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I can’t believe we’re here celebrating ANOTHER Holiday Time, all of us together!!!!! Every year, I think, how could I possibly be so lucky as to have such an amazing community all around me, but every year, we’re there standing right beside each other!!!! Fandoms are the best kind of community, built on mutual love and appreciation, and we have that in spades, and are so lucky to have it from each other, from our cast and our crew, and everyone we come into contact with, who can tell the obvious, THAT FANNIBALS ARE THE BEST! Celebrating with you, coming home to letters and gifts and well wishes from all over the world, could simply not be topped by anything I can imagine!!!!!

We’ve passed some bleak moments, all of us together, but we never stop fighting and we never stop loving each other. There may be no light in our show, but every Fannibal is ONE HELL OF A BRIGHT FIREFLY <3 

Thanks for being the light in the darkness, LET’S MAKE THIS YEAR THE BEST IT CAN BE AND MAY ALL OUR HOLIDAY WISHES COME TRUE. (Because I suspect they contain common thre4ds ;) ) <3 


Ro <3

gif by @existingcharactersdiehorribly so give her all the love credit :3

I’ve been trying to think just what’s been bothering me about this week’s BNHA chapter. Since reading it, I’ve been filled with this sense of unease about it… And after going back and reading it a second time, I think I’ve figured out why. 

None of the top three heroes act heroic. In fact, one might say that they act downright villainous. 

Allow me to explain. We have the depressive guy, who admits that he can barely see the students he’s supposed to be mentoring as people. To him, he can’t tell them apart. They all just look like potatoes. The girl points things out… but she points out things about people that are overly sensitive, and shows no regard for their feelings, such as when she points out Ashido’s horns, and then is shown playing with them, despite Ashido’s visible discomfort and her asking her not to. And then there’s blank faced guy, who despite being in a position where he should mentor others, he instead uses it as a time to demonstrate his own power. But honestly, there’s something more troubling about him, and it’s the fact that he mentored with All Might. 

Why is this odd? Because he knows that All Might is mentoring Midoriya. We know this, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been sneaking around talking with Midoriya specifically when he has no reason to do so. And it doesn’t help that, despite being mentored by All Might, he’s nothing like All Might as a person. 

Actually, none of them are particularly heroic. And I think the thing that bothered me was this page specifically: 

This raises two questions. One, why did they cause another student to drop out? Granted, it doesn’t specifically say they were the cause, but if they weren’t why would they say that? Why would they float the possibility that, in a training exercise, that they might beat them so badly and deliberately crush their spirits to the point of giving up for good? 

Again, this goes against the idea of what All Might stands for. Can you ever, ever imagine All Might doing that? No, because that’s not who all might is. But why would they deliberately intend to cause those they are supposed to be helping to become heroes dismay? 

It all has this air of ‘man you’re all weak and you should be aware that you’re weak and just not try to be better because we’re already better.” There’s this arrogance at work, this snub by these three, where none of them really seem like heroic figures. 

And I suppose you could say ‘oh, well bringing it up is a warning to that guy not to do it!” But that’s just it. He shouldn’t have to be told not to go that far. If he’s a hero, especially one trained by All Might, the very idea of not only defeating someone but utterly crushing their spirit shouldn’t even be on the table. 

Consider the difference between this and the exam with the teachers, where all of the teachers were completely and utterly superior to the students in every way. The goal there was not to simply curb stomp them into the ground but to force them into situations where they needed to think and adapt to a stronger opponent. Take the fight between All Might and Midoriya/Bakugou. Sure, All Might could have just beaten them unconscious in an instant. But instead, he deliberately toyed with them, gave them openings, and forced them to improve. 

These three, for some reason, seem fully intend on breaking the spirits of the people they’re supposed to be there to mentor, floating the idea that they should give up so their spirits aren’t broken. Which places all the blame on the people being beaten up for not giving up, as opposed to the people actually harming people, which is a bit like blaming the person who was stabbed for standing in the way of a knife as opposed to giving up your money. It’s just… wrong to me. 

Now, I imagine that’s the point. But at the same time, I find it hard to like these three, when all of them seem downright villainous, or perhaps just utterly mean spirited. 

Of course, this is BNHA, which means I have complete faith in the writer to have meaning to each and every panel, because he’s never disappointed me before. But for the moment, I just have a hard time getting into these three as heroes. 

Okay, skulking vixens. I’m going to try to start keeping track of our ever growing numbers and keep a list that we can all use to send things to our fellow Foxes without worrying about leaving someone out. Here’s what I have so far: @spoonriverrat 









Also, @lucifersbrightstar, who I don’t think has joined YET, but will and should.

And I would be remiss not to include our admitted Flying Fox groupie, @bearfeat42

This list was off the top of my head, so I am positive I forgot some names and you have no idea how much that bothers me.  Hence the need for the master list!  

So, tell me who I’m missing, you luscious vixens!

EDITED TO ADD: Ghulehtela’s organization skills are faster than mine!  She was already making a list, because she’s awesome.  So, I’m leaving this up in case we get some names we might have missed, but there is now a collaborative effort on keeping our roster straight.  

Imagine Dragons {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me to dream..."
  • "You don’t have to hold your head up high."
  • "There’s nowhere we can hide!"
  • "I don't wanna let you down, but I am hell bound."
  • "Maybe you could save my soul."
  • "You don’t have to make it right."
  • "I know I let you down, didn't I?"
  • "I'm never changing who I am!"
  • "Tell me all your secrets... Let me know you."
  • "I’m on top of the world!"
  • "I need to let you go..."
  • "The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell."
  • "Don’t get too close!"
  • "Life isn't always what you think it'd be."
  • "Things will change with time."
  • "I’ve traveled all this way for something."
  • "All my life, I’ve been living in the fast lane."
  • "I want to hide the truth, I want to shelter you!"
  • "I don't ever wanna let you down."
  • "It's a revolution, I suppose."
  • "Oh, quiet down... I've had enough."
  • "I won’t run away this time!"
  • "I’m starting to cave..."
  • "I know that I did you wrong."
  • "I’m not gonna let you change my mind!"
  • "If you love somebody, better tell them while they’re here."
  • "This road never looked so lonely."
  • "This is it, the apocalypse!"
  • "Maybe I’m broken... maybe I’m wrong."
  • "This city never sleeps at night."
  • "Maybe if I leave tonight, I won't come back."

How dare the creators make this ship and make me put it on a pedestal? This has got to be one of my favorite scenes - ever. I mean, yeah, it’s up there with the last scene of the episode, but this made me so so happy. You have a police officer who just told Ladybug that they don’t want them and that they’re just messing things up and of course, Chat knows that he can’t save the city without Lady so when he hears that she doesn’t think she’s a real heroine, he stops her in her tracks and tells her about this girl she just saved without thinking - a girl who, as Marinette, she loathes. But she didn’t hesitate.

Ladybug saved someone. And Chat reminds her that she can help save everyone. And I’m so happy that he reminds her that they do it together - that they’re a team. Even after all the episodes we’ve watched where Ladybug’s always been the top outcome and done great things, we sometimes forget how amazing Chat is and how much he really means to TEAM LADYNOIR.

And he tells her to TRUST HIM. They’ve only met on TWO occasions and yeah, they know they are supposed to be partners, but he takes her by the shoulders and tells her to trust him - unconditionally.





[Image: 12-piece background, alternating between blue & orange with a picture of a young degu in the middle. Top text reads: “No, it’s not the same as" Bottom text reads: “zoning out” or “lost in thought”]

I can’t be the only one who’s heard this, right? Like you tell someone who, even if they’re not neurotypical, is neither psychotic nor dissociative, about dissociating and they’re like “Lol same here I zone out all the time” and you’re just like “….No.”
Especially those people who are all like “We’re all mentally ill in some way” and think staying up late at night thinking about the meaning of life is “madness” or “insanity”.

“Tell me if I’m too rough, or tell me to stop altogether, if ye wish. Anytime until we are joined; I dinna think I can stop after that.”

In answer, I put my hands behind his neck and pulled him down on top of me. I guided him to the slippery cleft between my legs.

“Holy God,” said James Fraser, who never took the name of his Lord in vain.

“Don’t stop now,” I said.

 Claire and Jamie’s first time, Outlander.

“Jamie!” That was all I could say, but my hips jerked against him, and jerked again, urging violence. I turned my head and fastened my teeth in the flesh of his shoulder.

He made a small sound deep in his throat and came into me hard. I was tight as any virgin and cried out, arching under him.

“Don’t stop!” I said. “For God’s sake, don’t stop!”

 Claire and Jamie’s first time after 20 years, Voyager.

So let me tell you something. As a shandy fan, I think I can speak for most of us when I say you’ve got this wrong. We don’t mind Rusty and Gus at all. We are perfectly fine with it. Let me tell you what we aren’t happy about:

Mary McDonnell and Tony Denison are two of the top billed actors of Major Crimes. They play characters who, imagine this, SOLVE CRIMES. Rusty Beck was brought into the show as sort of a secondary background character. At first, most of us were fine with him, but he wasn’t necessary to the show’s development. We could have found out everything we learned about Sharon through him a different way.

Sharon Raydor, may I remind you, is the lead character on the show. She’s the captain of Major Crimes, the division for which the show is named. She happens to be in a relationship with her 3rd in command, although you wouldn’t really know it by the lack of screentime they have.

Rusty Beck is not part of the division. He was meant to be a device to teach us about Sharon Raydor. Since his first appearance, he has been shoved down our throats even though the show would have been perfectly fine without him. Then, because of another one of his 783078 stupid storylines, we met Gus. Most of us like Gus, because he seems genuine and nice, and we don’t know how he puts up with the rude, arrogant, condescending brat that he is dating. Nonetheless, not by choice, we see more and more of Rusty and Gus and their relationship. Even though they have NOTHING to do with solving crimes. On a crime show. But, whatever,

Anyway, as fans, most of us don’t even like Rusty. However, we are happy for him. So happy, in fact, we hope that he and Gus move in together and we won’t have to hear from them for a very long time.

We aren’t mad about Rusty and Gus. We are upset that the lead characters, the ones that solve the crimes, you know, what the show is about, have been turned into background characters to support a storyline about a boy and his boyfriend that absolutely nobody who began watching the show in the first season signed up for.

We aren’t mad about Gus and Rusty. We just want to get back to what the show was meant to be about: Crimes and the elite detectives that solve them.

You can find the original post here: http://pedoshaming.tumblr.com/post/149012619434/major-crimes-writers-writes-a-healthy-young

RWBY3 Episode 8 Trailer


Blake, you’re breaking me and Yang’s heart! I mean, I understand you being skeptical, but you know Yang would never do something like that unprovoked. ;~;

And we may be getting one of the biggest Arkos moments since Volume 2. I don’t think Pyrrha will come out and tell Jaune about the Fall Maiden (cause top-secrecy and shit), but it looks like she’s alluding to it because she needs help. And who better to turn to than her husbando.

And the third scene. First of all, we don’t know the context of Qrow and Yang’s conversation, so I can’t say anything with certainty. But gotta say, I might end up being a little disappointed in my Muse. But looks like Raven comes into the convo, so that oughta be good (or bad, we’ll see).


So I’ve spent the last month-ish trying to figure out what to write for Moffat Appreciation Day. This is really really late, and off the top of my head, but here goes:

I love how the power of stories are depicted in Moffat Who. I think it starts back in RTD’s era, but Moffat takes stories and explores them in stories.

Imaginary friends can be real, brought back by metaphor and allusion. ‘We’re all stories in the end,’ the Doctor tells a sleeping Amy–’just make it a good one’. Amy takes back her narrative–her story is not one of a girl abandoned in a garden, but of a girl waiting; not of a girl waiting, but a woman thriving, choosing to stay instead of run; actively transforming her pain and trauma into beauty and passion, like sunflowers in sunlight painted just for her.

Rory starts out seeing himself as a side character in someone else’s story–and learns that he’s capable of being a protagonist, too.

The Doctor pops in and out of stories like Mary Poppins and Bert pop out of chalk pictures. He’s a figure of legend, stories, myth, song. Amy prays to Santa Claus and gets the Doctor. (Santa Claus is named Jeff and likes tangerines and Santa is also a mental construct that saves people from brainsuckers.) The Doctor’s a hero and a trickster, the protector of Christmas and the enemy of Kovarian. 

Almost every episode of Series 7 starts with a voiceover of someone telling a story. It’s a series exploring stories (and I’ve sketched out a very rough meta about it and the fact that we discuss 7A and 7B but not very often as a whole culminating in the episode where the Doctor gets to change his own story).

River reclaims her story and decides to tell it her own way–disgracefully. She refuses to bow to anyone’s narrative–she’ll age down as she ages older, she’ll run away in Florida, she’ll become an archaeologist instead of an assassin–popping in and out of the Doctor’s narrative on her whims not his.

And then we come to Clara, who, while not the first character I connected with (that was Rose), was the first character I related to. (And those are very different things, imo.

Oh, Clara.

She’s in control of her narrative from the very beginning, rarely letting people in, rarely letting anyone see behind her carefully constructed persona of the brave heroine–someone she wishes she could be rather than believes she is. But every once in a while we get a peek behind the curtain and see the woman who’s pulling the strings–how terrified she is going into the room with Skaldak, how ruthless she is in screaming at Emma to force her to help save the Doctor.

She writes herself into the Doctor’s narrative, fixing the errors that the Great Intelligence deliberately introduced. But those echoes are all brave, witty, bold–everything she wants to be, everything she feels she is on the inside.

And then the Doctor’s regeneration flips the script. So, now, instead of the Doctor and her dancing around each other’s carefully constructed personas (as they did before they went to Trenzalore…twice), around each other’s story about the other, she and the Doctor have no stories (lies) to tell each other.

Not at first, anyway. And so her story explodes from the moment that the Doctor seemingly abandons her in mortal peril in “Deep Breath”, traveling from being the flawed heroine of a tragic love story to her asserting more and more of herself into her and the Doctor’s story, culminating in a glorious moment in “Hell Bent” which I will not reveal here because “Spoilers”.

Without Clara’s stories, the Doctor would be dead multiple times over. Then again, the Doctor’s just a bloke in a box telling stories about himself and to himself.

And my own personal stories–all the stories that make up who I am–feel to me that they would exist more easily (maybe not comfortably, but stories aren’t always comfortable) inside Moffat’s Who. (I’d fit into RTD’s Who as well, but definitely not as easily.)

Storytelling is art. Storytelling is science. Storytelling is lying. Storytelling is telling the truth.

Stories require belief. Stories require disbelief. Stories are paradoxes.

Stories are life.

And I love how Moffat’s Who engages with the idea of stories.

Character: Pete “Maverick” Mitchell
Appears in: Top Gun
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But Really: I think the bar scene is very telling in terms of Mav’s sexuality. Firstly there’s that quick (and blatant!) flirt with Iceman asking him if he’s “figured it out yet” (flirtatious smiles all round). I’ve never seen a straight man’s eyes linger like his do! And also when Goose is setting up the bet about who can get off with someone first he makes it clear that it needs to be “with a lady this time”… I think we all know this means Mav’s bent the rules before ;) And then, as we all know, he goes on to have a romantic and sexual relationship with Charlie, his female instructor, set to the tune of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, because it’s an 80’s film ;)

Maverick = Bisexual

Many thanks to nondescriptflamingo for the write up and submission!