waited for what seems like a lifetime to hear him say these words to you .Now that the moments here, your speechless.

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  Luck seems to be on your side at this moment, FRIDAY interrupts the  two of you .

“ Captain Rogers, there seems to be a physical conflict between Sergeant Barnes and Mr.Wilson, your presence is needed on the communal floor. ”

 Saved by the AI, thank you FRIDAY.

 You hear Steve curse under his breath ,

“ You should probably go before one of them ends up dead Steve. " 

” We aren’t finished with this conversation.“ he warns as he leaves.

 You wait a minute  before you bolt from the med room to the elevators.  You rapidly hit the button for Pietro and Wandas floor  . As soon as the doors open you sprint out,

” Pietro ! “ you yell , in  an instant he is infront of you .

” are you feeling better Draga?“ he asks as he pulls you into a hug.

” Steve- I - what - UGH .“  you groan as your shove your face into his chest.

” You’re going to have to form a proper sentence for me to understand Y/n.“ he chuckles.

” She doesn’t want to be enhanced, Steve told her he loves her , and she doesn’t know what to do and plans on avoiding him for the rest of time.“ Wanda announces from behind you .

” What she said. “ you say as you lean back.

” You didn’t tell him how you felt ? “ Pietro questions.

” He completely blind sided me! I didn’t think hed say that ! I stood there staring at him  like he was a frreakin alien!“ 

 The twins laugh at your frustration ,

” Its not funny! what am I suppose to do !“

” Tell him you love him ! “ Wanda excitedly suggests

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” I - no .  I’m not doing that  . “

” What ? why? You know he feels the same! “ Pietro tells you .

” I just got him back, I just got everyone back ! and now apparently I’m enhanced?  I just - I don’t know what kind of enhancement I have, or even when itll appear. What if its dangerous? What if I hurt him ?  I don’t think I need a relationship right now on top of re adjusting to everything. Ya know?  “

 They agree with you after you explain yourself. Pietro suggest watching a movie to take your mind off things .  Wanda declines, saying she has training with Natasha . Once she leaves, you and Pietro settle on the couch to scroll through Netflix. You both settle on starting Parks & Rec from the beginning . Halfway into the second episode you find yourself leaning against Pietro , both of you getting sleepier by the second.

 When you wake up, you snuggled up to Pietro on the couch . Soft snores are slipping from him . You smile as you try to hold in a laugh when you notice the drool pooling in the corner of his mouth .

 ” PIETRO!“  you shout

He jumps up from the couch , which results in you landing on the floor with a grunt.

” What! Whats wrong!?“

You start hysterically giggling at his disheveled state.  He sends you a bitchface when he realizes what you did .

” You are in trouble now Printessa.“ he threatens as he stalks towards you . You try to stand but hes on top of you in a flash . His fingers are tickling your sides making you shriek .

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” Pietro Stooooppp! Please! “  you beg . He pauses his attack,

” Apologize. “

” I’m sorry you drool in your sleep. “ you sass.  You cry out when his fingers begin brutally tickling you again . 

Someone clears their throat, stopping Pietro’s fingers at the sound.

” I see you’re busy , I didn’t meant to interrupt.“ Steve says , anger lacing through his voice. Oh Shit.  You know how this must look, especially to someone who just admitted their feelings to you .

You knock Pietro off you so you can go after Steve. Right as you approach the elevators the doors begin closing . You see Steves face, his eyebrows are scrunched, a mixture of hurt and anger displayed over his features.  He watches you as the doors close, not moving to stop them .

Son of a bitch.

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Ok we all know Zelda is a total bada** who can handle herself against ganondork and the works, but I didn't see her wielding any weapons in BOTW?! How about Link teaching her how to wield a sword or shoot an arrow because he needs to ensure she's safe at all times?

“I still fail to see how this is necessary.” The bow was held awkwardly within Zelda’s hands as she examined it, plucking the string gently.

“Only a precaution. In case I am ever not there to protect you.” Link insisted, holding his own bow like he had been born to wield it rather than his infamous sealing sword. “Now watch.”

Zelda observed carefully as Link pulled back on the string and let an arrow loose. It shot dead center of make-shift target he had put together. Link waited a moment longer before he relaxed his stance and looked towards her expectantly.

Zelda wrinkled her nose then exhaled.

“Alright. I can do this.“ She breathed to herself.

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sooooo how rfa members and saeran and v (let's say he's not blind for this one lol) would react and what would they do if they were in a club and mc started to do a sexy/provocative dance for them in the middle of the dancefloor and they're just like, sitting at the bar watching her??? please give me life with this one 😍😂

~Oh man. Alright, here we go Coyote Ugly lmfao

◉ Yoosung

  • Of course he is blushing when he sees you
  • Almost falls off of the bar stool
  • Low-key glancing around making sure no guys are staring at you
  • While also taking pleasure in the fact that you’re looking at him
  • He feels so special!
  • But also…should he look away?
  • He’s never been in this situation before!
  • It’s flustering him, honestly
  • And you’re making him feel hot omg
  • His pants are a little tighter
  • Already imagining what he is going to tell the guild back in LOLOL
  • Taking mental pictures of you while it’s happening
  • He’s definitely going to remember this moment
  • When you finally walk up to him he doesn’t even give you a chance to say anything
  • Pulls you into a long deep kiss to try and get some of that built up passion out of himself

◉ Jumin

  • He is smirking
  • Just letting you do your thing
  • Took some blurry photos tbh
  • Enjoying every god damn second of it
  • Giving out those ‘yeah, she’s mine’ eyes
  • “the smolder” look (sry I HAD TO…HE WOULD)
  • Confident as shit about this
  • Nodding at everyone in visual range
    • “You wish you had that,” he tells a guy who has been staring as well
  • Alright though
  • You made a big mistake
  • Guess who is asking you to dance for him now on a regular basis
  • He’s already thinking of songs in his head
  • And outfits…

◉ Zen

  • His eyes are about to pop out of his head!
  • Cheeks are immediately flush
  • He’s taking pictures
  • Taking short videos
  • Taking selfies of him smirking with you in the background dancing
  • Enjoying the show for a moment until he remembers that you’re in public
  • And other MEN CAN SEE YOU
  • One is sitting right next to him, staring
  • Omg and two others are getting awfully close to you on the dance floor
  • Okay, now he is in protector mode
  • Leaves his drink at the bar and jumps up to dance with you
  • That way everyone knows you belong to him
  • Plus
  • He’s got some moves of his own he’d like to show you ;)

◉ Jaehee

  • She turns around to see you dancing out there, looking at her
  • OMG
  • She chokes on her drink a bit, honestly
  • It’s suddenly hot in this club
  • You look so amazing
  • She can’t take her eyes off of you
  • Had no idea you could move like this
  • Okay…
  • Some idea… ;)
  • Is she smiling a little bit?
  • Yes she is
  • Trying to keep a straight face, though
  • Hears some guys at the bar talking to each other about approaching you
  • Then you make your way over to her and give her a big kiss
  • The guys are now cheering you both on
    • “Maybe we should make our way home,” she suggests with a smirk

◉ Saeyoung

  • Wow
  • He did not expect to see you out there dancing like that when he turned around with his drink
  • Chewing on his bottom lip while watching you
  • You were looking good af
  • He was honestly fine sitting back and enjoying the show tbh
  • But some guy got behind you and started to dance with you
  • Oh hell no
  • Chugged his drink and made his way over to you
  • Wedges himself between the two of you to kind of give him the hint that he should scram
  • He actually likes this song
  • So he starts to dance, too
  • And you guys have a little sexy dance-off out on the floor haha
  • He’s actually not being goofy?? It’s actually pretty hot and like a Chippendale’s level of moves
  • But then he had started to remove clothing and the bouncers put an end to it
    • “Sir, put your clothing back on or I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

◉ V

  • Where’s that gif of him Viktor

Originally posted by viiktorss

  • Ah yes, there it is
  • That’s exactly what happens when he sees you out there dancing like that
  • He had no idea???
  • How did he not know this?
  • He was not prepared ok
  • Once he gets over the initial shock he is really into this, honestly
  • He actually chuckles and gets a sideways smirk while watching you
  • Crosses his legs and slowly sips his drink while you dance
  • Beaming every time someone at the bar makes a comment about you
  • Looks over at them all cocky
  • Eventually joins you when he finishes his drink
  • Grinds up behind you and pulls you close
    • “I’m so lucky that you’re all mine,” he whispers in your ear
  • You don’t make it all the way home before he has to pull the car over because he is thinking about it so much

◉ Saeran

  • Well, shit.
    • “This is interesting,” he mutters
  • Cocks his eyebrow and is now chewing on his drink straw while watching you
  • Low-key making sure no one tries to grind up on you or he’s going to punch them
  • Trying his best to look nonchalant about it but inside he is sweatin’ tbh
  • Tapping his foot to try and keep chill
  • How dare you do this to him
  • Puts his drink down and just gets up and leaves through the crowd
  • You’re confused?? Where is he going?
  • You end up going after him
  • Moving through the crowds of people when a hand grabs your arm and yanks you
  • Saeran has pulled you into the bathroom and locks the door
  • And…well you know lolol

things that I think get overlooked a lot about Bitty’s friend group:  

Farmer is Bitty’s pledge daughter-in-law. Which to me means they probably have each other’s numbers and text about topics related and unrelated to Chris. (and ok, Farmer in my book is a wiz in the kitchen so this is how they BOND but that’s just me)

Farmer dropping by to Lardo’s room at odd intervals because the volleyball team has too much drama but the hockey boys are too loud (and yes Lardo lives in the haus too but the sanctity of her room is respected for the most part) and them painting nails or binge watching Crazy-Ex Girlfriend or making plans to go on trips they’ll probably never find time for and Farmer always letting Lardo complain about people first because Farmer’s the one who decided to mooch off her room 

Lardo and Nursey getting close because of weed and Shitty (but what if they hung out the summer before Year 2 and they were tight by the first week of school and what if “chill” used to grate on Lardo until she got to know him better and learned that chill means a lot of diff things) 

ok you can say it’s “Bitty’s” or it’s “Jack’s” but it’s really Shitty’s. Shitty who became attached at the hip to the “coke addict douchebag”. Shitty who ngl probably crushed way too hard on the manager and made it a point to always remind people that she was just as much a part of the team as everyone else (dibs anyone?). Shitty came up with Ransom and Holster’s nicknames for fuck’s sake. Shitty was originally supposed to be Bitty’s best friend (although that shifted a bit I think we should never undervalue their friendship and how important it is esp during Year 1).  (And yea I guess if you want to apply it to the Frogs, he was already friends with Nursey, he and Dex has this weird argument relationship, and he really respects Chowder/there should be more moments like “the motherfuck between the poles”)

Tango being C’s pledge son (see this) you can’t convince me otherwise 

Chris trying to get the tadpoles acclimated to the team because he remembers what it’s like to be the new guy. 

Jack’s relationship with each Frog. Like c’mon: I think he empathizes a fuck ton with the aloof chill of Nursey. Sign me up for 3k about them getting each other but not getting each other and miscommunications that lead to them seeing a lot of themselves in the other person. Give me Nursey and Jack bonding about their successful parents and what that MEANS for them. Jack not just giving Chris his dibs because he earned it the most out of any player. Because he wanted the guy who was the heart of the team to always know he had a home on the east coast. Jack and Dex (although tbh go read my deximbits stuff for more of this) being soft grumpy dads who enjoy books, hockey, and have a soft spot for alt rock. 

Chris’s ability to take care of other people. He’s super fucking dependable and has more emotional intelligence than all of them put together sometimes I swear. Also he helps Dex with his homework and we definitely don’t talk about that enough. 

Ransom and Holster being Bitty’s pledge dads. The way you can see that carry over in the Tweets but especially in Ransom and Bitty’s bffls dynamic. The way Bitty is lowkey telling Holster to back off of yelling at Ransom before Ransom tells him himself. 

Which leads me to Tango is Bitty’s grandson and now I need to sit on this more for a later date 

And now for a list of friendships that I sorrowfully need more content for: 

Dex and Farmer

Nursey and Whiskey 

Holster and Chowder 

Foxtrot and anyone tbh (but defs more Tango) 

Bitty with Ollie and Wicks 

Episode 87, part 1: did you know one of my favourite things about DSOD is that Jounouchi doesn’t duel in it? No reason.

Jounouchi is facing Rishid in a duel of deceit (and cards); Rishid is pretending to be Malik and Jounouchi is pretending to be someone who can play this fucking card game 

You sure did, hon.

Things aren’t looking good for Jounouchi; he’s facing Rishid’s creepy snake-monsters summoned from Trap cards, and he doesn’t have anything to protect himself with except his Scapegoats, or squishy-sleep-sheep as I like to call them.

Uh-oh! The squishy-sleep-sheep have dissolved! 

… Okay is NO ONE even glancing behind them, like this is SO BLATANT I feel embarrassment on behalf of Malik for being so cocky and brazen and foolish that he thought that this would work AND IT IS WORKING

Speaking of embarrassing overconfident megalomaniacs

… I feel like this is the result of living in an environment where usually when he says something he thinks is a really sick burn, the reactions are “Excellent burn, Mr Kaiba Sir, pls don’t fire me” and “haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”

Anyway, Jounouchi’s about to give up, which I was very excited about, until someone had to be a RUINER and convince him to keep fighting and that person was Mai and dammit she’s too gorgeous to stay mad at. She invokes the duelists Jounouchi defeated to get to the finals:

“That depends, are we talking about Haga, who cheats a lot and runs away from consequences? Or Esper Roba, who also cheated a lot and had a meltdown when he started losing? Or maybe Mako, who panicked when he started losing and tried to give up? Cause my answer is either ‘start cheating’ or ‘cry and give up’ and I’m getting the impression from your tone that that’s not what you want??”

Seriously talk about worst examples ever.

Shizuka also decides to get in on the Platitudes That Don’t Align With Reality party

at WHAT?

Even if we take the assumption - and it’s a wrenching one - that “playing card games really intensely instead of going to school or getting a real job” counts are “working hard”. Even then. I’m extremely dubious that Jounouchi has actually worked hard at any point except, like, once it gets past halfway point in a duel.

… The Shizuka+Jounouchi stuff is usually super cute but that’s a liiiiiitle codependent there honey

Everyone in this show needs therapy.

For example!

This is some Grade A childhood trauma tbh and we are only BOARDING the Trauma Train for the Ishtar siblings….!

“We lived in oppressive crushing darkness, of course, but the metaphorical light to live. As a second-class sibling. With only some beatings.”

#AU-where-Momma-Ishtar-lives #and-the-Ishtars-are-well-adjusted  #and-emotionally-healthy  #so-Battle-City-is-just-Kaiba-duelling-Atem  #and-then-some-hot-Egyptians-show-up  #and-give-Atem-some-cards  #and-everyone-goes-sightseeing 

But I get ahead of myself. Rishid asks Jounouchi why he’s dueling in this tournament and Jounouchi thinks of how Yugi and Yami are minding Red Eyes for him and says:

Which is ALARMING because that happened AFTER you signed up for the damn tournament and that was only, like, YESTERDAY, so, like, did you HAVE a reason for entering? Do you remember what it was?

And then he’s like, anyway, if I give up…

Um, I don’t think Ryota would care? You met Esper Roba fucking yesterday so he probably also doesn’t care? And who fucking cares whether Haga cares or not??

This is such a weird angle for me. Tellingly, it doesn’t come up with Yami, who dueled against a series of literal murderers! Some of whom are dead now anyway!

They in fact did not, young man. Certainly not nobly.

But whatever.

Okay at this point Yami has gotten interested and decides he wants to be part of the 5-way shouting match that’s happening across and around the duel arena, so he ASKS YUGI’S PERMISSION TO TAKE OVER FOR A BIT


But then weirdly, this is his contribution:

Which is a super sweet callback to a moment Jounouchi had with YUGI, not Yami. Jeez, no wonder Jounouchi’s fucking confused about who he’s promised to duel. Maybe they’re deliberately trolling him?

At this point, they deign to proceed with the actual fucking card game, and Jounouchi pulls off a great combo: deliberately discarding a card…

and retrieving it with Graverobber to bypass sacrificing to summon!

Who does he choose?

the Trap Deck’s worst nightmare: Janky Jinzo

Who promptly destroys all the snake-abominations, thank christ

And then Jounouchi just has to make it weird again.


“haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request how seventeen would react to a girlfriend who's a bit closed off, like she's not really open about her feelings? Thanks so much! Love your blog btw~

Thank you very much for the compliment and request! Here you go:


  • would find it hot? tbh would be into the idea of being your Most Trusted
  • would be very patient to an extent, but after he bares his soul to you and cries in front of you multiple times he might start to be concerned that you don’t trust him, and would do anything to prove to you that you can tell him things without worry
  • when you do tell him things, he would TREASURE the moment and thank you for your faith in him very sincerely and remember the details forever


  • would not know quite how to deal with it at first and would be afraid to be vulnerable in front of you
  • once he realizes it’s just a part of who you are he learns to tell all the different subtle ways you say “i love you” and show your feelings without verbally exposing yourself, and he’s all the more enchanted by you 
  • he LOVES to tease you about it though. loves to make you admit you love him in front of people and see you get flustered


  • he would be flustered and fascinated by your cool calm image, and would kind of love how put together you seem 
  • both of you might end up in little fights though after not confronting problems head on (him because he avoids confrontation, you because you aren’t so ready to say how you feel about things) so you’d have to learn how to work together without accidentally hurting each other 
  • but if anyone can get someone to open up, it’s quiet, good listener josh, so maybe you would surprise yourself with how much you feel safe telling him, and even if it’s just a bit, he would really appreciate it!!!


  • jun would be fascinated and he would AMP UP that constant flirting to a ridiculous degree just to try getting any reaction he could 
  • he seems very good at reading his members insecurities, so he would probably be the same with you, and it might scare you a little even because he seems to know you so well
  • a very patient person in general, so he’s going to be very happy letting you take it at your own pace, and he’ll back off as soon as he knows he’s smothering you


  • this bright light of a boy is going to be so caught up in jokes and banter at the start that he may take a while to work out you’re a bit closed off with deeper things
  • would be very upset to think he can’t be your shoulder to cry on, but if you reassure him that you’re actually more open with him than anyone, it will open his eyes to your perspective and he’ll be VERY FLATTERED
  • would try to coax more info out of you by being ridiculous and embarrassing until you can’t resist him (and there’s less worry about opening up when he’s clearly willing to humiliate himself in front of you already)


  • he’s the same in all honesty. maybe not even closed off, but just with a general lack of that urge to share that some people have
  • but he does love deep conversations after all, so he probably likes staying up late and venting frustrations that he will tell to you and only you, and it takes him a while to get used to the fact that you don’t willingly reveal as much, but he loves the moments when you do even more because they’re rare
  • has a little catalog in his mind of every personal thing you’ve ever told him probably. and he never EVER forgets


  • another boy with a lack of ability to share. we all know woozi gets grumpy and lashes out before he’s willing to unload to another person, so he 100% understands you
  • might cause problems if you both just bottle up and close off and refuse to say anything meaningful, like a stubborn battle of the wills, i-won’t-be-vulnerable-if-you-won’t thing
  • but woozi is also logical, and because he cares for you he would eventually get some advice from coups or something, who would tell him to just SHARE. and you would be able to follow his lead because you know he gets that it’s hard, but he’s doing it for YOU


  • as an oversharer himself, he’s intrigued by your lack of openness, and i’ll admit it kind of draws him in even more in an opposites-attract kind of way
  • probably builds up a lot of worry thinking he should also try to be as closed off as you until one day he EXPLODES with feelings and emotions and you have to deal with comforting him that of course he can tell you stuff. it’s just harder for you to do the same.
  • once he knows that closed off is just the way you are he’s your biggest defender whenever other people are trying to get you to spill a secret


  • very VERY attracted to your closed off nature because i think he’s someone who likes some mystery in a relationship
  • probably accidentally offends you sometimes by making you feel vulnerable in front of other people or teasing you too much, because he can be thoughtless at times, but always apologizes after with those puppy eyes of his  
  • loves to make you flustered with a very open soul-bared compliment and loves nothing more than to hear your grudging “i love you”s in response


  • will take a while for the8 to warm up to talking as well, so maybe the two of you will work through it together
  • problems may arise with this savage boy if he accidentally hurts your feelings without realizing, and since you don’t like to make it clear, he might take a while to learn when something is off with you
  • but as soon as he gets used to the signs he will be the best at very firmly reassuring you without you even needing to say anything. so matter-of-fact and no-room-to-argue that you can know for sure he’s being honest and trustworthy.


  • he cries all the time so he would be surprised to fall for someone so different, but he would kind of love feeling like he has someone strong in his life
  • would probably get sulky with your continued closed off nature at some point and would worry that it reflected your feelings for him. would definitely need you to explain, but once you did, he would tell you he would just have to “feel enough for both of you” and give you the sweetest smile, and become okay with it
  • the best at giving unexpected hugs when he spots that something is going on with you. no need to talk, but just that solid warm comfort


  • vernon is such an understanding person that he’s there to fully support you for being yourself no matter what that is
  • he is also a very thoughtful person though so would want to discuss deep topics with you and might be discouraged if you hesitated to show some part of yourself, since he believes in honest communication 
  • but most of all he would be patient with you and willing to learn how to make the relationship work as a team, both getting used to each other, and both consciously working on how to become comfortable and close


  • dino would appreciate the lack of drama that comes with you not wanting to constantly talk about issues- he gets enough drama from his hyungs 
  • he could be uncertain though (because it’s the maknae’s first relationship and everyone would be giving him so much advice it would be confusing) and worry it was a sign of you not trusting him
  • but he would be so genuine with his love that it would become very clear to you that it’s safe to talk about some things to him, and he would appreciate even the small things he learns about your inner thoughts
Uni || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: This is the first request I’ve fulfilled in a while, so I really hope you enjoy this anon and everyone else too!! I’ve missed writing for Jack so much tbh xo

“I can’t do this.”

Jack looks up from his laptop and frowns at you as you groan and push your piles upon piles of coursework away angrily. “You okay babe?”

You sigh and look over at him with a reassuring smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little stressed about my exams.”

That was a lie; in fact, you were definitely not okay. You had bruises on your arms from pinching yourself and urging your body to stay awake, you constantly had a headache, you were exhausted and you couldn’t remember ever consuming as much caffeine as you had in those last three months.

You’d known since the beginning that Uni was going to prove itself a challenge, but you never imagined that things could get this bad. You didn’t sleep, you were constantly stressed out and all you thought about was when your next deadline was.

And now here you were, sat in your boyfriend’s living room on a Saturday evening, your course work covering up every inch of his breakfast bar. Your hair was a mess from you constantly fiddling with it, you had dark circles under your eyes and your lips were more chapped than they ever had been before.

There was an anatomy book open in front of you, and as hard as you tried to force yourself into being interested in the subject, you physically couldn’t. All you saw were words on a page alongside a few scribbled drawings of human body parts.

You chew on your bottom lip, and inhale deeply, picking up a pencil and staring intently down at one of the many questions on the page. With your hand shaking from the high amount of caffeine running through your veins, you write down the answer and try to feel proud of yourself for knowing the answer automatically, but you couldn’t.

That was when you dropped the pencil and sat back, your eyes wandering over the textbooks and the thick folders of work that you’d done over the past year. The fact that you’d made it this far should’ve been an achievement, something to be proud of, but instead, all you felt in the pit of your stomach was regret.

You didn’t want to be a doctor, you’d never wanted to be a doctor. Your parents had wanted you to be a doctor, just like they had been once upon a time, and for years you’d convinced yourself that you wanted it too. But now, here you were, with tears in your eyes as you stare at the pictures in the book with no emotion at all.

You stand up and shake your head, inhaling shakily before something in your brain clicked and all you felt was utter devastation. You’d wasted the most precious years of your life desperately trying to pursue a career you had no interest in whatsoever.


You look up from the spot that you’d been staring at on the floor and watch silently as Jack stands up and walks over to you, concern on his face as he stops in front of you and cups your cold cheeks in his hands.

You look up into his eyes, leaning into his touch and pressing your lips together softly. “I- I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” Jack frowns, his hands falling from your cheeks as he takes a step back. “Are you- are you breaking up with me?”

Your eyes widen in shock. “What? No! Of course I’m not!” Shaking your head violently, you stick your arm out and point toward the mess of paper on his countertop. “That. I can’t do that anymore.”

“Uni?” He clarifies, and you nod, brushing a stray tear away from your cheek just seconds after you feel it fall. He scrunches up his nose and looks down at you in confusion. “Well then, pretty girl, if you don’t have any plans for the next few weeks, how about we take a little trip?”

You furrow your brows. “Wait, why aren’t you trying to convince me that I should stay in school and focus solely on my studies because my future relies on me becoming a successful doctor?”

“Because I think you’ve already tried to convince yourself that enough times for it to not work when I try.” He smiles softly, shaking his head and running his fingers down your arms. “You’re so exhausted all the time and drinking as much coffee as you do can’t be healthy. You spend more time studying than you do living your life and that isn’t okay.” He speaks with such sincerity that you feel yourself melting into his words. “You deserve a break, love. Whether you completely give up on becoming a doctor or just focus on something else for a while, that doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is that you’re happy.”

There was a moment of silence as you stare into his eyes, tears pooling in your own before you move forward and wrap your arms around him, hugging him tightly and pushing your head into his shoulder. “I love you so much.”

“I love you more, pretty girl.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around you equally as tightly as you had yours around him, only letting you go when your grip on him loosened. “So, where should we go? Maybe America to visit Conor, or maybe we could go to Dubai to see your Aunt?”

You look up at him, laughing slightly in shock. “Wait, are you being serious?”

“Mhm.” He nods, glancing over his shoulder at the mess that you’d made in his kitchen and frowning. “I don’t want to force you into doing or not doing anything. All I want you to do is follow your heart and do what you think’s best. But this?” He gestures toward you and the work. “I can tell that this isn’t making you very happy.”

You nod in agreement, fiddling with the bottoms of your sleeves for a moment before looking at him. “I wanna drop out.”

“Then drop out.” He nods, and you eye him in surprise. “You can drop out, and find something you’re truly passionate about. It’s not like you’re relying on Uni for anything just yet, so just do it. You have me and all of the boys to fall back on if you ever need too. All we care about is you.”

“What about my parents?” You ask, your face falling at the sudden cringe back your boyfriend took.

“You’re gonna have to find a way to break the news to them.” He smiles apologetically, shuddering at the thought of your father’s threatening voice. “If your dad asks, I tried to convince you to stay in school.”

 chuckle and nod, glancing between your boyfriend and the kitchen counter, biting your lip.

Never had you been more sure as you were in that moment. Being a doctor wasn’t what you wanted to do with your life, and that was okay. Because you were still young, still finding yourself, and you still had a long journey ahead of you yet.

But for now you had Jack by your side, and he was all you needed.

the start of vices & virtues

hi. back at it again with an analysis nobody asked for. so today, folks, we’re doing it on ballad of mona lisa and this one was a lot of fun, but so are all of them. whatever.

now, chronologically, this one is known to be the first song written for all of v&v. this song, according to wiki, was written after pretty. odd. was released but before they had toured so it’s old. now, that’s just important to how i’m phrasing all of this, knowing the timeline. (aka, this is before whatever happened in cape town).

before we start, we’re going to talk about the title right quick. so the definition of ballad is: a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. so really, this if just a fancy way of saying that this song is a story about mona lisa. now, the thing that stumped me and my sister for a long time was why mona lisa? why her in particular? songs are very meaningful in the way that things as big as that aren’t an accident. it’s not a name you pull out of your ass as a placeholder. she has some sort of meaning to this song (especially since she shows up in the lyrics later in this song (also in another song, hmmm). so we looked into the meaning of mona lisa and there’s a lot of different things but a lot of what we found was mysterious person. nobody knows who she was, they have guesses but we’ll never know for sure. she’s this person that we all know what she looks like but we don’t know who beyond that. hmmm, how can i tie THAT into a song?

anyway, if you didn’t get it, mona lisa is ryan. she, in this song, is ryan, and he is brendon.

She paints her fingers with a close precision

He starts to notice empty bottles of gin

And takes a moment to assess the sins she’s paid for

so first off, brendon was talking about this lyric in an interview. he said that this is about someone dolling themselves up. but like, honestly, if you watch any of panic, that’s not really brendon’s thing tbh. like, sure, he wears high heels sometimes but makeup isn’t really a brendon thing. (even in early panic days, he wasn’t all that emo until he met ryan). with that, it was very much ryans thing to do the emo makeup and such, not brendon’s. so with that in mind, this is about someone dolling themselves up which could also be a reference to putting on a facade, lying about who someone is. cough cough mona lisa?

then, these other two lyrics, it was kinda hard to figure out what they meant so here’s our idea. so, early panic days, even up to pretty odd, they were kinda wild. they drank a lot and did a lot of drugs, tbh. i think that when ryden first started, it was a thing like opportunity? they were both drunk so why not. now where the lyric comes in, i think that the relationship between ryan and brendon started with a lot of drinking but brendon fell in love with ryan, ryan never loved brendon. so when brendon developed feelings, he didn’t need to be drunk or high to be able to sleep with ryan. but for ryan, that never changed. this song, as you’ll see, is a lot about brendon sort of realizing that maybe ryan didn’t love him the way he wanted him to. ryan still had to be drunk in order to sleep with brendon and this is brendon realizing that. he’s looking around and seeing all these alcohol bottles and other things and realizing that ‘hey, maybe things aren’t what they should be’. the last lyric of that chunk ties into all of that. he pauses from what he’s doing, whatever brendon was doing, and looked over things. he was looking at all the signs, things ryan had said, things he’d seen and realized that, again, maybe things weren’t what they should be.

A lonely speaker in a conversation

Her words were swimming through his ears again

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

so, this one took us a little while to get but hear me out. so we said that brendon was the only one who fell in love, right? just, for now, say that this ‘conversation’ is actually just a metaphor for sex. so, with brendon being the only one in love, he was the only one really contributing in a sense. sure, ryan could get his dick hard and you know, have the sex stuff but, there wasn’t any feelings. ryan was just doing it, there wasn’t anything more to it then that. kind of a shitty feeling for brendon and this song is him realizing that.

then, i posted an analysis for northern downpour that you can read here. basically, if you’re gonna be too lazy to read then, here’s a very short synopsis. ryan was basically saying that he doesn’t feel the same and it’s this long, very extra way to tell brendon that he’s delusional if he thinks that ryan will love him. ANYWAY, this song is a lot about brendon starting to doubt the truth that he seems to have conjured up and so he’s thinking over the songs off pretty odd that ryan wrote, thinking about them and trying to see them from ryans perspective almost. he heard northern downpour as a love song and he’s starting to think about it as what it really was, a song that said i will never love you.

this line comes up again at the end so there’s some significance but this is still the beginning, brendon is still on the fence about what he believes. he’s not wanting to let go of the man he loves yet so he’s saying here that ‘hey ryan, it’s not that hard to show me a little bit of love’. it’s kinda sad, really. he’s saying that he’s not that hard to leave.

He senses something, call it desperation

Another dollar, another day

And if she had the proper words to say,

She would tell him

But she’d have nothing left to sell him

so remember at the beginning how i said that he was brendon? it still is, fam. anyway, brendon is sensing desperation in himself. he’s watching this relationship fall apart in front of him and he’s not sure what he’s desperate for but it’s something. he wants to either have ryan say he’s in love or say that he isn’t. he needs one of the two before it starts to ruin him (hint: it already has). anyway, another dollar another day, is just a fancy way of saying that he’s going through the motions. we say with the bottles of gin that brendon was starting to realize that things weren’t right and that’s starting to play in the front of his mind. he’s not ready yet to give up so seeing ryan and trying to be with him is starting to feel robotic. he’s just walking along and he isn’t quite sure what to do yet, he doesn’t know.

so i’m definitely taking this proper words thing, again, as i love you. this song is a lot, to me, about brendon desperately trying to hold onto whatever he thinks that him and ryan have. this was written when ryan was still in the band and i’ve hinted/mentioned at it before. i think their relationship was very one-sided. even their stage gay was very one-sided. i think that their relationship was brendon falling hard and fast for ryan but ryan didn’t see him romantically. i think to ryan, their relationship was purely sexual and brendon just tried to see past it all. i think this song was brendon questioning a lot of things and finally, maybe, seeing that ryan wasn’t truthful. (i’m totally rolling with that through the duration of their relationship he hinted at feelings to keep brendon saited but didn’t mean it). so if ryan had the words to tell brendon that he didn’t actually care romantically (without losing the sex) then he would have. he would tell brendon if he could keep their friends with benefits thing. if he did though, he wouldn’t have any other lies to feed to brendon to keep him around (and keep the sex).

Mona Lisa wear me out

Pleased to please ya

Mona Lisa wear me out

so first off, let’s go back to mona lisa. in this song, mona lisa is ryan. now we’re bringing up again the meaning behind her and the fact that nobody knows who she is. and we’re going to take ryan as a catfish, of sorts. he’s been lying to brendon this whole time. sure, it was fun and games to fuck for them at the beginning but once brendon fell in love, he had to lie to keep brendon around. he never loved brendon but brendon has loved him for a long time. so with that, nobody knows the real ryan anymore which is why he’s mona lisa. he’s been lying for so long that they feel he’s just a fake, they can’t believe anything that leaves his mouth.

so then to the rest of the lyrics. brendon is asking ryan to wear him out (which I’m going with sexually cause everyone gets worn out after a sexual encounter, yeah?) wear me out, tire me out, make me sweat, yadda yadda. then he says ‘pleased to please ya’ which is very ,,, i wanna say cringey. this is why i said that brendon is beginning to think that ryan wasn’t so truthful. it’s almost like he doesn’t want to believe but he can’t outright deny the possibility. he’s saying that it makes him happy to please ryan. he puts out sexually because he thinks that that’s what’s keeping ryan around. he doesn’t want ryan to leave so he’ll do anything (sexually) to keep him interested in brendon. which, is really fucked up but, ya know. then he goes back to asking to be worn out (sexxxxxxx).

ALSO i would just like to point out that the music video is different just slightly. my sister came to me with almost tears in her eyes like ‘MANDELA AFFECT’ and it was trippy. in the music video he drops the ‘pleased to please ya’ and the second mona lisa which i don’t think was an accident. it’s HIS music video, why does he need to cut those like 5 seconds to make it shorter. that would have been done when originally recording the song. now, it’s already a single and it’s already popular. bands are more likely to lengthen a music video to add things in (talking, extra things that aren’t a song thing) rather than shorten it. so why? my only thought on that is since this came in v&v, after he’s already gone through the breakup, he feels ashamed at his actions. a slut? (no slutshaming, please don’t hurt me)

also, speaking of music videos, i wanna talk about how mona lisa in the video is portrayed as a child. this is something that i’ll talk about later too when mona lisa comes up in a different song (side eye emoji). but anyway, why? mona lisa in this song is portrayed as a love interest, why is she suddenly a child? kinda rape-y ya know? but this is my thought. we’re going with ryan has been lying, right? he’s been lying to brendon about his feelings and honestly, let’s talk about how literally everyone and their dog sees ryan as innocent. he’s got this little babyface and he smiles and everyone is like ‘awwww’. so that’s what brendon saw too, ya know? he sees this innocent man and he probably, when he first started doubting things was like, ‘come on, ryan wouldn’t lie, he’s too innocent’. and come on guys, children represent innocence through and through.

so i’ve saved the pre chorus and the chorus for last cause it always seems to flow better for me that way ?? i dunno. also it’s typically one of the last things you hear in a song so it just makes sense. heres the pre chorus

Say what you mean

Tell me I’m right

And let the sun rain down on me

Give me a sign

I want to believe

now this is really blunt. like i said, brendon is questioning things and i think this song is him expressing that he wants to know if his doubts are true or not. maybe he’s giving into the doubts a little more now, getting a little harder to ignore. he’s blunt. tell me what you want, is first. say what you mean, say the truth, tell him that he’s correct in thinking that it’s not real. and i know this can be taken as “tell me i’m right that you love me” but this song is really negative, honestly. it’s not a love song, he’s not asking for a confession of feelings. at first we took the point of ‘say i love you’ and my sister was talking about how the sun raining down on him is a sign of happiness. which, yes, i totally get that but like i said, this is not a love song. when we changed our thoughts on this to ‘tell me you never loved me’ i looked at it as a sign of freedom. he’s finally being proven right, his doubts are at ease because they’ve been proven. yes, brendon is sad because heartbreak fucking sucks but he doesn’t need to worry anymore which is also a relieving feeling. the light is positivity in a dark time. this is looking on the bright side when everything else sucks. but like i said, brendon was very much in love with ryan. while he’s starting to see that he’d been lied to, he doesn’t want to believe it. he wants to believe that ryan loved him and he’s fighting desperately to hold onto a rope that is frankly falling apart right before his eyes.

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

You’re guaranteed to run this town

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

I’d pay to see you frown

so, as i said before, this is a callout to ryan. hey ryan, you’ve been running my feelings and this band. which is totally fucking true. pretty. odd. was not brendon’s choice in music, it was ryan’s. even fever was ryans idea. (even the lyrics my dudes. though not all of the lyrics are 100% ryans so fuck off with that shit). he was the one that wanted more of the beattle’s aesthetic because guess who, after leaving panic, went on to write MORE music that was beattle’s ish. ryan fucking ross. brendon went back to his steampunk, heavy bass (thanks dallon) music. he’s always been a little more into that. (also pop and frank sinatra but ya know, whatever). then again, hey ryan, i want to see you frown. this line i am analyzing last because i think it’s meant to come last. the chorus is supposed to be the main thing in this song which would only make sense to have it come last. the verse’s lead up to it, you’d read them first but song structure and such. ALSO, EACH TIME, THIS COMES AFTER THE PRECHORUS AFTER HE’S ASKED TO BE PROVEN RIGHT, THANKS. each time, he’s saying he’d love to see ryan frown after ryan (hypothetically) had the chance to admit that he never loved brendon. i’m also going with that since ryan didn’t love brendon, his heart wasn’t in this. their little breakup won’t hurt ryan the way it tore brendon up. ryan could have shrugged this off and been unaffected by it. brendon wants to see him hurt the way he did.

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

and then this line comes up a second time. it’s the actual end of the song, this is after brendon is realizing that ryan was full of shit. it’s revenge. he wants ryan to feel the pain that brendon did. he wants ryan’s heart to get torn out. it’s very angry, honestly but deserving almost? he’s already asked ryan to show him a little love and that probably didn’t go so well (cape town?) so now brendon is asking for ryan to get hurt.


Bonkai Reunion 8x14 (part 2)

Ok, I know you’ve been waiting for an analysis of this scene and I am ready to deliver. I want you all to know that it is almost impossible to convey in words the level of excitement I feel when I write about this scene but just know that with each word I type, there is a smile on my face that can’t be removed. Like this reunion scene is not even close to what I had imagined or would have wanted their last scene to be, but DAMN…Kat and Chris’ acting/chemistry made what could have been a mediocre scene, a scene full of depth and sexual tension. I mean how many actors can make you feel the intangible connection and sexual tension between their characters when they are on opposite sides of a bar?!! HOW MANY?!! I would be lying if I said I only watched this scene multiple times to analyse because the truth is, I can’t get enough of it. So without further ado

Part 2 of the analysis, The Game:

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Dawn Breaks

A/N: I didn’t feel like drawing today but my creativity showed itself in a different form. Here’s a drabble from my Married AU universe :)

“It’s still dark out, you know.”

The black cat glances behind him to see a little red spark floating next to his ear.

“You should be with the kid,” he mutters.

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I'll Still Be Your Fool.

{based on Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart-Ariana Grande

Category: Angst, Smut 

Warnings: Sexual Intercourse, fuckboy Vernon, sad ending

Word Count: 1K

 •Description: Friends with benefits was going great for you and Vernon until you realized that you weren’t his only. All you wanted was a little bit of his heart.  “I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one.”

Originally posted by i-live-for-vernon-chwe

You heard a soft knock echo through your apartment and you knew it was Vernon. and you knew exactly what he wanted. Sex. You opened your door to see him looking handsome as ever with his black hair and nice fitted shirt. You smiled and motioned him to come inside. You didn’t even get a word in before Vernon’s lips were on yours. You knew that he didn’t think anything of it, but it made you upset that he never wanted to just talk or watch a movie instead of sex. As he kissed you, you got a whiff of a women’s perfume. You knew that he was just with another girl. You pulled way and Vernon got an immediate scowl on his face. 

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ROOM FOR RUBY: leg room

ALRIGHT so i talked about this ealier today but i wanted to wirte out my own personal take on the latest su episode coming out. i know what its about and while it aint what i wanted it seems like it will be good. wont know till it comes out. but until then i was thinking more about my own personal theroy on what the epsiode would be about. and i was pretty dang close tbh. i started thinking about it more and actually wanted to flesh it out more. so i thought and drew up some fake story boards and made my own version of this epiosde. 

leg room. 

it would start the same as how the actual episode starts. but instead of one comet theres all the rubys crashing towards earth. the closet one landing is near the gems house instead right infront of their house. 

the comet crashes and steven and the others race over to the crash to see what it was that crashed .

once they find the crash site they see and find


leggy has crashed on earth and just starts to get up. the gems and steven would be hiding watching her for a bit. garnet says they should bubble her. going on to saying shes dangours . and i can see futures that she would rather not see happen. steven says no tho and wants to try and talk to her first. saying maybe she will be nice.and understanding

leggy runs away. 

they try to stop her but as soon as she saw them she run to the nearest tall grass and got away. steven would then proceed to spend the rest of the night chaseing after her with the other gems. garnet would know where shes heading but wouldnt have enough time to see into the future to till where shes going exactly without her getting away. they keep up this chase with leggy mangaing to stay out of site and losing them. 

as leggy would get more and more away from them she would be making her way to the barn. she eventually gets there and starts looking for her ship. its right in front of the barn so she quickly opens the door and runs in. she would run up to the control panel and start trying to fly the ship away. but she quickly remembers she dosnt know how to fly it solo. she just starts mashing the buttons frantically trying to get it to start. making all that noise gets lapis attention and lapis quickly finds her in the ship

she then in a moment of brilliance jumps out the window and falls on the ground. she then runs back into the fileds trying to lose lapis but not being able to shake her with her being able to fly and all. she quickly catchs her and grabs her with her water powers and starts demanding answers. like why shes back on earth and what she was doing at her home. but before she can ask more ruby starts screaming like shes panicking. begging her to let her go while tearing up 

lapis is going to ask why but ruby wont let her get a word in still screaming to the top of her lungs. she gently drops her down and leggy quickly grabs hold of her legs and slowly rocks back and forth crying. lapis gives a akward *aaaaaaaaaare you ok???* ruby shouts * IM NOT OK. NOTING IS OK* she goes on to explain how this is all to much. she was just meant to come here to get someone but everything went wrong. that she was only made a few weeks ago and dosnt know how to handle any of this. and then she goes on about how steven and the gems kept hurting her. they lied to her. tricked her. hurt her . and now shes all alone on this planet she dosnt even know. at this point you cant understand her becuase of loud crying/gasping at air. 

lapis would feel bad for her. she kneels down and says she understands. she was lied to before and tricked to. and the gems hurt to before. they poofed me and locked me away from everyone i knew. i was alone for a very long time. 

leggy stops crying for a momment and looks at lapis. lapis says she is sorry for trying to hurt her and says she wont anymore. and promises not to let anyone hurt her any more ethier. ruby would ask how she can trust her. lapis would pause for a momment and say you cant. i wouldnt blame you if you never trusted me or anyone on this planet. but one someone lies to you you gotta look for the ones that are honest to you. . would you be willing to see if im one of those people

ruby takes a momment to answer. and gives a quick nod with eyes full of more tears and hugs her. she would awkwardly pap her head. lapis would ask her what do you want to do now. ruby would think and answer i gotta find the other rubys. they fell down here to we gotta find them. lapis says ok but thats going to take some time. were going to need the gems and stevens help. ruby says no and looks like shes going to panic again but lapis promises her they wont hurt her again. and they wont trick her ethier. not with me on your side at least. they lie to me ill take all the worlds water….again. 

lapis comes back to the barn with ruby clenching her dress and hiding behind it. perdot comes home with pumpkin saying *noting like a midnight walk in the cold wasteland that is beach city* or something like that lol. 

she notices the ruby and asks what shes doing here. and why is so stuck to your lower half. leggy looks away shly. 

lapis says she will tell her later. she asks her to call up steven and the others but they already are there. garnet coming out from behind the barn like *howdey* 

lapis asks why they were there the whole time and garnet says yep. i saw what would happen if you talked with feety *steven: leggy* leggy right. and that was the best possible out come. us talking to her would have done no good. steven says hey and aproachs leggy but leggy makes a scared noise and hides burrys her face int lapiss dress. lapis paps her head and and moves slighty to hide her more and lapis gives a slight nod of no to steven. 

lapis says we need to go find the other rubys. i promised leggy here and we gotta do it. 

leggy: whats a leggy.

steven would say b but we dont even know where to look. and even with garnets future vision it will take her a long time to find a out come in tthe future where she  finds them all let alone all of them. . it could take weeks. 

lapis says she dosnt care and we gotta. leggy would look up at her with star eyes. 

steven says . alright. and looks at leggy. and says i know we tricked you before. and i understand if you dont trust us right now. but we would want to help. we will find the other rubys i promise. leggy gives a slight look before hiding her face  again. it would show lapises face and she says. welcome to the barn. and it the episode would end


and thats about it. a whole frekin fan episode i came up with lol. 

this is bascally what i really want from the next epsiode or just a future episode. just the gems earning the trust of other gems and having to work hard to get them to join. i know theres a high chance something like this will never happen but i can dream. this was alot of fun to write and draw for. *excuse the sketchy art tho*

i really like the idea of leggy becomeing a memeber of the gems. i feel her becoming one feels the most likely and least forced. since she is the youngest gem and is still learning things. hell she could even learn how to use her gem powers from steven at one point. i thought alot about this and almost want this to be a full on au. like what would keep happening in these future fake epsiodes. like leggy asking way steven come back to save them. or what happend to jasper. and even starts learning from peridot  and becomeing smarter. like just imgine peridot teaching leggy all sorts of things about earth and gem stuff like tech and things. 

and i also like to think she learns fast about her powers and even at points figures out crazy powers that other rubys cant even tho. like i love the idea of her learning how to fly. like shooting flames out of her feets

yeah i fucking drew those things sue me LOL. i just had all these ideas and wanted to share them. i hope you were at least somewhat entertained by my crazy ramblings.qwq

Friends to lovers!au: Taeil


• oops this turned into a full blown series 

• next up is our comforting oldest hyung/hidden funny guy/surprisingly aggressive Moon Taeil because you know he’s a full on mood maker at the dorms

• let’s go let’s go let’s gooo

• okay so you meet Taeil at a cram school when you’re studying to get into university

• you kinda just see him around and he smiles softly at you every time he sees you but conversation never really happens because all of you are focused on one thing and one thing only

• well, Taeil’s a little worried about something else because this was when he was trying to figure out what he really wanted - university or singing?

• but no one around him really knows this so he keeps his head in his books and his worries to himself

• meanwhile you’re not even sure you’re good enough to pass, let alone get into a prestigious university

• one day the stress gets a little too much and it was another difficult day and its late and you find yourself just crying on the train home

• you look up to see taeil looking at you a little worriedly, because he doesn’t know you well enough to go over but he’s too nice to just let you stay there when you’re obviously distressed

• and you’re a little bit embarrassed someone caught you so you try to give him an “i’m okay” smile but somehow you end up crying harder

• and taeil, bless him, decides that you probably need a comforting presence right now so he’s scoots over and employs his special “pat pat” ability to make you feel better (please go watch the vlive with winwin, jaehyun and doyoung because this was valuable information)

• and weirdly enough it works! once you’ve stopped hiccuping you start to feel a little embarrassed so you make a generic comment about schoolwork and all that jazz

• but moon taeil with his sympathetic smile somehow makes you feel comfortable enough to ask for his name and you two are making small talk for the rest of the journey

• and the next day you seek him out and give him some snacks, “as a thank you and to keep you going”

• he’s actually really touched and from that day on you were friends and study buddies

• you both tutor each other on your weak subjects and encourage each other when it seems like it’s just easier to move to Iceland to become an isolated sheep herder (👀👀👀 incorrect-nct-quotes coming thru)

• and before you know it it’s finally Time. the big test you’ve been busting your asses off for and you and taeil wish each other luck and try not to vomit in the exam hall

• when you come out you turn to him and ask if he wants to come to your place to eat your feelings out in front of the TV

• taeil’s taken aback but he’s also so!!! happy that your friendship will continue past the dark days so he accepts and both of you eat your body weight in junk food that night

• fast forward to results and you’ve got the paper in your hand and your mouth open because holy shit you actually made it what sorcery is this?

• and taeil’s made it too!!! but when you hug him in congratulations you realise….he’s not quite as happy as you’d expect

• so you drag him away and ask what’s wrong? and he tells you about his dilemma

• you’re quiet for a minute and taeil’s like…what should I do, I trust your opinion, what do you think is the right choice?

• your advice is to choose what feels natural and we all know he ends up accepting the offer and you’re secretly relieved but also slightly guilty and you don’t know why

• AND THEN we all know what he chooses, and he calls you up in the middle of the night and you’re quiet for a lot longer than a minute this time

• and half of you wants to be heartbroken because taeil…kind, intelligent taeil….isn’t going to be quite as much in your life as you’d like anymore

• but the other half can hear the happiness in his voice so you’re like?? this isn’t about me and you congratulate him wholeheartedly and tell him he’s going to be going places

• after you hang up you sit in the dark for an hour and you’re still upset and it takes a while to figure out why

• “oh shit” - you, as you reach your conclusions

• but life goes on and you keep busy and so does taeil, and you tell yourself to move on so you go on dates every now and again

• but tbh you’re not that interested in dating as a whole and you’d rather focus on your studies…or so you’ve convinced yourself

• both of you remember each other though and make it a point to meet up when you can and sometimes he still helps you with work

• you jokingly buy him a month’s supply of protein shakes when he tells you he’s gonna start going to the gym

• but then it becomes less funny when you realise…okay he’s getting quite toned, this wasn’t supposed to happen

• and taeil is lowkey hoping you’d notice but you pretend you don’t so…but you definitely did and you’ve been training yourself to look down or straight into his eyes because you need to f o c u s

• you’ve never forgotten the time he’d been sympathetic to you on that train so one day when he reaches his breaking point, you’re there the same way he was for you

• and taeil’s glad, but now he’s got another issue - he’d been so focused on achieving his dream he’d completely shut out a lot of other things…like the way you would give his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, or how you’d nudge him gently when you’re making a joke so he would smile

• and now it’s his turn to sit in the dark while he comes to grips with these revelations

• “oh SHIT” - taeil, when he comes to his conclusions

• and now both of you are blissfully unaware of each other yet hyper aware of each other and it would have been the most dramatic thing ever if you both hadn’t been lowkey people anyway

• and then!! Taeil finds out he’s going to debut and you find yourself being woken up by another phone call at 3am

• “please fix your sleeping sched-” but you’re cut off by vicious sobbing on the other end

• and you panic but it’s all cleared up and now you’re crying happy tears for him too

• “it really is like living with animals” - yuta, when he’s woken up by the noise while he’s in aNOTHER ROOM

• one more thing…it was late and you were groggy but you could’ve sworn you heard him say “I love you” in between the incoherent noises….taeil denies it though and you have no choice but to shrug it off

• but it sticks with you for weeks…and taeil is internally slapping himself because he can’t believe it slipped out

• it all comes to a head when he’s finally debuted

• and you make sure you go to his stage to cheer him on

• taeil looks for you in the crowd and it calms him when you make eye contact and give a discreet thumbs up

• he honestly gives the performance of his life and you almost forget to breathe he’s so good??

• aND THEN thank the universe for adrenaline and split second decisions because afterwards taeil is riding the post-show high and you’ve made your way backstage to meet him

• you’re surprised by the energy behind his hug, he damn near lifts you clear off the ground and spins you around and while you’re still disoriented he pulls you in again to kiss you

• if it had been any other time, there would’ve been a hesitation but in that moment? taeil just knew

• then he doubly knew when you wrap your arms around him for another kiss - you can feel him smiling and it just makes your heart beat that much faster

• even if everything seemed like a blur in those 30 seconds, you’re just very aware of feeling safe in his arms

• it’s so sweet that the rest of NCT save (the majority of) their smartass comments till later

• jaehyun and doyoung enjoy recounting the story afterwards and tend to add embellishments, until they swear up and down that you both gave Shakespearean length speeches and shed a few tears before leaning in

• taeil’s just like :-) I could lift both of you without breaking a sweat

• your relationship is super sweet but also has a hidden savage side - like when you tease him about being spotted with his scooter on the train

• taeil: “well, we’ll get matching scooters when we get married”

• you: “what”

• him: “what”