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purficklyclean  asked:

Hey! So I was just contemplating today how much I miss my college linguistics classes and thinking how I wanted to read some more linguistics books, and I know you are a big fan of all things language (AREN'T WE ALL?) and thus I was wondering if you had any linguistics-related book recs? I've already added The Last Speakers to my list after creeping through your tags, but any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated when/if you have the chance!

HELLO FRIEND!! in fact i DO have recommendations:

  1. Russian Talk: Culture and Conversation during Perestroika
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     : MEN ARE SCAMPS AND OLD LADIES RULES THE WORLD! is the sum of this book. the question this book asks is, “how do we talk about a culture we belong to? how do we talk about ourselves as part of that culture? what do the things we say about ourselves say about our culture, and vice versa?”
  2. When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge
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    : i cried when i read this book. CRIED. at the BEACH. my parents were like “please stop, we really just want to enjoy these strawberry daiquiris,” and but i was too busy howling into the abyss about what has already been lost.
  3. Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle (Vintage Departures)
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    : man goes to brazil to convert native populations to christianity. man realizes that the natives are doing just fine as they are, and white people should probably stop being so White People about everything.
  4. Language: The Cultural Tool
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    : do you have any prescriptivist friends that are like UM, THAT’S NOT HOW YOU USE THE WORD “LITERALLY”??????? and UM, ACTUALLY “NAUSEOUS” MEANS “TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE EXPERIENCE NAUSEA,” NOT “I FEEL SICK,” DESPITE THE FACT THAT LITERALLY EVERYONE USES IT TO MEAN “I FEEL SICK”??? UM—those people are the worst. read this book and then make them read this book. LANGUAGE EVOLVES, PEOPLE.
  5. Language Shock: Understanding The Culture Of Conversation
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    : have you ever said or done something and then been like, “….it’s kind of weird that i just said those words to indicate that thing??” this book is like, YEAH IT IS KIND OF WEIRD LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.
  6. Telling Stories in the Face of Danger: Language Renewal in Native American Communities
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    : here’s a fun fact, if by “fun” you mean “the opposite of fun”: native americans have been and continue to be subjugated by the american government since, like, day 1 of there being an american government! this book talks about how language and storytelling is a tool that marginalized peoples (in this case, native americans) use to help heal, to strengthen cultural heritage, and to survive.

FULL DISCLOSURE: if you buy through one of these links, i do get an affiliate thing. but by all means, if you can get these free from a library or cheaper somewhere else, you should do that. the struggle for book money is very real, and your girl appreciates that.