i think tumblr is messed up today

Let me start off by saying I don’t watch Supergirl and I’ve only seen a little bit of it here and there. I know of Supercorp and after ALL the things I’ve posted on Tumblr, even I know there has been MAJOR wlw undertones with Supergirl and Lena Luthor so this is my take on today’s problem with the Supergirl cast.

First off, it is really messed up to knock down young (and adult) LGBTQIA fans because you think it’s funny. You think the fact that fans, after seeing a season of undertone, shipping these two characters is funny. And if you think that something is wrong with you. Fans can ship whoever they want. This is what fans do. For example, I’m not a Hollence shipper, but I’m not going to put down the Carmilla fans who are because you can choose who you want to ship either canon or not.

My second problem is, this is a bunch of straight people. This is a cast of straight people laughing at young (and adult) LGBTQIA fans who ship Supercorp. This is why straight people bother me. “Obama passed gay marriage so it’s easy to be gay now.” I think a lot of straight people honestly think being gay is the easiest thing in the world. Being gay is unbelievably hard. If you want know, seriously sit down with ONE person from the LGBTQIA community. We all have at least one story where our life has been a joke, where we have not felt safe and where we have been harassed for our orientation. 

And guess what, there are young fans who watch this show who finally felt validated in their sexuality and you just laughed at ALL of them. You just belittled ALL of them because you think one ship is a funny joke that you can make fun of people for. What Jeremy (I don’t know his last name) did is disgusting. Melissa acting like it was the funniest thing she ever heard is disgusting. 

So I’m sorry for all the Supercorp fans who felt betrayed today. You are valid and you are better and stronger than the people in this cast. You ship who you want to ship and be proud of who you are. 

@quarkie replied to your post “A year ago today arc v was attacked by the ping pong dimension Never…”

I’m late to the fandom, someone please explain the reference? ;_;

Alright, gather around new and old arc v fans, and let me retell the tale of the invasion of the ping pong dimension 

So it was a year ago [March 6, 2016]. it was arc v Sunday. For the whole week everyone was warned that, hey there’s this ping pong tournament going on in Japan, and it’s being aired on arc v’s channel, so depending on things, the show might not air. Well I don’t think people really expected the show to get cancelled. probably due to the ep being Yuya and Jack’s rematch, and well people just really wanted to see it.

Alright, so we waited, and waited, people had streams going like normal, some where watching the tournament just to see if the Japanese team would win so we would know if we’re get the new ep or not.

Then I think it was 30 minutes to show, maybe less than that, and we get a message from the YGO twitter that went like, “Sorry the show has been canceled today, thing’s will continue as normal next week.” And I think it also mentioned that they were going to find out a way to make up the missed ep. 
[Another small fact, because of this ping pong tournament, ep 99 and 100 where aired on the same day]

So then twitter and tumblr pretty much exploded with a mess of ping pong jokes and memes. And Twitter I think the tag like ping pong attack, or invasion was on the worldwide trends bar. People where making comparisions to Zexal because there’s a small sceen with Shark and Yuma playing ping pong

And there where jokes like, This is XYZ’s revenge. Or this is the true villain of arc v. Also there was some weird art/edits that came out of it 
Here, here, and here [thanks @kaiowut99 adding a link for that ahah]

And that is the story of the attack from the ping pong dimension

Hope you enjoyed that little part of arc v history

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(1)You know what? I fucking hate what tumblr (and to an extent, liberal media and the absolute idiocy of young Americans) has done to me. A few years ago, had someone told me "that person is racist" I would have gone "oh that's awful, I'll stay away from them, they must be horrible." Now I'm much more likely to go "Are they though? Are they really?" And hold more disdain for the person throwing the accusations than the accused. I've seen the stupid shit people get called racist over nowadays.

(2/3)When someone brings up racism I automatically feel my hackles raising and I start getting annoyed about people victimising themselves and pretending to be oppressed before even considering whether their points are valid or they’re talking about actual racism or not. It’s ironic, that in these people’s quest to demonise racists and eradicate racism, they seem to be making people worse. Although, I’m fairly convinced at this point they don’t even want that.

(3/3) They just want a ‘cause’ so they can cosplay as activists. I never used to be this cynical. Fuck you tumblr.

It’s the old “Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario. I’m the same. I used to absolutely believe anyone that accused someone else of something, because I used to think, “Why would someone lie about something so awful and serious?” but then it turned out that, yes, people do lie about it. I’ve been personally accused of some horrendous things for no other reason but not following the narrative and being fair.

I mean, today you can be accused of genuinely hating all black people for saying nothing more than racism can be against any race or ethnicity. That’s how messed up the accusations are.

It’s safer – and better – to listen to accusations, to wait for proof and then make a personal judgement after having all the evidence in front of you. That’s all you can do. 

But really, you’re right. The last thing that they want is for people to be less racist. They want to pretend that the majority are racist. Because as soon as they accept that the situation is better than it has been before, that it’s slowly improving (which is what every decent person wants), then they lose their power and they have less to complain about.

Why do you think that there’s so much focus on “micro-aggressions”? Because if they can convince everyone that even the most well-meaning or accidental-then-apologetic “slights” (if they even are slights in the first place), then they automatically get to claim that the majority are vile, evil, violent racists that support racism. Which gives them more power and an excuse to pretend to be an oppressed victim when they, as individuals, are objectively not.

It’s ridiculous. And as you said, it means that less people are taking not only them seriously, but actual cases of racism seriously. And that’s not what we want at all.

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can you please tell us your puppy correction methods ? c:

Well I only yell at her. But she wags her tail so I’m not sure of she thought it was a game.

So instead, I kept her on her leash and kept her tied to the table. She could move around, but not run around like usual. Then if she used the bathroom outside I let her off the leash. If she did it inside again, I did what the people on Tumblr said. I got her close to the mess and gently patted her snout. Then I’d tie her leash to the table again.

I think she got it because last night we got home late and she’d pooped in the kitchen. When I saw it she just kind of sat and stayed away from the kitchen but I didn’t yell at her because I knew we’d been gone a while.

Today she woke me up to take her outside and she’s been going to owe outside too. I give her treats each time she goes outside and we haven’t had an accident today. Well once, but because i was asleep so I didn’t get mad at her.

I want to bring something up that I’ve noticed for a while now but today I just felt compelled to actually address, and it’s in regards to “ask me” prompt posts. I think it’s a bit messed up that often times more people will reblog those type of posts from me than actually engage in them. That’s at least been my experience but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s felt this way, and I say this as objectively as I can, without bitterness or taking it personally.

The message you’re sending when you do that, however unintentional, is that you want your followers to interact with you in a way that you yourself are unwilling to interact with the person you reblogged it from. It reads as kind of hypocritical and can be a real bummer. Today I’ve had significantly more people like/reblog a thing from me than actually participate, and that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s something I make a point to do whenever I save one of those ask memes — to reciprocate the request that I intend to ask of others — so in general, it’s an attitude I’d like to see more of moving forward. 

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I'm really glad I found your blog. My best friend and I recently re-watched the whole series since she got the series boxset for cheap. We were 10 - 12 when it was on TV, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the show still has an active fandom, lots of new fics on FF daily, busy tumblr tags, etc (I think it helps that Butch Hartman still makes YT vids and tweets about it). What I'm saying is, I'm thankful you're here to help me enjoy this old fandom even more today :)

The boxset is amazingly cheap! I was really surprised when I happened across it. I have absolutely no regrets about spending some of my money on that. The episode order might be a bit messed up, but that’s not a huge problem. I’m just happy to be able to watch it whenever I want.

I know! I only got back into the fandom recently myself, and I was really surprised by how lively it is here considering what a ghostly phandom it is whoo I am not a dork at all.

And thank you so much! I’m glad to help. This show meant a lot to me as a kid, and I’m glad I can appreciate it with so many people.

i hate being mentally ill because u can’t use “i’m having a bad day” as an excuse because almost every day is a bad day

I’m home sick today, so… have a crudely drawn Londo with messed up hair, because I always wanted to draw that. You can fill in the details as you like, but let’s be honest, it was probably one of those wild totally normal centauri parties ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Do you think he has multiple copies of this jacket, or does he just wear the exact same one every day for 3 years?

I fell asleep thinking how wonderful it would be if you fell in love with me.
And I woke up to an empty bed.
I feel this says a lot about us.
Feelings don’t resonate with you,
Neither do emotions.
It’s hard to know if I fell in love with the same person when I was 16.
When we were at the brink of this journey we call life.
We were in love with love.
We were in love with life.
Most importantly, we were in love with each other.
At the time, strolls in the park with packed sandwiches and each other’s company was enough,
At that time, just knowing that the other person appreciated you and loved you meant the absolute world.
In more ways than one, we all change.
We change to adapt, not by choice.
We start seeing the world without colored glasses, see how messed up, how absolutely unfair and greedy it is.
This world is filled with takers. And you turned out to be just another one of them.
And so I fell asleep thinking how wonderful it would be if you fell in love with me.
And I woke up next to an empty bed.
And today?
I didn’t mind as much.

*squints* Okay I need to make this a Lance fic somehow. *rubs chin*

This got way out of hand. I spent 800 words just setting up the scene I
don’t even oh just take it. Aaaand it ended up at nearly 2500 words. I

Bonus Round: “…Is there any specific reason there’s a sock in the microwave?” 

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Oh, fuck what “they” say. Because at the end of the day you will mess up, you will love the wrong people, you will count the bad twice as much as the good.
I read a quote today that took my fucking breath away. It made me so afraid. I’m scared I am not ready to love.
In fact I am afraid I will fall so fast for the taste of poison that I will think I am inlove. I will think I am inlove because I found out a while ago that dying feels no different.
—  August 18, 2015
Best Laid Plans

Where do I start?

I almost feel like I need to apologize for what I’m about to tell you, or at the very least, waffle on a bit and lead into this news gently.

Maybe do a good news/bad news post? My life seems to be a series of good news/bad news lately.

This past weekend was the happiest I had been in a long time. It was an epic weekend. First I got my visa, then I booked my plane ticket to England and then I got an email that an essay I had written was being slated for publication! I was a giggling, overjoyed mess, which led me to stop and think, “Wait a minute. There’s still a shoe waiting to be dropped somewhere. I can feel it!”

And then I got my biopsy results on Monday.

I said I was confident that everything would be fine. I was lying. There was a rather large part of me that knew when the doctor called on Monday that it wouldn’t be what I wanted to hear.

And so I sat in my car in the driveway while my doctor confirmed that I do in fact have oral cancer.

*this is where we all take a break and have a manic laugh because seriously how is this my life?* My mom even said, “Amy, at this point people are going to think you’re making all this up. It’s too unreal.”

Apparently, I’m an anomaly as the odds for someone my age and lifestyle getting this type of cancer are 1 in 2 million or something ridiculous like that. In fact, when I met with my oncologist (I have an oncologist?! Wut?) his first words when he saw me were, “Wow, you’re young.” It’s funny because I argued, “I’m not *that* young.” And then I realized, he wasn’t talking about my age in relation to normal timelines, but my age in reference to having old lady cancer.

With humor in my voice, I said to the oncologist, “I hope you’re as good as I’ve heard because I’m leaving for England in a couple weeks.”

He looked me dead in the eye and shook his head no. Finally, he said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

I spent the next 5 minutes engaged in negotiations with him over treatment, which country I’d be living in, visa considerations, and remedies for my “absent” husband that I was supposed to get to see in a matter of weeks.

He stared at me in amusement and admitted this was the first time in his 18-year career that he’d been in this situation - a new cancer patient intent on leaving the country. In the end, he agreed if I promised to fly home every 4-6 months for a follow-up appointment then he would treat me.

When this post gets published, I’ll be getting a CT scan of my chest and neck (I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon.) Then I’ll have surgery next Friday, the 10th to remove the cancer. As of now, I will NOT have to go through chemo or radiation. See? Just mini cancer. No big deal.

If you’re calculating the dates in your head, you’ll know that leaves me 3 days to recover and get on a plane for England, which means you’ve probably figured out that the Bad news of this post isn’t that I have cancer, but that I had to cancel my move to England. For now.

But, remember what I always say about silver linings? Mine comes in the form of a wonderful husband who will be on a plane this Sunday to spend the entire month of October with me while I go through this and recover.

We’re hoping things will be settled enough so I can go back with him at the end of October.

I debated putting this information out there, but in the end I decided I needed to share it here for reasons:

  1. Writing is my outlet
  2. Tumblr friends are awesome friends
  3. Feeling guilt over friends and family setting up GoFundMe to expedite the visa when I can’t even use it right now*
  4. Eventual suspicion about why I wasn’t in England when I said I’d be
  5. I’m terrible at asking for help and support and I pretend I can do it all on my own
  6. I’ve shared every major facet of my life on here, why not this?

So to recap:

  • Bad news: I have cancer.
  • Good news: Phil will be here Sunday for a month!
  • Bad news: my insurance sucks. CT scan will cost $500 alone. Do not want to think about actual surgery & hospital stay costs…
  • Good news: my cancer is extremely curable.
  • Bad news: I’ll be on a liquid diet.
  • Good news: But I’ll lose weight! (Too soon?)
  • Bad news: I had to cancel my trip to England.
  • Good news: I’m getting healthy so I can live in England cancer free.
  • Good news: I’ll be here for Halloween & my sister’s party!

Bad news: 4; Good news: 5 - HA, I win!

Thank you, if you have read this, aka the longest post ever documented on tumblr. I’m grateful for all of you - your abilities to pray, send well wishes, make me laugh and for giving me a stellar community I can reach out too.

All my love xx

*There was my blessing. My original moving date was October 2nd. Had the visa arrived when it was supposed to (Thanks, UPS!) I would be getting on a plane TODAY with cancer and headed to a country that would give me the side eye when I lumbered up to the NHS and said, “I’m here! What can you do for me?” Awkward international relations, anyone?

Please note: If we’re friends on Facebook, please keep the comments vague as I’m not broadcasting it on there. Tumblr will allow me to feel normal, Facebook “friends” will not. I’m exhausted just thinking about the “How are you feeling today, Amy?” posts to my wall… I just can’t.

I think I’m going to stay off of Tumblr today.  I’m in a bad place (hormones???) and I messed something up, which usually causes disproportionate bad feelings anyway but has kind of been magnified by whatever’s going on in my head right now…?

So today will be self-care and work day.

Tumblr has trull filled up a gap in my life, I’ve always wanted to have a blog but I could never keep a diary let alone write posts. Tumblr gave me discipline, made me re-think some of my values, and sure Tumblr also made sure I became a mess but I can’t credit myself for everything that I’ve accomplished. If it weren’t for you ( talking to my readers and followers) I would not spend my time trying to make the world a better place by giving advice and helping others because I wouldn’t have had the opportunity. Today I have reached an incredible amount of followers. I love you guys so much. Thanks for the 33k

The end is nigh, my friends...

And I just have a couple of things I’d like to say before it’s all done. 

So here’s something about me that might surprise you: I hate mysteries. Especially mystery novels, and also most mystery shows (with a few excellent exceptions). The reason I hate mysteries is that I’m always the last to figure it out and I never see it coming. I never see the clues. I never solve the case. Sometimes the show is over and I still don’t get it. So how I’ve managed to write a mystery into Salute still manages to astound me.

When I first started Salute, it was just a crazy idea I had. I had this thought of “hey, wouldn’t One Direction make a great spy team?” while I was watching Skyfall and I just sort of sat down and wrote out the beginning. It wasn’t until I started posting and people actually read it that I was motivated to turn it into something more. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing feedback that I’ve gotten from all of you. I’ve learned so much while writing this story (and not just about how to shoot a gun and the Moscow subway system, although I’m pretty ace at trivia games now because of my crazy research).

I guess I just want to say thank you. To that first handful of readers who saw the first chapter posted with my shoddy banner and gave it a chance (I’ve seen your reviews every week since chapter 1 and it’s incredible to see them on chapter 36 too) and to everyone who saw “An MI6/spy AU” and said hmm, this looks interesting, I’ll give it a try instead of what kind of deranged person would come up with this

Thanks for reblogging; thanks for coming to tumblr and asking me questions about my spy world (which, let me tell you, is the most incredible and validating feeling); thanks for leaving me messages on caps lock with lots of exclamation marks. Massive thank you. Lastly, a shout out to my amazing betas — they turned what this story was (read: a hot mess) into what it is today (read: less of a hot mess). 

So without further ado, the last chapter of Salute. Which I think you’re all going to like. You didn’t really think I would end it so tragically, did you? I’m a hopeless romantic, after all.

Evening lovelies, Kath

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Hey Sasha I love your blog and really trust in your judgement, so I would like to know if you have any idea whats going on with all these bad rumors suddenly began to be spread. First the drug controversy, marriage controversy and now they are blaming Zayn for "Paul departure", wth is going on? I'm so confused about why the media is giving so much negative focus on Zayn, I cant think a plausible reason for why all this shit is happening and I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks!

  • 1D is on the last year of their contract with Modest (probably)
  • Little Mix has 2 years left with Modest (probably)
  • Little Mix is on the ropes thanks to lackluster sales and label mates 5th Harmony
  • As of this answer, LM’s album is still shelved by Syco with no single or album release dates
  • LM desperately needs to prove to Syco that they’re still viable and can generate buzz
  • In the cost/benefit analysis, an outgoing client makes a better sacrificial lamb than one who’ll be around for a while
  • Hence, missing iPhone and iCloud seeding
  • Hence kind of engaged
  • Zayn is initially on board because he wants the Zerrie monkey off his back
  • As more of the plan is revealed, Zayn balks and stages a sick-out
  • Management says two can play that game and plants drug question
  • They also sent astro-turfers to tumblr to plant drug questions the weekend before the Today Show 
  • Management announces a LM Q&A the same day as the Today Show mess for the following day
  • LM trends on Twitter for the first time in a long time
  • Management is pleased, full speed ahead
  • Continues to seed Zerrie break-up by portraying Zayn as difficult

This is all just my headcanon. But this is what I think is happening right now.

People always talk about how sexualities and genders on tumblr are just ‘special snowflakes’ but I heard someone in the hall today say “damn I dunno I mean I like snuggling with guys but I don’t wanna fuck em or anything”
And most likely this person doesn’t know much, if anything, about sexualities other than gay/straight/bi, which really sucks.
I just kinda think that it’s a lot better for people to have some way of describing themselves than it is to have people wondering whether they’re a freak or messed up ya know? And tumblr gets a lot of crap for the fact that they create a discussion about stuff like this but really I think it’s helpful for people struggling with their identities