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Hi there! Bear with me here, all of this Anti hype has made me feel the need to throw out my own thoughts, so here I go: So in January, when Anti (or Jack, depending on the theories) started showing up again, we all started wondering when something big was going to happen, right? We first thought it was going to be on Jack's birthday, and then Valentine's day - both of which nothing happened. Now we're all theorizing it's going to be in the 100th RYC. Part 1/5

But…what about April Fools day? I mean, think of the possibilities! Imagine this: Jack uploads an average everyday video of himself playing a new game. And then suddenly, just like what happened during “Say Goodbye”, things begin to get a tad bit strange. Jack keeps getting distracted by sounds here and there that aren’t a part of the game, his behavior is beginning to seem off (head twitching, changes in his voice), and the screen glitches out a few times to show either Anti or Jack.

And then we finally get what we’ve wanted: an actual on-screen struggle for control between Anti and Jack. We’re all rooting for Jack to gain control, of course. It’s getting intense and it’s looking grim, but in the end, Jack comes out as the winner; Anti letting out a frustrated scream as he’s forced back inside. And at this point, Jack drops the act and straight out says “April Fools” to all of us and makes a small speech about how much fun he’s had bringing Anti back. 

He wishes us a happy, fun, and safe April Fools day before doing the outro. We think it’s over as soon as the screen goes black, but it’s not. Suddenly, the screen goes glitchy. Anti (or who we think is Anti) shows up on screen, panting shakily, looking beyond desperate and frightened. He leans in close to the screen and pleads in a raspy, drained voice, “Help me. Please! He never left! He’s still - !” Only to unexpectedly get cut off by a pair of hands reaching out from behind him,

covering his mouth, muffling his screams for help, as he gets pulled backward into the darkness. And then the screen cuts to black so suddenly, we don’t get to see anything else, leaving us in horror at the realization that THAT was Jack and that Anti is still in control! That this WHOLE thing was all a sick, cruel joke from the start, basically just Anti toying with us into believing we actually got our precious green bean back! Sorry for the REALLY long speech! Just freaking out is all ^^“



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So you say you'd be here for me if I needed someone to talk to. Well my ex & I broke up, I think we were both kind of tired of each other, but the day we broke up, it was magical, we laughed, we had a good time, and we were intimate as well, I didn't care that my sister was upstairs. But I don't know why I didn't verbalized that I didn't want him to go. After all of that I thought he understood that I still loved him. And now, he's moved on with someone new, and I'm so broken. So sad, so lost :(

Breakups can be painful. You’re allowed to feel sad and frustrated, in fact it’s better than bottling up your feelings. I’m really sorry about what happened to you but I guess if there’s a silver lining it’s that now you’re free to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. Don’t settle for someone who only likes you when you love them xx

Well, looks like they were all asked to protect Beach City while the main cast was away. But Lapis here…

“You really think we need your help?”

It’s like… Dang. There’s cold, but now she’s just being rude. I get that Gems don’t care to interact with humans at all, and Lapis has had zero interactions with humans outside of Greg in Alone At Sea, but…

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How would each boy react to an s/o who asks for sex daily and overall has a high sex drive?

Just on the daily? Yeah… They all can oblige. Individually they have their own personal comments, though:

Shuu: Again? Heh… You truly are as lewd as I thought you were. Lay down, I think this needs to be taken care of. 

Reiji: *Deep Sigh* At least you waited until I left the lab this time. Now…. Where shall we begin?

Ayato: Again?! Let’s Go chichinashi!!


Laito: *No words… Only sex*

Subaru: HAH?! T-That…You should be so direct! But…. since you’ve made it a point to make your wants known I’ll be sure to break you just as you wish. 

Ruki: Heh… It seems my livestock still needs to be tamed. Come. I shall do so thoroughly.

Kou: Hehe~ M Neko-Chan is in heat~! Well… Master can help you with that~ Bend over so you feel like the bitch in heat you are…

Yuma: W-What?! Seems Sow’s being needy again… I told you… you don’t need to think or worry your head over stuff like that. But… since you’re askin’ I’ll come water you once I’m done in the garden.

Azusa: Oh…Eve wants…pleasure…? Heh… I know exactly… how to give it… to you…

Kino: So I see you’re asking again… Well… Since you’re being so brazen I guess I can oblige this once.

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i know of some blogs here w/ high volumes of submissions that only have their submissions open on weekends, e.g., during specific time windows. idk if you've considered that at all!! but, as always, thanks to all y'all for running a fantastic blog that makes my sh*tty shifts that much more tolerable! y'all are fantastic!

I think Mandie and Rodney can agree with me that we’d rather be more available than that. We don’t always get this busy(depends on customers and the full moon maybe?). It’s better to try to keep up until a point where we do need to catch up. That way we’re here most of the time when we are needed. Mandie and I both, I know for sure, have always disliked having to close anything. I’m working through some of the older stuff right now so we’ll see where this goes. -Abby

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We're still here because Dave still needs love.. even after the end. Or just that we need current homestuck content, either or.

OKAY GUYS I LOVE YALL, YOU ALL SHOW ME BEAUTIFUL ANSWERS AND MAN O MAN. i love you all and i wouldnt ever shut down this blog. man what was i thinking. you guys are my fans and i love yall so much im gonna cry some manly tears now. 

So last night I came out to two of my closest friends. 

I have had a few bad experiences with coming out to people close to me, so I was terrified and have been really hesitant to tell anyone after those bad responses. 

It was my friend’s birthdays (they’re twins) and we were having such a great time. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I appreciated their friendship and how wonderful they both are. We were hanging out at the bar and the need to just say it kind of struck me one moment. I needed a little liquid courage to get to the point where I could actually speak up but when I told them that I’m bi, they didn’t hesitate for a second to tell me they loved me and were so glad I shared it with them. In their words: “We love you. All that changes is that we’re keeping an eye out for cute girls now too!” Not to mention my one friend implied that she’s bi too (but didn’t say it outright) which also makes me feel a little less alone in this.

Anyways, I could’ve cried I was so relieved. I woke up this morning just so at peace with myself. This experience is definitely a good start to coming out to more people in my life.

Character Arc Analysis: Daryl, Carol and Beth

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I’m gonna dive right in. This is the deep dive analysis I’ve been promising and it’s gonna be LONG. So when you have a few minutes, grab your favorite beverage and immerse yourself! There’s a lot to cover, so bear with me. 

I wanted you all to see how the narrative is being shaped. Think of these character arcs like a tree. Starting in S4, they began branching outward. Now, we’re starting to see the branches come back in. Things are coming together in ways they haven’t before. After Coda, we knew what we knew, but we couldn’t really see how it would all take shape. We were just waiting for it to happen. Now, we’re seeing the shape of things to come, both in ep 7x10 and now from spoilers for ep 7x11. (Don’t worry; this post will be spoiler-free.) This is so exciting!

First I need to give acknowledgements. Many of these insights came from convos in my FB group. I need to credit especially @thegloriouscollectorlady and @boltthrutheheart, though everyone in the group deserves at least some credit bc we all participated in some sense. Thanks guys! You’re all geniuses!

Carol’s Arc: Let’s run through this for reference. In the beginning of S4, Carol murdered Karen and David. It was a very dark, disturbing decision, and she’s been lost in her own darkness ever since. 

In the past, I and many others have assumed that what happened with Lizzie and Mica just made it worse. Nearly three seasons later, I actually think the opposite is true. Let me explain: I’ve always found it interesting that when Rick tells Daryl he kicked Carol out of the prison, he specifically says, “She wasn’t sorry.” That’s the writers telling us about Carol’s state of mind. She had no remorse for what she did. When Rick took her out to look for supplies, she spent the entire time justifying what she’d done. I think that, more than anything else, is what freaked Rick out and made him kick her out of the prison. If she didn’t care, she could easily do it again. The reason I think what happened with Lizzie and Mica made Carol better is that she cried about it. She felt remorse about that. We didn’t see too many emotions from her for most of S4, but she cried over Lizzie and Mica. And I’m not saying it didn’t mess her up more, but it awakened her soul again, to where she felt remorse over everything she’d done.

With that remorse came the desire to leave the group. She couldn’t deal with what she’d done and still be part of the family. That’s why we saw her trying so hard to leave in 5x02.

In Consumed, we see that she’s somewhere in the middle. She’s still justifying a lot of things and pretending to be tough (we’ll get to that dynamic between her and Daryl in a minute). I think it’s interesting that she says, “I don’t know if I believe in God, but if I’m going to hell, I’m putting it off as long as possible.” Okay, 1) People who don’t believe in God just say so. To mention him at all shows that she still does, at least to some extent. (Daryl never asked her about God.) 2) Someone who doesn’t believe in God also doesn’t believe in hell. This line says a LOT about Carol. She does feel remorse now and is afraid she’s going to hell for what she’s done.

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“What’s up, Lace?” Erin asked when she saw her wife fretting. 

“I’m just wondering, do you think we’re doing the right thing, putting her in school so early? She looked so nervous, she wasn’t talking, i’m worried about her…” 

“You worry too much, love.” Erin said. “She’s a resilient child, all she’s been through, and she’s still fighting. She’s only been here one night, she’ll open up to everyone in time. We just need to be here to support her.”

“Okay.” Lace smiled. “You always know what to say.”

“I do. Now, i’m gonna go work out in this kick ass gym.”

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maybe your goals are a bit too extreme? with your height and weight, your bmi is ranging from a 18-19.1. getting to that 94 pounds would mean that your bmi would be 16.4. that is not healthy. i know it's hard not to focus on those toxic thoughts, but i don't think weightloss is what your body needs right now. it needs love, support and care. eat clean by eating fruits and vegetables with some occasional treats, try working out a bit more. feeling energized and mentally stable is what we all need

I read this message dozens of times and felt a different way each and every time.

At first I was angry. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do with MY body? Do you think I’m not capable of googling BMI and figuring that out for myself? I wanted to attack this message to make you feel stupid for even asking it, so that I would feel less guilty about knowing you were right.

Then it made me sad. Sad that I’d attack someone I don’t even know for offering genuine care and support. Sad that maybe realistically I’d never reach the goals I really cared about. Sad that I felt this way about health at all.

Now I’m willing to work with it. I want to achieve a smaller body and I think that’s OK, but I want to do it by listening to my body and treating it as well as I can. I’ve been caught in restrictive cycles for 7 years … and I’ve been what I’d consider “thin” like … maybe 3 times. That’s not right. It’s not working. I can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

So I’m going to try to eat well, exercise more, treat myself a bit better. Thanks for this message, it really means a lot.


Alright, so… this is gonna be fun to explain. Bear with me, it might get a little confusing. I’m not going to write about every little detail, so let me know if you wanna learn about them.

Lately, I’ve been dabbling more with the ‘evil’ verse. Mainly, I’ve been trying to avoid turning him to an 'anti‘ version. Right now, I think I’m happy with it. Dark!Jack (the one on the left of the first picture, dark red) is more serious. He’s logical, practical, and no-nonsense. His focus is on the fear and terror of Hallowe'en. Saying that, he has traits we all know in canon!Jack - excited when deep in research, trusting despite the fault of others.

The one in purple is what I’ve nicknamed Crack!Jack. If the idea of a role reversal is taken into account, Dark!Jack needs to be banished to the lair on the outskirts of town. Before being banished, he suffers a blow to the back of his skull, but while in the lair, he damaged it further (hence the cracks). The injuries lead him to erroneously believe that he imagined everything prior to that - though he recovers from this by the time period of the movie/present day. He has some of the mannerisms of Canon!Jack - theatrical poses, far more expressive - but it’s a guise to see if he can twist the opinions of the other. His eyes glow orange due to the darkness of the lair. Know the 'friendly’ persona has been dropped once the light in his eyesockets go out.

(… I probably should write more but like I said, it’s confusing as it is. Know that Crack!Jack is simply a side-step of Dark!Jack, depending on how he is banished. So both can be interacted with… if people are interested, I suppose.)

can I talk about this for a second? y'all seem to think he’s actually trying to choke Denmark.

Look at the way he’s pulling it, no harm is being done to Denmark. The reason for this is because he can still breathe. Now, had Norway been pulling the tie backwards; maybe we would have an issue, but he’s pulling it to the side (Which isn’t completely harmless, but not harmful enough to cause more than a little pinch of Actual Pain).

If you need an example, take a scarf and put it around your neck. Take both ends and pull them to the side. No issue. If you pull it so it’s putting pressure on the front of your neck (be careful with this tho! Do Not Hurt Yourself Or Pull Too Hard) then it’d be a little uncomfortable.

I don’t remember if there were strangled noises but that would be completely natural because Norway is pulling it upwards slightly, so depending how you look at it; he’s either pulling it forwards slightly to be sure he’s not harming his friend, because he’s pulling it to the side and upwards and admittedly if anything touches the front of your throat at all it’ll be uncomfortable, or because he’s Denmark being Denmark type “overdramatic”. Personally because of the shadowing/placement of Norway’s arm I like to believe the first option.

td;lr Norway hardly even did that for a few seconds so Denmark wasn’t getting Seriously And Horribly hurt that’s why none of the Nordics went to stop Norway. Norway isn’t cruel so stop portraying him as someone who actually wants to hurt his Best Friend™

So I’ve been watching figure skating videos...

I’m finally writing that YoI fic I’ve been doing frick ton of research for (it’s still far from getting posted…) and I decided it’s time to watch some figure skating videos. So here I am, watching  Yuzuru Hanyu - current Japan’s top skater, break some World Records and then I see this view at Kiss and Cry:

Our boy Yuzuru has a Winnie the Pooh tissue box! Doesn’t that remind you of something?  Nothing?

I think now we know where this idea came from… :D

Fun fact: At Sochi Olympics Yuzuru didn’t have this box, but by that year’s Grand Prix Final he did, was this like a gift for himself after he won Olympics? Maybe his coach gifted it to him? Was this how Viktor got it too?

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right now they r keeping everything 5h3 very secretive until it comes out and i think people r getting freaked out because of it. people r nervous that all this solo stuff will end badly and that one of the girls will end up like C. i dont think that will happen because unlike C the girls actually want to be in 5h and are not selfish people who only care about themselves. the situations r different and i think people need to calm down. 5h3 is happening and will be epic we all need to be patience

agreed anon. 5h3 only started like two months ago. it’s hard to be patient but it’s just something we’ve gotta learn.


There were countless Princess Leia posters at the march today, young girls walking around in her iconic buns. I think this is the importance of film. Because if a character stands among protesters at a march of resistance and unity and hope, it means something. Art has power and we need it now more than ever, I just wish Carrie Fisher could see all she’s inspired.

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"#Are we all thinking the same thing#Cause I'm literally shaking" what are you thinking 👀


Things I’m Sure Of:

  • One Direction was supposed to attend and they didn’t. 
  • Liam couldn’t have been at the award show longer than 10 minutes. He went for the sole purpose of picking up the award and left immediately after.  
  • Something changed tonight.

Now, we’ve been dragging Jeff non stop for being a bad manager for months, but part of me has always reserved the thought that /maybe/ he was restricted in what he could or couldn’t do. Just go with me. When Harry and the Azoff’s first started being seen together, everyone was all like, “omg 1D is firing shots at their team” but as things progressed, that mentality sort of faded away. I’ve still kept it in the back of my mind, though. Harry is the face of One Direction; I don’t think yachtgate was only for Harry’s career; I think it was for the band’s too. Just.. maybe there was a hold on things – on what Jeff could/couldn’t do – and maybe that hold is just starting to break. I’m not saying it’s happening all at once but… And all the family chiming in at the same time?? That’s not normal. At 8:30 it all just started happening; Harry’s family, Louis, Liam’s sister I think I saw? Plus the people at full stop?? Coincidences don’t exist with that band, it means something. 

Simon was not expecting Liam to show up. Straight up. He said “I’m milking this,” with his smug, ugly face because he had every intention of giving a speech talking about how he created them and blahblahblah. Then low and behold, Liam Payne looking like he just came in from off the street, snatched that sucker out of his hand, and peaced out again. Liam doesn’t do that. Literally say what you want but Liam is always the same; diplomatic, the Serious Face of 1D. Not tonight. He came in, he handled it, barely even touched Simon, made it SO clear there was tension between them, and left. Without thanking anyone. The whole thing was stilted and awkward and RIFE with tension; anyone should have seen it.

And then there’s Annas. Annas who handles all of Louis’s public (stunt) outings, tweeting about the Afterparty and for what? Louis is home in Doncaster. And then there’s Louis. Papped in London TODAY and then off to Doncaster? Made SURE to mention he was in Doncaster? Okay.

My boys pulled a fast one and March is going to be insane. I feel it in my gut. Something broke. Or maybe something cracked. Maybe things won’t happen all at once but this was a power play I can feel it.