i think u do know why madam

A Latte like Coffee


“Okay,” Vie told herself, mostly because there was no one else to tell her things will be fine. She removed a flyer folded and unfolded so many times from one of the books she was returning. Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop was holding a promo for Valentines Day: buy a cup of tea or coffee, get the another one for your date free. Last night she already decided she will ask Cormac out but now her resolve was wavering again. Nobody dies of hearing no for an answer, right? 

She muttered a few lines as she put the books (1 out of 3 read)  back to their shelves, trying to find which one sound right. “I would like to invite you out for coffee.” Too formal. “You should have coffee with me.” Imposing. “Madam Puddifoot’s holding a Valentines promo. I was wondering if you might wanna have coffee there with me tomorrow?” That’s decent…