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SJM Podcast - Coming Soon

Hey SJM fandom. I am currently working on creating a podcast that shall centre around the works of Sarah J Maas. The Working title ATM is ‘Sarah En Maas’ and it shall feature a series of hour long episodes. These will consist of skype discussions between a panel of guests and myself, just having some fannish banter around the elected topic, as well as dissecting issues, talking serious meta, and arguing over headcanons. Episodes will end with Fic recommendations, and a quick bit of fic discussion of recent fanfiction for the fandom we’ve read. 

As you may have already guessed, I will be needing human sacrifices volunteers to be guests on episodes that interest them. Discussions will be held over skype, and provide no special skills or anything, just an eagerness to discuss and fangirl and debate on the topic. And tell terrible, terrible, terrible jokes, if you’re anything like me. If anyone thinks they’d be interested, shoot me a message! 

Current Episode Topics in consideration/planned are:

  • ACOTAR Discussion
  • ACOMAF Discussion
  • ACOWAR Predictions
  • Episodes for discussing/disecting the following pairings: Feysand, Nessian, Moriel, Elucien. May add more.
  • FF Author Interviews x 3-5
  • Fandom Discussion
  • ACOWAR Discussion
  • ToG Series Discussion
  • Porn in YA - Is it Okay?
  • Squicks and Triggers - How fandom should approach the world of kink
  • Ship Wars and Character Hate - How, Why, and Should We Engage in it?
  • SJM Is Allergic to Diversity - Discussing issues with Sarah J Maas’s writing, and her ability to provide diverse representation

Thank you to @abookandacoffee who, as always, has been an EPIC human being (I assume she’s human), especially for letting me run this idea by her and for even agreeing to be a guest. 

This is one of many WIPs. Will keep you posted folks!

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So excited for Jen that she is appearing in a Broadway play! Wish people would stop assuming this is confirmation that she's leaving. The play is going to be done during hiatus, after all. I wish I could watch!

I think it’s amazing news for her and a very exciting opportunity. The dates of the play do not interfere with any potential filming so that is not an indication of her status on the show.

We just need to wait for an announcement!

The Rings in YoI ep 10

So it has been brought to my attention by the wonderful @wolfsflei that Yuuri only actually buys 1 ring at the shop in Barcelona. If we check the price of the ring on his receipt, not only does it say 1 ring (”Wedding Ring” might I add) but the price (if we also add + tax) roughly matches up to the price tags we can see of the rings in the glass cases.

So by this knowledge we can extrapolate that they did not get both rings here.

Let me drill the message home with some images.

Yuuri did not know this was coming. Victor had this ring prepared in advance and what surprised him was that Yuuri actually beat him to the punch. They were both honestly thinking of surprising each other with a proposal. I feel like this revelation just makes this scene a million times more meaningful because it shows that they were both thinking of the same thing without even the need for a discussion – that all they both want to just move forward with their lives together.

during the debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie sanders last night about obamacare this one woman told Bernie she has a small business (I think a hair salon) and she was like I can’t grow my business because I have to provide my employees with health insurance and it’s too expensive. and Bernie straight up told her, hey you’re not gonna like my answer, but I’m sorry I think you need to provide them with insurance (and then he brought up the fact that he thinks single payer health insurance is still the way to go). then this lady told Ted Cruz that without Obamacare, she would have died. and he gave some generic answer about how he doesn’t wanna take away all aspects of Obamacare (which btw is a lie because he once held a 20 hour filibuster in which he read green eggs and ham in order to repeal every last word of Obamacare). but like…..this is where we’re beginning the discussion. “I can’t grow my business” vs “I would have died”

What makes you happy? Think about that for just a moment. Do you have that list in your head? Good. Keep it there.

What makes you sad? I’m sure there’s a collection of thoughts forming in your head now. Keep those there too.

There’s a question that isn’t asked nearly as often as the two questions above. A question that needs to be pondered and discussed.

What makes you feel complete?
What fills the empty void within your soul?

This concept- filling empty spaces, completing the mind and soul, being utterly fulfilled- is a concept that we, as humans, need just as much as feelings of happiness or sadness.

Completion and filling of the soul isn’t exactly something that is easily explained, however. The feeling of being absolutely overcome and serene with life isn’t one that’s easy to be put into words.

Think about what makes you feel complete. Is it a person, an activity, a place? Whatever it is, you need to hold onto it. Hold onto it with your soul. Because completion is one emotion that can immensely save a life.

Feeling whole and having the soul filled is the key to staying alive. Not so much surviving, but living. Being completed keeps the process of living actually enjoyable. The filling of the soul is so incredibly important to life, and holding onto the things that complete the soul will keep the soul living forever.

What completes you? Form that list, and never let go.

if you’ve got a bunch of teenagers in space w no access to media they are going to start making their own entertainment so i think that we need to discuss team voltron memes

  • “where’s [insert team member here]?” “i mean… *looks out window at the stars, shrugs* space, probably”
  • they keep a tally of every time lance gets rejected by someone and use it to shut him up when he’s getting annoying
    • “okay i’m gonna stop you there, 37 strike outs”
  • whenever an alien does something particularly weird pidge loudly hums the x-files theme
  • lance will do random trust falls “for team bonding.” everyone lets him fall on his ass but shiro
  • drawing mustaches on random objects and talking to them as if they’re coran
  • for like two weeks lance refers to keith exclusively through pop culture references
    • “hey where’s older, angrier Nico Di Angelo?”
    • “scarless Zuko is in position”
    • “ayo young Billy Ray Cyrus come spar with me” 
  • loud acapella renditions of The Circle of Life during training sessions
  • hunk the Hunk™
  • calling shiro dad but only in the context of petty arguments (“daaaaaad, lance won’t stop touching my stuff”)
  • *points at something pidge is tinkering with* “is that a calculator”
  • constant shitting on the castle’s defenses
    • “after that fight, I think I need a drink, and it better be stronger than that particle barrier”
  • there’s a month long campaign to catch shiro in the middle of his morning routine to solve the mystery of whether or not he uses eyeliner. but they can never catch him getting up in the morning?? like one time they pull an all nighter and hide in his bathroom and somehow?? he still evades them???
  • whenever allura enters the room lance yells “everyone act casual” and they all strike ridiculous poses
  • *lance gets into a Situation and asks keith for help* “I’m sorry I… can’t hear you…. I think the connection’s…… breaking up…………”
  • exaggeratingly censoring themselves in front of pidge
    • “oh biscuits and jam I am so darn steamed right now!” “lance shut the fuck up”

Yknow, the thing about Mass Effect, for all its flaws and problematic moments and issues that bioware really needs to work on, they got one thing down. Emotion. I’ve never played a game so packed with emotion as Mass Effect is. Yeah we all bitch about the ending of Mass Effect 3, we all point out the sexist moments, we all discuss where Bioware needs to grow. But I think a majority of us will remember the shocking moment of seeing the Collector base for the first time. We find friends in this rag-tag band our Shepard brings together. We’ll all hold our breath as Joker hobbles through a Normandy under attack. We agonize over who we left behind on Virmire. We cried when characters we came to know left us, and we cheered when a cure for all Krogan fell upon Tuchanka. We were sad, happy, angry, desperate, hopeful, and passionate right alongside these characters we came to know so well. And don’t tell me a huge-ass grin didn’t appear on your face when that damn Thresher Maw took out that Reaper. You can point out as many flaws as you want with the games, we all talk about it; but in the end, Mass Effect isn’t just a game. It’s a feeling, an emotion, an energy that I have personally never felt in any other video game ever. It is passion, plain and simple. And I just find that to be so damn important, when something can make you feel as if a part of your own soul is right there along for the ride. 

Idk that’s just so beautiful to me and it’s why Mass Effect will always be my favorite series of games regardless of the flaws it possesses. 

so like…i know that the whole “Keith I want you to lead Voltron” thing is a big debate topic rn because hot-head boi can’t even take care of himself and like yes Lance would 100% be a better leader imo and then there’s this whole “let them co-lead” thing but

are we just going to ignore the fact that Voltron’s face is literally half covered in blue and red?

I mean???? foreshadowing????????????? has this been discussed before because i think we really need to talk about it

i know we’re all into the Very Serious aus because you know, whats tfc without angst, but please think about a kid au that reduces all the violence and madness of the exy mafia down to pouting children

featuring wymack as a newly single hot dad, abby as an exhausted but fond teacher, and the foxes and the ravens as rival second grade classrooms

(much thanks to @thepersephonecabin​ who let me run with this idea with minimal judgment and helped come up with a lot of this)

  • “foxes”, “ravens”, etc are just how the classes are sorted like how some schools have them sorted by color and stuff
  • kevin is considered a traitor because wymack didn’t like the moriyama teacher and transferred kevin into abby’s class
  • wymack always personally drops off kevin in the morning, and once he starts talking to abby he always gets caught up and is nearly late for work nearly every morning
  • instead of andrew being on drugs and whacking neil in the stomach with a racquet when they first meet, andrew is actually like. 9 pixie sticks deep and he hit neil with a whiffle ball bat
  • matt isn’t covered in track marks, they’re just stickers that he covers himself with daily (dan thinks it’s lovely)
  • dan is just that one kid who will not keep her dress on (theres always one)
  • matt chases dan on the playground until he clues in that that’s not the best way to tell your crush you like her
  • then they get married by the swingset
  • instead of going through a bunch of different identities, sometimes neil just decides he wants to go by a different name because you know. five year olds.
  • and andrew first allowed neil to talk to him when neil was “neil” but then neil was like nope dad says i have to go by my real name now i’m nathaniel and andrew was like excuse u i told neil to stay
  • allison is the one that gets into her mother’s makeup when she’s not looking and wears it to school because she would raise hell if her mom tried to scrub it off her
  • she’s the most fashionable second grader around
  • abby puts andrew next to renee in the seating chart in hopes that she’ll be a good influence on him
  • plot twist, it worked
  • before the seating change, aaron and andrew sat next to each other and endlessly passed notes
  • abby takes them up once and they’re in some godforsaken coded children’s language
  • (really they’re mostly just insults and rude drawings of each other)
  • nicky is that kid that always starts a food fight
  • neil uses this as an excuse to get riko in the back of the head with mashed potatoes
  • (he blames it on kevin because he’s a hellion)
YOI ep 9 speculation post

I feel like episode 9 of Yuri on Ice can go in a number of multiple directions at this point, so let me discuss all the different possibilities I can think of now. Let’s do this in the form of questions and potential answers.

1.       Will Maccachin die?

If yes, we could see Victor cry and Yuuri comforting him over the phone, which would also be the perfect opportunity for Victor to talk about his past and/or motives and/or plans for the future.

If yes, we could see Victor calling Yuuri and telling him everything is fine because he doesn’t want to stress him before his Free Skate, but he’s really holding back tears (which doesn’t really contribute to the plot but tells us a lot).

If no, we could see Victor calling Yuuri and excitedly announcing that it was a false alarm and that everything is fine, which is ideal because he gets to watch him skate and everyone’s favorite dog lives (but it’s also sort of anticlimactic).

Bonus: If Maccachin doesn’t die, Victor could find a last-minute flight and fly back to Moscow and make it just in time to see the end of Yuuri’s program which would be really freaking beautiful. (unrealistic as all hell but shh)

2.       How will Yuuri skate without Victor’s support?

He will do badly, because Victor’s presence always helps him do well (honestly, least likely because Yuuri is stronger than this even if he is often anxious and presented as mentally weak).

He will do well and will say something like “I don’t need Victor in order to win” (which would be heartbreaking but would also make sense in terms of his character development).

He will do his best to skate as well as he can to show Victor (and the world) that his teaching hasn’t been lost on him that he believes in himself and he will say something like “I will let my feelings reach Victor even if he is all the way in Japan.” (basically Victor will be the focal point of his performance, but his personal growth will also be shown through it).

Bonus: Yuuri’s performance will also affect Victor in some way.

3.       How will Yakov/Lilia/Yurio treat Yuuri?

Coldly, but they’ll keep him and Yuuri will find a way to deal with his stress.

Yuuri will end up growing closer to Yurio and understanding him better (and vice versa).

Yakov will explain Victor’s backstory (which would be ideal because it’s been 8 episodes and he’s still a Goddamn mystery).

Bonus: They will somehow be supportive of him.

4.       How will the podium look?

Hell if I know!

My bets are JJ Leroy, Yuuri, Yurio or Yuuri, Yurio, JJ Leroy (because Victor’s coaching methods have to be proved superior to Yakov and Lilia’s so I’m afraid Yurio can’t be above Yuuri).

Those are just my thoughts though!

If you have any more questions and/or potential answers, please tell me so that we can expand this post!

Let’s talk about Yang and Sun as characters

So, I ain’t touching that shipping discourse with a ten foot pole because it is pointless and dramatic and y’all need to calm your tits, but I do think we need to discuss the differences between Yang and Sun as characters and how they relate to Blake, because I feel like there is some fundamental misunderstandings here that are vastly contributing to the problem.

First and foremost, neither Sun nor Yang should ever be labeled as abusive because they are not. Adam Taurus is abusive. Adam drove Blake to some very dark and scary places in her life because of his abusive behavior. He was obsessed with her in and unhealthy and possessive way and did not care about her well-being. Yang and Sun are both good people who would never hurt Blake on purpose and even when they do incorrect things in regards to how they treat her it always come from a place of concern for her.

Secondly, one of the big arguments I’m hearing lately in regards to the way they each interact with Blake is that if the characters positions were reversed then people would be having the opposite reactions. Like people saying that if Yang had followed Blake everyone would be praising it as romantic and if Sun had been the one to convince Blake to come out to the dance everyone would be calling him pushy or bad. Except here’s the thing that’s wrong with that line of discussion. It operates under the idea that Yang and Sun are the same kind of character personality wise. And they are not. At all.

See, Sun’s character is the kind of person that people think Yang’s character is, and Yang’s character is something else all together.

Sun is loud and friendly and a little clueless. He takes an interest in people and genuinely cares about them, but he looks at everything through his own world view without necessarily taking other people’s feelings into consideration and as a result he can come off as sort of obnoxious. He’s a big stupid sweetheart. Does he want to help? Absolutely. Does he know how best to do that? Absolutely not. This is what makes him a good foil for Blake, in that he absolutely doesn’t get her at all and it results in hilarious misunderstandings that are totally harmless but still drive her a little crazy. Certain people are taking that cluelessness as malicious in some way, and that’s how we’re getting this weird misconception that he is “abusive.” People think he is willfully ignoring Blake’s wishes, when what is actually happening here is that he legitimately doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that Blake might want to go on this personal mission home by herself because his life’s motto is that “You should always get friends involved.” He just sees his friend putting herself in a sad and scary situation alone and wants to support her. He doesn’t understand why she might not want his support because it clashes so much with his personal world-view. He always has Blake’s best interest at heart, but sometimes he goes about helping her in a way that just kind of irritates her.

Yang is a whole other story. Yang is loud and friendly too, but the key difference here is that she is keenly aware of other people’s feelings and behaves accordingly. She recognizes that Blake has limits when it comes to personal interactions and the like, and so she handles her more gently than she might with someone else. She still pushes her outside her comfort zone with things like bear hugs because she’s trying to help her grow, but she does it in little ways rather than pushing her all out at once because she sees that wouldn’t help. She wants to help Blake, but she wants to do it at Blake’s preferred pace. Which is good, and it allows the two of them to grow close gradually. But it’s also means that she can be a bit too cautious sometimes. Yang’s careful observation of other’s behavior does come from her desire to help people, but it also comes from her own fear of rejection. She waits and observes and reacts accordingly because she’s scared that if she pushes too hard people will leave her. Blake recognizes and appreciates that Yang gives her space and let’s her handle things at her own pace, but she doesn’t realize the other reason why she does it. She doesn’t realize that by running away she is hurting Yang, because she’s so wrapped up in her own fears that she can’t recognize Yang’s. And Yang does the same, viewing Blake’s running as a form of rejection due to her own issues, rather than recognizing it as part of Blake’s issues.They are both caring, considerate people who have deeply rooted emotional issues that they need to work through, and that’s why they play off of each other so well. They respect each other’s problems, but are so wrapped up in their own problems that they can’t always help each other.

So now, with all this in mind, let’s go back to the original hypotheticals I addressed there. We’ll go chronologically and start with the Burning the Candle scenes.

The idea here is that if Sun had tried to convince Blake to come out to the dance in the way Yang had, people would view his actions as pushy and inappropriate, instead of sweet and heartfelt as they were with Yang. The problem with that idea is that Sun wouldn’t have tried to help her the way Yang did. He didn’t understand why Blake was upset and thus he couldn’t have talked her through her issues the way Yang did. And if he somehow did understand, he wouldn’t have dealt with it the same way. He wouldn’t have shared a personal experience and tried to use that to help her understand how she was hurting herself. He would have told her that there was no point in worrying about stuff she can’t change and just joked around with her in an attempt to make her feel better. And as a result, it likely wouldn’t have worked.

Then there’s this idea that if Yang had followed Blake onto the boat against her wishes people would think it was sweet and romantic, instead of clueless and mildly irritating as it was with Sun. But again, the problem with this idea is that Yang wouldn’t do that. If Yang had seen Blake leave and had the opportunity to follow her, she wouldn’t have. And it wouldn’t be because she respects Blake’s choice, or because she wanted to give her space to deal with her own issues. She wouldn’t have followed because she would have viewed it as a rejection. Why is Blake leaving? Did I do something wrong? Why would she leave me without saying anything? I must have messed up, because why else would she be running? She wouldn’t have realized that Blake was running because she was scared, because she would have internalized the abandonment immediately and viewed herself as not good enough to be around Blake anymore.

Bottom line: The idea that the fandom would react differently if the roles were reversed is a fallacy, because the roles between Yang and Sun can’t be reversed in any situation. They are fundamentally different characters, and the idea that they would do the same things in the same situations is just nonsense. They serve different purposes in Blake’s life, different purposes in the story. You can’t just flip the script without changing the entire story.

It seems like half the issues from the two sides of this fandom hate seem to stem from the idea that these two characters are interchangeable in some way and that the only difference between them is their gender, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are completely different people who serve completely different roles in Blake’s story. They are both there to help her grow, but in different ways. To think any differently is honestly disrespectful to all three of them and to the work that has been put into them as characters.

Stop treating Sun like a bad character, stop treating Yang like a bad character, and (to quote a completely different fairy tale) stop treating Blake like she’s a prize to be won in all of this.

Yarn Rant


I don’t mean to be unkind, but that whole “hide the stash” thing kinda bugs me. If I genuinely had a self-control problem with buying yarn, it was hurting my family budget or I was exhibiting hoarding tendencies, yeah my family would confront me about it, and they’d be right to do so.

I think the whole /giggle/giggle/ “I have no control in yarn stores” nonsense is mostly promoted by people who sell yarn!

Do I spend a fair amount of money on knitting? I do. But I know to the penny how much it is, and it comes right out of the money I specifically budgeted for my hobby. I have no need to hide it or pretend I have a different amount of yarn than I do.

No more do i argue with my husband when he spends his discretionary money on his artwork. Again, if he were irresponsible about it, we’d have a discussion, but I note that his colleagues in the graphic art field do not seem to fetishize or hoard materials or make a joke out of it like knitters do.

“Are you dating?”

Dex shrugs. “I don’t know, Sara.” Dex loves his sister, truly. But sometimes–like right now–she needs to lay off.

“Well, what do you do together?”


“Besides get off.”

Dex thinks. “We play hockey. We do homework. We went and got burritos once. We go running along the river.”

“So he’s like, a friend with benefits?”

“Except he’s not a friend,” Dex says, frustrated. “He went to Andover and his parents own a brownstone on the Upper West Side. Do you know how rich you have to be to own an apartment in New York, let alone a building?”

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PSA to Sherlock Fans

The #tfp tag belongs to another fandom and it appears to be their main tag. See here, here, here & here.

I think it would be great for us Sherlock fans to peruse #the final problem, reasons being:

  1. Not to invade their main tag with our episode musings. Please see the above linked posts to understand their situation. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment if need to.
  2. It is more useful to gather all posts under the rightful tag  #the final problem. It will make browsing easier - rather than sifting through #tfp tag when you want to look for discussions on the episode.

If you merely need to use acronyms #tfp for sorting blog posts, we can always be extra considerate and put the tag after the first five tags, OR use another acronym all together. Add your suggestions below if you have any.

Additional note: This PSA is for OPs who make new posts. Tagging of your reblogs to organise your blog will not affect the Tumblr tags.

Please reblog and spread the words. Thanks. X


It’s funny, all these years, all the things we’ve discussed, we’ve never really talked about war. What it means to fight. We don’t talk about the fear. I don’t mean the fear in the moment. I don’t think either of us feels that, to be honest. Our lives, each in their own ways, have been about mastering that, being able to act without fear when needed. I mean the fear that comes before … the fear that comes after. It’s not fear of death for me. Not exactly, I should say. It’s fear of loss. Which I suppose one could argue is the same thing. Losing what we have, losing what we love, losing the potential of the future … Losing you, that’s what I’m trying to say. That terrifies me, Diana. — Wonder Woman (2016) #13

There’s that post going around about how Harry would have been a great Professor at Hogwarts, and how every year he’d spend time answering questions about the new wizarding war, after the students learned about it in History of Magic

But I think we also need to appreciate the kids’ reactions to hearing about Neville’s contributions. Especially cause Harry is quite humble and would have been more than happy to share the credit (especially with Neville, who he’s always supported). 

Like, imagine these kids learning about the wizarding war, and they already know Harry Potter is so great, all their parents & grandparents talk about him like he farts rainbows.

But no one mentions Neville.

And then one day, they are discussing the final battle and Binns mentions off-handedly about how Neville stepped into the middle ground and stood up against Voldemort himself, with his entire army at his back, and defended Harry’s legacy, and then pulled Gryffindor’s sword out of the hat and killed Nagini.

Like, Neville is the key to Voldemort’s downfall. No one else could have done what he did (especially if you consider the Cursed Child canon).

And all these kids are like ‘no way that bumbling Professor Longbottom did this’ cause he’s very humble and, though everyone knows he fought, they never knew how vital his role in the war is. And he’s still a bit clumsy and forgetful and the kids all get a laugh out of it.

And then they walk into Herbology with a new admiration and respect that they’ve never shown him before. And he just knows and smiles at them and spends the period explaining how anyone can show bravery, and he’d learned it from Harry, so really he should get the credit. But all these kids admire him now, and stick up for him when younger students laugh at his expense. And when they ask why, the older students just smile and say ‘you’ll find out soon enough.’

Carla Hayden Thinks Libraries Are a Key to Freedom
The 14th librarian of Congress on radical librarians and how information literacy can combat fake news.
By Ana Marie Cox

Do you think libraries can help in this epidemic of fake news and lack of trust in the media?

I think the good thing about the discussion is that there’s a discussion about what’s fake and what’s real. There’s an awareness that there is such a thing. Librarians have been pounding on this issue in a different way for a while — that just having computer literacy is great, but as information professionals, we’re always looking at what’s the most authoritative source for the information and teaching information literacy. It’s great to have all this stuff, but you need to teach how to use the library in schools. They need to be teaching information literacy as soon as the kid can push a button.

It seems as if you might need to teach information literacy to members of Congress.

If they start as children, I think there’s hope.

“I’m a television program director. You know, there are too many music audition shows these days. I think this trend is outright undesirable, because there are so many other things that need to be discussed. One of the programs I directed was a documentary that touches upon the life experience of women who got married to Korean men from foreign countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia. It was saddening to see the brides struggling because of the language and cultural barriers, but I particularly remember recording video messages of them and showing the messages to their family members. We traveled to the brides’ home countries to show the messages. When brides were getting married, they said, ‘I’ll come back at least once a year.’ But they can’t do as they wish; if they stay in Korea and send money to their families instead, they can fix bathroom plumbing and leaking roofs. So, they send money instead of visiting home… They put it off like this every day, and that becomes 5 years, and then 10 years. Seeing families watching the messages and weeping as they say, ‘I thought you were coming this lunar New Year at last,’ made me feel… This is the type of programs I want to direct—programs that portray how people live, and you can smell life from the TV screen just by watching them.“

“저는 방송 PD예요. 요즘 오디션 프로그램들이 너무 많잖아요. 그것들이 너무나 많은 지금 상황은 딱 잘라 얘기해서 바람직하지 않다고 생각해요. 그런 것들 말고도 할 이야기가 너무나 많잖아요. 제가 했던 프로그램들 중에 필리핀, 베트남, 러시아 같은 외국에서 한국으로 시집을 온 며느리들이 겪는 이야기를 다루는 다큐가 있었어요. 며느리들이 언어나 문화를 몰라서 겪는 어려움도 슬프지만, 그 내용 중에 며느리의 영상편지를 찍어서 자기 나라의 가족에게 보여주는 기획이 기억나요. 거기 가서 영상을 친정 가족들한테 보여주는 건데, 처음 시집 갈 때는 ‘일년에 한번씩 이라도 오겠습니다.’라고 하지만 뜻대로 못 가는 거죠. 왜냐면 차라리 안 가고 돈을 보내주면 물 안나오는 화장실을, 비가 새는 지붕을 고칠 수 있으니까요. 가지는 못하고 돈만 보내고… 그렇게 차일피일 미루다 보니까 5년이고 10년이고 못 가게 되는 거죠. 며느리 가족이 영상편지를 보고 ‘언니 이번 설날에는 올 줄 알았는데…’ 하면서 우는 걸 보면… 저는 이런 프로그램을 만들고 싶어요. 사람들이 살아가는 모습, 그것만 봐도 TV화면 속에서 살 냄새가 느껴지는 그런 프로그램이요.”


Okai so, this isn’t my AU, I repeat, I didn’t make it up! I was streaming and someone came into the chat and just asked a very simple question: 

Did you ever think what would happen if kid Jesse met Reaper? Not Gabriel, really, REAPER. 

We started talking about it but sadly, the person left before we could discuss more. So, I decided to draw it ^^ if you recognize yourself, don’t be shy to say so! I really liked your idea and decided to draw it! ^^

I’ll start working on the ask/request now! I just needed to get this out of my head! Might continue later on ~