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Who'd you recommend as shawn's blog?

everyone who i follow is super lovely so i’m going to tell you a few people that i can think off the top of my head who i love and cherish, whether they know i exist or not

@papishawn - tilly was my first mendes friend and actually convinced me to make this blog

@latteshawn - the sweetest angel out there and deserves all the love, omg

@starrynightshawn - we became friends over 13 reasons why but she’s absolutely great and hilarious please follow her

@illumeshawn - literally my ALL TIME favorite blog on here. before i made this blog i’d read her stuff religiously. she’s friendly and hilarious as well

@berghh - literally so cute !!! i love her blog so much omg

@purebeanshawn - the url explains it ??? just a pure bean. great writings as well!

@shawnsleo - who followed me today for some reason and i squealed a little she’s great and hilarious

@ihaveabadreputation - one of the greats seriously she’s hilarious and so friendly

@takeiteasyonmyheart - every time i see her in my notes i smile a little more

@babyshawwn - BEST. BLURBS. EVER. also really cool, probably a friend crush

@shit-to-kinda-okay who followed me today as well, which may have caused a few tears :’)

@heromendes - the cutest, sweetest, and just seems so full of love. her icon makes me die as well

@thesmutofthemendes - m is the cutest and spends a lot of time and energy writing, as well as talking to everyone who graces her inbox. not sure how she hasn’t died yet with all the smutty blurbs she gets sent every day lol

and of course there are more, and i’ll open up my following page on mobile if you want to look through everyone ! :) x

After reading all the Rumi bits put together, I don’t think Dizzee was saying he’s ready to die, was that much of a hint of his character is getting killed off.

Obviously it’s been said that it’s up in the air, and is pretty much down to Jaden coming back, but I think him saying he’s ready to die was more so Dizzee accepting that he’s not straight.

Not much of his character growth has been shown, but from what we can take from the story of Rumi, we’ve all assumed the art inside Dizzee’s head represents himself, and Rumi’s struggle and desire to get to the Opera lines up with Dizzee’s interactions with Thor.

So I think with Dizzee telling Boo not to be afraid of being an alien, then yelling out that he himself is an alien in a top hat (aka Rumi), then even Shao saying “I gotchu my alien brother,” hints more at Dizzee finally being aware that he’s different, but he’s okay with that. That he’s in a place where people not liking who he is and being angry enough to potentially hurt him over it, isn’t his problem.

I could even see them taking Dizzee down a route where he doesn’t stay as high as he was in pt 1 and 2, because maybe being high was his way of not dealing with his feelings. But then after overdosing while simultaneously realizing he’s in love with someone, he’s not so keen to put himself in that situation again.

And after all that’s said, if we then take all this about Dizzee relating being an alien to his sexuality, Shao calling himself Dizzee’s alien brother has no other context. And I don’t mean in the way of saying Shao has to be gay so he can end up with Zeke, but more so that it’ll be interesting to see how he relates to being an alien, because as of right now, all we have is the context of sexuality.

Then when added to everything else in Shaolin’s life, and how he acts around Zeke in particular, I think his opera is more likely to be him eventually realizing that being loved or in love isn’t bad. It doesn’t make you soft or stupid, and it’s not something to lash out over. Which he does anytime he sees people being affectionate. All Shao knows is abuse, so that’s all he’s able to give, even tho what we saw in his and Zeke’s final scene proves he doesn’t actually like hurting the people he lets in.

rupaul’s drag race season 9 iconic moments (an updating list):

  • You’re perfect 💯, you’re beautiful 👰, you look 👀 like Linda Evangelista 💃..You’re a model 💋 💅. Everything 🔁  about you ☞ is perfect 💯 ! Did you stone 💎 those tights👢? Oh, you’re smiling 👱 ! They eat 🍽  her up 🔝 EVERY 🕛  SINGLE 🕧  TIME 🕗  she’s on that damned 👹 stage 🏁. She😡 ftsdbsds😣 . She could walk 👣  out there in a fucking 😠  diaper 👶  and they’ll 👥 be like 🗣: “Valentina! 👰 Your smile 👄  is beautiful! 😍 ”.
  • Uh, who’s after Peppermint? Who’s after Peppermint? Why y’all acting brand new??? We gotta get out of here! Who’s after Peppermint, dayum!
  • Anything Gaga does
  • What’s an adjective?
  • I would hate-fuck the shit out of Valentina. I feel like that bitch can take a dick.
  • Can someone tell me if there’s another station somewhere that I’m not seeing? …So, am I like Matilda or something?
  • The hip pads struggle
  • Shut up for a second.
  • Since this is Rupaul’s best friend race right now… Letsss talk about who we think is the most annoying. You! Really BITCH what have I done to you? I’mma fight her *screams*
  • Who do you think is tops? None of them. You know they all bottoms.

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hiiii can you write something where you're famous as well and a really negative article about harry comes out and you want to take it down so you and your team talk to whoever posted it but they demand a story of yours instead and you give them something really personal and then harry finds out? (sorry it's so specific it's based on a dream I had haha)

This Is Going To Kill Him (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: There is a rude article written about Harry, and Y/N using the power she has in Hollywood (she is well known also), takes down the article and shares a personal story about herself to hopefully help others, and even posts a loving picture talking about the ‘real Harry Styles’.

Requested: yes

Warnings: partial swearing, mention of depression, insecurities, and eating disorders

A/N: Y/B/F/N= your best friend’s name

Sorry I have been inactive over the weekend, I’ve been busy this past weekend, but I’m back! Again, thank you for all the support and love you all give to me. Thank you soooo much! Requests are still open, and I will be updating my series this week!

“This is going to kill him”, Y/N says as she puts the laptop on the counter in front of her, gets up, and walks over into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I’m sorry for coming over here so early” Y/B/F/N says looking at the clock that reads 8:37am, “I just thought you would want to know, so you can maybe prevent Harry from reading it”.

“Thank you for showing me. It’s just so frustrating how someone can write absolute trash that has no actual facts or truth to it, and can just destroy someone’s character and not even get in trouble about it. Yes, I know we have right to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Like this” Y/N says walking over to the living room to grab her laptop again and reads the article,

“Harry Styles spotted out with girlfriend, Y/N. We use the term girlfriend very, VERY, loosely, as you have seen Styles’s track record. But Y/N may be different as we have seen them together more than two minutes, we mean, weeks. We don’t understand what Y/N sees in him. We over here on WEGOSSIP, couldn’t date someone who has been with over thirty of forty women before us. Harry doesn’t even deny it! In one of his latest interviews, the interviewer asked what the boys are looking forward to when they go on their break, and Harry said how he sleeps in different beds every night, and it will be nice to sleep in his own bed on his time off!”

“That’s not even all he said, or what he said, or what he meant!” Y/N says angrily. “He said he misses sleep in his own bed because of tour they have to move from hotel to different hotel every single night. He miss familiarity.”

“Not to be insensitive, but, this is what comes with fame. Don’t you think Harry is used to it almost by now?” Y/B/F/N asks cautiously.

“You’re right to an extent. People will lie and be cruel and hate you, but this article, the people who write it get paid for it. They aren’t just being what people call haters, but they are professional article writers who are destroying someone’s character.” Y/N says.

“It just hurts, because it reminds of like four years ago, when I found Harry reading mean comments people wrote about his performance. Harry was performing, and he didn’t have breath control when he hit a note, so he didn’t hit it like he usually does.  He was beating himself up all night after the performance. He secluded himself from everyone in his room. When I walked in, I found his phone screen smashed across the room and him with his hand in his hands. He was in tears. He believed all the nasty things people were saying about him. He actually looked me in the eyes, and asked me if he was a good enough singer. We weren’t dating at the time, just friends, but it hurt to see him like that, so insecure, so broken. He was so close to giving up doing what he loved because of people’s opinions.” Y/N says sadly.

“This article isn’t just hating on him, they are trying to destroy him. I mean look at the title of the article “HARRY STYLES: ROLEMODEL OR MANWHORE?” Y/N says pointing to the screen.

“So, what are you going to do?” Y/B/F/N asks.

“I have connections to people who can order to take it down. But after, we will give the attention that Harry deserves, we will show people who the real Harry Styles is. The loving, caring, gentlemen he is.” Y/N says smiling.

~On Clever News, at 3:47pm~
“Y/N is possibly one of the best girlfriends in our books”, Mariam reports, “Recently today the internet went into a frenzy when a false and hateful article went out about our favorite dimpled green eye cutie, calling him a manwhore, and misquoting him.”

The YouTube video cuts to pictures of snippets from the article, and Mariam explaining what the article said, and showing where the article had misquoted him.

“Awful right?” Mariam continues as the video shows her again, “But miss Y/N was not having it. One of our favorite singer turned actress, shut that article AND website down.”

Again, the video cuts to the public statement that the article writers put out saying they are pulling down the article, and posting a very personal story about her, which Y/N requested herself happens, in which it talks about Y/N dealing with her struggles of loving herself, and being bullied in high school.”

“In the article she says,

“In school I got really badly bullied. It all started in middle school when I was taller than all the other girls. I went through puberty earlier. I remember the girls making fun of me because of my height, my acne, braces, and my glasses. I stopped eating, I stopped talking to people around me. In high school it just got worse. My body type wasn’t right, my style wasn’t right. It seemed not matter how much I changed myself, I didn’t fit in. Then one day, I got really sick of stories where the prince always saves the girl. Why couldn’t the girl save herself? So, that’s what I did. I changed my story. I lived life on my own terms, I saved myself for myself.”

“So incredibly inspiring” Mariam says, “but, she didn’t stop there, after the article was released, she wrote a loving caption to a picture she posted shortly ago about her boyfriend, saying…”

“My love, there are many people who are hateful. There are many people who are always going to find something wrong with you. But you have taught me to just love. I love you so much. You have been nothing but a respectful gentlemen, and boyfriend to me these past months we’ve been dating. I am so lucky to have first met you on X Factor, to becoming really close friends over the past few years, to now soulmates these past few months. I love you with all of my heart Harry Styles, never forget that.”

“And she even started the Hashtag #ILoveYouHarry, which is now trending internationally, with fans flooding Harry with support, and love”.

“Ugh”, Mariam jokes around groaning, “Can you feel my heart melting?” she jokingly asks.

“Tell us what you think in the comments below about…”, and before the video could end Harry shuts it off.
Harry brings Y/N into his side, and kisses the top of her forehead as they sit on the couch.

“You didn’t have to do all that.” Harry says finally breaking the silence, “It wasn’t a big deal, interviewers make those rude passive aggressive comments all the time”.

“Yeah, but, I have the platform to tell people that it’s not okay. That we need to treat each other with respect. That it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what skin color you are, what social class you are, what gender, religion, or sexuality you are, that we are all equal, we are all human, and we all deserve respect.”

Harry looks deeply into Y/N’s eyes for a minute. Y/N has never been the one to speak a lot, she is usually the listener, while Harry is the talker.

“What?” Y/N says blushing away from the gorgeous green eyes staring at her.

“I love you. I love your heart, your passion, everything. Every day, you just give me another reason to love you. God, Y/N I just fucking love you.”

“I love you too Harry. Never, ever forget that.” Y/N says while snuggling into his side looking up at him.

“I won’t baby.” Harry promises, kissing her forehead.


I hope whoever requested it, liked it! Thank you again for everyone that have been so supportive! Love you all! Requests are open on my blog! Have a great Monday! xoxo

The signs as things I've heard in school

Aries- I’d hit you. Not up just in general.
Taurus- Why does a ugg crock toe thing exist
Gemini-Screen shoot it
Cancer- Eat this fake rice crispy and tell me if it tastes like sin.
Leo- Hello Yuri we are toying to steal the moon.
Virgo- I’m going to go commit…to a serious relationship y'all thought I was going to kill myself.
Scorpio- Can the demon hurry up and kill me or date me, all options open.
Sagittarius- Out of everyone at this table who do you think is a furry
Capricorn- Why is there a highlighter in the deodorant
Aquarius- Rain drop drop top kill me with a spoon
Pisces- Look there is a gold fish in the ceiling.

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"and we know from s12 when Dennis is confronted by the possibility of his desire for Mac" who what where when??

right off the top of my head, i can think of two instances. for once he GAVE MAC A STRIP TEASE IRL. like we all know dennis thinks everyone is attracted to him, but he fuckin gave his bff a   s t r i p t e a s e    i r l

secondly, when mac gave him the rpg. we’ve all seen the face dennis makes when mac tells him he got it especially for him. the man was holding back tears, it’s hard to believe that having two decades of history with mac the way they do, that it wouldnt have stirred up repressed feelings inside dennis

which brings me to the 3rd point, dennis admitted he’s emotionally involved with mac even though they dont have sex (yet) and therefore there is no room for anyone else to be thrown in the mix. mac was pretending, but dennis wasn’t when he said all that to mandy. if he had been pretending, he would have gone along with mac’s schtick like he did in s5 when they were vic and hugh


(sorry its so convoluted. you caught me by surprise and idk how to words)

Getting to the Bottom

Summary: Dan is miffed at why so many people assume he is a bottom (even if they are right). Phil is just highly amused. 

It was late afternoon, but that didn’t stop Phil from making his third cup of coffee that day. He had woken up at ten, which was pretty early for him. Dan had only woken up an hour ago. Speaking of which, Phil wondered what his boyfriend was up to. He was probably scrolling through tumblr and reading youtube comments from his latest video.

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We had to kick my roommate (well her bf but she left too) out today because on top of homophobic and racist slurs he liked to yell he was lying to everyone and gaslighting us to get us all mad at each other, even to my mom so…

I feel like I’m just a welcome sign to emotionally abusive people. We tried to talk to her and tell her he’s no good because he’s controlling but we can’t force her. I just… He’s Someone who thinks it’s funny to tell negative jewish jokes and scream the F slur, how can you date that?

Stressful day but I’m not uncomfortable anymore.

Oh and he would come downstairs (they have their own bathroom) and use ours and…… Leave. The. Door. Open!?!?! Why!?

Something I actually kinda love in Yuri on Ice is how the issues of weight are being dealt with. I’ve seen a few people upset about it, and I get it, but I take a different view. It’s certainly not perfect, but I think the show treats Yuuri’s weight issues in a way that is so uncommon that really makes it refreshing.

I’m going to put all this under the cut since its pretty long. Read on if you’d like!

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I’ve been trying to think just what’s been bothering me about this week’s BNHA chapter. Since reading it, I’ve been filled with this sense of unease about it… And after going back and reading it a second time, I think I’ve figured out why. 

None of the top three heroes act heroic. In fact, one might say that they act downright villainous. 

Allow me to explain. We have the depressive guy, who admits that he can barely see the students he’s supposed to be mentoring as people. To him, he can’t tell them apart. They all just look like potatoes. The girl points things out… but she points out things about people that are overly sensitive, and shows no regard for their feelings, such as when she points out Ashido’s horns, and then is shown playing with them, despite Ashido’s visible discomfort and her asking her not to. And then there’s blank faced guy, who despite being in a position where he should mentor others, he instead uses it as a time to demonstrate his own power. But honestly, there’s something more troubling about him, and it’s the fact that he mentored with All Might. 

Why is this odd? Because he knows that All Might is mentoring Midoriya. We know this, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been sneaking around talking with Midoriya specifically when he has no reason to do so. And it doesn’t help that, despite being mentored by All Might, he’s nothing like All Might as a person. 

Actually, none of them are particularly heroic. And I think the thing that bothered me was this page specifically: 

This raises two questions. One, why did they cause another student to drop out? Granted, it doesn’t specifically say they were the cause, but if they weren’t why would they say that? Why would they float the possibility that, in a training exercise, that they might beat them so badly and deliberately crush their spirits to the point of giving up for good? 

Again, this goes against the idea of what All Might stands for. Can you ever, ever imagine All Might doing that? No, because that’s not who all might is. But why would they deliberately intend to cause those they are supposed to be helping to become heroes dismay? 

It all has this air of ‘man you’re all weak and you should be aware that you’re weak and just not try to be better because we’re already better.” There’s this arrogance at work, this snub by these three, where none of them really seem like heroic figures. 

And I suppose you could say ‘oh, well bringing it up is a warning to that guy not to do it!” But that’s just it. He shouldn’t have to be told not to go that far. If he’s a hero, especially one trained by All Might, the very idea of not only defeating someone but utterly crushing their spirit shouldn’t even be on the table. 

Consider the difference between this and the exam with the teachers, where all of the teachers were completely and utterly superior to the students in every way. The goal there was not to simply curb stomp them into the ground but to force them into situations where they needed to think and adapt to a stronger opponent. Take the fight between All Might and Midoriya/Bakugou. Sure, All Might could have just beaten them unconscious in an instant. But instead, he deliberately toyed with them, gave them openings, and forced them to improve. 

These three, for some reason, seem fully intend on breaking the spirits of the people they’re supposed to be there to mentor, floating the idea that they should give up so their spirits aren’t broken. Which places all the blame on the people being beaten up for not giving up, as opposed to the people actually harming people, which is a bit like blaming the person who was stabbed for standing in the way of a knife as opposed to giving up your money. It’s just… wrong to me. 

Now, I imagine that’s the point. But at the same time, I find it hard to like these three, when all of them seem downright villainous, or perhaps just utterly mean spirited. 

Of course, this is BNHA, which means I have complete faith in the writer to have meaning to each and every panel, because he’s never disappointed me before. But for the moment, I just have a hard time getting into these three as heroes. 

gotta be honest

sometimes I wish people would have a strong desire to just chat for no other reason than to chat, I think being a streamer makes me indimiating, on top of being an indtimidating person to begin with. It would be so cool to chat about my hobbies and interests, and theirs too just casually in a discord text chat or something, but no one ever seems to be interested. rarely do I get a hello, how are you just randomly. it really does make someones day sometimes if you ask.

I am lucky to have an amazing boyfriend who does all of these things, but we can never rely on just one person, one thing he tries to tell me regularly is having friends is good and healthy, I can never just seem to find them, I always seem to have to send that message first, and even then they don’t seem that interested in chatting. considered streaming some random games or retro stuff just to see if I could pick up some people with similar interests during the day, but I don’t know, I want to be known as someone more than just a streamer. I do think I perhaps could make more effort at communicating, but I am trying to avoid playing the emotional card or twitter moans until someone notices etc. trying to stand on my own two feet and make friends just by other forms of social interaction. I think some people get nervous to speak beacuse they think they are bothering me, or my depression is getting me down, but honestly, buy and large lately, I’ve been feeling pretty okay. it is lonely sometimes, and I miss when I’d have a group to chat with, it seems like people I know always have some sort of group they can go back too, a place they can belong, I’m still searching…

Also thinking of doing a daily tumblr journal of my day if I can find time to keep such a thing up, need to use this more anyhow.

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When R was outside the clinic talking to Robert she said she had to go back in 4 weeks to have an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy which never happened that was 12th April it's nearly June. By now she is 12 weeks and has had no confirmation or a scan which she definitely would've had by now or would be about to either its shocking bad writing or just bad plotting. The DS poster said she is diagnosed with stress I think Chrissie is the one who tells everyone not a doctor or an nurse

I never even thought about the fact she hasn’t been to a doctor. Like, she went to the abortion clinic and they will have asked her how far along and she would’ve said what? A week? Two tops? So yeah…shit…damn Emmerdale what are you playing at? This whole SL has been an absolute mess. What proof does she even have that she’s pregnant at all? Some tests can provide a false positive and we have no evidence that she’s sat taking fifty tests or even thrown up ever again. None of this makes sense. It’s just…god I can’t wait for the break from her. I need it. Like oxygen. Or crack.

“Tell me if I’m too rough, or tell me to stop altogether, if ye wish. Anytime until we are joined; I dinna think I can stop after that.”

In answer, I put my hands behind his neck and pulled him down on top of me. I guided him to the slippery cleft between my legs.

“Holy God,” said James Fraser, who never took the name of his Lord in vain.

“Don’t stop now,” I said.

 Claire and Jamie’s first time, Outlander.

“Jamie!” That was all I could say, but my hips jerked against him, and jerked again, urging violence. I turned my head and fastened my teeth in the flesh of his shoulder.

He made a small sound deep in his throat and came into me hard. I was tight as any virgin and cried out, arching under him.

“Don’t stop!” I said. “For God’s sake, don’t stop!”

 Claire and Jamie’s first time after 20 years, Voyager.

Imagine Jim, Spock and Bones go to a theme park and there’s this rollarcoaster called “TUNNEL OF DEATH” and Jim is like, “yesssssssss we’re doing it”
But McCoy puts his foot down. “No. I’m not gettin on a ride called tunnel of death, are you mad?”
But Jim talks him into it, with some help from Spock. “We’ll go first, it’s two at a time, and if it’s actually scary I’ll call back and tell you and you can just not go, but we really wanna, Bones, pleeeeease!”
So Bones agrees to this plan.
They get to the top and Bones is going over the plan. “So you’ll call back if it’s scary, Spock. Dont say anything if you think it’s ok. Got it?”
“I understand Leonard.”
“If you think I wont enjoy it, you shout!”
“Bones, we get it. It’s fine.”
The attendant gets them all seated, Jim and Spock in front and Bones in a seperate one with some Denobulan whos chatting to his family.
Jim and Spock head off, and Bones is leaning forward to listen out for them there’s silence for a moment then he hears Jim start to yell. He cant figure out what hes saying. Then, oh god, Spock too? Hes gotta get out, this’ll be shit.
But they’re strapped in, and the Denobulan is keen, and Bones is just too polite, he can’t bring himself to inconvenience everyone!
So he goes. He holds on tight and grits his teeth and keeps his eyes wide fucking open.
And its…
Its a tunnel ride, a water slide essentially. The walls of the tunnel are studded with little lights. He counts to 15 seconds, which is how long between Jim and Spock leaving and his boats departure, and in that time nothing scary has happened. The lights on the walls form arrows to warn you when a turn is coming. He relaxes. Theres a few minor waterfalls, but they’re really quite fun.
When the ride ends he gets out and looks over at Jim and Spock. Jim is grinning, “Wasn’t that lovely, Bones!”
“You bloody fools, the deal was you yell if it’s scary, how in gods name was that scary?”
“Didn’t you hear me? I was saying how beautiful it was! That you’d have a great time!”
“Of course i couldnt hear you! There’s fucking waterfalls everywhere!! I thought i was gonna have a stroke, dammit! And what were you doing joining in!” He yelled at Spock.
“I… was instructing Jim to be silent. I apologize for the miscommunication.”
Bones never lets them forget it.

@sleepymccoy thank you so much for submitting! 

the image of bones with a lil smile on his face as he goes over a waterfall is a very good thing and im so happy

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I saw that post with Dworkin (lmao, i loved it), and I have a question: do you identify with radical feminism?

No, I’m not a radical feminist.

I think there’s a significant gulf between what gets presented as such on tumblr and what the actual literature looks like because a lot of the lit is basically Marxist. Like any ideology it can be used as a cover for preexisting bigotry or preconceived notions about the world, but I don’t think what gets represented as radfeminism here is honestly that informed by the majority of what I recognize as the second wave (I dislike the wave metaphor but you get the idea), which is mostly pretty cool stuff, and a lot of what gets presented as solidly decided on by some proponents of the ideology on here is not at all actually determined by the ideology itself. Among these are an official, totally agreed on stance on trans people’s relationship to gender, when a lot of actual second wave lit takes place before there were popular understandings of transness even among feminists and there’s a massive disconnect between the worst radical feminist writing on transness (which is just nasty and cruel on purpose) and the works they cite as being their predecessors are very different from their own. And many later radical feminists who picked up that very old torch in the 80s and 90s (Wittig is a major name here, and Dworkin ALSO acknowledged all trans people as significantly marginalized under patriarchy) tried very hard to make their writing explicitly supportive of trans people. So the idea that radfeminism has a single stance on the relationship between sex and gender (contrary to what many people who want an excuse to call trans women men will tell you, it does not have a solid stance on this) is either referencing online feminists who aren’t following any strong ideological history and are kind of making their own theory up as they go, or incorrect. But when you see people saying “I’m a radical feminist and a liberal” that’s a good indication that many people using the term aren’t referencing any theory, they just like using the wrong pronouns for people for fun and calling it politics, because they enjoy being mean and find it fun. There is certainly a problem even among very educated feminists using the old bones of early radical feminist lit (which contains very compelling stuff) and deciding retroactively that it makes sense to class trans women as men regardless of the kinds of gendered violence they face. Radical feminism was built a long time ago, primarily with the relationship between cis men and cis women in mind by its founders, and it has valuable things to say about that relationship. What radical feminists decide to make of transness is on them as individuals, not on early radical feminism at all and really not even on all the later ones, just the worst of the bunch like Jeffreys. There is disagreement in the literature and disagreement among radical feminists themselves.

There’s some good stuff and some bad stuff (like with any ideology) but it’s not a term I use to refer to my politics. I think there’s a lot the ideology has to offer at its core- the centering on the liberation of women from patriarchy, the focus on the ways patriarchy impacts women’s choices wrt things like makeup and shaving, criticism of heterosexual marriage as often a death sentence for women, criticism of the realm in which pornography and certain kinds of kink exist- but I think what it’s become (or at least what people mean when they reference it, including women who use the term to describe their own politics) is more a set of shared opinions and some of the original politics watered down except lacking a broader class framework. I call myself a Marxist feminist on purpose, basically.

To be fair I should also add that when radical feminism sees resurgences it tends to be in response to an increase in the popularity of liberal feminism- we saw it in a way that harmed a lot of lesbians (resulting in the splintering into lesbian feminism) in the 70s and 80s with an absolute crackdown on butches and femmes as part of a rightful backlash against 60s sexual liberation which just meant liberating women to be used by more men, and we are seeing it now I think as part of a push back against harmful and misogynist queer politics having gained popularity. And there are certainly many people on the other side of the aisle who use radical feminism as a convenient scapegoat for all transphobia as a way to excuse themselves and to imply, “Well I’m not one of THEM so I’m not transphobic at all!” and on top of that enjoy finding a group of women they can call bitches and tell to kill themselves even if they’re cis women who even the nastiest radical feminists (and they are not all any more transphobic than your average cis lgb person) are not lining up to harass and make fun of.

Character: Pete “Maverick” Mitchell
Appears in: Top Gun
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But Really: I think the bar scene is very telling in terms of Mav’s sexuality. Firstly there’s that quick (and blatant!) flirt with Iceman asking him if he’s “figured it out yet” (flirtatious smiles all round). I’ve never seen a straight man’s eyes linger like his do! And also when Goose is setting up the bet about who can get off with someone first he makes it clear that it needs to be “with a lady this time”… I think we all know this means Mav’s bent the rules before ;) And then, as we all know, he goes on to have a romantic and sexual relationship with Charlie, his female instructor, set to the tune of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, because it’s an 80’s film ;)

Maverick = Bisexual

Many thanks to nondescriptflamingo for the write up and submission!

“I know from experience that in this life people are divided in two categories.  A third category does not exist; people either belong to one of the other.  The first one resembles the fly.  The main characteristic of the fly is that it is attracted by dirt.  For example, when a fly is found in a garden full of flowers with beautiful fragrances, it will ignore them and will go sit on top of some dirt found on the ground.  It will start messing around with it and feel comfortable with the bad smell.  If the fly could talk, and you asked it it show you a rose in the garden, it would answer: "I don’t even know what a rose looks like.  I only know where to find garbage, toilets, and dirt.”  there are some people who resemble the fly.  People belonging to this category have learned to think negatively, and always look for the bad things in life, ignoring and refusing the presence of good.

The other category is like the bee whose main characteristic is to always look for something sweet and nice to sit on.  When a bee is found in a room full of dirt and there is a small piece of sweet in a corner, it will ignore the dirt and will go to sit on top of the sweet.  Now, if we ask the bee to show us where the garbage is, it will answer: “I don’t know.  I can only tell you where to find flowers, sweets, honey and sugar; it only knows the good things in life and is ignorant of all evil.”  This is the second category of people who have a positive way of thinking, and see only the good side of things.  They always try to cover up the evil in order to protect their fellow men; on the contrary, people in the first category try to expose the evil and bring it to the surface.

When someone comes to me and starts accusing other people, and puts me in a difficult situation, I tell him the above example.  Then, I ask him to decide to which category he wishes to belong, so he may find people of the same kind to socialize with.“

- From Saint Paisios on the Holy Mountain by PriestMonk Christodoulos, p.43-44

valentinedarling  asked:

What are your thoughts on the "cut what you love" idea?

Hello there! (I love your hair ♥︎)

I assume you mean ‘cut what you love’ during the revision process, right? I prefer to call it ‘kill your darlings.’ In the past I have talked about editing (or chopping) out parts of the story that may not be effective— even if you like them, or enjoyed writing them. You can read more about my feelings, here c;

Instead, I want to spend this time to tackle the misconception of ‘cut what you love.’

It doesn’t mean what some people think it means.

Those of you who have seen my Top 5 Tips For Revision know that the overall message of that post was that (during the revision process) you must be able to look at your work objectively.

That is the exact same sentiment from which the advice ‘kill your darlings’ (or the misinterpreted ‘cut what you love’) comes from. The reality is that, from time to time, we end up writing things that may not be necessary, or effective, to the story.

I can already tell that someone is rolling their eyes at me, and that’s okay~ we can all have different opinions on this. What counts as ‘important’ and ‘not important’ is entirely subjective. I get that— but during the revision process you HAVE to be able to look at your writing and ask:

“Does this really need to be here? And if the answer is yes, am I choosing to keep this passage/paragraph/element because I believe the story is better because of it… or is it because I am attached to the time and effort I spent writing it?”

That’s it.

That is seriously the key to creating the best story possible: don’t waste the reader’s time with things that are not important to the story. This is also the secret for improving pacing. Again, I can feel that some of you may be taking my words wrongly, so let me clarify as to what I am NOT saying:

  • I am NOT saying that you have to dumb-down your story.
  • I am NOT saying that you have to sacrifice your artistic vision
  • I am NOT saying that you have to cut everything that you love

What is your job as a writer? To tell a compelling story.

Let’s say that again.

What is your job as a writer? To tell a compelling story.

Let me tell you about my first book. When I wrote the first draft of Ravensgem the opening was A LOT more different than it is now. It was a long, and epic retelling of the birth of Gadeen (the fantasy world where the story takes place). It was big, and expansive, and full of magical realism. I liked it. I loved writing it. But when I started editing the book that opening stood out like a sore thumb.

I didn’t want to chop out the entire opening of the book, I mean I nearly killed myself trying to get that first line right— you know? I didn’t want to just throw all of that work down the drain…

But that was exactly what I had to do.

I gave the book time. I let it sit. I came back and I looked at it objectively. I looked at it as though it had been written by someone else. I looked at the book as a whole, and I realized that opening had to go. Yeah, it was epic. Yeah it was fun to write— but Ravensgem was not about an epic fantasy world and the history that brought it to life. It was a story about people, about a young man choosing strife over safety and about a young woman choosing love over wealth.

I rewrote the opening into what it is today. I had fun. I enjoyed it. And I created something better than what was there before.

This is the entire point of revision.

Is it hard to chop out days (if not weeks) of ‘work’? Of course— but you need to remind yourself why you are doing all of this for:

To tell a compelling story.

I don’t know about you, but I want my stories to be awesome. I want my stories to be the best they could possibly be. And that sometimes means that you have to take out the entire opening of a book and start from scratch. Why? Why do all of this? Why go through all of this trouble? Because, at the end of the day, you are doing this… to tell a compelling story.

I hope this helps! If you, or any other writerly friend, has any more questions make sure to send them my way!

Keep Writing~ ♥︎

Imagine Dragons {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me to dream..."
  • "You don’t have to hold your head up high."
  • "There’s nowhere we can hide!"
  • "I don't wanna let you down, but I am hell bound."
  • "Maybe you could save my soul."
  • "You don’t have to make it right."
  • "I know I let you down, didn't I?"
  • "I'm never changing who I am!"
  • "Tell me all your secrets... Let me know you."
  • "I’m on top of the world!"
  • "I need to let you go..."
  • "The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell."
  • "Don’t get too close!"
  • "Life isn't always what you think it'd be."
  • "Things will change with time."
  • "I’ve traveled all this way for something."
  • "All my life, I’ve been living in the fast lane."
  • "I want to hide the truth, I want to shelter you!"
  • "I don't ever wanna let you down."
  • "It's a revolution, I suppose."
  • "Oh, quiet down... I've had enough."
  • "I won’t run away this time!"
  • "I’m starting to cave..."
  • "I know that I did you wrong."
  • "I’m not gonna let you change my mind!"
  • "If you love somebody, better tell them while they’re here."
  • "This road never looked so lonely."
  • "This is it, the apocalypse!"
  • "Maybe I’m broken... maybe I’m wrong."
  • "This city never sleeps at night."
  • "Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back."