i think u mean crush

do u think miles is a closet furry i mean he has a crush on will and that weird tension with lang and his Husband is Bird and has his dog dress like him okay post cancelled there’s too much evidence of miles edgeworth being a furry for my comfort

Also shout out to that anon who sent me that message a bit ago about Beauty and the Beast and Belle Steph bc I saw the movie finally on Friday and I was swarmed with emotion.

anonymous asked:

Who was the first person you fell in love with?(in Fma, and irl) What's your favorite band? How did you find FMA? What's you favorite season? Which fanfics(or fanfic tropes) are your fav? When was the last time you smiled? Which do you like better, a sunny day or a rainy one? Opinions on Chocolate? How are you doing? <3 Have a spectacular day!

hello anon! thanks for asking these
in fma the first character i fell in love with was defiantly edward, he still is my favorite character (if u cant tell by my url lol)
the first person i fell in love w irl (if u mean celebrity crush) i think was somebody from an older movie i forgot the name of
my favorite band is fall out boy, they’re just so good and patrick has a soul voice.
i found out about fma through youtube and people telling me to watch it.
i love winter.
i love harry potter fanfics (especially wolfstar ones) and there was an aot fanfic i read that was so good but i forgot the name
i smiled when i read that!
sunny, but i like rainy days sometimes
i l o v e chocolate
i’m doing good! thanks for asking❤️